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tv   BBC News  BBC News  July 22, 2020 11:00pm-11:30pm BST

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have to do this, you have to just look at it differently, love wash your hands often, i am finding more and more people are saying wash your hands so, wash your hands. we want young americans to avoid packed bars and other crowded indoor gatherings and other crowded indoor gatherings and we are all in this together as americans... you are watching bbc news. do stable others as we bring you president trump's latest coronavirus briefing from the white house. we are working with talented people, very brilliant people and it's all going to work out, and it is working out. so it them i will take a few questions, please, yeah, please. mr president, i want to ask about the surge of federal agents in various cities, the mayor of portland said moments ago that you are doing this to divert attention from your failures on coronavirus, targeting citizens. we haven't had that failure. you are only targeting cities that are run by democrats is
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this a political stunt? the cities that are unfortunately in trouble are all run by democrats. you have radical left democrats running cities like chicago and so many others that we just had a news conference. unfortunately, that's the way it is. that's the facts. when you look at chicago and you look at thejob when you look at chicago and you look at the job mayor lightfoot sent mea look at the job mayor lightfoot sent me a letter yesterday, and i think in their own way, they want us to 90, in their own way, they want us to go, and there will be a time when they want us to go into full blast, but right now, we are sending extra people to help. we are arresting a lot of people that have been very bad as far as the coronavirus, as you say, i think we have done some amazing things, and i think you will probably see that if you compare our statistics to other countries if you look at death rates, and you will see into the future what is happening you are going to see some very very impressive numbers for the united states. mr president, do you plan to do a
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national staff pretty — — mr president, do you plan to do a national staff pretty —— strategy to reopen and reopen safely, and regarding the children in your family, your grandchildren, are you comfortable, do you plan to have them back in person in school? yeah, iam them back in person in school? yeah, i am comfortable with that. and we do have a national strategy, but as you know, ultimately come it's up to the governors of the states. many governors want the schools opened. i would like to see the schools opened, especially when you see statistics like this. great statistics. —— on young people and on safety. so we would like to see schools open. we want to see the economy open. wejust schools open. we want to see the economy open. we just had a report, literally, as i walked in, we set an all—time record on housing price increases. i think they said 21%, which is a record, it's never happened before. that's a great sign. we have an economy that's going to be booming come it's going to bea going to be booming come it's going to be a lot ofjobs being produced, thejob to be a lot ofjobs being produced, the job numbers will be coming to be a lot ofjobs being produced, thejob numbers will be coming out shortly, meaning over the next week orso, andi shortly, meaning over the next week or so, and i think it will be a continuation of the last two months.
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the last two months have been incredible. so i think we are going to have a great economy, fantastic next year, i think you are going to have a very good third quarter, actually, with the third quarter numbers coming out. interestingly, they will be announced just before they will be announced just before the election. they will be announced around november one. so, yeah, i would like to see the schools opened. ( hundred percent and we will do it safely— we will do it carefully. but when you look at the statistics i just read carefully. but when you look at the statistics ijust read having to do with children and safety, they are very impressive. they have strong immune systems. mr president, the children who go to school and go back to home, some live with grandparents, there is a real risk, would you understand of some schools... they do say that they don't transmit very easily and a lot of people are saying they don't transmit and we are looking at that, we are studying, john, very hard, that particular subject that they don't bring it home with them. now, they don't catch it easily, they don't bring it home easily, and if they do catch it, they get better fast. we
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are looking at that fact, that is a factor, and we are looking at the very strongly. we will be reporting about that over the next two weeks. mr president, three governors today came out with new orders on mass —— mask requirements come is that something you wish all the governors would do? well, a lot of the governors, they have different requirements. some of the governments are very strong on masks, others aren't. i think it's really going to ultimately be up to them. we have given them the facts, we have given them everything we know, they have their own facts. some are strong on masks, and as you know, some aren't in the same ballpark. i think all are suggesting if you want to wear a mask, you wear it. i bring one i have one, i've worn it. i think when i'm in certain settings like hospitals and various, or when i'm close, you know, when you can socially distance, i believe in it, let's see, i do. i have it. you know, in certain instances, i think you really... i think you want
