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stay with us on bbc news. still to come: tributes are paid to ruth bader ginsburg, as the liberal icon of the supreme court lies in repose. welcome to bbc news. my name's mike embley. our top stories: a heavy police presence on the streets of louisville after protests at the ruling in the breonna taylor case. ben johnson, the fastest man two officers are shot on earth, is flying me and injured. home more clashes and arrests in belarus, as president to canada in disgrace. lukashenko is sworn all the athletes should be clean going into the games. i'm just happy that justice is served. into office for a sixth time. it is a simple fact that this morning, these people were in their homes. tributes to ruth bader tonight, those homes have been ginsburg, as the liberal icon of the supreme court lies burnt down by serbian in repose at the steps of the court. soldiers and police. all the taliban positions along and — the name's bond — here have been strengthened, presumably in case james albert bond. the real—life secret agent who sounds kind of familiar. the americans invade. it's no use having a secret service which cannot preserve its own secrets against the world and so, the british government has no option but to continue
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this action even after any adverse judgement in australia. concorde have crossed hello to you. the family of breonna taylor, the atlantic faster than any the black medical worker shot dead by police in her home plane ever before, breaking in kentucky, have expressed their anger that no—one is to be charged with her killing. it's brought protestors onto the streets of louisville and other cities this evening the record by six minutes. and two police officers have been shot and hurt. their injuries are not thought to be life—threatening. these are the latest pictures from louisville, where, of course, the shooting took place back in march. this is bbc world news, new york, pittsburgh, and washington have also seen the latest headlines: protestors angry at the decision by the state attorney general to prosecute one officerfor a lesser offence because some a ruling in the case of his bullets went of breonna taylor, into a neighbour's property. but the charge does not two other officers at the scene were not charged because they were returning fire. breonna taylor's boyfriend, who was with her in the flat, directly relate to her killing. had shot at them as they broke through the front door. a short time ago the police gave more details about we can now speak to local reporter 0livia krauth, their injured colleagues. from the courierjournal who has been following the protests in louisville. how has the night been so far? after the indictment today, we we re after the indictment today, we were really expecting a lot of tense protests and we didn't really get that. instead we saw
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at about 8:30pm tonight, some protest, a lot of anger, some officers were called to a query of shots being fired in the area. as they were deploying to investigate what was going upset protesters who really on at first and broadway, wa nted upset protesters who really wanted to see murder charges be shots rang out and two brought against some of those of our officers were shot. both officers are currently undergoing treatment at university hospital. officers and instead we saw two one is alert and stable and the other officer is currently undergoing surgery and stable. officers, to alan pd officers we do have one get shot. both seem to be in sta ble get shot. both seem to be in stable condition. last time we checked. but definitely not the suspect in custody. night we were expect thing. feel free to say so, we had a guest earlier suggest those two earlier our correspondent aleem maqbool sent this report from louisville. police officers were shot by right—wing militia stirring up trouble. i've not seen anything about that one way or the they're already starting to express their outrage other. have you heard anything? at the news that police won't be charged with we haven't heard anything about the manslaughter that. even the names of the of breonna taylor. in march, the 26—year—old had officers who were shot, they been in her own home haven't said. we know they have after midnight when one suspect in custody right plain—clothes police officers 110w. one suspect in custody right now. we did see somebody get detained earlier around the
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burst in on a drug raid. her boyfriend, kenneth walker, shooting area but we don't know a licensed gun owner, if that was related, we don't says he thought they were intruders and fired his weapon. they fired back at least 20 times, killing breonna. know. have you seen in the no drugs were found. armed civilians on the streets? 911, operator here. what is your emergency? i don't know what's happening. there are a lot of protesters out earlier today, that has certainly dwindled. we have a 9pm curfew, it's right after 11 o'clock our time. there are somebody kicked in the door still some people out but there and shot my girlfriend. breonna taylor! after months of protests, the city of louisville paid are not too many. one of said a $12 million settlement to breonna taylor's family, to us an hour, i didn't have but they wanted the officers charged with manslaughter. too much time to challenge it a grand jury decided 01’ too much time to challenge it or ask more details, but it does i think too many people seem extraordinary that there against that. could be $12 million paid out according to kentucky law, in this case and it was clear i the use of force by mattingly and cosgrove was justified to protect themselves. think that the raid was this justification bars us from pursuing criminal charges misconceived, there was false in miss breonna taylor's death. information. yet nobody is criminally liable. i think a instead, one of the three lot of the protesters were officers involved was charged really thinking they were going with a far lesser count of wanton endangerment. to be some charges, evenjust you've heard the announcement.
