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tv   Outside Source  BBC News  June 8, 2017 9:30pm-9:56pm BST

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hello, i'm ros atkins, this is outside source. a month ago the director of the fbi was fired by donald trump. today he gave his side of the story. it is my judgment it is myjudgment that i was fired because of the russian investigation, i was fired in some way to change the way the russian investigation was being conducted. james comey gave an extraordinary account of his dealings with the president in the weeks ahead of his sacking. we'll be live in washington to answer your questions on what this means, send them in on #bbcos. meanwhile, republican reaction to mr comey‘s testimony has been mixed. paul ryan said the president was still learning. we'll hear from a supporter of donald trump. we have a report from michigan, where we've been trying to talk to a radical preacher who's thought to have inspired one of the london bridge attackers. there's half an hour to go until voting closes in the uk's general election, and until we get the first indication of who will be leading the country in the brexit negotiations.
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and form the next government. and in os sport, we'll be talking about basketball, and asking whether the current golden state warriors team is the best one the nba has ever seen. we asked you to send in questions. that was about the james comey testimony, the broader story of donald trump. here's jane o'brien to answer them. hi, how are you? we can start with this question. russia has been
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accused of hacking the democratic committee. this was the huge hack that took place sometime last year. it revealed all sorts of embarrassing information about the democratic election process, the nomination process, and lead to the resignation of the chairwoman. it was embarrassing, and a lot of news that the democrats would really rather not have anybody know. it also, apparently, targeted the republican committee but that hack was not as well known. the russians, also accused of putting across fake news, propaganda, false information and generally trying to undermine the democratic process and confuse americans, making them turn on each other. and another question, from
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bea—keeper! other. and another question, from bea-keeper! i think the ramifications at the moment are more political than legal. this was testimony that was given under oath by the former director of the fbi, the credibility was very high. people are going to tend to believe what he said. and one of the astonishing things, he called into question the character of president trump. he said that despite he had been taking notes or all of his conversations. he said that he thought he would need them, to protect himself and the fbi. whether oi’ protect himself and the fbi. whether or not any of this can put donald trump into legal jeopardy, or not any of this can put donald trump into legaljeopardy, most experts that. the issue of legal justice, but as james comey said, it is for others to decide. and another question. i think we should explain,
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for people not watching, james comey saidi for people not watching, james comey said i have got more information but iam not said i have got more information but i am not sharing it here. yes. this was an opportunity forjames comey to discuss in private, and are classified setting, with senators, information that he views cannot be made public. this is information relating to the ongoing probe into russian meddling into the presidential election. of course, we have got to remember it is actually what all these hearings are about. this is almost a side issue that it has veered into. this is all about the russian investigation. anything pertaining to that, anything that could affect that investigation, would be heard behind closed doors.
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and one more. also, one from patrick. does this take us closer to the impeachment of donald tron? critics probably hoping that is going to happen but most people have said that does not take that any closer? i think they are right. that is the bottom line. it was extraordinary theatre, political theatre. the fundamental question, whether or not the president obstructed the course ofjustice by asking james comey to drop an investigation into his former national security adviser michael flynn, that is a question that is being investigated. that was something new that we discover. james comey said that the decision would be left with the special counsel, implying that this is a matter for investigation. we are still a long way off impeachment.
