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tv   NEWSHOUR  Al Jazeera  February 10, 2022 9:00pm-10:00pm AST

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times destroyed in the land unexplained international filmmakers. m won't clos journalists, bring programs to inform and inspire you. climate has to become part of the way we tell stories on al jazeera. ah. ready this is al jazeera ah, hello, i'm rob matheson, this is the news i live from doha, coming up in the next 60 minutes. roger holds military exercises with bella, luce, germany warns moscow of economic and political consequences if there's any aggression towards ukraine levy as part of it defines former interior minister fatty lashara as the new prime minister hours after the current interim leader survives and
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assassination attempt truckers protest forces major car plans to come back production on both sides of the u. s. canada border. and us inflation rises the fastest in 40 years food, energy, and air travel, c, a sharp increase. and in sport, russian figure skater, camilla valley ava is back on the ice, the beijing winter olympics, mid reports, the 15 year old he tested positive for a band substance. ah, germany's chancellor has warned russia of economic and political consequences should it ramp up military aggression towards ukraine. all of shots says what's at stake is nothing less than preventing a war in europe. thousands of russian troops have started 10 days of joint military drills in bella. luce, those as your body ports from moscow,
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british foreign secretary on her 1st official visit to moscow. this trust follow diplomatic protocol by laying a wreath at the tomb of unknown soldiers close to the kremlin. a grey and cold days started the foreign secretary's trip. but it was an even colder reaction from her russian counterpart, sir gay lover off following their near to our session behind closed doors. little jewel and tim stool. i'm disillusioned about the faggots. our conversation is like between the mutual and the deaf person, demands to remove russian troops for russian territory kept coming up during only go. she ation. it is regrettable. as far as the ologies ultimatums and frets, this is a dead end street and yield nothing. but unfortunately, some of our western colleagues have been carried away with this and their public statements. i cannot call this diplomacy, study law for av, made it clear that the british are not listening to russia's concerns. fundamentally a warn ukraine would be disastrous for the russian and ukrainian people and for
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european security. and together, nato has made it clear that any incursion into ukraine would have massive consequences and carry severe costs. the british efforts to reduce tensions continued in the belgian capital, where prime minister boris johnson met nato secretary, general yen salton, berk both presenting a united front against what they say is russian aggression. this is probably the most dangerous moment i would say in them, in the course of the next few days in what is the hub biggest security crisis that europe has facebook for decades and we've got to get it right. and i think that the combination of o sanctions and military resolve cast diplomacy is i what is in order from brussels to warsaw in the same day, boris johnson visited the polish capital to reiterate, britons resolved to protect nato allies. another 250 british soldiers are due to
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arrive in poland soon, making it home to the largest overseas deployment by britain's armed forces. a fact moscow says is further evidence of nato's eastward expansion. lis trust came here hoping to get some reassurances from her russian counterparts. but it seems her visit may have caused more damage to the fragile relationship between london and moscow. the british defense secretary is due in russia on friday, no doubt hoping for a better outcome. dorset jabari al jazeera moscow. mister vaskins in the bell, russian capital men's with more on the start of josh's military drills. russia is flexing its military muscle right here. in ballard. scrambling has already confirmed that this is not the usual exercise. this exercise sold allied resolve for basically defending the unions state, which involves rush and barrels against what they say is a nato,
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an imminent attack, or the prominence added to an unprecedented threat to the territory. and that's why this gain of this exercise is much larger than the usual exercise as these countries will hold. normally, nato chief has estimated their 30000 russian troops. forces are here now in ballard roast, that would be the largest deployment of russian troop since the end of the cold war and are holding officially war games. basically, a scenario that bella, luce, is being attacked by nato and its leader is being top of, but this is all happening to us 50 kilometers away from the ukranian border until i was away from ukraine's capital. he f, we have so coin fighter shad involved to ask for 100 missile defense systems. it's a large operation and as you said, rush and baller was saying, this is just an exercise news for us. we'll go home after february 20, but there's
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a lot of speculation if this just maybe a small screen for a real attack. so there's a lot of anxiety about these exercises so, so to say, natasha bottom line for us and kids. so these are joseph going on and bella ruth, was washing troops, mean that ukraine is essentially surrounded by russian troops on all 3 sides, how ukrainians? reacting to this what the ukranian president for the michelin ski earlier today said that as far as he was concerned, ukraine had the force and the weapons that it needed to defend itself. any urge people to continue with their daily lives to continue working its business as usual . now, nevertheless, ukrainian or military forces are undertaking exercises around the country were told there are no details, but we understand that they would go on for at least 10 days. so that's as long as those russian military exercises in belarus. on friday,
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the president will then travel to car keys, ukraine's 2nd largest city in the city closest to the russian border for a very symbolic meeting. with his national defense and security council, they would normally meet and kiev bud zalinski has chosen to hold the meeting in car cave. as i said, highly symbolic. he will be talking with his army chief, with the leading officers from the, the navy and his security forces about the situation. we've also been talking, but we've been talking to people here in the city, in care of on how they're feeling at the moment, with those military exercises, less than 200 kilometers away from the capital. while some people we spoke to, of course, our dismissing these as just a bit of theater by the criminal, we're told by one man, others a saying that they feel a certain level of anxiety. ukraine's
