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tv   BBC News  BBC News  August 26, 2020 3:00am-3:31am BST

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a warm welcome to bbc news. my name is mike embley. our top stories: keeping it in the family: melania trump is to headline the second night of the republican national convention. wisconsin declares a state of emergency as the family of the unarmed black man shot by police say he's been paralysed. my son matters. he's a human being and he matters. the uk government reverses its advice on the use of masks in secondary schools in england. and a new arrangement — the bbc says it will play rule britannia at the last night of the proms,
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but without the words. hello to you. the second night of the republican national convention is well under way. the theme tonight, ‘land of opportunity'. among the speakers are two of president trump's children and his wife melania, and the secretary of state, mike pompeo. our correspondent, jane o'brien joins me now from washington. it would be the first time this administration has ignored convention, but there are questions about the use of the white house, the people was my committees of federal employees in the use ofjerusalem, mixed up in the use ofjerusalem, mixed up party politics? of these are very controversial decisions and house democrats are saying they want to investigate this.
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the white house is being used asa the white house is being used as a consistent backdrop for donald trump, he has a ready usedit donald trump, he has a ready used it to make a speech, he used it to make a speech, he useditin used it to make a speech, he used it in video clips as part of this convention, and melania trump, the first lady, will be speaking from the rose garden later on tonight. the concern is this, as you say, is the people because my cows, and that to use it as a prop for party politics defies tradition, convention, and could also land the president or the party campaign in legal jeopardy. because there is also the hatch act, which restricts federal employees from taking pa rt federal employees from taking part in political events. so, if you have a staff at the white house who finds themselves being brought into themselves being brought into the republican party convention, then that could count as being part of a political event. and if it is deemed to be president or the
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campaign has coerced that federal employee, that could be further legal jeopardy. federal employee, that could be further legaljeopardy. so all of these questions are swirling around, but of course there is no precedent for that because this is really the first time in modern history that this has happened. as for mike pompeo, we will be hearing from him later on. is on diplomatic mission to the middle east, and he is taking the opportunity to use jerusalem as he is taking the opportunity to usejerusalem as the backdrop to his speech, again mixing diplomacy, which should be a bipartisan effort in the interests of a broader america, for party — with party politics and with very partisan politics. the state department has said he is acting as an individual, they have nothing to do with this, there is no public money, and they have not facilitated this in any way. but nevertheless, again, a very controversial decision. and as other commentators have pointed out, being there plays rather well to mr trump's fundamentalist christian voters. does mr pompeo no harm
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at all if he possibly runs for the presidency in the future? there are all sorts of rumours swirling around about who may be the successor to donald trump, cue may be inheriting the mantle of the republican party that matthew may be inheriting the mantle of the republican party in 2024, we are not through 2020, but yes, mike pompeo could be positioning himself was that he gets the name recognition of being secretary of state, his donald trump is my favourite at the moment, one of the more longer lasting —— positioning himself. he gets the name recognition of being secretary of state, he is donald trump's favourite at the moment. nikki haley is also positioning herself for a run for the presidency in 2024. she is someone presidency in 2024. she is someone who has not fallen out with donald trump, she didn't get fired from her post as the ambassador to the un. she shares a lot of his values, she
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isa woman, shares a lot of his values, she is a woman, she is of indian heritage, she is the daughter of immigrants, she also has a very good personal story and, you know, again, could be seen asa you know, again, could be seen as a frontrunner. that's been a rumour that has gone on for quite some time. so politics, you just never know. and i'm sure there's going to be a lot more people vying to take on the presidential campaign in 2024. and remaining people on the other side of the screens are missing the convention at the moment. much of it recorded as the democratic convention had to be, much of that virtual, we will be going to live. we are expecting to hear a recorded each from eric trump before we get to the other people you have been mentioning. the democrats made the most of doctorjoe biden and michelle 0bama ——joe biden, but we are hearing from six members of the trump family at this convention. i don't
