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the government knowledge too. in depth analysis of the days global headlines, this is going to be very hard to explain to the public that instead of pushing back, no, it's actually got 2 new members inside story on al jazeera. our coverage of africa is what i'm most proud of. every time i travel bay, whether it's east or west africa, people stop me and tell me how much they appreciate coverage. and our focus is not just on their suffering, but also on the more up lifting and inspiring story. people trust algebra to tell them what's happening in their community in a clear and unbiased way. and as an african, i couldn't be more proud to be automobile. ah, survivors of a devastating earthquake that killed 1100 people in afghanistan,
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struggle for food, shelter, and drinking water. ah, i'm on the inside. this is out there. a lie from doha. it was so coming up late is a commonwealth nation's gather in rwanda. but that you case controversial sodom deal is threatening to overshadow the summit prussia amount. so i'm versus prime minister boris johnson ought to pass a bi election losses 1st. conservative party u. s. senate pos is a bipartisan gun control build the fuss. such legislation in 3 decades follows the number of recent machine. ah, there urgent calls for international hel. bogged off gestalt. most destructive earthquake in 20 years. least 1150 people have been killed and entire villages
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reduced to rubble. people in pug teak, a province on desperate for food shelter. i'm drinking water alena tv reports. it only took 5 minutes for the lives of these men to change forever. in the early morning hours of the 21st of june, 5.9, magnitude earthquakes, truck honest on leaving more than 1500 dead and hundreds more injured. a handful of districts in the south eastern provinces practical and host where the worst head and the han was at home with his 14 family members when the tremors were felt. when you were to move, it was 130 a. m. didn't even take a full minute in my family, 10 people including children, were killed. there is a private clinic, but it's 30 minutes away. there is no government hospital here. the remoteness of these villages is one reason why the casualty toll is so high. treating in 100 the
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wounded has been particularly difficult as a line of sun continues to struggle under the pressure of international sanctions. even this regional hospital here and these the capitol of patio province is struggling to cope with the load while helicopters have been instrumental in transferring the injured and providing assistance. there aren't enough of them to go around. now we khalid commander of the 2 or 3 months of the army corps says they need more helicopters or whatever planes we had enough canister and we brought them all from kinda hard couple. of course we still need much more. there's still a shortage for thousands of on the last few days have been full of loss and grief for the top one government, it's been a test, a test of their ability to respond to disaster. your coupon says his community is surrounded by tragedy manager. the lowest speed, but last night there was an earthquake and we lost everything. we have martyrs,
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there, here, there. there are a lot of injured people. all these houses are destroyed. we lost our mosque. there's nothing left here, only the injured even women and all because of the earthquake were here at the park army corps, which has become the epicenter of aid for the earthquake relief. all day helicopters take off and land from here, they bring the injured. they also take with them assistance from international aid organizations and from on a organization to bring to the most devastated areas in the country. areas that have very little access to clinics, to hospitals, to proper road and to any other services. so really what goes on here is extremely important. a common wealth heads of government meeting has begun in rwanda and controversial u. k. randa saw him deal is threatening to overshadow the summit. both british prime minister boris johnson and the case prince charles are attending. johnson has
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defended his government's plan to the poor, migrants for wonder. well, prince charles's report re criticize the deal in private gage and our web who is lying for us in that case. golly and malcolm bars, johnson. now talking to commonwealth members, what does the saying was prince charles? he's actually speaking right now. he's just taken over from bar is johnson. prince charles, who british newspapers reported, describes that deportation deal as a pooling just a few days before we traveled here. or is johnson in his speech? talk about developmental success is that he attributed to the commonwealth that the commonwealth doesn't actually provide any kind of substantial funding. it's not a trade block. it doesn't provide any binding policies. boris johnson government, it's actually cost international aid budget. and what's more common to see these
