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tv   NEWSHOUR  Al Jazeera  February 20, 2022 9:00pm-10:01pm AST

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a new episode of war hotels on all 0 we understand the differences and similarities of cultures across the world. so no matter what lucy, al jazeera will bring you the news and current affairs that matter to you, al jazeera. ah, this is al jazeera ah. out of there on the clock. this is, these are large, doha, coming up in the next 60 minutes francais, it's working with russia to try and reach a sci fi, eastern ukraine. but valerie says, russian troops participating in joint military drills will stay indefinitely
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because of writing tension on ukraine's border. britons queen elizabeth test positive cove at 19 fuck him, paula says the 95 year old monica is experiencing mild symptoms. ah, i will tell you why there's anger in the pool about hundreds of millions of dollars of girls from united states. i'm german ash with sports, manchester united. fend off and leave my back in the premier league and beijing's winter olympics comes to a close on have the best of the action from the final day in the chinese capital. ah, so then french president emanuel macklin has spoken to the leaders of russia and ukraine as part of diplomatic effort to try and find a peaceful solution to the escalating crisis in easton ukraine. a high level meeting between russia, ukraine and european allies is due to be held on monday,
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and the talk is come as an estimated 30000 russian troops at the mission in better use extended indefinitely. artillery far has been reported from dispute the regions of east in ukraine, but the shelling is less than in recent days. samples, robbie begins are coverage. war in ukraine remains an open question. but military posturing on ukraine's borders continues to intensify. russian troops were meant to leave bella roost on sunday when military exercises with their allied ended. but their stay has been extended indefinitely. the bill of russian defense minister cited increased military activity in the region as well as unrest inside ukraine. but no mention of what ukrainian leaders and their western allies described as russian provocation and august would provoke from the testing of reaction forces will continue. they are directed to as a prevention of floor and are presidents who have met repeatedly say,
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we don't want war. but we are not being heard, therefore, recreated and appropriate grouping of troops if need be. we'll bring an appropriate response to the presidents of bella. ruth and russia met in moscow 2 days ago. president alexander lucas shinkel is a close russian allies. the strategic advantage of having russian troops in billers is just one more reason. analysts say president vladimir putin has the upper head. this invasion force has been mass on the ukrainian border has already achieved some of its objectives because he's already got the conversation going with the united states about limiting the sovereignty in liberating the security choices of the countries neighboring russia about rolling back the glock. so natal protections are taken away from them, and russia can habits wait. an estimated 190000 russian troops at a heightened state of alert are now to ukraine, north, south and east. there extended mission in bella, luce only the latest warning sign that western leader,
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se points to an eminent full scale russian invasion of ukraine, the in basra, b algebra. i. let's go to angelo simmons who is standing by for us in cuba. i can tell us more about the french president's involvement in discussions, negotiations. ah, will his talk started with pressed the president, heron, ukraine? earlier in the day i zalinski was telling go micron that he needed peace. he was making another cough piece. he evidently gave him further information, which he puts a background put to puts it in another telephone call. later on at the 2 liters, agreed later on, a meeting with the o. s. c, e. the organization for security and cooperation in europe to take place on monday at fry lateral meeting of it's when ukraine, russia, the o. s. c. now,
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willoughby breakthrough hair. not clear. the root definitely is some traction. the french are talking. it's up up that the lease a palace and saying that so that could well. busy be had talked for a summit later on the and the 2 foreign ministers formulas of france and russia as okay. lab rav and laundry on in france will also have a telephone meeting on monday. now there also is a word that both leaders got into talks about the possible ceasefire or in the eastern don bass region of ukraine, which is causing all that tension right now and all of it. but certainly a lot of it, the shelling is decreased a little. this sunday, a, but some putin was saying, look, this is, will doubt to ukraine attacking guy at the separatist areas. the, to separate his la breakaway republics. ah, macro was taking the other course obviously. and saying this was down to the
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separatists, shelling ukraine. so really you can't say it's a breakthrough as i say, but this traction in the days that we've had these drills. these are russian drills in belarus. they were g 2 end bed set. not now. apparently, lou, that's right, let me just give you some news just in we have just confirmed with the defense ministry news that in the sea of assholes, and there is effectively an exclusion zone being imposed by russia because of naval exercises abouts commence in fact, commencing it 22, g m t, which is midnight's here. ah, also the 1010 warships, 10 russian warships have been through the cuts straight. that's just beside crimea into the sea of as of this apparently will affect the port of mary paul. and it
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will, it'll mean that there's no us that no seek i vessels going in or. busy out of that polls, and the warning is that there's a danger to act croft and any vessels in the sea of out of it's a large area of the see a massive that's confirmed by the defense ministry here. a, based on what we've heard out in al jazeera, from a source of os, at this muse. now in terms of a bell or roof. another exercise 10 days ago, which involves 30000 troops, hundreds of aircraft tanks, and s 400. that surface to air missiles antiaircraft missiles, won't huge armory an immense number of troops and is carrying on now. this was meant to have finished on sunday. it's been extended, putin tow macaroni that phone conversation, according to french official,
