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tv   NEWSHOUR  Al Jazeera  February 12, 2022 9:00pm-10:00pm AST

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an access point to the world beyond lou, this is al jazeera. ah. this is a news hour on al jazeera. i'm fully betty ball live at our headquarters in doha, coming up in the next 60 minutes. u. s. president joe biden hold talks with russia's vladimir putin another attempt at a diplomatic solution over fears of a russian invasion of ukraine, the best friend for enemies that hispanic. meanwhile, ukraine surprised and urges citizens to stay calm. as the u. s. warns of an imminent russian attack. several embassies have ordered their staff to leave. also this, our canadian police starts clearing protesters blocking a key
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u. s. canada bridge. as many truck has planned to gather in toronto to protest against corona, virus restrictions and true lancaster president ban strikes by health care workers ignoring demands for better pay and conditions. and at sport is currently a one 0, between chelsea and palmera in the club woke up final abbey while in the premier league. manchester united once again, squander an early lead this time and sharing the points with south hampton. ah, thank you for joining us. you as president joe biden has held a one hour a phone call with his russian counterpart vladimir putin. it's another attempt at a diplomatic solution over a potential russian invasion of ukraine, which moscow denies its planning. i had a back call. russia summoned the u. s. military attache alleging a u. s. submarine violated its territorial waters in the far east. ukraine's
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president earlier visited a police training camp, wrote amused lensky says, warnings of a russian invasion are only provoking, panic is our borders, it's our territory. you know, i have to speak with our people, like you do, you know, like, like a president and say people throughs and the truth that we have different information and know the best friend for enemies that hispanic in our country. and all this information details only for bernie doesn't help us on the streets of the ukrainian capital, kiev war veterans were among thousands on the march in a civilian show of strength and rushes, foreign minister, se gala rob has accused us of waging a propaganda campaign during a phone call a few hours ago with the u. s. secretary of state antony blanket. well,
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we have correspondence covering developments across the region and beyond. in a few moments we'll hear from natasha butler, who's in the ukrainian capital key at dorsey jabari standing by in moscow world to have the latest on the russian military exercises with bella was from saint boffin, who's near the ukrainian barouche, a border. but 1st we go to our white house correspondent, kimberly hawk it in washington dc. so kimberly a phone conversation between present biden and russia's leader that lasted a little over an hour. any details about what they talked about? yeah, i just got the read out moments ago. i'm looking at it at the same time as you and what it says here is that according to a senior administration official, the phone call between the 2 presidents was professional. it was also substantial and was communicated by the u. s. president was the message that u. s. allies and partners will respond decisively. it isn't pose swift and severe costs on russia. if it chooses the alternate path to diplomacy president by to
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reiterated that a further russian invasion of ukraine would produce widespread human suffering and diminished russia's standing president by to was clear with president putin. but while the united states for mays prepared to engage in diplomacy and full coordination with allies of partners, it's equally prepared for other scenarios that i can also tell you that according to a senior administration official, this 62 minute phone call also seemed to produce no change in the dynamic that was the word from this official. in other words, the united states, as it put forward a number of ideas that it felt were in the interests of the allies that they felt would address some of russia's stated security concerns. but the take away from this phone call was that it was still unclear whether or not russia was choosing to invade ukraine. and the takeaway also was judging from this,
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this the sort of what is being observed on the ground. if russia chooses to go that path and base ukraine, the feeling of the united states and its partners is that the outcome would be catastrophic. so the takeaway is, this call was substantial. but again, the feeling in the mood and the white house right now is that this attack, that could be imminent in terms of an invasion. and the view also is that the transit, lactic partners would be aligned in their response, united in their risk. it's in a way that they have not been before. kimberly, thank you for that. kimberly. how can my for her say with the latest from the white house that's get the view now from moscow? dose jabari is in russia's capital for a, so a lot of diplomatic contacts happening to day a door. so what is the word and view for moscow on how it's all going well, the kremlin is being unusually silent, given the number of phone calls that have been going back and forth between high
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ranking russian officials and their american counterparts. we haven't heard about what the russian president spoke to with the american president. the kremlin hasn't released any statements or readouts from that called that just ended. but we heard from the elisa palace in france, where the french president emanuel mac wrong spoke with vladimir putin before the russian president spoke to the u. s. president. and according to that read out from the elisa pilots, the french president did not receive any indications that vladimir putin intended to engage in any kind of an offensive, manu crane. and a micron reiterated dad's diplomacy must be the path forward and that they are. he's committed to continuing the discussions with the russian president, of course, is, comes after a monument. wrong visited vladimir putin here in moscow on monday. and they had a 6 hour meeting. and then among them a call went on to kiev, where he held
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a series of meetings with the president and other officials there. and he was supposed to call vladimir putin and discuss what they thought of his proposals, that macro had taken with him at. now we understand that they french president has also been speaking to the cranium president vladimir zalinski, and he's also going to be speaking with the german chancellor, olaf schultz, later today as well. so there seems to be a lot going on, and for now, the kremlin needs remaining very tight lipped about how they perceive these phone conversations to be taking place door. so what about these reports of a u. s. submarine, reportedly violating russia's territorial waters in the far east. what marie, hearing about this ah, well, the information we're getting is from russia's defense ministry and according to them, there was an incident on earlier today, off of coral islands in the pacific ocean. this just north of japan, apparently
