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tv   The Stream  Al Jazeera  February 16, 2022 7:30am-8:01am AST

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promised for the rest of my life. more than 9 years and 2 months after sandy hook, a hard fought accountability that still cannot erase the worst of losses. rosalind jordan, l just sierra washington. the veteran indian singer and music composer, bobby le, here he has died at the age of 69. ah, he was one of the country's most influential music directors who brought disco to bollywood. her songs were hugely popular in the eighty's. and ninety's is korea span any half a century of the indian film industry. in 2014, he joined the routing b, j, p as a candidate in the general election. but he lost a double quick check on the top stories here, u. s. president joe biden as appeal for diplomacy. we've given a chance to avoid
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a war. he says, will trigger powerful sanctions on the west and its allies. biden's warning america around the world to oppose any russian aggression can ukraine of russia attacks ukraine. it would be a war of choice or a war without cause or reason. i say these things not to provoke, but to speak. the truth is the truth matters. accountability matters. if russia does invaded the days and weeks ahead, the human cause for ukraine will be immense. and the strategic cross for russia will also be immense. if russia tax ukraine will be met with overwhelming international condemnation, the world will not forget. the russia chose needless death and destruction, and biden says, the u. s. is not verified. russian claims aside its troops. i was drawing from the area near the ukrainian border. european leaders are cautiously welcoming moscow's
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announcement, but ukraine remains skeptical britons prince. andrew has settled a sexual assault case brought against him in the u. s. virginia as you free accuser, prince of abusing her when she was 17 years old. prince andrew has repeatedly denied the allegations on vaccinated workers about the age of 50 in italy won't have access to their workplace. from tuesday, employees and the private and public sectors will have to show proof of vaccination against coven. 19 anyone court working without it could face fines and suspension without a a u. s. gun. make it pay $73000000.00 to settle a lawsuit filed by 9 of the families whose relatives were killed in the sandy hook school shooting. the 20 all gunman who killed 20 children and 6 teachers in connecticut in 2012 used a remington rifle. well, those are the headlines that he's continues here now jazeera after the stream. stadium, thanks for watching by fidel ivy. k is the world's leading
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coker producer. but it's weak infrastructure makes traveling a challenge we follow to drive zoom as he grapples with repairs to his many bath and yahoo! one of the few willing to drive to remote villages, risking at all ivory coast on out there. ah i asked me okay, you're watching the stream at the end of january truckers in canada was so upset with the vaccine mandates. they had to adhere to that. they drove to ottawa and started a protest that protest is still continuing on monday. this is what joshua bigger had to say about why he was still out on the streets. i've also lost more friends. the last 2 years are suicide. my whole entire life,
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my brothers to walk their jobs. i know friends, the walk through drug. so i'm here to stand together for peace love, unity, remote freedom. as long as i carolyn. so job. these are mandate frida. i go home room feed and convoy. we are unpacking what is going on in canada and also a power spreading around the world. we are doing that. we've justin and thank you so much for being part of our show today. just in please introduce yourself. try to local audience, tell them who you are, what you do. my name is justin lane. i'm a freelance journalist who reports variety about what i've been waiting for for the guardian, but it co or vice news and the other outlets from i'm currently in auto, probably curious as to why i'm sitting in the passenger seat of a car just on a reporting trip here in ottawa, at some of the convoy locations just outside the city. didn't make it back in time . so i'm sitting here holding in the field from his vehicle. justin,
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we appreciate you doing that for us. i'm all welcome to the stream. introduce yourself to our audience. tell them who you are, what you do. yeah, thanks for having me. i'm a assistant professor in the school of religion and the department of political studies at queens university. in ontario, canada. i study social movements, extremism and terrorism. have your mom, welcome to the school, introduce yourself to audience. thank you very much sir. my name is madeline. good time. the publisher, with all to the magazine reserves, canada salvation plugin community. we are part of the new club to supply chain or do i get to have all 3 of them just all right, so we'll watching this on the 2 equally part of this discussion. i know you've seen these headlines. i know you've seen some of the footage on our to see where comments and questions put them right here and i comment section. and you can be part of today's show. i want to start with just a reminder for a wider audience about how this all started and we're going to go back to january
