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tv   BBC News  BBC News  August 28, 2020 3:00am-3:31am BST

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is highly sought after as a surrogates during the 2016 campaign because he very much appeals to women. she appeals to professional women. she came gci’oss to professional women. she came across as a gentler, side of the trump empire. a very cosmopolitan, international figure. she was also very striking. she still is. she looks good on the campaign trail will stop and she was successful in her own right. and i think she again she's going to be used in that way. they still have a problem with women. the polls show that women. the polls show that women voters at the moment preferjoe biden to donald trump. we have seen a number of women appeal, make direct appeals to those wavering suburban women in particular, andi suburban women in particular, and i think this is what ivanka's travel is and what she will try to do in the next few minutes.
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she will be speaking from the south lawn and introducing her father, the president? that's right and father, the president? that's rightand again father, the president? that's right and again itjust shows how much this is the trump show. president trump is his own cheerleader and best spokesperson but he also loves having his family around. he trusts his family which is why he surrounded himself in the white house, quite co ntroversially, white house, quite controversially, with his children as senior advisors. he has ivanka trump and her husband jared kushner as his middle east assistant tried to strike up a peace deal. they have also opened in up to charges of nepotism. to shut him. but he trusts them and to the president that gets what he wa nts.
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the president that gets what he wants. ivanka trump introducing her father, very lawyerly, and we will hear soon what she has to say. what is her day-to-day role in the white house? i am so role in the white house? i am so sorry. . . role in the white house? i am so sorry... can you hear me? that shaking of the head is pretty devastating. never mind. that is communications in the west wing. let's explain what is happening. in about a minute 01’ is happening. in about a minute orso, is happening. in about a minute or so, the president's older daughter, ivanka trump, of white house senior adviser, along with her husband jared kushner, will introduce president trump and of course this is really the climax of the republican national convention. katty kay is watching. your thoughts as we approached the climax of this convention? we spoke to ivanka
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trump earlier, about having political ambitions of her own. she has been very loyal to her father, standing by his side and adding something softer to the trump family. it is not surprising that it is going to be ivanka trump. she comes from quite liberal background in new york once coming into washington and becoming an advisor to the president, has become fully committed to the trump project and speaks lovingly about what mr trump has done for women in the country, for working women, for mothers like herself. she is going to get out and make the picture again. this is constant through the week... here she is. she's about to introduce her father. good evening.
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before i begin, i want to send a special message to everyone who has been affected by hurricane laura, our hearts are with you and the president will continue to support you every step of the way and, just like americans always do, the nation will come together to help you rebuild your homes, businesses and communities, stronger and more resilient than ever before. applause . four years ago i introduced to you a builder, an entrepreneur, an outsider and the people's nominee for president of the united states.
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tonight, i stand president of the united states. tonight, istand before president of the united states. tonight, i stand before you as the proud daughter of the people's president. cheering and applause. he is our commander in chief, champion of the american boko, defender of common sense “— the american boko, defender of common sense —— american worker, he is our president and my father, donald j trump! worker, he is our president and my father, donaldj trump! this evening, i wanted to tell you about the leader i know and the moment i wish every american can see. want to tell you the a president who is fighting for you from dawn to midnight, when the cameras are left, the microphone is a rough and the decisions really count. when jared and i moved to washington
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without three children, our kids loved it from the start. my kids loved it from the start. my son, joseph, promptly built grandpa a replica of the white house. the president still displays it on the mantle of the oval office so can show world leaders so they know he has the greatest grandchildren on earth. i agree. 0ver has the greatest grandchildren on earth. i agree. over the last four years, we have learned a lot. i have seen in washington, it is easy for politicians to survive if they sign the convictions and skip the hard fight. i could not believe so many politicians actually prefer to complain about the problem rather than fix it. i was shocked to see people leave major challenges and solve so they can blame the other side, campaign on the same issue in the next election. but donald trump did not come to washington to win
