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tv   Fast Money  CNBC  March 23, 2021 5:00pm-6:00pm EDT

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around but clearly unique aspects of pandemic non-office work as well. >> women, what needs to happen is we need to go back to work to have more of a work/life balance. >> exactly. >> the life part hasn't been there. we can't go to dinners and movies or concerts and see friends and family that's where things are getting hard. >> for sure. i feel it's okay to decline the video part of the morning call because we're on video now that's hy. lovely to see you as always. that does it for "closing bell." "fast money" starts now. >> i'm melissa lee this is "fast money" today's trader lineup guy adami -- tonight we're all over gamestop stock hitting after hour lows since the early earnings report. the company's call is under way, it is at capacity but we're on it and bring you the highlights. plus light's out at disney sending operators tumbling today. later pete taking the mound
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to take his pitch on this health care name for your portfolio we'll bring you that name. but starting with the breaking news with intel, josh lipton has the detaylors. >> so intel has is hosting the calls. it it significant. let me bring you the headlines they're announcing manufacturer expansion plans beginning with $20 billion investment to build two new fans or factories in arizona to say this will create 3,000 high-tech jobs, 3,000 construction job and 50,000 long term jobs. the ceo saying in a statement we're setting a course for new era of innovation and product leadership at intel. he says intel is the only company with the depth and breadth of software with package and process with at-scale manufacturer that customers could depend on next generation innovation two more quick bullet points, in
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this release they are reaffirming the company expectation to continue manufacturing the majority of the products internally. they give an update on 7 nanometer development they say is progressing well. and talked about expanding third party foundry capacity they expect that to grow and include manufacturing for range of module tiles and advance process technologies the headline this manufacturing expansion plan $20 billion investment for two new factories in arizona in washington lawmakers have talked about it with bipartisan support where politicians on both sides of the aisle stress the need for greater domestic chip manufacturing, not so much to alleviate the current chip shoreage but on future shortages
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and reduces the reliance on taiwan announcing expansion plans $20 billion investment to build two new factories in arizona that intel call is starting now. we'll hop on it and bring more headlines as they come. >> it doesn't entirely eliminate or reduce its reliance on outscore source -- they're going to increase outsourcing of key components so to that extent intel will still be dependent on foreign manufacturers. >> true. pat was clear on this earlier saying we will likely outsource more manufacturing he emphasized that i think on this call one key question investors and certainly analytics had was what does that road map look like hopefully we'll hop on and bring that to you.
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>> thanks, josh lipton we'll check in later on. by the way ceo pat gelsinger will be on "squawk" tomorrow at 11:00. let's trade this the stouk up after hours we've been asking if this will be the start of re-rating of intel we're seeing shares up 27% extending the lead over the stocks 2% after hours. guy adami what do you think? high expectation to be executor, meaning someone to get the job done is zbn pat gelsinger 4r50eding leading up to that? >> yes he is i think -- being uniquely positioned, amd might have something to say about that but i get it you got to be excited about your company. data center seems to have
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bottomed out you can say 13 times forward earnings with no earnings growth, maybe it's worth a shot. last week it shot up 67.5, 68, the exact tie of february last year you are playing to break out above 68, you're playing valuation, you're playing the belief they can finally get off the matt they've had their rear-ended habitateded to them by amb who has a 3 to 5 year head start with their third gen chips you are betting above 68 the stock breaks out. >> pete what do you think of the news and what questions do you have of the call under way right now? gentleman . >> yeah, i they're delivering because this is a big move with design, manufacturing, the idea of that is what makes them so unique many others don't want to do both i think it's something that's going to give them margins into
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the future it will take some time they are going to have to absolutely go outside themselves and get manufacturing done to start that catch-up process. when you look at the cash they generate guy talked about peo low and they are, and you look at the cash out there this is a company with really good opportunity in front of them. now with leadership of someone from within who really does understand all of the missteps i think that was missing in the previous leadership. i really do like what they're doing, i think pat gelsinger is putting them in a great spot i own the stock. this makes me comfortable in terms how theywill handle the manufacturer going forward in the future so they are behind but i think they can start to make up. it might take some years, a year and half or two, but i think they can catch up, mel, that will be huge for intel. >> production of the two new
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fabss in arizona, production will start in 2024 will be couple years before those operations up and running. more immediately 7 nanomeet erlast earnings call said it was progressing well those were the missteps that under scored intel's falling in terms of its ability to manufacturer well as it did in the past tim seymour, hopefully we'll get some news on that, but that seems to be a key issue still outstanding at this point. >> it is you're hearing innovation, you're hearing investment. you're hearing bale will yo youly -- basically five and seven critical this guy's an architect he's proven that with 30 years at intel already. this is about applauding washington, taking leadership in the position, it doesn't happen overnight the. the short-term, amd share loss,
