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tv   Mad Money  CNBC  October 18, 2017 6:00pm-7:00pm EDT

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bitcoin angle to it. >> yankees up 1-0, mel >> health care too much to the downside thc. >> i'm melissa lee see you back at 5:00 for more "fast money. "mad money" with jim cramer starts right now my mission is simple. to make you money. i'm here to level the playing field for all investors. there's always a bull market somewhere and i promise to help you find it. "mad money" starts now hey i'm cramer welcome to "mad money. welcome to cram america. other people want to make friends i'm just trying to make you money. my job, to educate and attach you. call me at 10800 -- 1-800-734-cnbc or tweet me @jim
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cramer will you look at this market stock reports come out and say stocks with crash if the white house can't pass healthcare. nasdaq climbing 1.1% the question remains is secretary mnuchin right that this will go on the passing of healthcare the truth is -- tax reform the truth is not many believe a toks reform is coming. yes, they've lost faith. congress thinks it's more important than it really is, even the biggest pieces of legislation tend to only affect
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one particular sector. like how the health insurance got a bunch of sweeteners from the care act they were the winners under obama and their now winning under & president trump. buy some united health that made a opportunity of money democrats want to subsidize the health insurancers it's a win-win for everybody except for you my real point here is that obamacare was the single most transformative piece of legislation and some didn't have the agate impact which brings me back to tax reform, i think it's a good idea if it passes it won't be
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revolutionary. let's tell the truth, as things stand now it's not going to pass the democrat feud is to give away to the wealthy. some truth to that some see it as a buster, some true truth to that too forget washington and help and focus on self-help, as in the way so many companies are assisting themselves, and you, their shareholders rather than waiting on someone else to get they're busies roaring the banks, i've been adding this grooup is so so strong that every time rates go higher they'll benefit. but just ner vana for the financials just last week i pounded the table on the citigroup last week i told you morgan was
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great as was goldman sachs we'll interview the cfo of ibm here's another one after the market has given up on after revenue. wall street speaks, meaning the stocks about to be rerated to the upside suffice it to say though, i always look for analogies that you'll get it. you'll go, you may remember it, your kids. first say ibm right, it's a c student. common a brk student, everybody see that is and want in before it becomes an a student. ibm and the banks are classic nontax reform names. they've been electric because of the yield turns in the bank. same with one of our ole favs, adobe. adobe gave you cautionary words about its next quarter
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but ryan, one of the most bank bl ceos in the world said don't worry about it conflicts will be resolved tonight adobe said, yeah so good, stock jumped 10 bucks in after hours. stocks reform, how about the private manager -- and the capable and entertainment companies, precisely the stocks, they would be the biggest winners if investors really believed tax reform is going to really happen if the treasury of sector would look -- secretary would look at what's winning and losing there'd be no stock here for years ibm has been taxed at 15% and change and the stock is having its biggest day in eight years. a finger poke in the eye for anyone that thinks tax reform is
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driving this market. one of biggest losers from tax reform would be the company that's gained the taxes in general electric hopefully that nonsense will come to an end on friday when we see how badly ge's really doing because we got a new ceo and he's out there telling the truth, john flanry if anything taxes should go up if it wants to report earnings like every other company, instead of the ill-advised way that ge's done it for years. the ge way and the other 499 companies the s&p. maybe ge join it is flock. washington shanagans create some buying sir ki buyi buying circuits. those having great opportunities to buy
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even if the window tends to be brief like the hit on united technologies, the carrier thing, the boeing things. you were able to get the stock at johnson & johnson for lower levels same for merck at the same time there's a remarkable consistentsy in the stock that can't get any lift. all broke out about $52. chevron got downgraded by the way. which brings me to our time, more oil coupled with declining retail sales you think with cheap gasoline people would have more money to spend. the market views amazon with a company that fries everyone to
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retail like home dooep as for the secure stocks -- consumer stocks i told you to avoid the other day, they'll either go down or do nothing so where are today's investable bargains that do bounce back the defense stock got clocked, they've been some of the most dependable stocks every too many they got hit i'd buy lockheed martin, raytheon i like how nevtflix is letting you down 10 points where it was last nights. with everything's working in this morkt, the only thing i don't want you to be thinking about is tax reform. at one point it was indeed baked into stocks, the ones currently being clobbered because they stood to gain from it. but that time has long passed. otherwise with a few expectations like the bear
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markets and oil retail, whether you see a pull back in this market, like the ibm yesterday, or the defense stocks today, you got to go take it. gloria in new york >> caller: yes, hi jim i think you're wolf i watch your show all the time. >> i like to hear that what's going on? >> caller: i own shares in starbucks and i wanted to get your latest opinion on starbucks. i know that they're oversaturated and i don't know, you know if they're going into china or what's going on >> okay. first of all travel trust owns it, when it was in 64 i said can't own it when it got down to 63 i said it was time to buy. stock then goes down to 52 and change two weeks later it goes to 56, 57 because people say all right all the bad news is out.