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to travel with a mask. there are insta nces to travel with a mask. there are instances where you really can use it. i would believe it would be a good thing. dc mayor came out with such an order today, it of course doesn't apply to federal properties, but would you encourage federal properties, including the white house complex, to follow with the order? we are going to make a decision over the next 2a hours. we will let you know what that decision is stopping thank you. you on a please. president trump, do you agree with some republicans talking but the possibility of extending short—term on a plane in insurance today so that they prevent benefits from expiring? well, i think a lot of politicians are discussing that republicans, democrats, and right now, a lot of my representatives are on the hill they are discussing the ca res act on the hill they are discussing the cares act orface on the hill they are discussing the cares act or face forward, whatever you want to call it. ultimately, something good will come out of it. the economy is starting to really come back strongly when you look at the numbers, even with the fact that, like california is still
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closed up into many big states, i think the numbers are even more impressive considering that some states like california, big ones, aren't —— are pretty well shut down. so we expect to have something over a period of time, over the appropriate period of time. thank you, very much. does my questions, andrew fienberg and jc beulah, today you said you are sending federal law enforcement office rs sending federal law enforcement officers to run cities run by extreme politicians, that's a word you used, who happen to be all democrats, who supported black lives matter protests. ellen i didn't say that, i didn't say the supported black lives matter. i said democrat politicians. and these are the cities where you have the problem. if you look at chicago, if you look at detroit, if you look, i mean, look around for many of these cities where we have the problems and we are sending them help, but we are really waiting for them to call for the big help for them to call for the big help for the big numbers for the large numbers of people that we have ready, willing and able. you look at chicago, where 14 people were shot
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yesterday — over the weekend, many people died. many people were shocked. over the last month, they are setting record numbers. we are waiting for the mayor, respectfully, and other mayors we are ready willing and able to go in there with great force. now, we also have people that are going in and arresting drug dealers, arresting some of the shooters that are doing the shooting, we know who they are. we are working with police forces, and even though in some cases they are told don't work with the federal government, the police forces have great respect for the federal government and what we do. but we are ready, willing and able to go into the cities that are just being decimated with shootings. we are going to help, please.|j decimated with shootings. we are going to help, please. i have a question on crime, but first, i don't think we really got an explanation yesterday on why the health experts are no longerjoining you at these briefings, can you explain why? because there are briefing me, i meet with them, i just spoke with doctor about she, doctor burks is right outside, and
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they are giving me all of everything they are giving me all of everything they know as of this point in time. iam giving they know as of this point in time. i am giving the information to you, it's probably a concise way of doing commit seems to be working out very well. 0k, commit seems to be working out very well. ok, so... they are very much involved, they are very much, the relationships are all very good, all very good. the relationships that we have with the doctors, with everybody working on the virus has been, i think i'm extraordinary. kaylee is here, and i think you would say the same thing. you work with them all the time. when i can to any 16 from you said it was president obama small that homicides were up in chicago, so why was at the presidents fault then but it's not not your fault? was at the presidents fault then but it's not not yourfault? chicago was at the presidents fault then but it's not not your fault? chicago as it's not not your fault? chicago as it isa it's not not your fault? chicago as it is a map data —— disaster, the mayor is saying don't come in, the mayor is saying don't come in, the mayor is saying don't come in, the mayor is telling us not to come in, at some point, we can void that if we have to, but we may have to because it's out of control. i assume she saying that for political reasons. i think it's assume she saying that for political reasons. i think its negative political reasons. she's a
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democrats, i'm going to be nice, she's a democrat. she's making a big mistake. people are dying in chicago and other cities and we can solve the problem. they have to ask us, but we can solve the problem. why was it president obama stalled in 2016. you credit it as... president obama was invited and andy did a poorjob. president obama could've went into chicago and he could've solved the problem, and he didn't. in our case, they don't want us in. we can solve they don't want us in. we can solve the problem very easy. we are equipped with the best he income of the best people, and you see what we are doing. portland was coming down from it was busting at the seams. we went in and protected all the federal buildings. those federal buildings are totally protected, and we had to do that. portland is a very different place than chicago, but chicago should be calling us and so should should philadelphia and detroit and others to go in and really help them because when you are losing many people a weekend, many, are losing many people a weekend, any are losing many people a weekend, many, many people, you see the same numbers as i do, when you are losing these people, they should call us and they should say come on in. it's