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think so, simply because it has been known for a long time that the president trusts his family above and beyond anybody else. loyalty is incredibly important to him. and when he came into the white house, his family came, too, and that included is anchored trump, co ntroversially, anchored trump, controversially, and perhaps even more controversially, her husband, jared kushner, who became the special envoy to the middle east, and has been largely tasked with rushing out a middle east peace plan. that raised eyebrows because he has no diplomatic experience whatsoever. and certainly not in the highly complex world of middle eastern politics. if anchored trump —— ivanka, questions about her business interests, her father's business interests and empire, without create conflicts of interest with her role in the white house. there has been controversy, as you know, over the last 3—4 years, and that
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continues. if any, the last 3—4 years, and that continues. ifany, eric, donald jr, we have already heard from tiffa ny jr, we have already heard from tiffany tonight, they have lesser roles but they are still trusted blue tenants. he still turns to his family for advice —— the tenants, and —— lieutenants, and we will be hearing from maloney, it will be interesting to hear what tone she sets —— melania, she is not a comfortable public speaker and this by her standards will be a rather long speech. we will go there as soon as possible and to hear from eric trump. —— as soon as we can hear from from eric trump. —— as soon as we can hearfrom eric trump. the family of an unarmed black man who was shot by police in wisconsin say he has been paralysed from the waist down. the shooting on sunday evening has led to violent clashes and demonstrations on the streets of the city of kenosha. mr blake's family have called for calm. 0ur north america correspondent, aleem maqbool is there. and a warning: his report contains images that some
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may find distressing. another american city turned into a conflict zone after the police shooting of a black man. it was the turn of kenosha, wisconsin, to feel the wrath of angry demonstrators. the start of a curfew only made more pour onto the streets to confront police, who reacted with force. it has gotten extremely tense since the curfew passed. you can see tear gas, pepper spray, being fired by the police outside the courthouse here. it's being thrown back by some of the protesters who have been lobbing plastic water bottles, sometimes even fireworks fired at the police. and demonstrators were undeterred and caused more destruction. it wasn't long before vehicles were set on fire, even buildings. many told us they felt this was the only way people would take notice of them. it feels like a breath of fresh air, honestly, because we finally get to say
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what we've always wanted to say to them. i've been stopped and harassed by the police many times in my own town, and just because i look like someone that i'm not. and that's...| don't want to feel that way. are you prepared to come out for... weeks and weeks, months and months, as long as we get the justice that we need forjacob. jacob blake, seen here walking around his car, followed by two officers. when he opens the door, he is shot several times at close range in the back. his children were in the vehicle at the time. that man literally just grabbed him by his shirt and looked the other way and was just shooting him! with the kids in the back, screaming! they shot my son. seven times, seven times. like he didn't matter,
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but my son matters. he's a human being, and he matters. do jacob justice on this level and examine your hearts. we need healing. but the protesters didn't heed that plea. by day, it was clear to see the destruction of government buildings and millions of dollars of damage to many private businesses. not everyone is understanding. oh, it's definitely terrorism, to me. terrorism is a violent act with intimidation with a political gain. but some of those young people were saying this is the only way they can get their voice heard. but there's other ways. though we still don't have a police explanation for the shooting, it's likely the protests will go on,
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particularly as we get to know more about how it's all affected the life of jacob blake. aleem maqbool, bbc news, in kenosha, wisconsin. let's ta ke let's take you back to the republican national convention, we are expecting eric trump to have a recorded speech in a few minutes. we will speak first to our correspondent, jenna ryan in washington, dc. jane, other people made this point. the democrats really wanted last week to make this election a referendum on donald trump as my character, but watching this convention, even what we have seen so far does mcdonald trump's character, it is laying out as it is character and record were strengths. it is as if the pandemic, the economic just hasn't happened? you have to remember that his supporters absolutely to remember that his supporters a bsolutely love to remember that his supporters absolutely love him. they are fiercely loyal, they are passionate about him, even to the point of protective. and i