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arm buy apple, lower mode them sales are not going to be terribly good, pc sales are okay valuation is interesting, meanwhile the stock is about to make all-time highs. has the market priced it in? i don't think so i think $20 billion investment, again, taking this on, not outsourcing is what we want to see from intel i will argue 465, 470 a share i wouldn't put a 13 on it i'd put a 16 or 17, that makes it a $80 stock the biggest issue is stock run 45% in 60 days something to watch. >> this move of construction two new fabs in united states checks the boxes. the active share of shareholder as well as biden administration, steve, it can't hurt
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>> it can't hurt and main questions as you said were around manufacturing, whether or not it would be in house or outsource and to guy's point it's up 27% year-to-date and day up 13% micron up 13%. and vidia is flat. so to tim's points i would be nervous maybe could see turn and with the stock price come in. >> let's hear from jared with us. memory serves me you are skeptical of the intel re-rating. that they had a lot to do. what do you make of the news so far? >> the news that was just released pretty much checks all of the boxes investors check
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for, number one, technology. they've done that. they made significant progress on ten thannanometer and seven nanometer making progress affords them a ton of optionality specific with respect to foundry. they are branding intel foundry services allows them to attack the brand new tam that they tried to in the past but didn't have the leadership to do so now you got $20 billion cap ex investment with these two fabs and as mentioned earlier you have bipartisan support in d.c. to bring back the semi-conductor manufacturing off shore because of the failure in taiwan this checks all of the boxes very bullish update from my
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standpoint. >> love you dropping morse law memory serves he's one of the founders of intel. question is, five year head start at amd, supposedly as amd's words that light years today, can intel bridge that gap? if so 12 and half 13 times is a very compelling story. >> listen at the end of the day amd is in a very good position because they're able to leverage all the investment of the taiwan semi conductor and has been a brilliant move for amd transitioning to taiwan semi for intel standpoint it's all about incremental progress it's not trading at a demanding valuation. it's half of its comfort when you see the confidence in terms of under wriepting $20 billion cap ex it clearly speaks to the progress made on seven nanometer so short answer, no,
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intel is not catching up to amd overnight or any time soon quite frankly but the fact they're making this amount of progress affords them this kind of optionality especially when potentially backed by the u.s. government given the subsidies currently discussed in d.c. >> real quick question what would be the time frame you would set out there that we should expect to see intel make that catch up. we understand how far they are behind right now it's probably debatable. but what time frame are we looking for for intel to make up what they missed out on the last couple years with amd. >> absolutely great point. you want to the see continued progress with ability to execute on morse law so ten nanometers shipping now and next proof point will be seven nanometer and majority of production will be on seven nanometer or internally by 2023. it's a long road especially for
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semi-investors between now and 2023 so you have to take intel's word for it good news is they are clearly putting their money behind their commitment with that 20 billion investment the progress over seven and ten nanometer will happen in the next 18 months and can have here -- clearly you have intel committing $20 billion to a tact foundry and they can serve customers like qual com and invidia -- >> i wonder if you could help us understand what outsourcing capabilities are, sounds like critical components will still be sent by assembler
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is this going to be enough to say, this will help alleviate this chip shortage we've seen? the supply chain issues. sounds like they could still be subject to supply chain issues. >> for sure. maybe taking that to two parts from supply chain standpoint we're seeing shortage from semis across the board over the last four weeks and has only got worse in terms of the weather in texas and fire at renaissance in japan. this will not alleviate the shortage from semi conductor standpoint especially in automative where it's acute. this is really long term investment, not talking about fabs running until 2024. so it is a long-term commitment backed by the united states. for outsourcing, it's critical that this is all about intel being more flexible, leveraging the idm 2.0 under bob swan
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they really wasn't for a more flexible and agile architecture and they're all about ensuring leveraging best of breed so can they internal their manufacturing with taiwan semi conductor it's an interesting dime antic, yes they will leverage external partners for things they don't know internally but as they get to seven nanometer they have increased confidence doing that inte internally comes with good operating leverage. >> we got to go but want your on what pat gelsinger said we see the foundry opportunity as $100 million by 2025 zraddressable market by 2025. >> $100 million from a tam
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perspective sounds small i would certainly expect that to grow larger over time as you think about foundry who are taiwan's largest customers, apple, vrks idia, qual com a large address. >> intel up 4 percent. after hour session highs how should we view the valuation of intel at this point, pete. >> well, it's extremely cheap as we're discussing and it's cheap for a reason, the fact they need to show that they can compete at amd at that level and get those kind of earnings to tim's point talking about multiples this company will at some point in time trade at 16 to 17 multiple pushing it up to the $80 or more level. there's ways intel needs to navigate these waters.
