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tv   NEWSHOUR  Al Jazeera  February 9, 2022 6:00pm-7:00pm AST

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trust algebra to tell them what's happening in their communities in a clear and unbiased way. and as an african, i couldn't be more proud to be automobile. ah, this is al jazeera ah, and armand, as of it brought him and this is the news, al alive from doha, coming up for the next 60 minutes. the british foreign secretary flies to moscow, the latest diplomatic effort to avert conflict between russia and ukraine. schools close and india's karnataka state as students protest against a ban on head scarves. the european union is expected to buy millions of coated 19
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vaccines manufactured in senegal. they'll be distributed across west africa and working towards cleaner energy. european assigned to say them had a major breakthrough in developing nuclear fusion power. i'm devin ash, with sport rushes of figure skaters and may to waits before saving their winter olympic gold medal because of a legal issue. and the games that go from bad to was a kayla schiffron in beijing as she fails to finish it for the 2nd race in a right. ah, brooklyn's foreign secretary is on her way to moscow. the talks about the crisis with ukraine less trans says she'll urge the criminal to start what she calls. it's aggression and stop meaningful discussions. she's following in the footsteps of french president emmanuel mccall who met russia's leader vladimir putin on monday of britain has a good to send the fir,
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the 350 troops to poland as concern mounts about possible the russian invasion of ukraine. western nations, a threatening moscow with sanctions. if it does invade ukraine, when we have to correspondence on the story this our in a moment we'll get the latest from kevin natasha butler. but 1st nadine baba in london and foreign secretary trust travelling to the russian capital after sending weapons and even some military personnel to ukraine. nadine, that's roy. last week, britain sent around 2000 anti sang weatherly xander, several dozen military personnel, or to help or used to help train ukrainian or troops to use those. and that also center and armored vehicles. now liz truss is on her way to meet sir gay lover off her russian counterpart in moscow with a clear message that russian needs to stick by its commitments under international treaties in terms of regional security. now she's put out a statement saying,
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we have said many times any further invasion would incur severe costs, including through a coordinated package of sanctions. will on the 31st of january she told the you, k parliament. the new laws would be in place by the 10th of february that's thursday. and which would extend further than ever to target companies, which economically support the state of russia or the russian regime. as the government here puts it and individuals connected to those companies. but that law is not in place. the opposition here raising eyebrows say, how long is it going to take? it's understood that government sources are saying they hope, by the end of this month. but in the absence of that, it just adds to the importance for british diplomacy for the foreign secretary to deliver a strong message while she's in moscow. at the same time, it's urging diplomacy, urging dialogue, which has been the message from britain's european counterparts throughout the last
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week. and on thursday, prime minister boys johnson will be going to poland and then to brussels to meet the nato leadership as a key alloy under nato. of the united states, clearly, britain feels that it doesn't want to be left out in terms of signaling that it's going to stand by ukraine and defending its territorial sovereignty. it has sent troops to the polish border with belarus mainly to help out with the refugee situation there. but it could commit more in the region in the days and weeks to come. so it's message is fairly tough at the moment, but we're still waiting to actually see those sanctions in place, which would be ready in the situation where russia took any military action. all right, and then thank you very much for that. and then barbara and london that spring and natasha barton. she is joining us live from the ukrainian capital where there had been a revolving door of diplomats coming through. natasha has that help defused attentions
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will the ukrainian foreign minister after a meeting with his spanish counterpart a bit earlier here and key ever said that the situation was still very tense, but it was under control and that diplomacy is helping to ease tensions. i think there is a feeling amongst ukrainian officials and at western powers that as long as the talks, as long as the dialog continues out with russia, then there is some room for optimism. now, on tuesday, the leaders of france, germany and poland met in berlin. they talked of course, about ways to try to diffuse the crisis of ukraine. they said they were united and wanting, of course, to avert war in europe. with wanting to continue with diplomacy. the french president emanuel mike crow, a briefed his counterpart about the meeting. he had on monday in moscow, mycroft,
