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tv   NEWSHOUR  Al Jazeera  February 26, 2022 9:00pm-10:01pm AST

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we listen, we are focusing so much on the humanitarian crisis that we forget the long term development we meet with global news makers and talk about the store restock matter on al jazeera. ah, this is al jazeera ah, your waterman is our light from a headquarters in ohio. eddie and applegate are coming up in the next 60 minutes, a residential building hit by a miss on the ukrainian capital key as russia continues its military advance. and in a new video message president vladimir zalinski says they will continue to fight as long as it takes. meanwhile, tens of thousands of ukrainians flee across the border by any means possible as the
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russian advance intensifies and sweden joins colin's national football team and refusing to play russia in a world cup playoff next month. ah, welcome to the news hour. we'll be getting to all of the latest events of the day, but 1st we're going to bring in hood abdul hamid who's joining us from vinny pro that's in eastern ukraine. we're a curfew is almost an effect her does. so before you go, just tell us what you've been seeing. you've been on the road for the past couple of hours. yeah, actually we were in a come at or school which is in the near screech and one of sort of the main commercial hubs of the disney and what that part of didn't yet screech and i would been there for a few days and what we've been witnessing is basically a town not only come at tours, but nearby levy and scan all the villages. we've been through emptying themselves
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of people, a lot of troop movements on the road, ukrainian army, regrouping, equipment being taken in all directions at certainly that sense that that part of the country is also geary go for, or what is coming ahead and, you know, along the road, a lot of people with their belongings heading towards a cross did me forever to towards, at this part of the country. so you, as we were driving normally, would take about 2 hours to 2 to 3 hours to go from, from there to here. well, it took us about 6 hours long checkpoints, these territorial defense units being very careful of who's going in, who's coming out, a lot of suspicion. we had to be very careful, not put our cameras out to try to film because people could take that for something wrong. there's a lot of suspicion around saboteurs. that's the word and that everyone sees. that's
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one of the reasons why did the i am actually standing here in the last minutes of the before the curfew or rather to curve he has already set in because of that trying to get control of people to know who is who anyone who's on the street after this time is considered as supporter, a very tense atmosphere, even though nothing has happened yet. i should have started by saying that last night the city was seeped in darkness. a very eerie, just to make sure any one who moves on the street is, will be considered an enemy. that's what the government is saying. that's what a local authority is. i say, all right, i will let you go for now. thank you so much for dr. hamid giving us the update from any pro eastern ukraine. well, meanwhile, ukraine's president has vowed to fight for as long as it takes that's his russian troops closing on caves, followed him as lensky says, his forces do remain in control of the capitol. following a series of mishap strikes and gun battles, however,
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it appears russian troops have made some decisive gains in the countries se need barker has worn. ah, a moment a missiles slammed into an apartment block in the south of the ukrainian capital, kia and nobody was killed. by the attacks evidence. so the ukranian authorities of russia's willingness to hit civilian targets of xhylia . when we go was we managed to escape all the way in kitchen. we were lucky, it was a direct hit in the living room. that's my wife and the elder child have their legs broken. oh, young child was taken sour by rescuers. ukraine's president had warned of a difficult night. and for many, it came this the aftermath of fierce fighting close to people's homes. ukrainian army said it had destroyed a russian military convoy trying to enter the city flow to me as a lensky, a firm key if we're still in control of the capital and surrounding cities,
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shimmed or, or uncle grains. good morning, ukrainians. there has been a loss of fake information online saying that i'm calling on our army to lay down arms and to evacuate. listen, i am here. we will not lay down any weapons. we will defend our state because our weapon is our truth. and the truth is that this is our land, our country, and our children, and we will defend all of that. that's all i wanted to tell you. in the village of buck marsh in northern ukraine, russian forces were met by angry civilians while man trying to stop and advancing tank with his bare hands before being pulled to safety and of the city of huck. heave, a russian missile landed in a children's playground. russia meanwhile,
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appears to be sending even more troops and hardware across the border into the country while insisting it's not targeting ukrainian cities to jail ocean or run as yours is to visit us during the night. the russian military use long range, high precision weapons, sea and air launched cruise missiles to strike the targets among the ukrainian military infrastructure. i'd like to state once again, strikes are only aimed at ukrainian military targets for that's not what the residence of key, if a seeing or hearing people continue to seek sanctuary under ground in basements, the metro anywhere away from the violence. according to western intelligence, the capitals not yet surrounded those russian troops that have made it as far as key of
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a thought to be russian special forces and saboteurs. but larger russian battle groups are getting closer, encountering stiff, ukrainian resistance as they approach elsewhere. the russians have made more decisive gaines. this is the city of melita paul in the country southeast, where the russian flag now flies over a local police station. it, if you look this video shot by russian state television shows russian tanks on the move in ukraine's east. this is europe's largest ground war since world war 2 vladimir putin and some of these troops believe histories on their side study. i guess we've been waiting since 2014. finally, i'll throw away this gun and will live peacefully amidst the fighting a light hearted exchange between a ukrainian driver and some stranded russian soldiers lost the nancy fuel and a sealed ha! you cranes, one you guys have surrendered, says the driver. can i tell you back to russia?
