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tv   NEWSHOUR  Al Jazeera  February 26, 2022 4:00pm-5:01pm AST

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about time we get to monday, however, there is very obviously winter coming in for the pacific. still it's affecting western canada quite a lot, but it's also coming across the border, other wet, or snowy weather, for the weather sponsored by cataract ways. ah, this is al jazeera ah, hello and has i'm see can this is the news out live from dark coming up in the next 60 minutes. fighting reaches the streets of the ukrainian capital, kia as russia continues its military advance thousands of ukrainians, flee across the border by any means possible. a rush, an attack intensified in a new video message. president viola,
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demi zalinski says the ukranian army has managed to de rail the russian advance and won't surrender. still stop, stop, stop booming. tense moments as al jazeera team is detained and then released by ukrainian soldiers in the southeast. ah, a russian troops are closing in on the capital key of as part of their land sea and air invasion of ukraine. but the president vladimir lensky says his forces remain in control of the capitol after a series of explosions and gun battles overnight. an apartment building has come under attack in the neighbourhood of sikorsky. civilians pulled from the rubble there. the mayor of kiev has extended a curfew in the city. he says, any civilians in the street between 5 pm and 8 am will be considered the enemy,
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alexia bryan begins our coverage down awe early morning on saturday, and messiah slams into a residential building in the ukrainian capital. the monmouth hatchet for inside the building and a security camera. a gaping hole left in the building side was russian forces attacked ki iv from the north east and south. emergency workers arrived to rescue those inside. zola, when with the whispers we managed to escape were in the kitchen, we were lucky with a direct hit in through the living room. my wife and elder child broke their legs, the younger child had taken somewhere bar to rescue his arm looking for him. now, the attack followed, fierce fighting in the capital over night. people watched from their homes as battles raged on the streets outside. people have been urged to take shelter, though it's not clear where and the city is safe. russia has said it's only targeting
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military infrastructure. the ukrainian officials are accusing moscow if facing civilian areas. a convoy of russian trucks has been seen rolling into ukraine, but the president vladimir lensky is said to have refused an american offer to evacuate, insisting he will stay and fight schindler or uncle grains. good morning, ukrainians. there has been a loss of fake information online saying that i'm calling on our army to lay down arms and to evacuate. listen, i am here. we will not lay down any weapons. we will defend our state because our weapon is our truth. and the truth is that this is our land, our country, and our children are, and we will defend all of that. that's all i wanted to tell you. a man and southern ukraine has been filmed, standing in front of the russian military. on friday, president lensky asked europeans with combat experienced to take up arms to defend
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his country. accusing the west of being too slow to help tens of thousands of people crossing into neighboring countries in search of safety to romania. they crossed by barge with a line of vehicles waiting to enter. poland is safe to stretch. 15 kilometers. the un says at least 120000 people have fled ukraine in the past 48 hours. and that number's increasing by the minute. meanwhile, more russian troops are heading towards ukraine, and there are warnings, including from french president emanuel crohn of a long war ahead. alexia bryan al jazeera, a cha stratford has the latest now from denise pro, a denise pro rata in easton, ukraine. we just left the town of as upper asia, which sham is further south from denise pro. it's an area that we traveled through to denise pro. yesterday we saw
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a lot of military gathering in that area. and because of what we understand was the time a retreat of ukrainian pulses from the town of middleton, apple, which shirt ukrainians yesterday said had fallen into russian hands. and the situation ins, bridger is very tense indeed. m as made as made indicative of by an experience that we had an our team we were getting ready to go live, getting ready to report on the situation in the town and which stopped the vehicle . we were, we're ready with our cameras and out of nowhere appeared ukrainian military, ukrainian, or police with their guns pointing toward us. some of them firing in the air. we were made to obviously hit the ground ham and a camera man's telephone was kicked out of his hand and was shot. and it's,
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it's obviously not many journalists like become becoming part of the story. that's not why we hear which it here was he to tell the story of, of, of this incredible crisis that is unfolding. but i think this is an indication just of just how tense the situation is here of just how nervous the ukrainian forces m r m. let's show you some video of exactly all summer of of, of what happened. hire dialogue. been not stop, stop, stop booming. a in a list, a list one. joe was
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a lot journalist. oh thank you. good. good. very fraught situation there in ins, upper asia am. the place eventually told us that they thought that we were potentially saboteurs. and there is a video that sir has been shot by somebody that is being circulated on line now. and you can hear the person in the car where they're shooting this video saying, look, chechens chechens, chechen saboteurs. so as i say, a graphic and frightening indication of just how tense the situation is earlier. as we tried to get into the city of every, we were held up at a check point for
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a long, long time. and it was whilst we were at this check point that we, a russian helicopter appeared a from our left buzzing, the check point. and the security guards ran for cover and basically calls scattered as well. again, it's an indication of just how fluid these front lines are. there seems to be pushes from various directions by the russian forces the ukrainians, claiming that they are keeping them back. we understand having spoken to military ins, parisha earlier, they say that so they estimate russian forces are only around about 35 kilometers from the city. an effort to push north further towards a further towards denise pro and then obviously further towards the capital key f. m. is upper asia is hugely important. it has some incredibly important infrastructure in it. for example, a massive hydro electric dam am, which is
