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tv   NEWSHOUR  Al Jazeera  February 24, 2022 12:00am-1:01am AST

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the, i'm a go live to work. another story that may not be mainstream is happening. as i said, i'm going on with the way that you tell the story is what can make a difference. ah, this is al jazeera ah, hello i, marianna mozy. welcome to the news our life from london coming up in the next 60 minutes. ukraine's government imposed as a state of emergency. shelling intensifies on the border with russia. and diplomacy focuses 1st wave of european sanctions against russia. members of the lower house of parliament to targeted, but president regime of fusion is left alone for now. is clear. the president
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fujen will not stop by himself. ukraine's appeal for strong international support as the united nations means to discuss the crisis. also coming up this, how we look at the salvation crisis in sudan, west food warehouses are being attacked, displaced, children are going hungry in school, and have a joke of which has continued his winning return to competitive tennis. the world of a woman is through the quarter finals at the depot, cham ah, we begin with the crisis in ukraine where a state of emergency has been imposed as shelling intensifies at the line of contact between ukraine and russia. there have been further reports of convoys heading to the by quite ukrainian regions officially recognized by russia this week . and with says, diplomacy fading,
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europe and the u. s. have begun rolling out economic sanctions to prussia moscow to back down. but russia says it security demands as still being ignored out there is harder. abdul, hamid begins our coverage now in crematory, which is an eastern ukraine's done yet screech n. it's own in times of deep crisis that the country imposes a 30 day state of emergency. and that's what president vladimir zelinski asked parliament for wednesday. after sharing a meeting of his security council. zelinski also hosted his polish only through indian counterparts, the 3 signing a joint declaration of support and solidarity owners. president andrew duda described russia's actions as a threat, not just to ukraine, but to hold you. zelinski said it is russia, it should be providing security guarantees. not the other way round. a thing,
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fucked, and shown us rudy still bishop. this is the fact is that today there are 150000 russian soldiers at our border. those territories are temporarily occupied. i believe. could russia should be among those countries when the provide clear security guarantees is not a secret that i have many times suggested that the president of russia sit down at the negotiated table and speak or re in the west intense shuttle diplomacy continues. france's foreign minister has been in berlin full talks and tougher sanctions are looking inevitable. who i know for you varina. we accept economic consequences for free sovereign and democratic ukraine in peace and freedom in europe, have no price tide. ukraine welcomed the long awaited sanctions, even though it's foreign minister. the me throw co labor asked for more, posting on social media action. so if you hit more and hit hardly 3 and hip now in the danverse. the situation along did demarkation line is becoming more intense
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by day. shelling is reported by both sides in eastern ukraine. the leader of one of the rebel regions now recognized by russia, said he wants to peacefully settle its borders. however, den is put, chillin added that he may need russia's hell of which floor prospect. at the moment . there is no presence of any russian troops on our soil. as for the future presence, that is lightly when it's needed, though, if we are not able to do with our own resources, then we may seek support from the russians man. oh, his words were received as a warning to people living in the nets and new hands, regions taken by the separate is at the beginning of the war. but now under ukrainian control, i live with her that that is the worry among people living even far away from the counter
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glide that fighting will return to their hometown. or that to me, as you see my doors in your brain really does of danielle gala, hans the, to separate his regions in east and ukraine of asked the russian president vladimir putin for help in repelling what they call a crash from the ukranian army. this, according to the inter fax news agency. meanwhile, a senior ukrainian minister says his nation has come under a massive cyber attack. deputy prime minister the kyla, fyodor of said the attack began in the late afternoon and effected several banks as well as official government websites. but he wouldn't say why had come from us. intelligence says there is no indication. ukraine's military was affected by these attacks in all the development european union has announced further sanctions targeting rushes economy with the defense minister and all the prominent
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individuals expected to be on that list. it's anticipated survey sugar will be joined by the commander in chief of the russian air force and the black, the fleet, and the sanctions package. block is also targeting 351 members of russia's low house of parliament state duma package includes asset freezes and travel benz on 23 people and 3 banks. and then in the us president joe biden isn't out. so the us will follow germany and imposing sanctions on the rational stream to natural gas pipeline project joint. now, i heidi joe castro in washington, and i suppose the u. s. wanting to perhaps strengthen the package of measures and outs yesterday. that's our mariam. and the white house was clear that it wanted to wait for germany to take action 1st, which we did yesterday in suspending this north stream to pipeline project. and if you recall, this is actually a reversal for the white house for,