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that it would definitely end with a return of a troops at that garrison's in russia. ah, but then gave no timing on it. and there's no timing been given by the defense ministry in, in belarus, either. but the has been a reason given and it was said it was routine initially when starts at 10 days ago . but, but now i believe this is saying it's because of tensions on russian a borders with ukraine and also belarus, born with ukraine. now that is also a direct reference to the fighting in, in the 2 of the borders of the 2 a separatist republics and ukraine. so fate sense in that situation. and furthermore, there's been very heavy security in the capitol all day because this is the 8th anniversary of my dad the my dad massacre as it was known. and that that happened behind me in the, the might and square. and there were
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a 104 civilians killed in the might on death demonstrations, lots of sniper fire, and also 16 secure security falls members are killed. victor can't be on a coach. the president at the time, was ousted within 24 hour period after this happened. and what then occurred was the whole war, effectively, the hybrid war in the southeast, which we've been talking about. so, and also the annexation of crimea. i've been looking at the legacy left by the events of that day, one man in more than a 100 dead in one day. there memorials among the bricks they used to defend themselves. one sung with one aim now, not only to avenge his father's death 8 years ago, but ready to defend his homeland from the might of russia's military. father try
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help. a lot of me, a bon darechuk points to where snipers were posted. he's an i t engineer and a military reservist and expects to be called up very soon. like so many who died here vall, autumn, his father survey didn't look like a revolutionary. he was a school teacher. sergei was alive when his fellow protest has rushed him to a makeshift clinic in a hotel reception area. he'd been shot in the back and died later. i know are who are guilty of this situation and part of regime a young core rich and he'll star wall. it's a russian federation. and of course, putting on the morning of february, the 20th 2014, a truce was broken. as police suddenly retreated, then came a barrage of bricks from the protest, as answered with gunfire. in hindsight, they call it the revolution of dignity. on that day, as i witnessed, it was anything but dignified. once again, the square is
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a battle zone. the truce had seemed tenuous from the outset here. now the frontline has moved everywhere you look there are casualties. my dan euro, my down freedom square, the angel monument words name symbols that for many years have made vladimir putin sees. he's fanatical about ukrainians, being part of russia. yet this country now has more than 30 years of independence behind it. it may be a democracy that is imperfect, but the vast majority of ukraine's people turned their back on soviet autocracy and want to be part of europe with membership of nato for protection. but at what cost, there's conflict in the east of the country with russian back separatists and the annexation of crimea by russia. are you prepared to die for this cause? yes, her andy and her, ah, all asa ukrainian people are ready for this and it's most important.
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protect our country, our families and, ah, for this, we indeed, every single what we, we can, more than 14000 lives already lost in conflict. vladimir and many others know only too well. the human costs so far could be dwarfed by all out war. andrew simmons al jazeera keith, the secretary of state antony blinkin, says washington is working with his allies to ensure they're prepared. if things escalate further. i just came back from unit with the vice president, she let our delegation there to make sure that we are in lockstep with allies and partners on everything that we're going to do both to see if we can still prevent present food from carrying forth. his decision and if not, making sure that we're fully coordinated with all his partners on the response, they've reiterated that massive consequences will follow if. if president putin
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kerry's 4th with the, the aggression i, let's speak to my kind of who joins is from washington d. c. and mike blink and reiterating the need for unified front in face he up to 3 to and any think he was working very hard at that during his most recent visit to europe, where he attended the munich security conference and had a meeting with a number of leaders on the sidelines, very important for the united states to present the united front with its nato allies and the secretary of state emphasizing that. he also repeated something that he's been saying repeatedly in recent days that russia is on the brink of invading ukraine. however, the secretary of state also said that the road to diplomacy remained open until the 1st tank start to roll was his particular phase. the secretary of state also made reference to the ukrainians president, criticism of the u. s. refusal to impose sanctions at the stage saying that
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sanctions with as a deterrent. and although the us had drawn up a comprehensive package of sanctions to impose them now i would remove that to tear and, and help russia, its efforts not to invade ukraine. so the secretary of state saying that very clearly that the us maintains to this point despite ukrainian precedence criticism that sanctions all their own needful, when russia invades, should invade it, you will not be in pose before such an action occurs. one last note is that the secretary of state firming that he will meet the russian foreign minister in coming days. if he stresses there is no invasion. and we've been hearing another view entirely, the russian basset has been on us talk shows what he been saying. well, i'm not totally entering off appeared on a number of us shows absolutely adamant that russia was not contemplating invasion
