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tv   The Lead With Jake Tapper  CNN  May 5, 2016 1:00pm-2:01pm PDT

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that's like a precious piece of history. >> that's the answer to your question is innocence. i wish that we had the 80s innocence. >> do not miss the episode tonight 9:00 eastern here only on cnn. coming up jake tapper has paul ryan. hello it's "the lead" they face a choice that might baffle king solomon. some say the most unrepublican in the nominee. donald trump will lead and in a few minutes will paul ryan endorse trump? some republican thought leader, senators, members of the house are already refusing to to walk
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down the aisle with the soon to be nominee. we're here in washington and donald trump thought that the establishment was going to get behind him, well he is mistaken. >> yeah, there are some that are lining up behind him, but there's a war raging on between trump and his own party reluctant to embrace him as the nominee. >> the gop nominee is facing a knew wave of defiance in his own party. for the last five republican nominations are now skipping the gop convention. >> i went through a rough primary and i was harsh on some people like jeb bush. you wonder why the bush family wants to sit it out. when i hear that, that's fine. >> this after some republicans are working into over drive to draft a third party candidate to run against him. >> in my opinion it's not over yet.
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we can still stop them. i would like to. >> nebraska republican senator posting this open letter and asking of those that say that they're only choice is trump or clinton. why is that the only choice? calling for voters to rally around a third party candidate and writing that there's room and appetite for such a thing. the problem is no such candidate has stepped up yet. >> i do not want nor will i accept the nomination for our party. >> meantime some panic is setting in for the affect on down ballot candidates. arizona senator john mccain expressing concerns at donors to a closed door fundraise er last month and obtained by a recording last month. >> when trump is at the top of the senate and 30 percent being hispanics. no doubt this is the race of my life. approximate. >> trump in an interview with cnn's wolf blid blitzer say tha
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moving forward. >> so this starts today? >> yeah, it started today and three months ago when i hit it hard. >> on the t whys it's to organize a list. >> i think probably in terms of the vice president, i am going to go the political route. i don't need to go the business route. have i that covered. no, i know nikki haley. she was not under consideration. >> and openness to some former rival. >> mark is a good guy. a really nice guy. i like him. not with respect to any position. >> and announcing today that his national finances chairman building an operation for the general election fight ahead. >> as donald trump tries to get support within the party, sources say that trump's campaign met today with a dozen hill aides and are working on setting up a meeting with trump and some kree congressional leader soon. for now, the date is not set for
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that. >> okay. thank you so much. joining me now is the speaker of the house and former vice president nominee paul ryan. thanks for joining us. >> thanks for having us today. you have said that you will support the republican nominee. now you have a nominee, donald trump. will you support him? >> well, to be perfectly can did with you, i'm not ready to do that yet. i am not there right now. i hope to and want to. what's required is that we unify the party. the bulk of the party will have to come from the nominee. i do not want to under play what he accomplished. he needs to be congratulated for winning the delegates, but he inherited something special.
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this is the party of lincoln, grain and jack kemp. we do not always nominate a lincoln and reagan, but we hope that that person advances the principals of our party and appeals to a wide vase majority of americans. i think for this to work is is to take the principles and advance them. that's what we want to see. saying that we're unified does not unify us, but actually taking the principles that we believe in and running a campaign that the republicans can be proud about, and that can actually appeal to the majority of americans. that's what takes it unify the party. >> so you're saying that you can't support or endorse him right now? >> zbraerks i am basically saying that. i thought about this two days ago.
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i thought actually this was going to go to june 7th and to i convention. this is new for this. at this point, i think that he needs to do more to unify the party and do more and bring the parties together. then to go forward and appeal to all americans and every walk of life and background and a majority of in dependence and o so, you know, i think conservatives want to know does he share the values and our principles and the government and the role of the executive. it's the constitution. there are a lot of questions that they're going to want answers to and myself included. i want to be apart of this process. i want to help to unify this party. we have to unify it, i think for us to be successful. for us to have a campaign that they're proud of going forward and that's unifiable and that's going to go and appeal to the vase majority of americans. >> well, mr. speaker you're casting this in the op mystic
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a optimistic terms, but you're saying that the speaker of the house cannot as of now support his party's nominee for the president. is there something that he has done or said that's brought you to this moment? >> well, like i said i hope to support the nominee and hope to support him fully. i want to do that, but right now i have to tell you jake, being with you i am not there right now. it's because i think of part of the last campaign. i don't want to go back and roll the tape. i was clear and outspoken on a number of occasions and i think that he did the wrong said and said the wrong thing. i will do that in the future but what a lot of them want to see is that there's a standard bare and that it unifies all of the wings and that we all come from different wings of the party.
