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tv   Fast Money Halftime Report  CNBC  November 18, 2020 12:00pm-1:00pm EST

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into banks and applying for them in person. they don't want them showing up on the doorstep of the small business administration because of the pandemic, so they have to keep the online application process in place they want to be able to get the money out quickly. it is those dynamics here that have sort of enabled a lot of this activity to happen, carl. >> thanks to you let's get to the judge with cramer and the half. >> carl, thanks so much. welcome to "the halftime report." the dow nears 30,000 that milestone raising the question of which stocks will work best in the months ahead. we debate that with our investment committee joining me for the hour today, joe, stephanie link, jon najarian and jim cramer, the host of "mad money." let's take a look at stocks first. watching the dow about 100 or so points away. a little more than that now from dow 30,000
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materials, industrials hitting new intradays. the small caps doing well. the russell 2,000 at the far right side of your screen. jim, i want to know where you think we are now you have great vaccine news. it's consistently great. we're not that far from 30,000 >> on either day we have headwind/tailwind. each day you can make a tailwind case i can make a tailwind case that you have to buy the airlines right now. this norwegian cruise deal is done, you want to buy that group. i can make a case that you have to buy the stay at homes, the deep cyclicals, a case for the technology stocks. this is what we've looked for. that's why i came in gunning for the armageddonists
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there's a fabulous piece out that covid did not rescue the armageddonists from underperformance and purgatory it's time to call them out i'm asking all the panelists to call out the people who said it was the end of the world call them out. >> well, we've gotten great vaccine news it sounds like to me you're saying you can still buy the cramer covid index and i can still buy the cramer ghost stocks. >> that's exactly what i'm saying the idea that it's a false dichotomy. i've got plenty of cloud stocks working incredibly well because people recognize that the cloud is still the answer. listen, bill gates this morning talked about how people aren't going to go back on planes a lot of these companies are about that a lot of companies have come in ingrained in the american way of life i think they're not going to go out. and then i've got to -- the only theory that right now i think
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could hurt the market is one that graham allison proposed in a really interesting article in "the atlantic" in july trump may not relinquish power >> you were talking about that earlier this morning do you really think that that's a risk that investors need to consider >> does he impress you as someone who thinks there's such a thing as the hook? have you read his tweets >> i have. >> i mean, have i to tell you, if i were biden, i mean, i would say, i need a recount. i think i'm losing can anyone -- any one of you people, can you create a scenario where president trump says -- shakes biden's hand and says, good luck. >> no. but that doesn't mean he's not going to leave office. >> why >> just because those norms are not going to take place. look, i'm trying to play devil's advocate - >> i think - >> i think the market, steph,
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has been too complacent about this issue like jim. we've been talking about it on this show. you have two universes you have a universe in which biden was elected president and another universe where the current president doesn't think he lost. and the market has been able to brush past all of that until when, steph? >> this is 2020. this is what we're living through. i'm not even sure what is important in terms of the presidency it's more important of congress. if congress is a mix, and it looks like it's going to be, but that is the key to me because a mix means gridlock as an investor, i want gridlock. i don't want massive policy shifts either way. so, i have to say this market has been resilience because slowly but surely visibility is improving. yes, progress on the vaccines for sure also on the economy, you know i always list a couple of data points today we got single family
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starts the best since 2007. yesterday nhab was the best on record retail sales slower. that is progress on earnings, 85% of the companies beat earnings. they sound more confident. they sounded so much more confident that they're doing m&a at record paces. m & a was up 100% year over year good risk assets and more cyclical than the stay-at-homes only because the valuations are so depressed >> i fully expected when we were going to have this conversation that you may suggest that the cramer covid index was about to go on the shelf. the vaccine news is fabulous yes, we have to get across the bridge, so to speak, from here to there, but maybe it is time