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the 29th when truckers from all as a canada, they converged in ottawa on about 3000 trucks. 15000 protesters over the following 2 weeks, but as this blocked u. s. canada canadian border crossings. and then on february, the 14th i just earlier this week, i minister just intruder in focusing emergency at given the police sweeping powers to tackle blockades and also occupations as well. just thing that brings us up to day heats, how is this protest going on for so long? yeah, i actually think it's really important to note that it's very origin, this convoy with occupation. it's not about vaccine mandates for tucker. we know it's bad because the organizer, the participants keep telling us that's not what it's about. they repeatedly said, this is about all vaccine mandates across the country. this is about all public health better this about bask bad bit. this is about, in many cases,
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the safety and the efficacy of vaccines themselves. and in some cases, this is the and that the prime minister and the government resign or be removed from office, right? those employees actually know what these people are saying. they're here for there is a predominant prevalent anti vaccine misinformation. if there's occupation, there is a preponderance of people who would like to see the prime minister arrested and tried to reason with crimes against humanity. there is a belief here that covert 19 is being overblown and hyped up in order to restrict our freedoms and potentially to remove a democratic way of life. so this process is about so much more then vaccine mandates for truckers. and the reason people are still here is because their grievances run so deep and are so broad mile. and go ahead i see you nodding your
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head. absolutely, and i do agree that the cocktail that there are so many different waited in groups . joining the truckers truckers at large have been police needed in canada as well . canada trucking lines more than 80 percent. 8590 percent of truckers have him call you back and actually the other one was still ensuring that our supply chain is intact. you know there is food enough on our goals. he says that everything along with so truckers they there is a minority of practice which is part of this freedom conway. but there are many other groups of people which are frustrated. we all are sick and tired of pandemic distinctions locked down so you know, so definitely that is a cocktail of vested interest. oh my god, this is i remember you can help me clear this up and doesn't you do jump in and i'm always well is that if it's not truckers, where did the 3000 trucks come from and january the 29th then it'll it's not that there are no truckers out there, there are truckers involved but not necessarily all of them are and directors,
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they already know that they don't believe in back the nation. it's basically they want to come get rid of vaccine mandate, especially the cross border, the sections which came into post on january 15th from canadian side, and then followed by a week later from the u. s. site. so the messaging is quite makes, and that is why you will find a different but idea of the groups joining the freedom. but that's, that's exactly right. and you know, i've spoken to some people who are here who have brought trucks. i've looked at some of the trucks that are here, i trucks that across the us, canada border, the truck that will be impacted by this. back to the mandate. they actually have a special number on the side that helps you with dental fi that they are in fact cross border vehicles. and maybe one half of the vehicles have the us dot number. you speak to some of the truckers who are here and they'll admit readily, they don't cross the border but not even impacted by the vaccine mandates or so there are a lot of vehicles here that are not impacted by the mandate. there are vehicles
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here that are not quite right, but there are people here who have would emit grievances and grievances that are not extreme in nature that are not necessarily conspiratorial. but again, you know, i've wandered through this protest. i've spoken to the protesters, i've spoken to the organizers, i've looked at the social media b. i can tell you that the prevalence of conspiracy theories of misinformation is really, really acute. i'm are, can i throw this at you? this is from twitter and of from one of our border community who knew we were having this conversation today. so on my laptop t o m t says, i've been really frustrated as to why media hasn't be focusing on the organizes intentions. partial organizers, canada unity had explicitly stated and designed to remove democratic authorities, yet media or government has fell to really examine that. can you unpack the truth of that tweet, that story and, and the direction that, that twitter is going?
