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tv   The News With Shepard Smith  CNBC  December 18, 2021 4:00am-5:00am EST

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one of them worth millions. and the other? far more. [theme music] smith starts now tears on the witness stand as a former police officer tries to convince a jury she did nothing unlawful i'm shepard smith. this is "the news" on cnbc under oath >> i remember yelling "taser, taser, taser." >> emotional and in her own words. >> and then he told me i shot him. >> kim potter, the former police officer who shot and killed daunte wright, on the stand in her own defense. schools nationwide disrupted. police forced to increase patrols. all because of an alleged viral
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hoax >> it's social media if they can put it out there, it can be caught. covid hitting hard restaurants closing. nfl games postponed. now a new strategy to keep kids in the classroom what the cdc is calling for. a last-minute holiday shopping blitz millions set to hit the stores now retailers are preparing for super saturday a major vaccine setback for young kids a new probe into buy now pay later services and can spider-man save the theaters with rising covid spread >> announcer: live from cnbc, the facts. the truth. "the news" with shepard smith. good evening the situations playing out in parts of our country right now are both jarring and familiar. covid is spreading, fast and hospitalizations are rising. the virus once again disrupting everything from live performances to restaurants to schools and sports the nfl announced today it's
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postponing three games this weekend as the league deals with an outbreak among players. similar story in college hoops two of the top-ranked teams in the nation, duke and ucla, both scrapping games from their schedule in new york city another popular tourist attraction canceled. just last hour radio city announced the rockettes nixed all of their shows for the remainder of the season. the new wave of infections also taking a toll on restaurants and bars in the big city at least a dozen temporarily closed this week today the new york governor, kathy hochul, said new york state recorded its highest number of cases since the pandemic began close to 21,000. and the majority of them still the delta variant. but the cdc director warns omicron will become the most dominant strain in the u.s. in a matter of weeks. dr. rochelle walensky says it reinforces the need for more americans to get vaccinated and boosted. >> we've seen cases of omicron among those who are both vaccinated and boosted
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and we believe these cases are milder or asymptomatic because of vaccine protection. >> meantime, the white house just announced a new plan to keep kids in classrooms. the strategy allows children to stay in school even if they've been exposed to covid. here's nbc's heidi przybilla on our top story tonight. >> reporter: the white house is concerned about major disruptions to hospitals and schools due to omicron and they outlined a plan to prevent what we saw last year, which is most children learning virtually. we now have new data and updated cdc guidance showing the effectiveness of of an approach called test to stay, which involves frequent rapid testing of students at least two times per week and robust contact tracing. the idea is that with frequent testing even kids who may have been exposed do not need to quarantine as long as they test negative the second part is a partnership with teachers unions to get as many teachers boosted as possible omicron is already prompting some school closures, though,
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and this is before it truly crashes ashore here. one of the new cdc studies that the cdc director cited is based on 90 schools in lake county, illinois and it estimated that test to stay prevented more than 8,000 missed school days but some schools are already closing with a rise in covid positivity i've also interviewed school officials about test to stay, and it basically requires a lot of manpower, requiring a lot of supplies and staffing that these schools just don't have. yet they are especially vulnerable given their vaccination rates. just 18% of kids age 5 to 11 have had at least one shot 61% of those age 12 to 17 who've had a single dose. shep >> heidi hrzybyla, thank you millions of young americans still are not even eligible for the first dose today a new setback for families with kids 5 and under. pfizer reporting some disappointing data from a trial
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that could delay the shot even further. cnbc's meg tirrell covers medicine for us and science. meg, what happened here? >> yeah, shep, pfizer's been testing much lower doses of its vaccines for kids under 5. two doses of three micrograms each compared with ten micrograms each 5 through 11 and 30 for those 1 and older and adults but the company disclosed today that doesn't appear to be enough for kids age 2 to 4. the immune response they saw with two doses didn't stack up with the comparison group of teens and young adults while they did see strong results in even younger ages, 6 to 24 months, pfizer's now adding a third dose to the series to see if that can provide high levels of protection across the board. the third dose will be given at least two months after the second pfizer says if the three-dose study is successful it plans to ask the fda for clearance in the first half of 2022 that's a delay of a couple months from what many in the public health world and parents were hoping for. the company is also testing