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to start looking at those reopen ams. >> there are two components trumping everything. there's the stay-at-home and then the work-at-home and i think they're very different i think when we get a vaccine, we will go out and about, but we're going to buy cars. steph loves cars we are going to be building new places, new homes. that's nothing changed there many of the covid index are -- let's put them derivative of zoom or roku we're going to hang out. we are not going back to the way we used to be and you guys all know, judge, it's cheaper for companies to not have them come back and not go away and not have the three martin any lunches and get on planes, stay at luxury places, four seasons where it's fabulous and i love it
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that's over. >> jon najarian, there are things that are going to stay in vogue. there are peloton, crowdstrikes, some other things that have just become a way of life are not going to disappear just because you have a vaccine and you get a shot in the arm. is that right? do you agree with that we'll come back to john. >> see, he doesn't. >> we have to work on jon's audio which is almost an everyday problem >> joe, take that same question, please >> i think you left out one name and that's docusign. >> i could have gone down the list i stopped. your point's well taken. >> no, but there's a reason i mention docusign because i think docusign is an example of what i would call an emerging growth
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stock that's not going away. there's been this paradigm and there's incredible, scaleable value in docusign. that's not going away. i think there are select stocks that will stay with us for the duration and that you could still own. look, what jim and steph are talking about is this broadening out in the market. if you study the s&p 500, scott, 90% of the s&p stocks are above their 200-day moving average we have not seen that kind of broadening out strength since 2014 the move of the market in the last several days seems to be much calmer. volatility continues to decline. and i think what we're seeing is a representation that it does not have to be binary. it does not have to be all growth or all value that can be a blend to both. >> yes, false dichotomy.
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that's right and that is what is bugging me i think people say, you know what, it can't be growth and value at the same time that's just not true you have all these new buyers. let's call them robin hood they like things they are going to be buyers of boeing we all knew boeing was going to get approved they were like, wow, boeing. i have to buy boeing they just kind of like the thing, too i'm going, come on - >> jim. >> what? >> jim, i think there's a big difference between cyclicals and value stocks i really do. cyclical means you're going to benefit from the economy reopening, getting better. these companies have cut costs so dramatically, the operating leverage is enormous that's not to say i don't want to own secular stocks because we talk about this endlessly.
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we talk about this all the time. cyclicals are a little different than value some of them are in the value sectors but cyclicals are the ones you want to own if you think the economy is going to recovery and profits are going to recover >> someone downgraded honeywell today. what is the point of that? do you know on october 12th i recommended ford versus gm they were at seven look at those two stocks ford and ge, those are the two biggest robin hood names how smart are those people >> jon najarian, can you hear us >> i hear you loud and clear, scott. >> welcome to the conversation >> well, thank you, sir.
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certainly zoom and a lot of those countries are going to do extraordinarily well still that doesn't mean their stocks will do as well. it's exactly what jenny was saying the other day it's like kleenex, like xerox. zoom has certainly done that, scott. can i say that that valuation deserves the sort of endorsement it got during the covid shutdown i cannot for that reason i think the company continues to do well and they innovate but i think the valuation comes in line with more of the rest of the market, scott. as that happens, forgetting about just putting aside the competition from google and microsoft and all the rest, log me in and all the rest, i think you're going to see the valuations come down even though the companies do very well.
