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tv   CNN Newsroom  CNN  November 19, 2013 10:00am-11:01am PST

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declared the worded of year by the oxford dictionary. >> look at that will. >> they're ourselfies. i've got long arms. a photograph taken of once self and uploaded to a social media website. that's me saying why did they want me to take a self-ie. the use of the word has gone up 17,000% since last year. and thanks to miley cyrus, you look great. >> that was the runner-up. >> and guess what, the first recognized usage of selfie was in australia back in 2002. >> you should know being the aussie. >> "cnn newsroom" starts right now. thanks for watching around the world". right now, george zimmerman is only minutes away from being arraigned. he's charged with felony aggravated assault for allegedly pointing a gun at his girlfriend we'll have live coverage of the arraignment. stand by for that.
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a tragic and shocking story developing in virginia. state senator creigh deeds stab add multiple times, his son dead from a gunshot wound. virginia state police are investigating. we'll go there will live. also right now, senate leaders are wondering what to do about additional sanctions against iran. the president doesn't want them and he's made that clear. he briefed them at the white house just moments ago. hello, i'm rb reporting today from washington. in less than an hour, george zimmerman will be back in front of a judge. today's arraignment after zimmerman was is arrested yesterday for allegedly pointing a gun at his girlfriend. he's charged with felony aggravated assault. alina mucha doe is live from stanford, florida. this is the fourth time he's had a run-in with the law since he was acquitted of murdering it
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trayvon martin. tell us what happened last night and what else he's being charged with. >> reporter: police say this stems from an argument between jimmer man and his girlfriend samantha shivy. that will argument turned physical and he was arrested on that felony charge as well as two misdemeanors, battery, domestic violence and criminal mischie >> what's going on? >> he's in my house breaking on my [ bleep ]. i asked him to leave. he has a frickingun breaking all my stuff right now. >> that's the 911 call authorities say his girlfriend made during the domestic dispute ta allegedly turned violent inside the home they will share. >> you just broke my glass table and my sunglasses and you put your gun in my face and told me to get the [ bleep ] out. now, get out of here. >> the woman told the 911 operator she was pushed out by zimmerman and that he had a shotgun antoine handguns inside.
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she also said the fight started after she had asked the 30-year-old to leave. but zimmerman tells a different story in his own 911 call. >> my girlfriend has, for lack of a better word, gone crazy on me. >> police were already at the apopka, florida house when he made the call. he told the operator he wanted everyone to know the truth about what happened. >> just started smashing stuff, taking stuff that belonged to me, throwing it outside, throwing it out of her room, throwing it all over the house. she broke a glass table because she threw something on it. >> he went on to explain how the fight started saying the woman told him she was pregnant and wanted to raise their child without him. >> she got mad that i guess i told her that i would be willing to leave. >> okay. >> i guess she thought i was going to argue with her, but she's pregnant. i'm not going to put her through that kind of stress. >> zimmerman denied using a weapon to threaten the woman,
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responding officers say they used the alleged victim's key to get in and pushed their way through furniture zimmerman had placed behind the door. they found zimmerman inside unarmed, his demeanor described as passive. >> clearly he had the rtunity to encounter a situation similar to this ithe past. offered no resistance and cooperated the entire time. >> it's not the first time zimmerman has had a brush with the law since acquitted of murder in the shooting death of 1-year-old trayvon martin. in september, his esaine wife accused him of assault. police investigated and no charges were filed. >> florida suv. >> he has also been stopped twice for speeding. once in texas where he got a warning, a second time in florida where he was ticketed and fined $2856. now, we could learn as early as half hour whether zimmerman will be granted bond in this case. wolf? >> i understand, alina, that
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zimmerman's defense attorney spoke to the press a few moments ago. what did he have to say? >> well, jeff dowdy, the chief of the sex know keep the public defenders office said he spoke with him this morning. he has $2.58 million in debt. he said zimmerman is requesting a public defender. he also says he appeared calm but was upset and "wants to go home." wolf? >> alina, don't go too far away. thank you. stay with us for live coverage of the george zimmerman arraignment scheduled to begin about 25 minutes or so from now. our own jeffrey toobin will also be with us, our senior legal analyst will discuss what's going on. other news we're following right now, a virginia state senator stabbed multiple times. his son dead from gunshot wounds. that's the situation virginia state police are investigating right now. our own political director mark preston is following the tragic developments for us. what's the latest?