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but the bite administration was just a year ago, had pulled back on on suspending this project. because at the time biden had said that this pipeline which connects russia and germany to deliver critical natural gas from russia to germany. he said that this project had been too far along the time. well now it's completely billed. it hasn't been turned on yet. but biden's as now given hooton's actions and ukraine, he said that the russian president has given the world overwhelming incentive to distance itself from russian gas. now, while this is happening, the us treasury department is also in discussion thinking about and ready another set of sanctions. this will be in the form of export restrictions on us technology to russia. this is if russia continues to escalate in its conflict with ukraine. these are things that us technology elements that are critical for russia's computing and aerospace sectors and they could hurt yesterday. the sanctions
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announced by the u. s. concerned financial institutions and sovereign debt. but those are things that the russian economy has been working for years to try to shore up against in increasing its currency reserve. but we're, these critical us exports for technology sectors. that is something that those sectors do rely on. and meanwhile, the pentagon spokesperson has just given another update here in washington, saying that he does believe that these russian troops about 190000 of whom are surrounding ukraine. he said they are ready to quote, ready to go. those are his words. and he said that if this full scale invasion is launched, this would be a war of choice and totally unnecessary, mary. i'm all right. thank you. hi to jo castro in washington. meanwhile, in moscow, on the day russia on as it's on force as president let him approve, has criticized the west for refusing to respond to his security demands dosage of
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ari spoke to some of those attending a reef. lying ceremony, me a solemn reminder of the dark days of rushes past. the commander in chief of the armed forces commemorating defender of the fatherland de, which honors war veterans, and all russians who lost her life defending their country. prior to the reef playing ceremony by the tomb of the unknown soldiers near the kremlin president vladimir putin released the video message to the nation. but with a clear warning for the world noble studio, i want to repeat russia's interests and the security of our people and indisputable priority. so we will continue to threaten and modernize our, i'm in the navy, striving to increase their effectiveness for their faded out with the most cut in h equipment. ah, an independent pulling group says the majority of russians believe their president over 50 percent of people surveyed at the start of the ukraine crisis back in
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december. believe the united states and nato countries are responsible for increasing tensions. events like this to honor fallen soldiers are taking place across the country. but this years events are particularly poignant as the threat of war and ukraine overshadow the day. that's dedicated to remembering the human cost of war. most your said, the thought of war is simply unimaginable. i wouldn't like the war to start. i'd like all political powers to make campus to avoid war. i mean, we really hope that will be no war. and it looks like at the end of a day, there will be no law. why not right now? i think there will be no war. nobody needs war. neither ukraine nor russia, as a rule is, are politicians who star wars. they are the only ones who need wars. i think that we are all slavic people, ukrainians and russians. do you need war? i don't need it. why would young guys die? people, children, parents, mothers, fathers,
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i think that common sense will prevail. says russia is always open for direct and honest dialogue that has full confidence in the military and military that will likely include a new generation of russians who have never ventured far from home, but must now prepared themselves for the possibility that they could one day be back here, just not as visitors, paying their respects to unknown soldiers. at dark and sobering thought on a day meant to remind the country of the senselessness of war. dorsey chip ari al jazeera, moscow diplomats have gathered at united nations general assembly to discuss russia's invasion of easton ukraine. rosalind jordan has more on what i ought to say. the un general assembly convening a meeting on russian actions in ukraine. nearly 90 countries signed up to me,
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most of them overwhelmingly, on cave saw with their brother, a lower level russian diplomat watch, led him as the ukrainian foreign minister by begged delegates to protect both his country and the you and core principles. counselors, your governments, and your people will face painful consequences together with our government and our people. this is why we need to use this last chance for action and stop russia. where it is. it is clear that president fulton will not stop by himself for the 2nd time in 2 days. secretary general antonio good dash spoke out against moscow's behavior in eastern ukraine negotiations to say when seeing is clear, the decision of the russian federation to recognize the so called independence of with nanette scott blue on screeches and the follow up our violations of the territory integrity in soviet entity of ukraine,
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and inconsistent with the principles of the childhood of united nations before russian ambassador of a ceiling, a benzo dismissed the calls on his country to change course, which was the benzine accused kid of posing a grave threat to international peace and security and gives them up to him in these unusual unlike you, which it is precisely because of caves, unwillingness to consider the interests of a broad swathe of its population. what is that since 2014 why crane has been at war with its own citizens? lawson who do not agree with the my van valleys and the current policy of the authorities to predictably amber, usm bassett, or london, thomas greenfield, called moscow's argument indefensible. and this is president putin's war of choice . if he chooses to escalate further, russia and russia alone will bear full responsibility for what is to come. the challenge for the diplomat. hell to resolve this crisis. this suggestion from the
