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tv   NEWSHOUR  Al Jazeera  February 23, 2022 6:00pm-7:01pm AST

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no matter where it takes a fin, sir guy from my eyes, and power and passion, we tell your story. we are your voice. your news, your net out his ear. ah, this is al jazeera ah, hello, i'm has him seeka. this is the news and the tensions between russia and ukraine dominating our coverage this wednesday. rallying his troops after sanctions san condemnations and unfazed, vladimir putin says, while diplomacy stands a chance, rushes interests are non negotiable. ukraine is said to announce the estate of emergency and calls up reserve forces to defend against the russian invasion and
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the crisis in easton ukraine taking center stage at the un general assembly and its for tennis world. number 3 alexander's vera has been thrown out of the mexican open . the german is facing up to a lengthy bound after its hackney. liam paused. share the end of the match. ah, we'll begin with the fast moving developments over russia and ukraine at this hour . one that's now become europe's biggest crisis in decades as the threat of a full scale russian offensive edges closer. ukraine is preparing to impose a nation wide state of emergency president vol. edema. zalinski has called up reservists age 18 to 60, and he's called on the world to impose what he calls swift and robust sanctions on russia. you are speaking during
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a joint declaration declaration with leaders from lithuania and poland smokers. he's got, we are unanimous in the assessment of this crime of the russian federation. this is yet another active aggression against ukraine, its sovereignty and territorial integrity. the military presence of the russian federation in the occupied territory of dumbass had been hiding behind separatist uniforms. and now we see this is a unilateral departure from minsk agreement in moscow on the day russia on as its armed forces. president vladimir putin has criticized the west for refusing to respond to his security. demand is repeatedly called for nato to give guarantees. it will not expand eastwards, but he insists the door is still open for diplomacy. matter for the country stays open for direct and honest dialogue for the search of diplomatic solutions for the
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most complex issues. but i repeat with russia's interest as citizen, safely absolute. so we will continue strengthening and developing our army and navy, increasing their efficiency, providing them with the most advanced equipment and on the front line, seeing eastern ukraine as the threat of a greater military escalation, the leader, the step just region and done yet says efforts to counter what he calls ukrainian aggression are ramping up, and the rebels will win with moscow support. but he says this connie, no russian troops in the region, for which to approach him at the moment. there is no presence of any russian troops on our soil before the recent developments international observers were looking for any sign of russian troops and they didn't find any. as for the future presence, that is likely when it's needed. if we are not able to do with our own resources, then we may seek support from the ration with you as we speak. we are mobilizing our troops. if our capabilities are not sufficient, we may retain the russian support. and right now,
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the un general assembly is meeting to discuss the crisis in eastern ukraine, $66.00 general. antonio gutierrez has already said that russia's decision to recognize separate areas was in his was a violation of ukraine's sovereignty. united national. those are the main highlights. we've got our team of correspondence covering this from all the angles rustling. jordan is standing by at the un dominey cane is life in berlin. forced to talk about the e. u. preparing to announce a range of sanctions against russia and bernard smith is life force. in moscow, let's go 1st to bernard in moscow. so, but ukraine, ukrainian president calling us for more sanctions against russia, with support from neighboring countries. how is this expected to unfold in russia? we're glad amy fusion has spent many years trying to insulate the russian economy
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or perhaps diversify it. di dollar eyes it to make it more able to withstand sanctions. and we know the rushes at central bank has built up a reserve of $631000000000.00 in cash and extreme out of money. a 3rd of the back of the economy. economic outputs of russia and the 4th largest reserves in the world. and while i put a dollar value on that, only 16 percent of that amount of money is actually in dollars. the rest is held in euro's in chinese, remnant b r. and in gold, as russia tries to d d dollar, eyes is economy to vladimir putin as a very substantial cushion against sanctions, not an impenetrable wall, but a cushion. and of course, don't forget that europe relies a lot on russian energy on gas and on oil. so russia count totally cut rusher off
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or without do yourself considerable harm at the same time. and when we are getting some conflicting information about just what exactly is happening. and the, and the front lines in, in houston, ukraine, or whether russian forces have actually crossed into the border into, into ukrainian territory, whether they're even considered russian forces. we mentioned earlier that the accept his leader a bear has said they haven't, but we're getting a different story elsewhere. what, what's the picture the you're getting a moscow? well, officially, vladimir putin has not ordered his troops into ukraine. he has the option, the parliament has given him that option or but he has an exercised it yet. we have got reports from al jazeera team in de next. did see russian armored personnel carriers in the early hours of choose day. there weren't didn't carry russian markings, but our team spoke to the soldiers and they were russian soldiers and separately. also reuters a scene tanks into text as well. so i learned
