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tv   NEWSHOUR  Al Jazeera  February 18, 2022 1:00pm-2:01pm AST

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human rights campaign is in libya investigation right since the 2011 recognition libya unspeakable crime on al jazeera, investigating the use and abuse of power across the globe on al jazeera. ah, this is al jazeera ah hello, i'm emily angland. this is the news allen live from doha, coming up in the next 60 minutes. russia says president vladimir putin will over say major nuclear drills starting on saturday, using ballistic and cruise missiles. more claims of shelling in east in ukraine as
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russian back separatists and government forces blame each other for worsening violence. not just for south africa, it's for africa. and for the whole world, the world health organization peaks 6 african nations to establish. they are all in a ma, rene back same production, and driven by drought and displacement, wherein sedans, west into full region with poor habits is leaving many increasingly vulnerable in school to the big chief thomas boss, since the russian teams, treatment or figure skater, camilla valley ava is chilling. meanwhile, the metals keep calling and beijing with another goal to try this free style ski id do in the women's health pipe competition. ah, we begin the program in russia,
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which says president vladimir putin will oversee nuclear drills on saturday, including the launch of ballistic and cruise missiles. it comes at a time of soaring tensions between moscow, ukraine and the west shelling and east and ukraine has re ignited fees of an imminent invasion by russia, russian back to separatists and government forces in the dumbass region, have accused each other of launching new attacks. ukraine says it has no intention of attacking the separatists route east in your region or crimea. the crisis is set to top the agenda at the annual munich security conference. us vice president commer harris is there, and we'll make nato secretary gins stalled him. the lighter moscow insist it has no plans to invade ukraine and has announced the withdrawal of some of its troops this week. but western lay to say about 150000 soldiers remain near the ukrainian border . we have a team of correspondence standing by covering all angles of the story of diplomatic
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editor. james bass is in germany. we have charles stratford in se in ukraine a. we will have more on the shelling and john boss. but let's start with joseph jabari in moscow. it was across all elements, se dosa, how much of an escalation these reports will oversee exercises involving ballistic and cruise missile. well, according to the defense ministry, this is a usual scheduled exercise that will be carried out, so they're not good. according to the russians are not an escalation in any way. this is something the country carries out on an annual basis. usually these drills are carried out in october, but they have been moved around in the past. this year. they're moved up to take place in february, february 19th, and the military, as, along with other divisions of the countries army and navy will be carrying out a series of drills in the black and north sea. and they said that this will,
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of course, all be overseen by the supreme commander in chief of the armed forces. that is president vladimir putin. this comes at a time when the bell russian president, alexander lucas shinkel, is in moscow visiting with vladimir putin. of course, there have been a continuing military exercises held in belarus between the 2 countries at the request of the bell russian president to strengthen their borders. and alexander lucas ankle on thursday said that there is a possibility that military hardware will be left behind in bel roost. that will be decided during his meeting, which is ongoing. now, with lot him, your putin at there seems to be a real desire from the bell russian side to strengthen the military ties with russian. of course, russia is also in agreement with that. the rare russian president vladimir putin has hosted the bell russian president 6 times within the span of the past 12 months . so this is seen as a very close relationship between the 2 countries. and of course,
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i think it's important to highlight that with each of those visits, it was the bell russian president to visit a russia and vladimir putin did not visit bella bruce, but none the less, this of course will be seen by a certainly more rhetoric coming from russia for the west at time when touches are so high that for the russians, this is an important exercise to carry out to test their military and new and missile capabilities. and it's something that is very much routine in their eyes. but if that's how will we it will be seen from the west by the west. that is certainly not going to be the case in day. thank you very much. bring us up to spade dosage of our law for us in moscow. ok, let's head to se in ukraine. wed shall. stratford is live for us in pavlov pill. charles, what's the significance of the area that you're in at the moment? the area the wearing at the moment, as you say, in se ukraine is only
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a few kilometers from the separatist controlled areas in the direction behind me. and this area has seen oversee, over the last 8 years and some of the worst violence. and we've been speaking to people in this village, they indeed say that in the last couple of days there has been an escalation of shelling. they were telling us that sir, they heard the shutting this morning between around 5 and 8 in the morning. it was the same yesterday, and it's been a similar kind of story or along various areas of the 420 kilometer frontline in the last 24 hours the ukrainian military. this morning saying that shelling had on was on going all had continued overnight. they said that at least 2 ukrainian army soldiers had been injured in those attacks. there are also reports from across the contact zone in the self declared annex people's republic. am authorities. they're saying that some, at least 70 shells had fallen around that donnette sky said to some of those areas,
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we're now without electricity. and of course, this escalation comes amongst a or a made fears. certainly earlier by the ukranian government and their west and back as of what they describe as false flag operations. these operations are incidents that are falsified am by or accusations could be falsified by the russian back, separately, supported possibly by the russians. to give the that the separatist a pretext to push to push into ukraine and to give the russians an excuse to invade. but as we've heard there from dawson, as we've repeatedly been reporting the russians deny they have any plans for any further escalation. the her settling continued those denials. charles, the kind of defense minister has been speaking in parliament. what did he say of nice? well, well, this again is an indication,