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third doses in all other age groups up through 17 suggesting the additional dose will provide stronger protection against variants including omicron, perhaps the first steps to making this a three-dose vaccine across the board shlep? >> meg tirrell, thank you very much there's breaking news. we just got word a united states appeals court has just reinstated the white house's workplace covid-19 vaccine and testing mandate. again, that's just in from an appeals court. ahead on "the news," covid upending sports. a closer look at the disruptions inside the nfl, the nba and the nhl. kim potter broke down in tears on the witness stand today as she testified in her own defense at her manslaughter trial. the now former cop sobbed as she described shooting daunte wright during a traffic stop in the minneapolis suburb brooklyn center back in late april. she told the jury how she feared for her partner's safety and pulled her gun instead of her taser by mistake in a moment of
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chaos as she put it. she insisted she did not mean to shoot him. >> we were struggling. we were trying to keep him from driving away it just -- it just went -- chaotic. i remember yelling "taser taser ta taser. and nothing happened and then he told me i shot him >> kim potter testified she doesn't remember a lot after the shooting, including when she said this to her fellow officers >> just breathe. >> oh, my god! i'm going to go to prison! >> "i'm going to go to prison. the prosecutor questioned potter about why she thought she was going to prison. >> you knew that deadly force was unreasonable and unwarranted in this circumstance
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>> i didn't want to hurt anybody. >> you didn't want to hurt anybody. >> no. >> and that's why you said "i'm going to go to prison" >> i don't -- >> the prosecutor also pressed kim potter on how she could possibly mix up her taser and her gun, especially after receiving extensive taser training every year including just one month before that shooting nbc's shaquille brewster covering the case from the courthouse tonight >> reporter: shep, potter testified for about two hours and was incredibly emotional throughout her testimony at one point her defense team even calling for a lunch break as she struggled to recount the moments before the shooting. throughout the trial we heard her defense team argue the use of force was justified because of potter's concern that the officer on the passenger side of the vehicle was at risk of getting seriously hurt if wright drove off. potter described that fear on the stand. >> i can see sergeant johnson
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and the driver struggling over the gearshift because i can see johnson's hand and then i can see his face he had a look of fear on his face it's nothing i'd seen before >> reporter: but under cross-examination potter said she never intended to use deadly force, and prosecutors questioned the level of threat that she believed wright posed >> you never saw a weapon on mr. wright, did you? >> no. >> you never saw a gun >> no. >> he never threw a punch? right? >> no. >> never kicked anyone >> no. >> never said "i'm going to kill you" >> no. >> never said "i'm going to shoot you" >> no. >> never said there's a gun in the car and i'm coming after you? >> no. >> prosecutors also highlighting that she never made any attempt to render aid and never communicated the mistake that she says she ultimately made now, her testimony came after defense called witnesses who testified that she was peaceful
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and that she had a good reputation in the department but she was the final defense witness. in will be no rebuttal witnesses from the prosecution meaning closing arguments are slated for monday. shep >> shaq brewster from minneapolis. schools across the country today stepped up security. some even canceled classes after reports of a vague threat on social media it called for a national day of school shootings school officials say some of the postsappeared on tiktok. but police from coast to coast say they didn't find any actual credible threats they did, however, make a handful of arrests here's cnbc's perry russom >> reporter: today police arresting a high school student north of miami, accused of bringing a loaded gun to class in fort myers, florida four students arrested including a 13-year-old after police say they made school threats on social media in rapid city, south dakota classes canceled >> we knew that for the past
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several days there was the potential for some social media threats that were out there. this tiktok challenge. >> reporter: schools across the country on alert, citing a trend of violent threats on tiktok but a spokesperson for tiktok says they have not found evidence of threats starting or spreading on their platform, adding "we are deeply concerned that the pro of liveration of local media reports on an alleged trend that has not been found on the platform could end up inspiring real world harm." tiktok's use among teens is growing. more than 60% of kids between the ages of 12 and 17 have an account. last year that number was 50%. the fear of violence comes 2 1/2 weeks after the school shooting in michigan. and days after the ninth anniversary of the shooting at sandy hook elementary. today outside of philadelphia police not taking any chances. >> i think it's incumbent upon families and school officials to help them understand that something that they might mimic
