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“p up to 26. -- hi is. this is bbc news with the latest headlines for viewers in the uk and around the world. donald trump puts on a mask, after months of refusing to wear one in public. the us president is accused of "unprecedented, historic corru ption" for cancelling a prison sentence for his ally roger stone. all right. well, god bless you mr president. please give my regards to the first lady. bosnia marks the 25th anniversary of the srebrenica massacre. 8,000 muslim men and boys were murdered. also on the programme — tributes to the england football legend jack charlton. one of the stars of the 1966 world cup winning football team has died at the age of 85.
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hello and welcome if you're watching in the uk or around the world — and stay with us for the latest news and analysis from here and across the globe. we are going to bring you some pictures just we are going to bring you some picturesjust coming we are going to bring you some pictures just coming into us we are going to bring you some picturesjust coming into us here we are going to bring you some pictures just coming into us here at bbc news. this is president trump who has been meeting soldiers at a military hospital. he is wearing a mask for the first time since the coronavirus pandemic began. masks have been a divisive issue in the united states. the president has so far refused to wear a mask. before leaving the white house
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earlier, he told reporters that he felt wearing a mask in a hospital was the right thing to do. i can speak live now to our la correspondent, peter bowes. peter there is something of a back story to this, wasn't there? he did not do it willingly so to speak. there has been a lot of pressure on the president to wear a mask like pretty much everyone else has been encouraged to especially in recent weeks, indeed some american cities it is compulsory if you go out in public even out in the open air to wear a mask such as the problem with coronavirus growing problem in cities like the one i am in right now in los angeles. but the president has steadfastly refused at least to be seen in public wearing a mask. there was one occasion where he was out and about at a private visit we understand one or two pictures emerged that he was wearing a mask. but generally he has become known as the president who didn't
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wa nt to known as the president who didn't want to wear the mask and explained repeatedly why he believed it was not necessary that he is tested for the coronavirus frequently, so are the coronavirus frequently, so are the people around him. —— that it was not the seri. he is tested. he did not feel it was a necessary part from today where he was visiting this hospital outside of washington when he set a couple of days ago in a hospital setting, he said he did not want to be responsible for perhaps infecting the people and thatis perhaps infecting the people and that is one of the big reasons we are asked to wear masks is to stop us are asked to wear masks is to stop us infecting others. it seems that the president has now heeded that advice. i know the story making the headlines in america is president trump's decision to commit the prison sentence of his ally roger sohn. we have heard from the white house today but why does this story medicine much. —— ally roger stone. this matters because this is an unusual move for months before an
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election for a president to do something like this. there have been other incidents. and ultimately presidents in the past have been criticised for essentially doing a favour at least that is how it is proceed for someone they know well perhaps commuting a prison sentence oi’ perhaps commuting a prison sentence or even pardoning a conviction. normally, they will leave it until after their term in office. there might be criticism but he once and for office again. we have a president doing this during a campaign and discuss by to roger stone's involvement in the whole russia investigation which president trump repeatedly says was a hoax, that was a witch hunt against him and he believed that roger stone was treated in a similar fashion and didn't deserve to be prosecuted and so didn't deserve to be prosecuted and so it didn't deserve to be found guilty. peter bowes thank you very much for that. that is another one of the stories making headlines.
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leading democrats have condemned donald trump's decision to cancel the prison sentence of roger stone — his long—time friend and political ally. senator elizabeth warren said mr trump was the most corrupt president in history. mr stone was due to begin a 60—month jail term next week. he was convicted last november of obstruction, witness—tampering and lying to congress during an investigation into russian interference. well this was the moment roger stone was told by the president that his sentenced had been commuted. all right. well, god bless you mr president. please give my regards to the first lady. many, many thanks. yep, thank you. you got it, rog. that's it. you did it. laughter cheering well let's discuss all this with conservative commentator eric bolling, he's the anchor of america this week and interviewed the president at the white house yesterday.