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what's happening with the snait state senator creigh deeds? >> what we've learned from state police is they were called out to a home in bath county, virginia, in the far western part of virginia. they found creigh deeds with multiple stab wounds bob the torso, above the head. in addition to that, they found his son at the scene. this is what the state police spokeswoman had to say. >> senator deeds' son is, gus deeds, age 24 also of middleboro was found inside the residence suffering from life-threatening injuries associated with a gunshot wound. despite efforts by troopers and first responders there at the residence, he died at the scene. >> so clearly a violent altercation at this residence early this morning. right now, wolf, creigh deeds right now at a hospital in charlottesville right now being treated. he is speaking to investigators. so there is some understanding of what happened, but the state police has cautioned they still don't know the all the details
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right now. it's only been about five or six hours into the investigation. we should learn more in a few hours. >> police are saying they're not looking for any other suspects right now. what are they saying about the son? >> not very much. but correct, you would have to infer that in fact, there had to be some kind of altercation between these two gentlemen if they're not looking for another suspect at this time. gus deeds, 24 years old, was actually alive at the scene when police did arrive. however, he passed away a short time after that. that's when they airlifted the father out and got him to a hospital in charlottesville. >> thanks very much, mark preston for that report. the president has been briefing a group of senators about those nuclear talks with iran. there are developments that are just coming in. we're going to speak about what's going on. senator bob corker, the ranking member of the foreign relations committee will join us live to discuss the president's message, where the senate stands right now when it comes to iran and its nuclear program. [ male announcer ] when you have sinus pressure and pain,
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with odor free aspercreme. powerful medicine relieves pain fast, with no odor. so all you notice is relief. aspercreme. suicide bombing has killed more than 208 people in beirut, lebanon. it happened right in front of the iranian embassy in beirut. the group claiming responsibility pointed to the on going war in neighboring syria as the reason they're demanding hezbollah pull out of syria. iran supplies weapons to the regime of bashar al assad, as well. president obama met with senate leaders from both parties earlier this morning updating them on the nuclear talks with iran. the next round of talks starting tomorrow in geneva. the president is against imposing new sanctions calling
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them an obstacle to getting an agreement. tep ten republican senator bob corker was over at the white house for that meeting. he's back on capitol hill right now. the ranking member of the foreign relations committee. did you buy, senator, what the president was selling today as far as no new sanctions against iran, at least while these negotiations are under way? >> you know, wolf, we had a very good, you know, long detailed conversation about where things are. this weekend, obviously, in geneva, a break-through could occur. might not occur. i don't think anybody's looking at it as a fait accompli. i think you know senate business on the senate floor is such that there's not going to be any kind of amendment that passes. i think you know senator reid has filled the tree and tell your listening audience what that means is keep any kind of amendments from being heard on iran anyway. i'm going to assess here over
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the next couple hours, what the president said, how the conversation went, go over some of the details with our staff. let's face it, at the end of the day, there aren't going to be sanctions in place prior to -- new sanctions anyway but the in place relative to iran before this meeting takes place, and you know, it could be, could be good to see how this weekend goes before assessing what next congress needs to do. so it was a good meeting. i think there are a lot of us, me being one that still is concerned about alleviating the leverage that we have and not getting enough in return, and a lot of concerns about this is interim deal being the new norm, that once you hit this interim deal, that's the end of it. i'm concerned about a not very explicit end state being part of this. that's of great canern to me. >> let's say there is an interim deal worked out in geneva over the next few days, for six