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the truth is, the conflicts far from over ukrainian troops of the capital of fortifying the city . soon in hours or days, moscow will have to make a decision. sit outside the capital, an engineer some political arrangement with the ukrainian government, or bring in troops and heavy weaponry and due to the, an even more destructive way, with the possibility of mass civilian casualties. ah, the kremlin has the capacity for both the volcano al jazeera and we have andrew simmons who's traveling across central ukraine and sent this update in case of the west. the has been some clashes between russian forces i'm the ukrainians. the credit was managed to force back a convoy. this was in the early hours of saturday morning. now we're hearing and we, we have not seen any further action around. the other seems to be a low in fighting right now. but i'll tell you more about development later
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we've, when we're in the countryside, we've been really sensing an atmosphere of tension, not just here on the major highways, but particularly in the rural areas. lots of checkpoints, lots of people who are reserves. some of them actually not using the automatic weapons that have been distributed freely some using hunting rifles. they look stress. they're looking for saboteurs that have been saboteurs arrested. the have been saboteurs killed, a russian particularly chechen thought to be able to be actually in action. well ahead of the advancing troops arriving, and of course it is dangerous for any one on the street civilians or otherwise because of that. and what we're also seeing is defiance is a really angry reaction to the russians. i was seeing barricades being put up with
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seeing all sorts of improvised ways of trying to repel advancing columns, but really they're, they're really very weak in comparison to the sort of might the going to carry all the kremlin website has been taken offline by a cyber attack ukrainian media says it's one of 6 state affiliated sites and russia that have gone down the hackers, collective known as anonymous is thought to be responsible. the group announced on twitter today that it was at war with russia. we'll cross over to moscow now and bring in bernard smith, who will tell us the latest updates from there, including bernard, where things stand on the possibility of any diplomacy and talks with ukraine. well just on those denial of service attacks as they're called on some russian wrapped website, including the kremlin website and state news agency, they, they also hear of reported at the same thing. it's not only coming from ukrainian
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media, it's been confirmed here in russia, and has also been a lot of back and forth on the suggestion of talks on whether they'll be any or not . the latest line we've had is from vladimir zalinski in ukraine, saying that he's got a promise from the presidents of turkey and as a by jan between them or to offer talks or to mediate. somehow in talks, no russian response from that. yet the russians of accused ukraine, however, are going back on the promise of having talks. russia said it actually stopped fighting. on friday, vladimir putin said he held back all the he stopped the invasion on friday because he thought talks might be taking place. we're going to take place in minsk and then a russian say ukraine wanted talked in warsaw instead. and russia says they then stopped hearing from ukraine after that. and so russia re started operations as they call them in ukraine's are now zalinski says, is in the hands over. now there's an offer from presidents of turkey and as
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a by john and bernard, how is russia responding to the civic, increased pressure from the west and an increase sanction while yet this political and practical isolation of russia is really taking shape and mounting. now, a former president, dmitri medford, irv, he's now the deputy secretary of russia security council. he shrugged off the sanctions and he said, it's a good reason for us, for russia to pull out of strategic dialogue on nuclear stability and potentially from the new strategic arms reduction treaty. the start treaty that was signed in 2010 and extended to 2021. and he also says rushes or suspension from the council of europe is really unfair. the council of europe was set over the end of the 2nd world war to uphold human rights democracy. and the rule of law in europe or med, we'd have now says this gives us an opportunity as to slam the door on the council
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of europe and a good reason for us to restore or the death penalty for serious crimes and many eastern european countries of stop there airlines now from flying into russia and in retaliation, russia has been those airlines from its air space. so that is the increasing practical isolation of russia taking shape as well during all right, thank you so much. bernard smith reporting from moscow. we cross over to the us now let's bring in rosin. jordan, she's joining us from washington, d. c. because the president's job aiden has been weighing in on developments. what did he have to say? well apparently the president sat down with a apparently well known left wing podcast or an actor to at the white house to talk about to the russian a war against ukraine. and according to the yo reuters and wire service, he apparently said that if lat, amir potent wanted to basically split up european unity,
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split up nato unity. his invasion of ukraine has backfired. the president apparently told bryan tyler cohen, who is the podcast host, that you now see more determination from finland and from sweden to try to join the security pact, which is nato. and that to you have never seen nato so unified of is in recent times until this invasion of ukraine took place. now the report cast apparently is just being released and so we don't have more lines of from that interview that the president did. but it is worth pointing out that apparently mister cullen, the interviewer has of considerable law following on the political loved here in the united states. and so doing an interview with someone of his particular stature would be a way of reaching out to a democratic voters who consider themselves more her aggressive than the president
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is, who was a thought to be in the political middle rosalyn. we also know that the state department has announced an additional military assistance to ukraine. how significant is this package? well, this is a significant because of the idea is to get more body armor, more small arms, no guns, frankly, and other rows of equipment that the ukranian military would need in order to try to fight off russian of soldiers who were trying to take over their country and this is a, basically some $350000000.00 that to the secretary of state antony blank and has ordered a released to the ukrainian military. of course, the big challenge will be getting all of this equipment into the hands of the ukrainian military. because the president has said that u. s. troops will not be going onto ukrainian territory to help defend the country