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a huge significance of course for that for the production of electricity. but sir, yes, the situation is tents there as you saw in that video and i and our experience also i should mention as we were waiting at that checkpoint and there was an almighty large explosion we, i estimate around $22.00 and a half kilometers away from where we were, and we initially thought it was an asteroid, but if subsequently found out from the military, they claiming that it was some sort of anti missile system that it hits a russian missile, coming in a cross or even into is upper regia. and it was that miss all that was falling to the ground that we saw in other use in other areas we have for we've also been speaking to people in the last 10 minutes or so. a couple of men who have come inches appreciate on their way to denise pro,
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coming from the area north of crimea, in around kent song and the city of kerosene. they were telling us that there had been a huge push by russian forces into civilian areas. in that area, nor to crimea, and initially, so they claim the russians had people been behaving or professionally. they had been avoiding ubs, the aggravating civilians and, and, and hitting civilian targets. these men were saying the atmosphere had changed dramatically down there. now, in their words, they said that sir, the russians were, were, were preventing areas from, from getting water resources, potentially, and electricity in there was using civilians as human shields effectively. now, of course, we can't compare, we can no way can confirm that. but an indication of just how fraught things are north of crimea. also in the last 1015 minutes i've been speaking to
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a contact in the town of mary paul at town that we were in only yesterday. he saying that there has been heavy shelling there to day as well, and he's describing what he says are increasingly evidence of paramilitaries on the streets of mariel pal when we were married people, there was no indication of that, no indication of paramilitaries, all the military really on the streets in any heavy numbers, but he's describing men, some of them in plain clothes carrying weapons, some of them in uniform, an indication of things getting worse in mary opal. also, we also know that there was a tank convoy, russian tanks, heading west and into mariel pool. that was something that we narrowly avoided last night or sorry, yesterday, there also reports of an am dubious, landing of russian troops. close still relatively close to mary opal to the west of it as well, and possibly an indication again of another push to mary opal and further further,
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further north also. so as i say, there's lots of moving parts to, to, to this offensive at the moment. and that, that the front lines are becoming increasingly blurred, own, increasingly difficult to navigate. and of course that has huge implications for potentially hundreds of thousands of civilians trapped in these unfolding walls. oh, we've got correspondence covering this from all the angles. why now rosalind jordan is stanley buying a u. s. capital washington d. c. bernard smith is in moscow. the fast will cross lie to our diplomatic editor, james bass in brussels. sir james, r we hearing of frances seized dare this russia ship in the and the english channel . or what more can you tell to matter? this is sanctions inaction. this is a russian ship that was on its way. we believe carrying cars that was going through the english channel. it was stopped by the french authorities. the french maritime
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authorities famous, squatted the vessel to benoit. in ne france where it's being searched and its crew are being interviewed with a ship that's carrying a flying, a russian flag. and we believe is owned by an associate president putin who is on the sanctions list. this, i think in normal times that interdiction operation of this type is not something that the authorities would make much of a fuss about. they might not even make it public, but clearly the french authorities right now trying to show that those sanctions. and we've seen 3 rounds of sanctions in recent days. here in europe are now being enforced by the, the countries of europe in union. they are all individually obliged to, to enforce those sanctions. i think france make a very clear that it is enforcing those sanctions, sending a clear message to black. putin were told already that the french embassy in paris has protested this action. and james, what other injury and national reaction has there been to what's been unfolding in
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ukraine of last well, there been some other developments and some other meetings. clearly, i think the international position is pretty solid. now. regarding the, the where i am the e. u. nato and the us, and i think you also got some idea of the international position at the un security council where you saw the position of china, which i think is very important, staining on that security council resolution. clearly, the resolution condemning russia didn't pass because it was b type by russia, but china, which is increasingly close ally of russia. the fact that they abstain, i think, is an interesting fact. meetings are continuing all across the world and will continue over the weekend. it's not a normal weekend of short to german chancellor is currently meeting the polish prime minister and the lithuanian president. lots of meetings going on,
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particularly i think meetings on what to do going forward with regard to support for ukraine. they put the sanctions in place to punish president putin. what do they do to actually help the ukrainian military? they're not going to send any resources or any trips. they, they know that's the case. none of that weapons, none of the aircraft that troops will be used, but can they send weapons in support of the ukrainians? can they give other support to the craniums financial support that has happened from some european countries? it's happened from the u. s. i think others are discussing it and discussing what moves they can make changes based life. is there a process? thanks, james. as cost to moscow now, where bernard smith is standing by for bernice. what is that russia saying regarding the possibility of direct talks between russia and ukraine right now? in the last half hour or so?