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ukrainian foreign minister. my message is simple that do not wait too long. you have to acknowledge literally every day, decisions have to be adopted. more sanctions have to be imposed. more weapons have to be supplied. more diplomatic efforts have to be undertaken. calling on countries to use their powers to try to prevent a full blown war. rosalyn jordan, elders, era at the united nations mot guarantees the director of europe and the erasure programs at freedom house. he joined us from washington, d. c. we have these reports coming in that separately does in there. don bass region of east in ukraine. ah, asking russia for help against keith. they are asking for help and specifically repelling what they describe as aggression from the ukrainian army. how is the kremlin likely to respond? this is part of a plan to deploy or to redeploy russian forces and design. that's
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territory. i'm going to go to these 2 now recognize entities by respiration. basically what it does is it helps a lot of important, legalize the presence of russian ships in the service from, from the perspective of russian law, because suddenly now they are the invitation of a sovereign country, etc, etc. wow, wow. at the same time, you know, basically throwing away the national loss, of course, of actually everybody else is the deployment of military forces into the chart of another country. and it, does it change the existing reality on the ground, particularly in the positive territory in the dumbass region that's already on the, under the control of russian backs that protest. i mean, it's, it's in the numbers. certainly more military forces are likely coming in. i'm not
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following that so directly, but you know, it's been 8 years rather than russian forces. you know, in this territory they were, they were hidden. they were little green man or they were hiding as, as if they were there were the forces of a separatist when in fact they were russian forces. now they can be got up and they can be there openly. i suppose you say it gives in legal political cover in order to do that. but it, these western warnings about an invasion being imminent. and the pentagon just describe the possibility of a full scale invasion of ukraine. is that likely to happen when we've had most go consistently question the accuracy of western intelligence and media coverage? and the only way for god of opposing to intimidate the world is to make it threat, credible. so of course, you know,
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he's going to be pretty close to the border. of course he's going to be doing whatever. c anybody that is intending on using force will do in order for people to believe that that is viable. that doesn't mean he's decided. and i think you know, ross speculate and everybody has a very i think you go either way. i think it's still up to the decision of the as to what to do. but i think at the same time, you know, the whole point is to intimidate and how do you know what, what the, what to democratic societies do they don't want to use force in response to the threat of force. it's, it's, it's not, you know, it's really difficult to sit and then, you know, and, you know, sanctions, you know, are in a point important to course it's significant that russia recognize the independence of the breakaway regions. but the reality is, this is a conflict that has been going on for the past 8 years. it,
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was it inevitable that this decoration was going to happen? it was just a question of when no, no, i think i think this is, this is something you know, this, this is, this is a new context, a new rational pressure. you know, it's because i would want something, i want something now. and i know i really don't think my belief is inevitable. but, and the question and nothing is inevitable. i mean, you could still back down, but, but the question is, is you know why, you know, 2014, but remember, you saying that they get it. you know, it is inevitable in the sense it means agreements envisaged special status for these. we can now that special think it was never defined, but certainly in moscow here that he has failed to implement its agreement because they wanted a degree of autonomy for the dumbass. right. you know,
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the degree of autonomy for the dom boss is not a fundamental, or psychiatrist for restoration. it's not, it's not bad game. a game is, you know, is one of them are in russia. can game is. the fact is, is a viable, even even even aspirational democracy. i'm russia order is something that is a fundamental but not to russia security, but to rush to violence on power. and, you know, and if you remember in 2014, you know, it wasn't, it wasn't, you know, ukraine's aspirations for getting coverage wasn't, wasn't even part of the internet of that, that caused the crisis that resulted in, in the application of boston. and the annexation from yet, it was ukraine's decision to, to sign an agreement association with european union, which included all sorts of classes for democracy, the democracy and rights protections. that is the thing that was most threatening,
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better, 2014. and that's what a lot of right now. thank you very much. my parents. thank you. you had the news, our life from london still ahead. we're going to look at the u sanction target games like patients in a circle and possible ramifications of that. also. we felt just you cannot achieve nothing where from the democratic republicans congress main opposition? nita wise countries still ravaged by conflicts 9 years after ally and in sport and used off a formula, one of the controversial finish to last the title re ah, india and pakistan has buried that differences for