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. he was highly critical of the united states, which he accused of propaganda in terms of spreading the room as he put it, that russia was contemplating such an invasion. so very strong words from the russian ambassador adding to that the russia was interested in diplomacy and wanted to continue to explore that. he criticized us as well for having bases in parts of the world around the world. and still criticizing russia for having bases in better risks, for example, among dover is said. so start to defense from the russian ambassador to us allegations that russia is about to invade my text about to my kinda and washington d. c. from put it all together. now we can speak to p. j. crowley, who's a former us assistant secretary of state and all 3 of the book read line american foreign policy and a time of fractured politics and failing states joins is from alexandria in
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virginia. beach crowley, welcome. so lincoln says, a road to diplomacy remains open. is it? well, it is in the sense that, you know, he's trying to thread a careful needle here by saying that putin has made a decision to invade. but there's still room to perhaps talk him out of it. right, essentially, that the russian ambassador is here, from course when my, he's been on the usa waves that criticize of us saying that so very well then for them to criticize russia for having basis outside of its own church. but the united states does is, well, he's got to point me. well, i think what, what everyone's trying to do here is not only to help push and understand that would be a cost. should he invade ukraine? but also trying to put on the table something that might be important to him. you
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know, the dilemma here is that he's what he's demanded, which is ukraine. make a commitment never to join nato or do you and to have some sway in the positioning of forces on nato territory. those are non starters from a lion standpoint. so i think it is useful for western leaders to continue to try to say ok, if not this, what else can we help you with, you know, to try to convince you that what's happening in ukraine and west of ukraine does not pose a threat to russia. and what could that be? what could that more soul be that might tend to be put into by on the other hand, there have been, you know, constructive discussions about you know, resurrecting treaties that have lapsed other confidence,
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building measures transparency in terms of, of operations on data territory. you know, those i think have value, but at the end of the day, this is a crisis that vladimir putin has created. he has assembled a formidable military force surrounding ukraine. and it will be his decision as to whether he carries out renovation or not. if russia does invade sanctions, one thing on june down the line, especially if things become attracted, the u. s. and others would commit to getting involved in the fighting. i don't think that that there would be a commitment directly. there would be a commitment to try to help ukraine defend itself, both militarily and economically. but i think at this point, you know, just in the short to mid term to impose massive costs. secretary blake said on russia and then down the road, it will be up to diplomacy, you know,
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to pick up the pieces after whatever happens does occur. what do we know about the kind of decision making process vladimir presume might be going through? is elaine or does he have a set of advisors? how might it work? i think this is part of what has changed for bladder repute and over the course of the last few years, his circle of trusted advisor has narrowed. he's having much less direct interaction with world leaders. and, and so i think that's one of the challenges of this crisis. and american leaders here in washington have been a been honest about saying that they really don't necessarily understand fully how flattering potent is thinking. you know what's important to him and why over the course of the last couple of years. his calculations about ukraine have so
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dramatically changed. music really appreciate that. thanks very much. indeed for joining us here on al jazeera. thank you. you're welcome, nick. well, our diplomatic as a james base is munich, he says, there are differing opinions on the surface. hear the voices of all the western leaders have shown unity. i think behind the scenes though, there are some differences of opinion on the imminence of any invasion. president biden's saying that the russians and president putin have already made up their mind that's not been reflected by the speeches of many of the other you and nato leaders. and also i think on what happens if there isn't invasion, those sanctions, everyone agrees they'll be much tough sanctions. what's actually in them? well, i think that's still not finalized. the still a potential for some disagreement here, but the incoming coming chairman of the mean security conference has said that that has been a clear message since the russian leader. he has heard a very,
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very strong message, a very strong message of unity of transatlantic unity, of the unity of the international community that asking please stop what you're doing, respect, intention or don't invade, don't invade ukraine. and he also got the message. it was very strong express, rented by the german chancellor saying we are ready to negotiate. we want to give diplomacy a chance. we will not give up that track. so this is a message and we have a meeting next week of the secretary of state tony blinking with for mr. love roof and we have to continue on this strike talk and see how we can get out of out of this roadblock. we are putting brought us into many diplomats i've spoke to hear say the diplomacy doesn't dander are still going to be last ditch effort and all eyes on a meeting that is going to take place in the next week between the us secretary of state and the russian foreign minister, although people i've spoken to say that's
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a meeting that is supposed to take place, but they all worried that a russian invasion may take place 1st. but the british problem is broke. johnson is threatening moscow with jason's if it invades, and he says he could reveal the ownership of companies properties in the u. k. according to anti corruption watchdog transparency international u. k. london has become a global hub for money laundering. new figures reveal that $2000000000.00 worth of russian own property in the u. k. as linked to the kremlin or corruption, and in 48 at russian money laundering cases, more than 2000 companies were registered to the u. k. or its offshore tax havens. like the british virgin islands, and these cases involve more than $111000000000.00 worth of funds, bribery and embezzlement. sent out from ben junior, his from the atlantic councils, europe center. he said sanctions would be a blow to russia, but they wouldn't be crippling in london global financial center. unfortunately,