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thank you. that was useful. we can talk about basketball. we have had a lot of great teams in basketball history, michaeljordan and the chicago bulls. the boston celtics. magicjohnson. but a reasonable case that what we are seeing from the golden state warriors at the moment, could make them the best that we have ever seen. last season, scored more wins in home and away season than any team. they lost in the final to cleveland, but they seem to be putting that correct. this year, 3-0 be putting that correct. this year, 3—0 up. if they win the next game, they will not just the champions, but they will have done that without losing a single game in the play—offs. never been done. we can
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speak to a nba reporter. when you are trying to assess the greatest, it is not always just about statistics? definitely not. but as we have seen, this team is about a lot more than statistics. the statistics are pretty staggering. as you mentioned, one win away from becoming the first team to go 16—0 in the playoffs. michaeljordan and the chicago bulls never did it. boston. these teams that we looked at, the historic teams, never did that. and i think that is not even the most impressive thing about the golden state warriors. this is the third straight year, winning 67 or more games. and also added top two players. really showing no signs of
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slowing down. i think we are looking at just the slowing down. i think we are looking atjust the beginning, of the potential dynasty. i do not see anybody from this team going anywhere for some time. it is almost made me for the rest of the nba. we can talk about kevin duran. —— durant. sometimes, people can disrupt the balance. but it has been remarkable? he has not disrupted the balance. you already had four all stars. some people thought not enough shots to go round. but they have almost sacrificed their games a little. you have got three of the best shooters, and they have the ability to go off at any time. and win all of them are on, as last
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night, absolutely unstoppable. it is amazing to see how quickly they can jump amazing to see how quickly they can jump together. here they are. 15—0. just one away from another historic season. just one away from another historic season. and if they do win the next game, a risk that the owner of the tea m game, a risk that the owner of the team could lose money? that is the problem with sports. all of the money that goes around the nba. i have seen this, and it is a pretty good amount of money, if they do not good amount of money, if they do not go back to golden state, going to lose a significant amount, not going to be broadcast, losing tickets, but the notion that that is going to be bad for the team, and that they would prefer for it to go five, six games... that is ludicrous. this warriors team, they have wanted to
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annihilate cleveland. that is exactly what they are doing. they are going to stop at nothing to do that in four games. and i think that has worked more than $20 million extra. good to talk. perhaps we can talk again after game four. you can get his reporting on the usa today website. and this sunday, emanuel macron, hoping his party can go from no candidates, too many. burke paris correspondent has been to marseille, to gauge the chances. it is called the belly of marseille, one of the
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poorest districts in france. unemployment, three times the national average. voters here tend to fall to the far left. but macron and his party hoping to get a parliamentary majority, from scratch. and they have been building support. his election was about bringing people together, muslim, arab, christian, indian. we are all be seen. no hate. today, i am proud to be french. this woman is the party candidate for central marseille. she has been in politics for less than one year, and tonight, facing her first ever election debate. all part of macron‘s plan to field hundreds of new faces. political people, they are used to promising a lot of things, but after the just promising a lot of things, but after thejust do promising a lot of things, but after the just do politics. promising a lot of things, but after thejust do politics. we promising a lot of things, but after the just do politics. we are coming from real life, working every day,
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fixing problems. france's newest party is battling rivals from the political extremes. traditional parties risk losing hundreds of seats in the selection, while macron‘s army of new faces has predicted a sweeping majority. the main rival, the far left leader, who has twice run for president. he said the success of mr macron, was built on the allusion of change. the all party was eliminated, not because they were old, but the same. what macron proposes, just more of the same. i do not think it is going to end well. the political landscape of france is changing, emanuel macron one the election by offering an alternative to political extremes
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and elliptical experience. he is repeating that in a nationwide experiment. perhaps his biggest gamble yet. that is on sunday. and we will be covering those parliamentary elections. we have got some more electoral matters to consider. the last few minutes of the uk general election. 10pm local time. and afterwards, a special is going to begin. the exit polls will give us some indications of how things have gone. the growing resistance of bacteria to antibiotics, one of the main problems for antibiotics. 40% of
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antibiotics, are used to treat animals. now researchers at leicester university are developing an alternative way of treating diseases in pigs. as our science correspondent, pallab ghosh reports it's hoped the findings will have benefits for humans too. to gauge the chances. half of the antibiotics are given to livestock to keep healthy. this man pigs outdoors, raises but in the intensive farms use a lot. if those become infected with resistant super bugs, it could be passed on to people with the meat is not properly cooked. a suggestion that resistant bacteria in animals may be passed to humans. and if we have got another tool in the box, dealing with resista nt tool in the box, dealing with resistant bacteria, animal population or human population, that has got to be a gain. researchers at leicester university may have come
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up leicester university may have come up with just what the farmers have been asking for. virus that kills infections like antibiotics. it attaches itself to a summer nella bug, then injects the dna, and makes the summer nella harmless. and if that stops superbugs developing in animals, it will reduce the risk to people. many bacteria that we cannot treat now with antibiotics because they have become resistant. using this natural enemy, for specific diseases, could really change the way that we treat infection in the future. so far, they have shown that it works. and it has become quite powder. the next stage, to feed this to the pigs, to see if it works in practice. if it does, it could replace antibiotics and that could replace antibiotics and that could replace the risk of superbugs