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thank you forjoining us here on bbc news. you obviously think it is a good call which you put out on twitter but it does not change the fa ct twitter but it does not change the fact that he was proven guilty. correct and i think the president i think when he is doing and your reporter alluded to the fact that president trump is trying to discredit the mueller investigation, the russian investigation as much as he can so anyone surrounding that investigation that ended up being convicted of crimes for lying to congress or lying to the motor investigation or lying to the fbi, he is trying to get them out. general flynn is another one who he feels he was in large part the reason why general flynn is now not going to be prosecuted and spent any time injailas going to be prosecuted and spent any time injail as well. i am shocked personally, i am a personalfriend of the president. i thought he would wait until after november or after the november election. a lot of
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presidents wait but this present just does what he believes is right in his heart and he goes forward with that. do you really think it is a simple as that that it was the right thing to do then?” a simple as that that it was the right thing to do then? i do. politically he probably should have waited until november four, politically he probably should have waited until novemberfour, either way if he doesn't win... sorry, why do you think you should have waited chris make you think this decision could harm his chances come november? mitt romney is a prominent repugnance senator no friend of the president but a private republic nonetheless and almost mirroring what the democrat was with warren said about how he is corrupt. there will be those who are undecided who will be those who are undecided who will say maybe they do not like the decision to do this. but remember, stone is convicted of lying to congress. i am going to tell you there is some snow at that wise to congress when they go and testify, it is not an unusual thing to do. it
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just seems that friends of trump go to jail for lying just seems that friends of trump go to jailfor lying to just seems that friends of trump go to jail for lying to congress. 0thers to jail for lying to congress. others not so much. what do you think than this all says about his conviction that he is the president of law and order? there has been so much criticism that the rule of law has been trampled on by president trump here. i think the role of what is being trebled on by the protesters in the united states right now. when he says law and order president, he is talking about this push to defund police departments in america right now for some it's an absolute insane idea to go ahead and defund police departments with all of our crime rates, all our violent crime rates are spiking right now in major cities. minneapolis, the governor of minnesota is asking the federal government for help now because of his crime wave that is sweeping his estate. this is the guy who started the defund the police push. ——
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sweeping his state president trump think he is the law and order president means he is defending police apartness around the country. and i am sure the protesters think they have a constitutional right to protest, don't they? it is our first amendment to the constitution. you have the right to peaceful protest, it is protected, i am 100% behind black lives matter for peaceful protests, it is when they take one step further and anarchists get involved and they start writing and booting and breaking windows, that is when peaceful protests turns into illegal criminal activity. the message gets mixed and i u nfortu nately message gets mixed and i unfortunately the black lives matter peaceful protests based on something that was terrible, a murder by a police officer of a defenseless black man, that is peaceful protest. that should be addressed and fixed but it should not be done by breaking... look at what is going on in seattle, the autonomous zone instead is a great example of what peaceful protests should not end up
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being. it is anarchy, people are dying in seattle, being shot in seattle in the midst of the autonomous zone "peaceful protest". very quickly let's turn to the presidential clemency powers. nancy pelosi has said congress are going to do something about this. she said congress will take action to prevent this type of brazen wrongdoing. the fa ct this type of brazen wrongdoing. the fact is the mueller investigation had a remic, didn't it notjust to look at issues pertaining to russia but also issues that happen to arise from the investigation itself and thatis from the investigation itself and that is what he did. and he did and he didn't come up with anything. they were going after the president for some sort of collusion. they used flawed evidence to get to the people... here is a good example. they were using for a piece of evidence, the steele dossier that you well know about using that to our fisa court to surveilled some of the trom people including men afford, stone, flynn, and others. ——