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from this invasion. and in fact, the ukrainian government has said that it, this is their fight. they need to support, but they're going to take the fight to the russians themselves. ok, thank you. rosin jordan, reporting from washington d. c. also joining us from washington as nigel gal, davis is a senior fellow for russia and eurasia with the international institute for strategic studies is also a former u. k ambassador to belarus. welcome to al jazeera. so if you look at the latest lines that are coming out of ukraine and the president volunteer, zalinski has said that his forces remain in control off the capital. that's the spate russian troops closing in on it. how confident are you that they will remain in control? in the short term, it seems that they will, but this is a, at an early stage, this so dreadful conflict and is likely to get worse. russia is clearly facing
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setbacks. it did not expect that it's taking casual tooth, and ukraine is taking prisoners, including some quite seen at least one, possibly 2 brigade commanders. ah, and so russia will be motivated now to excel or h a b a before says that it brings to this conflict. good sir, so far been using around probably less than half of the total false as it is mobilized and prepared for this. so in numerical terms is quite clear that russia has a very, very significant vantage. but the really impressive aspect to that ukraine's resistance so far is how strong and how wide it has been. when putin issued his declaration of war, he cold for the ukrainian forces to lay down the arms. we've not seen any of that. on the contrary, we've seen people who've never, never touched arms before, beginning to learn how to use weapons. now, beginning how to,
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to learn how to make molotov cocktails. and that is, or this is what our quarter ins has been witnessing or, and our reporters have indeed been seeing this in parts of ukraine. and they are saying that people have been taking up arms and tens of thousands of weapons have been given to civilians. but is there a danger then this is going to escalate into some sort of urban warfare? yes, i think i think that that's the sort territory we're heading towards now. ah. and again, one has to be profoundly struck and impressed by the strength of national will to resist was, are, among other things, a contest of national will, ukraine's was prove, even stronger so far than a certainly russia expected. the signs from the, the interrogation of the, of russian of prisons living taken suggest. the neurologist far more on certain and far lower. and i think it's 3 significant now that russia is beginning to try to restrict the flow of news and social media back to russia about this restricting
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for example, access to twitter. they are concerned that they are losing control of their fictitious narratives about this conflict within russia itself. if for a son does managed to enter the capital and takes control of the capital, what does it do next? what does it do with it? well it's, it's a very good question that i'm sure russia has not really thought through what we would like to see some attempt to install some form of a puppet government. but to ukraine already has a democratic elected president in a democratic elected legislature. there's absolutely no way good to any one imposed from outside would enjoy the kind of legitimacy that would allow russia to pacify this country. so the idea to a military victory could lead to the end of
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a conflict, and that either an occupation could be stable, although russia could simply withdraw. seems completely off the cogs and you have the sense now of russia having rolled dyson, having no idea at this point where they will go. we rule seeing the direction of travel tools, great to instability and greater unpredictability. not more. if you look at the sort of that the bigger picture and any prospect for diplomacy, we also heard just a short while ago from president is a lensky. that he is saying, countries like turkey and as are based on our potentially looking to mediate. and do you see the prospect for talks and happening in the near future? it's conceivable. it's ukraine's cool to make of course, ultimately present the landscape coal and took desperately difficult one if we find ourselves in a situation where
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a ukrainian civilians in large numbers are being killed by a russian or sold, it would be entirely understandable if the, if a person sentenced, he wanted to end that, but how that would work, the terms on which that would take place are uncertain, as indeed as the reliability of any a russian promises that would you would have to make in the context of an ending in this conflict. cuz the record of russian diplomacy and assurances of a possible moments has been a string of continuous untruths and lives. where do you make of the u. s. as pastor right now? and we also heard our reporter rosin jordan, reporting just a few moments ago that president biden has recency said that because of this, nato has become more unified. do you agree with the president? i agree completely. with that, i think american diplomacy has been very strong and effective over the past few
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months in forging a consistent and a firm position and sustaining transatlantic unity. i think putin was hoping the pressure that he began to impose on the west with this big military buildup since last off. they both would fracture western unity on the country. the west is more unified, more resolute, and more explicitly committed to supporting ukraine's independence than ever before . this is one more miscalculation that putin has made, but the thing to watch next, i think in regard to usm western actions is how more significant sanctions will become the next big issue actively being discussed now is a financial sanctions on russia. central bank. this would be a very significant further escalation of prussia on russia, which is becoming more and more isolated from a contact and a particular from
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a financial ties. but with the west that would cause serious trouble. all right, we'll leave it there. we thank you so much. a nigel gl davies for as he came to us from washington dc. well, the un security council has fail to adopt a resolution condemning the russian military action in ukraine. russia vetoed the vote that would have confirmed the sovereignty of ukraine and demanded that moscow immediately withdraw its forces. she had returned c reports as president of the security council that fell to russia to list the un member states who co sponsored the resolution opposing its use of force against ukraine and calling for an unconditional withdrawal. but so on, in the angry good demolish. the resolution did gain the support of 11 members of the council with china, india, and the united arab emirates abstaining. as expected, russia used its veto power. russia, you can veto this resolution,