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months let's say, throw out that figure. the iranians are demanding at least some easing of international, including u.s. sanctions on iran which are very painful, obviously, to the iranian government and to the iranian people. would you be willing to ease, ease up at least moderately some of those sanctions if there is this is so-called interim deal? >> well, actually, wolf, congress has no say on the easing of those sanctions. the president has full waiver authority. some of the sanctions were put in place by executive order. the most bind were put in place by congress. even so he has a waiver. i don't think he's planning on waiving any of those that were put in by congress. you've read news accounts what they're looking at. i don't know that it's my place to go into details. but the fact is that congress really at this point in the negotiation and especially because you know, a deal would be reached this weekend, there's not going to be amendments on
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the floor. there's certainly not going to be passage of a bill. congress really has no say so in what the president may agree to waive over the next few days. >> as you know, this potential deal is putting a real serious strain in u.s. relations, not only with israel but a lot of the other friendly countries, the saudis, the emirates, kuwait, the new -- the regime, if you will in egypt. was the president concerned about, for example, the u.s.-israeli fall out from this? >> you know, there was a good deal of discussion about israel. it was more about some of the technical aspects of the deal and some of the concerns that they have.obviously, because of stated position of wanting to wipe israel off the map and the proximity, obviously, to israel, this is something that's more up close and personal, by far. and so, you know, we did discuss
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some of those concerns. there really wasn't a great deal of discussion about our relationshiptom allies except in passing. it was really, wolf, to focus on the potentialities of this deal. the details. what an end state might be. what the interim deal was composed. >>.that was the major focus. i thought the meeting was a good meeting from the standpoint of understanding those issues. again, i think you've got people at that mng that feel like this is a really bad thing to be doing. i think you've got people in the meeting that feel like this is a very good thing to be doing. i think there's probably multiple folks in the middle that are still concerned about the losingíni of this leverage i mentioned before, the interim deal becoming the norm, meaning that's the deal. we never get to the end state, and the fact that then you have sort of lost your coalition of countries that are involved with you in these sanctions. but again, we're going to -- i'm going to digest over the next few hours what was heard.
10:17 am
talk a little bit, talk it over and again, just for what it's worth, there's nothing regardless of what is being said, there's nothinging that congress can do between now and this weekend to effect affect this weekend's discussions. i think the concerns that were raised though, one or two specifically could affect the way the administration does approach this weekend. to that end, i think it was positive we had the meeting today. >> we'll see what happens. senator corker, thanks so much for coming in. >> thank you. it looks like us airways and american airlines will merge to become the world's biggest airline after all. now united airlines says it's getting ready for the competition. we're going to hear from united's ceo on his plan to cut billions from his bottom line. [ lane ] are you growing old waiting for your wrinkle cream to work? neutrogena® rapid wrinkle repair has the fastest retinol formula. to visibly reduce fine lines and wrinkles in just one week.
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milestone yesterday when it crossed the 16,000 mark for the first time. how are we looking right now? there you see pretty flat, up one point basically the dow jones. richard quest the anchor of "quest means business" is joining us right now. was yesterday's number anything more than just symbolic? >> oh, it's going to do 16,000 again. that i'm pretty certain about. no, what we're seeing today is a pause for breath. i think the market really went on a tear when it got up over 40 points yesterday at the open, and it tore through and then came back. and classic market fashion, wolf. everybody went, what happened? it all happened a bit too
10:22 am
quickly. now it's a classic pause for breath. don't be surprised if you see some money coming off the table, a bit of the can old profit taking. this is what we would expect to see at the moment. >> let's not forget, when president obama took office, richard, what the dow jones was right around 7,000. you think about that now. 16,000. it's amazing the way the dow jones, the markets have moved over these past few years. >> there's no question. i think the issue is whether the wealth has been equally divided. and, of course, the critics would say it's gone to the top few percentage points and the bottom in equality and the range of inequality in the united states has widened. that really is the fundamental economic equity argument in the u.s. at the moment. >> but you can't deny that a lot of people who have 401(k)s, they've made money investing on the dow jones, the s&p, the wall street markets over these past few years. people have made money.