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don't think anything that the democrats had last week will have changed that. donald trump is trying to get them to come out and vote and notjust his base, but also reluctant republicans who may have voted for him in 2016 who might not like to admit it now, but are still going to vote for him in 2020. so he's really trying to motivate his base. and as far as playing to his strengths and pretending that the bad things haven't happened, well, this is a republican party convention. this is donald trump showcasing himself before the 2020 elections. so of course he is going to be presenting himself in the best possible light. you've also got to remember a lot of his supporters have said that many of the problems that have beset him over the last three years, they believe that
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those were deliberate attacks on their man, trying to undermine a president who was only representing the little people, the people who had been left behind by the democrats, who had been forgotten. they considered this some kind of political shenanigans, the democrats' impeachment of donald trump was nothing more than a political showcase to undermine him and destroy his presidency. so for them, a lot of the issues that have been raised by the democrats on donald trump's text everywhere are not donald trump's text everywhere a re not really donald trump's text everywhere are not really that important —— critics everywhere, they still think the economy was all down to him, he is responsible for record low unemployment, that the stock markets of golf because of his deregulations, and a lot of that is due in the
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sense that it happened under his watch. but democrats was a president 0bama is that those wheels in motion and he has only reaped the rewards of the previous administration. nevertheless, his supporters will believe he is maligned and that he is still their man and the best man to represent them. we will cut away in a moment because we are expecting to go to that recording of eric trump about to speak now on this recording. let's go to that. good evening, america. when i stood on this convention stage four years ago, no—one fully understood storage change was about to take place. we could all feel it, something was happening —— this direct change. a movement was warming just below the surface. the forgotten man and woman in washington, dc were preparing to rise up. our movement followed the pattern of so many that came before us. first we we re that came before us. first we were ignored, then we were
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laughed out, then they fought hours and then together, we won. from that moment forward, america came first. america started winning again. america became respected again. but with every movement, there is a countermovement. and if you have the radical crowds, america is a source of the worlds problems —— in the view of the radical democrats. their only way forward is to raise history and forget the past. they want to destroy the monuments of our forefathers. they want to disrespect our flag, brandy stars and stripes that recommends —— brandy stars and stripes that represent the national lampoon. —— anthem. and taking a knee instead of the answer. they do not want the answer. they do not want the pledge of allegiance in our schools was that many don't wa nt schools was that many don't want one nation under god. the democrats want to defund and disrespect our law enforcement. the democrats want america where your thoughts and opinions are censored when they
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do not align with their own. president reagan said, it is never more than one generation away from extinction. it must be fought for and it must be protected. this is a fate that we are in right now. and it is a fight that only my father can win. my father ran not because he needed thejob, but win. my father ran not because he needed the job, but because he needed the job, but because he knew ha rd—working he needed the job, but because he knew hard—working people across this great country were being left behind. the media marked these patriots and the flyover state in which they lived. they ignored the trump flags, they ignored the millions of maga banners and barns painted in red, white and blue. the silent majority had no—one fighting for them in either party, their so—called leaders were bowing to china, bribing around and spending more time worrying about how they would be received by the elites in paris than how americans would provide for the families in pittsburgh. messi
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my families in pittsburgh. messi my father pledged to every american, in every state and town that he would make my father two america grade again and he did this, the economy so to great heights, heights that we re to great heights, heights that were never seen before. wages went through the roof and unemployment went down and opportunities where therefore black and hispanic americans. lights were turned back on an abandoned factories across the country. trillions of dollars we re country. trillions of dollars were repatriated back to the united states which had been sitting in foreign lands for far too long. 0nce once again america became the envy of the world and americans demanded for their share of defence of the american well, my father rebuilt military, added jet carriers and increase wages for many women in