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hassan, russia, or state news agency is reporting that on friday yesterday, vladimir putin ordered a halt to the invasion of ukraine because he thought that ukraine was going to sit down, but talks. and then they said that as it ukraine, rejected those talks, russia resumed what it called of the operation. now we know that on friday we know the before the, in the last few days by the may zalinski has been calling for talks with the russians. and the russians on friday said they were prepared to have these talks in minsk, ukraine's that they wanted to have them in warsaw. and then russia says, the line with ukraine when quiet, and they've not heard anything since. but russia saying it was ready for them. now they, we were hearing also on friday that the might be more progress on any indication of talks to day. but remember, we don't really know what the conditions are. but we do know that vladimir putin has been calling for the overthrow of vladimir savanski government by the ukrainian
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army. and we do know the vladimir putin is not prepared, does not want vladimir zalinski there as the president of ukraine. so who it is that the russians would be happy to talk to. they haven't made clear and burned dead as far as the um, the did the latest on, on ha, ha rushes reacting to the sanctions that have been placed on it. and it's in increasing isolation in the world. what i'm hearing on that well, you have both now the but the physical as well as a practical and political isolation of russia really beginning to take shape. and in response, rushes or the deputy head of the russia secure to counsel the former present to meet him. andrea death, he sort of shrugged off sanctions. he said it gives a good reason to pull out of talks on strategic nuclear stability. he says, and potentially from the new strategic armed reduction treat to the start treaty
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that sir resigned in 2010 and extended to 2021. a method have also called it really unfair, a decision by the council of york to suspend russia's membership. and he says, that's a good reason for us to slam the door on the organisation and reintroduce a restore the death penalty for serious crimes of pre. if you're a member of the council of europe, you're not allowed to have the death penalty will never die. says this gives us an opportunity to restore it, and russia is banned from its air space. poland. busy bulgaria and the czech republic about in addition to other european airlines that have been russia and so have been reciprocally reciprocally been bound to. so you see this ice elation of russia really beginning to take shape. bernard, thank you. bernard smith lie for us in moscow. sent to washington now where rosalind jordan is standing by for so so, so rosalind and there were reports, some reports in the us media batter,
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the ukrainian president there being are often sanctuary. anna had a chance to evacuate or ukraine, but he turned it down. what more we hearing on that? well, that has not been confirmed. this question has come up several times to us officials this week. and the most that they will say is that they are consulting with presidents on zalinski and with his leadership team about us security issues. but they're more focused on helping the ukranian government defend itself from the russian invasion. and in fact, in the last half hour or so, we have an official statement from the secretary of state antony blinking, indicating that tug ya using an authority given to him by the president joe biden. he has authorized the dispersal of another $350000000.00 in security assistance to k of in order to help them defend their country from russian troops. now this is
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something that a sensibly would mean trying to get equipment into the country, but given that there are of russian military incursions for almost all sides of a ukraine's a borders, this is going to be a difficult task. but the u. s. government is adamant that it is going to provide the ukrainians, the assistance that they need to defend their country. rosalind, thanks for that. rosalind jordan. lot for a sa in washington. but jonas novice guy from the viv is a michael garcia. q a senior fellow at the atlantic cancel and the former spokesman for the organization, for security and cooperation in you're good to talk to you again. and i wanna ask you, 1st of all, because you are talking to us from a live in a west in ukraine, it just took us to the situation there right now. and, and what's been happening there the last few hours. sure, well, it's pretty calm here, but i got to say this morning at around 6 am,
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we are all around. so we can again buy those air, raid sirens, and announcements to shelter in place. and i think we've had at least 2 or 3 more today. the other thing we're all thing happening here is the visible, much, much more visible anxiety. i think you're seeing people arriving from the east staying here for a little bit and perhaps moving on to poland and other countries. what your previous correspondence believe in was saying is that there's a lot of anxiety in terms of topic tours for people that are pro russian and helping them out. and we're seeing that play out here to actually police stopping people, perhaps taking them away a lot more anxiety because of that. and then of course a couple of hours drive, maybe 2 or 3 hours drive from here is a polish border. we're hearing a massively long line up some for people across the board. busy or so a number of things play out, but i need to emphasize one thing if i can,
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is that once, i mean, god forbid, of course mr. put in a book to take over here, but there are fewer here. there's a legitimate here bill being the kind of intellectual, patriotic cultural tourism center of ukraine. a lot of leaders came from here, a lot of intellectual truism. here, as i can say, possible is there is a fear that they may turn their attention towards the bill toward the region and it, we, we won't be spared, come, we won't be spared either. there, the com could and relatively quickly i just going back to kiev for a moment and you mentioned there are so many ukrainian stream into the polish border corresponding there. he spoke to a number of ukrainians, who felt that it was just a matter of time before kiev would, would fall to the russians. if that were to happen. what do you think is, is president putin's ultimate goal here? does he, is he trying to take out the zaleski government and perhaps we replace it with