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but you're right, there is this is income distribution issue. rich people are making more than middle class or poor people, which is a subject for serious debate. let's talk about something else right now, something you know a great deal about. last week the government cut a deal with us airways and american airlines that would let the merger go ahead after it was originally opposed 37 that's putting a lot of pressure on the competition. you've been speaking to the head of united arlts, an airline that wants to make billions in cuts. tell us about your conversation. >> united airlines had third quarter numbers and by the airlines own admission, they were not good enough. now, with an american us airways new hard competitor and with delta eating everybody's lunch, united's chief executive announced today they're going to save their numbers, $2 billion annually by cutting costs, and by finding some new ways to raise revenue. i asked jeff smizek, the chief
10:24 am
exec of united airlines what that meant. >> we'll have hundreds of millions of dollars of additional revenue, including a pretty sizable amount of ancillary revenue. with that we ought to be able to earnen multiples of what we earn today. >> that means charging passengers for extra things? >> a lot of ancillary revenue, we have partners with marriott, with mercedes benz. we have a huge credit card base with chase today. that's a very profitable business force. we intend to expands that. >> is the goal to increase ancillary rev aus for things like baggage or food or any other things where you can charge passengers extra? >> not necessarily to increase. but to offer different products and services. we've unbundled a lot of things and we can rebundle, a combination of premier access, a club pass, and a ticket.
10:25 am
we can rebundle that into a price very attractive to customers. >> so wolf, having had a difficult merger with continental, what i now see from jeff smisek and united they've got the bit between the teeth and they're now determined. they see delta snapping around, had see american on the horizon. this is their plan to at least stay as competitive as they can be. >> all right, richard, thanks very much. richard quest reporting for us. when we come back, we're going live to sanford, florida, again. this time george zimmerman waiting to be arraigned. our own jeffrey toobin will weigh what kind of prison time zimmerman could face. lots of legal questions. stay with us. i'm beth... and i'm michelle. and we own the paper cottage. it's a stationery and gifts store. anything we purchase for the paper cottage goes on our ink card. so you can manage your business expenses and access them online instantly with the game changing app from ink.
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waiting for your wrinkle cream to work? neutrogena® rapid wrinkle repair has the fastest retinol formula. to visibly reduce fine lines and wrinkles in just one week. neutrogena®. zimmerman back in a florida jail for a video arraignment that's about to begin. let me update you on what's going on. zimmerman is charged with felony aggravated assault, domestic violence, battery and criminal mischief for allegedly pointing a shotgun at his girlfriend. let's bring in our senior legal
10:30 am
analyst jeffrey toobin as we await this arraignment, felony aggravated assaul oioly pretty seriousfee. ifimmean were to be found ty of that, how long could he be in prison? but 're a long way from th. hasn't even been officially charged and today, the interesting question is going to be, will zimmerman be released on bail? that's likely to be the main topic of discussion. in court. i don't think it's an obvious answer. so this could be quite an interesting hearing coming up. >> well, explain why they're doing it via video. he's in the jail. usually an aarraignment you would bring the defendant into the courtroom to appear before the judge. why via video? >> more and more jurisdictions are actually doing video arraignments. there tending to be a lot of arraignments during a day. moving prisoners is very time
10:31 am
consuming, very expense sieve. and these hearings often are very short. so in many jurisdictions now, they just put the prisoner, the person who is being arraigned on a video screen. they can consult with their lawyer at another time. and do it this way. it's reallyf z a money and time-saving device. >> as you say, the question question as far as this arraignment is concerned is whether the judge will let him out on bail. he has no money. his own attorneys say he's millions of dollars in debt, legal fees involving the trayvon martin case. what do you anticipate? will they let him out on bail? will he be able to be out on bail or is he going to spend time in jail now? >> there are two questions that always come up on the issue of bail. one is, is the person a risk of flight? here, i think, zimmerman will probably be in pretty good shape. he has not left florida. he apparently lives in florida.