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it's very delicate when talking about using tsm to do what they want to do manufacturer-wise it seems like you're giving something away because of that i think it needs to be analyzed they need to speed up exactly how fast they can get things going from manufacturing perspective in the united states, which everybody is looking forward to. >> that intel call is under way, josh lipton will bring the upstates. gamestop stock is lower by 5%, the conference call just getting started. let's give you the details, kate. >> gamestop earnings came in slightly of weaker than expected as weighed on hardware sells but did announce a turn around plan and red it of course enthusiastic about this stock.
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it's fourth quarter earnings kicked off moments ago, it's already at capacity, fourth quarter sales did fall slightly during the holiday covid closing weighed on the video retile taylo shares are up 900% thanks to that reddit trading frenzy and short squeeze in january. there was a lot of hype going into this call and earnings report about the digital turn ryder anderson led by ryan cohen chewy founder on the board of gamestop global sales up 175% made up 34% of net sales in the quarter up 12% from a year ago, slight improvement there on digital analysts are waiting for a lot more detail on that during the call gamestop also made yet another executive announcement, bringing in former amazon executive jenna
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owens as chief operating officer, describing her as a technology veteran they will make additional hires to execute more of that transformation plan. speaking of the retail boom we also just got news from a source about robinhood is filing confidently with the s.e.c. to go public. no comment yet from robinhood. we are hearing from sources they do plan to list on the nasdaq. that company also benefiting big time from this retail boom, same thing as gamestop. >> kate, you're on the call so did you just sign up early or are certain people guaranteed slots, i'm trying to get a sense whether or not the analyst community investors will be shut out of this thing. >> our team at cnbc has it recorded and are ready to go and came through with the actual recording so we're watching through another program. there is a live stream on
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youtube on reddit wall street bets right now there was a fake link that brought you to the rick roll music videos exactly. so if you go on, you can watch on you stub as well. on youtube as well i tried to log on before the call and couldn't do it. there's only six analysts that cover this stock on wall street. we'll see if they are were able to log on. it did start later than we thought so that could be part of it >> all right i just learned what a rick rule was a week ago thanks to tim seymour. in terms of gamestop does it matter, with the miss in revenue or does it only matter that the company says what it plans to do, what ryan cohen's vision of the company is and the progress, steve grasso. >> exactly fundamentals do not matter. if you look at the momentum behind the stock the january push was up just below 500 or so, and then you had another push back
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in beginning of this month and you lost a lot of steam. so it seems like the rebellion is losing a lot of its force so they're looking for maybe a turn around story. but i think this is about momentum it was never about fundamentals. and you're starting to see the momentum fade a little bit so i'd be careful. >> i guess the question, if you're somewhere between paper hands and diamond hands, which is probably most of the people watching the show, whatever ryan cohen, and he is a retail genius, what he has done at chewy is unbelievable. whatever he does, let's say it is successful, will it justify the stock's valuation right now? guy, what do you think >> no because i don't think it's about people going in and buying xboxs or doing it online i think it's about other potential businesses in the new world we find our self in. whether nft or some form of crypto that's the vision
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last night i compared gamestop to the 70's nicknicks now it is like the 70's cosmos bringing in superstar. maybe it will work valuation can't wrap arms around it is earning story no. if you believe in the potential vision and potential outliers and risk to your favor in some of these biez businesses so i understand why people are geeked up over gamestop >> coming up astrazeneca shares summabl tum next and disney's big blow to the operators when "fast money" returns. unless you count the wolves. and all the llama milk you can drink. you know at cdw, we can design a security solution using
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it's moving day. and while her friends are doing the heavy lifting, jess is busy moving her xfinity internet and tv services. it only takes about a minute. wait, a minute? but what have you been doing for the last two hours? ...delegating? oh, good one. move your xfinity services without breaking a sweat. xfinity makes moving easy. go online to transfer your services in about a minute. get started today. welcome back to "fast money. astrazeneca shares falling more than 3% after u.s. health aggregation led by anthony fauci said the company may have included outdated information in it's covid vaccine trial bringing announcements yesterday -- and casting doubt
5:26 pm
over whether u.s. clearance next month as planned big blow astrazeneca down 3.5%. fiez errand a fiez aroun pfizer and moderna - >> biotech topped out around sfeb 8 february 8th all of the excitement a lot has to do with vaccine and astrazeneca we talk about how interesting it was but when we start to break it down, mel, you don't want to buy something on one specific premise. when you look at j&j or something like merck or pfizer on lily it's multiple different areas they're covering they obviously have pipelines, afsfter astrazeneca does as wel now i think slow and steady is the