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paul manafort, roger stone. idon‘t approve this theory but there this isa approve this theory but there this is a paul manafort, michael flynn, rajasthan should not be in jail because the basis of the evidence that used to go after the trump administration and trom campaign was flawed to begin with. i don't agree if you do something wrong, you should be... eric bolling of america this week. ceremonies have been taking place in the bosnian town of srebrenica to mark 25 years since the massacre of 8,000 muslim men and boys by bosnian serb forces. nine recently—identified victims have been buried during a ceremony at potochari cemetery. the incident was the worst act of mass killing in europe since the end of the second world war. our special correspondent allan little reports. this is notjust a day of commemoration. it is also a funeral. the bodies are still emerging
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from the killing fields where many have laid undiscovered for a quarter of a century. today, i am burying my father. the oldest among these victims here. it took 25 years until we found his body. his remains. so he can finally find peace. many bosnian serbs remain reluctant to acknowledge that the massacre at srebrenica happened at all. so remembering, keeping the historical record straight against distortion and denial has the character of a civic duty. bosnians do not have the luxury of believing that genocide cannot happen to them. that is what has driven munira subasic, one of the widows of srebrenica, in her unflagging 25 year pursuit ofjustice. translation: my first message is for criminals who have committed
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crimes and genocide. we will persecute you and we will never give up. there will always be someone to chase you. that is our right and obligation. bosnian serb forces seized srebrenica in july 1995, after three years of siege and bombardment. the men and older boys were separated from their families. then the killing began. planned, commanded and systematic. a small dutch peacekeeping force not only failed to stop it. they handed over to the serbs thousands of terrified muslims who crowded into their un base, where they thought they would be safe. the iconography of violent serb nationalism is very much at large farfrom here and celebrated today in the online manifestos of white supremacist mass murderers from norway to new zealand. that gives new urgency to the duty to remember what happened here.
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allan little, bbc news. the football legend, jack charlton — part of england's 1966 world cup winning team, has died at the age of 85, following a long illness. he spent his entire playing—career at leeds united and later, as a manager, led ireland to the world cup quarterfinals in italy in 1990. his family paid tribute to him, saying he was "a friend to many" and "a much—adored husband, father, grandfather and great—grandfather". andy swiss looks back at his life. he was known as big jack and he was a footballing giant. jack charlton turned his courage and charisma into a quite remarkable career. bobby charlton with the corner. jack! perfect goal! he grew up in northumberland, alongside his younger brother, bobby. but while bobby's skills soon made him a star, jack's defensive qualities were less
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glamorous and he knew it. tackle by charlton. came in like a brick wall and he's hurt. he got an elbow in the face. people try to compare us and i used to say, you shouldn't compare us. i can't play. i can stop other people playing but i can't play. bobby can play. he is a creative player. but there's a place in the game for both types. england kept him waiting, though. charlton was nearly 30 when he was finally called up but he soon made his mark with a first international goal. jackie charlton's got it. and it's a goal. and in 1966 came his and english football's defining moment. jack charlton, like his brother, a world cup winner, both now international celebrities. there was club success too. he was a legend at leeds united, where he won the league title in 1969, before the inspirational player became an inspirational manager. if the ball's coming towards you and he's going back,
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there's no way you're going tojump. charlton first flourished at middlesbrough, but it was with the republic of ireland that he'll be most colourfully remembered. after guiding them to their first world cup in 1990, he took them all the way to the quarterfinals. ireland! they are in the last eight and the party can begin! an english hero returned an irish 12. his footballing feats the stuff of war. jack was a natural leader. he was a fighter in the way he both played and managed. when he got his teams to play, they were kind of a replica of his personality. but he was also gentle at the same time. his relationship with his brother was sometimes strained, but on an emotional night in 2008, he presented an award to the player he still regarded as the best. when we were kids used to go to the park and play, i would go home for dinner
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and he would stay out all day. bobby charlton is the greatest player i've ever seen. and he's my brother. but jack charlton's achievements, like the man himself, stood tall. one of football's biggest and best—loved characters. jack charlton, who has died, at the age of 85. you're watching bbc news. a reminder of the latest headlines. donald trump has been seen wearing a mask for the first time, after months of refusing to wear one in public. bosnia has marked the 25th anniversary of the srebrenica massacre, in which 8,000 muslim men and boys were murdered. iran's president hassan rouhani says iran has no choice but to keep its economy going despite the coronavirus pandemic. the country is seeing a resurgence in coronavirus cases in recent weeks, with almost 2,600 registered in the past 26 hours. mr rouhani warned that if all activity was stopped,