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what do you feel? homicide, or manslaughter or something like that, a lot of really u pset something like that, a lot of angry, very angry, very upset. really upset and stunned basically, everything protesters. thank you so much. that's going on right now, i'm pretty sure a lot of people are let down by hearing what they heard. ijust hope it doesn't rise into anger within ourselves, and we actually do hold peace. protesters here feel it's the decision not even to send these officers to trial for manslaughter that's made anger, perhaps violence inevitable. for them, in spite of a long summer of protest, little in america has been resolved. aleem maqbool, bbc prince harry has urged us citizens to ‘reject hate speech, misinformation news, louisville. and online negativity‘ and to make sure they cast their vote in the upcoming us presidential election. he made the remarks alongside his wife meghan in a broadcast joe biden has said he will for time magazine. review the grand jury's buckingham palace has decision in the breonna taylor highlighted the fact that the duke is no longer case before commentating further but also called a working royal and said his for the protests against remarks were made in the decision to be peaceful. a ‘personal capacity‘. presidsent trump was asked about prince harry‘s comments during the white house press c0 nfe re nce . here is what he had to say. prince harry and meghan chimed in on the us election and essentially encourage people to and speaking at a news vote forjoe biden. let me get
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conference at the white house, your reaction to that. i'm not president trump was asked afan of your reaction to that. i'm not a fan of hers and i would say for his reaction to the events this, and she probably has in louisville. heard that, but i wish a lot of a really brilliant kentucky attorney general, luck to harry. he‘s to need it. daniel cameron, who's doing a fantasticjob. i think he's a star. and he made a statement i'lljust read. "justice is not often easy. make what you will of that. it does not fit the mould of public opinion, and it does not conform to shifting standards. it answers only to the facts and to the law. if we simply act on emotion or outrage, there's nojustice. mobjustice is notjustice. justice sought by violence is not justice. itjust becomes revenge." uncle ben‘s rice is being renamed in the us because of concerns about racial stereotyping. it will become ben‘s 0riginal, and the 70—year—old brand image of an elderly african—american black man often wearing a bowtie will be dropped. i mean, i heard that, i said, "write down for me, family members and former colleagues have been please," because i think paying their respects to the late supreme court it was a terrific statement. justice ruth bader ginsburg. he's handling it very well. after a brief ceremony you know who he is, right? at the court in washington, i think everyone now her casket went on display knows who he is. for the public. i will be speaking to the 0ur north america editor jon sopel reports. governor, and we have a call there was something almost scheduled to make very dystopian about the image shortly with the governor. as former clerks of ruth bader i understand he's called ginsburg lined the steps up the national guard, of the supreme court. which is a good thing. six feet apart, black facemasks i think it's a very instead of black armbands, positive thing. mourning in a time of covid. and it will all work out. her death a source of genuine pain for millions of americans. a rabbi conducted the small
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service attended by family and her fellow supreme courtjustices. the tribute from the us chiefjustice, john roberts. a lot of people picking up on the fact that the president had a lot to say about the kentucky ruth used to ask, attorney general who is a "what is the difference between a bookkeeper prominent public support of in brooklyn a supreme court justice?" him. no word for the taylor family. he was asked about that her answer, "0ne generation." but left the room saying he had it has been said that ruth wanted to be an opera virtuoso, an urgent call. i'm joined now by ash—lee but became a rock star instead. woodard henderson, an activist but she chose the law. with the movement for black lives and the co—executive director of the highlander research & education centre. members of the public will be thank you for your time, what able to pay their respects you make of this situation?” to the notorious rbg, think, like many black people all across this country and her rock star nickname, across the globe i am disheartened and i am furious with this decision. we know over the coming days, but the world is not standing still. donald trump is moving at warp that even though three offices speed to fill her seat on the court, still draped have breonna taylor's blood on in black, and it looks like he‘s got the votes their hands, that even this one in the senate to push that was charged has been this through, particularly