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that meeting suggested that russia had given guarantees that it would want to a deescalate, but the kremlin a spokesperson there said that wasn't the case. a tool. there were no promises or deals made even though there were a what he called points of convergence areas, where perhaps there could be some form of talks or negotiation, but we have no details about that. but the situation remains that you have a red lines on both sides. western powers saying that nato's an alliance that can invite and accept anyone, any country that it wants to accept. ukraine, of course, wants to become one day, a member of nato. that is something though that is unacceptable or for moscow, russia, very much against nato's revolving door policy. open door policy, i should say, when the russians are open to these and meetings on thursday with ukrainian political advisors, thought natasha with french and german. observe as what do we expect combat
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what's an important meeting in say, far as you're going to have senior ukrainian and russian political advisors in the same room, they will be talking to get along with officials from frauds and jeremy. this is the so called norma, the format. it is aimed at reviving the peace process for the east of ukraine. and these tools actually took place a ready, 2 weeks ago in paris and the cranial, and rational officials off to those discussions said that they've been very positive. in fact, the talk submit to last a couple of hours and they lost it more than 8 hours. so that is all part of the problem is that is happening very much being pushed by european powers byproduct by germany. we know, for example, the german chancellor shows will be in moscow and kia next week. and as
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a thank you very much for that. that is natasha butler with the laces, live for us and clear. thank you. now, japan, sending gas shipments to europe affairs grow of an energy crisis because of the threat of war and ukraine. the supply due to arrive later this month follows a request from both the us and e. u. year of depend largely on russian gas import. removing onto the news from our schools in india, southern kanaka state have been ordered to close for 3 days of tensions escalate against the banning of religious head scarves in class. a georgia. the state high court has now decided the case is a constitutional matter and sent it to a bigger panel. please 5 together to disperse crowds, tuesdays demonstrations. many schools have been preventing girls wearing head scarves from attending classes. the opposition is accusing the state government, which is controlled by the ruling b, j. p of discrimination against muslim. so i'm sorry. do you have anything other
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than that? i think that you on north of what's the video. oh, i started leaving. you do very job in this. got it. they knew it has not done. you know, the other one is that he got done already. so students who wore that he just started this route. they ended, we will offer, ended the this woman by a crowd of men wearing from mom gone to class in america state being the color of hinduism. the video was con, con, has gone viral, kind of seen his shouting back at the fall right in the group. students from across india have pledge support muslim women facing unfair treatment, or poverty metal is following developments from new delhi. the court says that they will refer this to a larger bench because the issue at the heart of this is constitutional, right? on one hand, you have women saying, but look, we have the constitution right?
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where religious head scarves, which by the way, are allowed everywhere else, but the state is saying that you cannot wear them in the classroom. all of this taught it late december, early january with about 16 it's to use were protesting because they were banned from entering the classroom with these head scarves. now, over the last couple of days, we've seen standups become violent. the other group is people who identify and affiliated with him, the group the see videos of people marching in saffron, scarves and shawls. now saffron is a carlo that is closely associated with him. the ism seen a shocking video of men hoisting a saffron flag of, you know, so you have this debate. now, protest does have actually approached before seeing that you know what the government is saying. i'm listening to movies, hacker dent the father. he's in power in the state and has back authorities who
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have allowed both to wear these religious attire on campus, but not in classrooms. so protests are, these women are saying that this is basically illegal and they right need to be reinstated. let's get more on the switch or now by fatima can she's a journalist at the quinton, she's joining us also from the indian capital new delhi. very good to have you with us on al jazeera. so as we've been hearing, you know, this issue started with one college and cannot, cannot allow and listened students to where head scarves, despite the indian constitution allowing women to wear head scots. why are we seeing this issue gather momentum in karnataka? now with more colleges banning head scotts, so this has to be seen in the context of the speed of the bags against loosens, that it could be in the country in the last couple of years. in the last couple of months alone, just got an article specifically speak about just recently. and many, many, many defeat vision ships had been a back and down good. at the b,