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we all green from the conservative principles. we want someone that's going to take these and then those that can vote for and that's what i think it takes to unify the party. that i think there's work that needs to be done in order to unify the party. the nominee needs to do that. i want to be part of helping him do that. right now no. there's some work to do the. let me say it this way. republicans have been watching them go after each other for six months. there's a primary process. i think we forget how successful we have been. we have 54 sets and we have those that we have not seen in years and decades. we have done well. the party is having enjoying success and we have the conservative principales and thn
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we have a hill to climb and a money take top. please know that the stakes are extremely high. they're the highest that they have been. the future of america is on the line. no one should support hillary clinton. let's make that clear. to be the party and climb the final hill and win, we need a standard bare that can unify all and all conservatives and the wings of the party and then go to the country with an appealing agenda and that's appealing to the democrats. we have work to do on the front. the nominee has to lead in that effort. >> as you know, myitt romney, george bush and george w bush said that they're not going to go. look at the running mate talking
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this year. >> think of the personal qualities. the bullying, the greed, the showing off, the absurd theatrics. his promises are as worthless as a degree from trump university. he is playing us for suckers. he gets a free ride to the white house, and we get a hat. >> do you share the views? >> look, here is what i think jake. you're going to see the takes -- it's time to go to channelling the anger and solutions. it's time to set aside the bully asking to set aside be littlement and appeal to what is good in us and lead a country
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and party to having a vase th majority of americans for picking a path. that's why i feel strong with the opportunity that we have in front of us but for this to work, our nominee i believe needs to unify the party for the party to be unified. >> do you think that's possible? >> we're not there right now. yeah, i think it's possible. we're not there right now. we have to get on with it. i think that we have to be honest with these things. i think yeah, we can beat hillary clinton. yeah, are you kidding me? yeah, it's possible. it needs to be possible because so much is at stake. >> you don't think that the damage is done. you don't think that so much damage has been done that it's almost as if it's a lost cause? people like mitt romney and then
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donald trump winning it all and he was attacking the father and saying that cruz may have played a role in the kennedy assassination. it does not seem like there are going to be -- it's going to be possible to build that many brirges. do you disagree? >> i amp familiar with the points that you're making. that's why among as a conservative, i want to see the verification that they're channelling and that it's ran on and represented, and will be brought to the public in the country in a way that's appealing for us to be successful. like i said, we're not there yet. yeah, this man is going get the nominee because he earned it and deserved it. he won the vote. most of us need to learn a few lessons. there's a bit of humility that we need in congress and that is that he tapped into something that was powerful and people are sending a message to washington that we need to learn from and
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listen to. at the same time now that we have a nominee, he was going to be the san card bear, and it's important that there's a demonstration that it's going to be bare and that he will advance the appreciation for the limited government and the constitution and for the proper role of the executive and the principles not built on the party but the country and how we're going to offer the solutions and run a campaign that they're proud of. yeah, looking back on the primary campaign, they're in stances and episodes that question that and that's why at this point i am not ready to jump in. i am hoping that i can get there. that's my goal. >> you're in the convention as the speaker of the house. if he has not been the reaganist nominee that you need him to be and want him to be in order to say that you support him, what are you going to do? can you manage the convention if
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you have not supported him? >> i am just a guy giving you my peace of mind. i am a conservative and feel passionate and how they're necessary to save the country and get us on the right track. we stayed on the road further with clinton or bernie sanders, it's going to be ugly. i want to see us unify on principles and ideas and policies. i want to speak to everybody. i am hoping that's where this goes. >> perfect. some stunning words now and saying that he cannot support donald trump right now. joining me is kayle and their reaction to the speaker interview when we come back.