5:27 pm
way you look at pharma and biotech. i think there's a lot of different names that have performed much better. after great company. but the focus on the vaccine is obviously what popped it up and now pulling it back. >> more broadly. got to wonder what it does to the european vaccine roll out delayed weeks before the united states yesterday there was a ugov survey showing the majority of people in italy, spain, france and germany believe the vaccine is unsafe. now this this is a region seeing new lockdowns. >> i know. and europe has been kind of a leading indicator for us over here by i don't think that's the case on the vaccine front it's a very different story, almost does seem to be political muscle flexing and a little bit of
5:28 pm
global geo politics here at least, it's not the politics, it's really ultimately, you know, which companies are trusted where and which companies have the greatest distribution where and clearly fiez errand -- fiez erran pfizer and moderna have been a home run ultimately, has this been a market story to some extent everything around astrazeneca and italy has as much to do with market trade in the last 24 than anything. >> up next what happens to stocks that bottomed a year ago today. those trades coming up and pete's winding up for fast pitch enfa meywh "ston" returns.
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welcome back to "fast money. stocks pulling back on the one year anniversary of the since the pandemic bottom but it's been a good year for investors, if you bought a year ago you're up 76% best since 1936 our next guest where on where the market is going, cnbc contributor tom lee. good to see you. >> yeah, great to see you, melissa. >> you still want to be overweight these stocks. overweight operating leverage. but within epicenter stocks which all had pretty good runs hash what you think we could buy right now.
5:32 pm
>> yes, i think the way investors will own epicenter or any stock is taking advantage of structural tail winds and capacity of surprise on the upside i had to say what are the structural tail winds, one, if interest rates are rising it's inflation airy so you want pro-inflation exposure another big deal this year we'll see ceo confidence coming back and massive way of mma take place in small u.s. and cyclical stocks to me the big opportunities are commodity plays like energy. as you know goldman is the gold standard on some of the forecasting and they're forecasting $80. oah could almost triple if that's correct i think a lot of the travel related names have great businesses whether casinos, cruises, hotels, some of the airlines, these are the names that are going to have a
5:33 pm
capacity of a really surprising upside, as you mentioned because of operating leverage. >> sir tom, i've been on the same page with you with that transition rotation, out of growth into value, and the push back you get is okay, well, value has outperformed for six months i don't think people realize that the divergence was so drastic and stark for the last 10 to 15 years what do you tell people as far as value slash growth where to put the money? >> yeah it's a great point i think one of the anchoring biases people have is for the last 20 years interest rates have fallen and therefore growth stocks have done well. someone's a portfolio manager and they're under the age of 50 they've never managed money in a rising rate environment. but if you look back from 1950 all the way to 1982, okay, so you're talking a full generation
5:34 pm
over 30 years after managing money, value stocks crushed growth year-over-year. even as the pe rose because value companies, you know, commodity sensitive asset-heavy just generated much better earnings growth because of reflation dynamic. the new growth stock will be cyclical companies post war cyclical companies become the new gro growth stock it happens in iraq in the middle east n japan after the korean war, and happened in the u.s. after the korean war this is the new it is 159d. >> >> you mentioned new growth stocked at $80 if that takes
5:35 pm
place that's potentially inflationary for me, the buzz word to scare the market, is interest a way to reconcile that higher oil but not trigger inflation fears. >> yeah, it's a great question i'm not -- you know, i don't really have a view on inflation and risk of upside for inflation. as you know, cyclicals are better hedges against that i think the fed chairman made a couple good points, when energy rises those tend to be by consumers as trans torrey effects so gas prices go up, it's not like -- as you know, 80% of all oil is consumed as transportation fuels, it's not like the average person will say oh, my gosh, gas is $4, we're in an inflationary world, i'm changing my life i any most view it as transitory and that's one reason why i
5:36 pm
think oil can get to $80 it's not going to cause the market to reprice inflation because it's not how consumers will view it >> tom, great to see you thank you. >> yeah, thanks for having me. >> tim what do you think of his prediction of massive way because of ceo confidence. >> yeah, i agree we spend time talking about the ksu, canadian pacific announce the, and if you think of some of these industries it's tactful opportunistic mma. especially for companies with balance sheets that are very strong, have been repaired, maybe even raise debt at historic lows. so i think it's a great call things to watch out for in the short int short-term i believe in the longer term trends in the rotation because of some of the things steve pointed out. you've seen such under performance for a decade here.