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dest. you said some who you're floating on before that other minorities having targeted tristan's order since they so just had been deleted because they've been accused of orthopedic and wanting other communities. so this is yet another back on in line. we did this in ecosystem which honestly just gives oxygen do him the dog to that. he's like the one who saw in that with you. these are when he could be young. aud, ben was waiting this afternoon so this afternoon like that happening, young. the mean that had asking them, did reading denver entering the colleges that had been attending classes but yes, and it's interesting that you mentioned, you know, the attacks on christians and karnataka as well because there has, of course, being arise on rise in attacks on minorities, especially muslims in the past 8 years since the bought at the agenda party has been in power. but more recently we have seen a number of attacks on church as an on christianson karnataka. again,
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while we seeing this rise this days because the b which is in cola, may fit strongest kind of i do with the benefits from actively i mean it's something that in fact of come to bottle it on on the basis of therapy, polezza or those of the body who i include feeling all these kind of policies that have meetings to houston and i used, you know, one is for the next one is in equity one, he's actually making speeches that marginalized community, but many things to utilize these things in the form of policies being said that was going on before then he makes that for the light all day and watch television on the for the 2nd storm and solidified. and that is what this is happening. good. and i just like we point out a lot of people, what speaking against this, that one will speaking this and a duality of okay, you know more, this is long, but maybe the, the mean of the sticker waiting the job. so maybe this is an opportunity for them to recognize that this is in what did you want. this isn't good for them. i like to
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point out just hold and of each amazing in analyzing this is i when going to stories in the sky as many of the women. ringback the 6 them in, we're actually a, with the 1st ones. young goods with us wants to be subjected to this kind of an investment. and i went in, spoke with them. i was amazed promoting that he's surprised by that articulation all day abilities. and why this is an important piece with dana, this is ultimately about them. them identity, you know, we can make it about other things, but it is ultimately an exam who stifled and one is in sims way existing in the really has been existing in the country for a decade. and entities now must com. thank you very much for your time on this. we do appreciate that. as a journalist, fatima con, joining us live from new delhi. thank you. plenty more head on the news allah, including protests and occupied westbank to israeli forces killed 3 palestinians. we report from novice sri lankan hospitals on the pressure of health workers strike
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indefinitely over wages and in sport. west ham manager explains why he started kurt boomer. the french defender was seen on videos kicking his cat mount 7 gold has signed a deal with a european union to buy 300000000 doses of corona virus vaccines. they ought to be produced in a purpose build factory outside the capital deca, then distributed across west africa, the president of the european commission, ursula wanda lay and as in senegal, before joint summit with the african union make this month. well, let's get more on this with asset. he's joining us live from deca. so tell us more about this boost asset, not just an investment in senegal, but you know, to the efforts to get people vaccinated there.
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yes, this the con, press conference is about to get underway, where you commission president will sign a memorandum of understanding with the ministry of economy, hence, and a goal to set up this new factory. you cost around $200000000.00 for this manufacturing plant to be set out. just set up just outside of the capitol, her inductor that will produce vaccines. and of course, that's a boost look synagogue here. but also the rest of africa will create jobs here. but if africa has struggled with low vaccination rates, and part of that is access to vaccine dose is a global system that hasn't favored african countries, but also the world health organization program kovacs that's there to get poorer countries, vaccine doses. and that relies on donations and some of those donations are, of those doses have had short expiration date's not the end of last year. the synagogue last around 400000 doses because of those expiration dates and nigeria nearly a 1000000. but it's thought that once this factory is up and running again,
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manufacturing those doses that should address some of the distribution issues. and what about the trust issues as had when it increase on africans trust and vaccines? you know, the number of people there in africa has been vaccinated as just 11 percent. just absolutely. as you said, just 11 percent here in senegal. it's 80 percent of the 17000000 population. hannah, part of that mistrust is historical in the past. there's a mistrust of europeans and europeans and pharmaceutical companies, because in the past, there's been tests, vaccination tests on africans. and that hasn't gone, ignored, or hasn't been forgotten. but it's thought that now if they set up this time to when they set up this plant and they start manufacturing a doses, africans manufacturing doses for africans. this should be a great to uptake in those vaccinations as a thank you very much for that for now. that is, as had beg, i'm joining us live from deca. thank you. now,