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from a tiktok challenge or something they might mimic from social media can have really grave consequences >> they're going to get caught it's social media. if they can put it out there, it can be caught. >> reporter: just a few months ago tiktok was getting some heat for a challenge where kids would break stuff, steal stuff at school and then post it online tiktok removed those videos from its platform, saying it violated community standards. shep >> the news's perry russom thank you. it was supposed to be a multibillion-dollar deal the money coming from the sackler family the owners of purdue pharma. but a judge overturned that deal so what happens now? we'll ask one of the attorneys general who fought for this ruling live with us next the defense rests in the ghislaine maxwell trial but not before maxwell makes a key decision why she said she decided not to take the stand and tiger woods back on the course competing for the first time since his high-speed crash. but the spotlight not just on
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him. tonight how his 12-year-old stole the show >> announcer: the facts. >> announcer: the facts. e wstruth. this is called momentum. and there's no off-season. just work that builds on itself over and over and over again... becuase the only way is through. ♪♪ ♪ and have yourself a merry little christmas now. ♪
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celebrate the season together with a holiday gift from pandora jewelry. the family behind the company that makes oxycontin will not get immunity from lawsuits over the opioid pandemic a federal judge in new york overturned a bankruptcy deal that shielded the sackler family from civil claims. the judge said the provision that granted them immunity was inconsistent with the u.s. bankruptcy code. that goes against a september ruling a u.s. bankruptcy judge had approved a deal that would have seen the sackler family pay $4.5 billion to the states and in return they'd get sweeping immunity from civil cases. the sacklers own purdue pharma which makes the highly addictive opioid oxy koint the family and the company have faced lawsuit after lawsuit, accusing them of fueling the nation's drug crisis the opioid epidemic has killed
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roughly half a million americans over the last two decades, according to the cdc the sackler family has denied any wrongdoing bob ferguson is here he's the attorney general for the state of washington. mr. attorney general, thank you. you're one of only a handful of a.g.s who fought this ruling why? >> well, it's fairly straightforward, shepard in the united states there cannot be two forms of justice, a form of justice for all of your viewers and a different form of justice for billionaires like the sackler family. keep in mind they're not going through bankruptcy they're billionaires they're wealthy. but they crafted onto this bankruptcy plan in order to get that legal shield for life that they would essentially buy and that's not right we can't have two forms of justice in our country >> new york's attorney general had argued that even though it wasn't a perfect deal it would at least deliver funds and end delays what's your response to that isn't the money needed now >> the money is most certainly needed now my view is the sacklers need to pay more they did not dispute at trial,
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the bankruptcy court, that they will be wealthier at the end of making payments over ten years under the proposed bankruptcy plan than they are right now they're that wealthy so from my standpoint they simply have not put enough money in to do right for all the harm that they caused >> the appeals are coming, obviously. it will drag on. how long of a legal battle do you expect is it something the supreme court might have to decide >> i think you can absolutely expect this case to go all the way to the united states supreme court, and frankly, shepard, i think we're going to win >> sir, good luck. and thank you for your time tonight. major sports leagues in a bit of chaos after covid outbreaks hit teams hard how bad is the spread and what are the leagues doing in response and tiger woods. he nearly lost his leg ten months ago today he played a round of golf with his son the golf
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where's mom? she said she would be home in time for the show. don't worry, sweetie. she promised she'd be here for it. ooh! nice shot! thanks! glad we have xfinity, with wifi speed faster than a gig! me too! woah, look! mom is on tv! she's amazing! (cheers) xfinity brought us together, after all! power your whole home this holiday with wifi speeds faster than a gig. click, call, or visit a store today. sing 2 covid crisis on the gridiron as we reported earlier, the nfl
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was postponing games for the first time this season due to covid outbreaks. the las vegas raiders and cleveland browns, they were set to kick off tomorrow instead they're rescheduled to play on monday the league also moved two sunday games, seahawks and rams and the washington football team and the philadelphia eagles. both games now scheduled to kick off on tuesday, 7:00 eastern this comes as the nfl tightens its covid rules in response to the surge of infections starting this week. everyone must wear masks indoors, even if they're vaccinated and boosted team meetings will have to be remote or outdoors the league also banning in-person group meals. and there will be a limit on the number of people even in the weight room. the nba also reimposing covid rules. everybody will need to wear masks in almost all circumstances except for players on the court and coaches on the bench. the league's also to increase testing through the holiday season this rise of infection also hitting the ice. nhl postponing a number of games in the u.s. and canada through christmas. and using stricter protocols