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a government that is more compliant to him? yeah. what 2 things there. yeah, i'm down to lay. he was to install a puppet regime, a plane to moscow, like they haven't built a russian believers. and i even heard from one former senior western diplomats that that could be in the form of victor young, corporate true, you remember 8 years ago was top of in a popular uprising here. the. so there's real concern that that may happen. but the other thing is that a lot of ukrainians actually do want to stay within the country. but if the conflict of the violence moves here, i am telling you europe is going to have a record, a crisis migrant crisis, which it hasn't seen since. the 2nd world war where hearing upwards, estimates upwards of 5000000 people possibly going across. and i can tell you 1st time, i mean i was receiving calls from ukraine in friends who were in was but worse all landed there. usually, well, resource, but all the hotels are full,
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the are cleaning currency can be changed easily. credit cards are working. it's really, really important that the international community mobilize quickly to help those types of people because i fear that there's going to be a massive wave coming that way and short of any boots on the ground coming, coming to the rescue in kiev. and the nature has made that clear that that is not going to happen. what, what are the, what does that leave president lensky as far as options in his attempts to, to defend his country? yeah, well his desperation and understandable desperation is showing more and more look, your washing correspondent was talking. i was thinking, you know, it's great that western countries are stepping up in providing that legal aid. but you know what, that sort of happened weeks ago, while, for example, the airports were still functioning to send it now is important. but i think that connects to another part of the pushing strategy is to isolate ukraine to surrounded. and then it will be very difficult to get those kind of re supplies in
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here. it's a huge concern that that's part of the russian strategy is to cut off to isolate ukraine, but they do need the weapons. they do the money, but again, it's coming very, very late and it's going to be difficult. i'm afraid to absorb into the kind of front lines in the operational lines. could you talk to michael garcia? q there in levin. thank you. pleasure or the un security council failed to adopt a resolution condemning the russian military action in ukraine. russia veto, devote that would have confirmed the sovereignty of ukraine and demanded the russia immediately withdraw his forces. he abra county reports as president of the security council had failed to russia to list the un member states who co sponsored the resolution opposing its use of force against ukraine and calling for an unconditional withdrawal. but so on, in the angry with him ali, the resolution did gain the support of 11 members of the council with china, india,
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and the united arab emirates abstaining. as expected, russia used its veto power, russia, you can veto this resolution, but you cannot veto our voices. you cannot be told the truth. you cannot veto our principles. you cannot veto the ukrainian people, the russian. i'm basset accounted that the resolution was imbalanced for not mentioning the shelling of don bass by the ukrainian government, nor the failure by kiev and the west to implement the 2015 piece deal. and he added this. now, i'm going to go to the new, the new start, the new i will refrain from listening out the aggressions carried out by the united states in their history. but you are in no position to moralize. the u. s. succeeded in avoiding a chinese veto with its final version of the resolution. but waging once again agreed with russia that the crisis had developed over time as a result of nato's disregard for russia,
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security and caution. the security council taking any action should be truly conducive to defusing the crisis rather than adding fuel to the fire. ukrainian ambassador accuse his russian counterpart of having no idea what was in random in hooton's mind. but he did reaffirm ukraine's commitment and negotiations, even as he despaired for the safety of his people. and i will ask all of you to pray automated date if you do not believe in god for peace. it's expected that a similar but non binding resolution will be introduced at a special session of the united nations general assembly, where russia does not have the veto. already. it appears to have the support of more than 80 of the us, 193 member states she ever time. see al jazeera, the united nations, or i still ahead on al jazeera
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illegal logging by a ruthless timber mafia is destroying both the landscape and people's lives in logan. romania is our dark gongs, violence ceiling whistleblowers, amidst plains of corruption and the role of powerful multinational people in power investigates romania rate of the forest on al jazeera. oh, a fellow in your watching as a reminder of our top stories, explosions have been heard in part as russian forces continue, their assault an apartment building came under attack key. abs man says $35.00
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people, including children, were injured in the midst of strike. a curfew has been extended and anyone seen on the streets of night will be deemed an enemy competent. another large convoy of russian trucks is cross the border into ukraine. moscow is spending more supplies as the fighting contin ukraine's president says his government is still in charge of kiev and key points around the volume is the last key says key as the rail russians attack russians to pressure president vladimir putin to abandon his war plan. opponent interior ministry says 100000 ukrainian support into the country since the russian assault began. many have been taking temporary shelter in horse and train stations. zane basra v joyce us from eastern poland where ukraine saw crossing the border. so they now tell us what's happening there
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here at the train station, just across the board from ukraine, people from the printer arriving here by train from the town. and it's been coming in ways now is another busy period. let me give you a sense of what's happening around here. we have people that have arrived that are being registered. they're not being registered as refugees. these are people who are being registered, who are, and sports out of this area into other parts of europe. the government is helping get people to friends and family helping to relocate them, finding them temporary housing. but the government, the officials aren't the only ones here that are doing that kind of work. we've seen volunteers with signs made out of cardboard, offering people a free place to stay free rides in to a poland and further across europe, including berlin and prague and denmark. so really here it gives you a sense that what's happening here is touching every european country in some way. now from this busy part of the train station,