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a sorry to interrupt me there, but we're going to go live. now we're gonna go live now to the u. n, where the secretary general, antonio gutierrez, is speaking restlessness and ang, who the reports of increased cease fire violations across the contact line. and the real risk of further escalation on the grounds. my thoughts are with all those we have already suffered so much, deaths, destruction, and displacement the east to the of this conflict, this complex. and they're pleased to permanently or posing narratives. i know that their authors will never agree what, what happened in the busts. but in the present situation, when seeing is cleared, the decision of the russian federation to recognise the so called independence of with our nets confluence grievance and the follow up our violations of the territory integrity and so entity of ukraine and inconsistent with the principles of the charter of united nations, endearing, these hollow hall. i must emphasize that these action is also inconsistent with the
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landmark resolution adopted by the general assembly. more than half a century ago. i referred to the declaration on principles of international law. concerning friendly relations of corporation among states, in accordance with the charlotte of united nations. the so called friendly relations declaration was a lot to do the general assembly session marching the 25th anniversary of united nations. and the friendly relation declaration, which has been cited repeatedly by the international court of justice as representing international law, set salts, several vital principles that are highly relevant to today's session. in particular, i would note the principle of sovereign equality of states and the estimation that the territorial integrity and political independence of the state are inviolable. are the resolutions of general assembly are also fully behind the sovereignty, political independence and territory integrity of ukraine within its
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internationally recognized, or those is the president's the means could agreements approved by the security council, and that i strongly supported from the beginning. what surviving get an intensive care unit thanks to a number of life support devices. but now those devices have been disconnected. we must also be concerned about preserving the integrity of peacekeeping the united nations as a long and recognise the experience, the playing peacekeeping corporations, which only take place with the constant of the host country. is the president. it's time for the strange reason and the escalation. there is no place for actions and statements that will take these dangerous situation over the abyss. it's found to establish as his fire and they turned to the passive dialogue and negotiations to save the people in ukraine and beyond. from the scores of what i urge all parties
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to make full use of articles surface 3 of the charter and its diversity treatments of pacific settlement of disputes is the president, the united nation system is continuing to support the people in ukraine, straw, human rights and humanitarian work all human rights monetary mission, there 7 offices throughout the country on both sides of the contact line, document things, civilian casualties, monitoring freedom of movement and reporting on allegations of human rights violations. already met italian operations at independence of wherever might control the territory where people are leaving. even before these latest escalation, 2000000 people in ukraine, neither of humanitarian assistance. and since the start of 2022 alone, we and our partners have delivered 140 metric tons of life saving gate across the contact line. eat again. our actions are based entirely on humanitarian principles endorsed by the general assembly. united nations humanitarian assistance is guided
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by 40 minutes that in principles humanity, no tragedy. impartiality and independence. and these priorities are central to establishing and maintaining accessible affected people. including those in the context of unarmed conflicts. the general assembly as repeatedly underscore the importance of promoting and respecting this principles. we did the framework of humanitarian assistance. our humanitarian agencies are, could be the thing to staying and delivering to support the people in ukraine. and are ready to re adjust and re prioritize their operations as necessary. as we certainly know all too well in conflict civilians including women and children, always suffer 1st and suffer most. if the conflict in ukraine expense the world could see a scale and severity of needs and seen for many years, i at all sides. well, i'll say financing pedals, accessed by humanitarian agencies,
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including in non government controlled areas of houston, ukraine. all parties must have pulled their obligations and the international humanitarian law is the president. i'm fully committed to support all efforts to resolve these crises without further bloodshed. my office is remain available. we cannot and will not relent in the search for a peaceful solution. thank you. so just been hearing there from the un secretary general antonio gutierrez, she's addressing the un general assembly as it holds us meeting in new york, discussing the ongoing crisis in ukraine. the you and she's saying that the world is facing in his words, a moment of peril over russia and ukraine right now and urged restraints reason and de escalation and the need to establish a cease fire and returned to the path of negotiation. roslyn jordan has been
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listening to all of us with a so we're going to we're going to stay with you and for now and listening to the to the ukrainian ukrainian foreign minister who is about to speak now to be presented to oregon of the united nations mister president, you have chosen the word hope as a model for your presidency, the same feeling currently dominate the mindsets of ukrainians and people around the globe hope for peace hope for common sense to prevail. hopeful for diplomacy to ease tensions. however, today we need much more than hope we need swift, concrete and resolute actions. and you type of actions by the united nations and international community,