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the united kingdom and its overseas territories have become a center of money laundering over the last few decades. this principally takes place for anonymous shell companies, and especially through money laundering for residential property, which has been a really widely seemed phenomenon in london. it would be a significant hit to the russian economy. if russia's leading companies were unable to access debts or financing in the city of longer or the other western financial censors bonds, it would be less of a hit than if this met, kind of measure had been undertaken when russian aggression on ukraine began in 2014 because over the past few years, russia has tried to sanction prove its finances and its economy. it would be a serious blow, but it would not by any means be crippling long. i think that the decision that
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pertain will take will be influenced by many faxes of which this will be a small but not in consequential talk. every ally right now is trying to play a different role. france is trying to lead negotiations of peach in the united states is trying to kind of rally the nato blog person's been trying to boost ukrainian morale and complain. important role on finances. but none of the major european countries are in any put any utterly decisive position. to change the geo politics of this, of course. ah, britain's creed, elizabeth is tested positive for code 19 by kim pilot says she is experiencing mild symptoms and will continue her duties. 95 year old mother recently met with her son prince charles days before he tested positive for over 900. every challenge joins
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us now live from london. and really, what's the latest on queen while the update that we were given from buckingham palace on today, paint the picture really of a queen who is. i guess she's got cobit but she's not suffering too badly at the moment, miles cold like symptoms and the ability to keep on working or bit in a reduced way. she'll be at windsor castle for the rest of the week. now, of course, as you would expect for a woman of her stature of her wealth, she is being well medically looked after. she has a team of medics around her, led by professor a hugh thomas. he is the head of the medical household and the physician. so the queen, so he and his team will be giving up pretty much the best medical care that you can get, but can't ignore the fact that this is
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a 95 year old woman. and as we all know for the last 2 years of age, the older you are, the more at risk you are from this virus. and she is, i want to who is not being particularly good health. recently. that was a health scare in october for to take a step back for a while. so yes, there are concern certainly concerns about about how she will handle this infection . it's also been a very tough year for her in general, and the royal family. not more than a year ago, she lost her husband's prince, but if he died in april 2021, and there are numerous scandals surrounding the family. prince andrew, one of her sons and brought in a sex scandal involving jeffrey epstein. he has had to make a financial supplement with a women that was accusing him of sexual assault, prince charles the to the throne. his charitable foundation, the prince's foundation,
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is also embroiled in legal issues. it's being investigated by the police for financial improprieties so difficult for the queen. this is adding to that. most people i think will be wishing her a speedy recovery in a roaring thanks very much for the challenge for putting the money. a french modeling agent linked to the late sex offender and financier jeffrey epstein has been found dead in a paris prison. jean luc brownell was taken into custody in december 2020. as part of an investigation into allegations of rape and the sex trafficking of miners. one of epstein's main accusers, claimed renelle, procured women for sex with the financier and others, a promising them modeling work. renaud had denied any wrongdoing. cilla had heron out 0. it begins generating electricity from his grand renee sounds damn triggered . a dispute with egypt and sudan, hoped to graduate and to get job?
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no, we don't even have that kind of thinking. with dust gathering in nigeria, lecture halls will tell you why tens of thousands of students might not be able to finish that. and of the beijing winter olympics, finland finally, when golden men's eyes hockey will have plenty more final day. uh ah. there is currently a winter storm rolling through iraq is not as cold in his content as some have been . but it's one of the regular ones. the other ones coming about 3 days time. anyway, this one means rain for iraq, snow for the mountains of a round. and then that wind follows eventually becomes a normally bring yet dust from iraq's through saudi down to was cutter, bahrain, and eventually the you a, the sunshine to foreign in the levant,
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missed the picture on monday. this all starts to march through iran to was took minutes down and afghanistan, and then the shamal flares out. it's sandy niss into the empty court and pulse of yemen is the picture of a tuesday, which probably means we should come straight little bit on what have the afghans and pakistan. widespread snow once again and the blue indicates rain showers. with that there. again, the sounds dark matter, roger styles, this is going to be quite unsettled, whether it northern pakistan and the north west of india. and on the same day, tuesday coming in to wednesday significant weather again in madagascar the latest tropical sti code. an intense tropical cyclone defined by speed is going to make landfall. it's not too far where from where bat said i landed south the capital. but it's in open ground, it looks pretty nasty. ah
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overnight success. story thing. night after 9. anyway. interesting. and gene a passion for supporting local communities and pioneering innovative african science and technology projects. how. how beautiful, how glorious are all of us on this planet. not just africa, al jazeera, for as a leading biochemist, determined to use his scientific knowledge to serve africa. women make science from the lab to the field. are now to sierra lou.