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incredible to me, but they are not doing it. at some point, they will come at some point, we may have no other choice but to go in. mr president, you looking at closing for their chinese embassies in the united states? did you ask woody johnson to bring the british open to your property in scotland? no, i never spoke to woodyjohnson about that about my property. my property isa that about my property. my property is a highly respected course, as you know, one of the best in the world, andi know, one of the best in the world, and i read a story about it today, and i read a story about it today, andi and i read a story about it today, and i had never spoke to woody johnson about doing that. no. as far as closing additional embassies, it's always possible. you see what's going on. we thought there was a fire in the one that we did close, and everybody said there is a fire, there is a fire, and i guess they we re there is a fire, and i guess they were burning documents or burning papers and i wonder what that's all about. ok, one ortwo papers and i wonder what that's all about. ok, one or two more. papers and i wonder what that's all about. 0k, one or two more. thank you. would you like to respond to joe biden, who today you you
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might've heard, as the first races to be elected president, those are his words. you know, it's interesting because we did criminal justice reform, we passed criminal justice reform, we passed criminal justice reform, we passed criminal justice reform, something that obama and biden were unable to do. we did opportunity cities, we did the greatest — if you look at what we've done with opportunity zones, nobody has ever even thought of a plan like that. prior to the china plague coming in, floating in, coming into our country and really doing terrible things all over the world, doing terrible things, we have the best african—american hispanic american asian american, almost every group was the best for unemployment. the unemployment numbers were the best. you look at, so you look at employments, you look at opportunity zones, and maybe most importantly, you look at criminal justice reform. you look at the prison reform. i've done things that nobody else, and i say it openly,
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not a lot of people disputed... i have done more for black americans than anybody with an exception of abraham lincoln, nobody has even been close. thank you very much everybody. you can see president trump at his latest coronavirus briefing at the white house. he resumed them yesterday, he talked about a range of issues there — including saying that he would ioo% want us schools to open. saying that he would feel co mforta ble to open. saying that he would feel comfortable with his son and grandchildren going back to school. he also talked about increasing testing at nursing homes and giving more money to nursing homes as well in high—risk areas. he talked about he said the us is doing more testing than any other country in the world, and he also was asked a range of
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questions on other issues as well. well, to get all of that and go through it all, joining us now from los angeles is our correspondent david willis. david, as always, with a president trump briefing, there is plenty to unpick. what where the main takeaways for you though? very interesting — the slightly upbeat tone to his initial remarks, the president striking a very sober tone of course yesterday at that first briefing that you referred to in many months — devoted to the coronavirus. today, talking things up coronavirus. today, talking things up somewhat saying that in the worst affected states, states like texas, arizona, california, florida and so on, they were getting a handle on things. as you mentioned, stressing the need for people to return to school when the new school year opens here injust a school when the new school year opens here in just a few weeks' time. that's a very controversial move of course, because recent polls
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have shown that the majority of americans feel that it would be u nsafe for americans feel that it would be unsafe for children to go back to school given the current climate thus far is the coronavirus is concerned. the president going through as well some of the reasons for the recent surge in coronavirus cases here, citing amongst other things — young people gathering in bars, also the protests over the black lives matter issues which have brought people together — and the fa ct brought people together — and the fact that this had come, he suggested, from across the border in mexico. citing his plan to build out controversial wall along the us—mexico border as having an influence in effecting that positively, but nonetheless, that is a real danger. talked about 50 million tests being carried out in more than any other country. he also stressed the need, as i mentioned, for young people to return to school
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as soon as possible. david, just on that, you mentioned it already, but he talked about cases surging in mexico. cases are continuing to surge in the united states, particularly in southern states. how much do you feel that was a bit of electioneering —— electioneering, or do you think that his tone is changing? you know what, all of this is political. we are less than four months to go before the presidential election here. the president trailing in the polls, some polls putting joe biden 10—12 points ahead and president trump is very much on the back foot — as far as this is concerned. is this going to be an election about his handling of the coronavirus pandemic? we will wait to see, but at the moment, clearly, it is impacting his position in the polls, that something is very keen to do something about. going back to coronavirus again. yesterday, when he gave at first briefing come as
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you say, david, for many months, he talked about things getting worse before they get better. what is the latest assessment across america of how things stand for coronavirus?- you know west, we have a very serious situation no doubt about it in the south and southwest. of course, here, in california, which is now overtaken new york for the most coronavirus cases— it's a very serious situation, particularly in states like texas and florida— where there are i see you units that are running out of beds, for example, and we are seeing 10,000 cases and some of those states predate on a regular basis now. so very much a cause for concern. the president late to the party as far as warning about facemasks how your concern. he's now in bracing that message but some believe it's a bit too little and maybe a bit too late. always very good to talk to. thank you.