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days is the kind of bilateral transactional funding that we've seen with that british rwandan deal to people asylum seekers. the u. k. the audi paid about a $150000000.00 to paul could gummies government president pool companies govern here under the 1st flight was meant to fly last week, but it didn't following a series of last minute legal challenges, critics say that the u. k is failing to uphold its obligations under international law by not giving these asylum figures a chance to apply in the u. k. it's also shown a spotlight on wonders. human rights record, which the u. k. self criticize just last year at a un human rights meeting for problems with force disappearances, death and mysterious circumstances of political critics and opponents and reports of torture as well. and right, as groups have said,
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for the commonwealth to even hold this summit in wonder if they don't raise these issues at the meeting. then they say that it's going to be damaging to the credibility. the commonwealth certainly no sign that anyone is talking about these human rights issues. at the meeting right now, now come, what else is on the agenda? this commonwealth meeting to go and get bon, but its former friends colonies, west african countries are applying to join. that's expected, they're expected to be successful as expected to be announced in the coming days. some people think that it is maybe show the change of direction in the commonwealth during this time. 15 years ago in neighboring uganda commonwealth has the government suspended pakistan for, for lacking democratic credentials. but it was just a few years after that rwanda applied to join at the time the commonwealth
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commission to report to see for one the met bar for for democracy and respecting civil liberties. the office of the report, the investigators said rwanda did not that were under, was allowed to join any way. now, both togo and gabon have been ruled by all sorts area leaders for many that most recent elections have been widely criticized. but it seems that this stage, the commonwealth is very open to anyone and everyone joining and is not asking some of the questions about democracy that you see in the past. thank you for that. mark web that for us in kigali. while the u. k is governing conservative policy has last 2 crucial by elections, increasing the pressure on the prime minister bar johnson. the losses have prompted the resignation of the parties. chairman, who says it's supporters, does a better job hall reports. the green fields of rural
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devon, reliably, conservative for years, until now the people, if it didn't want to have both paper bricker, they said a loud and clear message. it's time for us to go and go think it's a whole different thing so far. we've had so many years of the current government and thinking any best buy and actions don't always represent the wider national picture. they are often protest boats with a local focus. but nor do they tend to overturn majorities like this one in 2019. the conservatives won the tipton and taunton constituency. by 24000 votes, a margin. they've now lost a loss that even conservative voters. so coming, i think it's possibly a little bit for change. you could say the liberal democrats have done
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a very good campaign. they're absolutely full on in the current political climate, it's hard to separate the local from the national people do of course complain about public services about the cost of living and many say the conservative party has taken them for granted until that is their m. p stood down when he was found to have looked at pornography in the house of commons. but repeatedly here, people do also cite national issues as reason for their choice. hello there, i'm going to chamberlain. i'm calling behalf of richard. fortunately things for violates. i just think with all the recent things, including that behavior with covert is the law of people. i think it doesn't fit right with. and i think this is the best chance of getting them sending a message really facing them, sending a message to the conservative that, you know, we're not happy. and that's why the liberal democrats success in tifton and on it and matters nationally after this. the 3, some conservative em pays,
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will be thinking, do i really want bars, johnson to be leading me into the next election? you know, with losses. like this already happening. football is johnson's party, the swift country seat as delivered, a severe blow. the prime minister, who narrowly survived a leadership challenge recently, will now worry about his party's core support. as will his m. p. 's. if the conservatives can lose here, they can lose anywhere. well, we can speak now live to jonah hall, who is in tibbets. and for us, joe, give us a sense of how devastating and last this is for the conservative party. it's usually damaging for the conservative party and for the prime minister boys johnson, 2 seats lost in one night. the 1st perhaps less surprising them. the 2nd wakefield in west yorkshire has gone back to the labor party as part of their traditional red wall of seats across the sort of working class hinterlands of this country. that fell to the conservatives in 2019 at delivering for their much of the majority won