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>> some of them already have jim, you have teledoc on tonight. zoom is down 30. >> zoom was at 50 times sales. there are some stocks that got overheat i know that's absolutely true. there are other companies like teledoc resting. too many companies are in the teledoc business they're not just that anymore. they're also how to beat diabetes, how to cope with diabetes, how to cope with hypertension they have done a lot to make them thin med. fintech never quit how about thin med, what do you think? >> obviously the trend is there. valuations are pretty high you have to either stick with them, stay patient, own them for the long hall or be prudent. you taught me, trim a little bit
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here when they pull back then you can reload, if you will. med tech, thin med, anything health care at this point is also very, very attractive >> the most -- the yesterday we had the bottom fall out because of pill pack is anyone here willing to step up and say walgreens, cvs or even good rs buys? anybody? you know who is standing up and saying health care is a really good buy right now, besides costen and you are warren buffett and the buys at berkshire hathaway, but what
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about health care, jim, as a space to look at >> i have to go with these valuations i remember when bill clinton went to -- the ceo decided merck was worth a whole lot less and the industry was going to be crushed. we are in a period where people think this industry is going to be crushed mckesson is distributing the vaccine. mckesson is integral to the health care system i don't think that's a mistake to buy i think that's a really interesting stock. i think it's hated look at united health. see that go up yesterday i want hated i like hated >> joe >> completely agree. technology is coming for health care in terms of disruption. it's the next sector in which you will see price transparency,
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which is clearly missing in the sector day like today, thermo fisher. down significantly i think it's down $15 pressing towards it's 50-day moving average. i would step in, buy it there and i just might do it myself later on in the day. i agree with jim health care provides a tremendous opportunity when looking at growth and value. i think the health care story, unfortunately, was misplaced earlier in the year. it was all about biotechs. there's way more to the health care story and that along with the industrial sector, i think, is going to benefit from technology >> jon najarian, you have the action >> i agree. >> the largest maker of vaccines in the world, scott, isn't any of the names we talked about it's not pfizer. it's not ma determi moderna
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it's glaxosmithkline when they put together more of these vaccines than anyone, that's where the rubber are meets the road the creation of the vaccine, my hats off to them we're all rooting for it then it's the delivery of it and so forth these are the kinds of companies, glaxosmithkline, sanofi, these are the guys that actually get it out there, scott, in the sorts of doses that are in the -- if you need a booster shot, 30 billion doses because we're talking in the neighborhood of 15 billion folks need this and that second booster shot and so forth to carry them on. i think those are stocks that have not been talked about enough they deserve some as well. like joe said, not just the biotechs some big pharmas do the heavy lifting. >> i want to get back to something city of said earlier as we have this conversation
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about the transition and how messy it feels right now and how messy it could still become, there are several weeks between now and january 20th, let's assume just for this conversation's sake that the transition happens that we have a transition. >> i know how far fetched that seems to have a conversation about that. >> and then you get back to a goldilocks scenario. a biden president, maybe a republican senate, under that scenario you have no tax hikes, the likes of which biden was talking about. you have spending but not huge the likes of which biden was talking about so you don't have rates going crazy. you have the fed all in. you have the vaccine coming down the pike that's great for stocks. the only thing you're missing is a stimulus package, which is
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driving us both nuts >> i do think the only thing that -- first of all, i agree with that scenario the question is, are we anticipating that scenario is so much of that in the market i would say when you see stocks go down that reported great numbers like walmart and home depot, you're already getting a chance to buy them again why? because those declines are presuming that the comparisons next year are going to be too hard i don't think so i think a lot of these companies like brian cornel said today, they have picked up a giant amount of allegiance i think these companies have wiped out a lot of smaller companies because there's no stimulus i hate to say this, but i think congress has doomed so many companies. the president has doomed so many companies. you're going to get walmart, it's amazon, it's target, it's costco, it's home depot. i still think lowe's i don't think lowe's is a sale here that's who won
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they don't have credit lines they can't keep up they're the empty support front to the country i think that's a terrible thing but nothing to do with the stock market >> it's shameful it's shameful. the lack of stimulus is shameful jamie dimon cites, quote/unquote, childish behavior on the part of politicians it's shameful. i don't know how to put it. >> he's not ashamed. he doesn't play for dinner tell us the truth. >> it's incredibly frustrating -- >> steph, go ahead >> i'm sorry i still think we will get a fiscal package, we just don't know the size or the timing. it is shameful for sure. i wanted to say one thing about
