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tv   CNN Newsroom  CNN  February 26, 2014 11:00am-1:01pm PST

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return to the square and he will continue playing for them. >> cnn. >> the power of the piano. a beautiful story indeed. see you back here at 5:00 p.m. here in "the situation room." newsroom starts now. >> thank you and great to be with you on this wednesday. a lot to talk about. beginning with arizona's governor. who by the way could decide as early as today whether or not she will approve the religious freedom bill. as we have been reporting, it is expected she will veto it, but publicly jan brewer is only repeating on twitter what she told cnn monday. she will do what's right for the state of arizona. today she is meeting with legislative leaders for and
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against sb 1062. this is a bill that would expand current law to allow not just people, but businesses and associations to refuse service based upon their religious beliefs. critics, and there many, say it gives people license to discriminate against gay customers. to chris christie, his damage control tour made a second stop in long hill, new jersey. this is the 111th town hall meeting that has to be a record. the government is trying to rebound from the bridge scandal that hurt his numbers. coming up, we will talk to the chief correspondent about how governor christie handled the town hall and how voters handled him. to new york where harry kennedy took the stand in the bwi trial. she repeated the claim that she
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took a sleeping pill by mistake. she allegedly swerved between lanes and careened into the tractor-trailer. this was back in july of 2012. she drove away from the accident scene despite a shredded tire. she was found collapsed over the steering wheel of her car. kerry kennedy, the daughter of the late senator robert f kennedy and ex-wife of andrew cuomo. now to this one. genetically modifying children. the pursuit of this perfect baby. it has been one of the far off notions, but right now the fda is considering this new technique that could pave the way for designer babies. by using the dna, not just two parents here, this is three parents saying they can eliminate disease as a newborn. it replaces defective cells with
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healthy cells before fertilization. this procedure is called three-parent ivf. if there is a problem with what's called the mitochondrial dna, doctors take out the egg's n nucleus and moves it to a donor egg. this is an egg that is a much healthier mitochondrial dna. the enhanced egg free of problematic dna can be fertilized by the father's sperm. are you with me? the embryo would be implanted back into the mother. let's talk about why maybe people should be frightened and maybe people should be excited. president of the council for responsibility genetics and director of the division of reproductive infertility. welcome to both of you. >> thank you. >> jeremy, first you.
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we know that researchers in oregon tried this with monkeys. that was a success. you say this is moving too fast. i want to you tell me why. >> the research to date has shown that there is a lot more work that needs to be done to ensure that the technique is safe. even the fda hearing has been going on for the last two days. they found almost unanimously that a lot more animal testing and other modelling and work is required. basic research is required to ensure that this technique is safe before it is used on humans. secondly it's important that before we even begin to go down this road, that we have a transparent and open public debate about whether we are ready to enter a world of genetically engineered children for therapeutic purposes and where the line should be. we haven't had that debate yet. >> let's flirt with the idea and say if they discovered this
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could be done in a healthy way, me why we should be excited. >> this is exciting to even begin the discussion about whether we can cure disease and whether we can prevent disease and different ways to use modern medicine to help the health of our offspring. this is not a story about designer babies. this is saying people with a mutation might have the opportunity to have healthier mitochondria and provide power for their cells to be a healthy baby. i don't want to turn it into sensationalism. the key is to focus on public dialogue and discourse and conversations about responsible ways to use science to help promote health. >> both of you know that people are watching and thinking great, i would love to have a healthy baby, but could there come a day where you have a parent who said i like the idea of brunette, blue eyes, tall, could we make that baby happen? how will we make sure that
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doesn't happen? we don't play god to either of you. >> i think we are having this discourse and having the conversation on air and within washington, d.c. with bioethists and leaders and thinking about the consequences. we use antibiotics to stop disease and surgery to take out cancers and now we are taking embryos and making them as healthy as possible to make sure we have healthy children. >> i wish we were having that open public debate. i would have to disagree. i don't think we are. the fda in hearings specifically said they will not be considering ethical considerations. they leave it to others to make those considerations and that they are going to move forward with discussing this technology outside of a public policy debate. that debate is not happening right now.
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the fda is the only agency moving forward and it's moving forward outside of ethical considerations. >> your concerns right now, what are you most worried about? >> i'm worried that we are moving forward in allowing a technique that so far has not proven safe. we are not just talking about the health of a child, but intervention. we are talking about future generations from that child could be affected by abnormalities from the technique. >> we won't know about that until years down the road. >> exactly. >> we are talking about experiments to look at the safety and the efficacy. they are the ones for society to review that. put our heads in the sand.
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we need to use it responsibly. >> i agree we should not put our heads -- >> quickly and we have to go. >> we're shouldn't put our heads in the sand. they asked our advisory committee to offer guidelines for how trials might move forward. they are not just looks at education and a debate, but looking at moving forward with the ek neek that is unproven. >> the fda, that's their job. >> when we continue forward, let's pick it up when and if that happens. my thanks to both of your perspectiv perspectives. >> appreciate it. >> and now to ukraine and what many there had feared. their former president is now an international fugitive and it appears that russia is getting ready to pounce. pro and anti-russian protesters are clashing in the ukraine region and with his eyes now off the winter olympics, sochi is
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finished and putin and the black sea is watching as russia moves the naval fleet. it connects ukraine. it connects to russia in the east. it's an area where ukraine's former president and a friend to russia is believed to be hiding out. of course the violent clashes we saw over the past couple of weeks were a collect result of a split between pro russian ukrainians and those who wanted ties to join european union with that treaty in november. coming up, for years amanda knox and her ex-seemed united. seemed being the key word. in their declarations of innocence. now that could be changing. hear why her ex-said knox
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behaved strangely. why for ben affleck and john kerry hanging out together on capitol hill. argo came up. we will talk about that. nfl star aaron hernandez behind bars accused of murder. he is apparently not gotten into a fight with fellow inmates. we will tell you how. just ahead. try poligrip for partials. poligrip helps minimize stress which may damage supporting teeth by stabilizing your partial. care for your partial. help protect your natural teeth. ♪ we asked people a question, how much money do you think you'll need when you retire? $500,000. maybe half-million. say a million dollars. [ dan ] then we gave each person a ribbon to show how many years that amount might last. ♪ i was trying to like pull it a little further. you know, i was trying to stretch it a little bit more. [ woman ] got me to 70 years old. i'm going to have to rethink this thing.