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which is relevant to the level of the threat. we all, not just ukraine face today because the fresh us aggressive course to people if ukraine need these actions by ukraine, strategic partners and international community. we are a critical juncture in world history and our actions today define it for the cage to come. we all read history books. we all watched movies about the mistake. politicians made in the run up to $914.93, about defeats a fall grandparents and the catastrophic price at which robin schuster evelyn europe was defeated. there is no more important than task to day, then to not repeat the mistakes of the past. i do believe in the power of the free
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world and our joint ability to avert and u, devastating catastrophic europe. that no nation will be able to sit out. this is why today i address you on behalf of 440000000, so ukrainians who only wish to leave in peace and prosperity. not in fear, intimidation, not on the russian fire bombs and shelling. we are currently at the middle of the largest security crisis in europe since the 2nd world war based crisis was created and is being escalated by one side, unilaterally by the russian federation brushes conversation. so ukraine absurd. ukraine has never threatened or attacked anyone. ukraine has never planned and does not plan any such action. ukraine has never
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planned and does not plan any military offensive in the dom bus. neither any provocations or acts of sabotage. it is ultimately absurd to suggest that ukraine could have prepared for anything like this and waited for months until russia messed an enormous military force along the borders to proceed with such a large plans. this absurdity defies basic logic. not less absurd accusations of ukraine escalating by acquiring defense the weapons from its partners. the only, i want to stress that the only reason for ukraine to boost its defenses is rush us ongoing and plant military and political actions. rushes actions and statements are outrageous. horrific and go far beyond threatening ukraine.
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in fact, in his address this week, russian president vladimir fortune over at lee denied ukraine's rights to exist. anyway, anyone who might think, exaggerate, as the ukrainian foreign minister, should just watch this horrifying speech. it is with a heavy heart that we all need to admit the grim reality of a new aggressive and reverend chest rule rising over europe. this is the 1st time that the general assembly debate, the situation in the temporarily occupied territories of ukraine. however, this is the 1st time we debate the situation in the new reality created by the illegal recognition of 2 territories of ukraine by russia. and the backdrop of our discussion today is much more dangerous as russia at dark,
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very fundamental principles of international peace and security the pillars of the united nations. and as i mentioned, the very existence of the ukrainian state, a founding member of the united nations ukraine that signed the un charter in san francisco and 945. and made the principle enshrined in article 2 of the charter . a cornerstone of its foreign policy a state that voluntarily gave up its nuclear arsenal under the security assurances of nuclear powers. a state that has in years years of a sold by one of these powers, a permanent member of the united nations security council. 2 days ago, on february 21st, the russian president recognized so called independence of the temple really
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occupied parts of the don. it's going to luke regents of ukraine and order to the deployment of the russian armed forces in these areas. this is an front attack on the united nations and core principles of international law, an ultimate blow to years of peace process. and russia union later, withdrawal from the means agreements. what is happening right now in eastern ukraine, where russian tanks are rolling in and along the ukranian borders, where russian forces are a mass in enormous quantities must be a concern for everyone. for all of you i wore in every nation in this distinguished chamber. no one will be able to sit out this crisis if president decides that he can move forward with his aggression against ukraine. your governments and your people will faith,
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painful consequences together with our government and our people. this is why we need to use this last chance for action and stop russia, where it is. it is clear that president and will not stop by himself. distinguished representatives. the beginning of a large scale war in ukraine will be the end of the world order, as we know it. if russia does not get a severe swift and decisive response, now this will mean a total bankruptcy of the international security system and international institutions which are tasked with maintaining the global security order. this is a green scenario, which will throw us back to the darkest time. so the 20th century russell will not stop at ukraine. if a permanent member of the un security council succeeds in breaking literally all
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the rules. other actors will be inspired by him and follow his pattern. what he tries to do now is to prove that the united nations are weak, indecisive, and unable to defend their core principles. that rules do not apply to him to rush to fortune. what role for the united nations? does russia see? and you believe of nations? we must deny russia what it once i graduated from the university was a degree in international law and strong belief in multilateralism. many years after practicing diplomacy, i still do believe in both rules containing aggression and the power of our collective and firm action. if the united states, sorry,
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the united nations make a t p with right now to become a strong and proactive player, which is not afraid of resolute actions. and using all if it's my dent powers, i'm confident that russia will stop in this context. i welcome yesterday, this statement by the united nations secretary general, which is truly different in told we need to decide of actions of the same kind to follow the strike words. russia show signs of readiness to fill the escalade. it's aggression against ukraine, and we have limited time to stop the tear and contain it. every hour of inaction now is a threat to the lives of ukrainians, not only military, but also civilians, including women and children. this is an escalating threat to our collective global