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front line may be far from the shooting range in the capital, kiev, but is never, far from the mind of leonid or stout. save the veteran of the conflict in the east of the country where ukrainian forces are fighting russian backed separatists. he fears russia could attack once again, because he doesn't trust vladimir putin. he can do what i wish he was as to the president by the say that it's a boy was a nuclear weapon was all france and i agree with him 100 percent. his like a little dictator unit says people must learn to protect themselves. the owner of this gun store says that more and more people are coming in to buy a weapon. worried by the situation. the sales have gone up by 30 to 40 percent in the last 2 months. in another part of the city, a placement converted into a bomb shelter, one of thousands in kiev that has been reopened in case the worst happens. it was
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billed during the cold war by the russians who have now become the enemy to a full scale invasion would lead to a 3rd world war in the center of europe. it wouldn't be only ukraine involved, but all the other countries, anxiety here over russia's military build up on ukraine's border is being exacerbated by moscow's latest move, military exercises in belarus. less than 200 kilometers from here. but not every one is worried for many daily life is a bigger concern than the kremlin. i think that russia bill are actually mostly like doing this exercise is for the world through her dialect with rush almost like not, not to make it work because they're not interested in the showing emotional phosphate which they're capable of attacking. they want to attack, but would they dare with they really do us more nearly 8 years of conflict, crane's east of cast a long shadow. but most hope that the ongoing diplomatic efforts will put
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a di escalation in sight. the latest crisis. natasha butler, al jazeera kiev says, is president, i said, has announced the supreme judicial counsel will be dissolved magistrates and lawyers have protested outside the palace of justice. and judicial counsel was responsible for ensuring the independence of the judiciary. you both say it says it's become a thing of the past. it's the latest and the sousa decision, so it's taken since sacking the government and suspending parliament in july. i don't think this is a 1st. it's inconceivable. the president of the republic holds all 3 pounds in his hands. a huge step backwards were here today to tell him he should revise this position. it's in contrast to the spirits of the rule of law. one that's based on the separation of powers. libya's parliament is appointed 30 by soccer to replace the interim prime minister. the sugar used to be the interior minister. he said to takeover from aldo hamid de baber. the challenge to libya's unity government comes hours after labor survived,
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an assassination attempt escaped uninjured when his car was shot out in tripoli. malik trina, as more from tripling and today's session in eastern levine, the city of to brook are the parliament said unit in miss lee approved fed, he boss, other as the new p. m. now fed to bizarre, seen by many here in western libya as, as lived as western libya. strong men are he, when he was fort when he was the minister of interior, he took a strong stance against malicious, or that brought him into the sort of the limelight. he got you general support from people, especially the international community. they thought that he could help us stabilize the police force and the security apparatus, especially in western libya, are in terms of balance of power or the current prime minister abdul hamid baber has, for the most part, been able, unable a, to extend his control in eastern libya eastern libya is controlled by the warlord
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khalifa after who in 2019 loss, a military offensive to take the capital. he was unsuccessful. he returned back to western libya and has a huge a power base. there are 30 bushes her and the and curly for after her. i've thought to come to an agreement. in fact, just a little while ago actually for half the spokesman amended, miss molly, i said that they support me parliament's decision to name that he was are as a new prime minister. will this be a smooth transition? was a hammered waiver, says he's not handing over power to this new prime minister, so we're gonna have to wait and see what happens in the next days and months ahead and get his bringing on herself. mattie, his director general at the 2nd statute is a think tank focused on libya and he's joining us by skype from istanbul. thank you very much indeed for being with us. can that fatty the sugar actually take over if the interim premier said de backup? deborah refuses to step down. well, it has certainly con,
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i don't believe that was the objective. i don't think that the government was appointed with the prime minister was appointed without a votes, as she was appointed because the other candidate withdrew his candidacy minutes before a vote. and so he was approved by decree, essentially by i get found out that she speaker of the parliament. now the plan is not to develop a vision for libya to govern libya. but it is to disrupt the ability of this govern of national unity to present itself as the sole unified government in libya. it is also a plan to disrupt any attempt to return to the political negotiation to the roadmap for our elections without having the house of representatives at the center of this . so i think it's more of a disruptive move. it will duplicates the governments that will return libya to years of parallel divisions if it wasn't, if it doesn't continue. and then it's really about blankenship. it's about the ways in which political actors infection spoil political prices and, and do that by playing this really nasty game of darren and,
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and try to see how much their opponent can move and push them and bend them to their will. and i think today, this is also about putting the u. n. special envoys, stephanie williams at the center of this crisis to ensure that they can bent her to their will and ensure that the road map suits their needs and the needs are quite clear. this goes back, not only in the last 12 months, but over the last 5 years since libya's last piece process in the city of scott to morocco. this is about control of the presidency. this is about control of the supreme commander of the armed forces post. it's about determining libya's post good duffy political character, and that's what this conflict has been about for several years. irrespective of when the paragraphs happened, which sectors are at the table. the central demand has always been, they removed any one in their way. and today that happens to be using someone like i'd have a shocker as merely a political tool in a larger and longer road game that they've been playing just at least 2014. ok if i understand what you're saying correctly, at least in the short term,
