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horse people out of ukraine, a sanctuary for journalists. it was a haven from the war, and shelter for civilian refugees were like scattered into the garden during cambodia is bloody soon washed off. flooring us up to leave and suddenly we were turning up exxon. the co rouge had taken anything of value out of the hotel, cambodia. let them know a new episode of war, hotels on all j 0 from the wells, most populated region in depth stories from across asia and the pacific diverse coaches and conflicting politics. one 0, one east on al jazeera. ah,
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the e u considers it's options after russia makes a drastic cotton gas supplies to europe. ah, hello, i'm adrian. and again, this is al 0 live from dough, also coming up for testers in bangkok, condemned mammals, military jumped up afterward, executed for pro democracy. activists is ready, force is demolished, the homes of to palestinians will be in the occupied. west bank of schools reopen. it's for lanka, but a lack of fuel means that students are still struggling to get to class. ah, you energy ministers are meeting in brussels white bound to discuss how to deal with a major cost in russian gas. the moscow own fun gas prom is reducing supplies through
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its nord stream, one pipeline, to europe from wednesday. it will now be just 20 percent of capacity half what it was in june. russia says the disruption is choose a maintenance issues and sanctions arriving at the meeting. the e commission of energy said the move is politically motivated. we know that there is no technical reason to do so. this is a politically motivated step and to have to be ready for that. and exactly for that reason. then, preemptive production of our gas demand is a riser. salvage. that meeting comes just hours of the ukraine's president vladimir zalinski again accused washer of inflicting what he called terror on europe by restricting gas supplies. schulman, pl. budget h o v v. boy. today we saw him do gas threat to europe despite the north stream turbine concession. russia is not planning to resume gas supply to european
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countries, as it is obliged to do. all this is done by brought to all purpose. there is an open gas wall that russia is waiting against united europe. they do not care what will happen to the people, how they will suffer from hunger to, to the blocking ports, or from winter cold and poverty, or from occupation. these are just different forms of terror. him still let's go live to cave al 0 as john henderson is there. john, tell us more about the president's view on this restriction of gas supplies to europe, from what more europe can do. but it adrian, when it comes to the non kinetic weapons of war, kia and its allies around the world have wide reaching sanctions, which have gone far to hurt the russian economy. will. russia has energy, particularly natural gas and the lens. he says, that's what it is using the russian say this has nothing to do with a war. they had to shut down a turbine, and that is what is reducing energy. we keep in mind that they're cutting energy
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further by half when it had already been cut to 40 percent. do the math. that means 20 percent of the energy that russia use to send to europe is going to go there. and europe gets 40 percent of its natural gas from russia. the issue is far as the landscape is concerned, is that russia is trying to drive a wedge between ukraine and european supporters as they fear for whether they'll have enough heat or cooking fuel for the neck. for the coming winter, he calls this gas blackmail and an open gas war against europe. russia insist that this again has nothing to do with the war, but it is certainly an effective weapon and trying to drive that wedge. and in terms of the fighting in the east of the country and south of the country, what's the latest job whether we're strikes early morning strikes about 5 o'clock local time against harkey in the east and against 2 ports, nikolai of, and odessa. and those were said to be massive,
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according to people in those areas. and the case of nikolai, they were missile strikes in the case of odessa, it was apparently aircraft. but in both cases, those, those ports were hit and hit hard. and it's important that odessa was hit because this is the 2nd time that it has been struck by russian forces. since russia agreed with ukraine to allow safe passage, routes for grain that has been stored up on those ports in 3 black c ports to go to the world. and there are potential crises around the world, particularly in africa. so it's important that grain gets out not just because ukraine needs the money, but because that food needs to get to its destination. and that's another things a lengthy is, is saying that russia is using tools such as hunger and energy in order to drive a wedge between the world and ukraine. and he says, these are simply acts of terror. so striking that the russians have said that the