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through at least the end of -- or at least through the new year it's not all bad news in sports, though tiger woods teeing up with his son today at an exhibition tournament in orlando. it's his first competitive round of golf since that high-speed car crash near los angeles earlier this year. ♪ >> and that was the first swing. first hole >> but he hit it in the rough. not a great start to the round but the 15-time major winner of this game, take a look at this shot on the 2nd hole as you will see, his short game pretty well on point i have never done that and his son charlie a chip off the old block. the 12-year-old hitting a beauty on 11. like father. wow. good lord. this comes two weeks after tiger acknowledged his days as a full-time professional golfer are over he says he's still in pain and still recovering from the crash that shattered his right leg tiger revealed his injury was so bad his doctors considered
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amputating his leg todd lewis is here, anchor and reporter at the golf channel todd, you saw tiger play today how did he look? how'd it feel? >> better than expected in my opinion. he had actually more speed through his golf swing than i anticipated -- >> he said he didn't, though he complained about it but i heard he hit a 330 our own sam brock reports he hit a 330 drive. that's not small >> well, no. he hit a shot that i witnessed about 325. tiger's very good at kind of hustling us and lowering our expectations and all of a sudden going out there and playing like tiger eventually he's not there yet but in regards to his golf swing it looked really, really good today. his hands looked really good when i say his hands, i'm talking about his wedge game, his putting. but off the tee i thought he had a pretty decent amount of speed. and i think he's on a good path it to return to the world stage. >> and what about charlie, the
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12-year-old? is he on a path too? is he a future pga-er? >> he's an accomplished young player at the age of 12 he's going to be playing this golf course at 6,000 yards his dad and the other pga tour professionals in the field will be playing at about 7,100 yards. he doesn't hit it 300 yards, but at the age of 12 he's about 240 yards. and just like his dad, great hands. good wedge game. nice on the greens he's got a chance to be one of those rare players that follows a pga tour player onto the pga tour but of course his dad casts a long shadow. >> tiger says he aims to make his official pro return next year at the open if he does, i mean, would that be to you the greatest comeback of all time? >> it it definitely would be up there, shepard it's phenomenal. if you consider how damaged his right leg is and how much it's needed in the golf swing
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look, people are going to watch him this weekend and see him hit some great shots, just get excited like oh, maybe he could play at torrey pines, which he normally -- or maybe he could play the masters at augusta national he still cannot walk 72 holes. he said today he can't walk on a flat golf course like here at the ritzcarlton orlando. so getting on a course with lots of elevation like augusta national, it's going to be very, very challenging for him the walking is the big issue the golf swing looks pretty good right now. >> and is the thinking that the walking will improve, or is it just so messed up that this is how it is? >> no, it will improve but he's going to have to manage some pain. his right ankle was essentially shattered. there's a lot of metal in that right ankle. and those bones will heal. but talking to orthopedic surgeons, especially in the sporting world, because it's the ankle and you have so many joints there, you're going to deal with a lot of arthritic pain especially a guy at the age tiger is that's closer to 50
4:24 am
than he is 40. it's going to be an issue for him. but look, i've made the mick of counting him out a long time ago. several times. and i'm not going to count him out again. >> i don't blame you todd lewis from the golf channel. thanks so much buy now, pay later it's booming except there may be a problem. why federal regulators are investigating the programs the largest bank in america just hit with a $200 million fine why the company's employees, what they allegedly did that got them in so much trouble. and the jury in the ghislaine maxwell trial one step closer to deliberating the defense resting its case who jurors heard from and who they didn't. as we approach the bottom of the hour and the top of the news on a friday on cnbc ♪ ♪ ♪
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buy now, pay later we've reported the program some online shoppers use when they check out is booming it lets people pay for their items over several-month installments kind of like the old layaway plan the program has exploded in popularity, especially among young americans. according to cornerstone advisers the percentage of gen z-ers using buy now, pay later programs has grown sixfold from 6% in 2019 to 36% this year but now a consumer watchdog is taking aim at the program.