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ah, you what you are 0 reminder about top stories issa and french president, a man or micro has had a phone call with russian leda led with putin. the 2 countries it to work on. a high level meeting between russia, ukraine, and european allies. russia has extended its military deployments in bella reciting, an escalation of tension near the ukrainian border around 30000 russian soldiers in carrying out exercises invalid britons, queen elizabeth this tested positive cove at 19 buckingham palace as in 95 year old, one. it is experiencing mountains and will continue with duties, talked to revive the iran euclid dealer importantly nearing final agreement in
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vienna. but in terror on 250 members of parliament have demanded. 6 conditions are met before any deal is signed. they include a guarantee from the u. s. and european signatories. they will not pull out of any new deal as president donald trump did. 4 years ago. russell soda has more now from tara. there is ab statement that has been released by the running parliament today . is not a mandatory one, it's not binding for the negotiators and for the government. rather, the statement is a recommendation. very statement emphasizing some of the white issues that have been the main, the main, the cock confrontations between the 2 parties. you run your site and the, the other negotiating countries. so the, the parliament statement is focusing on the all new. but we'll of all the sanctions, not only those who are, which are related to the nuclear file,
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but the parliament thing that the americans and the other western powers must give assurance to the iranian side that they are going to also remove the functions that are related to the human rights violations iran, nissan program. so one, they're asking for that as well. so all the sections to be removed. and 2nd one, they're asking about the reputation by revocation. that means that not the guarantees on the, on the papers. but we need to see them practically on the ground that there's this part is this companies are removing the sanctions and the see the practical implication of them or the implementation of that on the ground as well. and the 3rd one is the guarantees. when they say guarantee, they mean that particularly the u. s. a. to give, to guarantee to iranian, that in case of a deal, this deal is going to go beyond by the administration. and it is going to give the guarantees to run that the next administration is not going to come and cancel police in nepal. if i tick as to dispose, protest is angry about a new government project funded by us agency is providing $500000000.00 in grants
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to help pay for power transmission lines and road improvements. critic say that undermines the pools laws in certainty. so let's take this on, let's speak to coach ross corolla, who's the associate editor republic here in english language. daily newspaper joins is not from man to welcome to the program, say, $500000000.00 is a lot of money, isn't it? many would wonder why there's such a protest against this is a lot of money. it brings lots of jobs and so forth. i imagine. so why these protests? yeah, thank you for having me. ah, basically there are a few concerns like a section of political parties that goes to this deal. and there is some reservation over some of the problems of their agreement. and one of the reservation to have is some of the pros and in the agreement actually tried to undermine nipples constitution, indian just, you know, m. c, c, provisions prevail or near past constitution. that's what they,
9:35 pm
she and 2nd concern they have is it could be a part of a u. s. in the pacific strategy, which in named battle consider that there. so military strategy aimed it containing china and these political parties are section of left his political party. they do not want at this to happen. of course u. s. government has already refuted that it is not part of any military strategy or any, any kind of military alliance. but then again, they had been laid protesting over the, some of the provisions. and we could see a protest outside of harlem and building this afternoon, and they were classes when the lease personnel and educating educators, right? oh, the thing is, if you get into the weeds of this and you see that those in governments in question the deal are the, are the mouse politicians who are seen traditionally, you know, close to china who are concerned about, as you say, at washington's, in though a pacific strategy which could see some, say,
9:36 pm
a u. s. troops in nepal. no, did some kind of every insulate that, but then u. s. government has already clarified that it's not part of any military, you know, seen. and this am says, it does not include any military components. and in fact, the rules that govern m. c. c. pry lead, you know, funding any gains have been in military activities. so it has been clarified, time and again. but then left is political parties that have been insisting that governments not ratify this agreement to parliament without making some amendments in the, in the provision that are deemed construct controversial. so accordingly late this afternoon, this agreement was table in the parliament. but then, the, the countess of the ruling political bagget, the left is political parties, cbs mas center and c, b, and unified socialist. it took to the street and there were classes with the police person as well. the u. s. ministration has for this deal to be endorsed,
9:37 pm
all the pull could face ties to be reviewed and is that the right way to go about it? really? this kind of development corporation shouldn't come with any strings, a ton should yeah, of course we do not let you know earlier this month. you s s and 60 for state. ok now for salvation. central south and central asia, lou had, you know, personally, talked to the top 3 leaders of our country. and we do not know exactly what he spoke to them. and none of the leaders have actually made it publicized that. but some media reports suggested that don't, lou clearly told that us is not, you know, going to farther extend the deadline because already, or the political part of the back from you stand, it will gratify the agreement in a 2 argument by february 20th. so he basically reminded that, and, you know,
9:38 pm