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ports are legitimate targets, if they have military equipment for the united kingdom's ministry of defense says, 1st off that russia has had a hard time getting it stories straight when it 1st struck odessa on saturday. one day after this meeting, it said it didn't do so and then later acknowledge, in fact it did, but said it struck legitimate military targets, including a warship and a storage site for american made missiles. so the u. k. ministry of defense says there is no evidence that either of those things were there out there. as john had been reporting live that from ukraine's capital. keith, when he thinks john in thailand's capital bank, can protest to being held outside man mas embassy condemning the execution of 4 pro democracy activists or 4 were accused of helping a civilian resistance movement with us for the military since last year's crew. the executions have brought widespread condemnation from neighboring nations. the u. s . and the united patients, let's go last a bank account with us. tony chang is the tell us more about these demonstrations
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outside the b embassy and wider regional reaction. well they were very jo, spontaneous or they were there in relatively large numbers. hundreds of people who went out in the mid day monsoon, rain and fate are to quite loudly protest against the executions of these 4 political prisoners. there has been no little more condemnation to day and fate. in the last half an hour. there's been a spur of the un special rapport ter, who's condemned these execution, rounded as she was joined by the malaysian foreign minister, who said these were a crime against humanity. that is perhaps, that is one of the louder comments we've seen from the region many neighboring countries to miramar remain relatively silent, but it's likely they are feeling very disappointed. they've tried to engage the
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military mammoth to, to a certain extent chunk curb their excesses. but i think this will be seen by many as a slap in the face to those attempts of engagement. there is an assay and foreign ministers meeting next week in cambodia and this is likely to be top of the agenda. but also in the last hour we've heard from the military, within, mia mar, rare, or press conference with the military government spokesman. he didn't address the executions directly, but he did give one answer to local media who asked about the executions to which he said that sir, these people had been given every opportunity to speak in their defense in court, and they were responsible for many deaths. so they are clearly pushing forward that defensive, but he did go on to say that the military genta had nothing personal with them. and that may be a, some sort of acknowledged to the fact that even within mia mar, over the last 24 hours where protests have been met with very bloody repression by
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the military since the military current 2021. we have still seen people going out on the streets, little flash mobs of people protesting against this, and calling for revenge. and i think that is the big concern at this stage that this escalation will just make this conflict even more bloody given all of that. will v jointer press ahead with further executions. i think that's what everyone says. so the remaining, see, there are dozens more people who've been charged, been charged and found guilty on these counter terrorism charges. i think again until this weekend, the assumption was that this would just be a way to keep them under lock and key and in jail for 3 years to come. the fact that this executions have restarted, or after 30 years, i think it is very disturbing to many people and for the fact that they are going to be clearly used against people for political reasons. i think you had to bear in
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mind that one of those executed was an elected member of parliament, which i think has been particularly shocking to people, not just inside mir marber, but across the world. that said, a mere mas military has boot group to rebuffed all attempts at engagement, both at a political level and, and with other ethnic groups who they've been fighting within the country. so i think this just shows how much they're at loggerheads oh, at the same press conference. they talked about elections that are still they still maintain. are going to happen in august 2023. that was the promise of the gentle leader made when he conducted the q sam saying it would just be a temporary reset and democracy will be restored. but with the state of what's happening in the country, it seems very hard to see how free and fair elections could happen within the next 12 months. out 0 study ching live in bank. cox. 20 many facts is really forces of rigid the palestinian village of color. what bonnie,