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praise, he came to washington for one reason and one reason alone, to make america great ain! alone, to make america great again! cheering and applause. my again! cheering and applause. my father has a strong convictions. he knows what he believes and he says what he thinks is not whether you agree with him or not, you always know where he stands. i recognise that my dad's communication style is not to everyone's taste and i know that he is tweets can feel a bit unfiltered but the results, the result speak for themselves. applause .heis applause . he is so unapologetic about his beliefs that he has caused me and countless americans to ta ke me and countless americans to take a hard look at our convictions and ask ourselves, what do we stand for? what kind
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of america do we want to leave for our children? i am also than ever before that we want a future that our kids can believe in american greatness. we wa nt believe in american greatness. we want a society where every child can live in a safe community and go to a great school of their choice. we want a culture where differences of opinion and debate are encouraged, not cancelled. when law enforcement is respected. where our country's which diversity is celebrated away people of all backgrounds, races, gender and creeds, people of all backgrounds, races, genderand creeds, have the chance to achieve the god—given potential. this is the future my father is working to build each and every day. applause . building, after all, applause . building, afterall, is what he has done his whole life. he has admired and befriended construction workers on cou ntless construction workers on countless worksites but it has
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been a new and profound experience for him and for me to see the stake machine workers, come to him with a tear in their eye and thank him for being the only person ever going to the mat for him, for their jobs, going to the mat for him, for theirjobs, families going to the mat for him, for their jobs, families and futures. to the hard—working and women across america and here tonight, you are the reason my father fight with all of his heart and all of his might, you are the reason he ran for president in the first place and you are the reason going to keep fighting for four more years! cheering and applause. ‘all chant: four more yea rs. applause. ‘all chant: four more
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years. i remember one evening in early february, 2018. we we re in early february, 2018. we were in the oval office with the top economic advisers and the president was pushing to renegotiate the bad trade deals that had gutted millions of jobs. most advisers argued the economy was so strong, following our economy was so strong, following our historic cut that it did not make sense to rock the boat. after the meeting, as i walked with my father, he said, you know, the reason this has never been done before is because our leaders have never had the guts. with the economy is good, they settle for good and when things are bad do not have the will and ability and so have the will and ability and so they kick the can until it is somebody else's problem. he was right. if my father did not ta ke was right. if my father did not take on these bites, no—one would. in the months that followed, president trump refused to settle for a good deal, he wanted a great deal and ultimately that is exactly what we god. . . i remember
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each time he was updated on the progress with the new trade deal with mexico and canada, he was a don't let down the dairy farmers we met in wisconsin, i do not want them to like this deal, i want them to love it. today, in the midst of this unprecedented global pandemic, it is more clear than ever that our president was absolutely correct to take on trade when he did and regard jobs, factories back to the usa. as our nation and draws this great trial, i pray for the families who are mourning the loss of a loved one, for those were battling covid—19, and for the first respondent and healthcare
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heroes who remain on the frontline of this fight, the grief, sorrow and anxiety during this time is felt by all. i have been with my father andi all. i have been with my father and i have seen the pain in his eyes when he receives updates on the lives stolen by this plague. i have witnessed him make some of the most difficult decisions of his life. i sat with him in the oval office as the stopped travel to europe. i watched him take the strongest, most exclusive economy in a lifetime, the highest wage increase and lowest unemployment in the decades and close it down to save american lives. applause .itis applause . it is why our president rapidly mobilise the full force of government in the private sector to produce ventilators within weeks, to build the most robust testing system in the world and to develop safe treatment and very soon a
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vaccine. my father is not deterred by defeatist thinkers. the word impossible only motivates him. donald trump rejects the cynical notion that this country's greatest achievements are behind us. he believes that nothing is beyond our reach and that the best is yet to come. cheering and applause. i have seen all of my life how my dad believes in the potential of each individual. earlier this evening, we were all inspired by the incredible testimony of alice johnson, all inspired by the incredible testimony of alicejohnson, a great—grandmother sentenced to life in prison for a first—time nonviolent drug offence. together we watched alice leave prison after nearly 22 years. as she ran into the arms of her
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family and celebrated a reunion, my father got very quiet. i could see the emotion on his face. after a long silence he looked at me and said, imagine how many people there are, just like alice. from that point on, it he became a voice for those silent by an unfairsystem. became a voice for those silent by an unfair system. the 1994 biden crime belt which disproportionately had african—americans he dismantled. against all odds, he brought together republicans and democrats and pass the most significant, criminal justice reform of our generation and we're getting started. cheering and applause. my father did not campaign on this issue stop he tackled this injustice because he has a deep compassion for those who have been treated