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but you cannot veto our voices. you cannot veto the truth. you cannot veto our principles, you cannot veto the ukranian people. the russian i'm baset, accounted that the resolution was imbalanced for not mentioning the shelling of don bounced by the ukranian government, nor the failure by kiev and the west to implement the 2015 piece deal. and he added this, now i'm going to go to new, the new start, the new i will refrain from listening out the aggressions carried out by the united states in their history. but you are in no position to moralize. the u. s. succeeded in avoiding a chinese veto with its final version of the resolution. but beijing, once again agreed with russia that the crisis had developed over time as a result of nature's disregard for russia, security and caution. the security council taking any action should be truly conducive to defusing the crisis rather than adding fuel to the fire. ukrainian
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ambassador accused his russian counterpart of having no idea what was in vladimir putin's mind. but he did reaffirm ukraine's commitment and negotiations, even as he despaired for the safety of his people. and i will ask all of you to pray automated days if you do not believe in god for peace is expected that a similar but non binding resolution will be introduced at a special session of the united nations general assembly where russia does not have vito already it appears to have the support of more than 80 of the us, 193 member states she ever time. see al jazeera, the united nations, our diplomatic editor, james basis and brussels. that's where western nations are moving to take action against russia. i think the international position is pretty solid now regarding
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the, the where i am the e, u, nato, and the us. and i think you also got some idea of the international position at the un security council where you saw the position of china, which i think is very important. abstaining on that security council resolution. clearly, the resolution condemning russia didn't pass because it was b type by russia, but china, which is increasingly close ally of russia. the fact that they abstain, i think, is an interesting fact. meetings continuing all across the world and we'll continue over the weekend. it's not a normal weekend of short to german chancellor is currently meeting the polish prime minister and the lithuanian president. lots of meetings going on, particularly i think meetings on what to do going forward with regard to support for ukraine. they put the sanctions in place to punish president putin. what do they do to actually help the ukrainian military? they're not going to send any resources or any trips. they,
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they know that's the case. none of that weapons, none of the aircraft or that troops will be used, but can they send weapons in support of the ukrainians? can they give other support to the cranium? financial support that has happened from some european countries? it's happened from the u. s. i think others are discussing it and discussing what moves they can make. or francis president says he's convinced the war will continue into the foreseeable future. in many, one micron says russia's military action in ukraine was also have tough consequences at home on this wall. last and all the crises that go, we have job consequences. we must pay ourselves lots of determination. also, lots of diversity has returned to europe, but it was unilateral, chosen vice president putin, with a tragic humanitarian crisis, a population that was the european union. that was a long thought. you cranium, people need to try to build peace and protect it and take all the necessary measures of implementing functions. scott lucas is an emerald professor at the
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university of birmingham. he says that the sanctions being placed on russia will destroy its economy. well, the u. s. posture as well as i think you have to make it an international, foster european union, various european states, canada, australia. japan is 2 fold. one is you give as much support as, as possible right now to the ukraine and government recognizing the fundamental one . it's which is that the russians are now buildings as well as attacking other cities. i think if we move to a new phase of what we're talking about in this attempted russian occupation of ukraine. what you may see is the move of those who went ski government to the west of ukraine to live, for example. which of course is closer to areas like poland, which makes it easier for us and europe to give support. that includes political support and of course, military support through defense of weapons. but the 2nd dimension of this,
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of course, is the sanctions question. is the economic pressure on russia that pressure has not gone all out yet? not only the europe and union, but the g 7, including joe biden, hold back from the ultimate national, which was the cut off the entire cut off a brush up from the swift financial transaction systems. but the sanctions have been expanding the couple most sectors of the russian economy. the americans confirmed yesterday that they will be expanding the sanctions to directly target louder and important. we realize however, the sanctions will not stop the military offensive. they probably won't prevent a russian occupation of most of ukraine, but this is not a sprint. now. this is a longer race, which is, you know, the fact that the us in europe are saying the bladder brewton. you can occupy ukraine, but you will face ukrainian insurgency and your face to collapse. your country's economy. still had only else is there and is our thousands of indians didn't scramble to get out of ukraine. will have more in what you jelly is doing to help
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them and, and sport to premier the teams you night and their support for ukraine, bringing one of the ukrainian players to tears. ah, ah, look forward to brighter skies the weather sponsored my cattle a ways we've not seen the end of the series of winter storms. it started nice to meadow run right across the levant to iran. eventually, beyond that, into afghanistan, this is the latest one here, giving showers as far as maybe northern egypt, attended to die out on saturday. so showers in iran and maybe more significant weather in the caucasus snow here. but that's not the last of the series. and usually when these come through, you get a brief normally breeze down the gulf that picks up the sand and doesn't have to drop temperatures. bits not severe, i have to say. and the dust appears mainly in the empty quarter of saudi arabia.