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a u. s. submarine entered russian territorial waters according to the officials. and they were warned once and they didn't respond. and then they were warned again . and finally, they retreated now as a result of that, the russian ministry has summoned the american defense at sasha, here in moscow to explain what took place. but the russians are also saying that they will do whatever is necessary to protect their territorial waters. and that the united states should be cautious to try and prevent these kinds of incidents from happening. i think this just highlights how tense the situation is at the moment. of course the russian navy is carrying out exercises all around this country. and this is one of the areas that they're doing that. we also know that the russian defense minister spoke to his american counterpart late earlier today. and we believed that conversation took place after this incident. and the only information we got from the kremlin about that call was that the 2 men reiterate 3rd, their assurances to each other that they will continue to discuss security measures
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that are in the interest of their country. so there is a lot of a diplomatic activity going on in this incident, certain highlights how tense the situation is. door said jabari in moscow. thank you very much for that update and alive now to natasha butler, who's in ukraine, his capital kia natasha, the ukranian president, calling on people not to panic. a made these affairs of an imminent russian invasion. what, what's a sentiment among people there? how concerned are they will it has to be said, the ukranian president brought him is lensky suddenly has a very difficult situation on his hands. he is calling on people not to panic. he is calling on people to stay call. but at the same time, we have a series of things happening, which are causing some anxiety. we now have the dutch airline. cale am saying that it is canceling all its flights in and out of ukraine. a flight was due to
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a come to kiev this evening. that has been cancelled as have all further flights. the allies, as he doesn't want to fly over ukrainian as space at this critical time. we'll have to see if any other airlines follow suit. you then have a countries that are advising their citizens to leave the country immediately or lease very soon. if they can, you have the u. s. embassy pulling out it's diplomats from the capital p f. so a lot of things that are causing some nervousness, even though russia continues to insist that it has no plans to invade or attack ukraine. but of course on hasn't been the message from the white house that insist that perhaps portia is planning to attack. so people have very mixed feelings. they don't really know what to think, but we're out of raleigh earlier today, a rally in the city, thousands of people came out. they came out to say that whatever happens that they
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would defend ukraine. ha ha. so out of her, sort of a clear message from key of to moscow at a rally with thousands of people are choo, cranes, government to stand up to russia. some here, ford for ukraine. veterans of the countries war with russian back separatists in the east. and they say they'll fight again. we are ready, we are ready to fight. if it happens, we don't want to, but it will happen. we are here to say, this kind of meeting is about the brand new people do go together. all i want to get to so that we're not separated real over content, and we're also, i'm protected if it needed in any time. so away we are here. some demonstrators gathered beneath the statue of tad, us shift jenko, and 19th century poet, an artist, a symbol of ukrainian national pride. as moscow continues to build up its military
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hardware and forces on ukraine's border. some western intelligence officials say kiev could be a target. washington says that russia could attack ukraine at any moment. the kremlin says it has no plans to invade, but some countries are taking no chances and advising their citizens to leave. the u. s. is evacuating its diplomats. a difficult situation for ukraine's president who called for com, the truce, did we have different information? and now the best friend for enemies that hispanic in our country. and all this information details only for benny doesn't help us with so much conflicting information. most people here don't know what to believe. some say they've heard it all before. others anxious, but no one wants another generation growing up with another wall. latasha buckler, al jazeera keith. meanwhile,
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russia is continuing its military drills with bell russian forces near the border with ukraine al jazeera, that boston is at the bellows ukraine border. she says the exercises are raising more concerns about moscow's intentions. there's a lot of anxiety about these exercises that officially started the, the main face a couple of days ago, officially a bellows and russia are training for an attack by nato. they. these are war games . but as a lot of speculation, if this truck build up was basically meant for something else, maybe a 2nd front for a rush are basically in belarus. they can easily go to the ukranian capital key, f, which is the closest the nearest from here. they're not only exercises happening, a dis air feel, but they're training grounds around his whole area. this whole stretch in the southern part of bella, luce and of course for bella. it's a for russia. i have to say, it's quite easy to use this country right now. because alex,
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on the look shank guys looked to, well, let me put in for help since he became a very isolated and embattled leader. so russia is using these grounds here now to at least show this amount of forest that they're having. but we are speaking to villages also, they can't really feel that there's an imminent threat of war. but of course, there's a lot of anxiety, especially here as well. russian troops are also carrying out naval trails in the black sea near the border with ukraine. the ukrainian foreign ministry is formerly protesting against those exercises. it says the war games make navigating critical waterways virtually impossible. john stratford re for some car keith in eastern ukraine. joint russian embellish and military exercises, neither ukrainian border up to 30000 russian soldiers. and most of the better rouge an army taking part in the 10 days of drills including missile defense systems, tanks and fighter jets moscow has around a $100000.00 troops station close to