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her son in the occupied west bank, they demolished the homes of 2 palestinians who had been charged with killing a guard in april. at the illegal is rarely settlement about yell. since the start of the year is ready forces of torn down several palestinian homes al jazeera nita . abraham is in color. sure. body, our son weatherstone relations took place. we are standing here in front of the house of yes yes. met a palestinian prisoner who has been accused with his cousin of killing a, a guard that was in the front of and in league. it is really supplement called at a l. this is a settlement that is built on the land of palestinians instead feet earlier to day . these really forces came in large numbers. they've known up the house behind us that used to house 10 people including yeah, here met a who is now in an israeli jail before that they bull, those another house belonging to his cousin,
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olen old since the beginning of the year were talking about 12 demolitions that the scene here as a punitive measure. so usually when there is an attack by palestinians against israelis, that lives is really dead. these really forces demolish those houses. and it's seen here by human rights organization as a punitive measure against people whose only fault is that they are related to those that israel deans a suspect. the state tv exit poll out at soon as he has referendum on a new constitution suggest that 92.3 percent of those who took part voted in favor of the changes on the electoral commission says that only a course of registered voters turned up. i'll just, he was russell pseudo isn't eunice a task the internship with the company going to the pools for a controversial constitutional ref random. thousands of police national guards and counter terrorism units standing by many in tunisia,
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hoping that mondays referendum would help improve the countries in the middle. when she regina high of katie, we expect the referendum to lead to a better life for our children's children to have a better life for us, it's over. why are we living under pressure? schools are a disaster. the situation is catastrophic. everything's a disaster. but not all are expecting this water will bring change. miss lucy, my now i'm not going to vote because we voted a lot of times without the results we were expecting. it's the results which forced us to not vote and not give any importance to it because the reality will remain unchanged. and i do not imagine there will be a change in the future. i mean, tunisia was hit hard by covet, 19th and amec that triggered nationwide protest in july last year. paven way for present case site greater hold on palmer. this is suspended the democratically elected parliament, dan in march, he dissolved it completely. this referendum is also being seen as a ward of confidence, foresight,
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while the opposition earth people to board courted site post for them to take part that is despite electro standards required in him to remain neutral, santa berman b. so i the that we will build together with our arms ideas and determination. we will build god willing and you were public. and so we will build a new republic based on real freedom and real justice and national dignity. because there is no dignity for nations except with the dignity of its citizens, with the 5th of the workforce, unemployed, and poverty level sorting to new highs. tunisia the comp da's spark, the added spring uprisings across the region is once again at the cross wrought in 2019 during the presidential election. the turner was was 56 percent. and now, despite only around 28 percent of waters going to the ballot box, it will still be enough to insure high sites plan to consolidate his power over parliament. the government and judiciary. and the fear here now is that this may pave the way back to authoritarianism. russell said that
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o g sierra tunis schools have reopened a true anchor after the government said that it would provide fuel so that children could get to classes with lessons will be limited to 3 days a week. schools will shop really a month ago because of widespread shortages caused by the worst economic crisis in decades. let's go live now to colombo al jazeera michelle fernandez, is that force. so even school children are affected by this fuel shortages or particular problems. are they facing that? oh absolutely. i mean essentially for them finding a way to get to school and back home is one of the biggest issues. i traditionally lots of kids. i there take a school bus oh, i brought to school in school vans. but, but even that has been quite a challenge because many of those who vans are in queues for long periods of
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time. the government did announced that they will make arrangements to provide fuel to these school vans and buses, through the kind of transport board depots, so they don't have to stay in those queues. but a number of school vans that we spoke to said that that system while has sort of kicked in for some there is still a way to go. now that means that a lot of the students, ah, you know, getting to and from school is quite an issue. there are quite a few when turned out, or people trying to stop taxes. either there aren't enough taxes to go around or there are exorbitant fairs. so this is a very real problem for students and is really affecting obviously their curriculum and how they can sort of go through the school system for her kids. generally coping with the crisis in sri lanka right now.