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a day to provide afghan hassan with much need of food august on his open the board to allow 50000 tons of indian wheat. and this is a rest sign of cooperation after the regional rival suspended trade in 20. 19 out into correspondence. elizabeth prawn reports indian trucks carrying we'd arrive at the border with pakistan. the cargo has been transferred to afghan trucks. the compromise reached between india and pakistan because both wanted to use their vehicles. the weight will now be transported 650 kilometers to the afghan city of gelata bought him what i thought it took us a long time to reach india. and now we are going back to have gone to sun via bucket santiago border. we are very grateful to india for the support to the downtrodden of guns. india proposed sending the weight to have gone astound last october, but it took 4 months of negotiations to make it happen. job manager and assistance . several you and resolutions which emphasize that any medicaid in the system being
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sent to us by the international community should be facilitated or trade between india and pakistan has been suspended since all is 2019. the food aid is one of just a handful of areas of cooperation between the 2 countries in 2 and a half years boxed and suspended bilateral trade after india revoke the autonomy of indian administered kashmir in 2019. both countries have no direct travel relations either and their missions, and deli, and islam above have been significantly downsized. the world food program will distribute the aid to some of the 9000000 afghans. it says, i just one step away from famine. you can imagine when you are the ball with nothing and call realtor our families having to send their lily kids to soup wallace or to decide who to feed or not. oh, children,
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mama roost and you know, pregnant and like taking mothers, nothing to eat. and the government expects the $50000.00 tons of wheat to be delivered within 3 months. elizabeth per item al jazeera at the tardy walk at border crossing and punjab attacks on food aid, warehouses and sudan are disrupting efforts to help starving people displaced by years of fighting severe food shortages in camps for those fleeing the violence, me an estimated 200000 children in the dark for region don't have enough to eat. hip morgan reports are from alpha, asha in north star for i several well food program warehouses have been looted. i shop the law has never had to come to a nutrition center before has been living in bearable show camp for displaced the denise in north dar for, for nearly 16 years now. she comes regularly as she struggled to nurse her 8 month old son. like i've been with me and i have little milk,
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it's almost not there. i don't have a complete diet, only one mail a day and it doesn't have all the nutrients. i need my child nurses 10 times a day or more. so i can't provide enough milk for him unless you don't mind. malnutrition has recently increased both in the camp and elsewhere in the dark for region. many have relied on seasonal farming to feed and support themselves, but reduce drain for last year meant for harvests, which caused food prices to become unaffordable. for many families, especially mothers and young children are especially hard head. 8 are going to zation, be around 40 percent of all children in north star 4 are facing malnutrition this year. that's more than 200000 kids that i've come here to get this kid for my child . he's been sick and has lost a bit of weight. he was weed and found malnourished and given biscuits. i've come to get him checked and pick food for him every 2 weeks at the door for conflict
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laws, they ended in 2020. when a peace agreement was signed between the government and rebel groups, the fighting killed at least 300000 displaced 2000000. while some move to neighboring chad, many sought refuge in displacement camps in dar for hundreds of thousands of displaced people remain in camps in the states and the dar for region. many have relied on 84 years, but that has been cut back due to lack of money. now aid workers are focusing on the most vulnerable, but many more need help. but attacks are hampering a delivery on groups recently. so 5000 tons of aid from warehouses for thing, the world food program to temporarily halt operations. we deplore the sad looting incidence of p and the humanitarian community have requested a swift action by the authorities and to take more appropriate measures to protect humanitarian operations. and their personnel as well as guaranteeing the saved
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deliveries of life savings assistance to the people in the here in the state and everywhere in the, in india for assistance that is helping mothers such as i should keep the children healthy and alive as the endure. the hush conditions of displacement camps. he will morgan alter 0 and fashion north star for it's been nearly 9 years since 11 countries signed a deal to bring peace to the democratic republic of congo. the peace security and cooperation framework was meant to tackle the causes of a conflict as devastated the eastern d r. c. but civilian deaths of rising, particularly in south kiva, north q and a terry province. with our brucell raids on villages, abductions and sexual violence. the country has one of the largest displays populations, including refugees in the world, just over $5000000.00. the majority of them in the east and over a 100 armed groups are operating in the region. early already spoke to opposition
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either much in fi, yulu who ran in the disputed 2018 election in which felix tissue. katie emerged as president. he told me why conditions in the east and d r c, a guessing was egyptian in the congo is getting worse because of lack of good governors. we don't have food, people heading the country with the vision and we don't have people heading the country leaving the country where really put in place by the people of the people in place. now, where by mister camilla and so nibbling countries and those people dev colluded against cold war. and that's why they cannot to sit it glee, you know,