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people would protest against the chaos. translation: the only solution is to continue economic, cultural and social activities, while observing health protocols. there's no second way. this is the only way. there are worries that iran is now facing a second wave of coronavirus infections. siavash ardalan from the bbc persian service has the latest. iranians are just waking iranians arejust waking up to iranians are just waking up to the fa ct iranians are just waking up to the fact that they are being engulfed by a second wave of the coronavirus. just today the official death toll stood at 188 people raising the overall death figure to some tall thousand 500 and the overall number of people who have contracted the virus to a quarter of annoying. the
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real death toll is much higher, that is no surprise. but out of iran's 31 provinces now, half of them are on red alert. and yet this is not forcing the government to go into a total and complete lockdown. what they are doing is going by the phrase they use a "smart quarantine because of. what president ronnie said was a repeat of the things using the initial days of the outbreak that "our economy is weak ravished by us sanctions which has strained our coffers from all the oil revenues that we could use to fund uneconomical lockdown" and the health ministry to be admitted yesterday that the $1 billion earmarked for the coronavirus, his ministry only got 30% of it. earmarked for the coronavirus, his ministry only got 3096 of it. that was siavash ardalan there. the number of people reported to have died in the past 26—hour period after testing positive for coronavirus stands at 168. that takes the total number of deaths across the uk to 66,798.
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it comes as certain lockdown measures were eased in england — with the re—opening of open—air theatres, live music venues and swimming pools. and in wales, a phased re—opening for holiday—makers has also begun. charlotte gallagher reports. back in the water finally. these swimmers in south east london are some of the first in england to return to the pool after a wait of almost four months. it is indescribable, really, the feeling ofjust being able to glide through the water. it's just something that i was desperately missing. i was getting jealous of the ducks in the ponds. for those in the industry, it's good to see people in the pool again. with all the stresses and strains of life, getting in the water is about as far from normal life as you can get. it's real escapism. so it's mental health as well.
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there have been a lot of studies showing how swimming benefits more than any other sport. as the weather gets warmer, outdoor pools like this look even more tempting. but you can't just turn up, you have to book first, as places are limited and you might be able to notice as well that the lanes have been made wider to allow for social distancing. they are also asking swimmers to avoid backstroke, so they don't bump into each other. however, only four out of more than 100 outdoor pools have been opened today. the industry body, swim england, is warning that a third of lidos will stay shut this year because it's just not financially viable for them to open. other outdoor events are allowed in england from today, too. 0pen—air theatres, horse trials and team cricket. it's a different picture in wales, though. in the middle ofjuly, 0xwich bay on the gower peninsula
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should be packed with people. from today though, the tides are beginning to turn with hotels, b&bs and self—catering accommodation allowed to reopen. staff have been working hard to prepare for customers. hospitality is all about customers, so we're so excited to be able to welcome people back. it will be really nice to see them, albeit at a little bit more of a distance than usual. businesses in all corners of the uk are trying their hardest to salvage what's left of the summer season. charlotte gallagher, bbc news. the belgian government is enforcing a ten—day mandatory quarantine period for all travellers who have recently been in leicester. the city is the site of england's first local lockdown after a spike in coronavirus cases. leicester has been added to belgium's list of so—called "red zones", along with other cities in spain and portugal. the new rules were announced early this morning — with immediate effect.
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germany's response to the coronavirus pandemic helped it to keep the number of infections and deaths relatively low. the country is now trying to re—open parts of the economy which it had to suspend — in particular, its arts and culture scene. there's been extensive state support but there are still concerns for the future, as jenny hill reports. # hey, hey, hey... coronavirus didn't silence them for long. # hey, hey, hey! germany's amateur choirs singing again even if the rehearsal room is still out of bounds. you come home with a smile after every day with the people and friends here, and that was really missing. corona's force performers to think differently. at this private theatre, they're preparing a new piece written in lockdown.