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seemingly of the dish junk between some of the narrative coming out of ukraine's wisdom backers, us, which keep talking about a possible imminent attack according fair intelligence sources. an eminent invasion from russia. well, to day, the ukrainian defense minister said, according to the crating of intelligence, there was no indication of any potential russian invasion. so as i say, a competing narratives even amongst allies as this crisis continues. but that is a belie the fact that term, the situation in areas like this on both sides of the con conflict zone are, are, are dire. i mean, there are millions of people that have lived 8 years now in this conflict, or what the un estimates of 50000 homes destroyed. for example, hundreds, if not, thousands of businesses destroyed
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a hundreds of thousands of people needing humanitarian aid. the people you speak to, most of them do not to believe that there will be any further russian escalation. but as we've been reporting, they are exhausted. they are tired of this conflict. they have very little faith in their own government. so certainly on the ukrainian side to deal with this crisis em, but at the same time, very little trust in what vladimir putin has said. so despite it being calm here to day, the situation certainly m remains remains tense in thank you for bringing us up to spade charles stratford life ross in southeastern ukraine. let's head to germany now where our diplomatic editor james base is standing by for us in munich. for that security conference that's happening now, obviously james, that ukraine crisis has taken stage center stage rather at the conference in unit. what more can you tell us about what's happening there? well, there's a large gathering here is there it is every year at this time,
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but it's clearly right now, gathering at the time of international crisis. we're going to have the u. s. vice president here, the u. s. secretary of state nato allies. president zet, savanski is going to be coming from ukraine to speak to this conference. so it's gonna be absolutely key, i think, to watch what they all say and watch whether there is unity among all of those. or were there any signs of disunity? because the russians are not attending this, they decided not to come. the foreign minister, a laboratory normally comes to music security conference is not going to be here. but you know, the russians are going to be watching this to discuss it more down smith, the director of cit bray. the stock based international think tank joins me down 1st. how dangerous do you believe this situation we're in right now is, well, i don't think war is inevitable. so i don't think we're at 10 out of 10 on the danger scale, but i think we're quite high. i don't think war is even probable at the moment, but military action is already being taken. that has been shelling. there's been
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casualties from that. so there are, there are dangers. and there's also the danger of misunderstanding and miscommunication. so that even if war would be non rational for both sides, there is still a possibility. what has to happen for war to be avoided? and what do we need to watch here in munich? what signals might avert a conflict? well, i think at the moment both sides of giving each other signals of strength and then a willingness to talk. and i think that what needs to happen is that with that willingness to talk, that needs to be a willingness to listening and to try to find the ground that exists between the red lines on europe and the usa side. and the red lines on russia's saudi. is there any middle ground there? because the, the red lines on nato, from the russian side lines that nato says, no way. can they accept the as express? there's no way but, and could think that after all,
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ukraine's potential membership of nato is a long way off. there must be a way to express political pragmatism around that. one can think that there are some forces that need not be deployed into eastern europe. if the russians are also moving away from the borders of, if russia can understand and the west can understand that this is a board is own on both sides, then you can start to get some process of agreement. but i think i agree with those people who argue that what we're really looking for is some new launching of a kind of, you know, helsinki version 2 or something. you know, a, a new approach to europe, security architecture, which takes accounts of the fact that there are competing interests. that there is a confrontation which is dangerous. and that danger must be managed. which was also the starting point for the helsinki act in the 1970s. so let me just add in the one thing we just heard, which is president putin,
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is apparently going to oversee personally an exercise of all the ballistic and cruise missiles. while this law are all gathered here in munich on saturday, that's worrying. yes, i think it, it is worrying but, and it needs to be seen as part of a process which you see on both sides. you've got nato talking about additional battle groups to eastern europe. you have russia saying, well, we're going to be having some missile tests or a demonstration, and the president will be there to see it happen. these messages that are being sent is messages of strength. have got to be attenuated by oser messages of not only i'm willing to talk, but i'm willing to listen. dan smith, the director of cit. pre thank you very much for joining us here on al jazeera. clearly going to be a very important weekend of diplomacy here in munich, and we haven't even mentioned the wrong nuclear deal, which is in its final make or break stage. that's got to be another focus of attention during this weekend. yes, big weekend ahead. thank you for that update our diplomatic editor james bank
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plenty more had on our including it, make shift medical care in the hong kong covered patients of forced out doors with hospitals need capacity label face arrest. that the warning to truck a lead protest is in canada. as new police ballads come into effect. and in sports, we'll get a 1st glimpse that ferrari's new formula one. com that's coming up with data a little later. ah, the 6 african nations to establish their own. m r. renee vaccine production have been revealed at the e u. an african union summit in brussels. the world health organizations chief, says egypt, kenya, nigeria, synagogue, in south africa, and to new zia, will be the 1st on the continent to receive the technology. we expect the benefits of this initiative will extend far beyond course 19 by creating