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program to get rid of harker to get rid of violence in the call as you know, the issues after the war in the one that be tween to t and the to and when we have to address those issue before addressing issues income you mentioned that could be the was behind the but he engineered that the political outcome that we have at the moment. but present tissue k b ended. the political coalition agreement with joseph could be they don't have a relationship. now that what you seen, the soap is but what is going on there inside. you don't know. i can be la and just to get together. and i even really totally agree that you think it can be la, they don't get along. could there be some advantages though, to present history, k
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d, including could be in the balance of power? could it bring stability, help a country advance democratically or politically? in some way and actually allow the government to focus on the incredible challenges facing its people rather than this power struggle. you can do whatever you want. but if someone gives you the power and you sign the d with him and the you have to fulfill what you want, you don't have, you know, a way to maneuver the only way to get rid of the us and the bad management in congo is to get the really elected people can ask you a bit more about the terrible conditions in displacement camps because the un secretary general had planned to visit the d r c as you well know, but he sent his deputy instead because of the rush ukraine crisis he out to be in
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new york for that. obviously that focus is media coverage right now as well. do you struggle in your appeals on behalf of the country? do you feel as though people understand that there is an urgency here that there is still massacres taking place? the un mission did the middle school. the un mission in congo is for how long from when, for more than 20 years. but nothing is happening. every year. the un mission is in the high level of the united nation. but why? they must still continue. we should know, we really think that the congo i've been funded by year g u n. and that is now the time that they have to, to, to, to complete down to tell us what is going on really
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d mission. we have more than 17000 people. you cannot get rid of doors, the violence in its back of what is wrong, can i ask you about sexual violence? this has been really that throughout the country's history. the norwegian refugee council notes had one in 7 women nationwide experience sexual violence before the age of 18. problem is more severe and areas affected by conflicts. and we do have this incredible proliferation of armed groups. dozens and dozens of groups that are operating to clean the east in d. c. do you have any hope for justice or accountability for the the crimes and trustees that are taking place now? without justice, you cannot achieve nothing. because congo is
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a very weak and house congo doesn't have it good leadership. and nobody can speak loudly for cool. and then we add her speaking we are talking quick is talking, and we want the un and now to do his job. here with any of our life and more fiery future wildfires in march and tina point to more devastation the decades ahead and in support. one of the goals, highest profile names decided to take a break from the game and you will have that story and ah, hello there. here's your weather pitcher for europe and africa. i'll tell you what . we still got more storm systems marching across the atlantic. this is the newest one, exiting the canadian province of newfoundland and labrador. let's get you the weather
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situation on thursday for the u. k. we do have weather warnings in play for both wind and snow. are there in england right across the scottish hills, and then we've got this band of rain southern suite in denmark, into western areas of germany into eastern portions of france. now if we go a bit further toward the south, a push of some rain into southern sections of both portugal and spain, but toward the north. it's nice this feller de and porto, with a height of 19 degrees, other side of the mediterranean, disturbed weather here. rain being whipped around all sides, especially southern turkey rate, into the levant, whites and wendy. to be sure different stories, central europe, high pressure in charge here. so con, condition variable at 10 degrees. every weather maker we are talking about in the east or met. it struck down white and windy conditions, northern egypt, very likely to seize sand in dust, storms in cairo, with the high of 18 degrees. what remnants leftovers of what was tropical cyclone and nazi dipping further toward the south, but still
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a lot of rain come natur for madagascar on thursday. that sure weather update. susan ah ah, the shaker mod award for translation and international understanding is accepting nominations for the year 2022 from february 15th until august, 15th this year. for more information go to w, w w dot h t a dot q a slash e m. ah. i need you is my manager is on materials i do find those deals is bronze to that point? yeah, he doesn't do we need to do for can usually just with
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my nigeria on al jazeera, ah, ah, ah, ah, story this now that he does have done yet can to has the 2 separate just regions in houston cry, los russian president vladimir putin to help in propelling what they call aggression from the ukrainian army, rushes, defense minister as well as commodities in chief of its air force and black sea fleet are expected to be included. and an e. u sanctions package targeting brushes. economy block is also targeting $351.00