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unfairly. more than rhetoric and political prose, the ability to build consensus and achieve by patterson success will help heal our country and bring us forward together. —— bipartisan success. president trump is advancing the american values of work and family. four yea rs values of work and family. four years ago in cleveland i said president trump would deliver for working women. last year, over 70% of all newjobs were secured by women. cheering and applause. monisha four years ago i told you my father would focus on making childcare affordable and accessible. in president trump's first term, we secured the largest ever increase for childcare funding, giving more than 800,000 low income families great childcare at a cost they can afford. as part of republican tax cuts, and 2019 alone, our child tax
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credit brought over $2000 into the pockets of 40 million american families. applause. democrat politicians recently introduced a plan to increase the child tax credit when i was biting less than three years ago the president's direction to get congress to double the tax credit, not a single democrat voted to pass the law. we got it done anyway. four years ago, i promised that president trump would support mothers in the workforce. in his first year in office, he signed into law the first ever national paid leave tax credit. today, eight million more americans have access to this benefit. applause. four years ago, i said that americans needed an economy that permits people to rise
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again. during president trump's first three years in office, 7296 first three years in office, 72% of all newjobs went to americans who had been outside the workforce. four years ago, i told you i would fight alongside my father and four yea rs alongside my father and four years later, here i am. applause. many of the issues my father has championed are not historically republican priorities, yet where washington chooses sides, our president chooses commonsense. where politicians choose party, our president chooses people. applause since the day he took the oath of office, i have watched my father take on the failed policies of the past and there was no leader has done before. recently, he took dramatic action to cut the cost of prescription drugs despite
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building angry calls from the ceos of nearly every major pharmaceutical company. now, when we see attack ads paid for by big pharma, my dad smiles and says to me, "you know, we are doing something really right if they are heading are so right if they are heading are so hard". applause this spring, our president saw that american crops were going to waste because food supply chains were disrupted by the virus. he directed the secretary and me to find a way to get this nutritious food, fresh fruit and vegetables, meat and dairy, two families most in need. within a matter of days, we launched a program that has now delivered over 100 million meals into the hands of american families. applause to protect the most vulnerable among us, to protect the most vulnerable
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among us, i have worked alongside the president as he signed into law nine pieces of legislation to combat the evil of human trafficking. applause i have stood by my father's side at dover air force base as he has received ourfallen heroes and each time it has steeled his resolve to finally stop, finally stop the endless foreign wars. applause to change the paradyne in the middle east, he took a fresh approach. i heard foreign leaders begged him not to move the american embassy to jerusalem but he delivered on a promise also made and unfulfilled by past presidents because my father knew that it was the right thing to do. defying all expectations, just weeks ago, he rewrote history again by making a peace
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agreement in the middle east, the biggest breakthrough in a quarter—century. applause for the first time in a long time, we have a president who has called out washington's hypocrisy and they hate him for it. dad, people attack you for being unconventional but i love you for being real and i respect you for being effective. 0ur president refuses to surrender his beliefs to score points with the political elite. to my father, you are the elite, you are the only people he cares
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about scoring points with. if these problems were easy to solve, previous presidents would have done so, but you don't achieve different results by doing things the same way. washington has not changed donald trump, donald trump has changed washington. applause america doesn't need an empty vessel who will do whatever the media and the friends of his party demands. now more than ever, america needs four more yea rs of ever, america needs four more years of a warrior in the white house! applause tonight, i could not be more proud to introduce my father, a mani proud to introduce my father, a man i know was made for this moment of history. my fellow
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americans, our first lady and the 45th president of the united states, donaldj trump. applause various ivanka trump, the president's oldest daughter and senior white house advisor introducing president trump and melania trump who are now walking from the blue room down to the podium. with me now is kay from washington. she described her father as the people's president, i have not heard that before. i mean, look at the stagecraft of this for a second. using the white house to full advantage in what is a campaign real action. which is why some people are pretty askance that that is happening there. we have a president there. we have a president there who is wife, maloney, walking down the stairs with