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from contractors and doctors to dog sitters and landscapers, you can find it all on angie's list. we found riley at the shelter, and found everything he needed at angie's list. join today at . >> is amanda knox's boyfriend having second thoughts about her innocence? in an interview he said he has his own questions about the night meredith kerche was murdered. this is what he said. certainly i asked her questions. why did you take a shower?
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why did she spend so much time there? what does all this mean? ashley b ashley banfield, could this be a defense strategy here? >> yeah. what i don't know is why on earth he wouldn't employ this strategy 6 1/2 years ago. listen, if you are with a codefendant in a crime, i love to do the sand signals. the best defense is this one. point to the other guy. she did it. he did it. the jury has something called reasonable doubt. they don't know who did it. for him toor departing from the stories, it's problematic for him because we have trial transcripts. we have all sorts of things suggesting he is being inconsistent. i would look at him and say she may have been your sweetheart for a week, but it's not helping you now. you are here in italy and facing
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the music. throw her under the bus and save yourself. >> if that would be your advice to the team, we know he was her alibi if she comes back to italy. what would that mean for her defense if he is doubting her? >> trial tributes aside, they are also media tributes. that's the kind of thing that would come back in a case against her. his own free will and not under interrogation. he is talking and saying she was acting strange. here in america, i like to think we have a little more freedom than just assuming that your weird behavior after a crime will convict you. it happens without question. it's not right. it's not evidence. it's circumstance. in any case, i find it interesting that 6 1/2 years later he is suggesting or
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acknowledging her unusual behavior and yes, he is her alibi. it's troublesome for her. you can play this tape in a couple of years. i don't believe she will see italy again. >> thank you. we watch you every day at noon eastern. thank you, ma'am. >> i watch you right back. >> a powerful pain killer will be making a controversial debut. the drug is up to times more powerful than the strongest vicodin. zohydro is a question kwently abused open yoid and it will kill people as soon as it is released. the fda approval is shocking and frightening. more than 40 groups are urging them to revoke approval and the maker and fda said the benefits outweigh the drug's risks. ben affleck, anyone? he lept his famous name to a
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good cause. the winner appeared to talk about violence in the congo. he is the founder of the initiative, this 4-year-old organization working for peace and appearing along john kerry. affleck said he thinks there is a chance to make a difference in africa. >> this is i region that suffered enormous damage and trauma and this fire is baiting and we have a window where engagement on the part of the congress and collectively can make a big difference. >> he poked fun at the state department saying the real one is actually really much more impressive. >> it's a pleasure to be back here. i had to fake it. i get to see the real thing. this part is much better. this was too fans tow try to
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recreate. we recreated the hall ways with the stripes. this was not his first stop. he testified on the same in 2012. some say it would not surprise them if ben affleck does not day run for office. we thought aaron hernandez was a awaiting a trial for murder. he just got into a fight with an infate. that story. a warping to muslims. don't go to mars. especially on the one-way ticket. hear why, next. handmade italian sandwiches, flatbreads, and our signature soup and salad. starting at $6.99. and all served "pronto!" at olive garden. thmortgage didn't start here. it began on her vacation in europe on the day she arrived in london. someone set up a bogus hotspot,
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. what's a day without hope in the news. say hello to the mini pope. he came face-to-face with a tiny version of himself. audiences with the child who was not loving it was dressed up for the carnival wearing a cape and even a skull cap. he did not seem to appreciate the moment. he cried when the pope picked him up and gave him a kiss. the mission to mars is getting an official thumbs down from one authority. the general authority of islamic affairs and endowment is warning muslims, do not apply to mars 1. we talked about this. this is the effort to send hu n humans on the red planet. the authorities consider the voyage a one-way mission with the chances of dying higher than living. it's against the islamic faith
11:23 am
to take one's life. mars one responded saying they should cancel the warning and said it will only launch when conditions on mars were ready to support life. ex-star aaron hernandez may be behind bars, but he is not staying out of trouble. spokesman said the former new england patriot got into a fight with another inmate. hernandez is in jail without bond as he awaits the trial in the death of his friend and international correspondent susan candiotti is on the phone. you have been covering this. he is a high profile prisoner who separated from others behind bars. how he could have this confrontation with someone else? >> that is the question and the question that the sheriff has too. he said that two men got visit. they are not supposed to have contact with each other.
11:24 am
aaron hernandez is in a segregated unit. this is a set up where there two levels and he's not supposed to be having contact with other inmates. there is an investigation going on. they are looking at surveillance tapes and they are looking at the jail officers who were on duty at the time. they are trying to figure out how the heck these two were able to come into contact. that also means they are going to be interviewing the two people to figure out what led up to this and whether or not both of them were at fault and whether or not they should be discipline and whether assault charges might be contemplated. >> as far as the fight itself, how serious was it? did anyone get hurt? >> the sheriff told me that nothing that required medical attention, minor injuries and maybe they are feeling a little
11:25 am
bit sore. he downplays the severity of it. >> one of phillip seymour hoffman's closest friends is talking about discovering the actor's body. he was the one. a tabloid falsely reporting they were lovers. a new poll show chris christie may face an uphill fight if he wants to be president. we will get the latest on how his performance is playing among voters. we will tell you what he said, next here on cnn. e question: in retirement, will you outlive your money? uhhh. no, that can't happen. that's the thing, you don't know how long it has to last. everyone has retirement questions. so ameriprise created the exclusive.. confident retirement approach. now you and your ameripise advisor can get the real answers you need. well, knowing gives you confidence. start building your confident retirement today.