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ask your heart doctor about entresto. and help make tomorrow possible. ♪ you're only a day away ♪ let's get some reactions from what we heard from paul ryan and joining me now is a cnn common at a or the and then cnn
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chief correspondent. we do have more of the interview, but first the reaction. let's start with you. a dramatic and then speaker of the house and then a republican and vice presidential candidate and saying that as of o now, he cannot support donald trump. >> yeah, i have respect for paul ryan, but that being said, you know, he by my account called for unity in that interview. if he wants unity so much, he can't wait from behind. he has to take the lead on this and get on board the way that mitch has and unify the party. he does not have the luxury to sit on the sidelines. it's responsible and not fair. i think that he should listen to the voters. donald trump will have the most votes in history. the american people and the republican voters are smarter than paul ryan. i think that it's time to listen to the voters. i respect him, but he must take
1:20 pm
a view and do what he did. >> i know that you're not a fan of mr. trump. what's the take? >> well, i am a fan of speaker ryan and depassion of the future of conservatives. that's why he is not going to get on board without making known that this candidate has some problems. and it was paul ryan doing a jerry mcguire and a message saying that i want to get on board. it's ho nnot possible. we have to come together here. there's some deeply unconservative policies floated and some of it is damaging. paul ryan has been around to see the conservative movement go through the heart ache and struggle and trying to rebrand and identify the voters and see that collapse with this
1:21 pm
candidate. i know as percent werally and politically and a front to paul ryan. >> you know him well and the house speaker. he is saying that he is going support the nominee. today he says that he can't right now. >> yeah, this is a size event right now. it was a scope take, and i thought that he did a great job with the interview. the fact that he was doing this he said that he was surprised by this. i was talking to the a source and somebody with the thinking and saying that it did come on fast. he thought that cruz was going to stay in the race and it was a contested convention. part of the reason why he did this and the fact that he was going with the gut was the breathing space and the people
1:22 pm
under him. it allows them to not be tied to donald trump why they try to see what's going on with him the par parties. >> and then the second part of the interview. >> you will be the speaker of the house and if he has though the been the nominee that you need him to be and that you want him to be in order to say that you support him, what are you going do? can you imagine the convention if you have not decided that you can you support him? >> look, i am just a guy giving you my peace of mind. i'm a life long conservative that feels passionate about the principles and how they're necessary to save the country and get us on the right track.
1:23 pm
we're on the wrong track with the country. i want us to unify on the principles and ideaings and win the hearts of the majority of americans and speak to everybody. i am hoping that this is where it goes. i don't know that's where it's going to go. as a chair, i will be the chair of the convention and gavel it in, and hope that it's a unifying party. the burden is to do that. we will will see. that's all that i got for you. >> doesn't he have to completely revoke in order to become the man that can unite around what you support? doesn't he have to say that he does not support the depor ration of the immigrants because you disagree with that? >> no, i'm not saying that at
1:24 pm
all. >> look, who am i? >> you're the speaking er of th house. >> he won fair and square on the policies. yes, he comes from a different wing than i do. i have to tell you one thing jake, if if we don't unify this, we're not going win the election. what can you do to unify all wings to go forward. we're going to have policy disagreements. if things continue and i feel the need to speak out, i will do that. i hope that it does not come to that. the point that i'm trying to make jake is that you have to unify all wings of the republican party in a conservative momevement, and th take it to the country and then also they have something that they're proud to support and that they're proud to be apart of. we have a ways to go from here to there. that's the point that i'm trying to make. of course we're going to have policy disagreements.
1:25 pm
had mitt and i had disagreements. that's just natural, and it's too much to ask to ask someone to change the views that they were elected on and the policy dispute. are we putting them based on the principles that all share? limited government and the constitution and the right role for the executives? those are the things that we believe in, and we want to make sure that we bare the standards and that it's champion if you want to see a unified party, and that's the point that i want to make. to be successful, we have to be unified. i am happy to do that. >> i sited those and not that you did not review him on the muslim band but because they seem to o go against the view and principles of of the republican party and the liberty in terms of the free trade and in terms of deporting 12 million workers. that's what i meant. those are principles.