10:32 am
that's probably not going to keep him in prison, in jail. the bigger issue is the second question. is he a danger to the community? because here the accusation is he pointed a gun at his girlfriend. we all know he killed trayvon martin. he was acquitted of a crime in connection with that, but he did kill him. that's not in dispute. so given his record, given the fact also in september, he was involved in a domestic violence investigation that led to no charges, three other times he has been involved in traffic stops since his acquittal in the trayvon martin case. so the danger to community issue might be one the prosecutors h r a higher bail than would be otherwise called for in a case like this. it's not clear, as you say, what money he has or who might put money up for him to get him out
10:33 am
of jail tonight. >> what's also interesting is that this he said, she said aspect of these 911 calls. alina muchado at the top of the hour played some of those calls. the girlfriend, now the ex-girlfriend saying he was out of control. he then made a separate 911 call. he said to get his side of the story out there. is this one of those he said, she said allegation stories, or i assume the police, if they're going forward with these serious charges, felony charges, they have more evidence to back up her side of what happened supposed to his? >> well, certainly if they will proceed, if they actually do go to a trial on a felony case, they will need a lot more thorough investigation than was possible just in the last few hours. it is true that the two 911 calls present completely different versions of what happened. but there's a lot of other evidence potentially out there. i mean, obviously one of the big
10:34 am
issues in this case will be, if it turns into a case, is the issue of the gun. the girlfriend said he pointed a gun at her. george zimmerman said he did no such thing. was the shotgun in a case? if the shotgun wered in a case and the police walked in and found it in a case, that would certainly support george zimmerman's story. if they found the gun was exposed and he could have used it, that may well support her story. that's the kind of evidence that the police are going to need to accumulate to the decide how to proceed in this case. >> i want to tell viewers what we're seeing, live pictures from the john e. polk correctional facility in sanford, florida, that's the jail. zimmerman will walk in there. you'll see him be standing at the podium. the judge will appear via video in connection with this arraignment and then we'll find out whether or not the judge will grant bail, won't grant bail, what the charges are, the
10:35 am
specifics. so we're watching this unfold. we're standing by for that. you know, earlier today, jeff, i heard you on "new day." you covered very extensively the o.j. simpson trial. he was acquitted of murder just like zimmerman. here he comes. he's walking in right now. stand by for a moment. let's see if this is about to begin. there's george zimmerman appearing at the podium in handcuffs i believe. >> mr. dowdy, should i begin? >> you can begin, your honor. we're all set. thank you, judge. >> all right. good afternoon, mr. zimmerman. i am judge schott. today we're having first appearance everybody arrested in the state of florida is entitled to see a judge the day following their arrest. the initial purpose of this hearing is to determine whether there is probably cause for the arrest itself. that means whether there are reasonable grounds to believe that a crime may have been committed and that you may have been the person who committed the crime. there are certain things that we
10:36 am
have to accomplish today. the first is to make sure you understand the reason or reasons for your arrest. the second is to make sure you receive a copy of the charging document. in your case, it will abarrest report so you and anor your attorneys can prepare for a trial of your case. the third is to make sure you clearly understand all of the rights that you are guaranteed as a citizen of this united states. first of all, you have the absolute right to have your case tried by a jury of your peers. six individuals will be chosen to decide whether you're guilty or not guilty of the offense or offenses as alleged. second, you have the right, if you do not agree with the decision of the jury, which is called a verdict, to appeal that will decision to a higher court for perhaps a better or more favorable result or outcome. third, you have the right to be represented by an attorney at all stages of the proceedings, including throughout your trial and on all of your appeals. you have the right to hire an attorney of your choice. if you cannot afford an
10:37 am
attorney, one will be provided for you by the state of florida. fourth, you have the right to remain silent, which means that your trial, if you cose to say absolutely nothing, it cannot be held against you by the jury or by any court. fifth, you have the absolute right to confront your accusers which means you or your attorney will have the right to cross-examine the state's witnesses and try and impeach their evidence so that threw cannot problem the case against you, and you have the right to bring in your own evidence and your own witnesses and if your witnesses will not come cop eventualtarily, the judge assigned to your case can force them to come through the subpoena power of the court. you also have the right to reasonable communication with your family, friends, and attorneys and if you ask to do so or have the means to do so, reasonable means will be provided for you. finally, you have the right to be presumed innocent which means you cannot be found guilty of any charge or any crime unless and until the state of florida can prove beyond and to the