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by boris johnson. in that election, it indicates, of course, labeled chances of rebuilding their red wall at the next election. but the more important, the more crucial defeat was here interpreted in huntington, this constituency, in east devon, part of the conservative blue war, part of its core support the sorta seat. they should have retained at all costs. but instead of lost to the liberal democrats in spectacular fashion, by a historic swing numerical swing in the margin there, indicating their core support is in trouble as well. and if you add to all of that, the resignation this morning of all of a 1000, a real conservative party heavy weight chairman of the party and his letter of resignation. failing to pledge loyalty to the prime minister saying, the cit, the cannot carry on with business as usual. and you've got 3 reasons there for a real state of crisis in government down the party. this morning. as we've been enforcing boris johnson currently not in the u. k, he's in or wanda,
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presumably known somewhere where he wanted to be. has he had a chance to respond to what's happened? yes. far from the fray, boris johnson in rwanda, but certainly not insulated from it. he scoffed at the idea on thursday that he might resign if both of these at by elections were lost. he is holding that line. here's what he had to say earlier. yes, it's absolutely true that we've had some, some tough by election results and they've been, i think, a reflection of a lot of things. but we've got to recognize that our voters are going through a tough time in the road. and i think that as a government, i've got to listen to what people say and in particular to the difficulties people are facing over the cost of living. his is in the den. so a listen, and he'll carry on the but for how long?
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remember this is the prime minister who less than 3 weeks ago survived, but narrowly far too narrowly a vote of confidence by his own. m. p. 's 2 and 5 of whom turned against him. that was on the back of a string of scandals, of controversies, issues of trust and integrity around the so called party gate affair parties. in downing street johnson was himself find by the police for breaking the law. of these 2 defeats a likely to carry with them a message to his own, m p. 's, that he is no longer the vote when he was in 2019 that he is no longer an electoral asset and they may wells begin. now again, to plot their next move against him. i can't thank you for that, jane holl there for us in tifton, in the united kingdom. still ahead on al jazeera, rising angle, ecuador protest is refused to leave the streets as national strides, hit 11 straight days. and my dozens of us senators, that one joe biden to wade into the investigation into the matter bound. is there
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a journalist you mean? ah with hello, welcome to look at the international forecast. that's the usual got plenty of live, the showers across south southeast asia. he's a very big ones into western parts of the philippines recently over a 100 millimeters to freight in the space of 24 hours on where to weather just nudging little further westwards as we go through saturday lives storms. they're coming into we're thailand. once again. some big and thundershowers, they're just around smarter western parts of borneo. we're also looking at some rather heavy rain at times effecting a good part of indonesia. java in particular could see some localized flooding as we go on through the next day or so. one or 2 showers to into the far north of australia, particularly up towards south cape,
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your peninsula and northern parts of queens there. but for much it was high, pressure is in charge here, so essentially fine and dry. we got a weakening where the front just making its way across that southeastern corner. chance of one or 2 showers. they're just flicking their way through our victoria southern parts of new south wales, but nothing matters. speak of, some rusty showers there. we'll just rattle away across tasmania. further west. generally try if little on the cool cyber temperatures just starting to recover as we go on through the next day or so for share, his doubts was se clear through to go through monday. it has a little cooler with showers for new zealand. ah lou a with
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lou ah ah, in walking out as a reminder of our top stories this hour to tell about is making an appeals for international help off gum the stones most destructive earthquake in 20 years old and 1100 people have died. authorities say 10000 homes have been destroyed a some, it's a commonwealth. lead is is on to wait. and wanda, you cases side mc cadell is in the spotlights, is boris johnson continues to defend his government's plans to port migrants to
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wenda. b, u. k. is governing policies, laws to crucial by elections, putting more pressure on prime minister bars. johnson is policies chairman is quit saying supporters deserve better get more. not top, sorry, via quake in afghanistan, that has killed now more than 1100 people. we could speak to alina tiffy, who is ly for us in the eastern province of pox? ya ali. so talk was through the situation on the ground this morning. the current situation is unfortunately we're getting reports that haven't been confirmed yet, but that there has been an additional earthquake in one of the districts in particular province. and if that pans out at least 10 people have been killed according to sources, and another 5 people injured. so of course, after shocks are common in these sorts of situations. but it puts the relief efforts that even more difficulty. because now,