5:37 pm
six months doesn't mean a lot. watch the dollar 3.5% off the bottom has been very painful for some of the trades if you look at the dollar -- you have some dynamics that i think will be painful. look at the impact on oil over the last five sessions from the dollar and other factors keep an eye on that. >> coming up, we'll tell you what disney just did that has investors lowing on movie stalks plus pete najarian stepping the mound with the latest fast pitch eel tell you who he's taking a whack at much more "fast money" after this
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welcome back to "fast money. intel shares are up 5.5% we have new details from the call, josh lipton with the details. josh >> so, we're listening to the call, new ceo pat gelsinger is on there giving guidance, saying q1 will exceed the company's prior guidance citing strong notebook demand for that, guidance for the year as well, he did say 2021 will be a transitional year as we accelerate intel trajectory into
5:41 pm
the future and addressing the critical component shortage. bottom line looking at $4.55 revenue $72 billion. gross margin 67.5% -- quick reminder, pat gelsinger will be on tomorrow on cnbc 11:00. it is going to be a transitional year he could have said we'll stick by the guidance and be conservative yet he did not, guy. >> i'll take transitional year and going back to what we all said at the top 6 of the show for the first time in a long time we spent more time talking about intel than in '08 when we went to california to that 100-degree stage that's okay. the transition seems to be there. you can make an argument valuation above 68 to tim's
5:42 pm
point is a huge break out and i think you can see the vision for the first time in a long time. good for intel watch that 68 level. >> up now in after hour highs. moving on, entering the spring, pete said there's a red-hot wellness stock to recover from the winter. giddy up, take it away, pete. >> giddy up. i'm going to give you wall green boots. i think the important part about this, you look at the c suite they're loaded with nothing but legends. very recently they got a new ceo and she's wonderful. miss brewer has done an unbelievable job already as she's just stepping in, she's coming from kaleb tarczewski come from starbucks she was the coo and was ceo at sams club bringing history this is very important
5:43 pm
this stock still trades though it has ramped up since early december it is industrial trading single digits and $4 billion in cash flow the real growth is out of revenues they're going to start growing even faster now when i look at their earnings so the one thing that would get me to get off of this stock and get out of it, i own it, would be if they don't start moving that cash that they continue to buy back shares. i need that to be used now to buy back debt. they got about $40 billion in debt i'd like to see that debt come down stop buying the shares back. i think if they do that this is a company that has a lot more room to the upside >> steve has got a question for you, pete. >> hey, pete, there are some head winds though in addition to that debt that they carry, there's the fear of the opioid lawsuits, there's cost management, there's been things that have plagued stock for quite some time.