10:38 am
exclusion of every reasonable doubt each element of that will charge against you. do you have a question about any of these rights, mr. zimmerman. >> no, your honor. >> do you understand all those rights? >> yes, your honor. >> okay, good. the next thing we have to accomplish is to make sure you understand when your next court proceeding is going to be. you are responsible for any information you are given here in writing today or told here today especially as it involves dates, times and places. if you do not hear appear for your next appearance, i can almost guarantee that the judge assigned to your case will issue a warrant for your arrest and you'll wind up back where you started today. the final thing we have to do today is to discuss bond and reasonable conditions of bond based upon the offenses as alleged. and so, mr. zimmerman, do you understand that the reason for your breast is that it has been alleged that there was a domestic violence-related aggravated assault with a deadly weapon and a domestic violence
10:39 am
related battery and criminal mischief? do you understand that? >> yes, your honor. >> did you receive a copy of the arrest report, sir? >> yes, your honor. >> i did, as well. i do find probable cause for all three allegations and for the arrest. i'm going to appoint the public defender's office to represent you on all three of these criminal charges, mr. zimmerman. your next court appearance will be an aarraignment with just rex seedler january 7th, 2014, at 1:30 p.m. in courtroom 18a. now we'll discuss bond and reasonable conditions can of bond. i will hear from the state first. >> your honor, thanks for the state of florida. >> okay. >> okay. well, your honor, we had the opportunity to speak with the victim in this case. she is in fear for her safety and she would like there be no contact and no return. we do have two exclusionary zones tops include 1308 topfield court, an pot ca, that's
10:40 am
topfield and also as additional address of 1010 sand lake road in altamonte springs, florida. in addition, your honor, we're requesting no possession of firearms or ammunition. and that any new address he live at also be weapon free. we're also requesting that he not be allowed to travel outside the state of florida and also to relinquish his passport. >> okay. your honor, if i could just put some other things on the record. the victim had indicated that there was a prior domestic violence incident that occurred approximately a week and a half ago that involved a choking that she did not report to the police. she is in fear for her safety on the day of the snept. they had been discussing breaking up. he also has mentioned suicide in the recent past. due to those factors and the defendant indicating at the time
10:41 am
he was threatening to commit suicide he had nothing to lose, we feel the victim's safety and the community's safety is the of paramount concern. at this time, the state is requesting $50,000 bond to ensure his return to court. >> okay. well, i'm not going to go anywhere near that, but mr. dowdy, would you like to make some argument on behalf of your client? >> yes, sir, mr. mccarol would like to address the court. >> good afternoon, judge. regarding the issue of bond, our client doesn't have an opposition to some of the other conditions mentioned of the no return to the address, no weapons, and not have any contact with this particular person. judge, pursuant to the bond schedule of the keep the, mr. zimmerman's bond should it be set at $4900. he is a long-time central florida resident. he does not have any prior criminal quicks and has significant ties to the community. mr. zimmerman would have some locations in the central florida
10:42 am
area where he would be able to stay at. that does not involve having any contact with that particular person. so our client is asking for a $4900 bond in this matter. >> all right. mr. zimmerman, do you still have nel personal possessions? because i read the arrest report. it seemed like you were getting ready to move out of the topfield court address in apopka. do you still have any possessions there. >> yes, sir. >> here's what we're going to do. i'm going to set the bond in this case at $9,000, which is $8900 on the aggravated assault and $50 for each of the misdemeanors for a total of $9,000 with numerous special conditions. the first is, that you cannot return to 130 -- [ bleep ] -- [ muted ] any personal possessions you may need or want but you will have to have law enforcement accompany you there. >> yes, sir. >> you cannot go to [ muted ]
10:43 am
samantha shiby scheibe. in case you weren't an aware, no contact means not by person, not by phone, not by mail, not by fax, blog, tweet through facebook, no contact at all. next, no possession of any weapons or ammunition while you're out on bond. that's in part for her safety and in part for your own safety it may seem like. and i am going to order the impact monitoring device to keep you away from her and away from those particular locations just to make sure there aren't any further altercations between the two of you. as far as the passport, did you ever get your passport back after the last trial? >> i'm not sure, your honor. my former attorney may have it. >> okay. i'm not going to worry too much about your passport but i will put out as a condition no traveling outside of the state