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this essentially puts a hiatus on on politics in the country. that things essentially come to a standstill. how do you unpack that? what kind of agreements are they looking for? are going to satisfy both sides. it would allow the political processes to carry on and eventually possibly lead to elections. brantley, it depends on which, which track we're going with. is this track about trying to bring forth an an election and which election, i mean according to the parliament, they want to see presidential elections but not parliamentary elections. so that they can extend them and c 8 years and remove them. and they of the government of national unity for 8 months. if we go back to the berlin process, that was the un back process that happened shortly before coven in january 2020. this is about unifying the structures of the states. that would be a total reset on the political, military, and economic structures in the state and a brand new for slate that has been completely forgotten. so today is very difficult to determine which you know what, what would be the best than the most appropriate road map. that's why we're seeing all this brinkman ship. i would say today that it's very simple in terms of the
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government of us unity. they would just like to extend their mandate by any means that they can and that would probably include trying to extend it into the next election cycle with the parliament. i think it's much more structural. i feel i felt a has not just the speaker and the chief speaker of the parliament and tried to have a shot is not the prime minister. they have allied themselves, the helicopter, whose libyan arab armed forces stand institution, me outside of the states. and that central problem of the last 12 months and going back over the last 5 years, is that they haven't figured a mechanism to marry the libyan are about forces into the states. and that's why we're seeing all the sprinkling ship. the so much obviously at stake and the so much at the table to negotiate. but it's very, very difficult to determine what the, when, and it's essentially the wednesday or will be to mediate this. and that's where the, the crucial next questions are. but in the interim, and in the near term, we're going to see more parallel divisions and returned to the period between 20152020, why libya had multiple governments,
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and that's going to be destructive for daily life. for libyans. it's also going to cause a problem for the un who wants to present an image that that road map was successful . the one to present an image that the peace process was successful, but it has literally crumbled before our eyes over the last several hours as we again see the despite world of progress that was made. berlin in january 2020. the same actors are spoiling the very same process when you could get your thoughts on this on several matters. we appreciate that. thank you very much. indeed. thank you . sadie arabia has warned it'll bomb mahathy targets and the eminent capital santa and is told civilians to leave areas used for military purposes. it comes after 12 people were report of the injured in saudi arabia by falling debris at the up high international airport. after a john was intercepted by local air defenses. the 30 coalition says it's inexcusable that who the rebels deliberately targeted a civilian airport don't strikes by the have his have intensified in the past few weeks. so what i had on the news are including promising to end detentions for
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profit migrants and refugees are to be put under house arrest in the u. s. at least 6 people killed in an explosion in somali as capital delegates involved in the upcoming parliamentary elections appear to have been targeted. and just a few days before the super bowl, the like a black coaches and the nfl is once again and the spotlight more details later in the sport. u. s. car manufacture, general motors as canceled shifts at michigan factory as canadian truckers block of vital border crossing gems. also re routed trucks to keep another plant running the protests against covered 19 measures. have blocks the ambassador bridge between canada and the u. s. g m says the shift cancellations were in direct response to a shortage of car parts related to the protests. well, let's get the latest from john hendrick. he's in the city of port huron in the us state of michigan. and john,
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just bring this up today. where are we as far as the protests are concerned? well, this is the day for the border crossing protest. but this hidden protest really started in the city of ottawa. on january 29th. the truckers were blocking streets with big 18 wheeled trucks and now they moved that conway to the borders and they've effected a number of places you mentioned that they shut down the ambassador bridge from detroit to windsor. well they've also today on thursday shut down the bridge in manitoba, which connects with north dakota. so those are 2 crossings that have been almost entirely shut down. and then here i'm at the port sure. on crossing that right there is the blue water bridge and you can see the trucks are moving, but at a crawl we had a panel boarder behind us a little bit earlier and he was literally moving faster than those trucks. and there's a 3 hour wait for the trucks to line up. that's because this bridge really wasn't
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designed to take that much traffic, but it's very close to the bridge that connects detroit and windsor. so all of that traffic has been diverted over here. and those protests are continuing. police and politicians don't seem willing to crack down in windsor the mayor there said the concern was that if you clear out 200 truckers today, you might have 300 tomorrow and they want to resolve this piece. really. it is true that wall just introduce the canadian prime minister, has said he's not going to be pressured on this issue. there have been provinces in canada that have relaxed, those coven restrictions that the protestors are upset about their they started on this mainly because they were required to be vaccinated to come into canada. well, this protest continues without and, and we've seen no cracked in one of the interesting things is where you are. of course as a is at the heart of america is vehicle building industry,
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particularly michigan did did to try to charge and so on was just mentioning, of course, as having an impact on general motors. one would imagine that other auto manufacturers are going to be looking at exactly this and getting really quite worried. that's right. this is just the 4th day of blocking borders, but already the auto industry has been dramatically effected. ford is closing a plan on the canadian side, toyota is closing 3 plants and then general motors here on the michigan size is shutting down. assembly lines are stopping certain shifts because this whole industry runs on a just in time manufacturing system. that means a part might be made in canada on monday, and then it's in a car in detroit on wednesday. that's great in good times because it allows them not to have to stock up a lot of equipment at each of these manufacturer sites. but at times like the pandemic that's been difficult to get to the supply chain has been disrupted. and this just exacerbates that. so there are supply per companies here on the us side,