the media reports also suggested that you know, that, that is not ready by then is, will have implications to our relations, to our bilateral relations. that is there for last 70 years. a section of that have said that, you know, this is kind of, you know, you know, transitioning language and this should be resetted, but then not a political body. they see their there, there was no any cancer trend. ok, shoot to us this like where are we going to have to leave it that will do appreciate your perspective on this analysis. thanks very much for joining her. an officer. thank nations family to those who died in the bay report bloss 2 years ago. been protested grades, plans to rebuild the area. they shut down a major road in levins capital, the demanding a criminal investigation be completed. legal challenges filed by defendants have delayed investigators for months. security forces in sudan have 5 tier gas during the latest protest condemning the q in october. demonstrators marched in several
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areas of the capital call to thousands of whole weekly releases the military takeover. strike by university, lecturers in nigeria is threatening graduation plans for final your students? yes them. it's a warning that they will continue the disruption until the government implement an agreement reached 13 years ago. i would address her this hallways once bustling with student activity and are quiet. it's only days since public university teachers in nigeria walked off their jobs. but lecture halls are already covered with dust. the government has expressed surprise, but the lecturers are unmoved. they consider yourself crazy clearly. i know serious . i'm sure i'm as your as are no surprise, because we did into a club or by night and said that well, when australia, 13 years ago, educators and the government signed an agreement to end on the potomac of strikes at nigerian universities. but teachers say this was never implemented. in the past
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20 years, there been nearly as many strikes by academic staff in nigeria and universities. then destro dispute has disrupted academic calendars. as a result, students sometimes take 6 to 7 years to complete a 4 year degree program. these students come to the university merely every day hoping for positive news. the hop too, to graduate and a and to get job. now we don't even have that kind of thinking, but his peers and private universities have no such worries. federal government has almost are 100 university and they have so many challenges head of them in our, on when you leave for anybody. nobody naturally you are forecast wants to be on de, with the institution. years of neglect have left public universities over crowded and with poor funding for research and salaries. union leaders say most professors
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and less than a $1000.00 a month. lecture say they are tired of meetings and agreements, but the government feels to implement their warning one month. they will make this strike indefinite if there is no breakthrough. how many degrees al jazeera, kernel, nigeria, i, uber, whatever is president of nigeria, labor congress and he explains what's behind nigeria is economic problem. there had been a lot of challenges actually managing the economy and also making sure that there is some level of shared prosperity, possibly policy, incoherent, and legend, you can see, despite the fact that we have very rich oil resources, but even to try to refine the petroleum products have become very challenging. the petroleum industry actually been signed into law. but it's implication implementation is also problematic. because of the fact that part of the
9:42 pm
provision of the law is actually to use also the all policy model of importation price mechanism to then determine the price of p. m is basically is to end the regime of subsidy. but also it has a lot of implication if you're notified in and then the value of the currency continue to divide, which by the time you input this import on commodity demons, it will be out of reach. but your sim power of many nigerians have been gentlemen and therefore it will be out of reach and therefore it will actually add to inflation. and importantly, because of good on this, this will go. so this had been part of the problem and challenge with jerry and i mean it's killed at least 7 children in an air strike in neighboring these 5 others were wounded. joined forces were targeting arm bandits in the marty region of southern asia. they've been several incidents of the nigerian military accidentally
9:43 pm
killing civilians in recent years. the grand vizier pin renee sons damn has begun generating electricity for the 1st time. egypt and sudan have opposed the big switch on for years because of reduce water flow. so to hurt this report, 11 years and $5000000.00 in the making, dns are finally able to switch on electricity produced by their own giant dam. welcome distraction for prime minister abbe. i've made that war with rebel to gray and forces in the north. a 145 meter high dam on and all rivers, main tributary. the blue now is designed to hold 74000000000 cubic meters of water, but africa's largest hydro electric power project is controversial and it's fiercely opposed by through his neighbors. you thought to know the officers, i got out the downstream countries, the brothers, the people of egypt and stood on the water will flow and the world must know that the dam will not affect them. all that was said about ethiopia seeking to prevent
9:44 pm
the flow of water was untrue, and we will not allow the people to starve or thirst. we seek integration between the 3 countries and a real partnership. both egypt and sudan fear the damning of the blue now will cause severe water shortages for them. egypt responded on sunday, saying as therapy is persisting in violations of a declaration signed in 2015 leaders in cairo, say the dam is an exist then shore threat to the 106000000 egyptians who are almost entirely reliance on the north river for irrigation and drinking water while sedan 1st. welcome the dam, projects it later voice similar concerns about its threat to national security. over the years talk sponsored by the african union, failed and construction still went ahead. the more that we see, events like created the one that happened today begin to where to emerge. the more it becomes duma duma,
9:45 pm