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just about the bottom of the hour. i'm brooke baldwin here. democrats in the house of representatives are launching their own mission impossible, if you will. they are trying to force minimum
11:29 am
wage. they want it to $10.10 an hour. this would be very, very popular. case and point, see the number there? 72% favored a raise. only about a quarter of respondents opposed one. democrats are forcing this vote. let's go to our chief congressional correspondent dana bash. what are the dream democrats trying to do and will it work some. >> it depends on what the definition of it is. to sort of change a famous quote. you said it's mission impossible and that is true when it comes to the substance of what they want to do. to raise the minimum wage. the way they need to go about it is a discharge pe sigz. in reality they need to find 218 signatures to override the objections of the house speaker,
11:30 am
the republicans of course run the floor. democrats are in the minority. it is going to be hard if not impossible to get that. that's the substance. it is a political election year. democrats in the house and the senate as well, they are convinced that this is their issue. when you frame the issue as they are not out for us, they meaning washington. they are not out for the little guy, they are out for the big guy and the rich guy, they will do well. one democrat said if this election is about obamacare, they lose. if they are trying to frame it with the minimum wage issue, they can do better. that's what this is all about. thi are not diluted. >> politics and mid-terms. i hear you loud and clear. thank you so much in washington for us. >> meantime, chris christie's
11:31 am
post bridge scandal. he held his second town hall in a week while trying to make up with voters at home. he showed why he was so popular with the scandal over the george washington bridge. >> the only two professions in america where you keep getting paid even when you are always wrong affect my life every day. pollsters and weather men. they don't ever have to have it right. they sound just as authoritative as they used to. it's crazy. we are getting to the end of february this week and that will mean they will stop this insane winter we have had. . >> is he ready to forgive and forget. gloria borger is here with a town hall post-game analysis. can he win over the state?
11:32 am
they loved him. >> you see him in these town halls and he is charming. he is not the chris christie who was always looking for a fight or in the mood for a fight. this is a much more subdued chris christie if there is such a thing. there haven't been questions about the george washington bridge controversy. whether he selectively picks people and he doesn't know what they are going to ask. his favorabilities have gone down since the scandal, but i will tell you among republicans, seven oust ten still really like him in the state of new jersey. that's down from nine out of ten, but most politicians will take seven out of ten if you offer it to them. >> he mentioned pollsters and he
11:33 am
may not think much, but the feeling could be mutual. 41% of republicans don't want him running for president. again, we look at the numbers and scratch our heads. how much stock which we should put in? >> not a lot right now. republicans want to win and they're desperate to get back to the white house. lots of republicans are looking at chris christie. saying a couple of things. he clearly has the bridge scandal and they don't know how it's going to unfold. ittic mas a lot of sense to start asking questions about where is this going? where is this going to lead? there other republicans i might add who never liked chris christie in the first place. he thought he wasn't conservative enough and never will be able to win the nominati nomination. he is way too moderate to represent the new republican party. he still has those people who
11:34 am
don't like him. i think at this point he's got to get through this. he has to see where it takes him. by the way, they don't know who is going to run. >> gloria borger, thank you very much. coming up next, just an absolutely heart breaking story. what do you do when someone destroys your child's life. a texas mother went to jail to confront the drunk driver who left her son incapacitated. she joins me live and talks about what happens after this. [ male announcer ] did you know that if you wear a partial, you're almost twice as likely to lose your supporting teeth? try poligrip for partials. poligrip helps minimize stress which may damage supporting teeth by stabilizing your partial. care for your partial. help protect your natural teeth.
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. >> i top the tell you about a little boy from texas. rosy cheeked and happy and smiling kid with a world of possibilities ahead of him. today he is fed through a tube. he cannot talk. he can't walk. he can't sit or stand. she on oxygen 24-7. his mother says he can't leave the house because he has no immune system. recently his mother got to confront the man she blames for putting her son in that state that is worse than death. a warning for all of you that what you are about to see is raw, real, and hard to watch. here is jim douglas from our affiliate faa. >> she stood tremling bz a guard led a man in and she wheel and for the first time faced the man who haunts her.
11:39 am
>> can you hear me? can you hear me? look at this face. look at him. >> richardson looked and looked away. this is what he saw. this is what he heard. >> look at him. this is his daily life. look at him. just look at him! stare at him now! look at him. stare at him! >> stewart richardson said he wanted to tell the family he was sorry and he 3r5is for him. five years of suffering and rage erupted. >> my son is dying every single day. every single day he is suffering. he can't see. he can't talk. he can't breathe. he can't eat. he can't do anything. he is in pain every single day. every single day.
11:40 am
>> richardson remains in tarrant county jail while a court decides whether they can enhance his punishment using prior arrests in four other states to keep him off the streets for life. instead of a mandatory evacuation mum a maximum. >> i'm sorry to hear it. >> i don't care about your sorry. you make me more angry when you say sorry. >> thank you so much for coming on and talking to me. my goodness. let's just begin with me why you wanted to go confront this man in jail? >> first, i always wanted for the past five years to go and visit and see him. i was always told no, i cannot go. on every occasion and every time
11:41 am
my son gets sick, i wanted to contact my district attorney to ask him if i can go and describe this to this man. the magnitude of the pain that my son goes through every day. always the answer was no, i cannot. i took the first chance that came to me that when i found out that jim douglas was able to go and visit with him. i asked him if i can go and he said he doesn't see a reason why everybody can go and have a visit with him. >> and so this reporter says he would go with you because you didn't tell a single person in your family because you knew they would potentially try to stop you from doing that. me every step towards that jail, every step towards that glass partition, you relived the accident all over again. >> i asked jim douglas if he can
11:42 am
go to the jail. i didn't know what the environment was going to be like in the jail. he was very helpful. he came with me. and just every step i took towards the room. i remembered every thing that happened on february 20th. i was in so much pain. i had memories of my son. we walked in the room and i face the wall because at that moment, i was still thinking whether i really wanted to face this man or not. the minute they told me he entered the room, i turned around and i did not know what was going to happen. the minute i saw him and i looked so close to his eyes, i saw the evil in him. i saw no remorse and i saw that he was not really sorry. i wanted to tell him in person what my son goes through every
11:43 am
day. >> what does your son go through every day? you told us every day you watch your son die. every morning you rush to your son's side because why? >> we live moment by moment with my son because he can suddenly just get sick. he doesn't give a sign that he is going to get sick, but he can get sick to the point where his oxygen drops. we have time to rush him to the er. we call the ambulance to take him to the er. every day my son is sick and has to six seizures a day. he is on morphine and hospice services. as we speak, hospice is at our house right now. there no words to describe what my son goes through on a daily basis. every day in the morning, i just wake up and the first thing i do is look at him whether he is breathing or not.