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mobile teams will have to try and react to even new injuries and damage while still trying to deal with the preexisting damage of preexisting injuries. we were thing that up and told before this that, you know, things were starting to calm down that the major districts were cleared. that, you know, flights were reducing helicopter flights because they felt like there wasn't as much need. but now it seems like that may be picking up again, especially if the 2nd or the pan route. that is incredibly devastating news. ali. and we've had the taliban making urgent appeals overnight for more international help. what seem to be the key challenges at this point? what, what is it that people need? the key challenges still remained the sanctions and the aid cut backs that have plagued. that's all a bond government since they 1st return to power and august. that has limited their
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ability to perform the duties of a government. it has also, according to different international aid organizations hamstrung their response to different needs and different issues we are seeing that foreign countries are starting to assist at this point. india has sent a iran has also sent aid taiwan has planned to send up to a $1000000.00. the international committee of the red cross is trying to organize some kind of a fundraising thing. but the main issue is that these sanctions and these aid cut back really affect how local and international organization can work within the country. and this was a very important test of it because the international organizations that did the most well in this situation were the ones who were able to maintain presences and the nearby provinces. thank you for that update ali la tv that for us in the eastern province of pocket you the governor of ukraine's eastern no hands,
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greed and says his forces will have to leave the embattled city of so that on. yes, austin, troops have now taken control of most of the city. the governor says remaining positions have been smashed to pieces. i'm saying doesn't make sense. ukrainian president velocity zalinski has said the faith of savannah don. yes. would determine the face of the don't last region. sad protest, a has died in ecuador, on the 11th day of nationwide strike against the rising cost of living, diginero protest as fort with police and the capital quito hours after they had taken over cultural center. i had them sealed off for a week, a latin american at a salisia, newman reports, ah, thousands of striking indigenous ecuadorian rush to take back what they considered their headquarters. the capitals, indigenous house of cultures. in an unprecedented move, the government had ordered the police to occupy it last week,
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enraging the confederation of indigenous nations. now that they've retaken it, they're celebrating, ah, this place represents our cultures. this is our home, away from home. i miss it. after almost 2 weeks of a nationwide strike, that has paralyzed much of ecuador, it seemed promising. ah, but not for long running battles between right police and strikers near the legislative assembly left scores injured. indigenous leaders say they'd wanted to deliver a letter to request that the assembly uses constitutional powers to question president viet molasses. fitness to continue governing the conflict is clearly now impacting not just the economy, but ecuador is political stability. here the palace,
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security was reinforced further as soldiers practice defending themselves from demonstrators. we are only 4 blocks away from the presidential pals. the most highly secured area of all of ecuador at this hour. because the fear is that the indigenous strikers could try to make it break into the palace by breaking all the security gordons. as close for the president's resignation, grow, the government is offering to negotiate upon killable weird, an ally which our government is doing all it can. so your voices and protests will turn into effective solution miss a soon once again, we issue an invitation on him for an immediate dialogue without delay. oh, but indigenous leaders said the president must 1st lift a state of emergency and offer proof that he's serious about alleviating poverty, including debt relief and fuel subsidies. and so the strike and the confrontations
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continue with no breakthrough insight. to see and human al jazeera, kito equilla the u. s. senate has passed, one of the strongest gun control bells in decades. the legislation had support from both sides of the political aisle, but it falls far short at the sweeping changes demanded by gun control campaigners . my county has more 1st of all, it is the most significant piece of bipartisan gun control legislation that's been passed in nearly 30 years. so in that it is truly significant to had 15 republican senators voting with a democratic counterparts to pass this particular bull. the measures within it provides millions of dollars in mental health k improving security at schools and drastically changes to the way in which people aged $18.00 to $21.00 can buy a weapon, but it does fall far short of what most control gun control advocates the probably