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where people have said they might have to lay people off. so this is going to reverberate throughout the industry and it's already causing serious problems. john, thanks very much. john hanson and port city of the city of port huron in michigan. the philippine government welcoming back foreign travelers after 2 years have covered restrictions via that makes estimated to have cost nearly $8000000000.00 in last tourist income. marlon allen dorgan reports from ball province. it's a region, it's felt the impact more than most. despite being devastated by a powerful earthquake in 2013, these century old churches remained a top tourist destination until the pandemic broke out the months long locked down and the closing of international borders to visitors devastated the tourism industry. here for months, leading thousands and employed just as the desires province was slowly recovering
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last year. type will right destroyed many parts in december. oh clipper no works on a tourist boat says the lack of visitors was just too much. but a gun was a yoga bug young that was like your hobby the other day and the next day of your sud. hm. because you might have had a job the next day it was how could they be my expenses up? so when we started the very thing again, more even though we only had blue cross commerce, it felt like we were already back. no people say visiting ball is anonymous with seeing the entire country, the province. it's rich with bio diversity and theme in history. this is why it's long been called the heart of the philippine island, the tourism in the she accounts for nearly 12 percent of g d. p, so the government's position to re open the country to international travelers. again, escovedo cases decreased significantly. is giving men here
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a renewed sense of hope and purpose. the impact is so bossy because you're talking about the drivers, the board thurs, the tour of the resource, we're looking at a great multiplier effect. and that also reverberates to agriculture that reverberates the fisheries. because all own that influx of visitors contributes to a volume of need earthquakes, a super typhoon and the pandemic. the litany of tragedies may seem unbearable. ah, but the roman catholic church has always served as a moral and spiritual con, pass for communities here. and so in times of hardship, the faithful say prayers to god and know that somehow there will be a better way jamal alan dog and al jazeera behold, province central philippine burns to prince charles as tested positive for covered
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19 for a 2nd time. he recently met with his mother, queen elizabeth, who is not showing any symptoms as office says he canceled his planned engagements and his isolated the 73 year old air to the throne caught the virus during the 1st wave in 2020. i suspected suicide bombers killed at least 6 people in somalia. 12 hours were wandered by the blasts and the capital more issue. it start delegates involved in parliamentary elections of the target local moves in the canyon capital nairobi was more details and what led to the explosion in margaret issue i with it is said the attacker ran towards the convoy and the police who were riding on the back of a pickup, as part of the convoy shot shot at him. he wasn't able to reach the convoy that he detonated the device. the people that were killed the bystanders at the roadside. it's a fairly busy area. it was not far from the market. the group township bob has said it was responsible for the attack about said last year that it was opposed to the
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election process and threatened to disrupt it. we were 1st meant to happen over a year ago. and a couple years ago, there was a plan that for the 1st time in decade, tamale would have a one person one vote election, but that didn't get off the ground. and so instead it's reverted to the previous system by which plan representative select m p and then m. p intern select will vote on the president, but it's stalled. repeatedly, over the last 14 months, we saw fighting on the streets of mogadishu, a year ago between the armed opposition and security forces following substantial pressure applied a month ago from the u. s. and the u. k. who provide military support to the somali government? the process has redeemed the theories of ongoing meetings happening in various provinces across the country. a lot of horse trading going on behind the scenes of clam delegates try to reach a consensus on who they will appoint as m p to represent them. and people who are
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close to the process say that almost certainly very large amounts of cash will be changing hands as part of the process. still had an ard as it approaches in southern india, shut down the schools because of a ban headstart. we're going to have the latest and the abortion law and el salvador, that's cost $1.00 woman, 10 years of her life, and winning in gold in style at the base in winter, remembering this american figure, skaters performance is on the way to sports. ah hey, they're great to see you. here's your world weather report beginning in the middle east, we've got a southerly push of air. so look what it does with the temperature in riyadh at $28.00 degrees, but there is the risk. some of these activity will dip to the south and impact your
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weight. so we go in for a closer look on friday. this is our future cast. we can see some of that blue popping up which indicates we may see some showers, even the risk of thundering downpours, not just friday, but saturday. the winds will shift around to the northwest and that will increase our risk of seen some that sand and dust spin around. bit unsettled for western iran, some high temperatures, enough gone. it's done her up that 20 degrees and top to bottom through pockets on things are looking good as walt an improvement in conditions for turkey are all that disturbed weather has shopped away. bit of a southerly flow here as well is mere at 17 degrees and we're still talking high temperatures for central africa. put the colors on the darker the red, the higher the temperature, so juba at 40 degrees on friday, and then pouring rain to be expected, southern angola, northern portions of namibia, but also for western areas. and cape town, sunshine for you at 25 degrees, and your temperatures are gonna search in the days to come up to 34 by tuesday.