11:44 am
>> i cannot imagine. i cannot imagine. the only thing i saw with stewart richardson. we reached out, but no further comment or response. when you learned this man has a picture of your son and says he is sorry, that infuriates you, does it not? >> yes. the day before when i saw three different things that he said really, really made me angry. one of them is that he had a picture of my son that he talks to him every day. i did not want this man to have a picture of my son in his cell. i did not want this man to talk to my son or anything like that. my son is an angel. this man is a devil. he is evil. i don't want him to talk to my son. the other thing he said, he said he has been in jail for 1,824 days in jail. i'm very sore. my son has been in a vegetative
11:45 am
state for 1,824 days plus the rest of his life. my son has no quality of life whatsoever. he doesn't see or stand. my son lives on a feeding tube and eats about ounces of formula. that's the only thing my son can have a day. >> why did you want to share this story. will you be able to forgive? >> at this time i don't know if i can forgive him. i'm not in my son's shoes to decide whether or not to forgive him. my son has to make that decision. i forgive stewart richardson and my husband forgives him for the injuries he did to him. so does my stepson. i am not in my son's shoes to forgive this man.
11:46 am
forgiveness of this magnitude of pain and suffering is really hard to become easy. i will work on it. i will work on it for myself and my family. at this time i don't see myself forgiving this man. he comes on national tv saying he is sorry, why is he sorry after several dwis. why weren't you sorry? after the first person you hurt or the second or the third or the fourth or the fifth. you are going to trial and trying to get sympathy for people? you are not sorry. i know he is not sorry. he is sorry -- >> our thoughts with your child and i thank you for coming in as if anyone needed another reason not to drink and drive. they just got it. thank you. >> thank you. >> we'll be right back. [ female announcer ] hands were made for playing.
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11:50 am
or if you have any allergic reactions such as rash, hives, swelling of the lips, tongue or throat, or difficulty breathing or swallowing, stop taking cialis and get medical help right away. ask your doctor about cialis for daily use and a 30-tablet free trial. . in a cnn exclusive, he was the to find the actor's with the needle in his arm. he was talking about drug use and defending his friend. days after hoffman's death, a national enquirer and gay lovers did cocaine together. he sat down and talked to chris cuomo. >> the reaction was ludicrous. when i saw my son first saw
11:51 am
something and told me that phil would have gotten a kick out of that. he had been there in the morning. then when it blew up and it was like this is becoming the story and i was being chased by a photographer and it became a thing where i had to deal with them in the midst of dealing with more important things. that was the kind of person that handles this sort of thing for the lawsuit and forced them to admit they totally screwed up. >> he sued the enquirer and here's the part where the money will go to support emerging playwright. they said the media's focus on heroin use is overblown. >> it's unfortunate that what we tend to do is the last moment
11:52 am
that is given inordinate importance and too much in the course of phil's adult life which is composed of countless moments and he was rigorously sober for his entire adult life and those are the moments that i think i most important to stress. >> one of the strong messages was the power of addiction. how difficult it is that it has to be recognized that anyone is susceptible. we keep hearing that 20 years he was sober. had there been struggles? it's hard to believe that. >> i can't speak to his personal struggles. i know that he was rigorously sober. and this was just one relapse
11:53 am
this time. he maintained his sobriety and helped other people maintain theirs. that's who he was and that's what he did. that's really all i want to say about that. >> the interview, you can see the whole thing. filmmakers across the nation are pushing to honor the second award ceremony. this freight train killed sarah jones last week while she was out working on a movie about greg alman of the alman brothers of georgia. he was filming a dream sequence on a train track. authorities are investigating and in just a couple of hours, the funeral will begin in south carolina. 27,000 people signed a petition
11:54 am
during oscars's annual memorium segment and includes tributes and the vampire diariediaries. how did two former navy s.e.a.l.s die on the sheep made famous with the details about their final night together. breaking news involving same-sex marriage. a federal judge striking down the ban in texas. what this means, next on cnn. hey guys! sorry we're late. did you run into traffic? no, just had to stop by the house to grab a few things.
11:55 am
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11:58 am
we know we're not the center of your life, but we'll do our best to help you connect to what is. . he set world records and yuckest american to do so. this guy jumped over the peaks of a matterhorn in a jump suit. he wants to be the first to jump off mount everest in a wing suit and discovery channel is planning to take the whole thing live. he has begun training and he made a practice at a popular spot in paris, california. he joins me by phone and chat meyers is joining in as well. he's the weather man who is curious about what you are up to. let me begin with that.
11:59 am
i'm never going to find out. what does it feel to try. it's an incredible feeling because it takes so long to train. it's a lifestyle type thing. you are super man and fly wherever you want to go. >> butterflies. it's exhilarating and thrilling. every time it's never something you get used to. humans should not be able to see and that's special. >> there is not much atmosphere and lift for your wing or whatever you want to call that thing. how are you compensating for that lack of air. >> i have been here close to mount everest. tested my suits and all my different equipment that i will use this time. it worked really, really good. what i found is my suit, i thought what i did was a lot
12:00 pm
faster and further than i could have in that thicker air. in a lot of ways it lends itself very well. >> kind of like the golf ball goes further. >> so good luck jumping off this perfectly good mountain. i'm sure it's beautiful. let's talk once you land and we will see how great it went. thank you very much. >> let's get to the breaking news. breaking a federal judge and striking down a ban on major. what you know about the judge's decision here. >> seems like we are beginning to see another case every other week. a judge struck down the texas ban on same-sex marriage and ruling on wednesday. it has no residential relation to a government purpose. basically he said two sets of
12:01 pm
plaintiffs who filed this case in the state of texas. they are likely to prevail once all the merits are heard. he does give a time for them to be appealed. a couple of sets are similar to other cases we have seen. two women and two men. one couple got married outside the state and once that marriage would be recognized in the state of texas. another couple wants the state of texas to allow them to marry. as you know, there is a ban on same-sex marriage. a number of states including texas. all of this builds up the pressure on getting the stream court to decide whether there is an equal protection question here and whether people can get married in states where there bans. >> again, as you point out and this is popping up around the country. it jumps out at me. this is texas. this is the south. this makes it a little bit
12:02 pm
different. >> it does make it different, but remember there was also a case not too long ago in the state of virginia. similar to this argued by two well-known attorneys in this country who had been pushing this all along. the point is peppering this around the country. each and every cirque ult has an opportunity to get the case and the question is which one will get to the supreme court and will the supreme court decide to hear the question of due process and equal protection on same-sex marriage? >> joe johns, thank you very much. >> now to the suspicious revelations about a mystery on board this ship. here's the ship. let me tell you about the two former navy s.e.a.l.s found dead-on the floor of a cramped cabin and lying next to their bodies, a syringe and brown
12:03 pm
heroin powder. we have just learned an autopsy found both died of respiratory failure and suspected heart attacks. could their movements and what they were up to the night before suggests there was more to their deaths than meet the eye. the reporter from the "new york times," that was quite a piece. it was the first time they saw a tick tock if you will in the night leading up to these men found. let's begin. one of them, surviving multiple combat tours in iraq and afghanistan. how did they wind up on the ship to begin with? >> for the last couple of years, a lot of the ships have because they have been battling with pirates off the coast of somalia va taken to hiring armed guards. a lot of the special forces are going into the lines and these two navy s.e.a.l.s and priority
12:04 pm
security companies and were outposted to the ship and working on this particular ship for 2 1/2 weeks. >> to think according to friends and family. you have what happened. me about what they were up to the night before. >> it being los like the ship towards the island and a bunch of islands off the coast of africa about ten days ago, when they got into the port, they went out for what seems to be a night out on the time. they started at bar. this is a posh resort island known as a honeymoon spot for the stars.