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a platform for vaccines against other diseases including malaria, tuberculosis, and even concert. so this is a strategic investment, not just for it, but for all the major health problems that we face. and we have will be not just for south africa, it's for africa and for the whole world, because this box will be distributed all over the world. made me larry standing by for us in johannesburg with the lightest reaction. but 1st let's go straight to navy in brussels, where the summit is taking place. hello, they made day 2 of this summit with coven dominating the agenda. what's the progress have laid is made so phone well, this will build as one of the biggest opportunities in a generation to overcome some of the longstanding and qualities and imbalances between the european union and africa. but of course,
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that with the has to bring tensions in eastern europe, there is a, a big fear that, that will overshadow any progress that's made here. also a growing anger from some african leaders about europe's failure to wave or intellectual property rights to allow africa to build a coven. 19 vaccines from scratch in africa for africans. an agreement this morning to allow at least manufacturing in these 6 spokes or are manufacturing hobbs in different countries or across the continent. the question is, does that go far enough in satisfying those african leaders gathered here? but perhaps the, the biggest step piece of the summit is the global gateway initiative. this is something announced by the european union last year is a $340000000000.00 scheme. half of that money to be invested in africa. it has been described as the e use answered a, china's belton road ski, meaning the, the e u while after really stage and almighty game of catch up considering that china
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has invested heavily across africa for many, many decades. now, i've had a look at the draft proposal of vassar and some of the suggestions that have been put forward include running under water fiber optic cable. i can be creating a communication superhighway as it were between europe and africa along the atlantic coast. another is to lay fiber optic cables and the sub sub saharan african region as well. the big question, though is the whether or not solid progress will be made here. we know from summits in the past that things have been dealt with in very much broad brush strokes, but the sense that you get here from african leaders is that they definitely want concrete action of them simply words. thank you very much. me back a live for us in brussels, and we'll take a deeper look at that grain deal a little later in the program. that's cost live now to familiar. miller, who's in johannesburg to meter, i want to take
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a closer look at that 6 come country african countries that have been announced in terms of producing their own, m r n a vaccine. let's talk a little bit about that. what impact will that have on the battle against co 19 in the region? well, i think the key thing around this transfer of technology and africa now trying to take ownership of vaccine production is exactly that. that africa wants to lead its own fight against a coven. 19 not only that, but the other diseases. we also heard mentioned by the w h. o. and that these are essentially the transfer her will be about around developing vaccines. but not only that, the transfer of knowledge and skills and essentially trying to make africa self sufficient. we had heard from the belgian development minister a few weeks ago around this transfer of technology. the transfer her based in south africa saying that it really is 2 years too late. it is progress,
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certainly that. but this is something that should have been developed quite some time ago, especially given the difficulties and challenges around intellectual property and just how the european union is not allowing that to happen. how pharmaceutical companies are resistant to allowing african countries only sharing information around vaccine manufacturing. so essentially the transfer have and, and one company in particular average and it would have to develop a vaccine based on publicly available information from scratch. and the idea essentially is a collaborative one between south africa and the other countries, mentioned synagogue, kenya, tennessee, as well as egypt, in order for people across the continent to have access to much needed vaccines so far. only between, excuse me, 11 and 12 percent of africans have been vaccinated. we've heard south african presidency from a puerto talk about a vaccine apartheid and not wanting to be left with the crumbs from the european
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table. and this is really about a sustainable approach to health and health systems in africa, where we appreciate your update as always for me to mila alive for us in that johannesburg. ok, let's head to canada now, where truck drivers are protesting against cove at 19 restrictions in the capitol, ottawa and their pricing for a police crackdown. office is a trying to and nearly 3 weeks of demonstrations. they have arrested several protest is including an organizer of the so called freedom convoy. prime minister just introduced has defended his decision to invoke the emergency. zach which keeps more pallets to place on monday as we entered the 3rd week of illegal blockades and occupations. the federal government invoke to the emergencies act. we did it to protect families and small businesses to protect jobs and the economy. we did it because the situation could not be dealt with under any other law in canada
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. mister speaker, we did it because that's what responsible leadership requires us to do for the good of all canadians, the illegal blocking and occupations have to stop and the borders have to remain open. hong kong health care system is near breaking point. after a record search in coven 19 cases, their hospitals have reached 90 percent capacity and patients have being treated in make shift on an air spaces. the territory reported more than 3500 new cases on friday to ease the strain. some patients have being discharged early and authorities are looking to increase testing. climate has more from a hospital in hong kong that certainly isn't getting any better. they've set up more tense here, there are barriers set up and a few he says as well. 2 to accommodate for the surge in patients, many of them elderly people lying outside and the beds behind me. and we've seen
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this for the 3rd day in a row. the hospital authority has apologized for this situation. however, it is happening again another record $6000.00 cases. so it has to be said, there is a capacity problem, hospitals are overstretched, and there is no quick solution to this. the government is walking into expanding isolation facilities, including turning hotels into quarantine facilities, student dorm at freeze, and housing estates as well. they're also looking into building a make shift hospital like the one we saw early on in the pandemic in who hon, which was built in 10 days. there also, i have a designated fleet now of taxi drivers who take p patients from home to isolation facilities. the policy is currently that if you display any symptoms of covert or even if they're mild, you should in theory be transported to an isolation facility. however,