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incredible lighting. we have ivanka trump talking about her father being as tough as nails —— melania. the reason he is effective is he can do what others can't. his twitter feed being unfiltered, his communication style is not to everybody‘s taste and she can go over that because she is his daughter and he adore so. a lot of people couldn't but that is what makes such an effective person to introduce him because she can take those little digs at him but also paint him as someone at him but also paint him as someone who is very tough and on the side of the american people. can see, as on the side of the american people. (an see, as you suggested by presidents would wa nt to suggested by presidents would want to use the south lawn of the white house lit up at night for what is a political rally. and of course, weight is so controversial. there is this thing in america which means that federal employees should not be using their position for political advantage and there area political advantage and there are a lot of people on social media at the moment saying that
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ivanka trump, it's not a law that applies the president but ivanka is a federal employee, an advisor to the president in the white house and that she should not have been making a political speech as a federal employee from the white house. you would imagine previous presidents might be looking at this and thinking, why didn't they have the chance to speak from the white house? i'm sure they would and wondering whether they could make all convention speeches from the white house. i think we are about to see something very different though. ivanka gave us different though. ivanka gave us the kind of soft, fuzzy compassionate side of donald trump stop she talked about her kids, how want of them built a lego white house and how it sits on the oval office and he shows it off to world leaders. this will be a much tougher speech. thank you very much, thank you very much. thank you. thank you very much. thank you. thank you very much. thank you. thank you
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very much. friends, delegates and distinguished guests, please. i stand before you tonight honoured by your support, proud of the extraordinary progress we have made together over the last four incredible years and brimming with confidence in the bright future, we will build for america over the next four yea rs. applause we begin this evening, our thoughts are with the wonderful people who have just come through the wrath of hurricane laura. we are working closely with state and local officials in texas, louisiana, arkansas, mississippi, sparing no effort to save lives while the hurricane was fierce, one of the strongest ever to make landfall. the strongest in
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ivanka years, the casualties and damage were far less than thought possible only 24 hours ago. applause and this is due to the great work of female law enforcement - fema work of female law enforcement — fema law enforcement, and individual states. i will be going this weekend and congratulations, thank you for the greatjob congratulations, thank you for the great job out congratulations, thank you for the greatjob out there. we really appreciate it. we are one nationalfamily really appreciate it. we are one national family and we will a lwa ys one national family and we will always protect, love and care for each other. here tonight are the people who have made my journey possible and filled my life with so much joy. for her incredible service to our nation and its children, i want to thank our magnificent first lady. applause
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i also want to thank my amazing daughter ivanka for that introduction and to all of my children. ivanka, please stand up. and to all of my children and grandchildren, i love you more than words can express. i know my brother robert is looking down on us right now from heaven. he was a great brother and was very proud of thejob we are brother and was very proud of the job we are all doing. thank you, we love you robert. let us
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all take a moment to show our profound appreciation for a man who has always fought by our side and stood up for our values. a man of deep faith and steadfast conviction. 0ur vice president mike pence. applause and mike isjoined by his beloved wife, a teacher, and military mum, karen pants. thank you, karen. —— pence. my fellow americans, tonight, with a heart full of gratitude and boundless optimism, i profoundly accept this
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nomination for president of the united states. applause all chant: usa!. the republican party, the party of abraham the republican party, the party of abra ham lincoln the republican party, the party of abraham lincoln goes forward united, determined and ready to welcome millions of democrats, independents and anyone who believes in the greatness of america and the righteous heart of the american people. applause ina new applause in a new term as president, we
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will again build the greatest economy in history, quickly returning to full employment, soaring incomes and record prosperity. applause we will defend america against all threads and protect america against all dangers. we will lead america into new frontiers of ambition and discovery and we will reach for new heights of national achievement. we will rekindle new faith in our values, new pride in our history, and a new spirit of unity that can only be realised through love for our great country. applause . because we understand that america is not a land cloaked in darkness, america is the
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