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so here it is at 55, it's going to do that round trip, you make your decision. it is going to china and it does have a problem in america when it comes to domestic same store sales, and those could improve john in florida. john >> caller: thank you for taking my call. about a week ago karen did a show on man twauk. that's in the process of doing a reverse split. i'd like to know what you think of reverse splits because i don't think they accomplish much >> i think they aaccomplish nothing. i probably study it more than anybody else in the world that's why it don't work. man twauk is fine. you take united rentals come out and say great thing about the construction market. it shouldn't be split it's okay, it's doing better at its bid let's talk to chris.
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>> caller: hey cramer, i have long skechers and they release earnings. >> i'm not complaining, the earnings game with them it's been consistent. i think the stock has a long time story, but the show, apparel, jacket, sweat pants business, anything that's like those it's become very very hard to own because of, yes, the incredible transformation, negative transformation of retail who needs helps from washington in this bull market the discounts are rare i don't want you to focus on the treasury secretary, i want you to focus on the companies. on "mad money" today ibm sold its biggest jump in eight years. is big move back or is it over i'll talk with one of company's top executives companies like bio marin mushing medicine and boosting
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your financial health. first, the up and down action in j & j may have you reaching for child and all right in line with what i said at the top of the show, which is these examples where you get them and have to buy or else you miss them. so, stick with cramer. with advanced safety.
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new all-time high. one of leaders in the dow. you might have thought this stock might have been beloved by wall street, j & j just delivered an amazing quarter, the stock is up to date. the stock has been something of a major battleground, shows you how hard this business is. this thing is more controversial to some than you might expect. every time an analyst upgraded it was hit back down with a down grade. i always try to be as rigorous as possible, especially when we're dealing with a name player with a triple a balance sheet like j & j a dominating product device and industries that people seem to be uncomfortable with. that's why tonight it to walk you through both sides of story to help you get a handle why j & j may be owning, spoiler alert,
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it's a buy part of the reason it comes down to the fact that j & j is a fabulous run company, it's in fabulous shape the recession proof space, remember we talked about that group when it came to the food stocks when the global economy's expanding the seem to not have -- or math wash or tylenol or even patent prescription drugs. the analyst know you've got far fewer research firms rushing to upgrade j & j expansion like they would do if it was an industrial or technology company if it reported a great quarter now granted j & j has a market cap of 377 billion so the deal less than a mover it would be
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for smaller business it's not like $30 billion is bepeanut -- peanuts. specifically ar tell yan is the market leader when it comes to treating high pressu treating high pressure hyper tension. it racked up $1 billion in sales this year. not to mention them promises late stage drugs this is not some commercial enterprise that's rolling the dice. when the newsive announced in february -- evaluation 30 times next year's earning. j & j management assures us the
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deal will boost its earnings andive given them the benefit of the doubt. j & j stock has moved higher for the last 12 months late last november it was downgraded they're worried about the company's number one drug i mentioned earlier. in january, wells fargo lower rated its stock. how hard is this from picking stocks the look of this looks misguided. they also thought the deal likely wouldn't close until late in the year, wrong and wrong then in mid-play may -- mid-may the bulls came out swinging, saying the stock has underperformed with fears about these sales. once we got into the second half of the year they thought the
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deceleration figures would be in half in july a talk about many opportunities for the drug business and then the stocks -- more important they predicted its company's pharma business would see lackluster sales growth over the next four years. at the end of august, ups reiterated -- in late september goldman sachs takes it to a sell a few days later, citigroup niche yates with a neutral, calls themselves cautious. just in the week and a half leading up to the latest quarter though, john & johnson two upgrades then last wednesday, jeffries upgraded to buy for the same reason it turns out the bulls were
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right all along. j & j delivered a 10 cent earnings, up 10% year over year. that is more than almost every other drug company i follow, these people were saying it's not going to make the number the bears will worry about that pharma side but the bulls was positive about the building but no one was as positive as what numbers were put out like trimphilia for plaque sclerosis. value that for blood clots these are all on fire. something jeffries pointed out last week. that's how the drug grows despite about up now the comparisons get a lot easier a lot of people worry about competition from what's known as bio semiers.