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u grains borders. ukraine invoked a clause from the so called 2011 vienna document, which is an international agreements on military transparency on which russia is a signatory of demanding moscow provide detailed information timeframes. the military maneuvers. several western countries, including france, launched fresh diplomatic efforts this week to persuade russia to back down. so far, those efforts have failed to bear. significant fruit. moscow says is demand that they never be further. nato expansion east, including ukraine, is being ignored. ukraine's foreign minister told al jazeera roches concerns are illegitimate, and ukraine would not concede to moscow's demands. but russia violated virtually every rule of international law related to securing the year. so now it wants to
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impose on others, the discussion that you guys are expanding nato. are doing something else, and that is the damage of my security. the last thing, the west of doing the response to that question using is actually to agreed to take this concern seriously. instead, it's us, ukraine and other countries who are suffering from russia as actions should ask them a question. well, how will you rush ensure your security without inflicting damage on the secure, on our security new satellite images published by a private u. s. company. show what it says is new russian military deployment, new ukraine's border. more nato troops and weapons are being sent to bolster the alliances eastern flank. in a rare press conference in the russian bank,
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separatist held territory, the leader of the self declared the nets, people's republic accused ukraine of planning a military solution. so the crisis something ukraine denies me. i do not rule out that ukraine can attack at any time. they have everything ready, the concentration of forces and capabilities allows them to do it at any moment. as soon as there is a political decision, russia says it has no intention of invading ukraine, but it says it will be forced to take on specified military technical action if it's de mom's or not met moscow's main jamal and is the ukraine never becomes a nitro member, and that's something that the u. s. and it's nato allies say, is a non starter diplomatic approach to diffuse. the crisis. continue to foil, jaw stratford. al jazeera, called give you the new chrome phantom moorehead on this sanchez hearing is our
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including police in france. fire t gas had demonstrated as a so called freedom convoy, arise in paris, protesting against corona's eyes restrictions an amnesty for hundreds of prisoners in myanmar, but thousands arrested since last year. schools remain behind bars and when for the ages says no borders who grabbed gold at the beach in winter olympics against rivals half fair age. ah, 1st canadian police have begun to move in on protesters were blocking a vital bridge, connecting canada to the u. s. on friday, a judge gave police a power to end the demonstrations against going of irish pandemic restrictions. 5 days of disruption on the ambassador breach has for some auto factories across the border to shut down because of the lack of parts from canada. the bridge carries one quarter of all trade between the 2 countries and speak to dan cap and chuck
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about this is an independent journalist. joining us from toronto, dan, thank you so much for being with us on al jazeera, i tell us 1st about what you know is happening at the ambassador bridge that crucial crossing between the us and canada. well, police moved in at about 8 o'clock this morning, eastern time. they did it in a very slow, methodical way. very cautiously, they didn't want to create any volatile situation. and a lot of the protestors did leave. they got in there in their vehicles and left. now as fully slowly advanced, they that there was a hard core of protesters that were still left about a 100 and police have have sort of moved slowly in on them up placing them into a corner of the year of the area. and that is now a ste at a standstill. however, there's another problem and that is a growing number of protests of protesters have gathered nearby. and there's a fear that they may try to get on the bridge as well. they have brought paths,
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they have brought children, and another protest has propped up as cropped up the close by as well, a leading to a major highway which is part of the trans canada highway. so all the trucks to that bring goods back and forth across the ambassador bridge into canada and out of canada, use that highway to get to the, to other parts of ontario and even the rest of canada. so with protesters ah, blocking that as well. it's created another in another situation, right? so the protests seemed to be spreading. i'd tell us more about who's been, who's been protesting and what's motivating this really did do they have much support among canadians. it, it appears that there's a, it's a very small group. if you take the, the number of people who are vaccinated, the number of people who have not joined these protests that these protests began about 3 weeks ago. and they came in response to the federal requirement that all long haul truckers who bring goods back and forth across the canadian
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u. s. border must be fully vaccinated. canadian truckers who weren't or who refused would have to go into quarantine. foreign truckers like he was truckers were barred entry. that was the catalyst that started this is so what you had then was it was an organization of, of groups that then out brought convoys of truckers from the east and west coast over a period of a week. 2 o 2 ottawa, they were joined by others along the way and that's where the, the 1st protest started was in ottawa. and we've seen ad theme pack effects this as having already in the us with a disruption on the auto auto, a sector that what impact has it had in canada, economically, of course, but also politically on the prime minister. well, economically there are, there are now shortages of the supply chain is being choked off. and a lot of pressure is, is coming on a prime minister trudeau to, to do something about this. he said that everything is on the,
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on the table as far as dealing with the protesters. ah, what he meant by that is not clear. he did, he did refer to not wanting to say more because of fears of violence. ah, he's been in contact with the us. i mean, washington has taken notice. so he's been in contact with the president, biting out off the u. s. has offered help, but what kind of help we don't know, dan, thank you so much for talking to us about this dan cap and chuck i jen, lisa independent journalist joining us there from toronto. thank you very much for your time. you're welcome. meanwhile, police in france have broken up a convoy of vehicles in paris that tried to block traffic in protests against pandemic restrictions. their thousands of demonstrators from across the country had made their way to the city, inspired by truck drivers that shut down canada's capital. he fuck a report. like a company of car horns has demonstrates his opposing coven 19 restrictions converge on the most famous street in paris. oh, they seem spied by