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because of this bottleneck, people are having to wait thousands of people across the city or having to wait at home until they're admitted. and some of for some that day just doesn't come. that's prime minister has apologized for systematic and widespread, extreme violence during indonesia is war of independence. mock. russia says the government takes responsibility for the war. crimes committed in the former colony, victoria gate and bait reports. news from indonesia with these, the medic, because of the policy is taking action against republicans for decades. the dutch government said the army had done nothing wrong as such, attempted to regain control of their full mcculla. any during entities is 4 year long war of independence. this started in 19 okay, we're going to break into that package now to take you to poland capital. so where the us defense secretary lloyd austin is holding a news conference with the polish defense minister. let's have
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a listen nato allies, to minister. thank you for your gracious welcome and for the very productive conversation. i also look forward to meeting with president duda and traveling to povich airbase to visit with the u. s. and polish military personnel later on today . you know, since the american revolutionary war, when polish heroes fought, fought side by side with us to gain our freedom. poland and the united stage have developed a special bond in the defense of liberty. soon after world war one, american volunteer aviators provided air cover for polish forces, fighting for their own country's independence. more recently polish, and american soldiers fought and died together in iraq and in afghanistan against common threats to our security. and today,
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our relationship could not be strong. i'd like to thank poland for regularly hosting more than 4000 enduring rotational u. s. military personnel to the 4th largest concentration of u. s. forces in europe. and of course, in light of russian forest build up near ukraine. we appreciate poland for hosting an additional $4700.00 us soldiers who are prepared to respond to a range of contingency. and they will work closely with our state department and with polish authorities. should there be any need to help american citizens leave ukraine? under the 2020 enhanced defense corporation agreement signed by our 2 countries. pollen strongly contributes to these deployments by providing facilities and
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logistical resources, which we truly appreciate. we're also partners and developing poland defense capabilities. poland has chosen the f. 35 fighter aircraft, poland air defense batteries and assured me patriot air defense batteries and i mobility artillery rocket systems. today, i'm proud to announce another step and is growing partnership in response to poland . formal request in july of 2021 secretary bri blanket and i have relayed our intent to congress to offer polen the opportunity to acquire 250 m one a to abrams main battle tanks. the time frame for delivery of these tanks is currently under discussion. this is the most modern version of the abrams and will provide poland with
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a highly advanced tank capability. it will also strengthen our interoperability with the polish armed forces. both thing the credibility of our combined deterrence efforts and those of other nato allies. we command poland for consistently meeting nato spending and defense investment targets. and together we will continue to modernize our defense capabilities. this procurement by poland will also help to ensure a more equitable sharing of responsibilities within the alliance for our common defense. in our joint exercises in poland and the baltic states will continue to demonstrate our readiness to defend our, to the fan are eastern most allies. europe is now facing challenges to international peace and stability. for one bell, russian, a bell,
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russian president lucas shameka continues to cruelly promote the force migration of thousands of displaced persons from the middle east to poland and the rest of your other european union and poland. neighbor, ukraine is under the threat of another russian invasion, which was a focus of our discussion this morning. any russian attack are further encouraging into ukraine one night, not only you ignite conflict, you would also violate the bedrock principles of national sovereignty, territorial integrity and self determination. the deployment of thousands of russian forces and belarus, in addition to the 1000 surrounding ukraine to the east and south. put some of those forces within 200 miles of the polish border. if russia further invades ukraine,
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poland could see tens of thousands of displace ukrainians. and others flowing across its border, trying to save themselves and their families from the scourge of war. to be clear, as i said yesterday in brussels, there is still time and space for diplomacy. united steps and united states in lock step with our allies and partners, including poland, has offered mister putin to pass away from crisis and towards greater security. whatever past you choose is united states and our allies and our partners will be ready. polinos 1st hand the steep costs paid by victims of aggression from larger neighbors, and it has made, made valuable contributions to assist ukraine and building up its defense capabilities. this includes joint training, exercises, and hosting a trilateral brigade compose the polish ukrainian and lithuanian soldiers,
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as well as poland. recent offer of ammunition and portable air defense weapons to ukraine. united states also continues to move material assistance to ukraine to help ukrainians defend themselves. unfortunately, neither poland or the united states are alone and dealing with the challenge. as you've heard over the last few days during the nato defense ministerial in brussels, the entire alliance stands with ukraine and supporting its sovereignty. its territorial integrity and its right to choose its own path and its relations with its neighbors and the rest of the world. you know, it's ironic that what mister putin did not want to see happen was a stronger nato on his flight. and that's exactly what he will see going forward. pulling in the united states and solidarity with our allies will