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but you see the next storm is already gathering, though ha, for example, doesn't attempt to drop very much despite the fact that wind come through, it's a dusty start on sunday. but monday and tuesday, polio noticed very much, to be honest. the straw different for turkey was his big circulation stars, and that was got to sent his quote and asked you on here getting significant snow the eastern bulgaria. so you get snow in the middle of turkey and range. how's the south of that rain through cyprus as well? the whole system will so slowly wind up and move eastwards, taking that rain into bay route as an example, leaving a bit of sunshine behind. but at to say the scene is still fairly wintry. oh, the weather sponsored by casara ways. i named you with my manager as my material, my job, my find deals is bronze to that point. it doesn't did with
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my nigeria on al jazeera overnight success. story thing. night after 9. anyway. investing consistency imaging. ah ah.
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hello again. the top stories on alpha 0, this our not yet in the capital, but gaining grounds. the russian fly flies and mileage a pole. as long as it takes ukraine's president cheers a video message pledging to keep fighting. another large convoy of russian trucks has crossed the border into ukraine. moscow is sending more supplies as the fighting continues on earlier, one of our colleagues was briefly detained. does he was reporting an eastern ukraine. charles stratford isn't any pro. here is his story. we returned from the city of zapper isha, where the situation is becoming increasingly tense. a lot more military checkpoints, a lot more military hardware than we saw there yesterday. as an indication of how 10 cities we were preparing to go live to do a live broadcast. we're out of nowhere, seemingly a group of ukrainian soldiers and ukrainian police paired with their guns. many of
9:34 pm
them pointing towards us firing in the air. they demanded that we get out of the vehicle. we threw ourselves to the ground, our camera mans of telephone. busy was kicked out of his hand and 2 bullets fired from a kalashnikov into that telephone. now, it's important to recognize that these men were just doing their jobs. there are increasing phase amongst the ukrainian military and security services about what they describe as saboteurs. trying to get into cities and compromising military positions. but so as i say, our cameras was still rolling when this incident happened, let's take a look. i don't they stop, stop, stop, stop, stop filming with
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no leased, no leased, no leased. i do, john list one job. he wasn't a journalist i one of the is also reports from the port city of mary. awful witnesses telling us that what they described was being increasing numbers of paramilitaries on the streets, ukrainian power registries, helping the ukraine and army trying to defend the city from what we understand is a push by russian forces from the west. we know that the city is also suffered heavy shelling from the east. we also been speaking to people fleeing the area
9:36 pm
north of crimea, around the city of care of some people telling us, or alleging that russian forces that have taken control of some of those towns are preventing ukrainian citizens from leaving them. the situation on the roads around and he pro very tense checkpoints a lot more strict one checkpoints, and we saw a russian helicopter fly low over the checkpoint, causing panic, causing people to, to scatter away even the security services that sir, that will manage that check boyd but there are increasing phase of the 10s, if not hundreds of thousands of civilians that are trying to put as much distance as they can between them and russian forces advancing on these ukrainian cities. as the, the front lines become increasingly blurred as the zeros on the address is in southwest
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russia. that's where resources are being deployed across the border. yes, admit and hit us, alaska. convoys of russian military gear continue to flood across the russian ukraine. border armored gear and vehicle mounted missiles. as you can see behind me, an armored vehicle carrying self propelled missiles is headed towards the borderline with ukraine. these batteries can far, 16 missiles within 20 seconds. the convoys will part in the ongoing military operations. the fear system which is currently raging on the dunbar front, where we are standing now is only a few kilometers from the border. and this scene is repeated elsewhere. as other convoys are crossing the borderline into ukraine on other roads. at least 100000 ukrainians have fled to poland after escaping russia's invasion. but some say they're being mis treated by border guards. some people who reach the medical border crossing say they were threatened and they witnessed violence. they were also stuck in heavy choose with some waiting for more than 12 hours to get through
9:38 pm
. to crazy is that there were a lot of guys who tried to get through and there was a soldier with the guns going to get back it back. if they got to close, he literally punched him in the face. border guards got really, really aggressive and they would even like lock the door and tell us like, like, you know, we're closing it forever. you can go back. oh, it was really scary. they made so many threat seriously of empathy has more from eastern poland where ukrainians are crossing the border. well, here at the semester, the train station just across the board from ukraine. people from the trainer arriving here by train in the town. and it's been coming in ways now is another busy period. let me give you a sense of what's happening around here. we have people that have arrived that are being registered. they're not being registered as refugees. these are people who are being registered for transport out of this area into other parts of europe. the government is helping get people to friends and family helping to relocate them.