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yeah, i mean i, i disagree a little bit that it hasn't been focused on. i mean, i think we were talking about quite a bit. but i do, i mean, to underscore with justin was saying, i think there is a difference between the organizers of this protest and what you're seeing on the ground, right? the organizers of this protest are ones that organize the earlier united we roll campaign and we're part of the yellow vest movement in canada early on. so a lot of them are outright white. nationalists or conspiracy theorists are kind of part of militia movements. one of them went on a kind of nationwide holocaust denial campaign. and these are the people who are behind the organizing element of the campaign of the convoy. and i do think though that the people on the ground and many of them might have been swept away by the kind of called the conspiracy theories that we saw after march 2020. but i think as one of the person interviewed at the beginning of your clip are made clear. i think there is genuine anxiety and grievance there. road, a lot of people have lost their businesses. the mental health children have
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suffered. and so there is a kind of genuine pushback to mandates and log downs, but that i think that has to be separated from the organizers who are cd characters that we've known about for some time. i think when and as with mental practice that we cover when we get seen to international news, that's always multiple reasons why protesters are actually out on the street and why the protest have grown. i want to bring it man, be a barge here because what is fascinating is that most truckers in canada are vaccinated and most canadians support vaccinations. and yet you have a protest going on that he's got global attention. i want to bring a man, be a badge. he is a trucker as have a little. i don't support what they were doing at the border. and also the other border is across canada, where they're disrupting commerce flow between the us and canada. initiative pack up cologne. as a professional driver myself,
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you will see me going out there and do anything like that. i believe in these mandates and english here with the program and get back to it, but don't disrupt any commerce while they're trying to make their statement. when is that the majority view of professional drivers truck has do you think? absolutely. and then be definitely speaking on behalf of those majority of truckers, those who have been back to needed and those who continue to keep our supply chain busy. and that is by the government of the day. we're supposed to take some, some of the top measures because then the international trade and commerce comes to a halt. dean's protest spreading out a different board of and the government has to come into picture because we cannot mistake the flow of goods, especially, you know, when we want to come out of pandemic. you know, we really want to make sure that our supply chain domains and traditional obligations canada has to take some strict measures. so that these protests, the illegal blockades had many of those pulled up and they can be removed. i have
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so many questions yet, will you go 1st? just another 2nd. go ahead. go ahead. yeah, you know, i actually think it's interesting that one of your viewers has not seen this notion in the media that some of these elements, some of the organizers, many organizations and calling for other extreme things represent the sort of spirit coil paranoid element. canadian society. because a large screen are quite right, the media has been really slow to acknowledge a lot of these ties. some happened, i've been doing my best to focus on the organizers since before. they even arrived in ottawa and some of my colleagues have as well by and large the media has been really unprepared to tackle the reality of all right, extreme, this conspiratorial anti government organizations in this country writ large. and that's been particularly acute when it comes to this convoy and he is doing occupation. i'm just a couple days ago includes alberta, the blockade of the border crossing there with the united states. lead to more than
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a dozen arrests and discovery of a stockpile of weapons. there's a real concern that the occupiers here in ottawa were, i mad also have some, some access to weaponry as well, potentially some areas where they may be staffing weapons. that's exactly why i'm sitting in this car right now. we've been out trying to find a couple of both locations. so there is a real concern here that not only you know, are the elements of this occupation of the past that are extremist in nature. but also that some of the organizers are using this cover for some kind of occupation, some kind of consultation with the government. there was concerns here that some of these people are not going to go home, even if police force and are willing and able put a line in the sand and to defend themselves. police here are numbered their own guns. they are prepared to maneuver and you know,
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there's really no telling when this could end or how this could i have some interest. so i have some questions for you. i'm, i'm going to shake you gentlemen with our audience who are asking these questions. when i ask you to do it, rapid fire, who can get in as many as possible? so can says, i'm from canada, these guys are the dangerous right wing. they have the, they've been foul with guns and ammunition. i'm all, have you seen that have a do you know that? yeah, i mean, like i was saying, i think the organizers are definitely dangerous people. and as just mentioned, the quotes, the quotes border which is now cleared. it looks like it was largely brought to an end because the r c, m p came in after they found stashes of weapons, a massive, quite a large stash of weapons as well as arrested 13 or so people. and so that there's, there's no doubt that other elements in other, other cities are similarly armed or just not openly yet. i think that was part of the reason why they brought in the emergency act as well. the public safety