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they can't let more than 60 people in to watch it, but they'll survive they say for now. translation: we had a lot of support from our audiences, donations and e—mails telling us to stay strong. that made us feel that we matter as artists in the city. the regional and national governments also gave us the impression they want to keep the cultural infrastructure running. masked and distanced but germans enjoy a rich cultural landscape funded by national and regional governments. galleries, theatres, opera houses shielded with extra corona money. but how to protect yourself if you perform alone? german freelancers could apply for government grants. even so, this woman tells us many are struggling to survive. translation: i think this is going to be a long fight. the cultural landscape will change. i personally will try to find an alternative source of income so i am not dependent on the arts.
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germany's on the move again. the outbreak is under control, the focus now on economic recovery. the corona crisis is leading germany into new territory. for the first time in years, the government's taken on new debt to keep the country includes the arts. what many here worry about is what happens next in a few months' time when the money runs out. it's not the same but for now while the sun shines, they're doing what they can. jenny hill, bbc news, lubeck. bollywood superstar amitaab bachchan has announced he's been admitted to hospital after testing positive for covid—19. the 77—year—old star announced the news on twitter. he asked that anyone who's been in contact with him over the last 10 days be tested. if you've ever wondered how pandas celebrate
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their birthdays here's jahjah andjianjian, who've just turned one, enjoying a special day in the giant panda breeding facitliy at xianxi academy. they were given edible crowns, and a special cake, made from bamboo, watermelon, apples and carrots. their keepers say they are now equivalent to three—year—old humans, being very active — and still needing to drink plenty of milk. and we'll be taking an in—depth look at the papers with our reviewers martin lipton and yasmin alibhai—brown that's coming up after the headlines at 11.30. now it's time for a look at the weather. hello there. well after the disappointment of recent weekends when low pressure was in charge, we had wet, windy cloudy weather. actually, we're off to a decent start this weekend. a sunny morning, a bit of cloud builds up during saturday afternoon but saturday
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evening time that cloud began to fragment and we had clear spells starting to develop. they are continuing to develop right now with those skies continuing to clear underneath the site area of high pressure. the eagle—eyed amongst you notice this approaching weather front. yes, that will bring some rain to the far northwest as we head through sunday. still over the next few hours it is clear skies as we get to now, ireland, england, scotland and wales underneath those clear skies in the countryside it's quite chilly. temperature is getting down to about six or seven celsius as we start our sunday morning for the more cloud for the far north of scotland a few showers and shuttling built up most of us it is a fine start to the day with almost clear blue skies first thing in the morning filled up mid—morning the cloud will bubble over eastern scotland becoming quite cloudy into the early afternoon for a time. northern ireland will start to see
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some rain getting into the afternoon. eventually arrive to western scotland. a fine afternoon for most temperatures a little bit higher on saturday is up to 26 degrees. the weather is fair in southhampton. for the test match between england and west indies. should stay fine and sunny not too much of the way of cloud temperatures into the low 20s with a sea breeze developing through the late morning. high pressure slips away by monday, low—pressure starts to take charge. the centre of the low is quite a way to the north of the uk. that means the weather system is going to be quite weak as they push south eastward for the petty outbreaks of rain across northern and western areas. not much of the way of rain for southeast scotland down the eastern side of scotland probably through the middle of central england, southern england stay largely dry. there will be a little cloud around. temperature will be easing across the northwest through tuesday and wednesday. further low—pressure systems track in from the northwest again. these look pretty weak. i think we could expect quite a bit of cloud in the week ahead. there will be some patches of rain around at the time particularly
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across northwestern areas. probably won't be too much in the way of rain reaching the southeast with temperatures continuing into the low 20s for the most part here. that's your weather.
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hello. this is bbc news. we'll be taking a look at tomorrow mornings papers in a moment first the headlines. tributes pour in forjack charlton, who played in england's world cup winning football team and managed the republic of ireland after his death at the age of 85. the republic of ireland 0pen air theatres, live music venues and swimming pools re—opened today, in the latest easing of the lockdown in england. labour calls for the uk government to clarify its position on face coverings, after the prime minister said a stricter approach


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