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finding them temporary housing with the government. the officials aren't the only ones here that are doing that kind of work. we've seen volunteers with signs made out of cardboard, offering people a free place to stay free rides into poland and further across europe and putting berlin and prague and denmark. so really here it gives you a sense that what's happening here is touching every european country in some way. now, from the busy part of the train station, we're going to go to another hallway where people are getting some much needed rest . now, on the me, in the main hall you, people are enjoying probably their 1st hot meal and days. and here in a quieter part of the train station there is a makes, it shows where people can get some sleep, get some rest and get free from what is no doubt been incredibly arduous journey to try to cross from ukraine into poland. interface parts of europe, we've spoken to people here who say that big family members behind
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a young mother was enforced to pay for wealth of their husband. knowing that it might be for the last time men fighting aids from $1860.00 many billing stopped since the fight in, in utrecht began since the russ invasion, constructed, ukrainian on forces to try to hold the country, hold the capital and hold on to name chris meltzer as a senior spokesman for the un high commissioner for refugees, he's in the polish border china. dora hoskins has been speaking to some of those who recently arrived from ukraine. we talking about thousands of people. so in the 1st 48 hours about 75000 people from the train have arrived in poland alone. and he had that part of the border, like in the yellow pots, also long lines of cars from, from the ukraine. sometimes the people they told us they are waiting for 24 hours. the even even more they are, they sat there frightens,
9:41 pm
but they also kind of relief because right now they think they are, they are safe and happy that they can go to poland. we have the situation that about 12130000 cranes have left their country, but they are much more people inside of the place. we need to expect a higher number but also a lot of philadelphia in poland, but also in romania and lavaca. and adobe that the government and also the people itself, the open up the help and the signs of solidarity are really touching mainly women and children. not that many men within the refugees. and the they told us that they are now that they hope to find safety here in poland and they left to family members behind them. sometimes they really heartbreaking people. hot, we think stories from, from people who are in need for indian students are being flown home from ukraine
9:42 pm
after appealing to the government for help. at least 20000 indian students are based their have the metal has more from new jelly. we're outside the ukraine embassy in new delhi where people have left flowers and candles in solidarity for those who have lost their lives in the conflict. meanwhile, the invasion has left houses. the families in india friendly indian students are the largest group of foreign students in korean. nearly 20000 of them study that evacuation are underway. the government is foss, sending students in bosses to neighboring countries like romania and hungry. and from there, they're being flown back to india. now, over the last few days, many of the students have shared videos off their ordeal. talk in bunkers with no food, pleading to the government to bring them home safely. now, diplomatically been vision has left hugely, walking a tightrope. government has off for de escalation and even a pain from
9:43 pm
a vote in the united nations condemning russia actions. it's an important, i know the hall seen gels, weapons come from russia. it's also strategic partner when it comes to countering talk, san and china. there are going economic concern, ukraine even just largest supplier of cooking oil. and the why is that the constant bag could push our prices heal at a time when inflation is already high. and the economy is struggling to recover. thousands of people have been rallying in cities across the world to protest against russia's invasion of ukraine. demonstrators in new york city has showed up in large numbers in times square to denounce russia's actions and is come the day after a similar protest was held outside the russian mission to the united nations. new york is home to more than 150000 ukrainians. it's considered to be the largest such community in the us. over in the german city,
9:44 pm
immunity crowds gathered to show the ukrainian people their support and to call for an end to the bloodshed. some protesters said they're scared, the violence could spread to western europe. take a look at the scenes in the french capital, paris, where thousands attended a massive anti will rally. and further east large crowds gathered in the city of strossberg. they called a russian president vladimir putin, to withdraw his forces and the military action. these, meanwhile, hundreds of people have gathered outside the russian embassy in greece. many ukrainian nationals were among the demonstrators in the capital athens. they were heard chancing slogan against the russian president vladimir putin, while others called for a global sort of solidarity to end the conflict. greece is foreign minister, has pledged supports for ukraine earlier this week. over in london,
9:45 pm
professors want their government to take stronger action against russia. nadine baba has more would have been demonstrations here outside downing street for several days now. but interestingly, people are not just announcing the actions of president putin in ukraine, but they are calling for specific measures that they want to see brought in straight away. one of them is a no fly zone by nato. so the ukranian armed forces have a greater chance of resisting the attack by russia. they're also talking to russia to be eliminated from the swift mechanism of international payments. now there are families here who ukrainians, who set to the united kingdom with family back home in ukraine who are desperately worried. and they don't know what to tell their relatives. their relatives then know that there are, there is fighting on many different fronts and they're st. worried, of course, families like that have to make the decision,