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minister just said, you know, we may not have all the facts, meaning public may not have all the facts. and i think that's kind of what he was hinting at. and i had to cancel some of that. yeah, you know, i was just going to mention that it is very disappointing to see that when it is called freedom con wide, organized by that because we're not getting the real issue, the genuine, actual initials being only phased by brokers, whether you name the infrastructure, deaf is a dog getting on our highways, lack of when i was up in the north, you know, we need immigration to farms, they know they've been based api shows, safety and compliance. not enough rest. 80 us. all these are issues battelle impacting every truck out there, but have you seen a single placard or no? no man, and i'm spending time because this is a whole new the out us that that hasn't even reach the streets. so maybe rather than that then the entire world is looking at you bad global media is looking at truckers is nobody was talking about the real issue. you know, i think that is the missing point and that is where the, you know,
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disappointing comes in. let me roll some more thoughts or i'll just on an amana from you, cheap and opinion. i'm really interested in your opinion back to have you. it's not only about track as this process is about government and not being able to force people to put things into that, but they don't want. is that an opinion a fort guessing you've seen on the right? of course, i mean, there's plenty of people here who do not believe the vaccines are safe. we don't want to be forced to put to take the vaccine who object to the science who are misinformed about the science. we do not trust. government does not trust pharmaceutical industries, but the reality is no one's forcing them to get the vaccine. they're saying, if you want to keep work, if you want to come to work everyday, if you want to go meet your coworker here to go pick up, you know, if you're going to go pick up a delivery, you're going to cross the border. if you're going to travel, then yes, you have to be vaccinated. you,
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you can choose to be vaccinated if you want. there will be consequences. this is how society work. this is the compromise we have to live in a society where there is health care and roads and li services. you can't drive around with the driver's license. you can't drive around with a seat belt. you can't bring your gun around if it's not in the holster or we don't have a permit for it. there are rules we have to abide by one of those rules. you have to get vaccinated against a deadly virus to make sure that you don't pass it on to others to make sure you don't qualify for health care system which is already under spring. that is the reason we have this mandate. if you don't like it, that's fine, you don't have to vaccinate it, but there will be consequences for it. this is also this bizarre idea that i, i've heard a few times that you know, that they seem to be thinking that there are no regulations whatsoever. and there are no kind of vaccine mandates already, like my daughter before she can go to daycare, has to have a whole slew of vaccines and already have and we have vaccine passport. it's a little yellow card that we have to show the school before any one's allowed it to
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go to school there. so this idea that this is some new thing that it's just invented by the trudeau government to stay for freedoms. i think as a major problem and large, and a lot of that comes from this kind of what the, what the w h o has called the an info democrat. this kind of pandemic of misinformation and, and disinformation and conspiracy theories around the pandemic. the lockdown of the mandate, which has been very prevalent since about march 2020 onwards. and so that's kind of colored a lot of people. these people have been decided, but you know, this vaccine is with this pandemic is that it's a hoax that it's a kind of plot by the deep state elite to control them and so on. and so i think a lot of these ideas have been building for some time and, and now now we're kind of seeing the combination of, along with this one also briefly about a post that talent tapping asked the string to investigate for us. i'm going to do that. i haven't says elite canadian special forces operators had been in convoy
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protests and ferrying supplies to our to our occupation is concerning that radicalization and a unit that may be called upon to protect the prime minister. a conspiracy theory as i have any water, any weight to it. what's going on, ma'am? this is a story, i think a day or 2 ago, there were some individuals being investigated for being involved in the convoy. i think maybe just to have some more info on the details of it, but i think this is, this has been a concern for a long time, not just with this protest, but we saw, you know, the patrick matthews a few years a few months ago or few years ago now, arrested for being part of several far right movement into this fear of far right elements within our military. really got going after january 6 insurrection in the u. s. and has also been a concern in canada for some time now until i think we're just seeing some of those elements bubble to the surface. i want to bring it doesn't. the reality of