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that sure weather update season. ah, join the debate. they eraser of like people from the american and global story was very powerful on an online ad your voice, the comment section is right. join our conversation. we had all protected when everyone is protected. it is not by being nationalistic about those. you just look at it in a very different way, say that perspective men and men meeting each other and they don't have any solution. let me get it clear for you. this screen on al jazeera, the sport style mom flying the flag for her nation. we have been putting, i'm giving him face in playing cricket on rugby for her country between ring maximum. my dream play in the word girl. while providing for her family prize in bubble is winning games. that's amazing about precious moran gay
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in the game. my zimbabwe on al jazeera hulu. ah, what you want, is it a reminder of a top stories? this are germany, chancellors want russia of economic and political consequences. she did run pop military aggression towards ukraine. russia and bellows have started 10 days of joint military drills involving thousands of soldiers. new ukraine's border. libya's parliament has appointed former interior minister, fasting by chicago to the place. the interim prime minister amended the baby. it came hours after the baby survived an assassination attempt united nations. it says
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it still recognizes debater as prime minister despite the challenge. is car manufacturer, general motors is canceled. shift said of michigan factory is canadian truckers block of vital border crossing there, protesting against covered 90 restrictions. g. m was also re routed trucks to keep it other plant running. ok, let's return to our top story on russia and ukraine. as we mentioned earlier, you k prime minister bars johnson and nato secretary general gen stoughton bag of held talks in brussels. suttonberg said the possibility of conflict remained high. the number of russian forces is going up. the warning time for a possible attack is going down. nate was not a threat to russia, but to must be prepared for the worst wat remaining strongly committed to finding a political solution. renewed russian aggression will lead to more natal presence,
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not less. let's take a look at nato's biggest military interventions until now. afghanistan was near to was largest operation when one of the biggest ever international crisis management's the military lines took charge 2 years after the u. s. invasion in 2001 later bite uprising in libya, 11 years ago, overthrew and killed. veteran leader mama gadhafi. and following the breakup of yugoslavia in 1992 natal warplanes, carried out a bombing campaign, killing around 2 and a half 1000 civilians. the operation officially ended in 2004, after tens of thousands of you and mandated peacekeepers were sent in. theresa fallen as a former member of the strategic advisors group to nato. she says the military alliance has changed since at last carried out a major deployment countries in central eastern europe. it because they feared russia asked for membership. so this started this period of expanding nato
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membership or country to asked to be members. he didn't ask to join nato to fight rosa, but actually to be protected from us. so i would say that would be the biggest change right now. you can is not a member of nato. what's happening now is that some voices are being sent as a reassurance to nato members, but there are no nato countries sending soldiers to ukraine and all. so everyone is just kind of bolstering their presence in a weight and c position. and the u. s. has sense weapons and trainers, but no one is sending soldiers with diplomatic efforts. continuing representatives from ukraine and russia are in berlin for a 2nd round of so called normandy format talks mediated by germany and france. donna kane has more from berlin. what's happening on thursday in berlin to different meetings, the 1st one, the normandy format. what we have is a collection of very senior advisors, what they refer to as sherpas,
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but very senior advisors who work for the heads of state or heads of government of the, for respective governments. they're all in berlin, all talking to each other. they could be seen as the facilitators of the sorts of gender that might be agreed upon. it talks about talks as it were, it's a way of trying to see what each government's potential room for compromise might be, and areas where they really can't compromise. that sort of thing. that is what has been taking place on thursday in berlin as also worth pointing out that separately to that you have the visits of the heads of governments of the 3 baltic states who are members of the european union, but also members of nato on their heads. of government are missing all our shots, the german chancellor in the chart slurry. here in berlin. interestingly, the german government's position these ivy. the baltic states where we know that
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the german government is sending a further contingent of troops to one of the baltic baltic states. lithuania, well is now a measure. the lithuanians have said that they are going to send some advisers instructors military instructors to ukraine, plus a consignment of surface to air missiles while the cold stinger missiles to bolster the munitions. the weapons that is that the ukrainian government has americans are suffering the highest inflation rate in 40 years. presidential bible says higher prices are forecast to ease by the end of the year. the consumer price index rose by $7.00 and a half percent over the 12 months to january. that's the steepest rise since 1982 energy costs led by oil and petrol. price rises, swords, 27 percent. that was the biggest inflationary increase. the sobering statistics of strengthened expectations that the fed central bank is going to raise the interest rate as early as next month or william blake. so professor of economics and former