1:26 pm
it's not just pl olicy agreemen but principles. >> we have work to do. >> david wrote this and this is a joe moment and people are judged by where they stood at the time and those that walk with him are tanted forever after the standards and then the general election and then the slaughter. do you see it that way? >> i am not looking at it like that. i don't think that it's right to think about 2017 and beyond. i want to focus on 2016 and getting us back on track. i am focused on the here and now and tomorrow. as one that shares the value all of my life, i want to see them celebrate the principles of our party apply the problems and appeal to all americans and run a principle solutions campaign
1:27 pm
that we're proud of. i do believe that there's work to be done for that to happen. that's the point that i'm trying to make. i'm not worried what's after the election. this election right now is what we have to focus on. >> just tuberculosis clear and i hate to be that guy, but you're still ruling out. >> you asked it like three times. >> no, this one. just to be clear, you're ruling out you accepting any nomination of your party? >> yes. yeah. >> okay. just want to make sure. lastly sir, the question is what are the odds that he is going to be able to be the candidate that you want him to be. is this bridgeable? >> i think that it's possible. don't say that this is about me. this is about we the republican party and we the conservatives that want a standard bare and represent all and unify all
1:28 pm
factions of the party, with but not just the republicans can be proud of but the americans that are proud and compete for the majority of the americans and win the election. we have been successful and one more big job ahead of us. no more than the congress and what is at stake. for this to be successful, the party needs to be unified and then we have the win and then do it in a way that appeals and i believe that that can be done, but right now that's not where we are. that's where we have to get to. >> how worried are you of losing the senate and the house? >> say again? >> how worried are you of trump and the senate and the house? >> well, one thing that i think that you can predict is that it's unpredictable. i don't think that you can draw parallels at this point. i think that you always run like everything is on the line. my focus this fall is and has
1:29 pm
been and will be the house majority. that's my reare responsibility and what i am focused on. i really love the country and want to see us win the election and fix the country's problem. >> and lastly. trump said back in march and saying that you don't get along with him, you will have to pay a big price. are you worried at all? >> no, i'm not worried about that. >> okay. house speaker paul ryan. thank you for your time. it's a pleasure to see you. >> you bet jake. take care. we will be right back with more reactions to speaker ryan's stunning comments. stay with us.
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between donald trump and hillary clinton? >> i have to tell you i feel incredibly liberated that the outcome is clear and that i have two candidates that i'm not going to vote for. i can't bring myself to vote for either one. now i feel like a spectator to this carnival, and i get to watch and comment certainly about these two candidates, but i'm going to be writing someone in in the event that a third party candidate does not emerge. that's a personal decision so that i can sleep at night and tell my son that on the side of the good and the right in 20 years. there's a relief and weight off my shoulders that i'm not attached to the outcome that was going to determine the bigger
1:35 pm
party. >> we have four of the last five living republican nominees that are not going to be at the condition vengs where mr. trump gets the nomination. what do you tell republicans that have the reaction that se does? >> well, i think that they're part of the establishment that's out of touch. the voters say that they're out of touch. it's no surprise. i am just really taken back by the speaker saying that he would support the nominee and not going to do that. that's what politicians do. they say one thing and do for another. he calls for unity and then does not do unity. if he truly wants that to be implemented, he has to listen to the voters. >> you can make the argument that donald trump is not interested in unifying with the rest of the party that's not behind him. he is ignoring them.
1:36 pm
i would love to know what part of the establishment do you think that i'm apart of. what makes me, and the word gets thrown around a lot. it's describing people that were offended. what about me as establishment? i would love to know. >> i am speaking of the romneys of the world and the paul ryans and all that they did and the voters in colorado that said that she were going to get rid of the preference poll. i am talking of everybody that actively did what the people wanted. that's what the establishment does and what paul ryan is doing. >> now, let me bring you in. trump say that is he is bringing together a unity and that he wants chemistry with the vp pick. who do you think might fit the bill? >> i'm just crossing paul ryan off my list right now. i think that he is just not that into him. >> that's safe.