4:27 am
cnbc's kate rooney now kate, why is that? >> shep, the consumer financial protection bureau has some concerns about the rising popularity of these loans. the cfpb, as it's also called, is especially worried about shoppers racking up debt through these plans. a lack of regulatory disclosures. and how companies are using customer data. this week the agency opening an inquiry around five of the biggest names in the space clarna, afterpay, paypal and zip all say they are cooperating it comes amid rising costs and inflation with consumers looking to stretch their dollars further this holiday season and maybe put that bill off a little bit longer without paying interest while most of these companies offer short-term interest-free plans, there are longer-term plans that do come with a monthly rate the cfpb has warned that some of these charge hefty late fees as well and could even hand your debt over to collectors. many of these platforms don't
4:28 am
report payment history at all and don't build credit either. consumer advocates warn -- they warn buyers of retailers pushing these types of interest-free loans to encourage more spending >> i feel like if i don't have to pay for the full cost of the item today i can afford to buy something more expensive and so retailers like this product and they are promoting it along with the buy now, pay later companies. but that binge of shopping may not be a good thing in the long run for the market as a whole. >> that spending can also result in buyer's remorse one study shows 57% of users regretting a purchase because the item was too expensive another shows a third of bnpl users reporting falling behind on at least one payment. still buy now, pay later companies like affirm argue their loans can be safer than even using a credit card and their credit scoring is more accurate with lower default rates because they use alternative data instead of a fico score shep >> kate rooney, thank you.
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america's largest bank slapped with a huge penalty. and that's what's topping cnbc "on the money. jpmorgan chase hit with a $200 million fine the reason federal regulators say the bank failed to track work-related communications on itsemployees personal devices staff members of its securities division discussed company business over text and e-mail, bypassing strict records-keeping laws unapproved communications date back to at least 2015. federal law requires financial firms to keep detailed records of electronic messages a ten-week workers' strike may be coming to an end. kellogg says it's reached a tentative agreement with the union representing 1,400 striking employees at its breakfast cereal plants. a vote on the new contract expected this sunday they should get the results early next week. that paving the way for a possible return to work after christmas. and michael jordan still
4:30 am
setting records. a ticket stub from his nba debut back in 1984 just sold for $264,000 it breaks the record for the most expensive collectible sports ticket ever sold. more than 13,000 ticket holders were in chicago that night but only one ticket was in the best grade and condition to cash in for that price. on wall street a volatile week comes to an end the dow down 532 its worst performance of the month. the s&p down 48. the nasdaq down 11 i'm shepard smith on cnbc. it's the bottom of the hour. time for the top of the news time's almost up for buying gifts, as we hit the last weekend before christmas how to avoid the crowd on one of the busiest shopping days of the year brinksmanship on the border between russia and ukraine as the kremlin puts out a list of demands to the u.s. and nato
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the state department calls it unacceptable but first a decision on whether ghislaine maxwell will take the stand the answer revealed in court maxwell says she will not testify in her criminal sex trafficking trial. the ex-girlfriend and long-time associate of a convicted sex offender, the late jeffrey epstein, made the announcement herself as her trial winds down in new york. ghislaine maxwell is accused of recruiting underaged girls and grooming them for epstein to sexually abuse she pleaded not guilty authorities say epstein killed himself in prison two years ago. maxwell's lawyers say she's being used as a scapegoat for accusations against him. the defense rested their case today, setting the stage for closing arguments to start on monday cnbc's valerie castro live outside the courthouse in manhattan. valerie? >> reporter: shep, maxwell was given about an hour to decide if she wanted to take the stand in her own defense. she eventually stood up and told the judge "your honor, the
4:32 am
government has not proved its case beyond a reasonable doubt and so there's no reason for me to testify." the defense wrapped up its portion of the case this afternoon after calling witnesses over the last two days today one of those witnesses included one of jeffrey epstein's former girl frerngsds ava dubin, who remained a long-time friend she testified she never saw epstein engage in inappropriate conduct with a minor the defense has repeatedly called into question the memories of the four alleged victims in this case and yesterday they called a memory expert to the stand she testified that memories can be fragile and that they can be manipulated. in cross-examination the prosecution pointed out that out of the 150 criminal cases that this expert has testified all but one have been for the side of the defense other witnesses included former employees who say maxwell was demanding but well respected and never saw any inappropriate contact between her and any minors earlier today the defense told
4:33 am