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u. s. federal regulator, he's joining us live from minneapolis via zoom. good to have you. we're the so thank you very much indeed. and what's driving this change? overwhelmingly, it's supply chain problems and as you pointed out, energy opec decided to exercise some of that power and increase the price of oil. but in the us context, it's particularly supply chain disruption. how do you take the heat out of a situation like this? well, the, it isn't she, dear me, that metaphor usually is when you're talking about there's just way too much demand in the economy. and you are, you know, the supposedly chasing dollars type of stuff because that's not what we have here for an automobile. modern automobile has 30000 parts. roughly. tesla's mar, 3 has 10000 unique parts. if one of those parts is disrupted,
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you can't make the automobile, typically one of those unique carts. and that's what you're experiencing when you have that. then people bid up the price of the remaining manufacturers, and that's why the biden ministration thinks it's going to ease by the end of the year. and because the supply chain will likely get better if cove, it continues with its trend downward in most of the world. does anybody benefit when in place inflation starts to rise? sure. and lots of people benefit when inflation rises, mostly people who are heavily invested in the stock market. and that happens to be in most countries, the richest people in the country. so the richest people moment, imagine the upper middle class are probably going to be doing fairly well out of this. or is that true? i mean, those, the people who are,
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are most likely to benefit from this overall or do they get hit in terms of their margins being cut, for example. it, it's cut a little, but it's the type of thing that if they, you know, if you went out to dinner one less time a week, you would compensate for it. what you used to worry about in a place like the united states was people on fixed income that would have been 70 years ago. the elderly one where you at best had a pension that didn't go up with any kind of inflation. with modern social security and places like the united states. we no longer have significant numbers of deeply impoverished, elderly folks. so inflation in the 7 percent range, it doesn't bite in the way that it would of you know, 5060 years ago in much of the world who i mentioned before that the expectations,
9:39 pm
the federal central bank could raise the interest rate next month. if they were going to do that, how much do you think that they would have to raise a bar and how much of an impact would that actually have? it will have not that much impact on a supply chain problem, but they can't be seen as doing nothing in there with the way they look at economics, which is that you have to have credibility that you're hawks against inflation. so it's a certainty that the raise it, and they'll raise it at least twice and quite possibly a 3rd time. i do want to mention the inflation is vastly worse in much of the world than the united states is absolutely true that this is the highest and 40 years. but it's still, for example, roughly $17.00, the rate of turkey, one for the rate of most of latin america. 150 of the rate of
9:40 pm
a number of places in africa. william black. i do appreciate that this is actually a very complex and situation. we appreciate the fact that you are taking the time to give it to us in such a simple way. i thank you very much indeed for your time, sir. on me for simple take care of you as a set to try a program where migrants and refugees caught at the border with mexico are placed into so called home coffee unites, regarded as a cheaper alternative than detention centers. but the move has been criticized by rights groups. they say president joe biden has failed to deliver on his promises of more humane detention measures, runnels reports from los angeles in 2020. as the cobit 19 pandemic raged migrants in u. s. government detention facilities in california protested and went to court
9:41 pm
over dangerous conditions in a final settlement reached late last month, the federal immigration enforcement agency, ice, and private for profit prison corporations agreed to safety protections for detainees, including cobit vaccinations and limits on detainees. populations, unsanitary conditions and indifferent guards at a rural county jail under contract with ice were experienced by immigration detainee and asylum seeker jo may hear there was fees and i year. ready in and i was just bad situation, it is really hard for us to get clean supplies. we'd see some of the guards would come in and they'd be sick and have a cold the next, you know, they'd be off to 3 weeks and we come to find out that some of the guards were actually obeyed. and they weren't taking any precautions to help us out or keep us safe. the american civil liberties union, one a ruling that freed hundreds of detainees, wall awaiting asylum hearings. we filed the lawsuit,
9:42 pm
be careful at great risk of serious harm and death. geo group is contracted by ice to hold detainees, it runs more than 100 prisons processing centers and other facilities. last year, president joe biden issued an order phasing out contracts between the justice department and private for profit prisons, but that order didn't cover immigrant detainees. we've been deeply disappointed by how things have played out throughout his campaign by been promised to end the use of for profit detention by the federal government, including for undocumented immigrants. and us would have a huge impact on the ice detention system, of course, because on nearly 80 percent of people who are in ice detention aren't facilities that are privately operated. as large numbers of migrants are expected at the us mexico border in the coming months. the by did ministration informed congress this week it will use a home curfew program as an alternative to incarceration. now awaiting an asylum
9:43 pm
hearing me, he, i cannot forget how he was treated in detention. we were, you know, just treated worse than animals. you know, people treat their pets way better than what we were being treated. nearly $21000.00 migrants are currently locked up in ice and privately run. prisons, rob reynolds, al jazeera, los angeles. shank is government's pressing ahead with changes to anti terrorism laws despite national and international pressure. the european union says the proposed legislation leaves out important elements that would safeguard human rights. michelle fernandez reports from the capital colombo calls for changes to shall. anchors. prevention of terrorism act grew louder. he jaws. his buller was released on bail on tuesday. the human rights lawyer spent almost 2 years in detention because of allegations that kept changing. and i'm looking forward to spending time with my family 2 years at the new property. that's it. thank you. thank you. everybody felice arrested him on the anti terrorism legislation and