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despite the generic of these bio rem case only witched to 1%. meanwhile, while the medical device were less exciting they still improved consumer business all in all including international. both represent a meaningful -- show about the deal they did with the i tell yan. this company's already having a major impact, specifically its drug encounters for half the company of the world side sales growth in sort while j & j has been a real battle grab in recent months, after yesterday's quarter the bulls have scored a victory. after this this time only sells for 18 times next year it's more expensive i think it
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deserves to trade at premium it's a heck of a lot cheaper than any of the companies like proctor and colgate or clorox. eventually, someone's going to be right and someone else will be wrong with j & jrk quarter yesterday someone told us the bulls were right. i think the stock will have a more upside year in the end, j & j, the good guys won. heather in georgia heather. >> caller: hi, thanks for taking my call. >> of course what's up? >>. >> caller: i have a question about ore sure technology. it's taken a hit, it's up today should i get back in >> i've got some good diagnostic companies, it's up 126%.
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they reported terrific numbers what a good quarter. it's much cheaper than this and i think avid labs does a lot of what you want out of a stock when the bulls and bears really do go at it, you can win, even with it's quarter j & j is controversial but i think the bulls are right on with this one. much more "mad money" ahead. trump renewed his tax on high drug price this is week so how is a company going to withstand the pressure i'll talk with the ceo and how an announcement from facebook could be a big impact on a company's growth plans. stick with cramer.
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ibm's stock went flying up 9% i think it might be the beginning of something bigger than the $13 rally for ages ibm's been trying to offset the weakness in his slowing business with a bunch of faster growing business. think the cloud, analytics they were never quite able to do it ibm delivered a 2% earnings beat off o2.5% basis. only stewart cinking by 4% this was the strongest revenue beat in five years meanwhile the gross only accelerated. that's market improvement. is ibm truly turning the corner like the action and stock
6:28 pm
suggests let's take a look with a guy i've gotten to know, mark schroeter. welcome back to "mad money," good to see you sir. >> thank you very much nice to see you. >> there were three inplex points i saw last night. strategic initiatives, you told me that could happen when they were 25% encryption, tougher task, you say it was released, it was released on time revenues would no longer be down, the streak will be broken, it looks like from last night the streak will be broken in next quarter walk me through the order of importance >> excellent thank you for inviting me on let's talk first about the quarter. the quarter looked like what we described. we described it at the beginning
6:29 pm
of the year, we said the second half would be better in the first, in july we reiterated again and we talked about the driver of that some of those are much more near term marks like the announcement of the mainframe in the quarter itself we got a great start to what we said was going to be a good second half and when we delivered guidance for the near term for the fourth quarter it essentially pointed to revenue growth. >> 300 to $400 million that's not small change >> we now have for the first time in probably five years a good tail wind in terms of the dollar >> right and thank you. why that's important is because that's going from a head win, a couple of bltillion dollars now it's on your team. >> the dollar's important for us because 2/3 of our business is outside of the u.s. part of the
6:30 pm
people come to us is for our service and maintenance business because of the global platform we can deliver hopefully we're in a longer term sustainable trend. >> there gives me a chance to talk a lot about it. i see the watson as, not a lot of people use that whole countries are adopting watson, and countries are loving this product >> we've learned a lot since we've announced watson as its own business unit. it was technology that won the jeopardy game show, we built a business around it what we learned in a quarter was that companies continue to adopt cognitive. for instance royal bank of scotland is now deployed our cog tifr technologies, we see it in health
6:31 pm
we see how cognitive will change, not only enterprises but professions. this is really about it will change 100% of jobs, there's too much data in the world the point of view has always been you feed a good set of technologies to make sense of all that data and that's what we're helping our clients do >> well ford versus china, they've got millions of people with heart disease and no real wake to calculate what will happen until watson. >> china's a good example. we see the power of cognitive is to take what best in the world can do and spread that much more broadly so that our partners in china, finland and italy and other places, they're going to elevate the able of their doctors, and medical systems to treat effectively because they'll have a cognitive solution to help them do that.