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a whole blaring freedom convoy demonstrations elsewhere. spoke the canadian flag. if you desire no c k, when it's been 2 years and we know with fed up now the people are suffering and we don't understand any day their law is, but we don't understand them. all i've understood is that when now in a nazi dictatorship, honestly, pain as equal. oh, paris is no stranger to seems like this. demonstrations of frequent and passionate, ah no stranger also to the liberal use of tear gas by french police. on the edge of paris, hundreds of vehicles was stopped before they could enter the city. with all the spot finds handed out in abundance. the panoramic scene,
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european governments exert power over people's private lives like never before. most you come trees including from the beginning to gradually eas restrictions mosque wearing a most indoor settings will be lifted later this month. but vaccine passed to enter public places will remain in force until hospitals are able to function. normally. a campaign by president emmanuel, my crohn against anti vaccines, has the backing of most french people. but the government's demands are too much of an intrusion into the liberties these demonstrators are out to defend the bucket out you, sarah. hundreds of people had protested in austria's capital against mandatory coven, 19 vaccinations since november and vaccinated people have only been allowed to leave their homes for essential purposes. only restrictions are now being site. you relax, but next month police will begin carrying at random checks. and people who break
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the roads, risk prosecution, opponent say the measures go too far out of your mind if we don't need this, we don't want this. and certainly not for something that has an emergency approval and is unsuitable for human use. given the dangers, it's in no way justifiable and completely outrageous. we are here to support the people of vienna so that we don't have to put up with this whole madness anymore. we're all suffering and it measures children growing up. this has to stop as soon as possible. in avenues french troops say that's killed at least 40 gunman in beneath west africa. the operation was near the border with volcano fossil. it follows an attack on park rangers, a nature reserve in northern beneath. on tuesday, when a french person was among 8 people killed us present, joe biden has signed an executive order to distribute $7000000000.00 held in afghan funds. the money was deposited in new york by the afghan central bank before the
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taliban took power in august. half of the funds will go towards humanitarian efforts in afghanistan, the other half to relatives of victims of the $911.00 attacks and other attacks by armed groups. taliban spokesman, so he'll train phase. the money belongs to the afghan people. they said is that it was one of the part is done, bank photo stability of the cutting shop. one can see, and it is the property of the people above one is done was of those funds out of boise money deposited by the people up on a sunday in the accounts and that was kept i would find some bank. so these are many of the people and it isn't for me that would be kept by the point of time bank, potter, it's implementation of many policy. we are not in control. we are not using that the that either. we wanted them for anything of that either. that is the was the
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issue and that is the issue. this was pros in want and freezing on the empire. and these are of the bank. we do not use the money. we just want best. this is not to be kept as reserved. one is found, bank we read new or, or want to, to, to, to temper with the many are to use it. and any field or by the government to be used for, we do not want that re won't time, but this it has to be kept as it is, there is some bank still had on the news our these bostonians are being closed out of their homes because these really military wants to train on their land. i'm the the abilene from the occupied life bag and i'll bring you the story. last some ancient spanish village re services after being said,
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managed to make way for a reservoir 30 years ago. and sports a top of the table, caution wants it all turns out to be about more than just stay with the winds up again and not so much thinking about the breeze it brings a few showers into levant. is this seasonal one? there is a sham out which tend to bring dust down with it when it's coming from a dry area, and iraq is now fairly dry on the grounds. this orange plu potential. not so much heavy dust storms which is a loss of dust in the air. poor visibility tends to drop the temperature, said dough half max is 20 deposit 23 and there are shares around the southern part of iran, round the u. e. and probably omar and for the next day or so as the wind tends to decrease. beyond that sunshine is predominant or showers, maybe in lebanon,
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parts of syria, but otherwise it's looking pretty good picture. we still got that same story to the horn of africa sunshine, which is not a big surprise and is no surprises. a drought here's well, until the rainy season arrives. it's coming from south slowly. it's going to stay that way. showers fan also tends to be a maybe uganda, but really not very much that the main rain belt in southern africa still extends from madagascar. where's psycho and season through southern part of the company i'm allowing them background to zambia is an awful lot still to come. i think in namibia they're not necessarily on the coast, but on the subject of psych loans and take you to tuesday that the potential landfall and madagascar want to watch. ah, on counting the cost to europe is divided over the nuclear energy, but is a green enough that you when accuses north korea funding it's missile program with stolen crypto currency. how can digital wallace be protected and african stops on
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the rise? what makes them right? counting the cost on al jazeera war in afghanistan is now will non caliber figures make up a part of with that american, you know, important within the taliban? i believe that there will be a powerful itala baldessari inside story podcast. a frank assessment of the days headlines subscribe. now. however you listen to podcasts. my la moda one dokey mentoring with nice. i'm was guy on al jazeera lou.