9:44 pm
accused the muslim lawyer of involvement in the 2019 east to bombings which kill 269 people. he was indicted 10 months later on charges of fostering hate speech and communist disharmony. for electra vis a draw, sir, his blood denied the charges. critic said the p t legislation is an affront to the rule of law allowing confessions in cases which they say makes torture common, as well as lengthy detention sometimes without judicial supervision. media has in this case, medically has been used to stifle individual liberties. very basic liberties, laken, orchestral lawyers, being produced before a magistrate are asking for bill on morning what your charges on thursday, the government table to bill in parliament, amending the p t legislation. foreign minister g o peers says the substantial
9:45 pm
changes to the existing laws are progressive. opposition in bees pointed out that the european union has expressed reservations about the proposed law. the e, she lanka, joint commission, which discusses common concerns. says the you noted that important elements had not been included in the amendment bill gazetted in if it is an obvious country. cantrell envelope in the supreme court. we have to have it the determination on the supreme court that after there will be a fully made here in parliament, that is the proper peers, one for any lose, for and against the amendment upon and said the changes are cosmetic and don't address the root of the problem, the p t or water put the legislation is with regard to terrorism. it's not about isolating and protecting the state. the state is about, it's 7 years. it is about our welfare at the end of the day,
9:46 pm
so long as preventative terrorism act was introduced as temporary legislation 43 years ago. but critics, they've become a weapon. excessive government disciple opposition, and is then we'll overland is out of the euro. colombo, what is in india, is most popular state or per day shall heading to the polls for local elections, the ballots. an important test for prime minister not enter a modern popularity or to production accounts for 80 parliamentary seats. moody's b j. p. political group won the last state elections in 2017, but the parties image there has been hurt by strong opposition to its now abandoned farming reforms. schools in india is a southern karnataka state continued to be closed after confrontations following a ban on woman's head scarves. the moves spart protests from muslim students earlier this week. you said they're being discriminated against. they were met with counter demonstrations from hindus,
9:47 pm
who support the farm lobby metal is in manager in the state of connecticut, and she explains how the dispute could affect upcoming elections. we're outside of the college and mondell, what a woman wearing a book called was heckled by a group of hindu students. that video has gone viral and has come to define the control bassy in the state of cannot stop. now forties, including the state government, had back the stand of the students saying that religious attire, including the head scave, violate the dress code in education. institutions in the state. really know that our model, the going to modify the not making any effort with children's well being in stayed there, ruining them. i'm ashamed of what's happening in our state. now the high court, which is hearing the matter has all schools and colleges like this one, to re open from monday and has all the request. the students do not insist on wearing religious attire till the court delivers a definitive judgment on the matter. political landis point out that this would
9:48 pm
arise nation between hindu lin muslims in cannot got good impact state elections, especially in order for the age where in 2017, the bgp came to power on the back of the hindu vote. and this point out that this time around the issue over here could not those waters to once again bought a long, really just like a woman in el salvador has been released from prison after serving 10 years for aggravated murder because she had a miscarriage. she was originally sentenced to 30 years before supreme court judges intervened. campaigners to change abortion law, say other women in similar situations remain in jail. victoria gayton reports this was elsie after her release from jail, a victim of el salvador, strict anti abortion laws. me o me, my son and my parents gave me the strength to carry on. i've been working every day over these years in prison, sometimes also on the weekends because i knew that i could reduce my sentence. i
9:49 pm
was working until the final day. i was there, el salvador implemented a full ban on abortion in 1998, including in cases of rape or incest. women who go to public hospitals after a miscarriage is sometimes accused of murder and charged with aggravated homicide. this is what happened to elsie with 17 or the women in prison under similar circumstances. women's rights activists say that work is far from over. but elsie says she's hopeful the others will be released soon. as apple gate galleria. thank you to those women who were fighting every day for my release and who continued to fight for the other women who are still in prison. i know just like me, they will get a freedom and be with the families against other women, wrongly convicted, have called for a bush and to be legalized in el salvador 21 year old. evelyn hernandez was
9:50 pm
acquitted of homicide in a re trial 3 years ago. she'd previously been sentenced to 30 years in prison and spent 3 years in jail after giving birth to a stillborn baby. after spending 10 years in prison, elsie says she's ready to move on with her life and wants to ensure other women don't go through the same ordeal. victoria gate and be al jazeera sports coming up with an ears are entered into the best goals this season on both in the same lodge . we're going to show you the other one after the break. ah
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ah ah ah ah ah. a
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bunch of news of the winter olympics is july. that's right, rob. the teenage russian figures case a cumulatively. ava has returned to training at the paging winter olympics and mid reports. she's tested positive for a band substance. the 15 year old on monday became the 1st woman to complete a quote from jump. abner lympics helping the russians when gold in the team bent. but the metal ceremony has been delayed. i've what the international olympic committee is calling a legal issue. russian media is reporting that she tested positive for the drug, try metacity back in december, which is typically used to treat angina valley. eva didn't answer questions off to practice on the i o. c. say they can't comment. and russian olympic officials aren't giving away anything either a source. there will be official information from our official source, whether it's made available until who's official information. we won't say anything . there's nothing to say. but it's got more on the drug reported to be at the