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continue to work together to overcome any challenge to european peace and stability, and any future challenges to come. thank you very much. this is a 1000. i missed a sec, right? you 1st fall. i like to thank you for the fact that polish on versus will be equipped with abrams. thanks. i am the secretary and i told you also have that with valence your personal involvement on your group. this will not be possible. so once again, thank you from the bottom of my heart that abrams will be delivered to poland. now my objective as the minister of national defense with the want is to increase of the potential to polish armed forces after patriots, after hymer, after the $35.00 fighter jets that we have our will have we will have also. abrams thanks once again, sir. thank you very much. decision and thank you gentlemen,
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and now let's move on to questions. i do to certain time constraints, we have only fans for, for the question as to before off the question. please enter. use yourself agnes. scott don't, gave it to polish information agency. i'd like to ask you secretary, following a kid, the multi bush me, she's put you in like you haven't. when you say, sir, i like to ask you something i've been, i'm sir, i like to ask you when we will see the finalization of the contract for abrams. first of all, the 2nd of all, i like to ask you about the amongst russian troops along the border with your cream that you have mentioned. because yesterday you said quite strongly and decisively about the fact that russia and moss is collecting. for example, blood. now, could you also have ms. watson, 100 speak in the same voice over this crappy in the same way when it comes to the russian activities in the context of having additional blood storages and have field hospitals 1st on the timing of the delivery of the kind
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of as you would imagine, this will take some time, the exact timing we're still working on and we don't have anything to announce in that regard today. second, in terms of what we continue to see on ukraine's borders. if you heard me say yesterday, although russia has announced that it is moving its forces back to garrison, we have yet to see that in fact, we see 4 more forces moving into the, into the that region, that border region. and we also see them going through continuing to, to prepare by doing things that you would expect that elements to do military elements to do as they were preparing to, to launch an attack. so it includes
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a number of things in terms of moving closer to the border, the disposal of troops increasing logistical capabilities. and so again, all of the indicators continue to indicate that you know, he will maintain the capability to launch an attack get at most any time. so we haven't seen any evidence of him moving, moving his forces away from the border. thank you. i was, i think we have a question as to the next question, please. i sorry. jim garmin from dia, d news. mr. me a thank you for having us in such a beautiful place. for the 2 days ago, the secretary general stoughton for russia has forced a new normal. you're unable to manage. what does that mean for polling and mr.
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secretary, but it depends on how to do these russian provocations force chain of just look at the of them will read or read, thinking of the us national defense strategy. thank you. so this is kimmy mcgee. so 1st of all, ladies and gentlemen, we are dealing with an attempt to rebuild the russian empire, buying foods in now vladimir putin and a consistent manner tries to expand his areas of influence starting with 2008, where he had like georgia 2014, he attacked ukraine and now his amassed troops on the border with ukraine. now, all these are real and realistic threats, and the best response to this kind of threats is known. appeasement from the side of the free world is the terran g. stop here and thanks to the approach and foster of the united states of america. such
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a policy as it is now is very good. now, evidence of this policy is, for example, the presence of additional u. s. troops in poland. also, in addition to that, as part of the north atlantic alliance on the united states of america, very strongly highlight the fact that there is no concession to talk about the future out of some countries by those countries. meaning that this ukraine to decide good about its future and about which alliance ukraine would like to join an insult to russia to decide about that. now, such policy is the only policy that is able to stop the aggressions. now, poland, all those, you know, a country that has a experienced war, all the 2nd world war that we experience also the cruelty off occupier. as of right
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now, we are ready to support all those who need this support. and again, we all count on that bad diploma. so diplomatic means that we can solve this conflict that i said as for yesterday's meeting of ministers of defense of the nato countries and brazos as part of the north atlantic alliance and the very, and the, the intense sound policy of the united states and the person of president joe biden, and the secretary of defense law dawson and of course psych, richie, and tony blank and old. these are activities that lead to stopping the aggressive policy of russia. now we'll do believe through being decisive and throw a decisive policy on the free world,
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especially of the united states of america. there will be no war. thank you very much mister secretary at jim, thanks for the question on the national defense strategy. and as you mentioned, it will come out soon. don't have a date to announce it today, but i am very proud of the work that our team has done in passing. the strategy is certainly address a major threats to our security and also address the major threats to the international rules based on them to the i think that, you know, as i, as i look at what you've heard me talk a lot before about the integrated returns and integrated deterrence will be a key piece of that loop strategy. and i don't want to preview too much today, but you've heard me talk about this before. so i'll just reinforce the fact that
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that is a key element in our strategy and integrated to deter me includes using all of the capability that's in the all we're fighting domains here. land c space cyber terrain. plus using every instrument of national power. diplomatic, economic, united. but most important using the capability and capacity that's resident in our partners and allies. and so what you see today is actually playing a gives his exactly that. you've seen us lead with the policy in every day just so much. you've seen us work very, very carefully with, with our allies and partners to share information with our allies and partners. and also move very, very quickly and deliberately to help reassure and reinforce wherever required.