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uniform, expanding the military budget by billions per year. america was no longer a week. the moment president trump took over, we killed some of the dangerous forces on the planet and this was the day of america took a stance and was never defeated by the enemy. terrorists dad. 0ver defeated by the enemy. terrorists dad. over and over, issue after issue, the economy, the wall, trade deals, military, supreme court justices, prescription drugs, moving the embassy to jerusalem, peace in the middle east, wars ended, promises made and promises for the first time we re and promises for the first time were kept. most politicians spend their entire careers in washington, dc and get absolutely nothing accomplished. for example, joe
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biden, he is a politician who has been in government for 47 yea rs! has been in government for 47 years! he is a career politician who has never signed a check and does not know this slightest thing about the american worker or the american business. the engine which feels the greatest economy that the world has ever known. the same politician who has been a total push are for communist china and someone who would be a giant relief for terrorists who have spent years running, hiding and taken out by the most talented military known to man. joe biden has pledged to raise taxes by $4 trillion, 82% of americans will see their taxes go up significantly. joe biden has pledged to stop the border wall construction and give amnesty and healthcare to all illegal immigrants. joe biden has pledged to defund police and take away your cherished second amendment. my father on the other hand delivered some of the largest
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tax cuts in history i know that if you do not have a border, you do not have a country and will always support law enforcement and the right to keep and bear arms. every day my father fights for the american people, the forgotten man and woman of this country. rule one to embody the american spirit which is unlike anything in the world. he built the new york city skyline, it built the hoover dam and soon under my father's leadership, he will send americans to planet mars. the american spirit can be felt in the majesty of the grand canyon, the shadows of mount rushmore and the stillness in the airof rushmore and the stillness in the air of gettysburg. it can seenin the air of gettysburg. it can seen in the wide—eyed wonder of every american child as they ta ke every american child as they take their first breath in the greatest country the world has ever known. it defeated fascism, it defeated communism and in 68 days it will defeat
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the empty, oppressive and radical views of the extreme left. ronald reagan ‘s quote ends with this: 0pen one day we can spend our sunset years telling our children what it was like in the united states where men and women were free." under president trump, freedom will never be a thing of the past, that is whatever the donald trump represents, a vote for the american spirit, the american dream and for the american dream and for the american flag. to the law enforcement officer, who has been attacked, betrayed and whose job they are trying to make extinct. my father will fight for you. to all houses of worship and to all people of faith, stripped of religious freedoms and religious liberties, my father will fight for you. to the voiceless, ashamed, censored, cancelled, my father will vote for you — —
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fight for you, and for the farmers, my father will fight for you. to every single mother and father, veterans, coalminers and to the american worker, my father will fight for you. and to every part american who believes that red, white and blue, my father will continue to fight for you. in closing, i would like to speak directly to my father. i miss working alongside you every single day but i am damn proud to be on the front lines of this fight. i am proud of what you are doing for this country. i'm proud to show my children what their grandfather is fighting for. i am proud to watch you give them hell, never stop. continue to be unapologetic. keep fighting for what is right. you are making america strong again. you are making america safe again. you're making america proud again and yes, together with
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the forgotten man and woman who we have not forgotten anymore, you are making america great again. dad, let's make robert proud of us this week, let's get another four years. i proud of us this week, let's get anotherfour years. i love you very much. god bless you and god bless the united states of america. that was eric trump ina of america. that was eric trump in a recorded speech. jane, quite a few claims there, i think that might be news to the middle east that there is peace in the middle east! 0n middle east that there is peace in the middle east! on other things, thatjoe biden is weak and he will not fight for workers, for veterans and he will raise taxes and defund the police and take away the second amendment rights, how does all of this play, do you think? this is a recurring theme of the convention. we expected that to be one of the talking
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points of the speakers at the convention because it was one of the stated aims of the convention, that they wanted to draw a stark comparison between a presidency underjoe biden which, the republicans say, would be fearful, destructive, it would be chaotic. there would be conflict and violence in inner cities and americans would their freedoms taken away under the auspices of the radical left, as they like to call the democrats at the moment. this is what they are trying to present to voters, that this is the choice. if they do not vote for president trump, that is what they will get. so eric trump really hammering home the message that has been one of the recurring themes. but i think, what was interesting to me, he was using imagery that really conjured up a lot of what the chain