9:53 pm
center of the story, trying to testing malcolm mccloud is an associate professor of chemistry at the australian national university used to trade in john or lead conditions. and the way it works is it changes the way that the heart, muscle metabolize does all kinds of gains as energy. and so, given that it can have that effect on a pretty important enough to be, i guess it could be used for in performance. enhancing substance that have been one confirmed anti de through violation, not the games. the arabian alpine skia hosting that has been provisionally suspended following out of competition test done. on monday he tested positive for an anabolic steroids which is bound by the world anti doping agency. sham shiki was the only male athlete for presenting around in beijing now to the action from the games. and nathan chen, one goes to the united states in the men's figure skating the
9:54 pm
floating to the music of elton jones and f. f. as he landed for quadruple jumps in the free skate that followed up his well record performance in the short program a few days ago, which had given him a huge lead. the 22 year old secured gold 4 years after missing out the metal into town. i mean, truly, i never mentioned that be able to make it this far my career and be able to go to, to olympic. and then of course, having the opportunity that i had today that really means the world i cell, of course, has to take a little more time to process, process everything. and he wasn't the only american celebrating go to chloe kim defended her title in the women's half pipe. she'd already done enough to win before her final jump. came as a double olympic champion, and she's still only 21 years old. and walk lympics has been for noise across country skid teresa, you hug, he won the 1st go to the games in the 15 columns the rice on saturday and now
9:55 pm
claimed a 2nd goat in the 10 k classic race as well. winning by less than half a 2nd. here's how the battle table is shaping up germany out in front. they have 6 goals with no way just behind with 5. and it's austria, usa netherlands, and sweden following with faults. with the super bowl just a few days away now, the nfl has announced that we'll host a regular season games in mexico and germany later this year. these pictures of the cincinnati bengals training ahead of the big championship game against the los angeles rams. the ongoing issue of racism and a lack of black coaches throughout the lake will not go away. that's after for miami dolphins, head coach brian flores, i filed a lawsuit against the nfl, alleging racial discrimination in his pursuit of a new coaching job. i found all of the allegations whether they were based on racism or discrimination or the integrity of our game. all of those to me were very disturbing. they are
9:56 pm
a very serious matters to us on all levels. and we need to make sure we get to the bottom of all of them, and we just have to do a better job. we have to look, is there another thing that we can do to make sure we're attracting that best talent here and making our lead inclusive? if i had the answer right now, i would give it to you. i would have it. i think what we have to do is just continue and find and look and step back and say, we're not doing a good enough job here. it was a night to forget philip ron james miller, families lakers in the m. b a on wednesday. like his face, the portland trailblazer, and should have felt confident of when well enter on a game losing street. coming into this one, anthony finally scored 29 points to help the trailblazers register when at last, when i 7415, a fine school argentine as rugby. caged marilla doesn't has resigned at just over 18 months out from the rugby world cup that
9:57 pm
asthma has led the payments for more than 3 years, as he considers this to be the end of his cycle. you'll say says he wants to spend more time with his family, argentina, have england, japan and samoa, and the world cup group in france next year. and finally, a couple of sensational goals from australia is a lake. first up, a cracking valley. her gave mcarthur f. c, the lead able to send proposed marla's homer australia international a told me all that with a great strike from outside the penalty area. and if he thought that was good, how about this from craig name equalized lacoff and the 18 i've been it. definitely rothery by people hadn't noticed that one didn't match. ended the real and that saw your sport. i'll have more later. a jenna, thank you very much. my room. the mars is going to be here in a couple of minutes with more on all these stories. roberson, goodbye ah,
9:58 pm
kick is culture today is steeped in the regions, retina medic passed, and horses are a way of life. talk to al jazeera goes to cake is done to discover more about the cultural and economic significance of these majestic creatures. take his dance horses, wings of pride on al jazeera, for intelligence, social, and playful dis vulnerable species have been caught in the wild, sold online, and smuggled illegally by criminal syndicates from southeast asia. one of the main
9:59 pm
markets is japan. in recent years, a new phenomenon has been sweeping through this concrete jungle animal cafe by customers, by a cover charge to sit in a cafe and pets, a number of cute, domestic animals. but as businesses compete for customers, the speed disturbing shift to ever more exotic species, we want to find out more about how offers it being taken from the wild. and so justina, gar, a market is spooling helps the animal trade a plethora of exotic species. seat tiny metal cages, distressed and sweltering under the hot sun. britton's beloved curry houses are in crisis to india. don is shut down every week due to bricks it financial fraud. and the pad in $1.00 0, $1.00 east investigates on out you 0.
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ah, russia sends tags rolling through bella. ruth told the military drills as fears grow that it will invade ukraine. west to meet is call it a dangerous moment for europe. ah, hello, i'm mary. i'm to my z in london. you're watching al jazeera also coming up on the program. a new power struggled bruise in libya, parliament of points and you prime minister.


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