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ah, welcome back. a reminder of our top stories on this al jazeera news, our u. s. f, as in joe biden, has held a one hour phone call with russia's liter vladimir putin. it's a latest attempt to find a diplomatic solution to the sand off over ukraine. head of our conversation, russia summoned the u. s. military attache alleging a u. s. submarine violated its territorial waters in the far east. meanwhile, ukraine's president has urged citizens not to panic as warnings grow of a potential russian invasion. something moscow has denied the u. s. evacuating non emergency american staff from its embassy in kia and canadian police have begun to move in on protesters that are blocking of who are blocking a vital ridge, connecting canada to the u. s. on, on friday, a judge gave police
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a power to end the demonstrations against colon, a virus pandemic restrictions more now on our top story. and the tensions over ukraine earlier spoke to alexander ver, traverse was editor in chief of the swiss military review. he says, tension is extremely high because of the mobilization of russian forces. there is definitely a risk of a risk of conflict because at any given moment when you have such a high concentration of troops of, of technical means of radars of computers. everybody is trying to sort out what the other is doing and so mistakes accidents may happen. and that makes for a risky situation. there are satellite pictures, there's all sorts of reconnaissance data that shows that in defects. there are not one but 2 russian military forces build up one in bell arrest, which is are highly contested and, and strategic area. and the other one which is close to don't us. so the eastern
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border of ukraine, where previously, russian forces have been concentrated and have, has direct and indirect effects on, on ukraine. so yes, there are 2 hot spots and the conjunction of these 2 hot spots and planning that is going on in the maneuvers and the now mobilization of certain russian forces in certain russian technology, hypersonic files for example. all of these are clues that allow the united states diplomats to say that there is a risk and there are plans within the russian or forces that is correct is rarely military drills in the occupied west bank are forcing some palestinian families from their homes many times a year, as neither abraham reports, the temporary re, housing, and constant disruption to the allies is causing many families to move out permanently
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. in yearly hours of the morning, these palestinian families are being forced to leave their homes and belongings. these really military sometimes uses this area in the north of the occupied west bank as a training ground. this means that people who have lived here for decades have to stay away for as long as the army decides is necessary. israeli military jeeps, move between homes to ensure every one has left palestinians here. say it's not their 1st order to leave their home this year and fear it won't be the last or then while the frontier not they'll stay here until each one of us leave their home. they'll say, why aren't you out yet? it's a day and you have to leave explosions like these often break the piece here . good. no, you must. i fear for the children they get scared of the bombing. i tried to calm them down, but we're scared to. i remind them not to touch anything. the army these behind
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because it might explode with the mad people here say they have nowhere else to go . so they have to stay out until they're allowed to return to their homes. after midnight, the military drill will continue for 3 days, which means they'll have to go through this again. twice this week. the israeli army told al jazeera that it takes measures to protect civilians during the exercises. but there's really officers previously said that trainings are used to push palestinians out. 7 families left their homes on tuesday, but many more people used to live here. 48 families once lived in this village called bleak. now there are only 20 to get a command says he had to relocate his home 5 years ago because he was tired of these displacements. still, he says his land is under threat oxford window, so i've lost half of my garage because the thanks went over them. i've had a piece of land landed with barley and they're completely ruined. these videos are
9:36 pm
from his really through his in january. people here say 8 structures were demolished, then farmers we spoke to said they're not leaving their land. some even snuck back in before the end of the drill. they wanted to take care of the cattle and you lamb was born. well sam took the risk to return home. others remain without a roof over their heads until they're allowed to go back home. neither abraham elijah's eda, the occupied west. thank libby is entering prime minister is refusing to stand down even the parliament has chosen a successor. abdul hamid the bible says he won't hand over power until long delayed elections are held. malik, trainer reports from tripoli. this is a situation that libyans know all too well for the last decade. since the revolution of 2011 livid libya has been engulfed in political divisions and violence. and we're seeing that reoccur 2 prime ministers,
9:37 pm
vine for power. on thursday the parliament voted in a new prime minister fet. he pushed other the former minister of interior, he seen by many as western libya's strong men. and when he was, when he was a minister of interior, he took a strong stance against a malicious and armed groups. he was seen a somebody that could help stabilize the police force in the security apparatus. on the other hand of the hamid the baby came a through a un led a process that brought him to power back in march. he was supposed to lead a libya to elections in december, and that never happened. so lives are extremely divided. the inter prime minister abdul hamid baber, attended a reconciliation forum here in western libya. and this is what he had to say. so violent hands are, these people have suffered enough because of a few people in the parliament. on february 17th, we will announce a plan. we will urge and call upon all libyans from the west, south east,