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security and to our freedom. ukraine expects decisive immediate and proportional actions by the international community in the united nations is the organization that has to demonstrate leadership. not just condemnations, concrete actions to stop the russian machine of war without stepping into a bloody conflict, was many thousands of casualties, devastation, and suffering. i do not want this. ukraine doesn't want this. the world doesn't want this. we need your help right now to stop russia from proceeding with its aggressive plans. ukraine believes in diplomacy. we see no alternative to peaceful solutions by political and diplomatic means. there is still an opportunity for diplomacy to say it's ward,
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even as russia continues, as, as it's escalation and provocations. for months, russia pretended to pursue diplomacy while bringing more and more troops to our waters, and in the temporarily occupied territories of ukraine. now this number stands at least at 150000, under the always e n, a document on confidence and security building measures such actions fall under the qualification of unusual military activities that would require explanation. however, russia has persistently refused to provide it. instead, it proceeded with threats. russia has literally stuff to the black sea and the fossil with at least 46 military vessels. it routinely closes large parts of the seas under the pretext of holding novel exercises. in practice,
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it amounts almost to a blockade of ukrainian seaports. this is already an attack on the global freedom of navigation. one of the sucker principles of international law. russia propaganda machine is in full swing. it desperately tries to create a pretext, fulfill the aggression against ukraine. we resolutely reject all russian nations about any large ukrainian offensive military operations in the us. we do not hold or planned any such actions. we remain committed to political and diplomatic settlement, and together with our partners, we maximize efforts to reduce tensions and keep the situation in line with diplomatic dialogue. for now, we see that russian occupation forces have already significantly increased shelling of ukrainian territory and civilian infrastructure. artillery fire at the conduct
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line in a dorm bus from the occupied territory hid a kindergarten in a town called stunning to learn scott and a school in little be of got among the latest terrible examples. recognition of the so called republics has no legal implications. it merely confirms russians own involvement as a party to the armed conflict in numbers, which russia, we haven't, we denied all these years. the situation in the occupied numbers has already been terrible for years with the residents living in the atmosphere of fear, lois and insecurity. the famous secret prism called in the occupied don't ask, remains inaccessible for human rights and human util emissions. it continues to
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function as a literal concentration camp in europe. in the 21st century, hundreds of people have passed through this camp and were subject to heavy force labor humiliation tortures cases of extra judicial killings have been reported to russia continues to block the release of the illegally detained persons. in september 2029, the president of ukraine volume are zelinski handed over to the secretary general, the list of more than a 100 ukrainians from dom us and crimea who had been unlawfully detained, sentenced, or even transferred from the occupied territories to the russian federation. we reiterate our call and the secretary general to provide to provide good offices and
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facilitate their immediate release. and i appreciate the readiness of the secretary general to do sole mr. president. today, ukraine defense not only global security but also freedom. democracy and fundamental principles of international law, peaceful life, and the future of millions of people in europe and around the globe. rely on the rules that russia tries to destroy. diplomacy and international forum must prevail and stop the russian aggression. since 2014, the general assembly has already adopted 11 resolutions, reaffirming its commitment to ukraine territorial integrity and condemning the temporary occupation of ukraine's territories by russia. the general
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assembly has not and will not accept the russian mantra that the case of crimea is closed and of quote, the occupying father persists in destroying the identity of ukrainians and the genius people of the peninsula of the crimea tatters. since 2014, more than 64000 ukranian citizens have had to leave crimea and moved to mainland ukraine due to fear persecution for political and human rights. activism, discrimination on ethnic and religious grounds. political persecutions continue unabated among many others. mister and not modul. alice david, head of the mentally of the crime me and thought there are people participant of the international crimea platform, summit remains behind bars. he's one of the, of this one more than 100 political prisoners of the kremlin. on february
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16 at court and seem federal sentence, jordan was a lot of love us had been go on trumped up charges to 6 years in prison. he's one of 14 ukrainian journalists kept by russians in prism. russia may continue to pretend it doesn't violate an international norms and principles, yet reports by the un security secretary general office of the high commissioner for human rights, or see their missions as well as the report of the international criminal court. prosecutor all testify to the contrary. if russia doesn't, degree was all the mentioned resolutions and reports. it should simply provide access to crimea to the united nations human rights monitoring mission, ukraine, and the oysters special monitoring mission. the axis of international organizations