1:37 pm
and nikki haley is off the list and rob. >> yeah. exactly. at this point in time, people are crossing themselves off the list and often times they say no no no i'm note interested. think that nikki haley needs it and rob and john kasich meant it for everybody and not just donald trump. >> jeff sessions? >> there are those that are out there and it's somebody that is conservative and that they would love. people that are on the trump band wagon and coming along. the governor of oklahoma who else served in congress and even bob that's the chairman that has a business background and a business man and that's a serious policy guide. he knows washington and he has not endorsed but complementary. there are a lot of people for donald trump to pick from even
1:38 pm
though that other people are taking them out. >> i think that it's wise to stay away from the senators and congressman. that's off brand. the whole message is -- >> he is saying that he wants a washington insider. >> yeah, i think that he can get away with the governor. i like the idea of chris christie and he is on for donald trump. and then it's an executive and then different than a washington insider and it's off message if he picks someone in congress. >> kaylie, who would you like to see on the ticket? we will not hold you to it, but who is your personal preference? >> well, he said that there's a 40 percent chance of those in the race with him. someone like mark rubio or john kasich or chris christie. i would like to see someone in
1:39 pm
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(vo) some people get to travel for work. i'm video chatting with my parents. they just moved down to boca. (dad) honey, can you see us? (vo) it's the little things that make a big difference. courtyard, make room for a little fun. wenit gave me a leafput in the names almost right away. first. within a few days, i went from knowing almost nothing to holy crow, i'm related to george washington. i didn't know that using ancestry would be so easy. welcome back to "the lead" calling for the opponent to exit to the left for a second day in a row. the hillary clinton campaign is out for a second day in a row.
1:44 pm
strikes against the republican nominee and then don't stop there. let's bring in cnn and in the last 48 hours she is directing all of her energy in defining trump. >> yeah, this is a new video out and she is making him stick to his word and wants to make sure that she does not moderate and everything this bringing water boarding back to his comments on abortion where he said at one point that there should be some form of punishment for it. hillary clinton has been taking aim at donald trump and another way is putting out a list of people who have endorsed donald trump and given him the support and associate him with the controversial comments and the sheriff saying this and this is something that she has highlighted on the website. i have a concentration camp and
1:45 pm
it's called tent city. then sarah palin saying if i were in charge, they would know that water boarding is how we baptize terrorists. they're making a lot of money on this. it's money that's spent on the primary and not the general. after donald trump said what he said about the woman card, and that's what hillary clinton had, it came out with a metro card and you could get it if you were a donor. they raised $2.4 million off that. >> bernie sanders barely mentions here at events. >> yeah, last night he barely mentioned her at all. he did certainly take aim at donald trump said that there's nervousness and said ain't going to happen. he said that actually it's not going to happen because
1:46 pm
americans are not going to elect a candidate who insults people everyday and incredibly ugly ways. at the same time he emphasized that he performed well in the polls, but did not mention that clinton does not. he just pouted his own performance. >> interesting. thank you so much. and some breaking the news now. just in to cnn about the front runner hillary clinton and the use of her private, personal e-mail server. let's bring in pamela brown and pamela, let me start with you. what learning of the status? >> well, in resent weeks they're interviewing several people and that's one of the closest people that met and these witnesses have been brought in quietly to a room and we're told that the aide has been cooperating with the investigators and some of
1:47 pm
the people have been brought in multiple times and the fbi wants to make sure that no stone is left unturned. we know that they're working with the department of justice and the national security division and also it being assisted by the u.s. attorneys office. we expect the fbi to hand over the final findings to the doj in the coming weeks and then the department of justice hopes to wrap this up soon, and of course at the big factor is interviewing clinton and that's in the weeks to come. >> is there a chance that she could be charged with something? >> well, jake so far we're told that the investigators have not found any evidence to prove that she violated the law. now, if you talk to those many the investigation, they told you that this should not have happened. this is not the way to handle classified and certainly sensitive government information. that's clear, but the problem is that the justice department and
1:48 pm
the fbi have a legal standard to meet, and it does not meet that. it does not meet the standard to say that she violated the law. as pamela mentioned, one of the most important parts is yet to be done and that's the interview. they're working on to set that up, and we're looking for that to happen and then the logistics of that are challenging. you have a sitting -- well a candidate running for president. she is actively campaigning and protected by the secrete service and bringing her in quietly and then following her around and knowing anything because the fbi is knowing and trying to keep as much of this under the wraps. >> so the top aids and then the only one is her. >> we know that some of them have. we're not sure that every person in the circle. we're being told that one of them have been cooperating. we don't knowle all of of them. >> and just to under line this