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we're going to go to another hallway where people are getting some much needed rest . now, on the met in the main hall, people are enjoying probably their 1st hot meal and days, and sheer in a quieter part of the train station. there is a mix of shelter where people can get some sleep, get some rest, and get some of reprieve from what is no doubt been incredibly arduous journey to try to cross from ukraine into poland in to save some parts of europe. we've spoken to people here who say that big law family members behind a young mother has a family as he's been forced to stay for well to their husbands. knowing that it might be for the last time men of fighting age, from 18 to 60, many being stopped. since the fight in in you train began since the russian invasion conscripted into the ukrainian armed forces to try to hold the country, hold the capital and hold on to main cities. now chia is still under attack and so
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the polish government is expecting that is going to continue to push people from the west and further from louisville and onwards into poland. so we're expecting a lot more people asking either between one to 5000000 people are expected to travel from you. train into polling and further on to europe. in the coming days. are people that have been displaced, talking to us or angry? there's of anger shot ration, but there are still some people that are actually going back. thousands of people have already crossed back into the frame to try to help their family members. many people we spoke to say that their elders decided to stay back in the only home they now know we've also heard we spoke to one man. he said his wife is a soldier who's dropping his kids off in the netherlands and then he intends to go back and join the fight and continue to try to defend his country from this russian invasion. thanks very much. zane zane mas robbie reporting to us there from
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poland near the border with ukraine. chris meltzer is a senior spokesman for the un high commissioner for refugees. he joins us now via skype from dusk on the poland ukraine. florida. thanks so much for being with us. so tell us, 1st of all, the extent of the refugee challenge from where you are, how many people are coming through. are you expecting to come through and what is the greatest need right now? are we talking about thousands of people? so in the 1st 48 hours about $75000.00 people from the train have arrived in poland alone. and he had that part of the border like a pod. also long lines of cars from, from the ukraine. sometimes the people they told us they are waiting for 24 hours or even even more they are, they sat, they are frightened,
4:35 pm
but they also kind of relief because right now they think they are, they are safe and happy that they can go to poland and obviously the, you and hcr will be calling for more help as, as this continues. and as you inevitably expect more refugees to come through. yes. right now we have the situation that about 118-213-0000 degrading left that country, but they are much more people inside of the place. we need to expect a higher number. but with the also a lot of philadelphia t in poland. but also in romania lavaca and adobe that the government and also the people itself, the open up the help and the signs of solidarity are really touching. and what's the talk to us a little bit about what people there have been saying if you've been able to talk to them, obviously they've been through you know, around experience. many of them,
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i'm sure this point. yes indeed. so they are for sometimes for 48 hours and more on the flight and mainly women and then and true, and not that many men within the refugees. and they, the told us that they are now that they hope to find safety here in poland. and they left to family members behind them. sometimes the really hot breaking people, hot weeping stories from, from people who are in need. all right, appreciate you talking to us. thanks very much for your time there. chris. thank you very much. kim man is vitaly. click go, he had this update about what's been happening on the ground pretty here. tonight was hard, but there are no russian troops in the capital in the enemy trying to get into the
4:37 pm
city. what was the we will do a residential building was hit by a missile margins. the services are going dared now military police, national guards will in tears are into total defense or protecting our city. we are setting checkpoints in the capital. so moment around, the city will be limited, she of you could, the whole critical infrastructure is working with public transport is working to transport workers of the critical infrastructure of the city. the metro is working except for the red line, but the stations are available to shelter people. while they are correspondent andrew simmons had shelling in the capital kiev, he was forced to take cover while reporting live on. and he was telling us about the latest accusations against rushes, military. the claims are from the military that russia is indeed targeting some civilian areas, not massive amounts of civilian areas, but certainly relevant to the, to the point where by buildings like the one use you saw,
4:38 pm
which was an example books by no means the worst. there has been a lot of targeting near civilian areas, but yes, it would appear there has been some targeting of civilian areas. i can't prove one way or the other as for what people are thinking. they're terrified, they think, well, they're fair game for targeting because that's the situation in, in many was there are examples in hockey for example, where civilian areas have been really devastated. i've got to take some security advice. just bear with me a 2nd please to spell. give me a 2nd. yeah. i we, we have to take that. we have to take a move. there's information coming in about something, even, i'm sorry, we will update you later when it's safe to do so. thank you. oh alex and a bunch. aski is a senior rush analyst. he says president vladimir putin will feel the economic consequences of attacking ukraine. people already talking that the hard like would
4:39 pm
be hard, especially with already or, or economy because of coffee and so on. and so some people actually are saying that they approve premiums and putting your brand new flags which made you not the good thing because it's divides a society, but many russian people, those who support do not justify his actions. i have many friends for hard like witness, and they say this is not a protector. even the fighting wasn't been boss. even your grade was attacked on bus. you should use other means. other means diplomacy, un un peacekeepers, but to are tailored to attack. this will be, you know, iran, iraq war might actually have something like this, a strong, they are. no, we use russians. because menu, brain officers know the russian tactics because probably there were the se in, during the soviet union. so some things have changed by many things are remain the same. so yes, economy cost would be, would be because the western sanctions. but you know what?