the judge they were also planning to call another witness who was coming in from london but wouldn't arrive until monday but by the end of the day they decided to rest their case and forgo that extra testimony closing arguments should begin sometime on monday shep >> valerie castro, thank you the "sex and the city" star chris noth accused of sexual assault by two women they tell the "hollywood reporter" the incidents took place separately in 2004 and 2015 they say the new reboot of that tv show triggered painful memories of the incident the 67-year-old actor denies the accusations and claims both encounters were consensual here's nbc's stephanie gosk. >> reporter: two women using pseudonyms to keep their identities private separately accuse actor chris noth of sexual assault, according to the "hollywood reporter. allegations noth says are categorically false. a woman using the name zoe says she met noth through her job in l.a. in the early 2000s when she was 22 he invited her to the pool at his apartment building zoe went with a friend according
4:34 am
to the article but while alone inside noth forced her to have sex, telling the magazine "it was very papp painful and i yelled out stop. that same day she says she told medical staff and police what happened i had two stitches two police officers came i wouldn't say who it was, she said, fearing retaliation. two years later according to the magazine zoe sought counseling at the ucla rape crisis center the second incident allegedly took place just over a decade later. lily says noth met her at the nightclub where she worked she was 25 and he was 60 starstruck, she says she went out with him one night and ended up in his new york city apartment, where noth tried kissing her. he kept trying and trying and trying "and i should have said no more firmly and left. she says he forced her to perform oral sex, adding she felt awful and totally violated. according to texts "the hollywood reporter" says it
4:35 am
reviewed between lily and noth he wrote to her a week later, "by the way, i have to ask, did you enjoy our night last week? i thought it was a lot of fun but i wasn't quite sure how you felt." lily responding in part that she felt slightly used and avoided his attempts to meet again nbc news has not verified the text messages or spoken to zoe and lily about their accounts. chris noth denying the allegations, telling nbc news in a statement, "these stories could have been from 30 years ago or 30 days ago no always means no that is a line i did not cross the encounters were consensual." adding "it's difficult not to question the timing of these stories coming out." >> thank you for joining me for this -- >> noth has been in the spotlight for renewing his role as mr. big in "and just like that." his character dying after riding a peloton bike >> john! >> should we take another ride >> the exercise company released a viral commercial responding but has now pulled the ad. for "the news" i'm stenphanie
4:36 am
gosk the jury is now set to get the case in the trial of elizabeth holmes closing arguments just wrapped up a short time ago. the jurors are set to decide whether the once celebrated ceo of theranos defrauded investors and lied to them about her company's supposedly revolutionary blood testing technology cnbc's scott cohn has been covering the trial from the start. he's live outside the courthouse in san jose. scott? >> reporter: shep, at this moment u.s. district judge edward davila is wrapping up his final instructions to the jury this is a crucial if often overlooked phase of the case where he tells them how to frame the things that they've heard over the last 13 weeks of testimony and a couple of days of closing arguments it will then be up to a jury of eight men and four women from in and around silicon valley to decide whether the toast of silicon valley was in fact a fraud. the case and the fate of elizabeth holmes will be in their hands shortly. it could be as soon as this
4:37 am
evening, but not before they heard from her defense attorney, kevin downey, who for three hours today hammered on the theme that holmes had no intent to defraud, that's an essential element of the crime on the contrary, he said, "she believed she was building a technology that would change the world. so much so that she never sold a single share of stock i will it the bitter end." the investors who plunged nearly a billion dollars into the startup knew the risks they were taking, downey said sxrkt evidence of botched theranos testing he said that was all an eck detal. but in rebuttal assistant u.s. attorney john bostic said holmes deliberately painted a false picture of the company to investors and patients because she was desperate for theranos to succeed, willing to do anything the disease that plagued theranos wasn't a lack of effort, it was a lack of honesty, bostic offered. that started at the top. the top being elizabeth holmes so judge edward davila, as i said, is instructing the jury. he is probably about 2/3 of the way through that and what we don't know yet is
4:38 am
whether he will have the jury startdeliberating tonight. it's going on 5:00 p.m. pacific time here. so we'll see whether they get it tonight. or they start up on monday they have a lot to go through. and shep, one of the things that we were looking for in these instructions was how the judge would instruct them on that issue of of intent the government clearly wanted a more broad view of what that constitutes. and in many ways, not in all ways but in many ways the judge did decide with the government in that very crucial instruction. >> scott, once the jury does get this case what's the buzz about how long this may take there's a lot there. >> there is a lot there. and that's one reason why it may be days as opposed to hours. remember, there were 13 weeks of testimony. 32 witnesses hundreds of exhibits and this jury hasn't had a chance to speak to each other and actually deliberate until they actually get the case so they're going to want to go through that we know that takes some time