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so if you've seen a preview of that strategy, begin to play out here as we address this, this most recent devices. but thanks for the question and we look forward to getting that strategy out again. i'm very proud of the work that our team has done on this campus. thank you. next question, please. thank you for doing this, marcia gaines with nbc news. at 1st, as the secretary, did any nato allies asked us to send more troops to show up their defenses or as a show of unity? and do you think that the data response of course will be activated and then to both of you, when do you expect the missile defense sites to be operational and do you think pollutant would accept a mutual inspection agreement that would be satisfactory to both. also, how is poland in the u. s. preparing for the potential to humanitarian crisis of ukraine falls. and if you cranium, refugees, migrate to puzzle. wanted to we're about to cool in the vase. easy to hook you up with them just in terms of examples of going to depend on whether or not or whether
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i is to supply will do more appointments in support of ally ward. i don't have anything to announce today. that's probably a bunch of i would also say that, you know, we're everything that we do, we're going to consult with allies and partners with make sure that, you know, we are aligned with them as early as we consider any type of before us. we'll have to look around. so comes with you've also heard me say that it will be, i'm you, we are committed to article 5 and we are very serious about that. but we will, we will do what's necessary to help the fan and on our partners in our lives and live up to the, to the, to the premise of her article, fire volumes that i still, i still going to remove bottles of the young. somebody guys were highly, appreciate you as president pola and telling the same time we do believe that this
1:42 pm
is the biggest and the most important deterrent factor for potential aggressor as a appreciate the possibility to cooperate between the pollution person in the us armed forces because have this is all about building and her ability. this increases at the same time to both defense capabilities and capacities of the polish army of influences. and the same time the security of the entire eastern flank of nato. it is that when it comes to the crisis that you asked about because of the crisis, would certainly be generated. should russia invade the ukraine? now i would like to highlight that we are ready. we are ready to help all those angles who will be forced to leave ukraine than not we as a nation, that has so strongly and broke, badly experienced or world war to we know what support it is all about. and we are ready, of course, to support old, those who need the support and who suffer because held for such an aggression.
1:43 pm
johnson, although still mom and we do hope friends do believe that there will be no conflict, no rush due to the unity of the free world due to the unity of the north atlantic alliance. and also due to. ready the decisive policy with united states of america . now these are the best, the terrans elements. these are at the same time for best arguments against an aggressive policy that's being currently conducted by kremlin. thank you. the last questions jane debreto mean american t. v. p. info at question to the minister and to the secretary as well. first of all, i wanted to ask you about the a part of those 250 burns. things does poll and plans to my further vehicles or equipment as part of us. so as cooperation, i also like to ask if russia will continue to escalate this military situation, that will be us decide to in the crease, the military potential on the eastern flank and to work those services and could be
1:44 pm
deployed. thank you it on you. yeah. so when come to the 1st question now during our very good conversation with secretary, but i had and again, i like to thank you for that. i talked about our plans to increase the push on forces in numbers and we talked about the modernization. also look, overshown forces with the most modern equipments, the oldest. in addition to the patriot timers at $35.00, we will soon have the abrams tanks of the agreement will be signed as soon as it is possible then. but then again, we are prepared because it's a governmental project. so we have prepared a new bill, the so called homeland defense bill or homes defense act. i need to include a mechanism that allows for even bigger financing of them under lays ation of polish armed forces and the equipment of potion forces. and we already have the secretary. i have talked about the fact that through building this interoperability
1:45 pm
for equipping and the potion forces with the most modern equipment in this way, we can increase the defense capabilities of the entire eastern flan complaint because the security of bowen's means the security of the entire eastern flank of natal, i'm also very grateful to the secretary for the development of the 5th corps, which is currently in the ones we talked also about this topic. this is undoubtedly a very important element of deterrence in terms of whether or not we intend to the boy or so. again, i would just say that you know, everything that we do, we will consult with nato in our allies and partners to make sure that, that fully coordinated in any steps that we take going forward. and finally, i would reiterate that we are committed to article 5,
1:46 pm