that we can actually sit as friends and as fellow africans and resolve these as a purely african problem is here to says the hydro power generation is essential to ethanol mc development in africa, 2nd most populous country, both egypt and sudan are still pushing for a legally binding deal on both the filling of the giant reservoir. and it's operation certified at altos, air, or rescue workers in brazil say they have little hope of finding more survivors in the city, devastated by landslides and floods. lisa $139.00 were pill were killed in patropolis, including children and hunters more still missing. heavy rain caused the deadly floods on tuesday. voters and plunder up in northern india. the latest to go to the polls in state assembly elections that seem as a terse for prime minister nor end re modi's party. the pgp farmers make up the states biggest voting block. they were heavily involved and successfully protesting gates agricultural forms last year. as elizabeth brown m r reports,
9:46 pm
it's the 1st election in punjab, since farmers lead year long demonstrations against legislation, they feared would leave them at the mercy of large corporations. the welfare of farmers is always a big issue in the state known as india's breadbasket. but it's just one of many facing voters, harvard, the village, him and i already, inflation has hit us hard prices of cooking, gas and food grains have been rising for some time. our earning isn't enough yet. what kind of family that owns only $100.00 a month spent on mason guys. so we want the next government to ensure better education for all our studies have suffered for the past 2 years. and we expect the next government to ensure our studies don't suffer anymore. despite forcing the government to withdraw its controversial changes to agriculture laws far as lead and say they haven't been able to raise others serious challenges facing the state
9:47 pm
prices. the prices and the gradient sector, along with the issues of ecology, environment, depleting, water table and hell have all gone missing in this election. no one raised these issues and the unity of farmers wasn't strong enough to make it happen. political analysts say that my benefits prime minister in marty's hindu nationalist by the jump, the party, the b j. p is campaigning on security issues in the state which borders park of thumb summer that the guard off the water state guard of drawn god. god of insecurity for a particular community has played a role and in the last 10 days there have been able to accommodate and gather a particular community. what, what's your handle commonality forces? the bachelor in punjab is between the incumbent congress party, a regional organization called she'd owe money akani doll which might partner with
9:48 pm
the b j. p. and i'm od meal common man potty. if andy as main opposition party, the congress lose power here in punjab, it would be a devastating blow for india's oldest political party. it only holds power in 3 of the countries $28.00 states. india's largest state author pradesh is also holding elections staying in power. there would give the b, j p, a major boost in his bid for a 3rd successive victory in the next national election and 2024. defeat in author probation, or an any of the other 3 states, which also vote this month would increase pressure on the b j. p. it's leaders are already facing criticism for high unemployment and their response to the co. the 19 pandemic. elizabeth parent m al jazeera battiata up on job, protested barcelona, demanding the release of rapid popular hustle a year after he was jailed. ah,
9:49 pm
in 2018 hustle, was found guilty of insulting the monarchy and glorifying terrorism and his lyrics and tweets. but he failed to report to prison and was arrested in february last year after it's done before police. his supporters say he is a political prisoner out when i bought it, i think that i mean my little garcia and the, and pablo how so is fighting the same fight in prison as he was when he was out on the streets. so in that sense, they couldn't defeat him, they thought with all the pressure on him at being isolated in prison and everything else, they could get him to shut up. not on the contrary, he is giving a voice to many of his inmates. so all the problems inside the prison are now being told in a loud voice of his young. 50000 blooms are on show in southern france. the annual battle of the flowers parade, and nice dates back. a 150 is highly decorated floral floats a part of a 2 week carnival which runs until next weekend or it goes for coming up as no a finish top of the table with
9:50 pm
a record golden hole in beijing. it's coming up with jim. ah, rape as a weapon of war leaves the very deepest scholars. scott so rule that the victims, men and women can barely talk about it. ah, the only witnesses who can help to bring about justice al jazeera, follows human rights campaign as in libya, investigating rate. since the 2011 resolution libya unspeakable crime on al jazeera, compelling, we keeping our distance because it's actually quite dangerous. ambulances continued to arrive at the scene of the explosion in spite. i still don't feel like i actually know enough about what living under fascism was. life unequalled broadcasting from nelson have been august night is born. a happy al jazeera
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english crowd recipient of the new york festivals broadcaster of the year award for the 5th year running. lou hm. so the winterly brakes come to close his gemma with the details? yes, that's right. next i ended inspect hack killer style organizers say the games ran smoothly, but a doping scandal was yet to be resolved tarnished at china's big occasion. katrina ye reports from begging ah, dancing snowflakes and a technicolor like show flooded bathing birds nest stadium. as the city said good
9:52 pm
bye to the 2022 winter olympics. china's president, she didn't. pig presided over sunday evenings, closing ceremonial, while olympians paraded to the stadium, to the tune of beethoven's ode to joy. the head of the international olympic committee commended the athletes for displaying a spirit of unity. may the political leaders around the world be inspired by your example of solidarity and peace? after 2 weeks of intense competition, norway topped the metal tally with 16 golds german athletes, wood, horbeth, 12 and horse nation. china. 19. it's highest gold, middle count at any went to games. 17 year old snow border screaming catapulted to fame by winning both gold and silver, which it could be a could be casing. i was so happy that i was able to accomplish the goals and the challenges i set for myself. the winter lumpy,
9:53 pm