12:05 pm
on the one hand it's a wealthy polished place. they have high drug use rates in the world. in any case, they went out for a night on the town and went to a bar from all the descriptions of waiters and staff, they were really outgoing and having a great time. doing tequila shots and vodka and new zealand and bouncing back to a casino and others. the rest split off from the two navy s.e.a.l.s. the two men, the two navy s.e.a.l.s ended up closing that and were politely asked to go at the end of the evening. at that point it looks like the
12:06 pm
two men met two women in the hall out in front of the casino and we don't have evidence of what happened next. there is really bad stuff that can get mixed up in the heroin. i'm curious what the friends and family had told you. have they dabbled in drugs before? do we know? >> there is a dichotomy here. the description of the two men from friends and family was in stark contrast to what sounded like a hard part of the night. most of the people who knew these men, the first thing they pointed out was their outgoing important and fitness buff rigor to their routines when they were
12:07 pm
home. a lot of them talked about how attractive they were and the healthy lifestyles. they seemed to live at home. both of them had kids. one was recently divorced. they both seem to be family men. so there was no indication from interviews of neighbors and acquaintances and former military colleagues that there was a problem. >> two former navy s.e.a.l.s gone and the investigation continues. let's stay in touch with the "new york times." thank you so much. now a famous name in a now infamous position. kerry kennedy, daughter of robert f kennedy took the stand today in her trial and dwi trial in new york. kerry kennedy hit a tractor-trailer back in 2012. today she told jurors the night before the crash she was in a party and specifically did not drink because she knew h had to
12:08 pm
drive home. legal correspondent gene casarez is there and you were in the courtroom. what was it like in there when kerry kennedy was testifying? >> i just came out and she is on cross-examination by the prosecutor right now. it is amazing in that courtroom. this is a dwi trial. she is taking the stand and put her character at issue. she has tremendous character. she has been testifying about all of her work in the area of human rights. she is the president of a robert kennedy center for justice and human rights and talking about her jet setting lifestyle. this is you can tell just a local jury that is a part of this workforce here. she is testifying as to the facts that her father was killed when he was running for president and daddy had been the attorney general. you are watching someone that leads the lifestyle that is so unlike the jury. let's look at what she said is the restation of the facts.
12:09 pm
on the morning of july 13th, she got up as usual and took what she thought was her thyroid medication. the bottles were right next to each other. her ambien and thyroid medication. she must have taken the ambien because she got her bagsing to and was going to the and then to her office in new york city and she said she doesn't remember anything after she gets on to what was an interstate. the prosecutor on cross-examination is trying to show maybe it was a mistake. what do you remember after you took the pill? do you remember exactly how she made the cappuccino. she doesn't. the prosecution should have said you knew that something was affecting you. you shouldn't have gotten behind that wheel. even if you didn't know until you got on the road. you should have pulled over. the defense is saying this was a mistake. under the law, the state sometimes is not a defense to the element to the crime.
12:10 pm
>> there on kerry kennedy's dwi trial, thank you very much. we will be watching each and every day to see what happens. the fda giving stamp of approval to a drug five times more powerful than vicodin. experts say people will die when the drug is released. spike lee calls it the christopher clus bus syndrome. what was he talking about? you will hear his rant and reaction. do not miss this conversation. also ahead big changes to the frequent flyer program. delta saying miles will be based on how much you spend and not how far you fly. we'll be right back. u gave my h? well, yeah, yes. the "name your price" tool. you tell us the price you want to pay, and we give you a range of options to choose from. careful, though -- that kind of power can go to your head. that explains a lot. yo, buddy! i got this. gimme one, gimme one, gimme one!
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12:14 pm
there is a change for flight plans on board delta. they are switching up the frequent flyer programs. what matters is so much the ticket costs. cnn is joining us to see how this works. i'm listening closely because i'm on planes all the time. me why they are doing this. >> better hold on tight. the airline is doing this because the airlines wound up making more money from the percentage of high dollar travelers compared to the regulars. if you pay the cheapest fare, you won't earn the same number of miles as the first class flyer this. benefits the passenger. they will get the tickets and the more modest will suffer. this program doesn't get under way until january 1st of next year. here's the example. say you are a platinum member
12:15 pm
you and get 20,000 miles on a ticket from new york to london. next year you do better. getting 45,000 miles. that's good. those are the high end travelers. here's the catch. if you are the more modest traveler, you pay $650 for a round trip from new york to l.a. next year you get 3,250 miles. the goal here is believe it or not, not to take off the customers. it's trying to get those who flew most of the time. >> we will talk about the drugs. this drug it five times more potent than vicodin. they say this is a recipe for disaster. we will talk to the doctor and get his take. plus director spike lee, you heard what he said. he has gone off about his
12:16 pm
comments and spashing all kinds of those. we will get personal reaction. at any minute... could be a victim of fraud. most people don't even know it. fraud could mean lower credit scores, higher mortgage rates... ...and not getting the home you really want. it's a problem waiting to happen. check your credit score, check your credit report, at america's number one provider of online credit reports and scores. don't take chances. go to ♪ [ male announcer ] a car that is able to see, to calculate, to think -- and can respond to what it encounters. ♪ even if that means completely stopping itself.