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and another developing today -- donald trump is sending federal agents to chicago and other us cities, to fight what he says is violent crime that's spiralling out of control. this comes after federal law enforcement officials were controversially deployed to portland, to put down protests there. the president is acting against the wishes of local leaders, who say he's provoking a constitutional crisis. here's how the president and the attorney general explained the move. this is from a separate press conference earlier. there has been a radical movement to defund, dismantle, and dissolve our police departments. we have just started this process, and frankly, we have no choice but to get involved. we have initiated this programme, operation legend, to step up the activity of our task forces, our anti—crime task forces in the hard—hit cities by committing more federal agents. well, the trump administration has
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ordered china to close its consulate in houston — in the latest escalation of diplomatic tension. the state department said, it was acting to protect intellectual property and private information. firefighters were called after reports of documents were being burned in the courtyard, but were apparently not allowed into the building. this is the explanation the us secretary of state, mike pompeo, gave for closing the consulate. we are setting out clear expectations of how the chinese communist party is going to behave and when they don't, we are going to take actions to protect the american people, our security and also protect our economy and jobs. that is the actions that you are saying taken by president trump and will continue to engage with this. here's the reaction earlier from the chinese foreign ministry at the daily news briefing. translation: china strongly condemns this outrageous and unjustified move to sabotage china—us relations. china orders the us to immediately withdraw its wrong decision, or china will definitely take
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the proper, necessary response. let's talk to former us ambassador to china, max baucus. hejoins us from belgrade, montana. it's very good to have you with us ambassador. what is your reaction to the events today? well, there is so much that's happened today, how much time do you have? number one, i think that the united states closing the houston consulate is a huge mistake. it's a further escalation and abysmal relationship between the us and china. it will force china to retaliate and they will probably close the american embassy in china, who knows where. i worry, frankly, there will be further retaliation from president trump them as he sat in today's press conference who did not rule out about closing down another consulate in the us. so it's not good. another thing is,
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another consulate in the us. so it's not good. anotherthing is, —— another thing that struck me is the potential federal forces going into chicago, or rather the jurisdiction of the united states. this to me sounds like the president running a law and order campaign. my honest view is that this is causing more violence than it's solving. trump doesn't mind that because it enables a lot of voters, you know, trump is protecting us. so there is a lot there, and it cries out for leadership. my honest opinion is we don't have sufficient leadership in the united states today. certainly not good leadership in respect to coronavirus, it's a war of —— war against coronavirus, the commander—in—chief did not do a good job of orchestrating the battle against coronavirus, so we are paying a huge price in the united states. so there is a lot there to go over. we can go into greater detail if you want, but there is a lot more there. let's stay with the
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situation between the us and china. obviously, you served as ambassador to china. if you were still in that role now, what would you be saying, what would you be advising the president to do next? first, we are americans first. chinese are chinese first, just like britons are british first. our bottom line is to make sure that us interests are protected. that begs the question how to protect them? i think one of the better ways is quiet diplomacy, not the heated rhetoric that we see. when president trump and his acolytes, pompeo, christopher rae that fbi director or builder the attorney general are engaged in very heated rhetoric against china, that makes things even worse. it undermines the reformers in china, those who want to work with the united states. it also hardens the nationalists in china, those who
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wa nt nationalists in china, those who want more hawkish policy towards the united states. i talked to my chinese friends, they are very worried about all of this. they are all very worried. they don't like it. in addition, they don't like what the united states is saying with respect to hong kong or respect to, it's not good. i may add, a bit gratuitously, the united states is really pressured borisjohnson into doing a 180 on zhuawei come i think that's a mistake. i think you should decide wait a minute, mr secretary, we are here, we are hearing you. as soon as pump ale left, my gosh 0k, we will do what you want united states. it makes the uk look weak. i think pompeo paid on a semi—weakness in britain right now, and that's brexit. he says to britain, you play ball with the united states, uk will play with you. 0k, ambassador.