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to the occupied territories is critical. ukraine guarantees such success throughout the government control territory and continues to demand from the russian side to do the same in the occupied territories. esteemed members of the general assembly in the whole world. witnesses today that russia turns to threatening and blackmailing the global community to close the crimea case and of gloat. it is, in fact, one of the points in the long list of its recent so called security demands ukraine. continuous efforts to achieve the compassion of crimea by peaceful means. the crimea platform is a tool designed exactly for that. and we are truly thankful to all the countries supporting the international crimea platform. your active involvement in the
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platform is a sound foundation for our future success. we are open to new members, and i call and you to join the crimea platform. be it states or international organizations. you are welcome. we expect the united nations we'll find proper modalities to engage with this initiative established on the principles of the un charter. mr. president, your colleagues ukraine, made a historic contribution to global security. in 1994, we d no clearest. giving up the world sword largest nuclear arsenal. we have no plans to regain nuclear weapons. today, we expect the world reciprocally to ensure our security
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with the relevant scale and resoluteness of actions in the face of a historical level of threat. this is the reason why you crane requested urgent consultations on the article. 6 of the budapest memorandum the world all ukraine, its security, ukrainian, president for the missouri landscape, initiated in new form of negotiations to settle the security crisis created by russia. 5 permanent members of the united nations security council plus ukraine, germany, and turkey. this is the 4 months that we are trying to convey in i reaffirm that ukraine proposed some years ago to deploy a un peacekeeping mission to ukraine. until now the united nations security council has failed to take necessary decisions. ukraine proposes to combine
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stark sanctions, policy and strengthening of ukraine together with keeping diplomatic channels open to proceed to russia to de escalate and prioritize diplomacy. we urge member states to use all available means to protect ukraine and deter russia. whatever action you can take is appreciated. we are grateful for the actions already taken by many of you. we expect the international community to do its best to put out the fire in the center of europe, which is about to flare up. the russian security crisis must and with russia returning to the passive diplomacy, we call on all states and international organizations. not to recognize any alteration of the statues of the certain areas of the dawn as can look on regions
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of ukraine. and to refrain from any action of due or dealing. that might be interpreted as recognizing any such altered stages. the absence of proper reaction or annoyed thrill stamps will only contribute to fill the escalation and sufferings. and i regret said, it will not be limited to ukraine's border and territory. on the contrary, active diplomacy, strong political message and stuff, economic sanctions and strengthening ukraine can still force moscow to abandon aggressive plants. swift and resolute actions by the united nations can reclaim the organization's leading role. at this historic and dark moment, russia must withdraw its forces from the sovereign territory of ukraine. russia
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must stop this step allies in the international security situation. we ukrainians one piece. and we want to resolve all issues through diplomacy. we stand radio for all possible scenarios and ready to protect our land and our people with russia fill the attacks. ukraine will not hesitate to exercise its inherent right of self defense as outlined in order to go 51 of the charter of the united nations in response to the armed attacks of the russian federation. these days we have probably the last window of opportunity to do what russia does not expect. the united nations and its members states to do demonstrate unprecedented ability and readiness to act in order to stop aggression. no matter what relations you develop among each other is your
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ultimate duty to defend the charter, the charter of the united nations. i think you ah are ukrainian now foreign minister, the meter calais, we're speaking there to the un general assembly as it hold this meeting in your to discuss the crisis say in ukraine and greeted with applause at the end there of a stark assessment of the situation he gave there for his country, saying that we are in the biggest security crisis. europe has seen since world war 2, and appealing for international help in its efforts to deal with what he called the russian aggression or rosalind jordan has been following us. ah, for us as well from un headquarters and i, rosalind, one of the things that,
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that struck me about this was the way he kept coming back to framing this as very much an international or problem that this was not just a dispute between russia and ukraine. this is something that the international community has to deal with and putting it on the united nations to, to live up to its commitments. what you heard to measure collabo, the ukrainian amber of foreign minister argue, is essentially what we heard the un secretary general, antonio. good tatters argue on tuesday evening. and again, although not as though vociferously before the un general assembly on wednesday morning, here in new york, they are both saying that todd, the russian invasion of eastern ukraine into the don boss, is essentially a flouting of the un charter that to russia has decided to ignore principles which it is supposed to uphold, which is on the national sovereignty,