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due to your first accident. because making mistakes is only human, and so are we. we also offer new car replacement, so if you total your new car, we give you the money for a new one. call liberty mutual insurance at... and ask us all about our auto features, like guaranteed repairs, where if you get into an accident and use one of our certified repair shops, your repairs are guaranteed for life. so call... to talk with an insurance expert about everything that comes standard with our base auto policy. and if you switch, you could save up to $423. liberty mutual insurance. responsibility. what's your policy? >> a powerful new pain killer is about to hit the market with fda approval. many people don't want this to
12:20 pm
happen. frequently abused olympic yoid. sanjay gupta reporting on the dangers of the epidemic for sometime now. he explains why the drug could be a threat. >> car crashes are no longer the number one reason people die accidentally in the united states. nowadays, it's actually prescription drugs. that's because on any given day people take more than the recommended dose. mix and match or take medications not prescribed to them. maybe take pills with alcohol. all of it can make for a deadly dose. the most recent data shows 37,000 drug overdose deaths in one year. mostly accidental. about 21,000 involve prescription drugs and of those, 75% were pain killers.
12:21 pm
>> more than 40 groups petitioning and the risks outweigh. doctor sanjay gupta. just reading about this, it is released and people will die. >>a i lot of doctors, they are concerned about this because the use of these drugs are the number one cause of preventable death. nothing will really work. they are looking for alternatives as well. this medication is about times as strong compared to what's out there. it is crushable and the reason that is significant is people will sometimes crush these things and snort them and take them in a way they shouldn't. that adds to the potential dangers as well. we are taking a lot of pain pills. they can have a big powerful one
12:22 pm
to the list. >> why not just take several vicodin if you have incredible chronic pain, but there is an issue with that. >> doctors will prescribe a certain number. medications like vicodin have acetominaphen and that can cause liver problem fist you take problem. this doesn't have it and that's part of the reason that the fda said they could offer an advantage. this will be a schedule two substance and that means it will be far more restrictive than the existing. you can't get refills and you have to see your doctor before you get the prescription. it will be a stricter enforcement of that and still five times stronger. >> potent. thank you very much. coming up here, spike lee as in director of films and do the right thing. going off on the issue of genderification. we are talking brooklyn and
12:23 pm
harlem. it is parking massive debates on race and class and hipsters. you will get the rand and get certainly reaction, next. your. in fact, they depend on a unique set of nutrients. [ male announcer ] that's why there's ocuvite to help protect your eye health. as you age, your eyes can lose vital nutrients. ocuvite helps replenish key eye nutrients. ocuvite is a vitamin made just for your eyes from the eye care experts at bausch + lomb. ocuvite has a unique formula that's just not found in any leading multivitamin. your eyes are unique, so help protect your eye health with ocuvite. [ female announcer ] most of the time it's easy to know which option is better. other times, not so much. so it's good to know that mazola corn oil has 4 times more cholesterol blocking plant sterols than olive oil. and a recent study found
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12:26 pm
. >> filmmaker spike lee is no stranger to making comments that generate headlines when it comes to controversial topics like race and class. his award winning films infuse both issues as seen in his oscar nominated film from the 80s, do
12:27 pm
the right thing. >> i own this brown stone. >> who told you to buy a brown stone in my neighborhood on my side of the street. what are you in a black neighborhood for anyway? >> understand this is a free country. a man can do whatever he wants. >> go back to massachusetts. >> i was born in brooklyn. >> oh! >> flash forward to today. it surprises very few when spike lee blue up over this one question. >> his hometown, spike lee was answering a question about his bureaus changing face when he told this audience he did not see a lot of good coming from the idea. here he was. >> this is the christopher columbus syndrome. we have been here. you can't just come in.
12:28 pm
you can't do that. you can't come in the neighbors and say why you want to come in. and kill off the native americans. you can't do that. you have to get no respect. there is a code and you can't move in and get an update. when michael jackson dies, wait a minute. we can have black people celebrate here. who is coming into the neighborhood. garbage and there is dogs running around. so we have to move forward. they just moved into the neighborhood.
12:29 pm
they led for you guys to respect and you have the culture that is laid down for generations and you come in and you have a chance because you are here? >> okay. let's talk about this. >> nice to see both of you. welcome. >> micheala. let's begin with you. you were neighbors with spikily for years in ft. green. you spend a lot of time in harlem. do you agree with them? >> yeah. a weekend in harlem and i love brooklyn. i get spike's passion and he is communicating for an entire community. he's an artist and you know he is going to do it with a certain amount of fervor. we defined what is gentification. what he is speaking to is frustration of people ignoring and denying or trying to
12:30 pm
dismantle a culture already in place in a community. communities are like quilts and people come from all over and they connect and stitch together. this idea of whipping the patterns apart. ripping the layers and making it a neutral space is the pain that is an accurate word that he is feeling. kim kardashian is a neutral and communities are not. right? >> we need to feel that you are joining at something and helping to do that. >> i love that. don dem on, i want to talk to you. you are a relative and i know you appreciate the history there. >> there a number of reasons i chose it. i lived in brooklyn for a long time. i lived there in the 90s.
12:31 pm
i graduated brooklyn college. i lived on president street. my landlord tried to sell my apartment then. >> i can't afford it. i should have done that. i moved to harlem and since probably the 80s. used to house sit for my aunt. when whitney houston died, i went to do a story on whitney houston. i walked out of the theater and walked the streets and walked into the apartment building where i lived now. i went there and bought an apartment almost that same day. i went there and said this is harlem. they said yes. i said where are the black people? she said don, harlem is gent
12:32 pm
riified. harlem in 10 or 15 years will be the villain. if i hadn't bought in harlem that apartment, that little one-bedroom apartment, if i hadn't bought that and scrape and saved for this, i would not be able to afford it now. because of that. micheala is right. you may not like the way that spike lee is saying it, but he is not saying anything any differently than what the mayor is saying. when you talk about fair housing. these are places that people lived and saved and where they had families and christmases and holidays. >> can i say this? as you are talking about that, harlem from 2000 to 2010, 81% african-american in 2000. in 2010, it's 64%. for whites increased and it's
12:33 pm
6%. >> the of the frustration too is the resources that come. the protection. you feel like weren't they worthy of protection? let's be clear that sometimes that added police protection becomes oppressive for our young boys. stop and frisk. what happens is that the police are coming to protect home. you get this sense of frustration that trash should have been picked up for the community. you are getting these feelings of who is worth protecting? who is worth keeping it. that's the thing. >> that's part of the issue and the other part is folks are coming in and the rates are going up. >> it's not just the rent.