and so whatever it takes, as you heard the president say, we will, we will live up to our commitment. and as i said earlier, what mister putin wanted, or did not want was a stronger nato. on his flight and that's exactly what he has today, and that's exactly what it will have going forward. but it wasn't clear up on a 2nd. thank you, mr. secretary. thank you sir. thank you for being with us in the press conference. goodbye. ok. that was secretary of defense, lloyd austin, holding a press conference with the polish defense minister lloyd austin thanked paulin for hosting an additional $4700.00 us troops who are prepared to react. if anything escalates between ukraine and russia. he also revealed a deal involving the sale of $250.00 battle tanks to pull him, but there were no specifics at that stage. he so comes as we've been hearing all
1:47 pm
day and for many weeks now. as the western allies claim, russia is planning to invade. you crime? all right, let's move on now. more on that summit in brussels between ladies from the e. u in africa, you is also looking to push its global gateway project. it aims to provide hundreds of billions of dollars to support a transition to clean energy, but african late is one to ensure their fuel sources and exports, especially natural gas, remain protected. let's bring in n j aoc, who is a member of the high level a you africa ministerial panel on energy is also the ceo of the african energy chain, but he joins us live now from negotiate. thanks for being on the program and j. let's just break this down a little bit. what is the global gateway project, and what does it mean for africa? what this means for me about a women. but what this means for africa is a new recommitment. and in un section all european cath want
1:48 pm
to be able to drive africa to work it, transportation and all the loops transformation. also looking at energy and green and also looking at in the environment and also thing around ricardo big package that energy is going to be a, a big player in the or of this new relationship. and you get your project or android, what are some of the concerns that we did mentioned and briefly in that introduction, what are some of the concerns of african leaders specifically around fossil fuels and mineral exports? i mean, nobody loves environment more than we do, but african leaders, one to really sure that i issues around making in the g r t tree are really front and center one number 2 issues around cutting greenhouse gas emissions
1:49 pm
at the expense of africa when it comes to financing force or fuse like issues around gas, but we are very happy with the show because right now you of the shows up made gas as green. so what does that mean? that means gas around was i'm b would no longer or should no longer the position when it comes to financing today in here, it just signed big trans hiron and gas pipeline. tonight, she area nice year and our carrier in gas out across the 3 countries, right? and to europe, we don't want to finance it, but that if you look at synagogue around the image should be see regions, great gas potential. so we want to make sure number one, that gas i transition and gas is no longer plot, but number 2 is also one too early and showed that we do have african minerals trust us in africa. and then we can explore the raw material. they have an african
1:50 pm
part of the entire bible chain and i think the you would much credit to them. we've had our rights, but they have really listed last year during her energy week. we had a hard personal representative, had a lot of conversations with us and we think that would do that. yeah, yeah. especially bring gas and that will help us make an image of a t shirt and just important in sustainable development in africa given the content noise firsthand. and as we report on this program, often the ravaging effects of climate change on the environment and also the populations in africa. i think climate change is an issue. we go to fight climate change to get over and over to the same time. but we need to really focus a lot on technology cutting. can greenhouse gas mission, carbon capture technology. you have a lot to do on that, but now this is a big,
1:51 pm
it's an amazing opportunity to really forward an energy mix. today you still use, we've seen a big deal sign on high green hydro draining in this year. lot of home or hybrid unit in south africa and a lot of movement around hydrogen in the my grant region. that is a good thing. but also we have to be good to work with. barbara and european technology is going to play an amazing role. but also to not forget, our continent has contributed on only less than 4 personal greenhouse gas emissions . we have not really emerged. we have a growing population, gone by 2050 is going to be about $2000000000.60 africans to day out of $1200000000.00 capital access to electricity. $900000000.00 access to clean cooking lead to ramping so it is safer, cleaner, better. so going to have, i'm wonder, i'm really more energy for everyone. what we need to do with cleaner fashion. well,
1:52 pm
we appreciate your insight. thank you for breaking it down for us. we do have to move on, i'm sorry n j i oak the seo of the african energy chain by joining us from mission. thank moving on and poor harvest incidents west and for region has led to high food prices and markets. hundreds of thousands of families who have enjoyed years of conflict being forced to rely on aid for survival of fashion is the capital of north 4 and a major food selling hub. those from nearby camps for people who have been displaced rely on the food markets. their millions were driven from their homes after the dafoe conflicts began in 2003, when ethnic rebels revolted against been president or my l. but she is government. the un says wanting every 3 people in sudan need humanitarian assistance. that's an estimated 14300000 people. but it's food agency, the world food program for forced was forced rather to suspend its work in north
1:53 pm