1:49 pm
the people connected do not think that it's a prosecutable. whatever she did, they do not think that it's prosecutable. >> at this stage. they have not talked to her yet. >> okay. fascinating stuff. thank you so much. we really appreciate it. true american value coming up. just to get out o live and he made it home to get the highest honor. former staff sergeant joins me to talk about his book and the burdens that a war hero carries forever. stay with us. with non-insulin victoza®. for a while, i took a pill to lower my blood sugar. but it didn't get me to my goal. so i asked my doctor about victoza®. he said victoza® works differently than pills. and comes in a pen. victoza® is proven to lower blood sugar and a1c. it's taken once a day, any time. victoza® is not for weight loss, but it may help you lose some weight. victoza® works with your body to lower blood sugar in 3 ways:
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♪ ♪ you live life your way. we can help you retire your way, too. financial guidance while you're mastering life. from chase. so you can. the nation is still mourning the death of jason that was killed while rescuing people from an isis attack and he sacrificed for the united states and nearly seven years ago another fallen hero ben no relation and eight other brave
1:54 pm
service members gave their all. he demonstrated his bravery during the deadliest fight. he details the heroing details of the courage and sacrifice of brotherhood and then the lead to the american hero and then my mind and so good to see you. thanks for being here. >> it's a pleasure to be here. thanks for having us on. >> so viewers of the show are not familiar and i wrote a book about it and we did a documentary about you after you got the medal of honor. they may not recognize you. you look like you fought in the civil war and not in afghanistan. i want to say when you were awarded the medal of honor and then play the reaction. >> many blessings and one of them is that our troops should never ever be put in a position
1:55 pm
that they have to defend the in defensible. >> defend the in defensible. people should read the book, but tell the viewers and remind them what make i had so difficult to defend? >> that was the location of it and it was the furthest northern outpost in all of afghanistan at the time. the way to access it was by helicopter. so to reinforce us and supply us was difficult. it was in the bottom of a toilet bowl. >> yeah, everywhere that you looked, you looked up. >> so president said that the u.s. troops were not in a position, and do you think that the u.s. military and specifically the generals have learned that lesson? >> you know, i would hope so. i hope that you can look back to the day of october 3rd and what
1:56 pm
we were given. you had 52 americans that served it. >> almost four hundred insurgent? >> yes. i hope that they teach these in the military and lessons learned there is is getting passed on to the next generation of the leaders in the military and army. >> yeah it's a great book. people should go on to the amazon page and buy it. you were so brave when we sat down and you were awarded the medal of honor. let's roll a little bit of it.
1:57 pm
>> i called the guys and pull told them that i was sorry. just told them that i was sorry. i could not hold that po position for were them anymore. >> i told you this many times and i know that it means nothing coming for me, but you saved lives. a lot of people saw the documentary and watched it online. how are you doing? how are you? >> i'm doing well. i still look back to the day and it was one of the moments -- growing up my grandfather told me not to say something that you can't do. it holds weight when i told them that i could do something and i could not get to them. as time as gone by and understanding them and being able to have the families involved and doing the book and having some of these stories
1:58 pm
come out on what happened that day has given me a sense that we can not change the past. we can learn from it and improve on it, but really hadly the things that matter are what are we doing today and tomorrow? that's where i have started to focus. what are we going do tomorrow to make things better. >> i know that you're active for fighting veterans homeless. >> i do a bit for the nonprofits and trying to get caire for the veterans. how can you not have the care. the other is with the medal of honor society and the programs and going to schools and talking to kids and showing them the value and doing the honor and then selfless surface and then invest in the future leader. that's the key. if we don't invest in them now,
1:59 pm
we're shooting ourself in the foot. >> when you were awarded in the medal of honor, your youngest son that was probably one or two. >> almost two at that point. >> he was goofing around and running around and hamming it up. you're much more that con i can. now that they're a little older, do they realize what you did and what you went through? >> the two middle ones now five and seven and the oldest is about to be 15. it's hard to believe. the two ones are little at heart. my oldest daughter dad, i'm going through the teenage years. does not matter what dad has done, he is a darork. >> the beard helps. >> it's great to see and i know that the day will come and they will start to ask more questions. i'm looking forward to it to
2:00 pm
explain. especially my oldest daughter and i was gone most of her life. the two little ones, i was around a lot more for. i am looking for the challenge and putting her mind to rest. >> it's an honor to have you on the show. it's more of an honor to have you. everybody should buy the book true platoon. if you want to hear more, we're talking live on facebook after the show. head over to cnn after the show. that's it for "the lead" and heading over to wolf blitzer right now. breaking news happening now a party divided. a stunning declaration from the house speaker paul ryan who in an exclusive interview says that she not yet on board with donald trump as the nominee. >> i'm just not ready do that at this point. i'm not there right now. i hope to. i want to, but i think what is required is