5:44 pm
i do agree with you, there's a lot of tail winds, but lawsuits can be an extreme head wind. are you worried about those? those macro ones >> i mean, those are always going to be a concern, steve, there's no doubt about that, so, yes, i've got some concerns there as well. one thing i do really like is they are getting exposed to people, let's be honest, as everybody's going for vaccines, this is one of the locations, it gives them potential to gain market share so i think that balances it out for me because i'm seeing that and hearing firsthand people going out for vaccines at various places but particularly walgreens but they say they got this and this and i never realized that. that could be a driver going forward as well. >> all right no more questions, time to vote are you buying pete's fast pitch on wba, tim seymour what do you say? >> i got my white board, don't
5:45 pm
know if guy has his, i'm a buyer. great pitch by pete. i actually bought the stock. on the ceo change. there's a lot of structural changes that haven't been discussed including exposure to digital pharma and growing in online presence and changing the business model a bit like the valuation i'm long. >> white board and dark marker, that's the homework assignment to all of you on the call. steve grasso buying or selling? >> i'm saying buying too to pick up where tim left off there's omni channel, in-store pick up, in-app, there's online, there's vaccinations as pete said, and also, basically you're going to look for all of the debt pay down that pete's going to get, this say quasi turn around story with multi levers to pull. >> guy adami what do you say >> ask you read my smart board please melissa lee
5:46 pm
>> can you lower it please >> how's that. >> brewer is the best roz since fraser # ppp interesting. >> so roz of course and fraser was tremendous and that brewer is sinsz and pete led with that. i was going to say espn. the hashtag ppp. is pete's power pitch. wba had the best january stock performance in 30 years so i'm with him on this one joker, joker and the triple. >> all right nicely done guys and nice white board and dark markers the traders have spoken it's now your turn to vote on our poll on twitter's poll on cnbc first, disney with an announcemt enon summer flicks when "fast money" returns. i got help from a pro. my financial professional explained to me
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welcome back to "fast money. grab your popcorn, movie theaters stock dropping as disney planning to release "black widow" and "cruela" both on disney plus and theaters in the same day second hand sent their stocks summabling sharply.
5:50 pm
it is pointed out on twitter that universal, warner brothers and disney shifted launch day dated home or shorter window so it could be devastating for the theaters here, tim >> look disney proved this during covid and it seemed to be a difficult decision to make at the time there are, call it, institutional reasons. but there's question that streaming releases at least in both spots, they're in control black widow can't wait i can watch it in my living room that's exactly where we're going. why a lot of the hype around the amc story is just that. >> kids might not want to wait for cruela but still, steve, disney's in control here >> disney's definitely in control here and it's a win-win for disney. and you have to remember that the parks are coming back so that's the 16, $17 billion
5:51 pm
number under normal circumstances as the vaccines roll out when you look at the movie theater aside they either have to a, reinvent themselves or b, a name like i-max is a different 1k35 experience than sitting at home. you can make the case the other theaters be under pressure a movie theater like i-max is an experience you can't replicate at home so i give them the edge over the rest if the movie theaters can indeed survive. >> coming up counting down the next trader favorite name. and are you going in with pete let us know on our twitter poll at cnbc "fast money.
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it's moving day. and while her friends are doing the heavy lifting, jess is busy moving her xfinity internet and tv services.
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5:55 pm
average value options implying move of 11.5%, might sound smaller than the 15% over last eight quarters but the size of the market cap move is larger than it has been one thing that stood out was may calls someone paid 32.75 an outlay of $800,000 in premium, equity of more than $14 million. betting that the stock will rally at least 12% in the next two months. >> guy, what do you think? >> we've loved rh for a while. people have knocked the valuation for the last two and half years and it continues to grind higher today's price action scared a bit. that huge down maybe that's people getting out ahead of earnings. maybe it is an opportunity i still like the name. they miss tomorrow you buy the weakness i think it goes higher from
5:56 pm
here. >> mike, thanks, see you tomorrow or friday friday the full shot options action, 5:30 still time to vote on the poll are you buying pete's pitch on w walgreens? final trades after this. eritrade for a strategy gut check? what's that? you run it by an expert, you talk about the risk and potential profit and loss. could've used that before i hired my interior decorator. voila! maybe a couple throw pillows would help. get a strategy gut check from our trade desk. ♪♪
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♪ welcome back to "fast money. time to find out if viewers at home were buying pete's pitch on walgreens. unfortunately they were not bringing this to the register. more than 55% of voters said no. sorry, pete, our whole panel voted for it but no go amongst the viewers. final trade around the horn, tim seymour. >> pete, you're still aces in my boom amazon, heading over aws this stock's done nothing for nine months. amazon. >> steve >> bft the market is going to be taken by storm on this one, the day of reckoning is coming. bft. buy it. >> pete? >> i've got a guy adami favorite, how about pin triftri -- pinterest is going higher.
6:00 pm
>> i love pinterest, i love wba, i love pedro and i love bl blackstone on the back of tom lee's comments >> that does it for us see you tomorrow don't go anywhere. moderna starts now my mission is simple to make you money, there's always a bull about market somewhere and i promise to held you find it. "mad money" starts now hey, i'm cramer. welcome to "mad money," welcome to cramerica, i'm here to safe you money and to not just entertain but to help you go through days like today. >> we call it a cres


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