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what jim said about the winners. there's also a coincidence they have invested heavily, aggressively not only in the past year but the last five to seven years and they took it on the chin think about a year ago what brian cornel had to do he had to slash costs and change their mix and make changes and get the right products in the stores that goes to all the companies you talked about the one you mentioned. this is a terrible, terrible environment for the smaller players but the big guys stepped up that's why they're doing so well because they're now actually able to outperform in profits, in sales, in margins and market share. >> you're absolutely right i visited with brian cornel in flatbush neighborhood. it was booming he chose to be bold. he was bold everywhere remember when everyone said, you can't do the small formats
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that works then we're not even talking 5g, which is why dupont can be a good stock we have so many secular themes are terrific that i can't just write this market off after this big run. i'm not going to be one of these armageddonists holy cow i'm not going to name any of them one time i was on the judge's show and i named them and i'm not doing that this time i am ten bears and i come in peace. >> you raise an interesting point. it's hard to be negative given the reasons i laid out and what pfizer and moderna have told us over the last ten days there's so much optimism around that then it's like the economy and the issue jim raises about lack of stimulus, it's why you can be positive the market and negative
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on the economy and the heartbreaking side of this pandemic which continues to impact so many millions of people >> exactly right we're going to see some sort of stimulus it's unlikely georgia flips, it's likely to be much smaller even than what was offered in august nonetheless, you have to dance with what you got. the market you've got, not the market you wish for. when i look at jim's winners and why they're so successful, the big invested like steph said and are set up for this. also, they created new categories they did it off amazon because when walmart adopts the equivalent of a costco or sam's
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club except with delivery and target does the same thing, that makes those clients even stickier, scott. we knew that was coming. we talked about it this week they approved it how many more digital sales did they get they blew it out those are going to be the stickiest customers because they paid that annual fee, just like when you go to costco and pay that annual fee. you're going to go back there. in the case of these, you don't have to go they bring it to you they've made it so much easier i think, scott, we're going to continue to see that play out over the next weeks and months and i think the surprise could be if the stimulus ends up being instead of $500 billion or shy of $1 trillion, maybe it's nudging over $1 trillion, that's the surprise we're not anticipating anything in the $2 trillion or $3 trillion >> this whole conversation has
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me thinking about the banks. without stimulus, you've got all of these smaller businesses that are at risk of failing, which is a weight on the banks. you have, who knows, the possibility of bigger businesses getting in trouble the prospect of economic turn-around happening faster maybe pushed down the road, which is not good for the banks. rates stay low the stock market can go up in that environment but the banks cannot >> that's right. look, first horizon is a fantastic bank based in memphis tennessee. it has an amazing ceo. they have an incredible record and it doesn't matter because people have decided they have bad loans. they are conservative lender 4.8% that gets left behind. i had a company on last night. its symbol is ride
12:25 pm
lordstown motors they have nothing but they have hope they have hope they have an interesting pick up people come in and they buy that the younger people never seem to run out of money robin hood on tomorrow night they're going to become public they buy things that are they researched them and say, this is a great new thing. i don't know how you fight them. you don't know how you fight the specs and the 5gers, and fight the urban to suburban and fight the new ways people do business, docusign, joe. there's just a lot that works. now it's the oils. >> it's been pretty remarkable,
12:26 pm
the moves. look, there are parts of the economy that are struggling. we talked about it travel, leisure, hospitality some banks will have exposure to those industries and it's not going to be pretty it's all the reason why we need a fiscal stimulus to help these parts of the economy and other parts are doing quite well housing, auto, several areas within manufacturing, parts of the consumer are doing well and, oh, by the way, they're saving at record level at 14% versus historic 5%. the consumer has some spending power. i only own a few of them >> wait, wait. city of, you added to morgan stanley. you added to the banks at the same time a warren buffett is bailing on almost everything except for bank of america and your old pal cramer, i don't hear him too optimistic about
12:27 pm