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after a strong republican critic fell into line. charged with wanton endangerment, essentially what i intend to do is to proceed with the consideration saying that even the opportunity that they might process, and if a nominee have harmed someone who was one actually reaches the floor, of her neighbours was more then i will vote based important than the fact that they put 20 bullets in her upon the qualifications of that nominee. body. we know that to be sure, two women are being talked about as a successor — barbara lagoa, a cuban—american from florida, and amy coney barrett from indiana. a wallet, and inanimate but in social outlook, they couldn‘t be more different objects, has received more from the liberal justice justice than breonna taylor ruth bader ginsburg. today. and this decision is and at trump rallies, intended to enable state there‘s a new chant for 2020. centred violence against the chanting: fill that seat! community. and so a stand in solidarity with the colleagues we will. and comrades of ours in the fill that seat, fill that seat! "fill that seat, fill that seat," they call. streets of louisville tonight. and it looks like donald trump will, shifting the court of course it is absolutely gutting what happened. you say in a markedly conservative direction. the officers had a blood on the liberal era on abortion, gay rights, immigration reform their hands, the problem is may well be coming to an end. because of what happened at the jon sopel, bbc news, door, the confusion at the door there is conflicting evidence on that. the officers were washington. fired on breonna taylor's for more than 65 years, boyfriend. 0ne fired on breonna taylor's boyfriend. one of those bullets killed her. another officer he has been shaking and stirring first readers
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and then filmgoers alike, carrying out top secret work goes outside and apparently on behalf of her majesty‘s secret service. i am of course talking about james bond. he doesn‘t really exist, fires blindly into darkened windows. he has been but it turns out there may prosecuted. it was i was going have been a real mr bond. to be tricky, this particular this report from the bbc‘s tim case, legally, wasn't it?|j don't think there is any allman is for your eyes only. question that they came searching for something that they didn't find. there is also some evidence that proves the he is the world‘s way they obtained the warrants most famous spy. was all sorts of suspect. so what we know for certain is 007, license to kill — you know the rest. that breonna taylor was james bond‘s latest murdered. she was murdered. and adventure no time to die is due in cinemas, covid willing, later this year. the police should not be the judge and the jury that are that is fiction but here executing people in the streets with impunity. that is not fair. forgive me. she wasn't in poland‘s cold war archives, murdered. that requires intent. they did not go there intending to kill her. it doesn't seem extraordinary, absolutely, that facts have emerged about a woman can be killed in her a previously unheard of british agent with a very familiar own flat in the middle of the night by police, by police name, bond, james albert bond. he came to poland in the early 60s, working as an archivist acting on wrong intelligence. it was a completely in the british embassy misconceived raid, it has been but there established, and that $12 million can be paid out, seems to be much more
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legally, apparently criminally, nobody is responsible.” to him than that. legally, apparently criminally, nobody is responsible. i think that shows the floor in the system. the system is working translation: we know he spent almost a year in poland. he worked at the military exactly as it was designed, attache office. he showed interest in which is not to defend particulars of black people in military facilities. this country. a thing that is he liked womenjust like his literary namesake why black people in this but there is no word country are in the streets, because they do absolutely in the files about martinis. believe that breonna taylor was murdered and someone needs to but there is information be held accountable for it. i he liked polish beer. think what we know for certain bond was created by ian fleming, the first novel is that the kentucky attorney published in 1953. general shared his faulty rationale for this decision during a press conference legend has it he was condescending to the very community that has been in the named after an author of a book about birdwatching. streets and seen this time and time and time again. we know that grand juries in this country in date 99.9% of the the character became iconic, appearing in dozens of films, time, meaning that the perhaps inspiring his less prosecutors have tremendous well—known counterpart. translation: he came to poland power and what teachers to present. so what we know is that if the ag had made a decision that he was going to in 1964 at the time goldfinger push for justice decision that he was going to push forjustice for decision that he was going to push for justice for breonna taylor it would have been possible. so this is cowardice on behalf of the leadership, the elected leadership of was being shown in cinemas. kentucky, the elected maybe he was playing games with polish counterintelligence?