4:39 am
and decide where they all stand. it could be quick, but it it could be days. on the other side of the coin, next week is a holiday week. they only have three days. and jurors often like to get things done, finished before a long holiday >> indeed they do. scott cohn at the courthouse thank you. roger stone showed up for his deposition with the january 6th committee today, but he refused to answer any questions. instead the long-time trump ally and political operative for decades pleaded the fifth. after the deposition roger stone insisted he did nothing wrong. he claimed he pleaded the fifth to prevent democrats from, as he put it, fabricating perjury charges against him. >> i was not at the capitol. and any claim, assertion or even implication that i knew about or was involved in any way whatsoever with the illegal and politically counterproductive activities of january 6th is
4:40 am
categorically false. >> well, the january 6th committee says roger stone was in washington on january the 5th and 6th, that he had been invited to lead a march to the capitol, and that he had promoted his attendance at the rallies and solicited support to pay for security roger stone says his activities leading up to the insurrection fall under constitutionally protected free speech and the right to free assembly with tens of thousands of combat troops massed on ukraine's border, russia is laying out some tough demands for the united states and nato they include rolling back the u.s. and nato alliance military presence in eastern europe and central asia the kremlin also is demanding nato deny membership to ukraine and other former soviet states nato officials immediately rejected the proposal, or the demands, if you will a senior state department official told reporters that some of the demands are unacceptable but that the u.s. is still open to discussion. meanwhile, the ukrainian military has been running drills
4:41 am
near the border to prepare for a possible invasion. this is video of a ukrainian web designer who volunteered to become a military reservist learning how to ambush a tank with a grenade he says he never expected to volunteer to fight for ukraine a major political blow for the british prime minister boris johnson. this has been building his conservative party just lost control of a parliamentary seat that they've controlled for nearly 200 years in her victory speech the newly elected liberal lawmaker sent a clear message to the conservative prime minister. >> tonight the people of -- have spoken on behalf of the british people they said loudly and clearly boris johnson, the party is over our country's crying out for leadership mr. johnson, you are no leader >> prime minister johnson says he's taking personal responsibility for that shocking defeat it comes as he he faces several scandals, including reports that his staff held parties last christmas while england was in
4:42 am
lockdown a conservative party member warned him that he has one more strike left before he's out. prime minister johnson still maintains a large majority of seats in the parliament. the next nationwide election scheduled for 2024 the european union's drug regulator has rejected a new treatment for alzheimer's. the medicine, made by biogen, it's already faced a lot of controversy. remember, the fda approved this drug for use in the united states back in june, but even then the medical community was divided about whether the data shows the drug actually works. today the european medicines agency announced the drug does not appear to be effective at treating adults with early stage alzheimer's. the regulator says that the studies also raised concerns about the medicine's safety. they say brain scans of patients suggested abnormal swelling or bleeding essentially, the agency determined that the risks of this alzheimer's drug do not
4:43 am
outweigh the benefits. officials at biogen say they plan to ask the eu panel to re-examine its decision. first came black friday. then it was cyber monday now bring on super saturday. the countdown to christmas continues. and even though a lot of people shopped and shipped early, retailers are still expecting a lot of action. james bond wasn't able to save the box office. so how about spider-man? the friendly neighborhood superhero swinging into thears but
4:44 am
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christmas eve a week from tonight. chances of getting gifts shipped in that time quickly slipping away but last-minute shoppers still have options tomorrow the retailers call super saturday the final big slopping blitz before the season ends analysts say it's the second busiest day for stores all year. so what are the retailers expecting? here's cnbc's courtney ragan
4:46 am
>> reporter: 148 million americans plan to shop tomorrow on super saturday. that's a slight drop from last year but up from 2019 before the pandemic hit a record number of americans shopped early this year. many worried about shortages from the supply chain congestion and on-time delivery 42% will buy their last gift before tomorrow. >> i got most of it done early, most of it online. but now i get the little things for the little guys. >> i spent about 12 hours shopping yesterday i like christmas very much so i like the long lines and i like going shopping. >> reporter: standard shipping deadlines in time for christmas have already passed for a number of big retailers, including lowe's, nike, nordstrom, along with usps and fedex non-expedited shipping options still, 41% of super saturday shoppers say they'll shop online and in store many will use both together, buy in line and pick up in store, curbside or order online but use a delivery service like instacart or door dash
4:47 am