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from everywhere in libya. we will urge the youth of this country, every one in this country to take to the streets, to cove, the right to elections. this is our right, no more delays. so abdul hamid of as refusing to hand over power to fatigue bazaar . he says that the only way forward is for elections to happen and let the people decide who they want to see in power. so the next step for fed hypatia is to form a government or he'll put that list to the parliament. and if they give him a vote of confidence, it's going to be really hard for the baby to stay in power of what that means to electrons. well, that means that we're not going to see elections in libya are for at least 14 months. and that's something that libyans, many libyans are not happy about us. we're gonna have to wait and see how the situation develops in the coming days and weeks ahead. shalanda as president has declared that health in power workers provide essential services,
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which means it's illegal for them to take strike action. a recount care workers walked out earlier this week to demand better pay and conditions. now fernandez has more from outside the national hospital in columbus. obviously these services are continuing without disruption or as cancer treatment or women's and children services. for example, there was a man who i caught a few minutes ago walking out of the accident service, had fallen off a roof. now, yes, he was treated, but he had to go off site to our place close by to actually get an x ray. because lab technicians, i included in the nursery, the other technicians and our services that are affected by the stroke. the health worker said that they are still in consultations with their lawyers. they haven't called off the work stoppage. it's in the 6th day. and they said that this is a very, very serious fact that the government should not be bringing in this essential
9:40 pm
services act to force them to come back to work. on the other hand, the electricity engineer say that this is a very cosmetic solution, and they agreed that obviously electricity is part of the essential services. but they seem the same when the government should give it do recognition. the problem is the effect it has on ordinary people. people who do not have the resources to seek private health care. and this is the worst part of this work stoppage where the health strike is concerned. and that's what the government says, or is the key factor that has prompted them to take this measure. to bring in this essential services act revision are rendering all such a work stoppage as by these sectors as illegal hundreds of prisoners in myanmar have been granted. amnesty as part of the 75th union de anniversary the de celebrating the unity agreement with ethnic minorities is overshadowed by the repressive life. for many under military vol, tony cheng, we fought
9:41 pm
a squad of soldiers marching through the dawn light. the men mas, capital nippy door, part of the celebrations for union to the parade marks. 75 years the signing for the agreement. the united mammals, ethnic groups, senior general men on lie who lead last year's military coups, the guest of honor, hugo, 11 ali, and his address to the nation. he praised the unity of all the people in myanmar, saying they'd come through thick and thin together. as part of the celebrations, state media or announced an amnesty, but 800 prisoners across the country. since the qu, more than 12000 people have been arrested as military, try to silence, protest as and stop descent. clo, whose identity we're concealing, was a student. when the protests against the crew started, he was arrested and jailed in march. the conditions he says were brutal regard.
9:42 pm
there were intimidating us in prison, not to fight against the gender. the authorities in prison use the criminals to repress us. if something happened in the prison, not only the prison staff but also the criminals came to beat us. eventually he was released in october and despite the fear he felt in detention, he says he still prepared to show his opposition to the qu, bernard ball overdue. although i was arrested, my revolutionary spirit isn't gone. i still resent them and want to fight against them. protest is now appears flash mobs quickly, unfurling their banners and running down the streets before the security services arrive. despite the arrest, disappearances and shows of force from the military. as seems to be one thing that unites the people of myanmar these days. their refusal to accept life under military rule, tony ching al jazeera, the united states is set to open an embassy in the solomon islands that's being seen as a diplomatic push back against china's expanding influence in the pacific region.
9:43 pm
secretary of state antony blank in his in fiji for a virtual summit with pacific island lead. as far car caspar the announcement to open. an embassy in the solomon islands comes as a u. s. secretary of state antony blink. and touched on in fiji. to hold talks with 18 pacific leaders on key issues like climate and security. it's a move that's being seen as an attempt by the united states to re establish diplomatic ties almost 3 decades after it downgraded its presence in the island nation. the u. s. close its embassy and honey, our in 1993. below the last 2 decades, china has been building up its influence in the south pacific emerging as a diplomatic and economic partner to an increasing number of countries. china is also committed to send police advisors to the solomon islands after the riots which devastated the capital last november. the u. s. department says the embassy would start as a small set up in honey hour with 2 employees and about 5 local staff. but it's not
9:44 pm