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leadership in louisville, and maybe he had a sense of humour? oui’ leadership in louisville, and our people are standing to demand justice. their demands felming‘s creation became are very clear, that these a global phenomenon. james albert bond left poland in 1965 and, like all good spies, offices need to be fired and disappeared into the shadows. their pensions needed to be the name is allman, revoked because they murdered tim allman, bbc news. breonna taylor. they need to be a number of cougars have been spotted strolling through the suburbs of the chilean capital, diverted from, we need to santiago. divest from the police scientists say coronavirus lockdowns have embolded department that murdered the cougars who have been breonna taylor and invest in searching for food after years of drought in the andes. local zoo workers captured one community building. there needs to be an immediate resignation cougar that became trapped in a neighbourhood garden. 01’ to be an immediate resignation it was released back or impeachment of the mayor, greg fisher, and there needs to be an end to excessive force. this metric council using this into the wild after a medical. force. police violence is gun violence. these police shootings, we have had a police just briefly, reminder of that shootings, we have had a police shooting that has killed a main story, live pictures black person in this country every week in 2020. the 160 coming in from new york, these people in less than 244 days. protesters crossing the brooklyn bridge but there have this is a crisis. just like been protests in several covid—19 is a global pandemic, so covid—19 is a global pandemic, so is the crisis of antiblack racism in this country and we cities. all this in the middle are doing everything in our power to do something about that many people will sympathise with what you're saying, people will understand of the night in kentucky, shot your anger and the anger of many other people. we cannot in the home. no—one is to be
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say she was murdered, that charged with her killing. 0ne would require the police officers going there with intent to kill her, which they louisville officer is to be charged with the lesser offence don't think anyone is suggesting. but thank you very because it went into the much for talking to us. thank neighbours property. it‘s added you for having me. let's get some of the day's other news. more fuel to the widespread a petrol tanker has exploded after colliding with other protests. two other officers at vehicles in central nigeria, killing at least 25 people, the scene were not charged including some primary because they were returning school children. police in the city of lokoja say the tanker driver lost fire. they shot at them as they control and rammed into oncoming vehicles. broke through the front door. two police officers have been president donald trump has announced a new series of sanctions on cuba. shot. we understand their us citizens will be prohibited from staying at properties injuries are not a threat. 0ne owned by the cuban government. the importing of cuban cigars has also been banned. was undergoing surgery until since taking office, mr trump has tightened just recently. restrictions on cuba that were loosened by former president barack 0bama. injune 2019, the trump administration imposed heavy new restrictions there‘s more on the bbc news website on travel to cuba. and on twitter. after more than a month in hospital, much of it in intensive care, russian opposition leader alexei navalny has been discharged. mr navalny, a fierce critic of vladimir putin, was being treated in berlin
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hello there. for novichok poisoning. another autumnal—feeling day ahead for most of us. even in the sunshine, it‘ll be a cooler day than we‘ve become used to. the legendary french singer we had plenty and actressjuliette greco has of showers, though, through the day yesterday. died at the age of 93. that was whitby in a career spanning in north yorkshire. over half a century, plenty of sunshine, that said, she sang many well—loved hits for parts of northern and performed in over 30 films. ireland and scotland. and so, where we‘ve had a former member of the french the clear skies, the starry resistance, juliette greco skies through the night, began her career in temperatures will start the day the nightclubs of paris' close to freezing in the glens. latin quarter, and her songs charted the rebirth of france but across eastern england, after the second world war. we‘ve had a bout of heavy rain and strong winds. there have been violent clashes in belarus after the country's longtime president alexander lukashenko was sworn