the banks, regardless of who's running them, regardless of what footprint they have, the environment has been horrible. why are you adding to morgan stanley? >> morgan stanley is up 16% in a year that's nothing to sneeze at. i like morgan stanley because gorman is doing the right things he doesn't want to be dependent on a yield curve only. eaton vance and e-trade. the diversification is the reason they grew 17% in the quarter. i like that story and it's rated two times book it's not that expensive. wells fargo is an absolutely several situation. it's about charlie scharf. he's been there a year now we'll start to see some results. make the banks smaller, more
12:28 pm
manageable by the way, he's low-bald, kitchen sinked all the numbers across the board i don't think much has to go right for wells fargo to work. these are all special situations i don't want to go blanket owning banks steph makes that pitch to you, jim, when you were working together and your response is what >> morgan stanley has a special situation to the acquisition people don't realize all the acquisitions to make sure -- he has a division that allows you to get all these rich people from these ipos to have a 401(k) he's done quiet things to make it a little absurd it's this low. i think morgan stanley is fine i don't understand a city. it is under a fraction of book value. i'm not going to say, it's time
12:29 pm
to buy i think bank of america has had a very big run goldman is intriguing. if only because it, too, is around book value and has a lot of optionality gorman is trying to make that so it's not just another bank he, too, is trying to be fintech. he might be able to pull it off. he's not going to be paypal or square those stocks are sainted he'll be something in between that and city. >> joe, when it comes to financials and bank-related stuff, you've been talking about. oil financials, if you will, right? >> that's my way to get energy exposure i own a texas bank which has exposure, tcbi, within financials themselves, i 100% agree with stephanie on morgan stanley. it's a name i own. i'll see your morgan stanley, raise you a goldman sachs, a
12:30 pm
t.rowe price banks are going to continue to struggle money center banks will be challenged by what you were discussing before, which is the absence of support for main street in the economy and by a yield curve that cannot seem to gain any form of momentum in steepening. >> great analysis. really is a great analysis. >> let's take a quick break. we'll come back. >>. >> we are going to talk about our call it is about under armour get jim and steph's trade coming up back right after thi
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. welcome back, everybody. i'm sue herera and here's your cnbc news update a federal judge has blocked the deportation of unaccompanied children crossing the border illegally. the trump administration said it instituted the policy. the trump campaign is paying $3 million for a vote recount in two wisconsin counties that include the democratic strongholds of milwaukee and madison. the u.s. has dropped drug
12:34 pm
trafficking and money laundering charges against salvador secretary of state mike pompeo announcing new u.s. sanctions on iran president-elect biden has said he intends to resume relations with iran. you're up to date. that's the news update scott, back to you. >> thank you, sue. that bullish call on under armour, upgraded, $20 is the price target i have another set of numbers for you. i got down 24.5% year to date compared to nike up 31.5% year to date. are those the only numbers that really matter here >> well, sort of it tells the story nike is executing.
12:35 pm
82% versus 75% sequentially and the important part about digital is it carries 10% higher margins. the more they increase digital and online, which is 30% going to 40% in the coming years, that will help the bottom line and the operating leverage under armour, you know me, i love a turn-around story but this seems a bit hard. it seems like, yes, they can improve on product, improuf on cost-cutting on their supply chains the new ceo has done a lot of things, and i do think there's margin upside. i feel like the jury is out on the product side when you have a competitor that is so large like nike doing it all right, it is easier to just own the one that's doing it all right. >> how do you counter that, jim, if at all? >> matt boss had a super piece out about jpmorgan -- about nike they're making a fortune nike's partners with the chinese. they're going to do even better. nike is a juggernaut why i say that is it's barely up
12:36 pm
today on that call i would prefer that to under armour under armour sold my fitness pal and somehow they got $300 million for it, i started thinking, maybe they're going to do what's necessary and become lululemon for outside. one of the things that's amazing -- my hats off to kohl's they talk about leisure wear double down on leisurewear, think about reducing the shoe footprint and then i'd like it more -- it's a work in progress whereas nike is cheap. if china comes back on, and eunice yu had such a piece this morning. you have to get up at 2:30 like me and steph and working out and running seven miles like she does eunice yu had a piece out, china is booming
12:37 pm
it's like it never happened. it's like the pandemic never happened that makes nike incredibly undervalued. >> which is why, joe, you own nike and lulu. >> 100%. that doesn't mean under armour can't have a rally towards $20 but everything jim and steph have spoken about, i agree with. i'll add one more thing. when you look at s&p 500 companies and you identify for the consumer discretionary sector, the esg stocks who are showing the greatest strength in the further adaptation of esg, number two is home depot guess who's number one nike think about efg investing and when you do that, you think about nike >> thauere's nike shares. jon najarian, you wanted to say something? >> yes, thank you.