target-owned shipped also delivers for 120 other retailers from grocery and drugstores to large retailers like bed, bath q. & beyond and best buy in 5,000 u.s. cities. >> it gets kind of hectic especially when you're looking for a hot item that everybody's looking for. >> we see the back half of december, our daily orders that we deliver are double what we see the first half >> reporter: so far this holiday season curbside accounts for 21% of all online orders for retailers that have the option it's expected to peak at 40% or more on december 22nd and 23rd according to adobe's digital index. but if omicron cases worsen, curbside pickup could skyrocket further. for the news i'm courtney reagan in new york. millions of americans may be out shopping tomorrow, but with covid cases surging will they be headed to the movies too if box office estimates are any indication, the answer's yes thanks to "spider-man: no way home." that movie expected to take in as much as $150 million in the
4:48 am
opening weekend. and if the previews from last night and presales are any indication, covid is not stopping people from watching the web slinger. cnbc's julia boorstin live with the box office breakdown hi, julia. >> well, shep, sony's "spider-man: no way home" has already grossed $50 million at the domestic box office. that was yesterday and that's the third highest preview gross of all time. theater chain cinemark said it was their best opening night ever even before the pandemic. this performance follows rave reviews. the film has a 95% positive rating on rotten tomatoes. and this opening puts it on track to gross as much as $200 million opening weekend. that would put it right behind "black panther" and in the top ten openings ever. internationally the film's already brought in 114 million in two days, breaking records in some key markets now, this strong opening is actually less of a surprise because the film presold so many tickets. so the question is how muc
4:49 am
omicron fears impact the box office over the course of the weekend and over the rest of this crucial holiday season. this does come as denmark shuts down its theaters for four weeks. and just yesterday universal pictures, our sister company, announced that it was delaying one of its films, "black phone," that was set for february 4th, delaying until june. and in parts of canada theaters are starting to put capacity restrictions in place at 50% so shep, we'll have to see how all of these factors impact ticket sales over the weekend. >> julia boorstin, enjoy yours thank you. the labor shortage hitting companies across the country many are offering new incentives and perks to lure in employees but some are trying a different strategy to entice the younger workforce by getting creative with crypto. here's cnbc's sharon epperson. >> reporter: stephen gerus has a gig persuading people to download an app that ranks sports oddsmakers. one of the main reasons the college senior took this job as a campus brand manager was the
4:50 am
option to be paid in cryptocurrency >> it was a pretty enticing part of the deal. coming to work for sharprank i think crypto's a very exciting thing that's going on right now and it's very fun to be a part of >> reporter: crypto is a way to get paid but for gerrit's employer it's also a way to make the startup stand out and help recruit young talent >> this really stood out to us as an opportunity to differentiate ourselves and become sort of a market leader with respect to how these kids are getting communicated to from a brand ambassador standpoint. >> reporter: fluctuations in cryptocurrencies make it an exciting though potentially risky ride bitcoin this year has been valued at less than $30,000 and over $67,000 in real dollars, if you got paid $670 in early november and kept it in bitcoin, a month later it was worth about $500
4:51 am
but some people like artist tiana brown are willing to take that risk to get a foothold in the crypto economy brown paints acrylic on canvas and also sends her works as non-fungible tokens, or nfts >> it's almost like licensing. so every time someone uses your art you gain a percentage. so your art can potentially go up in value the more that it's used, the more that it's shared, and the more that people purchase it. >> reporter: brown hopes crypto will help take the word starving out of the description of artist >> i feel like this is an opportunity for artists to put more value into their art and for investors to acknowledge their art as something that has value. >> reporter: and paying your income tax can be complicated if you're paid in crypto. the irs requires employees to report total wages in dollars based on the value of the virtual currency on the day that you received it. regardless of whether it it goes higher or lower over time. shep >> thanks, sharon.
4:52 am
companies are reconsidering their return to office plans some pausing them. others forging ahead but what about the office holiday party? is it done for about or might it make a comeback? and vandalizing and burning decorative christmas goats why,
4:53 am
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this is called momentum. and there's no off-season. just work that builds on itself over and over and over again... becuase the only way is through. >> narrator: this is an "american greed" special presentation -- "madoff behind bars." >> what do you have to say to the public, to your investors? >> narrator: bernard madoff masterminds the biggest ponzi scheme in american history. >> are you sorry for what you did? >> i would say he is the charles manson of the investment world. >> narrator: once living in the lap of luxury, now this is what he calls home. but bernie madoff isn't going away quietly. >> bernie, in a loud voice, said, "[bleep] my victims." >> narrator: what is life really like for bernie madoff behind bars? >> every time i saw him, he had a smile on his face, you know?


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