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respecting each other countries, borders and not tug engaging in any activity that could lead to violence or warfare . and that is why i think we heard mr. gall labor. come back to that point repeatedly. he also expanded on something with chuck, the secretary general, said on tuesday evening, which is that this is very much a moment for the united nations to was basically defend its very existence. and the, it's very mechanisms for being a force for peace globally now. and even mr. a collab, i said that time back in 1994 when ukraine famously gave up its nuclear weapons on stock pile. that it had an expectation that the international community would look out for its us security as the trade off. and he said now was the time for the international community to do that. he thanked individual countries for having done so, but he said as a body,
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the united nations needs to step up and go beyond just the rhetoric that we have heard from the un secretary general. yes, very much so rosalind to one of the other things that struck me as well as his appeal to the humanitarian nature of all. this is similar to what i am. the 2nd general said as well when he, when he said every hour, this was of ukrainian farmers to sang every hour of inaction now is a threat to the lives of ukrainians, soldiers, and civilians. and that's because i to meet rocha lab. i was raising the specter that todd, not just the recognition of the so called independent republics of don yeske and lou haskell would happen. but that you could actually see a more visible, physical rush and present on ukrainian soil, essentially depriving ukrainians of their independence and of their ability to live their lives the way that they as a country want to live it. he said,
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this is not the last stop that he believes that vladimir putin and the russian government are going to carry out. he said that it only looks much, much more dangerous from this point on unless they are visibly and assertively checked in their ability to try to control parts of another country or i for them on the rosalind jordan life or stare at un headquarters. and we hope to come back to the you and at some point as their speech is go on, we are expecting to hear from the russian foreign minister at some point or of the senior representative or from russia anyway. um, so when, if and when that does happen, we will go to that dominic cane is live for a say in berlin now with the european perspective, but we know that the french and a german foreign ministers met to discuss this as well. and you leaders as well, we'll be meeting in brussels for
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a special summit on thursday to tackle this yes, that's right. has them in the course of the last half an hour or so? couple of things happening the 1st and perhaps the most, the foremost of, of the 2 is that president michelle, of the european council of ministers, saying that he's can voting a special summit. an extraordinary summit of you leaders to discuss this crisis and how the you can plot its way through it to be held in brussels tomorrow at which all heads of government and had some states relevant to the organization will be present because he's trying to find a concerted coordinated, united approach. the interesting thing is that we've been waiting over the course of the last few hours to see what shape those sanctions, which we know had been agreed upon by e. u. foreign ministers. what shape they would take and they are waiting to be published or we are waiting rather for them to be published in the official journal
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of the european union. now so far, at least i'm reading what has been put up and so far at least no sign of sanctions as it were. what there is is a reference to goods that can be exported from those 2 regions of eastern ukraine. don't yeske and lou ganske and the e u is saying that because of the reality that the ukrainian government now finds itself in not being able to search the quality of the goods that may be produced, then that the e is now saying that anything that is produced there and exported from there will no longer benefit from any tariff reduction that was in place between the e u and ukraine. so it's not sanctions per se, but it is a development from the european union. and that's as i say, it's just been uploaded onto the use official journal. you mentioned the meeting between the foreign ministers of france and germany between the suited to leon and annotated balbo. here in berlin, where they both spoke about the situation. ukraine talked about what sanctions
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might bring and what effect they might, has the citadel for the french government saying quite clearly that they would be painful sanctions for those against whom they were targeted. they also raised quite an interesting question which was, who can believe, who can know what president putin is thinking, who can believe what he is saying right now? and then for the german government, mrs. bell box said that she believed in that some of the german government believe that president putin is confusing, a temporary, short term advantage that he might feel he has in easton ukraine with a long term disadvantage which might come to his government sometime soon will. that's clearly code as it were for sanctions and what effect they might have. remember also hasn't that so far the german government has acted unilaterally in saying that until further notice the nord stream to gas pipeline will not be
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certified. that was the unilateral action that it could take as the german government, but it's also stressed the need for multilateral action, which clearly is a reference to the european union, but also perhaps the nato. so that's what's been happening here today, both in terms here in berlin, but also in brussels. and clearly, all eyes will now be on brussels on that extraordinary summit that president michelle has can vote for tomorrow to see what exactly the heads of government heads of states gathered around the table in brussels will agree upon in so far as sanctions against russia are concerned. all right, for the man, i don't i cain live 1st there in leon. thanks tommy. let's bring in march 1 rachada . now he is a senior political analyst choices live now are from london. thanks for meeting with us sir. my one. so your thoughts then on what you've been a hearing today in the current situation?