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that that report is wilderness characterize? that's not at all. what's happening there are a handful of members of the cane are forces, wonder investigation. it is wrong to say special forces are bundling or varying supplies to the occupation. it is wrong to say the canadian armed forces, or any unit thereof, supports the occupation or is or is assisting in it. that's just not at all what's happening back within our are readily seriously or investigating any of their members thought to be dissipating or helping at all. did with police forces across the country with really any major organization. i know that there is a lot of internal anxiety in any police force in any military unit of anyone there thought to be even supportive of this, of this occupation. they recognize it for what it is with with isn't a legal occupation of the capital. and in some cases the boarders, and i don't think there's gonna be a lot of tolerance for anyone who's pass it up holding the law dissipating in
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a violation of is thing a prime? yeah. it just intrude. oh hey, if i lane is going to push on cuz i just got a few minutes left at the emergency act was was brought into play on february, the 14th. so just about 24 hours ago. they says, prime minister today we're not using the emergencies act to call in the military. we're not suspending fundamental rights or overriding the charter of rights, be freedoms. we are not limiting people's freedom of speech. we are not limiting freedom of peaceful assembly. we are not preventing people from exercising their right to protest. legally we are reinforcing the principles, values and institutions that keep all canadians free dressing, seen any difference yet. now that you majesty at tis the thing is,
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is now in play. no, none, none whatsoever. i anticipate people have, have left i'm sure one or 2 have have pulled up stakes and got home. but we were just trying with some folks who are manning the sort of satellite locations, supply depot, outside the city. and they say they don't. they don't care whether their insurance gets suspended, whether their license gets revoked when their bank accounts get frozen. whether the police are lame or fines the party yesterday or the day before a bunch of the protesters flushing the fines they received down the port a potties. they set up camp and none of this has dissuaded them. none of this has had been vice. these people are here for a long haul. they believe, you know, i'm not going to everybody here believes this. there are, are definitely a core contention of people here who believe the government is it will generate corrupt to get them spreading, lies about the vaccines or beyond. there is a, there is, this is become
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a home or all manner of this information and the government. this information paid for movement, and folks who don't want to see things continue the way they are and will stay here until changes. i'm going to placidly, and i do, and i do think that, you know, people really need to understand that many of these, that restrictions, that they are potentially regulated. you know, they just seem to, the federal government has nothing to do with what's happening in ontario and alberta. for that matter. we didn't need to know that those distinctions, if there are any, they are based upon health care limitation. the city where i live in brampton, we had then how can i would you see declared he went back to kobe, do you know when we go to here? in march 2020. we are still living in a l. m. a. and so there is no shortage of how to do than many of the large the, you know, populated areas the, there's charge of health care workers. we had, i me to be called in for getting of our long term care, does it. and so yeah, there are situations between the need to be handled effectively timely,
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by all levels of well, i'm just glance for your briefly action to this. i want to show you a couple of videos. this is israel here on my laptop. this is a look alike. protest ok. inspired by author. so our convoy in israel assault that there, i'm going to go now to new zealand. protests in new zealand inspired by the freedom convoy at one more just to show you. and this is in finland. this is an in housey. how sinking when you look at this, knowing that it's studied in ottawa, what do you think? the linen of things are nor descend in so many countries where there have been some of the strictest, high show, certainly not logged on conditions. people don't want to be dictated what to do, what not to do. there has to, people want to come out and lead their normal life once again,
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but every time they try to there is a new rating of concerns that are international obligations, their international distinctions. so yeah, it's more of frustration, it's more of covered for the but we really need to know that the w h a will lead organization has still not called it off unless they call it off many of the global restrictions. i'm not going to go with that easily. betted the or, you know, conway is head in ottawa, canada, in any part of is rudolfo. just want to speak to you because there's a lot of conspiracy theories out there are. you've helped us understand man from the truck has point of view. i'm out when you've been studying lightly in groups for a long time. so you've helped us understand that and just think you're out there in the thick of things and you're correcting some of the thoughts and, and, and opinions that are coming through from our audience. and i really, really, frankly, it's been such educational and useful. 25 minutes and it went really fast gentlemen . thank you. the thing on the student, appreciate all of you. thank you for your teacher. comments and questions. i will see you next time. take everybody
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