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members of russia's low a house of parliament. the un general assembly, meanwhile, has had warnings at the conflict of ukraine is the most serious threat to world security. in recent years. crane's foreign minister urge the national community to rally against russian aggression. while rush is un ambassador by the escalation only quiet in its western allies. all this is the shelling is intensified in eastern ukrainian villages. there are once again finding themselves on the front line of conflict. charles stratford reports from easton, ukraine's done yet screeching across the river is an area of the ukrainian army corps, the grazer neither ukrainian soldiers, nor the russian back separatists controlled area. the army say separatists showed the bridge a few days ago. ukrainian soldiers on guard the river bank. oh, oh. oh boy,
12:37 am
negligently jolla is sheldon using roughly $122.00 caliber weapons we were luckily sheltering under cover at the time. in the distance i can hear what sounds like heavy artillery and machine gun fire. ukrainian government has in the last hour or so declared a state of emergency. now i remember being here in april, there was a man fishing exactly the spot. the bridge was a vital connection point for people living in the gray zone, who used to come to this village to shop, to buy medicine. and some of the children used to go to school his. but that's simply not possible anymore. you can you move close by 46 year old katya, unload the delivery of wood. a brother and sister lives across the front line in separatist control on ask certain rocha numbers thou, barlow, thursdays them. our family should that should them of a, should me them and i being conscripted there and thou being conscripted here what nonsense,
12:38 am
fishes the 21st century and look at us running around with guns while we are tottering each other despite the risk 27 year old michael still goes to the river to fish. he was injured in a car accident in 2013. the war started a year later and he hasn't been able to get the physiotherapy he needs since then. hooper barbara near her brother, we're in for london. we have shelling every day. you can hear it now. i've just come down to check that it hasn't scared the fish away. this is one of a number of destroyed homes in the village. i think 70 year olds that lana, whose home was damaged by shelling in december describes what some nights are like . oh, village shadow decoy, much of the sort of new the fireballs, this big fly over houses. nice. they pass our windows, lighting the room with the explosions are so loud on the drive
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home. sudden and terrifying blasts hidden ukrainian artillery fires shells towards separatist held territory. what do you crane? an army say is defensive action against the russian back threat. just over the hills, charged for al jazeera, grinning eastern ukraine. was he mentioned earlier opinion is approved. his 1st round of sanctions against russia, leaving out president latino preaching himself. but targeting his in a circle and hundreds of lawmakers. the block will discuss the measures at a summit on thursday. lists will include $351.00 members of russia's low house of parliament who voted to recognise the independence of to rebel held ukrainian regents. hans can danielle ask the m p 's assets we frozen, and they won't be able to travel to any of the 27 you countries. the most senior
12:40 am
official that you is expected to target is the defense minutes. the survey should go along with commanders in the navy and air force and cushions, chief of staff, anton vino, the u says it will also target of the 27 high profile individuals and entities including st. petersburg, internet research agency, why blog is from the internet with pro putin an anti western views. prominent personalities in the media are also for to be on the list, such as russian for ministry spokes passing my car of a and the head of the art news channel. margarita simone, yon sanctions will also put in his personal bank along with other banks that find out the russian military and measures that will target russia's ability to access you capital and financial markets and ban trade with hands and done yet all. gibbons under. as an economist, a king's college london joined us via skype. how damaging of these sanctions likely to be for the kremlin while the truth is unfortunately not really that damaging. i
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mean, the idea of economic sanctions, these do you try to maximize home on the other saw goal minimizing on your road, but these asset freezes, these travel bonds will hom, certain individuals that don't, that going to change vladimir putin own calculation within the region. and the real reason to be called impose sanctions that we have done in the policy is because those that damage rushes economy would also damage us. now, russia's energy sector is worth about a 3rd of that budget 25 percent of that g, d p. but russia also supplies 40 percent of european natural gas is what is of course, measures will not, would also influence worldwide prices and fort she the sections what it could median for individuals in certain banks do not look like that. going to damage the russian economy and certainly not to the extent that would stop puting going further. and would any effect be outweighed by the uncertainty in energy supply
12:42 am
that's now fighting financial markets with oil being pushed out to $100.00 a barrel? presumably, russia will benefit from that. russia is better think, but if it is from that, yes indeed they all go see a higher price for their oil going forward. it's sunny looks like any kind of cost they've been cut as a result of kind of damages from this kind of conflict told or going forward all being outweighed by the kind of high revenues to seeing from oil. now this doesn't mean it's not going to damage the russian economy in the long time. it is likely to have that damaging effect. so the know a catastrophic one is certainly also not one that we think is going to really impact today. and he's been really preparing for this since crimea in 2014. he has over $600000000000.00 in reserves as well. if the current punitive measures are not likely to change russia's behavior, how much further is the west like if you go it typically year or other measured?