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one of the busiest border crossings between the us and canada has now partially reopened. it was blocked by a convoy of truckers fighting vaccine mandates. the ambassador bridge between windsor and detroit carries 25 percent of all trade between the 2 countries. the so called freedom convoy protest is now in a 12 day truck as want requirements to be vaccinated, and other quoted 19 restrictions removed for cross border workers. when let's get more on this. john henderson is one in detroit who is in one of the, which is one of the board of cities that is affected. so tell us what's happening there now john, will the advantage it or bridge advance? it behind me? is one of the biggest actually need biggest commercial border crossing in all of north america. and if you just take a look back there, you can see one truck coming in this direction. now going toward canada and the
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other direction. there is no traffic and that's because it's been entirely shut down by a group calling themselves of freedom convoy. these are truckers who say they want all covered 19 restrictions and vaccine mandates on both sides of the border removed or they will continue their protest. so when i got here on monday, you can look over there, the right most lanes are now blocked with orange cones, probably out of view. but on monday trucks were lined up there for miles back. they have since been cleared out because the border authority has close that crossing entirely. it was closed in both directions until tuesday. that's when canadian authorities. busy negotiated with the truckers and got one lane open coming back, which explains why there are so few trucks coming back in this direction and that's got a huge commercial impact. 75 percent of candidates exports go to the united states . one 3rd of that goes right through this border cross. right now,
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some of them can be diverted, but there are delays. why is that a problem? because a number of the things that go across that border, everything from cattle to auto parts are parts for the us auto industry. and those are delivered on adjusting time basis if they don't arrive within a day or 2. those manufacturing plants can't operate at full capacity and that has upset leaders on both sides of the border. justin for the canadian prime minister said these truckers have a right to be heard but not to block traffic or commerce. that sentiment was echoed from the white house as well. so far authorities have been dealing on negotiation basis with these truckers, although they say they are breaking the law by blocking commerce. but with every hour and every day and billions of dollars of commerce being stopped, the chances of a real confrontation between the truckers and police increases. john, thank you very much for that for now. that is john henry with the native joining us live from detroit. thank you. now you k prime minister boss johnson has indicated
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the last remaining cause of 19 restrictions may be scrapped early. that include the ending, the requirement for people to self isolate. if they test positive, johnson says he would reveal his plan for what he calls living with a virus later this month. his leadership is still on the pressure though as a new party gates photos emerge. mrs. big, i can tell the house today that it is my intention to return on the 1st day after the hot to recess, to present our strategy for living with cape and provide you the current. encouraging trends in the data continues. in my big taishan that we will be able to end the last domestic restrictions, including the legal requirement. so if i said, if you test positive a full month, let's get more on this. andrew simmons is joining us live from london. so tell us more about this announcement announcement, and the people won't need to south isolate,
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even if they test positive because of the 19, as the economist johnson have the support of the scientific community and removing such restrictions. well, that is a good question. the 1st indication saw that there is a cautious response to this of some surprise in, in some quarters with public health officials. some of them saying that they be very reluctant to suggest that this was the end of curve it on. so it's not really the most cautious approach. however, johnson is quoting figures, the data that suggests that it is that the infection rates are coming down there. now starting to get an average of around $64000.00 a day that compares with mid december. but basically he's saying he's already made public the fact that he wants to end the restrictions completely, that you to be phased out on march the 24th, unless they would be renewed by parliament. they do include the restrictions of
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which means the that the 10000 pound fine for breaking any cell postulation. so basically he saying that parliament will return from the recess, which starts on thursday for 10 days. and then votes all this out. it's hardly likely it'll go through the everything will, will stop a month ahead of time and enter. how's johnson's leadership looking? would that, you know, just less than one day to go. the full parliament goes into recess, allowing him some breathing room after weeks of cause for his resignation. will prime ministers questions was the caught is for a long time actually i guess darma being i think quite statesman like about this. not picking a fight on the issue of party gates, letting the trip feed continue, that the conservative party continue with its crisis internally over the leadership