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the majority of americans, including president biden, were demanding and specific example. a total ban on assault weapons had been called for that is not included in the bull. nonetheless, that is a significant moment because it does signal what the senate majority leader, chuck schumer said as a step in the right direction. and it does come bounce off to that shooting and you've all v and some 5 weeks after that. shooting in buffalo, new york, notable though that both those shooting, we're using assault rifles. however, the point is, is that it will now go to the house very quickly, the house because said that she'll bring it onto the floor tomorrow. the president will then sign it into law. so from the end of friday, this will become law in the united states, but it's ironic perhaps that this law, the 1st bipartisan gun control legislation in decades comes from the same day that
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the supreme court strikes down a hidden concealed, gotten carrie law that has been in place in new york state for some 100 years. 24 democratic senators have written to us president joe biden, telling him to get washington directly involved into the investigation of the motive. al jazeera journalist, sharina block, lay shri and was shot dead by israeli forces on the 11th of may while on assignment in janine and the occupied westbank and white house correspondent kennedy hall kit has more of the story. there's a big reason why these democratic senators are looking for the white house and, and the united states to get directly involved in the investigation into the death of sri and have a claim that is in large part because of the mistrust that exists between the israelis and palestinians, we know that there have been investigations that have been conducted on both sides, but given the fact that there is such
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a deep this trust. and given the fact that also the, there have been conclusions and investigations that have been conducted by the media that really call into question the conclusions of the israeli investigations . in other words, that the really have concluded that in fact, it was not there and israeli bullet that killed sheree and ever play. and in fact, media investigations as well as the pulse, the investigation, conclude just the opposite. that there is, in fact, some deep distrust with these conclusions. and that is the reason that these democratic centers saved the united states must get directly involved in order to get the transparency and the full accountability that the secretary state entity blinking has promised that the united states will seek to try and achieve lebanon's. prime minister designate is calling for political factions to push aside
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the differences and cooperate economic crisis. g. mccarthy was speaking of to being appointed by politicians to form a new government. anaconda reports now she may at is back as lebanon's prime minister, he received the most support from members of parliament on thursday after last month's legislative elections. the billionaire businessman took power less than a year ago, but little has changed since then. like now me as he promised to stop the years long economic and financial collapse for not the i was, i mean i'm and your mother and we must corporate to save our country and our people from the crisis in which they are suffering. we must put our differences aside, and we no longer have the luxury of time and drowning in conditions and demands. the task now is to form a government and lebanon that usually takes time. as political players compete for their share of executive authority. at a time, the country needs an economic recovery plan that involves fighting corruption in
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state institutions. the government that has to implement all kinds of changes, the forms decrease that will be painful. that will affect the interests of powerful players. so they all want to be sure that they can put a foot in the door or stick into real when the interests are touched or not restricted. there is another factor raising the stakes. in october, parliament must elect a new president. and if no individual gets the support of at least 2 thirds of m. p . 's, the incoming government will have to assume executive power by proxy. parliament is polarized a fragmented. if there is no international consensus, it varies no modest ravendie brings original powers it. we prove extremely difficult to find their president to succeed, michelle, and in that case, the government will become de facto in charge of leaving their country with the exceptional prerogatives. 2 of the last 4 years were spent under
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a caretaker administration, with limited powers, as people faced multiple crises. but even when there was a government in office, politicians fail to address the economies freefall. the state has all but collapsed, its struggling to provide services, and the public sector was barely functioning even before an open ended strike was declared to weeks ago. employees are demanding better pay because their salaries have lost value. all the while the political establishment seems to be focused on sustaining power. the, at his return is not a new era and lebanese politics, but the nation could be facing an even bigger challenge ahead. seneca, there al, shahida, beirut. okay, lot small in all our stories on our website, the address is out there it okay. ah.


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