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i talked to a friend of mine, an economy very respect that school is that not only economy, but also moral. you also see the football championship is canceled in some bitter sport or a seamless conductor. valerie, you're going to have a very talented man, but also start putting support was banned from new york carnegie hall. so this is also more about musicians would not come sign just will not be able to come. some people on the was a focus conference will be denied whatever service artist will not be performing russia, my tune into something like enough per year onyx erin is a political analyst and excuse me, professor of comparative politics at key of mckayla academy. he tells us what he's been witnessing on the ground. it seems that now there are no fights in the streets . during the night. rush, rush him better through his eyes, and they also send subversive groups into the deals. they try to do it,
4:41 pm
but they are the, they're destroyed. so basically what we can ukrainian army is the founding. they are trying to approach to the see the approach, the see the but the, i believe it's in the veins. they try to see if it's a round key to key, you know, it doesn't happen now. now about my own experience, basically i am, i am all the time when tv a dual command and what's going on. so please don't believe any word. what fortunately saying, you both agree always a cynical life when he's trying to justify unprovoked aggression, it's not to profit again the massive but up again. now. we have people right now. so just yesterday were 18000. he lives who
4:42 pm
took guns as they were spread by me, all the volunteers of the military men. so basically we have the army, we have so called period boil defense, which was created before the and we have been deal with just, you know, saying that all life lines to get to get vectors. so what i'm doing in this situation again, i am going around, i am not my house, 0, volunteer groups for tasks. they are all around the city. so was able pursue and he called and called to see who are trying to organize pro rational soldiers back through his or subversion groups who are trying to organize provocations on the streets of seed. they are held by
4:43 pm
a local population, local population is bringing food water off. and that's what i'm doing as well. a lot of key wife and she actually most of key ways spend the time in the bomb shelters. my daughter also spend the night in being a shelter now people came to their flats, but the eaves there will be and yet they will be in the shelf as again the shelf is around the seat. and in this subway stations as well. a frost president says he is convinced the war will continue into the foreseeable future. emmanuel macross has rushes invasion of ukraine will also have tough consequences at home. again, no, no, on the fall. last and the cry fees that go, we'll get, we'll have drupal consequences. we must pay ourselves lots of determination. also, lots of diversity has returned to europe, but it was unilateral,
4:44 pm
chosen by president putin, with a tragic humanitarian crisis, a population that was in a european union that was a long thought. ukrainian. people need to try to do piece and protect it and take all the necessary measures of implementing sanctions. that's called louis isn't ameritas, professor at the university of birmingham. he says, the sanctions being placed on russia will destroy its economy. well, the u. s. posture as well as i think you have to make it an international posture. the european union, various european states, canada, australia. japan is 2 fold. one is you give as much support as, as possible right now to the ukraine and government, recognizing the fundamental ones which is that the russians are now buildings as well as attacking other cities. i think if we move to a new phase of what we're talking about in this attempted russian occupation of ukraine. what you may see is the move of those went ski government to the west of ukraine to live for example. which of course, is closer to areas like poland,
4:45 pm
which makes it easier for us and europe to give support that includes political support and of course military support through defense of weapons. but the 2nd dimension of this, of course, is the sanctions question. it's the economic pressure on russia that pressure has not gone all out yet. not only the european union, but the g 7, including joe by hold back from the ultimate national, which was the cut off the entire cut off a brush up from the swift financial transaction systems. but the sanctions have been expanding the couple most sectors of the russian economy. the americans confirmed yesterday that they will be expanding the sanctions to directly target. while important. we realize however, the sanctions will not stop the military offensive. they probably won't prevent a russian occupation of most of ukraine, but this is not a sprint. now. this is a long race, which is, you know, the fact that the u. s. in europe are saying,
4:46 pm
the bladder brewton, you can occupy ukraine, but you will face ukrainian insurgency and your pace, the collapse your country's economy. a people have been out on the streets, protesting against the attack on ukraine in australia and new zealand. some of those that a rally and sydney have family in kiev who are hiding inform shelters in new zealand, demonstrators chanted stock who to taiwan, protest as gathering outside the russian representative office in sy pay, chanting glory to ukraine. a russian student who attended the rally said they were ashamed of the occupation, and they hope ukraine will be free. protesters in london, demanding the u. k. government take more action against russia. the dean bubble was they would have been demonstrations here outside downing street for several days now. but interestingly, people are not just announcing the actions of president putin in ukraine, but they are calling for specific measures that they want to see brought in