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. and so very quiet indeed. however, that was a passing reference to the photograph, a new photograph that circulating by it was published or not that long ago by one of the tabloid newspapers showing johnson in a room flanked by 3 other people, 3 staff members of dining streets, one wearing of santa claus hat, another having tinsel around his shoulders. and this was only from december, the 5th when there was a, an online christmas quiz. now this is one of 300 photographs that were taken by the su grey inquiry. and now with metropolitan police, a power lea, a labor part, is quite keen on this. this particular photograph being one in which met from play saw are actually a taking some are mentioned over most are an excuse now just over and done. so anyway, that this assertion that this would part of the metropolitan police inquiry and
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should be followed up. this is the labor party assertion, metropolitan police say it's not so that they are pursuing 12 issues or which they actually take action over. but not this photograph. so we're seeing more of this, there are, there are many more which will be released no doubt. and, but the situation was far as the conservative body is concerned, is the 54 am pays half the table questions. they have to put through letters in order to get a leadership construct leadership contest on the way. that does not work happening any time soon. it's very likely that people will keep their powder dry. the n t's will wait until the publication of the metropolitan police report to get the biggest support possible so that they all having a reasonable chance of success in bringing johnson down. so there's a lot of a lot of thought here, a lot of thought being given about a contest, which is highly likely to happen, but doing it at the right time to guarantee
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a result. that'll be the departure of johnson is quite possible. andrew. thank you very much for that and or simmons for the latest live in london. thank you. and still ahead on the news, our heavy rain truck is a devastating mum slide, crushing homes and a pool colombian neighborhood, restoring history. we meet the archaeologist helping train palestinians to restore unprotected ancient sights and gaza. and 16 years after throwing away victory as redemption for the snow board, us picks up a gold medal and beijing as coming up in sport. ah, your world's weather update begins in the middle east hang tight will get africa and one sack but 1st the pitcher rounds of rain through the levant, northern areas of syria, iraq, and that is dropping down to the south. in fact,
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to wait, may see some showers. we go in for a closer look. 2 things i wanted to point out here, southerly flow that pops up the temperature. ria, 26 same goes for q 8, but look, there is some of those showers that may leak in there, the risk of it, and maybe even some thunder downpours did see quite intense downpours in karachi. also a suburb $150.00 millimeters of rain within hours. so all of that to say water logged roads were certainly an issue that energy has shoved away. so we're back into the sunshine and temperatures are lifting. for example, in karachi, 27 degrees a high for you on thursday, while white and windy cadet since we hadn't is stumble, but that energy has shifted out toward the east were also seen at pushing into the caucasus as well on thursday. take it to africa, we're talking about the potential to break some records here. dark of the red, the hard, the temperature jew, but 42. the record for february is $43.00 degrees. we have pouring rain falling from southern angola rate into northern namibia. i think we may see some flooding
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here, but for cape town, it's sunny pitcher on thursday at 23 degrees c later. ah frank assessments for china age well banner said from the 0 call it strategy. if the rest of the world cannot get together informed opinions and own boss luckiest on needs an apprentice on that statement critical debate, my group would claims that nato constitutes. i lead to stan cho thread to russia, but it's precisely his actions best rated this insecurity in the region. in depth analysis of the days global headlines inside story on al jazeera, teach it strong man is ruling with an iron fist and the silence from his allies is deafening. the us was perfectly happy to trade off tomorrow for see for security. while western lead is turning a blind eye when even their own citizens have fallen victim to his repression,
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executions, torture, censorship is not acceptable. and you won't hear such strong words from, let's say berlin or paris, or london man in cairo on al jazeera. ah, the i watching l 0 param, reminder of our top story, the south, the u. k. foreign secretary is on her way to moscow for talks about the crisis between russia and ukraine. the process urged the claimant to stop what she calls this aggression and stop meaningful discussion schools and come out of state and southern india have been ordered to close for 3 days because of anger about
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a bad on muslim girls wearing head scarves. the opposition is accusing the ruling v j. p of discrimination. and senate goal has sought to deal with the european union to buy 300000000000 doses of corona virus vaccines. they will be produced and a purpose built factory outside the capital and distribution across west africa. the, the live pictures of president of the european commission live on land and set a goal now and the latest round of diplomacy to call tensions between europe and russia. german chancellor, off the shelf, hold and talks with either president, shall michelle, germany has stressed its fans united with other you members and preserve and peace in europe. well, let's get more on the dominant cane is joining us live from berlin and dominic, what can we expect in this meeting between chancellor shelton shall. michelle.