so fill it with the best athletes in the world. but not all metal winners went home with their prize. figure skating teams from russia. the united states and japan must wait for the results of doping investigation into camilla valley ava, an inquiry which could take months and other family credit money at the meadows. her money for the figure skating team competition has been suspended. therefore, our athletes are not able to bring the meadows back to japan, which i think is a shame. the 15 year old russian gold middle favorite was allowed to continue competing despite testing positive for a bad substance. her final performance ended and stumbles tears and a cold reception by her coaches. for many the camilla valley, the doping scandal has tarnished the image and credibility of the olympics. many athletes have criticized the organizes, the failing to catch the russians positive test before the games. and the subsequent decision to allow her to compete organizes have down play the scandal
9:54 pm
hailing the event a success, especially in controlling corbett 19 infections. thousands of foreign participants were kept separate from the chinese public inside the bubble, around $450.00 positive tests for the virus, including athletes who were forced to withdraw from competition. many will be relieved to end their time under strict control before from here the winter olympics had to non caught, you know, in italy haven't for you clearly. so between you alpha 0, beijing, fill in planes. the last gold medal of these games with the mens ice hockey final, they beat defending champions. the russian olympic committee to one is the 1st time fin and have one that this event phase off that 2 previous finals in 19882006. no way finished top of the metal table with a record of 16 goals. thanks to cross country skits, arising, you hug you want at least aging game. she powered to victory in the women's asserts
9:55 pm
e commerce at freestyle mass, stopped as she ended her them pick career germany, counsel of a dominant performance at the sliding center by claiming that night of 10 available gold bottles, its time in the form on both sides. francesco friedrich let his crease, the august the podium head of a 2nd team from jenny. with candidate taking problems that friedrich 2nd go to these games and full overall for the man they call the ice kaiser great britain. grab that only go madeline. beijing, thanks to the women's cutting team, lead by your head. they beat japan 13 in the final. they had to fall short in the $21475.00 and she finally got her hands on a gold medal at her for, for them fix. i'm not softer ascending from hip surgery as well. but it was more disappointment for us to ski start mikaela schiffron, who missed out on another metal in her sick race of these games the 3 time and, and pick out a rule wild cup champion, leaves paging empty handed,
9:56 pm
austria to gold in the mix. team parallel events, january 2nd, and no white bed. so here's the final that sent out the page in winter olympics metal table in norway as we said, finish top 4 goals, the head of germany, ice nation. china had the best performance with winter games with a total of 15 metals, 9 of which were gold, which put them in the overall standings. it now say between o rivals in the premier league of manchester, united teenager and the language was struck by a coin during that when ever leads man united was soon left off time on seemingly in control. at least we're back in it early in the 2nd half or 3 goes cross be done with the have they got another less than a minute later to make it. we will fred to put money and i said back in front with 20 minutes to go. and then came the incident with langer while celebrating the goal . he's drunk on the head boy point for him from the crowd. he was text either by medicine was ok to carry on and longer have the la la. he's good at mine, united for some make sure victory. and to celebration hit very much
9:57 pm
a man united now just full points behind that place. chelsea but how flight again obviously things like that should not have them. and i think even this game even most so this game the atmosphere was great at times you had to cool down things on the pitch a little bit that this is what i tried to do when i walked onto the pitch. i didn't want anything to happen, know yellow, red or red carts and in moments like this i think it's important to try to keep to cool things down and barcelona continued their resurgence under kate's chaffey beating valencia for one arsenal. reject. yeah, i'm re k by me and looks to be enjoying his new environments, going twice on his 1st league, a start bosses. a 4th goal was a cracking strike from 19 year old, padre bossa back inside the top floor. and that's all we'll support for now. i'll have more for you late in the gym and thanks very much that yes,
9:58 pm
look for to see you later. thank you. i was the fact that that is it for this news . i my colleague lauren taylor will have more news for you from london in the next couple of minutes for me to clock through our statements goodbye. ah ah. ah, march. and i was just either south korean thought in the presidential election, but i, scandals and controversies overshadowing policy, people in power as just as investigative documents. the program looks at the use and abuse of power made to conduct the biggest military optic exercise in the cold
9:59 pm
war. with 35000 troops from 28 countries time and then explores lessons learned from the global h i v epidemic and how that could help quite overnight. after rece into milk 5th period, then try to make it in power. hong kong goes to the post to the chief executive march on a jetta. talk to alger see room, yahoo! do you believe that the threat of an invasion of ukraine is currently the biggest threat international peace and security? we listen, we are focusing so much on the humanitarian crisis that we forget. the long term development we meet with global news makers. i'm talk about the store restock matter on al jazeera, for their forefathers, for the soviet 25 years after independence. they to must become men defenders of lithuania,
10:00 pm
preparing for the possibility of war. waiting for invasion. a witness documentary on al jazeera. ah . ukraine's president cools war cease fire in the east. his russian counterpart has agreed to talk with ukraine on monday. thoughts, russia is extending its joint military exercises in bella, bruce, which were due to end on sunday. ah, i'm norton taylor. this is andrew 0, live from london, was coming up if you get started producing electricity from its grand or nice,
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all of them which egypt.


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