10:44 am
of florida while you're out on bond. and those are the special conditions that i believe to be reasonable and i think that's a reasonable amount based upon the additional allegation of a previous unreported potentially battery by strangulation. that's the reason for the increase in the bond amount. i'm not increasing your bond because of anything that's happened in the past. as far as i'm concerned, this is a brand-new case. >> yes, sir. >> so. >> thank you, judge. >> we'll go with the increased bond. those special conditions and the judge will see you back january 7th, 2014. we did take your case first in order to accommodate the folks in the press who i want to be able to get out of there in a timely fashion. madame state attorney, anything else you'd like to add? >> yes, we were requesting if you can maryland phi the return of law enforcement and if you could indicate a third party actually go to the residence to retrieve the belongings instead of him going to the residence with law enforcement, that would ensure more safety for the
10:45 am
victim. >> well, that would be wise anyway because i think one of the things that might still be there is a weapon or ammunition. so it's better if it's not in mr. zimmerman's possession at all. you'll have to have a third party go to the residence with law enforcement in order to get your perm possessions that may remain there. anything else you'd like to add? >> no, thank you, your honor. >> regarding that condition, mr. zimmerman would prefer to go there will himself. obviously he would be accompanied with several law enforcement officers. he would not be touching any of the weapons or the ammunition. i'm not sure that there is another person in this area that can accompany him to retrieve some of his personal belongings. so he is asking the court if he would be allowed to go there himself. >> no, i think it's best that somebody else goes there. i really do. this is a volatile situation potentially. i'm going to leave that as a reasonable condition of bond. >> and judge, excuse me. i'm sorry. regarding the impact monitor, the court took notice that he is
10:46 am
indigent. we're asking the court to reduce or waive the cost of that device. >> i'll waive the cost. >> everything that you, judge. >> thank you, your honor. the exclusionary zone to be clear was how many feet? >> 1500 feet. >> thank you, your honor. >> thank you. >> we'll see you back january 7th, 2014, mr. zimmerman. best of luck to you. >> thank you. >> we're going to take a recess to accommodate. >> there you have it. george zimmerman is going to be released on bond, $9,000 bond. a bunch of other requirements, including no possession of any weapons and staying away from the addresses where he allegedly committed these two crimes that he's accused of at felony aggravate the assault in connection with allegations that he tried to beat up his girlfriend. now his former girlfriend and also twos misdemeanors, domestic violence battery, criminal mischief. quickly to jeffrey toobin.
10:47 am
jeffrey, what do you think? were you surprised he's going to be released on $9,000 bond? >> not really. it seemed like a reasonable resolution. i thought there was one very news worthy development in this hearing which is that the alleged victim in this case has now alleged a separate instance of domestic violence, an apparent attempted strangulation a week or so ago which suggests that the police may investigate that, as well. if they find evidence for it, that they may add that charge to it. so this is still, as we've been discussing a very early stage of this investigation. there could be more charges. there could be no charges ultimately. but we'll certainly know by the first week in january how the case is proceeding. case is proceeding. >> jeffrey, hold on for a
10:48 am
10:49 am
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10:51 am
gaz george zimmerman's attorney speaking to media right now. let's listen in. >> it seems like every time that he has a crisscross with a law enforcement officer, there's a weapon involved. >> well there, seems to be a pattern. as of yesterday, the sheriffs office removed all the weapons. that's not a concern at this point. >> which weapons were taken out of the home? >> i'm not sure. >> so why were they talking about him returning to the home and possible other weapons being in there? >> that would be an incorrect statement. the sheriffs office removed all
10:52 am
the weapons from their house. he wants to go back just to get his personal belongings. that's all. >> he feels he's in danger and needs to have a weapon -- >> we've not had that discussion with him. i'm sorry, what? >> he feels like he's in danger. [ inaudible ] >> that's correct. >> well, mr. zimmerman has obviously had issues before with people looking for him and issues with safety and location. the places he intends to go to are in the area. obviously, we can't talk about where he's going to be going, how far away or anything like that. but hopefully once he is released, he'll be at that location and be secure from anybody who wants to have any improper contact with him. >> you're saying he doesn't
10:53 am