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it could be dealt with another way. sorry to stop you there. we will stay with china but moved on from the brexit discussion right now. they do have you with us and things very much forjoining us. let's speak to victor gow, vice president of the centre for china and globalisation, a think—tank in beijing good to have you with us now. what is your reaction to the events? well, first of all, this is a sign of extremism, desperation and hysteria on the part of the washington government, and this is to be condemned and to be deplored. this leaves china with no other option but to reciprocate and to retaliate by closing a us consulate general in china. both the chinese people and the american people are going to suffer the consequences. this is not the way to demonstrate courage, vision, leadership, if washington really wants to demonstrate their leadership, focus
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on fighting on the coronavirus. focus on saving our american lives, focus on preventing more american people from getting infected by the pandemic — rather than barking up the wrong tree, rather than approaching china us relations by closing the consulate general. victor, let me ask you about this. this all comes as too —— just make chinese nationals were indicted on accusations of packing american intellectual property on behalf of china's spy agencies. we know for sure from all the records and details who is doing all the hacking, engaging in sabre espionage —— cyber espionage committee read anything by edward snowden, you will know for sure now that there are people who are desperate to divert attentions from the complete disaster and fiasco in handling the coronavirus. but what about these
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arrests ? coronavirus. but what about these arrests? these enticement —— indictments, are they baseless?|j don't indictments, are they baseless?” don't think they are living up to the truth. we need to know all the troops and the details of course. if you have a case, then, gradually, you have a case, then, gradually, you will go through the rule of law of the due process, and eventually, you will disclose all the details to the public. however, closing the consulate general which serves both the chinese people and the american people is a ludicrous thing, because people is a ludicrous thing, because people in six southern states in the united states will have greater inconvenience if they want to come visit china, if they want to visit their relatives, if they want to do any business in china. it does not only hurt the chinese who want do consulate services when they go to the united states. it also works for americans who want to come over to china. 0k, thank you so much for joining us, victor. we have to stop you there. thank you. thank you. that's all we have time
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for at the moment, but i will be back shortly with a round—up of tomorrow's papers, both international and in the uk. hello there. cloud is thickening up once again from the atlantic. it's set to bring in more rain mainly for the middle third of the uk. some areas stayed cloudy and damp throughout the day on wednesday and, as a result, it was quite cool, as well. we had a temperature of 26 celsius in london, but the sunniest weather was in bournemouth with almost 14 hours of sunshine — probably not as much sunshine though for thursday. it will be quite a cloudy start to the day with temperatures around 12—14 celsius. and we start with some outbreaks of rain mainly across northern ireland, southern scotland, northern england, and wales. that'll be quite heavy for a while, gradually turning lighter and more patchy through the day. we get some sunshine more widely across scotland and northern ireland towards the southeast. perhaps even into the midlands, it may stay dry, but there'll be
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more clouds around so it won't be quite as warm — still 23—24 celsius. we are looking at some showers to come into the southwest of england, still damp into wales, more rain across northern england, so quite a cool day here — although the far north of england improving later on. we'll have some sunshine in the afternoon across northern ireland and more widely in scotland, so a warmer day here at 19—20 celsius. but still some rather sharp showers in the northeast up towards the northern isles. those will tend to ease off a bit during the evening, this light and patchy rain by this stage heading down towards the midlands, eventually later on in the night towards the southeast of england. the weather front bringing that will be very weak and, as we move into friday, we are in between two wet weather systems — transient system of high pressure before that weather front increases the cloud and rain and from the atlantic. but many places will have a dry day on friday. could be a fair bit of cloud, particularly across southern parts
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of england and south wales, the odd shower here with some showers further north, perhaps into north east england and scotland. then we get later on into the day some rain pushing in from the west across northern ireland. ahead of that, 20 celsius through the central belt of scotland, and we're back up to 25 celsius in the southeast of england. as we head into the weekend, we're dominated by low—pressure sitting close to the north of the uk. that weather front will tend to move through, taking some heavy rain away and many showers following on behind. it certainly looks like saturday will be the wetter day, and those showers could be heavy and thundery. a much drier day on sunday for eastern parts of england, with the bulk of the showers in the north and west of the uk.
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this is bbc world news, the headlines... donald trump gives his latest coronavirus update, as deaths continue to rise in southern states. donald trump is deploying federal law enforcement officers to fight what he calls rising violent crime in american cities. federal agents have already been deployed to kansas city — they will also be sent to chicago and albuquerque, new mexico. families and friends of some care home residents in britain will soon be able to see loved ones, after easing of coronavirus rules. visits will resume once local health officials say it's safe. china has reacted angrily to the us ordering the closure of its consulate in houston. beijing said what it called the "outrageous" move would jeopardise relations. the americans said the consulate was a centre for china's spying operations.


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