9:46 pm
do they stay or do they try to get out of the country? and that's what so worrying for people here. there is a big solidarity movement here in the united kingdom where they're a tens of thousands of ukrainians living. there are other you citizens like people from poland, also president presence at this protest that countries are now mobilizing to help you craniums. so i think that that's adding to the sense that here in britain, there is more that the british government could and should be doing right now. prominent conservatives in the united states have been gathering in florida for the conservative political action conference. the meeting began on thursday and the conflict in ukraine has been a major topic of conversation on hendrick reports from orlando. the conservative political action conference is one part political carnival ah, one part serious policy discussion and with russia now invading ukraine,
9:47 pm
u. s. policy on that conflict took center stage no matter where you stand on this ukraine, russia situation, what we should have done beforehand, what we should do now. the one thing i think everyone can agree upon is that the people of ukraine are inspiring to the world. for many republicans, it's also a chance to bash president joe biden. mike compare the republican secretary of state under president donald trump said his old boss would have handled it better added we prevail, it was peace through strength. that was reg, as model, it was the model that we use for 4 years in the trumpet ministration. we put america 1st and we told people around the world, you cannot tread on us. the former president impeachment overcharges he with held nearly $400000000.00 and military aid to ukraine, was not mentioned since 1974. the conservative political action conference has been home to die hard. conservative mostly foreign policy hawks that changed under president donald trump, who had a more non interventional policy and
9:48 pm
a notoriously close relationship with vladimir putin. that's why a lot of people here say the invasion of ukraine would not have happened under trump. i think that it would have been different because he had a better understanding of how to communicate with and let him understand that we as the united states are the lead, the world's leading power. and that we would not accept such bad actors. you'd prefer to have president trump dealing with us. yes. 100000 per cent. because it's leadership. trump won't be here to put his own spin on it until late saturday. but reminders of the 45th president are everywhere here. where in the minds of many attendees, he is still president john henderson, al jazeera orlando, florida, still had on the al jazeera and his, our i'm glad mc lisco am addressing the entire world. to stop this war that russia has started. please for help for ukraine from
9:49 pm
a former world heavyweight champion, our stories coming up in sports. in a moment, a al jazeera goes beneath the waves with a team of women determined to save the dolphins. we all share the same responsibility when needed, something floaty, was acting amazing on a man using a variety of scientific techniques to study their behavior. we can monitor them and report their vocal photos and behavior. we're able to how they're adapting for their new environment. women make science dolphin sanctuary on al jazeera. for some, a rowboat is a mechanical or even that self driving train of the apple set. android today can be the ever the humanoid robots like me, whole be everywhere. al jazeera documentary cliffs,
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the lead on the weird and wonderful world of robots that learn. think for you and even trust. i feel like i'm alive, but i know i on the machine. the origins of the solution is owner josie. ah, harmful pathogens are increasingly affecting our lives with terrible consequences. a new documentary asks why that we've learned any lessons in the h. i. v. epidemic in the fight against coven 19. how we ignore the global sov. to put prophets before people want coast time of pundents coming soon on all just counter feet, foods cheap and sometimes dangerous copies of the real thing of been found all over the world. i mean, even the most expensive premium product. it's the secretive and deadly multi
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$1000000000.00 business. we found one product, but about one 3rd or stay in a, in the us, which was just an incredible finding. during raids on one of the most notorious mafia gangs in calabria, italian police found consignments of fake olive oil made from industrial lubricants that were being exported to the united states. the main thing that we do when we carry out criminal investigations is to reconstruct the money flow and the flow of goods and connect pieces together. it office frauds does profits that are easy to make and hard to ignore. perhaps it means that all of us should be a little more vigilant about what we put on our plates. ah
9:52 pm
ah, talk about these sporting boy caught off russia seems to be growing. and joe is here to tell us more about that joe. that's right, during yes, sweden has joined the boy of russia on the football pitch. their face as the national team won, play a possible play off, much against russia over what it called the illegal and deeply unjust invasion of ukraine. sweden joins poland, who earlier said boycotting that upcoming game in moscow was the only right decision. poland and russia would you to meet on the 24th of march with a winter facing suite in the czech republic. that i knew there was no doubt about it. here the players themselves do not want to play against the russians. they don't want to stand before the game and listen to the russian national anthem or look at the russian flag. of course, there is no fault of the russian football is here, but this country has to face the consequences. it's hard to think of playing football when innocent people are dying. what hollands captain?