12:38 pm
when under armour broke into th mainstream, it's because they had edgy commercials, the compression wear was great but edgy commercials with big stars. now with digital on that side, they are way behind. to steph's point, 82% jump over at nike. you know what was at under armour 30% of their sales they have to do something, scott, to make their digital feel more like those original ads where it grabbed you and so forth because there's so many sites you can go to buy athletic wear nike continues to do a great job with theirs. meanwhile, under armour is just sort of watching everybody else and wondering what's going on, apparently yes, the stock's up from $8 in may to 16, but i don't know how it breaks to the upside unless it can address digital in a big
12:39 pm
way. >> i couldn't agree with you more it's almost like this was a moment in time stock it was the personification of edge you had an edgy brand. you had the most edgy of ceos and founders who was going to get right up in your face and tell you they were going to beat nike at nike's own game. you had the commercials, as john said you have athletes like cam newton, wearing under armour steph curry winning multiple nba championships while endorsing those sneakers it was a moment in time that feels like it's past. >> altering that period, as jon said, nike was ending on technology when you go to the nike store on fifth avenue, no one was carrying a bag out it was just the idea of visualizing. we all made our own shoes. then you start seeing these stock where people are trading
12:40 pm
lebron shoes it was cult and also technological. yes, you have to hope that kevin plank can get it together again. they have a terrific ceo who i think is trying to do a good job. the technology spend must be made look what happened with lowe's and home depot they spend nothing on technology home depot spent a for tour -- >> but they didn't bring in under armour. >> look at what nike has done. parker was a technologist. plus he made a deal with the ministry of sports in china. that was a good call, wasn't it? >> kevin plank, he foresaw what was happening with technology and athletic apparel and things like that. they invested heavily in tech. >> but tech apparel. not tech i know he has salesforce in
12:41 pm
them i'd call marc benioff and say, whatever you did for adidas, do that for me. i'm not talking about the technology of the product. i'm talking about the notion of direct to consumer it's exciting to see direct to consumer. >> let me do this. i have to take a break >> you just took a break seven minutes ago. >> it's unusual. >> what kind of show is this >> it's unusual in its own right but the real unusual activity is coming up with john thn najarian ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪
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we're back unusual activity time. doc, you've got a bunch. talk to me >> nikola, this one getting a lot of love. the 24 calls that expire this week, the 25 calls that expire next week. sonos, this one we're in the april strike calls because that's april, i'll probably be in them about two months lastly, a third for you, and it is virgin galactic, spce
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welcome back joe teranova has created to positive technical momentum. today vertis investment partners is launch iing -- i thought it a going to be bhsh you know what that stands for? buy high, sell high. >> buy high, sell higher >> but you went with joe t congratulations. i know this is big news. you're excited about it. tell us about it. >> well, and thank you for that. by the way, this does not help -- this does not happen without you and jim and steph and all in the halftime universe buy high, sell higher basically higher high conviction
12:49 pm
investment opportunities that's exactly what we're doing in the introduction here of a new strategy there's this debate between growth and value i'm not trying to offer a solution for that debate i'm offering a compelling alternative in the capacity of a better index so, it's 125 large cap u.s. equity names equally weighted. they are initially screened by momentum, which is so incredibly important capital markets right now because of the quantitative participation. and then graded further by quality. return on equity, debt to equity and annualized sales growth over the prior three years. you've got 125 names that i truly believe will offer an opportunity for long-term investors to gain index exposure. >> tech the biggest weighting at 32%. jim, i want your take on this. you have holdings, tried and true names
12:50 pm
adobe, amazon, apple, amd and on and on and on. pretty good list. >> i like it i like it because the s&p 500 is made up of a lot of losers that i don't want i wish they were culled. you're not allowed to do wish td you're not allowed to do that, but joe did it he called the losers i mean, it's like "the hunger games. these are the ones that get to district 13 or whatever, and i find that what has happened is the young people -- the young people will go crazy for this. why? because they want to own the good stocks that are in the index. now the late -- late -- i can't really do that i come back and go with peter lynchfield which most of the young people note winners. i urge them to look at them. don't be blind about it, but i've wanted an index like that ever since the prudential base had the -- had the thrice blessed, right, steph? >> oh, yeah. that was actually a really great
12:51 pm
product because it encaptured a lot of various different methods to look at stocks so it was technical, quantitative and fundamental, and now in this day and age it's also est, too, so you can kind of use awl for you of them and the performance over time shows that those kind of stocks have been check marked from these very different assets are actually outperformers over time. >> terrific. >> joe, i'll give you the last word, and you added two stocks recently abvi and syntas? >> an excellent played because on objection 30th both went into the index, and a lot of my personal portfolio will reflect what i'm seeing within the index. both of those screened very highly on quality in recent quarters, and that's the reason why it elevated the -- in the index. it was included, and that's why i purchased both of those names.