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developing on farms. trials are due to begin at the end of this year. if they are successful, doctors could see of the virus could be used to treat people. the sacked head of the fbi james comey has testified in the us senate about his dealings with president trump, and russia's interference in the election campaign. he says he documented all their meetings because he was concerned that mr trump might lie about them. the white house has already responded, saying the president is not a liar. police investigating saturday's attack on london bridge have arrested three more people — in east london. they were made in ilford, which is close to where two of the attackers lived in barking. the total number of arrests is now i7 — and five of those
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people remain in custody. we've also seen footage of the three attackers meeting five days before the attack. they were filmed laughing, joking and hugging. also, a friend of khuram butt has told the bbc that he was a fan of american radical preacher ahmad musajibril. aleem maqbool travelled there to try and talk with him. to please the enemies of allah and the enemies of mankind. ahmad musa jibril, an american, and one of the most popular online voices among brits who go to fight with so—called islamic state. i'm telling you facts. he calls forjihad and preaches separation of muslims from non—muslims or kafir. hours ago, masses of
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the ummah, ourummah, were joining with the kafir in the new year celebration. a former friend of london attacker khuram butt says it wasjibril‘s videos that helped to radicalise him. the preacher himself is a free man, living in michigan. well, we have been trying to speak with jibril about his preaching but for now, at least, he's a pretty hard man to track down. his neighbours, though, have told us they thought he was nice and friendly and said they had no idea he produced such videos. but the fbi did know. it tried for years to put away jibril but never managed to find that he had actually broken the law. he is very smart, as many of these folks are. they know there is a line they can go up to and not to cross that line. but talking generally about killing people, making jews orphans, that is not enough? unfortunately, in this
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country it is not. ahmad musajibril has been a nuisance to muslims in this area as well. he will come and say things to imams sometimes, that you are out, separated from your vision, this is not the way, that you are just bluffing. even imams in the area say they have called for action against him. freedom of speech stops at speech but when you have someone act upon it, this is crossing the line. that should not be. do you think there are others, even in this community, coming close to that line? there are many of them, many of them. the internet is full of them. here, stopping those who are not quite caught crossing from preaching hate to actively supporting militants is tough. even if they potentially inspire violent acts. but that is notjust a problem for this community and certainly not just an issue for the us.
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we can go back to the main story, james comey testimony, and accusing of grandstanding, we know that the advert was promoted by the great american alliance. this was broadcast online, on cable television, during the senate hearing. as head of the fbi, james comey the politics of protecting america. banning terms such as radical islam, allowing the dangerous practice to continue when terrorism attacks were on the rise, after he testified before the us
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senate, james comey‘s own staff admitted some of his answers were flat out wrong. james comey, another dc insider in for it by himself. certainly, some republicans appeared pleased with how things went. donald trump but not tweet, but his son did. frequently. he said... and was also took to twitter. and also, paul ryan, with this comment. the president is new with this. he is new to government. establishing the relationship,
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between the fbi, white house, he is new to this. no smoking gun. a moment that was like obstruction of justice, impeachable offences. it is not that the president looked good, but i do not think we have got legal issues. and in terms of this phrase about loyalty, the president already denying that. anyway that we can solve this discrepancy? that is what this special counsel is for. going to take the testimony under oath. going to try to reconcile these. james comey during testimony disputed several characterisations that the president had made, clearly ahe that the president had made, clearly a he said, he said going on. it is unclear exactly what the thought is.
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at the end of the day, most of this is political. rather than on the legal side. even when james is political. rather than on the legal side. even whenjames comey seemed to admit that he accepted what donald trump said about michael vorm, that investigation, that he hoped he would drop that, he said it was an instruction, but the idle decided to disregard that, being subordinate or was not really an instruction. not really meaning it. also a key point. that is good to have to come out during the investigation. we can talk about the politics. has the testimony shifted anything, fundamentally?” politics. has the testimony shifted anything, fundamentally? i do not think it has shifted anything. if you were think it has shifted anything. if you we re a think it has shifted anything. if you were a supporter of donald trump, going out you are still going to bea trump, going out you are still going to be a supporter. if you were a detractor, you are going to be on side. that some interesting information that we were. not much, but the deeper involvement in the
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hillary clinton email investigation. not looking good. james comey himself orchestrating the leak of his memo, prompting the appointment of the special counsel. that is something new. showing at james comey knew exactly what he was doing. and that bit about james comey understanding donald trump's language about flynn, to be some sort of pressure, instruction. i am not exactly sure what. that is a key political point. was told, trying to get the fbi to back off that investigation, or more continuing to vouch for flynn, enforcement priorities should be elsewhere? you say that leak proves comey as a politcal operator, he could see he was just protecting his politcal operator, he could see he wasjust protecting his reputation because he was worried the president could lie about the meeting?m
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because he was worried the president could lie about the meeting? it is not hisjob as fbi director to protect his own reputation, if it comes to the point when he cannot execute an order because it is an ethical, legal, it is hisjob to resign, blow the whistle. if he thought it was more prudent to stay on the job, leading to the media probably is not the way to go. he should probably talk to the attorney general. that is from us, or outside source. if you are watching in north america, europe and to get much more onjames america, europe and to get much more on james comey, but america, europe and to get much more onjames comey, but then the united kingdom, or else we are, we are handing over to david dimbleby.


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