9:53 pm
an old time top score robert love and bob sky agrees he tweeted, it's the right decision. i can imagine playing a match with the russian national team in a situation. when armed aggression in ukraine continues. russian for one of them. fans are not responsible for this, but we can't pretend that nothing is happening. associate press, correspondent rob harris told us the decision. put safer in a difficult position. yeah, the next move that way can come from faith, or it's a big call for them to may do they throw russia out of the well camp the into the semi finals in the playoffs. the qualifying all that i stand by poland. poland had already said it didn't want to play this game in moscow in a month time. that request came in the other day to faith that we hadn't heard a response. and now they ratchet things up. today the request thing, actually they're indicating they all refusing to play at all regardless of the location and be called for the johnny and today, johnny fontaine,
9:54 pm
or someone who received the order of friendship meadow from russian president vladimir peyton. after the 2018 woke up in russia or poland international, matthew cash to place the aston villa and the english premier got in trouble for revealing a message to one of his national teammates. after scoring for villa cache lifted his shirt to send support to thomas cajole in whose stuck in ukraine with his family cash was given a yellow card for moving his shirts. everton and manchester city united to show their support for ukraine ahead of that premier league much 50 will t shirts with you. korean flag, well everything emerged. traits in the flag of ukraine to the cranium. play alexander's and jenco was visibly moved by the support having earlier braced his fellow countryman vitale. mccolan co. replace for ever chelsea's head coach thomas to whom says he and his play is distracted by the
9:55 pm
uncertainty surrounding the football clubs, owner remnant brockovich, the russian 1000000000. i was named during the u. k parliamentary debate this week on sanctions against vladimir putin putins regime. one m pay called on the british government to seize abram, which is assets and bought him from owning chelsea, which the u. k. foreign secretary declined to rule out a bill which has own chelsea since 2003 pants more than one and a half $1000000000.00 in the club, transforming them into currently european and world champions. but he doesn't currently have a british visa. he withdrew his application to renew it 4 years ago that was after the poisonings of their former russian spy in england. and there was a clamped down on russians looming from the british government. so there's a questions been raised in the british parliament this week, whether or not he should still be owning chelsea, but as things stand now, there's no sanctions against him. but the manager, thomas too, has been reflecting this week on the uncertainty. it just puts on the club me while
9:56 pm
ukrainian football team is stranded in turkey, the club plays and 3rd tier of ukrainian football and hail from the small city of the night sea. they players and coaches have been unable to return to their homeland after the s face was close. gloomily thawing at your home as long as when we departed we didn't know anything, nothing at all. they were no signs. as soon as we arrived and were still at the airport, the relative started to call plenty of colds from different people. i couldn't believe it at 1st, couldn't believe for some 30 seconds. but then i realized the war had begun. nike to mazur pins future formula. one is in the balance, the russian drives for hoss who are sponsored by a chemical company owned by his father, who is a close associate of russian president vladimir putin. hoss removed the company's branding and the russian flag from their college during the final day of preseason testing and barcelona, and are reviewing the deal. lesbian status is a driver,
9:57 pm
may also be under threats. if visa bands are imposed on russian nationals, that would almost certainly rule him out for the 2022 season and former boxing world heavyweight champion. vladimir click kos pleated with the world to step in and act against russia. the ukrainian is the brother of vitaly coach, go also a former world heavyweight champion, and now mayor of kiff. vladimir enlisted in ukraine's reserve army early this month . you need to act now to stop russian aggression with in you think you can the half now in an hour or but to more was going to be too late. bliss. get into action now. don't wait. act now, stop this war. all right, that's all your sport for now. i have one for you later. thank you so much, joe. and thanks for watching the news hour on al jazeera,
9:58 pm
that's it for myself and joe and the team here in delphi. we hand you over to barbara, sarah. it seems in london. we'll be back with more news. ah . and harmful pathogens are increasingly affecting our lives with terrible consequences. a new documentary asks whether we've learned any lessons from the h. i. v epidemic in the fight against coven 19. how we ignore the global so to put prophets before people. and what cost? time of panics,
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coming soon or not just ah, once cc'd well is now posted to remote villages in morocco. algebra one follows the personal journeys of 3 women teachers. their daily struggles with isolation and battles with physical hardship. sacrificing their family, likes for the education of future generations. women in the weight on al jazeera, where the lin eco friendly solutions to come back. threats to our planet on al jazeera, serious, darkest days, with one man leading the country through pleasanter alice out as lost legitimacy. he needs to step oh, as he retains control through over a decade of war. we examine the global power games of president bashar al assad. we
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believe assad simply carrying out iranian orders. what keeps you awake at night? many a reason that could effect any human eyesight master of chaos on all jazeera ah, under attack by air and on the ground fighting reaches the streets of the ukrainian capital. keith as russia steps off its military advance. ah, hello barbara, sarah, you're watching al jazeera alive from london also coming up, fleeing in search of sanctuary. ukrainian families had across the border as the russian attack intensifies no return.


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