12:43 am
now, i mean, i just, i just going to say what sort of price are they willing to pay to defend ukraine? i mean, at this point in time, the price will not extend to those options in energy market. that's certainly something that has been a clear direction from both the united states as well as europe. we all know the energy prices rising. and of course, these are democracies and democracy have to respond to the prosperity that people in a way that countries like russia do not know. that doesn't mean their own future measures . that couldn't be damaging, forcing russia out of the swift payment system that will allow them to make payments across borders and export bonds while on key technologies is also being considered. those things will damage the russian economy. there are other things that could go much further. that we haven't yet seen being suggested, we know all the gods, a lot of property in london. it's not clear why they're not being seized. that
12:44 am
children go to school across europe on top of that as well. we know the came particular london, hundreds of rational or gods with 2000000 pound visas. they could be revoked. there are certain ways to cause damage to individuals across russia. certainly make it difficult, but it doesn't look like at this point in time. it will have the same devastating effect we've seen before and in particular around, but we did impose oil sanctions, or rather president obama did. and then go that nuclear the a lot woods. i'm the u. k is notorious, isn't it for being a hub where it only galks and allies, those close the crime in are able to basically launch them money. why hasn't the government here cracked down on this? it's not really clear why that is that we, we saw some limited sanctions yesterday, a few individuals as few banks, you know, to kind of take them at their word if you like. they are saying that they will
12:45 am
impose a further satisfactions in the future, but it's really not clear at this point why it is the u. k. government is not taking a much stronger lie, and indeed the same thing can be said for kind of the why did democratic wild at this point in time that have to be a hard lie. we should be absolutely clear. this is a violation of a sovereign nation, this is war. peace depends upon, on the democratic choice choice of the crazy and people that is being overwritten by the wishes of one cause has been a terry. and of course, what this happens once it breaks down that consent to the normal that we've had remaining in place since the end of the 2nd world war driven sand. our appreciate you joining us on the news out tonight. thank you. thank you very much. now authorities in argentine are saying it could take years to recover from wildfires that have devastated northern areas. these are the active fires in the country right now in the worst it province of korean tis around 8000 square kilometers of
12:46 am
land and bunt. blazes up north of destroyed crops, livestock and wildlife, with losses, estimated around $240000000.00. 5 korean tis have been raging since december, and it being blamed on climate change and weather phenomena known as linear stories of bo reports. now from the province. the wildfires are rapidly moving from one place to another and consuming almost everything in this area in the art in time. province of korean, this and fire fighters are also moving fast, trying to burn a control line that will slow down the advance of the flames. and i said, well, what they are doing is burning a line that will force the parts slow down and then they will attack with water. there's already group working inside, which we have to stop before it reaches the road because if it passes there, there are thousands of tech to the pine trees, and it will get even worse and the over 800000 heck, there is a,
12:47 am
have already been destroyed and with it, livestock grains and was life. this is an area that generally sees abundant rainfall, but strong winds. lack of humanity and drought are making it easy for fire like this. when to spread all across the province on an average of around $30000.00 hector's of land are burning every day. also at risk. i 12000 hector's of marshlands in the area. isn't that where we service where it came months? i'm phoebe and another $300.00 species of birds are being affected by your fighters from brazil and other parts of the country. leguinn aside, who have come here in an effort to prevent the fires from causing even more damage . so i don't know middle, i'm on, but it is in charge of the fire fighters that have come from when a site is, you know, i'm, i know it was a lot, but the rest and the only thing we can control is nature. so you need to control
12:48 am
everything else. cody interest is lacking resources that don't have the equipment they need. they have great people, but they're not prepared. they need pickup trucks, fire fighting kids uniforms, among other things. so through and you have, you had a store of these desperate, he says he has lost almost everything he owns. most of his land was burned by the fire and like many others is currently in debt. you, joe, sometimes i don't want to continue, but i have to because what am i going to tell my family? i have a family of 60 people, 19 work with me. where's my family going to work? there's no work here. aside from this rain is crucial at this point to prevent the fires from spreading to other provinces. but heavy rainfall is not expected until march. a long wait for those involved in the daily fight against the flames. there is some cedar korean, this argentina, argentina's, emergency as
12:49 am
a sign our planet is headed to fiery future. and governments are just not prepared for the death and destruction that it could bring this according to the un environmental agency which says, climate change will spot a 30 percent rise in extreme wildfires by the middle of the century. the report also blamed farmers for clearing trees. just last year, the flames burning through the forest admitted more than 2 and a half 1000000000 tons of carbon dioxide. a recent study in this scientific journal, the lancet found the exposure to wildfire smoke. you're more than 30000 people on average every year across 43 countries. and the financial losses can be huge in the us alone. annual economic damages can amount to $347000000000.00. and from the amazon to the arctic defies of scorching paces that have never been prone to such places before. 10 christopher son is from the un environment program. he explains why the fires are going to get worse. we project that even with
12:50 am
a moderate emissions scenario. so even if we manage to curb emissions wildfire are still going to increase this is because the earth systems have a long response time and therefore it is clear that wildfires are here to stay. they are going to increase and we have to be better prepared. of course, we also need to be better prepared because we urgently need ecosystems, forests keep lance savannah as carbon stores. so when we risk that these carbon stores are going up in flames, then we lose one of our best allies in the fight against climate change, which is nature ha, solutions can help us clearly to both mitigate and adapt to climate change. but the most important message remains that we have to, urgently and quickly curb our greenhouse gas emissions globally. to add on with.