just the embassy. there are also plans to reopen an office for the u. s. peace court in the capitol. saturday's announcement is part of president biden strategy in the nearby civic, which aims to build partnerships in the region with its allies to counter china's growing ambitions and influence. non ancient village in spain, which disappeared 30 years ago to create a reservoir is back above dry land. years of drought have uncovered the submerge. and evie winds, which are now notorious attraction we consume, has more an abandoned village reappears. it was submerged in 1992 when as he read on spain's not best and galicia region was flooded to create a reservoir. but a major drought has revealed the coast village beneath it sent him into. is there no stallion oil feeling is the soldier, as i see the home of a family member,
9:45 pm
their own or of someone they know re emerge in younger people or those who are not from here, it triggers curiosity, and there must be the ruins make for great viewing visitors walked down muddy parts to see partially clapped roofs, bricks and wooden debris that once formed, holmes esther k, shaka paused with his blemish up. it's impressive to see it like this. it is rare to be able to enjoy the scene. and this is why we came to take pictures into at least have the picture of what this was like. not really no lessons of your gift to look over that. my feeling is that what will happen over the years to drought and all that with climate change. for months now, spain has suffered from low rainfall and data from the environment. ministry shows reservoirs up well below capacity for charges, a nostalgic trip round a coast village is also a reminder. the region is facing a tough reality. michael, so i, jesse and sports is on the wait, this is our,
9:46 pm
the super bowl is just over 24 hours away. well hear from both coaches after the break. ah, this feel like representation of who i am and what i want people to remember me by boxing is my get out ticket is not even just my thing is the people around like to have got to when i'm telling a story about my life and it's going to take 50 future to do a don't so bad will need to do the unit you deep award winning documentary witness on out his era compelling. we keeping our distance because it's actually quite dangerous. ambulances continued to arrive at the explosion. inspire, i still don't feel like i actually know enough about living under fascism was like,
9:47 pm
unequal to broadcasting. some nelson have been on august night, he was born a happy al jazeera english proud recipient of the new york festivals broadcaster of the year award for the 5th year running. lou ah, welcome back. now the biggest auto show in north america is underway in the u. s, city of chicago. the american auto industry is suffering a supply chain crisis because of a shortage of semiconductor chips. which power vehicle computers as john henderson reports the industry is showing, it may be down, but it's not out. the largest auto show in north america
9:48 pm
rolls back to chicago and it's gone electric, new electric cars, trucks, even a hybrid camper of sorts of bound here as u. s. automakers plug into a trend say years ago by their european and asian counterparts. but just a few kilometers away production lines at chicago's only auto plant if ground to a halt, sidelined by a lack of the computer chips needed to power them as consumers around the world gumble up chips to run new home electronics during ongoing viral lockdown. the chip shortage has been going on for, let's just say a year and it's likely to continue. it has caused the, you know, decrease in the production of vehicles and that is cause prices to go up as always happens when there's a shortage in supply. both new cars and used cars. it's unfortunate, and chances are it's going to last another year. is chip makers rushed to build
9:49 pm
more semiconductor plants. the computer chip shortage is just one of the series of pandemic. you're a supply problem. assembly lines have also stopped it. ford and toyota plants in canada and shifts have been cut at general motors factories in michigan as anti vaccine truckers protesting covered 19 rules block border crossings and carmakers supply chain. i would say it's a supply crisis and on some level at all, really does trace back to the pandemic an in one way or another. even the blockade at the canadian border right now between the us and canada is what's it about? it's about masks and vaccines so that the microchip shortage all traces back to the pandemic. the panoramic is really thrown a monkey wrench, due to automakers just in time manufacturing system. it was pioneered by toyota and it worked like this. say this part was made in the us on a monday. well it could be delivered on a tuesday and im stalls into
9:50 pm
a car manufactured in canada 2 days later. that way nobody has to warehouse the thing that works well in good times. there's not a nissan, as the auto industry accelerates toward an increasingly electric future. the question you as carmakers face is how soon can they increase production and lower skyrocketing prices to meet pent up pandemic demand. john henderson al jazeera chicago cannot catch up on was his gemma, thank you, folly the club wild cup final between chelsea infomatica is heading to penalties. the matches in extra time after finishing one all often 90 minutes. this is the only major tracy chelsea is not one since right. brockovich purchased the cloth in 2003 from coffee that gave chelsea believe in the 55th minutes. ameris were given a lifeline when chelsea presumed defender to gay still that gave way penalty the humble ad raphael vega, equalize in the premier league more frustration that for manchester, united they were held to a 100 by south hampton. but i'm so i shop early on creating several chances before
9:51 pm
jayden santo gave united the lead. that was his 1st goal at old trafford, south hampton. i found an equalizer, though early in the 2nd half, the fall into the national se, adams, the drop means united remain fit in the table, but not likely to sit further down once also and then play that games in hand. i don't think that anyone out there should believe that the players don't care that they don't like to do experience things like that today. consecutively, this is definitely not the case. the question is, with a group of players that we have, how can we get more compact and more aggressive and even more nasty when it's about defending a leave. and this is the major issue, but it's not a question of players not wanting to do that.