appear to be suicidal. there has to be some level of concern. >> i can tell you i've represented thousands of people. a lot of them have mental issues in some form or fashion. part of what we do as defense attorneys is to identify and spot some of those red flags regarding mental situations. my conversation with mr. zimmerman, i didn't get the impression he was suicidal. >> since his arrest, has he had any contact with his ex-girlfriend? >> since he's been arrested, there's been no contact. >> this is a man who's had quite a few run-ins since the acquittal in july. the general public consensus is this is a loose cannon. do you think your client is a loose cannon? >> i definitely would not characterize my client as a loose cannon. he's presumed innocent on these matters. we're confident he's going to be acquitted. we just ask it go through the
10:54 am
normal channels of the process of the justice system. >> [ inaudible question ]. >> what do you think is going on here? is he having a meltdown of some sort? >> i think it's too early to say a meltdown. we'll find out. we're definitely going to talk to him in depth. >> have you had any contact with him before today? >> i met him briefly. i've mainly been representing robert in the past. i'm familiar with the family. i have a relationship with robert as an attorney/client. i briefly know george. >> the only time i've ever met him was i worked in the building at the courthouse right over there. his trial took some time. coming in the building, out of the building. i have not had a conversation with him personally up until today. he was just arrested recently. >> what was his reaction right
10:55 am
after the bond hearing? >> i think he's relieved. he knows he's going to be released. go home, try to regroup and get ready to address the charges. >> have you looked at the allegations of the strangulation? >> i have not looked at it. that was the first i heard about it. >> is his girlfriend? has she been pregnant? can you clarify? >> i can't clarify, and i do not know whether or not she is. i just don't know. >> [ inaudible question ]. >> right, right. i mean, i think any time somebody's arrested for charges, it brings a certain level of an -- anxiety and stress. my impression, he didn't appear to be a danger to himself or a danger to anybody else.
10:56 am
is this a stressful event for him? probably, as it would be for anybody here. i didn't see anything, and i don't believe he saw anything that causes immediate concerns for safety. i don't think he's going to hurt himself or anybody else. >> do you think he needs psychological counseling? do you recommend it? >> if there are issues regarding his mental state, we as his defense attorneys have an obligation to have him evaluated for those thing. in speaking with mr. zimmerman, he's very clear, he's very coherent. he understands what's going on. i'm not a psychologist. i don't have any training in psychotherapy or anything like that. whether or not he decides to seek treatment will be his choice. but that'll be a conversation we'll have to have with him later. >> are you doing anything to protect the community from him? he's had all these incidents with guns. he seems out of control. >> we as his attorneys are here to defend and help him with this
10:57 am
matter. it's law enforcement's job to address any concerns. >> there's reports that he's $2.5 million in debt. can you discuss that? >> we discussed his financial affidavit. any time someone is appointed office of the public defender, they have to fill out an affidavit, a disclosure of what they have, how much money they have coming in, and whether they have liabilities. in this situation, mr. zimmerman did have some liabilities that exceeded his income and the judge decided to appoint our office. >> how much liability does he have? >> it's on the affidavit. i haven't looked at the affidavit yet. >> is it still his intention he's just trying to get out of the there, she's the one smashing the furniture? >> at this point, i have not had that discussion with him. i reviewed the report.
10:58 am
it indicated that see their yoe you said. i cannot confirm whether or not it's true. >> did he say to you he did not have the gun -- >> all right. so there are the attorneys for george zimmerman. he's going to be able to post bond, they say, by tomorrow morning. he'll be out. the next hearing, january 7th, 2014. our coverage will continue. we'll take a quick break right now. i'll be back 5:00 p.m. eastern in "the situation room." "newsroom" will continue with brooke baldwin right after this.
10:59 am
11:00 am
here we go. great to be with you. i'm brooke baldwin. we'll take you back to the live news conference in a moment. in case you're just tuning in, let me set this up. you know his name, george zimmerman. the self-styled neighborhood watchman who was acquitted in the murder of 17-year-old trayvon martin. back in a courtroom today, and he just walked out of this seminole county courtroom not too long ago after being charged with felony aggravated assault for allegedly pointing a gun at his girlfriend. here he is in court moments ago. jail suit, cuffed, beard. i want to take you back to the news conference underway. you're going to be hearing from his attorneys. >> a lot of times things are included in police reports that don't end up being true. whether or not the sheriff has certain items in evidence is going to be developing over time. we have the same police report that you all have. we have no more greater knowledge of what the sheriff


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