4:47 pm
straight away. one of them is a no fly zone by nato, so that the ukrainian armed forces have a greater chance of resisting the attack by russia. they're also talking russia to be eliminated from the swift mechanism of international payments. now there are families who ukrainians, who set to the united kingdom with family back home in ukraine who are desperately worried and they don't know what to tell their relatives. their relatives then know that there are, there is fighting on many different fronts and they are st. worried, of course, families like that have to make the decision, do they stay or do they try to get out of the country? and that's what so worrying for people here. there is a big solidarity movement here in the united kingdom where they're a tens of thousands of ukrainians living. there are other, you citizens like people from poland, also president presidents at this protest back countries are now mobilizing to help
4:48 pm
you craniums. so i think that that's adding to the sense that so here in britain there is more that the british government could and should be doing right now. a conservative republicans in the u. s. have been gathering a in florida for the conservative political action conference. the meeting began on thursday and said the conflict in ukraine has been a major topic of conversation. john hendern reports from orlando, the conservative political action conference is one part political carnival. ah, ah, one part serious policy discussion. and with russia now invading ukraine, u. s. policy on that conflict took center stage no matter where you stand on this ukraine, russia situation, what we should have done beforehand, what we should do now. the one thing i think everyone can agree upon is that the people of ukraine are inspiring to the world. for many republicans, it's also
4:49 pm
a chance to bash president joe biden, mike pompei of the republican secretary of state under president donald trump said his old boss would have handled it better, added we prevail, it was peace through strength. it was regan's model. it was the model that we use for 4 years in the tropic ministration. we put america 1st and we told people around the world, you cannot tread on us, the former president impeachment overcharges, he would held nearly $400000000.00 and military aid to ukraine. was not mentioned since 1974. the conservative political action conference has been home to die hard conservatives mostly foreign policy hawks that changed under president donald trump, who had a more non interventional is policy and a notoriously close relationship with vladimir putin. that's why a lot of people here say the invasion of ukraine would not have happened under trump. i think that it would have been different because he had a better understanding of how to communicate with her and let him understand that we as the united states are the lead,
4:50 pm
the world's leading power. and that we would not accept such bad actors that you'd refer to have president trump dealing with it. yes. 100000 percent. because it's leadership. trump won't be here to put his own spin on it until late saturday. but reminders of the 45th president are everywhere here, where in the minds of many attendees, he is still president john henderson, al jazeera orlando, florida, or the conflict in ukraine means millions might have to pay more for bread. we prices jumped to a 13 year high with investors worried about supply disruptions. about 30 percent of global wheat exports are supplied by ukraine and russia. and ukraine says 95 percent of its grain through the black sea, but it's ports of now come under attack. in 2020 more than 50 percent of you claims we export went to countries in the middle east, half of lebanon's and 43 percent of libya as we're in ports off from ukraine. egypt
4:51 pm
is the world's largest importer weak. alex smith is a food and agriculture analyst with the breakthrough institute. he says those rising food costs will depend on how long the conflict in ukraine continues. the credit is one of the most important producers in the world as the program. ukraine is the 3rd largest corn export in the world, and we explore and there the, there we especially goes to a lot of lower middle in some countries around the world. and especially in the middle east. well bred prices make it sort of the bulk of the sort of focus meet prices and prices of other areas for products that depend on those commodities, crops, or for production are going to be impacted in going back to air spring. i think it's, it's a fairly sort of common assertion that bread prices in general food was the main
4:52 pm
driver of this sort of political instability. and so you can see political instability, you can see food and security and you know, in the worst case, hunger and right. it really is dependent on the extent of this crisis and how long the, the, the rushing will last and how long there can be disruptions. that's when we really see sort of we're going to take a quick break now, but still ahead on as you see it, our major development on the upcoming world cup qualifier between russia and poland pools poured ups next. ah, harmful pathogens are increasingly affecting our lives with terrible consequences. a new documentary asks whether we've learned any lessons from the h. i. v. epidemic in the fight against coven 19. 0, how we ignored the global sov. to put prophets before people and walked coast
4:53 pm
time of pendants coming soon or not just frank assessments. for china, it's well banner said from the 0 call it strategy. if the rest of the world cannot get together informed opinions at all cost, pakistan needs another thought of that statement. critical debate. why grip would be a good place that need to constitutes an extension of thread to russia, but it's precisely his actions that's rated this insecurity in the region. in depth analysis of the days global headlines inside story on al jazeera o.