6:32 pm
>> and martin i don't mean to interrupt but that's earnings per share which i always come back to. i think it's important we talk about cybersecurity because for a long time you told me, i bs of policy of encontributing your new mainframes are somewhat immune to mike -- making it that if a hacker wants to go somewhere they're far more likely to attack an ibm film >> so, first on the mainframe, the way the new mainframe is designed is it encrypt all data all the time without human interaction and no changes that's always been the challenge in systems, people would have to trade off a performance for security, that's a bad trade to make that's a really bad trade to make whether you look at the
6:33 pm
price of having a vulnerable security so, everything's encrypted the data's worthless once its encrypted. the mainframe can do that and that's the big performance enhancement. if someone tries to get the enkripgs keys system shuts itself down. >> we have had in companies on the show that try to combat that but you do it and win. they know not to go there which i think is one of the great selling points it's not a dumb piece of art >> not at all. in fact when we look at the new uses of the mainframe all of our block change we're probably the leader in block change by now because we do more in the quarter our solutions one on the block chain. >> now i want to point out when we sat down with jeanie last,
6:34 pm
ibm has a history just when people was thought it was finished of completely reinnovating itself. am i being too aggressive by saying whether you guys get to 50% it will reinvent that will give you multiple years that can give you years of growth >> third quarter again was a good example of the progress we're making this has been a journey we've been spending a lot of time and money in order to recreate the reason ibm exists. >> and the machine may -- i think -- >> i think from the spending percent we have a wave on the growth spending. but from a long-term trend,
6:35 pm
we've been investing heavily and i think we've positioned that with a great portfolio, a mix of things at high value, creative, of good scale and thing that are starting to build. >> you have a lot of shareholders, you have stressed to me over and over again. one prominent one is warren buffet have you been able to communicate with barren buffet that this is a golden age of ibm and -- >> i'm not going to comment on any shareholders >> of course but i have to try >> our shareholders have told us, you guys have reinvented yourself so often. we're happy with the business model so keep working towards that business model. if that means you have to invest please invest. >> i feel the same martin schroeter cfo of ibm.
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what just happened today to the stock biem rin the drug company that specialized in treating rare diseases it has six different drugs on the market including kreemts for rare disorders and got a terrific pipeline with compounds among others i'm a big fan of these drugs because they always nand high prices that's the only way companies will bothering spending the
6:40 pm
money to develop cures for diseases that only affect a small group of people. the stock got hit, even though there was so many positive updat updates about the pipeline why the stock's doing as well as their predicted the brazilian business has been hurt from slow downs. with these biotechs, even something that small can call the stock to get hurt. could we be worried about this stock or see it as a buying opportunity. let's check it with jj, and get an opportunity of where the business headed. >> welcome back to "mad money. i read through the presentation, my major take away was on page three. what your company does it's an engine that knows how to bring drugs to market in an efficient
6:41 pm
good way that makes a lot of money for share holdsers you're talking about the new hemophilia drug which could be a mount to a cure. could you walk our view else through something like that? >> we had an exciting update today about the entire pipeline. we now have green light from regular story -- and usa new york to move forward we're on phases of trials. and so far in the first 12 or 14 patients we've treated we've been able to show that with just one hour intravenous infusion of the drug the patient is treated.
6:42 pm
>> we know bio very tin has something but it's a different formulation. but this is -- you're talking about a cure >> well you have to be careful of using the word cure, as close to a cure as it can get. we're able to eliminate with just one treatment >> you talked about new treatments in the second half of 2018 another targeted disease that you have something big for >> yeah, our clinical candidate, genetic disorders. around 20,000 patience in the world die of cardiac my i don't
6:43 pm
want think, so huge medical need we have six drugs on the market, we have three products in the clinical trials right now. three drugs are billion dollars plus opportunities >> and talk to me about dwarfism where we are there >> yeah we communicated today at the rnd update that we now we are showing we're continuing to show improvement the patients continue to grow faster than other patients diagnosed. >> how do you have the substantial part of your excellent rnd is literally manufacturing. you're an unbelievable manufacturer of drug >> yeah we have a manufacturing
6:44 pm
footprint. we have four manufacturing in the world. including a new facility we just completed in california. so, i think we believe we have the largest manufacturing facility in the world that's operational. >> are we still the leader in bio tech in the world? >> you say we. >> the united states. >> i think definitely. >> because i worry about trump healthcare >> the u.s. is still the leading in the world and hopefully we'll stay that way. >> if we fool around with the health system will that go away. most of the people in congress and washington they believe -- >> i know if i had a family
6:45 pm
member or kid that had one of these things, bio marin may be my only hope i need you to read the presentation because it's take it a ten year perspective not a ten minute per perfect "mad money's" back after the break. your brain is an amazing thing. but as you get older, it naturally begins to change, causing a lack of sharpness, or even trouble with recall. thankfully, the breakthrough in prevagen helps your brain and actually improves memory. the secret is an ingredient originally discovered... in jellyfish. in clinical trials, prevagen has been shown to improve short-term memory. prevagen. the name to remember.