12:34 pm
for what i sold my three-bedroom beautiful home for, with a pool, i could afford a one or maybe a two-bedroom apartment in harlem. years ago, you could get an apartment for nothing. also there is the other side. when there is gentrification and what we should be deciding is what it does do. it offers the opportunity if you can afford it. if you can own your home and it affords people who have been living there with the opportunity to possibly have wealth. if you do it properly. there good things about this. who wanted to hang on to a home that is worth nothing. >> now. >> if i may, this is the one issue i want to come back to. this is not news. this is happening across the country. it's harlem-specific and that rich textured quilt heritage from the renaissance in the 20s
12:35 pm
and the 30s and the issue teams to be that the newer people are coming in and the older folks who embody and embrace that harlem that we knew and studied about, that is going away. the drummers in the park are no longer allowed to drum because they are playing his instrument too loud. is it possible to gent riify and keep that rich history. >> that's the idea that you don't want to silence a culture. we want to add to it. i don't know if you have been to sunday sermon, don, but my boyfriend started this party in harlem for that reason. so communities and neighbors can come together and dance together and know what services are there. the idea is the person that you might dance to on sunday afternoon in the sun might say good morning to them on monday
12:36 pm
on your way to get the $7 latte. part of this is about communities knowing each other and talking and saying good morning to the young brother. not just looking at him. go to the bodega. know that you are part of something. >> i don't want people to get the wrong idea to think that we are not for gentrification. >> i'm for development, not gentrification. >> it depends on your definition, but they want things to get better. >> that's right. i want quinoa. >> i'm ready to go visit harlem. we have to leave it there, but thank you very much. good deal. thanks, you guys. let me tell you that you can see spike lee tonight on "ac 360." he is sitting down with anderson cooper. definitely don't want to miss that. this couple finds this real life
12:37 pm
buried pressure in their own back yard. we are talking possibly here $10 million worth of his rare gold coins. what such a rare find was doing in the back yard in the first place and what this couple plans to do with their new fortune, next. [ tires screech ] [ car alarm chirps ] ♪ [ male announcer ] we don't just certify our pre-owned vehicles. we inspect, analyze, and recondition each one, until it's nothing short of a genuine certified pre-owned mercedes-benz for the next new owner.
12:38 pm
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12:40 pm
>> picture this. you go out and take your dog for a walk and come across something shiny and you dig around and find jars and jars of gold. this actually happened to this california couple last year. they found eight metal cans containing hundreds of rare gold coins and the coins are some 150 years old. don kagan is helping the owners who wish to remain anonymous.
12:41 pm
me about the coins. how much are they worth? >> this whole group of coins is worth over $10 million today. it has a value of about $28,000. >> what is this couple telling you. have they wrapped their brains about it? >> they don't want their lives to be changed. they want to be anonymous. they asked that we respect their anonymity and we do, but they want to give back. they top the give to charities with the money, but they are thankful and they think it's wonderful that they can save their property and they thought they might lose. again they want to give back to the community and needy people. >> that's wonderful to hear, but this is your wheel house. you know about rare coins.
12:42 pm
help me understand how a couple of jars of coins can be worth this kind of cash. >> it's fantastic because it's not just a burch of gold or gold nuggets or cold coins. these are rare u.s. coins from 1847 to 1894. not only that, they are in pristine condition. almost all of them are like they came right from the mint. many are rare. some are worth up to $1 million apiece. you have not only over 70 different coins of different dates, but you have over 14 or 15 coins that we consider the finest known for the date. >> it's incredible. i want the story of how they ended up in jars buried to begin with. i suppose that's for another day when we do that digging. don, thank you so much for calling in. appreciate that. coming up here, a new report in
12:43 pm
the washington times today said that the fbi had a source who was in contact with osama bin laden as far back as 1993 and this source was able to provide a lot of key information about potential attacks, thwarting attacks. we will talk about the guy who wrote the article about what he found out, next. with at&t's new pricing for families you get 4 lines on at&t's network... including unlimited talk... unlimited text... and 10 gigs of data to share. 10 gigs? 10 gigs. all for $160 dollars a month. you know, i think our family really needed this. it's really gonna bring us closer together. yep. yep. yep. yep. yep. [ family ] yep. [ male announcer ] introducing our best-ever family pricing. for a family of 4, that's 10 gigs of data with unlimited talk and text for 160 dollars a month. only from at&t.
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12:45 pm
>> no, there wasn't. i'd been trying to convince her to call about the colonial penn program to make sure they had coverage, but she was worried they wouldn't be accepted because of their health. >> i have life insurance with them, too. i had concerns, but i didn't have to take a physical or even answer any health questions. my acceptance was guaranteed. >> well, i should get some life insurance for myself. i'm kind of on a fixed budget though. i don't know if i can afford it. >> i thought the same thing. it works out to be about 35 cents a day, that's just $9.95 a month per unit of coverage. >> i think i can afford that. i'm gonna give them a call. >> and now you can help protect your loved ones from the burden of your final expenses with a guaranteed acceptance whole life insurance policy through the colonial penn program. in today's world, uncertainty seems to be the new norm. with life insurance through the colonial penn program, there is no uncertainty. if you're age 50 to 85, your acceptance is guaranteed.
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>> sexual assault counsellors and recruiters for a range of infractions. we are talking child abuse to drunk driving. jake tapper is a host of the lead and i know two senators, two dems are leading the charge to change the system with two approaches. you talked to kirstin and what did she tell you. >> out of the military chain of command. that was opposed by the pentagon. she is hoping that legislation that has 55 supporters in the u.s. senate will come to the floor of the senate for a vote in the next few weeks. senator clair mccaskill is not in support of that bill and has been the leading opponent. another interesting angle, brooke and i don't mean to make light of it, this issue of
12:48 pm
sexual assault from the military and whether or not these cases should be removed from the chain of command so that female and male soldiers who are victimized are more likely to come forward and the perpetrators are more likely to be prosecuted. netflix's house of cards. take a listen. >> civilian oversight is not the answer. >> my husband is a civilian who oversees the military. are you suggesting that civilians can offer no guidance in marries like this? >> i didn't mean to suggest that at all. >> maybe you can suggest it to the civilian sitting across from you. >> of course this is just a show, but i wonder, this was one of the last questions and i wonder whether an issue like this being voiced on a fictional show helps the cause or threatens to diminish it in any way. here's what she had to say.