in for a sixth time in an unannounced ceremony. those are starting to clear in the capital minsk, out into the north sea, water cannon were used. but hot on their heels another protesters were struck area of low pressure with batons as riot police detained dozens, as they tried which will cross england through the day. to stop the demonstrations, so, again, a spell of heavier as mark lobel reports. rain sweeping its way northwards, gale—force winds picking up following to push in or usher in clusters of heavy showers with hail screaming and thunder in their midst. and this rain could get stuck in some areas. violence back on the and even to the south of it, streets of minsk. protesters confronting police. given that there‘ll be stronger winds, gusts up to 60 mph many bundled away once again. in exposed coastal areas that could cause some local president lukashenko's sixth damage, with gusty winds inauguration reigniting anger after last month's inland as well. only 15, i think, the high, compared with the 21 disputed election. that we had yesterday, and some real downpours around.
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he‘ll and cold if you‘re stuck there is no surprise under this rain band for everybody that this in the north east, possibly inauguration took place southern scotland, even parts in secret, because they realise that mr lukashenko is afraid of northern ireland, although the majority of bela rusian people. here having dry and sunny they don't trust him. they don't believe him. people will never forgive him for the crimes and they will never forget the crimes. weather and so, too, despite the sweeping motorcade, this was not a normal inauguration. it was unannounced — for a leader so unwelcome. in front of several hundred for the north bussed in local officials, and west of scotland. but only 11—12 degrees, the russian—backed leader praised the military a far cry from what we‘ve for defending the country's become used to in sovereignty and independence — the last week or so. with foreign dignitaries there‘ll be plenty more are seemingly absent. together, he told them, showers following as we go they had prevented catastrophe, thwarted a revolution that through the night, and again had sought to shatter it‘ll turn chilly under the foundations of the clearer skies further north. belarusian statehood. but on the streets protests but i think friday will feel continued into the night chillier still for many of us, as a barrage of international condemnation undermined and that‘s because of president lukashenko's a change in wind direction. claims to office. and as opposition calls we‘ve pulled the low pressure for dialogue continue, away into the north sea the president seems and the low countries, intent on not listening. 00:13:47,247 --> 4294966103:13:29,430 mark lobel, bbc news. and instead we get this northerly wind. high pressure starting to move in from the west, which quietens the shower activity down. it won‘t be dry altogether. we‘ll still see some in western areas. we could have almost gale—force winds down the north sea coasts, bringing rain to lincolnshire, east anglia the south east as well.
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it‘ll feel chillier, distinct wind chill in this part of the world as well. some sunnier skies prevailing further west eventually, and those prevail through the weekend potentially with that area of high pressure continuing. although near the north sea coasts, always the chance of brisker winds ushering showers, possibly longer spells of rain at times through saturday, sunday. the detail is going be difficult at this stage, but, as ever, we‘ll keep you updated and more of course on our website. bye— bye.
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this is bbc news, the headlines: two police officers have been shot during protests by thousands of people in louisville, kentucky, at the news that no officer will be charged with the killing of the black medical worker breonna taylor, shot by police in her own home in march. there are protests in
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several other cities. 0ne officer has been indicted, accused of the lesser offence of wanton endangerment. there‘ve been large protests into the night in belarus, against the inauguration of alexander lu kashenko for a sixth term as president. last month‘s election result is still being angrily disputed. some demonstrators in the capital, minsk, wore fake crowns to mock his swearing—in, which went ahead unannounced. riot police have been out in force. the united states has begun three days of tributes to the supreme courtjustice ruth bader ginsburg, who died on friday aged 87. her casket is lying in repose on the steps of the court
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