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well, it was interesting that you said that the word, the key word that you heard, that speech was international, and the internationalization, if you are all of their ukraine crisis. i heard diplomacy. i think i lost the count at 10 the 10th time. i heard the word diplomacy from bakery informants. and i think that's telling that's very important in the sense that we're not only listening or hearing that language of ultimatums and threats, and warnings and sanctions. but everyone understands that when you deal with a country with a power like russia, especially if you are ukrainian, that in the end of the day for sanctions need to lead somewhere, even war need to lead to peace. so and then it is, crisis must have a diplomatic solution. and if there are any challenges in bose, whether they are partial, proportionate or massive, eventually they need to be used as leverage in the negotiations with fortune
6:47 pm
12, force russia, or to nudge russia to convince russia to retreat. or certainly to make sure it doesn't move any further in ukraine, meaning to expand the incursion into an outright invasion of the country. oh, it would seem at this point. 5 that ukraine doesn't have a huge amount of options here in that if it does try to, i react to, to russian attacks militarily, that this will further provoke a russia it's, it has to take this stance of, we're ready, we're ready to talk. we're not here to, to escalate this. absolutely, this is the unfairness of this dis, a metrical conflict between a sort of us, you know, bigger, greater nuclear power like russia and
6:48 pm
a smaller neighbor like you green one that already know knows that they are not exactly isolated. they are fully supported by the western, by much of the international community. but none of that is going to translate into any military intervention on behalf of ukraine. so yes, in the end of the day, they have to live with their bigger partner, neighbor slash, you know, a russia. so in a sense, they need to engage in the kind of language whereby 1st they can maintain international support and international personal russia and suck and that they can get away with ensuring that hooted, russia permanent, does not extend beyond don bus. now, what, what have we seen on what should we expect then from russia, you know, i tell you it's kind of instructive, almost a twist of history that puts in,
6:49 pm
in his speech to them for yesterday was basically copying point to point how russia would basically be mimicking the united states in its own arguments for its own international interventions, humanitarian interventions for each or was in the likes of iraq for its own interventions in the like of libya. so what we hear from the russians is one they are interfering under the responsibility to protect, meaning they want to protect the russians in ukraine. they, when i started wish stability and peace in ukraine because that's all remember that 14000 have already die in, in easton ukraine since 2014 do. while the west talks about territorial integrity, ukraine. wooten says one about the white of says, determination for people who are russians after all, that was the line or the principal pursued by the united states in the balkan for
6:50 pm
supporting the breakup. countries. $34.00 of them out of the former yugoslavia they say, oh that there was any sort of spect it's neighbor and should not be bringing a pretext of security. he's as you brain is, couldn't develop nuclear weapons at all. right. and so look at the reverse of the united states when he walk and my one each resume nuclear power. thanks for your thoughts at all. as always, we're going to have to leave it there. we will lab because accost, continue to bring the latest on developments and the ukraine, russia crisis as their leaders continue to speak at the you and we are expecting to hear from the russian representatives at some point. and we will, of course, bring you a, that's a, as in when it happens right now we've got a break still ahead here on the edges either in sports, one of the, one of ghost biggest stars says it's time for him to take
6:51 pm
a break from the game and he's here with that school. ah ah ah
6:52 pm
ah so oh oh oh, find out a get all the sport his addie. thank you so much or has will. tennis will, number 3, alexanders barrow has been kicked out of the mexico open after nearly hitting it on par with his racket. it happened after he lost a doubles match. take a look. ah, the german is the defending singer champion in acapulco, but missus governing body has thrown him out of the event for unsportsmanlike
6:53 pm
conduct. sarab believed a bullet in correctly been called out for just before this all happened. it could now be facing up to a lengthy band. the pin, big fallen, or a family dal made a slightly more low key appearance at the events he was playing in his 1st match since winning the australian. open these funny, defeating american, then his cutlet in straight sets in round once taking his winning st. 211, strike matches this season. the world and the 5, his aiming for his false title in acapulco. well yeah, had been a very positive match. i think i started the plan when would they carry? and they said that always a very positive confidence. forget, boy, i think i've led a very solid much more to be the 1st day or 4 days of things that i can do better. but in general, downside hardly. well, no. so i can't complain at all the beats in the australian open final. that meant