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well obviously they've got got to make the best of an absolutely horrible situation . a bad in mind that these disruptions come on the heels of over 2 years of lockdown, related to the pandemic. so kids have, you know, started and stopped and started and stopped there. absolutely. fed up of it because there's no certainty. so the sort of system, the curriculum, the syllabus that's been covered, their walk has really suffered those having to go into public exams are also facing a delays of up to 6 months as some of them. so it's not very conducive, not just to their studies, but to their general well being as well, you know, their ability to spend time with friends, you know, have that kind of interaction with other students and all of that has really taken ahead. so in that sense, yes, they make the best of it. obviously, those varies sort of
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a focused on their studies with continued to do so no matter what. but the general kind of student body is really kind of going from one day to the next and not feeling very great about the situation. of serious mal fernandez, reporting live here from colombo without money to people have died on at least 6 injured during riots from eastern democratic republic of congo. the crowds forced our way into the headquarters of un peacekeepers and the city of goma for 2nd day writers of damaged and looted part of the base. on monday, police dispersed with tear gas and live gunfire will demonstrate to say the un peacekeepers have not protected them from violence in the region. as catherine sawyer reports. this is what remains of a un logistics base in goma, in north kibble province. oh, thousands of congolese protested, chanted auntie un slogans demanding the peacekeeping mission, leave the country is through stones looted, office equipment,
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and other material. even the peacekeepers stationed inside and local police could not control the crowd. is the details of it? people are dying every day in the note, in benny and into the province. in the presence of monasco, the peacekeepers have said they aren't able to keep people safe to ensure the continued implementation. the deputy spokesman for the un mission says everything is being done to minimize disruption to its work. of the mission is activating additional security protocols and advancing contingency planning to ensure the continued implementation of its mandate and the security, the safety and security of all un personnel relationship between some congolese and the un has been pens at best. the protest is say, the u. n. has failed to protect them from frequent attacks. the un peacekeeping
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mission in the democratic republic of congo has had a presence here for more than point years. despite this more than a 100 rabble groups in the east control, the vast region that is rich in minerals, good, new respect of all, do not okay. we're with respect our commitment with one a school. but we should also avoid any speech or clinicians likely to cleared mistrust at on the sat altercations are not new in 2019, there were riots in the territory of benny. several people were killed and you, when property was destroyed to the state residency, the u. n. the national army and other foreign troops have failed to stop the violence. many kimberly said they are tired, they want peace, and if they un cannot provide stability, then its forces need to leave. catching sight al jazeera people in kenya had the
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poles in 2 weeks to choose the next president, former prime minister rayleigh, a dingo, and the current deputy president william router of the main contenders and both veteran politicians. a promising change al jazeera malcolm web reports from kit and gala. ah, canyons are struggling with rising food and fuel prices, but no expenses are being spared in election campaigns. deputy president william router is one of 2 main contenders. political alliances shifted dramatically after he fell out with his bought outgoing president, who kenyatta router is among the candidates talking about the cost of living, then not always explaining exactly how they'll address it. ah, we will organize the economy and reduce the cost of living. his main opponent while or a dinger has run for president full times before. many believe he's been rigged out of some past election victories o. this time the historically dominant political establishment is backing him or
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residing at noon. okay, good option is our number one, enemy canyons, money goes into individuals, pockets, outgoing president who re kenyatta is among those backing. brian le activists say can yet have government has been even more corrupt than those that came before it. royal. as promising change, retail held the 2nd most powerful of his in kenya for the last 9 years. so promising change many kenyon, the not convinced by promises to tackle corruption. it's a card that they play football next at the public and get voted by was the power we have seen what they do when they have power. and none of that convinced me that they have any real desire. for some previous elections, we contested largely along ethnic lines. this time, the politicians are talking more about policy,
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especially compared to the campaigns in 2007. those polls followed by ethnically targeted violence more than a 1000 people were killed. you know how the main site or represented in the coalition. so because every vote counts i, the parties do not have the luxury of demonizing any particular area. the pity impulse to retail, slightly behind railer, but with enough voters still undecided to swing it. a significant amount of money is expected to change hands in the final stages of the campaigns. kenyon, the g to vote in 2 weeks time. malcom web al jazeera gala, can you, in pakistan the supreme court is expected to pass a ruling to decide who be chief minister of the country's most populous province. protest have been held in major cities across pakistan in recent days after former prime minister emron cons party last a key vote in the local assembly and punjab province. despite winning