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campaign has held to be patriotic symbols, he talks about the red, white and the blue. respect for the flag, saying that people who took the knee, which has become a popular protest against police brutality and a sign of civil liberty in america, donald trump has said that that is actually disrespectful, that is unpatriotic. talking about mount rushmore, talking about the hoover dam, talking about the hoover dam, talking about the great achievements as somehow combining them and interweaving them with a vision of donald trump's america. also betraying his father as a strong man, a fighter, he used the word fighting many, many times. somebody who will fight for the forgotten americans, the people left behind by the democratic party. in eric trump, we have seen a bringing together of all the things of
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this convention into a very powerful statement of what the, of what the trump presidency has been and what it will be, if he wins in 2020. jane, thank you very much for that. we will be back to the convention and we expect to hear from mike pompeo, the secretary of state, injerusalem, pompeo, the secretary of state, in jerusalem, unusually, pompeo, the secretary of state, injerusalem, unusually, a backdrop already causing quite a lot of comment. and after that, the first lady, melania trump. thank you. africa has been declared free from naturally occurring polio, a disease that used to leave tens of thousands of children paralysed every year. nigeria was the last country on the continent to have a case of wild polio four years ago. now, there are just two countries on the planet, where the disease is endemic. here's our medical editor, fergus walsh. just two drops of vaccine can prevent polio, and now africa's children are protected. polio can cause lifelong paralysis.
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these men in nigeria part of a para— soccer league are powerful advocates for immunisation. as polio survivors we know the difficulties we have faced for many years and today i'm happy that we are no longer going to have any polio in our continent. there are still some cases of vaccine derived polio in africa which occur in low immunisation areas. but naturally occurring polio has been eradicated. back in 1988 when the global eradication initiative was launched, polio was endemic in 125 countries, more than a thousand children per day used to be paralysed. since then cases have fallen by 99.9% when india was declared a polio free, that was a big moment, and it is now circulating
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in just two countries, pakistan and afghanistan. there have been more than 100 cases of wild polio there this year. this is an extraordinary achievement for public health and for the african continent and it shows what can be achieved when countries work together, together with international organisations, with civil society with industry, to actually achieve a common goal. there's also been progress with other vaccine—preventable diseases. back in 1990, there were 700,000 deaths a year from measles, a highly contagious virus. those have fallen by three—quarters, although cases have since risen sharply. there's also been a fall in deaths in two bacterial infections — whooping cough and meningitis. so vaccines have saved more lives in public health in the last 25 years than any other intervention, apart from clean water, so just to give an example,
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in 1991, 1 in 11 children used to die before their fifth birthday — that is now down to one in 25. most countries are now using an injectable polio vaccine, as global eradication inches closer. the aim — to consign polio to history. fergus walsh, bbc news. the government has revised its status on schools wearing face masks, it will be compulsory and elsewhere it will be up to educators to decide. we got as far as we fall so far.... educators to decide. we got as far as we fall so far. . .. back to class in leicestershire today, this school already decided on face coverings, pupils able to choose to wear them. most children will carry one anyway and we would advise to do this because they may wa nt to do this because they may want to go to the shops after and before school and those on
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and before school and those on a possible have to wear them on public buses and school buses. earlier in devon, the prime minister preparing the way for change, saying it was about keeping up with the science. there is far more risk to the well—being of our children from not going to school and there is from i'm afraid from the disease. so, that is my priority. 0n the issue of whether or not to wear masks in some context, we will look at the changing medical evidence as we go on and if we need to change the advice, then, of course we will. tonight, for secondary schools, the details, in areas where transmission of cases is high, compulsory use of face coverings in busy parts of face coverings in busy parts of the school, for all pupils and staff. but, where cases are low, it is up to the school. the clear advice welcomed by one head teachers union. what we have tonight is clarity, that if you are in an area


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