12:52 pm
>> proud moment for you. we're proud of you congrats. >> joe, congratulations. >> congratulations. >> george t. is the index to follow. >> more trades ahead as we go to break. we talked target, the earnings, qualcomm, gm we're back in two minutes. ♪ ♪ ♪ sometimes, you want speedy but reliable. state-of-the-art but dependable.
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in other words, you want a hybrid. so do telcos. that's why they're going hybrid with ibm. a hybrid cloud approach with watson ai helps them roll out new innovations anywhere without losing speed. from telco to transportation, businesses are going with a smarter hybrid cloud, using the tools, platform and expertise of ibm. good work little buddy. ♪ ♪ before money, people tools, cattle, grain, even shells represented value. then currency came along. they made it out of copper, gold, silver, wampum. soon people decided to put all that value into a piece of paper, then proceeded to wave goodbye to value, printing unlimited amounts of money as they passed the buck to the future. that's why it's time for digital currency and your investment in the grayscale funds. go digital. go grayscale.
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♪ ♪ ♪ time for the futures outlook. bitcoin is hitting a three-year high jeff kilburg is hitting the high
12:55 pm
for the trade. just about 18,000. >> judge, it's moving. we're seeing a surge 18,000 eke waltz a 350 billion market cap what really changed? why has it gone from 12,000 a month ago up to 8,000. because of paypal. paypal said their network of users can now utilize bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies what i'm looking at right now is a price discovery. seen a wild ride had a handful closed at 17,000 and i want to be a buyer i want to go here and retest the highs. i'm buying it at 17,500 looking for a move higher to 18,500, but i'm being mindful putting stop on at 17,000 even and i'm risking 2,500 to make 5,000 but we're in a crisis every rng moin and we'll see bitcoin continue to move higher in a very volatile manner. >> good stuff. thank you. we take another break and come back and do final trades next.
12:56 pm
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12:58 pm
. jim, "mad money" tonight tell us. >> telecoc merged with lovongo >> you know what i mean. it's not going to be the mutual and one of my companies biohaven, an underlooked stock, this is a migraine play but have something for alzheimer's, and i
12:59 pm
do understand why people do not look at this stock bhb and look at the chart. migraine and alzheimer's, this is an amazing -- how does this stay independent i do not know. >> we look forward to that program tonight. before we do final trades, jim, quickly, give me your look for nvidia after the bell you own it. >> look, i think that nvidia is maybe -- the owner may be the greatest executive of our time and when they first report, they wait for call and then buy. >> wait for the call that's the word from jim cramer. >> stephanie link, what have you got on the final trade >> tjx, they beat on earnings and growth margins by 300 basis points home goods is on fire and the tock is up 4% on the year, so i think it's catchup. >> jon najarian? >> mro, marathon, bought the stock during the show. >> oh, okay, interesting. >> holy. >> joe t. >> jim is so right on honeywell,
1:00 pm
i own it and buy it here even though it's pulling back. >> jim, you've got 15 second leave us with a fat. >> i think waste management, believe it or not, people are recycling again! newspapers, waste management, wow. it's making it on the back end. >> all right we'll take a quick look at stocks on our way out here s&p is in positive territory keep our eye on things that are happening on wall street that does it for us. "the exchange" is now. thank you, scott, and welcome to "the exchange," everybody on this wednesday. i'm kelly evans. the market handoff one strategist says the rotation is ahead and one that says good-bye to fed independence and hello to growth. we'll explain. >> plus, the trillion dollar cushion. consumers are sitting on a lot of cash right now. how that will impact the holidays the recovery and the next covid relief package, and bill gates shorts business travel self-pickup perks up


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