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it is time, it's time for the "lightening round. play the sound, and then the lightning round's over if you ready it's time for the "lightening round. sheryl in south carolina >> caller: booyah. i love your show my question's about shop pie >> shop fie itself is a pricey stock. it's still an important small/medium size business website so i think it's fine i'm not going to pound the table on it. i'm not going to tell you i think it has to go tom in pennsylvania. >> caller: tom out of rocheste ,
6:49 pm
pa your staff, very fine and patient with the callers i thought was marginally intelligent until i start pinning stocks i found out i was so zdumb my hair hurts today i'd like the king james version of sierra wireless >> good company, does a lot of the stuff that you want in communications if i want communications i'd think about baud come. let's go to connie in florida. >> caller: hi cramer thanks for taking my call >> of course >> caller: i have been listening to you since probably day one. >> like that, that's a long time ago. >> caller: yes, it is. my stock aerojet rocket
6:50 pm
disciple >> i like this stock but i'd prefer raytheon right now. that ladies and gentlemen, is the conclusion of the "lightening round. i was having , and then my friend, sheila, right as i was stepping into the tee box mentioned a tip a pro gave her. no. yep. did it help? it completely ruined my game. well, the truth is, that advice was never meant for you. i like you. you want to show me your swing? it's too soon. get advice that's right for you. investment management services from td ameritrade. looking from a fresh perspective can make all the difference. it can provide what we call an unlock: a realization that often reveals a better path forward. at wells fargo, it's our expertise in finding this kind of insight that has lead us to become one of the largest investment and wealth management firms in the country.
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discover how we can help find your unlock.
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fang keeps its name because fang stays in motion whether it be the decision by amazon to go into drugstores, those indicate a near threat
6:53 pm
or the price increases for netflix. or triple phone to rival apple there's always something going on with these stocks perhaps the most fortunate fang announcement this week came from facebook it was a little notice purchase of a popular app tbh or to be honest. stock well known among the analyst were too old to use this kind of thing. this app as of today is topping the 148 free phones app's list ahead of instagram and snapchat. and it's been doing this thing for months now it's been downloaded $5 million in the last few months and quickly ban as a kind of a dud and i'm quoting, facebook bought a task as the next big thing, anyone knows this thing is taking off how else can kids send more than
6:54 pm
a billion messages to each other using the site all right it allows kids 10 to 12 to pull ea -- poll each other. if the questions were pertinent to me it would be a loser to a 12-year-old which gives it its appeal if you enter a question you'd be connected to others with like minds. something tbh managers who intend to stay with the company pointed out as the acquisition co-release if we are improving the health of millions of teams as success does, fair skies to have a positive story line from facebook, huh? i think anything that catches young young young teens and communicate with them before they go to the young teens, snapchat is a winner
6:55 pm
let's say it's something that -- we know that facebookis constantly worried about the attack on instagram from snapchat this blocking mechanism of buying tbh seems to be something that had, let's say snapchat bought it would be bought by the real -- instead i regard it as a brilliant move by facebook's instagram which decided to spend the money rather than mick micking it probably about concerned that snap would get it first. seems like a poll. will it be a fad maybe. i would think if it weren't backed up by facebook's infrastructure its positive questions make it
6:56 pm
something so the adults won't mind kids obsessing on it. to me facebook look at the chart toppers and go and swoopes up the top free siting for months which is busy making expensive program announcements that can make for good watching but cost a lot of money for content and here tbh generates a lot of questions. do i want to buy the stock in fbi because of thfacebook becau yes. snap would have gotten mass pub publicity on how it intended to -- the cash is burning ahol in the pocket of facebook which means they need to feed them all, the younger the better. it's not netflix growing
6:57 pm
international sales by leaps and bounds but it is something that put the whole snaps stops instagram among narrative among teens. for $100 million it's a potential -- snap it's a great use of that gigantic cash word and isn't that really what being a part of fang is all about. stick with cramer. when a critical patient is far from the hospital, the hospital must come to the patient. stay with me, mr. parker. the at&t network is helping first responders connect with medical teams in near real time... stay with me, mr. parker. ...saving time when it matters most. stay with me, mrs. parker. that's the power of and.
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billings hard to come by martin schroeter has it. there may be problems in the quarter but they're going to fix it he does, stock blows up. i'm jim cramer and i will see you tomorrow
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plain, sourdough, spicy, sesame, chocolate covered, peanut butter filled, plain. great. so what are we gonna watch? oh! show me fall tv. only xfinity x1 brings you the best hand selected picks this fall. >> welcome to the shark tank, where entrepreneurs seeking an investment will face these sharks. if they hear a great idea, they'll invest their own money or fight each other for a deal. this is "shark tank." ♪ is jason lucash and michael szymczak with a creative new technology business. ♪ i'm jason... and i'm mike, and our company is origaudio. we love to travel. we're total travel junkies and have been all over the world. and we also love music.


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