6:54 pm
that i will try to lighten the russian finding his 1st match to smell the federal pe straight. that method has the chance to takes sup support in the world rankings . if he can win this tournament, it can be possible. and that's what i'm going to try to do. you know, it's not, it's not even a dream anymore. it's just that it's a goal where i have to try to, to play good this to 3 tournaments. if i manage to do it, i'm going to have the chance. if i don't, then you know it's in a way my fall, but also experience so, and that's what i'm going through tonight to the golf stuff. phil mickelson is taking some time away from the game for his critical comments. he made about saudi arabia, the american, referred to the country's government, scary and described. the human rights record is horrible. despite these reservations, he's been supporting a saudi buying pounds, a launcher gulf super league, and is loaded it's financial power and ability to impact how the pga tour is operating. mickleson says the comments were off the record. we've been talking to
6:55 pm
golf journalist rupert bell. he says the 6 time major champion now faces an uncertain future. it's not a complete end, but clearly right now it has caused him a lot of problems by his involvement with this break away goes operation. and clearly some of his statements. he clearly thinks that the p j in america is not running the game property because even any statement that he produced, he clearly has suggested that or is not right with the pga tour and the other leading tours in the gulf game and believes that the a saudi backed operation is going to be hugely successful. well, though he apologizes for various remarks and now the sponsors are already beginning to sever ties with them. it's going to be a long road back and it's such a shade because if you think less than a year ago, it was winning the u. s. p j is the oldest,
6:56 pm
major winner in glorious sort of freedom and fashion that was 4 weeks. i think the c yet now a year on his reputation is in tatters and he, a, he has left himself as a golfing prior at times in the eyes of many, particularly if you look at some of the statements that are macros came out with just the weekend the fatty venture i think, is not dead in the water per site because i believe that's still going to be very much trying to help the asian to expand with bigger price funds. so they can see a way in to try and have an impact on the global go from game. so that i think is significant. but clearly in terms of what they initially hope to achieve, the am with greg norman that currently as very much on the back burner. chelsea 2nd a big stats awards, the champions league quarter finals. the year ran champions, bidding frances live in the 1st like around the same time, i have a system policy getting
6:57 pm
a goes either side of the brain seems to hear it sooner will a moment didn't say close. victory is wrong, little colker, following a number of her under par displace you can so 3 other for 3 other players. 2 and, and in case in a very good shape full of confidence and, and gets a lot of luck rate and, and in the high intensive meet us to the team and that was the decision today. for sunday, we have 4 days to decide and to recover. and of course the us, every chance to play is placed on the side very much in the balance still less despite events is opening the scoring inside the 1st. when it's against villarejo, they survive, it's going the quickest ever champions league. deb, you go with them directly. cherrmis. in fact, very dunbar, i hope acknowledging in the 2nd half cycle it finished won a place injuries coming. okay, more support for me throughout the night and that is how we're looking for now has thanks so much sandy, we'll look forward to that and that is it for this news hour,
6:58 pm
but i'll be back in a moment with more other days using the latest on the ukraine, russia crisis, they was ah mm julian, the debates they a ratio of like people from the american and global story was very powerful on an online ad your voice. the comment section is whitehead joining our conversation. we had all protected when everyone is protected. it is not by being nationalistic about us. you just look at it in a very different way. say that perspective men and men meeting each other and they
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jazeera, with chapel, ah, ah, rallying his troops, but insisting diplomacy can resolve the ukraine crisis for the may. putin react soft to the u. s. and allies impose sanctions ukrainian, lead a cause for more action against moscow. he gets the backing of visiting leaders of poland and lithuania ah, on hasn't seeka. this is agatha alive from dall housy.


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