4:54 pm
a work about policy, national football team refusing to play russia in a well cut plan. jim is here with more on that. yes, the side said you to meet in moscow, but the president of the parish association says, boy, shutting the match is the only right decision, payden's captain and all time top score, rob 11 agrees he tweeted it is the right decision. i can't imagine that playing a match with the russian national team in a situation when armed aggression in ukraine continues. russian, footballers and fans are not responsible for this, but we can't pretend that nothing is happening. we got some reaction to poland announcement from associated press sports correspondent, role paris. yeah, the next move that way can come from faith or it's a big call for them to may. do they throw russia out of the well camp the into the semi finals in the play off the qualifying, or do they stand by poland holding it already said it didn't want to play this game
4:55 pm
in moscow in a month time. that request came in the other day to faith that we hadn't heard a response. and now they ratchet things up. today, the request thing, actually they're indicating they all refusing to play at all regardless of the location and be called for free for, for johnny. and today, johnny 15, someone who received the order of friendship meadow from russian president vladimir peyton. after the 2018 woke up in russia, chelsea's head coach thomas tickle, says he, and his players are distracted by the uncertainty surrounding the football club zoned raven brockovich, the russian billing that was named during a u. k. parliamentary debate this week on sanctions against automated patients regime. one m p code on the british government to seize abram of which has assets and by him from owning chelsea, which the foreign secretary declined to rule out. i believe it has. i chelsea since 2003 pounds more than one and a half $1000000000.00 into the club, transforming them into currently european and well champions. but he doesn't
4:56 pm
currently have a british visa. he withdrew his application to renew it 4 years ago. that was after the poisonings of their former russian spy in england, and there was a clamped down on russians looming from the british government. so there's a questions been raised in the british parliament this week, whether or not he should still be owning chelsea. but as things stand now, there's no sanctions against him, but the manager thomas too, who has been reflecting this week on the uncertainty. it just puts on the club, russian drive and keith, her mother pins future in formula one is in the balance. he drives for half was sponsored by a chemical company owned by his father, who was a close associate of russian president vladimir putin. hoss removed the company, branding from that ca during the final day of pre season testing offline, and are reviewing the deal mazda pins. status as a driver may also be under threat if these abounds are imposed on russia nationals . that would almost certainly rule about the 2022 season russian tennis play. andre
4:57 pm
rebar has made another plea for peace. after winning his semi final match in dubai, he made his feelings clear signing the camera lens on court with the message. no will please read live, whose doubles partner is ukrainian, told reporters the previous day that he wanted it. unity in the world german football clubs, often highland stood, got also showed solidarity with ukraine. players from both teams held up an anti war banner that was before that wonders legal match on friday. and league club, atlanta, k, madrid lit up their stadium in the colors of the ukrainian flag to show their support barrels with the message. no to war will be displayed at all matches in the top 2 divisions of spanish football this weekend. that is all your sport for now. j. we'll have more for you a little bit later. awesome. thanks general will afford to that. is it for this
4:58 pm
news? are back in a moment with more use they was ah, my name is amanda is my material, my job, my friends. views his bronze to that point. yeah, he doesn't do with my nigeria on al jazeera this one's feared war lord, during liberia's decade blown civil war says he's now fighting a drug epidemic. the work that the former warlord joshua boy, he has done with 3 children. it has attracted to help with an ass protected effect
4:59 pm
from public prosecution despite the recommendation is made by the truth and reconciliation. permission for this former warlord liberia has become the frontline of a drug war. it cannot afford to lose. he says it's a battle he will fight out of responsibility and killed for his past crimes and for his country and talk to al jazeera. we also do you believe that the threat of an invasion of ukraine is currently the biggest threat to international peace and security? we listen, we are focusing so much on the humanitarian crisis that we forget the long term development we meet with global news makers. i'm talk about the store restock matter. on al jazeera, we town the untold stories. ah, we speak when others stand. ah, we cover all sides. no matter where it takes us. a fan, sir. yeah,
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with my eyes and power and passion, we tell your story. we are your voice news, your net back out here. the residential building hit by a massage in the ukrainian capital. as russia continues is military advance. ah, i'm haven't think of this is i just get a live from the house or coming up in a new video message president, what is the last? he says the craning army has managed to derail the russian offensive and won't surrender thousands of ukrainians flee across the border by.


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