12:51 am
one of the big stars of tennis is facing up the prospect of a lengthy bon. and you have that ah ah ah
12:52 am
the me lou ah, and he's here now. thank you so much marion. well, liverpool have moved within 3 points of manchester city at the top of the english premier league. they were convincing when, as against legion, i'd said this game effectively over the concept by half time. hm. it's solid against central to levels efforts in already school healthy. by the time he sets of
12:53 am
jo massey there for goldman, but su sellers sport kit made it 3. no, it's all before half time. newport went on to win 6 mill next up for them is sundays leak up. final against chelsea will tottenham beach manchester city on saturday to breathe new life in the title. right. but they're pushed for a top for finishing a place in next season's champions league. so for the set back away at burnley, a one they'll win for, but only a huge results in their efforts were void. relegation another joke which has continued his winning return to competitive tennis. the world number one is through to the quarter finals at the dubai championships. sir, beating karen, catching off in straight sets joker, which wasn't allowed to play at the 1st grand slam of the year in australia because he isn't vaccinated against coven 19. and he has been given the all clear to compete in dubai. to decide i thought the others for tonight on
12:54 am
the court on the stadium was terrific. thank you so much. with equally good support for both karen and me and for us as a tennis players traveling around the world, this is what we play for this kind of this kind of passion from, from the people that come to watch us. and i want to thank you from, from my heart. thank you so much. a world number 3. alexander's bear has been kicked out of the mexican open up the nearly hitting a pi with his racket. it happened. a fatal so doubles match the governing body. now throwing amounts of events on sports like conduct there are believe the ball had incorrectly been called out during its high break, looking at a lengthy bound on a big fine house since issue this apology. difficult to put into words how much or
12:55 am
regret my behavior during and after the doubles match. as you know, i leave everything on the court yesterday. i left too much. i'm going to take the coming days to reflect to my actions and how i can insure it won't happen again. you know, golf superstar phil mickelson is set to take some time away from the game. it follows critical comments he made about saudi arabia, the american, referred to the country's governments as scary described. the human rights record is horrible to spine. this reservations, he's been supporting a saudi backs plans to launch a gulf super league. well, we've been talking to go for a roof at bell. he says the 6 time major champion faces an uncertain future. it's not complete end, but clearly right now it has caused him a lot of problems by his involvement with this break away goes operation. and clearly some of his statements, he clearly thinks that the p g a in america is not running the game property because even any statement that he produced,
12:56 am
it clearly has suggested that or is not right with the pga tour. and they are the leading tours in the gulf game and believes that the a saudi backed operation is going to be hugely successful though. he apologizes for various remarks and now the sponsors are already beginning to sever ties with them . it's going to be a long road back and it's such a shade because if you think less than a year ago, he was winning the u. s. p j is the oldest, major winner in glorious sort of freedom and fashion that was 4 weeks. i think the c yet now a year on his reputation is in tatters and the a he has left himself as a golfing prior at times in the eyes of many particularly if you look at some of the statements, the macro came out with just the weekend the fatty venture i think, is not dead in the water per site because i believe that's still going to be very much trying to help the asian to expand with big price funds. so they can see
12:57 am
a way in to try and have an impact on the global golfing game. so that i think is significant. but clearly in terms of what they initially hoped to achieve, the am with greg norman that currently as very much on the back burner and former one world champion max for stopping has been getting to grips with his new car, the sport as introduce some major changes to improve racing and make the series more competitive prices and testing now underway in barcelona with new aerodynamic and tar requirements in place. for all teams. the 1st raised the season coming up in bar right next month. okay, that is high school is looking for now. let's get back to my room in london. all right, thank you very much. i knew that if the news alba going to have all races on the rush, you crying crisis very shortly as shelling intensifies on the border between russia and ukraine. that line of contacts in the dumbass region and all the latest on the
12:58 am
west. and we actually including the discussion at un general assembly. ah ah listen, a rowboat is a mechanical or even that self driving train, the apple that android today can be the ever the humanoid robots like me, whole, be everywhere. al jazeera documentary cliffs, the lead on the weird and wonderful world of robots that learn think and even trust . i feel like i'm alive, but i know i on the machine origins of this owner who's here.
12:59 am
this is no man's land between ukrainian government forces and separatist vices. with the self declared to next people's republic. the city seems more russian than when we were lost it on the surface. at least we are between a rock and a hard place. there are no jobs we are doing our best to survive. this was where some of the heaviest fighting took place between pro russia separatists and the ukrainian government forces. when conflict starting in 2014, most of the people that used to live in this neighborhood a to afraid to return because of the sporadic, shelly, and now increasing phase of a potential renewed conflict with stories of life. oh and inspiration. a series of should documentaries, from around the world that celebrate the human spirit against
1:00 am
the odds. are al jazeera cynex hunted ah separates his lead. as in easton, ukraine ask for russian help for a pell. what a call aggression from kia. ah, i am as in love watching al jazeera, also coming up on the program, ukraine's government imposed as estate the nijinsky as chatting intensifies on the border with russia. and diplomacy falters. a fast wave of european sanctions against russia. members of the low house.


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