12:49 pm
>> even though a popular series has taken this, it's another vehicle for victims's stories to be heard. what we are talking about is many women have been talking the halls for almost a year now and they deserve a vote and to have more people talking about it in the media and popular tv series is important. >> it's a good thing whether fictional or in reality for people to be aware of it. i was surprised by her answer. >> i look forward to hearing the interview and i was about to scream at you if i needed a spoiler alert. >> no spoiler alerts. i learned my lesson early on. >> jake tapper, we will see you in ten minutes on the lead. we will learning new information about an old enemy. this report said the fbi planted an informant who was in direct contact with osama bin laden and this goes all the way back to 1993. this information surfaced in
12:50 pm
court during this employee dispute case. the course reportedly provided very specific information to the fbi and even helped stop a n attack. guy, how did you come across the information specifically? >> yeah, it is such an interesting story. this is really a classic case of digging through old court documents and finding something on obscure, 9/11-related case from 2010 where the former head of the los angeles field office for the fbi testified on behalf of an fbi employee who had brought a case against the bureau, and in the testimony before basically an empty courtroom, this was in 2010, basically dropped this bomb that in fact the fbi had penetrated very close within osama bin laden's immediate -- osama bin laden's immediate circle as far
12:51 pm
back as 1993, right after the time of the first world trade center bombing that you'll remember happened in 1993. >> so as we learn in your piece this masonic temple bombing was thwarted in l.a., but at the same time i'm wondering why this information never got to the 9/11 commission, why it was never public. >> that is the big mystery of this story and what is so sexy about it is it deals with this that's probably the most difficult question that the media has to deal with in reporting on the fbi and the cia's relationship with al qaeda over the years, it has to deal with the issue of penetrations, that right now the cia has penetrations into is lamic terrorist groups around the world. all the way back in 1993 the fbi had this penetration. why didn't it come up? i went and talked to the former head of the 9/11 commission. he said he hadn't heard of this. this is phillip zelijko, now at the university of virginia. he hadn't heard of this.
12:52 pm
we had trouble reaching the actual agent, the former head of the fbi field office, maybe he'll want to see this and want to talk to me now, ed kern, what happened with this information. what the 9/11 commission did find -- also the 9/11 commission folks very much on the years right before the september 11th attacks and didn't dig that deeply back to 1993. but this raises questions about what happened to this source. was the cia or the fbi still running this source up into the 1995, 1996, 1997? and that question isn't answered. our sources for the story say that the fbi, los angeles field office lost track of the source. so it's not clear now what happened. when you look at this, we tried really hard not to bring this story as something that would just fd the landscape of conspiracy theories about 9/11, because we know it's a rich landscape. we really wanted to look at it with a very sober eye and say there are clearly facts that are out there about the whole narrative of the u.s. law
12:53 pm
enforcement, intelligence communities relationship with al qaeda that we just don't know about. and now as we move forward into a new generation, 20 years on from the early '90s, 10, 15 years on from 9/11, some of us who are still reporting on it are coming across nuggets like this and it adds to the overall narrative of what that is. >> and let me just say in this age of technology and media and 2014, here you are digging through court documents. i say good for you. gai taylor, if you want to read his piece, it's in the "washington times." thank you very much. >> thanks for having me on. up next, the 10-year-old little boy bitten by his pet rat. yes, his pet rat. gets this disease known as rat bite fever. he dies as a result of that. now his family is suing the pet store where they bought this thing. do they have a case? that's next. [announcer] word is getting out. purina dog chow light & healthy is a deliciously tender and crunchy kibble blend.
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a 10-year-old boy dies from a wit bite of his pet rat. cnn affiliates are reporting that the family of the 10-year-old is suing petco for selling this rat in the first place that carried this bacteria that causes rat bite fever. petco couldn't comment on the lawsuit. it said as it relates to companion animals, including rats, we provide all new pet parents with information about information. all pet parents must review and sign this document before taking home their new pet. sonny hoskins, our cnn legal analyst on this one year. i mean, listen, we have a 10-year-old who died because of this. this is serious stuff. but the fact they're suing petco, is petco to blame?
12:58 pm
>> you know, i think it's a close call, actually. we want our corporations to not sell us sick animal, infected animals, not sell us bad goods. and so i think on the corporation's end, yes, they do have that responsibility. but as the corporation is pointing out, well, parents, you have responsibility, too, to make sure that if there is a bite or if there is an issue that you get the proper care and you were notified. but, again, i mean, you know, we know that pet stores are regulated, but do they have to check -- do they have to, you know, vaccinate pets? do they have to check rats -- >> rats especially? >> for these kinds of infections? probably not. i looked all through the regularregular -- regs. i couldn't find anything that said they had to do this kind of thing but as good corporate citizen you would think perhaps they would check to make sure they didn't have any rabid or infected rats. i think it will be a close call.
12:59 pm
i smell a settlement, as i often tell you, brooke. this is not the kind of case that you would ever go to trial on. so i suspect that this case will go away, but it really is unfortunate and i think it's a wake-up call to so many of us that have hamsters like i did and gerbils as a kid, you know. there are some issues there. >> yeah. sonny hoskins, thank you very much. >> thanks, brooke. >> before i let you go, ben affleck, he lent his famous name to a good cause today on capitol hill, award winner, academy award winner appeared at the state department today to talk about violence in the congo. he is the founder of the eastern congo initiative. it's a four-year-old organization working for peace in the region. and here he was, he was appearing with secretary of state john kerry, and ben affleck says he thinks there is a chance the u.s. can make a difference in africa. >> this is a region that's suffered enormous damage and trauma, and this fire is now abating a little bit, and we have a window where engagement on the part of secretary, the
1:00 pm
president, congress, all collectively can make a real difference. >> and a little bit of a lighter note, ben affleck mentioned his film "argo," poked a little fun at the hollywood version of the state department saying the real one where he was today was much more impressive. i'm brooke baldwin. thanks for joining me. see you tomorrow. "the lead" with jake tapper begins right now. it's a red state, quite a red state, but did texas just open the door to same-sex marriage? i'm jake tapper. this is "the lead." the national lead. did you ever think you'd see the day that same-sex couples married in the lone star state? the state ban on same-sex marriage was just ruled unconstitutional by a federal judge, but maybe grooms should hold off on ordering those matching stetsons, at least for now. also in national news, it's literally the choice of a new generation. the government deciding whether three parents can pitch in dna to cre


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