9:52 pm
a decision on a russian teenagers fight to stay at the winter olympics despite of file drugs test is expected. on monday, camilla valley ava has been training in begging ahead of the individual in figure skating competition, where she hopes to be able to compete in her fight though is in the hands of the court of arbitration for support. he will hold a hearing on sunday. the 15 year old start is the russian olympic committee. one goal in the team event that has since been revealed, she tested positive for a band substance in december. we know that the pressure is strong because the, the time is very short. so we, we guarantee normally our decisions within 24 hours or so we need to stick to that because to begin so. so in turns the program is so tight that we need to deliver decisions on time. some kids are more complex than others, but so we tried to to stick to that rule so that she would say them, metal can be delivered during the games and not later. but we know it's not always possible. that's our mission. and we try to do our best for that. a veteran pair
9:53 pm
have one goal for the united states in the an overall mixed snowboard, cross 40 year old, and nick baumgartener, setting up the way in and breaking the record for the oldest is unable to meddle winner. then lindsay, a jacob alice coming from behind 2 clips. her italian rival is the 36 year olds, a 2nd goal after winning the women's event. it makes up for a full at the cheering games. 16 years ago when she was cruising to victory gout in you as one, china's 1st mens speedskating goal setting a new olympic record in the process. the claim, the 500 meters high school in 34.32 seconds generally in no way lead the gold medal count with 8, the u. s. have moved into 3rd by virtue of having more silver, the netherlands, and sweden, the biggest a sporting event on the u. s. calendar. american footballs. super bowl is just, i have a 24 hours away. is into natty bangles aiming for that fast to title. as recently as 2019, there was statistically the was team in the league, their opponents, the los angeles rounds will have the rat ana of paying the championship game in the
9:54 pm
home stadium. what i really like about this jim is, is one of the best teams i've been around in terms of veteran leadership, true player ownership in autonomy. and in a lot of that is reflected by the guys that you see that are here right now. feel really fortunate to um, you know, to be able to go to work with these guys every day and, and looking forward watching them attacked this up on sunday. our guys are prepared . we practice last 3 days in this weather. are they ever mr. b? we've had probably 3 of our frushell practices. we've had all your guys were moving out a great speed. i feel really good about where teams are from a health standpoint, from a conditioning standpoint. and they'll be armed up, ready to go on sunday. returning to the winter olympics was found as pressure on chinese athletes born in the united states to win more metals. there under intense scrutiny, not helped by geopolitical tensions between washington and beijing. katrina ye reports from china's capital. her picture is on the cover of chinese magazines and billboards curable now to woman. and she's become the unofficial face of the
9:55 pm
beijing winter olympics. chinese skia eileen goose popularity has sold since she won gold in the women's big f freestyle skiing event on tuesday. excited fans overwhelmed chinese social media? crashing the network label, following the competition. wagon go early go is around my age and she has always been my idol. she wasn't expected to win gold in the big competition. that's why i'm so excited. very moved. you go. the 18 year old was born and raised in the united states that has a chinese mother and has chosen to represent china. goose background is similar to another chinese athlete. u. s. bond figure skater to e, but her reception by the public in china has been very different. do came under vicious attack on social media after stumbling twice during separate team events. chinese internet users labeled her a disgrace and criticized her american upbringing and poor grasp of mandarin. some
9:56 pm
claimed she was chosen over a chinese born athlete because her father is an elite scientist. experts say chinese olympians are under enormous pressure to wind. read this one narrative, it says it doesn't matter how many metals we went. but then of course, behind the scenes, it's all still about the goal so. so there is still that balance that i think china is trying to to find. oh, switching nationalities for sport is not uncommon in these went to games. there is an unprecedented number of foreign born athletes competing for china. but geopolitical tensions between washington and beijing means both grew. andrew faced difficult questions around perceptions of allegiance. critics in the us have accused, grew of prioritizing profit are the concerns about china's human rights record. the athlete has refused to clarify whether she holds an american passport. dual citizenship is not allowed in china. that isn't ship though american when i'm in
9:57 pm
the u. s. and i am chinese lamb in china, and i have been very outspoken about my gratitude to both the u. s. in china for making me the person who i am. internet senses have deleted tens of thousands, of course, related to the winter olympics. and over hundreds of others, the causing trouble. tony's media had since been flooded with comment supporting g saying more tolerant a failure and her background on that as china continues to push its team to succeed . it's unlikely that any of its olympians will be free from politics, all the pressure to perform anytime soon. katrina, you al jazeera aging and it's still one all in the club wild cup final between chelsea and palmetto. us map palmer so much is heading for a penalty sheet outs will have more action from that much later. that is all your spot for like gemma. thank you very much for that. that's it. for this news, our on al jazeera from me fully back to bonham. doha, thanks for watching. i am, the mother is live, my london center ah
9:58 pm
dictates the ships to democracies, activists to corporations, control of the message is crucial. oil companies have become very good at recognizing ways to rephrase what they want him to hear. we care about the environment you do to usually buy our oil cleared for public opinion or profit. once you make people afraid, you can use that to justify stripping away basic civil liberties. listening post examined the vested interest behind the content you consume on al jazeera, rape as a weapon of war, leaves the very deepest, scott, scott, so rule that the victims,
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men and women combat talk about it are the only witnesses who can help ring about just with al jazeera fall as human rights campaign as a maybe investigation right. since the 2011 recognition libby unspeakable crime on al jazeera leave us trying out greasing land is shrinking and some roots long. used by wildlife for migration have been blocked by human settlements. to deal with all this, kenya needs more money for conservation. and with the koran of ours, pandemic keeping many visitors awake revenue from tours. it isn't enough. here at the outset national park, an annual ceremony has been launched the hall parisha than individuals pay $5000.00 to name an elephant. the aim this year is to raise $1000000.00,
10:00 pm
much of it for conservation initiatives. ah, most goes military, build up near ukraine, the subject of highly anticipated telephone calls between the u. s. and russian leaders. while in kiev thousands, march against roches border threat ukraine's president cautions against comic ah, hello, i'm sorry, i'm noisy in london, you're watching al jazeera also coming up on the program. sounding.


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