full when it's warehouse in our special was looted that left hundreds of thousands without enough. covering developments for us is heber morgan, who joins us live now from al sasha in that north daf for tell us a little bit about why the situation is so dire, where you are. well the years of conflict here and the region asked are for and especially in and fashion has had its impact on the livelihood of the people. here many farmers lost their law, their, their, their farms many heard has lost their life stock. but since appeal since a peace agreement was time between the arm groups and the government in october 2020, that has largely ended. what's happening right now is mostly inter camino violence and tensions between castle herders and the farmers in the region, especially here in a fashion that has led to a difficulty for farmers to act as they have really been that has led to higher
1:54 pm
food prices. farmers were spoken to say that they were not able to access their farms, that they could not produce as much as they used to, even during the years of conflict. and they've urged the government to try to solve their situation. and all that has led to families now relying on assistance the wolf program say that it's projecting that at least 80 percent of the people here in the state will meet with the food assistance to survive. we have met some of them who are currently relying on bad assistance, and this is what they're told us. every month how, what is my and her youngest son hamad come here to receive food assistance help she needs to keep him and his other siblings back home. bad sab, when we tried to fall last year, the pest destroyed it, so we couldn't produce anything with them. so now we were alone, the food distribution to take home and cook to feed him. and his siblings. hammett
1:55 pm
is one of hundreds of children who rely on help from the you went to world food program and then fashion into dance north. dar for state like the rest of the region. it has been devastated by years of conflict. more than 300000 people have died and over 2000000 misplaced according to the united nations. and like the rest of the country, it's been hit by high inflation. treaters in the market say a bad harvest lead to higher prices, and fewer people buying fees yadda will, as odyssey, the people come from time to time to buy and sometimes they don't buy the market. it's been most stagnant. but unlike the previous year seni farming in north, dar 4 was already affected by conflict in the region. many farmers have had little to no access to their farm because the fighting involving on group farmers also blame climate change for reduced rainfall, leading to a poor harvest. all that's cost rising food prices, which many cannot afford. the world food program has 1800000 people need to survive
1:56 pm
up from 1400000 last year. nearly 400000 of those are full children. the organization says it's trying to adapt to the needs of people, but it faces challenges. we do not have enough donation to be able to meet these challenges and provide assistance to everybody unique. and we are faced with a terrible and a tragic situation where we have to choose from who received assistance and who does not. so what we need is more support from the international community, but we also need the government to solve the conflicts of the state. the government says that the assistance helps keep children in school and out of the work for a fast feeling then isn't that if we have kids in schools who are as young as 8th, who do harsh labor that affects their well being? that includes girls who face violations. so having a school feeding program reduces child labor and protects the children because it
1:57 pm
keeps them from going to work to be able to buy food for themselves. how will says she hope, situation and the state improve? so she doesn't have to continue to rely on 8 for her sons, but until that happens, she says she will continue to be assistant. so she can save money for her family for other new people more going onto 0 and fashion north star for authorities in brazil have warns of more heavy rainfall in the wake of flooding. and a landslide that killed at least 117 people. sirens have wrung ass alerting people in the hillside, service town of patropolis to leave. if a lay some of the heaviest rains in getting 100 years. you case where the office has issued a red, red warning for southern and central england. storm unit has made land full with extreme winds, expected to cause danger to life. it comes just days after another storm caused power outages and transport disruption. in some areas, schools have been closed and the armies on standby and hundreds of people have been
1:58 pm
rescued from a fairy in grace after 5 or account. 288 people were on board. it was me the honor of coal fu, at the time on its way too easily. and that's it for this news hour. it was a busy one. i'm emily, anguish mcclark has morning and just a moment. a ah, ah ah. ah frank assessments for china will benefit from the 0 call the strategy if the rest of world to get informed opinions at all on sundays and friday from the critical debate wide report claims that
1:59 pm
need to come do an interest in she'll threat to russia, but it's precisely, he's actually that created the insecurity in the region in depth analysis of the danes global headlines inside story on al jazeera. ah ah, americans are increasingly saying authoritarianism might not be so bad. there were several steps along the way where the chain of command, it seems like tried to covered up what's your take on why they've gotten this so wrong? that to me it's political mouth. the bottom line on us politics and policies and
2:00 pm
the impact on the wealth on al jazeera allows government al jazeera, with no news. ready ready russia says that president vladimir putin will oversee major nuclear drill starchy on saturday using ballistic and cruise missiles. more claims of shelling in easton, ukraine as russian back separatists and government forces blame each other for worsening violence. ah,
2:01 pm
11 o'clock misses al 0 life and also coming up not just for south africa, it's for africa and for the whole.


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