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a bi election there earlier in the week, the final 2 contenders in the race to become britons next prime minister and faced off in a tv debate. foreign secretary list trust and former chancellor richey snark crashed over the state of the economy, china, and the war in ukraine. i'll just there was shown a whole report now from stoke on trent, where the debate was held. the leadership candidates came to stoke on trent and they brought with them the rain in this traditionally labor voting, midland city that voted conservative for the 1st time in 2019 what wasn't there to greet them? was much enthusiasm. they're all self serve and aren't they? they don't do anything for small towns in the north. otherwise, you know, was, was the power ousted off that they promised us 8 years ago was no fed air anymore. it's diet and then i will make mistakes, but i feel like when you, when a country should make mistakes, every one just once some on here is not gonna make the country. they are more like
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fail people by birth. johnson dead, foreign secretary list trusts and former chancellor richey soon ack face a summer leadership campaign that kicked off in earnest with monday night's debate . i have not taken the easy road right in saying the things i'm saying about the challenges facing our economy and what it's gonna require to fix them. now doesn't make my life any easier. i'm doing it cuz i want to be honest with all of you. i'm straightforward, i'm only substrate talking, i'm going to be the slickest presenter in the business, but i do what i say will do. i've done it and try it. i've done it in the foreign office and i will do it is probably restoring trust. unsurprisingly, it was a defining issue. there were areas of agreement on the environment and foreign policy towards china and russia. the deepest differences though, wherever the economy disagreements on whether to lower taxes or control inflation. proposals would mean that we get the short term, sugar, rush of unfunded borrow tax drops, but that would be followed by the rush of say,
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and home mortgage. right. and i want to know my tax rate for 70 years, and that is why richie sooner was seen as an, an conservative chancellor. why a pole of conservative members who will decide this race put lives trust 24 points ahead. soon i can only hope that he's done enough to begin to change minds. they were pledges to fulfill boris johnson's election promised to level up long neglected areas in the midlands in the north, like stoke on trent. over successive decades. here they've seen the decline of their steel industry, then coal and ceramics. so you don't expect this at a rousing welcome here in stoke for these 2 candidates trying to sell himself the electric. i'd be surprised that the less to set you with the tie is still on the cars to be 7 in 5 weeks time. the promise he's made by one of these candidates will be put to the test, showed a whole al jazeera stoke on trent being on the lease in canada of shot dead,
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a gunman who killed 2 people and injured 2 others near vancouver. police say the suspect, the suspect 1st targeted a casino at midnight before firing at a homeless shelter, a bus stop, and then a highway he was found by an emergency response team near a highway bypass. the motive for the attacks isn't known. fire crews in california say they're starting to bring the state's largest wildfire this year under control extreme heat and low humidity. of course, the oak fire to spread rapidly since it started on friday after dropping 1400000 liters of water firefighters. say that it's no longer threatening the nearby yosemite national park to decades of drowsily rising temperatures of put the stays at higher risk of wildfires. we had a really good day to day. now we got a lot of work done this morning. we reported 10 percent containment on the fire to night were reporting 16 was inconvenient. so you know, it's not a huge number,
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but it's a pretty big percentage. um if you look at it that way, we're making some really good progress on this fire. emergency crews are also battling a fast moving wildfire in the state of texas. the flames have destroyed at least 16 homes and a threatening others in the city of dallas. the area is subject to a heat warning. most of the state is currently suffering from drought. dozens of people have been forced to leave their homes in the czech republic when a forest fire ripped through a national park lay spread along the check german border. as temperatures reached record levels no casualties were reported. the situation has been described as critical. one of the main architects of northern islands historic peace deal has died. david trimble passed away on monday after a short illness garcia lopez. how diane takes a look back at his political career. a sort of home state that he was an academic and a politician who for years took an uncompromising stance with hardly policies. but all that changed when david tremble, surprised allies and critics,
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by leading northern islands unionist pro british majority into a peace deal with the nationalist, a republican opponents, a towering figure in northern ireland and british politics. he became the architect of the good friday agreement. it helped in 3 decades of sectarian and political violence. no one asked the troubles, were the gorilla group, the i r a was fighting british forces and pro british paramilitary. quit not just to bring about the terrorist, but also to and what has an effect been cold war between the 2 parts of ireland over the course of the last 75 years. until lesser extent, a cold war between the republic of ireland and the united came to the good friday agreement broke by the u. s. during bill clinton's presidency marked a turning point and in 1998 as auster unionist party leader tremble,
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won the nobel peace prize share with his catholic adversary, john hughes. that same year, he was elected as the 1st minister of northern ireland in a new power sharing parliament, but animosity and criticism followed. many in northern ireland grew tired of tremble and his colleagues. he was eventually eclipse when the hardline reverend em . paisley went on to share power with chin fain the political wing of the re, despite a combative personality trimball earned their respective many for reaching beyond religious and political lines. david trimble was 77 years old. hundreds of people have protested on the streets of sao paolo, to bond greater support for brazil's women of color. they say that president jaya balsam arrow has done little to help women during his term in office or encouraging people to vote for his rival in upcoming elections.


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