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one of the interesting things this emerging today is the form of words that the german chancellor is using. now to describe the situation in the ukraine crisis. this is just the latest me thing for the german chancellor already. he's met the danish prime minister, and it was after a news conference with the danish prime minister during rather and use conference with the danish prime minister that he said that he believed that the situation is far from resolved. but on one thing, he was certain that the russian government now knows exactly what the west means. what germany means in the west as well, means when they talk about united sanctions that might be imposed, were there to be an act of aggression from russia involving ukraine. but the thing to be said here, so yes, the meeting with president sha, michelle president of the european council of ministers. thing to be said here is that there are those in the german news media outlets, but also in others too. who look at the german position visa v. ukraine and have
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many questions and wonder quite what it is that mister shult says end game here is because germany has been trying to chart its way through difficult territory. remembering that germany depends on russia for much of its natural gas imports. that would be threatened if there were an act of aggression by russia on ukraine, which might end up in russian gas being switched off and so on. so there's that element, then there is the element. we know that the ukranian government has been calling for german munitions weapons to be sent to ukraine. we know that's not going to happen. so lots of questions about what the german government strategy is. we saw mr. shots on monday in washington, d. c. we saw the german foreign minister and lina bow bar on the front line, the contact line between ukraine and russia. yesterday, we have the meetings taking place today. we have more meet things taking place to
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morrow. when mister shops will receive the 3 heads of government of the baltic states, remember that key members of nicer and the e u because they all share a border, either with russia or with gallo russ. we know that russian troops right now are stationed in strategic locations on the russian border with ukraine, and on the be yellow russian border with ukraine. so lots of questions right now. lots of visits that mister schultz is hosting or taking part in which central questions which remain about what exactly is the german government strategy going to be dominic, thank you for that dominant. came with the latest life for us in berlin. now as railing, security forces have increased their presence in nablus after a call to palestinians to protest the strikers in response to the killing of 3 palestinians by israeli soldiers. they opened fire on a car carrying the men on tuesday. the shooting provoked protest and the occupied
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with the bank and threat retaliation. neither. abraham has more fun, nablus in the occupied westbank. many palestinians say that while this is not new that we see under covers really forces come and kill palestinians in disguise in palestinian cars. they still believe that this is a very big escalation and that they've been calling for retaliation from the armed groups and from the lock saw a brigade. but it's hard to predict how this is going to be playing out. of course, israel says that these 3 men were suspected of it conducted, shooting attacks in the west bank in the past few weeks. well, it's hard to be able to know what really happened. palestinians have been saying that they need more attacks against is really forces to kind of show palestinians that they're strong and that they want to tally ation for the lives of these men.
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now to sri lanka with health care workers and government run hospitals are continuing the indefinite strike to demand higher pay of mental fernandez reports from the capital colombo negotiations with the government of sofa failed to find a breakthrough. ah, critical times, injury lanka, more than $60000.00 health workers are on strike across the nation. disrupting a range of services, including medical clinics, consultations and tests, nurses, medical technicians and public health inspectors are among those taking part and then the theatre. nathaniel, that we can't get medicine or treatment because of this strike. we traveled a long way without eaten food because we had to get some tests done. the indefinite work stoppage by 18 health trade unions is pushing for a number of demands. our raisins and our people are suffering regarding beef,
6:36 pm
but what can we do when the hill ministries and the bob public at really phase, and then you see and the salary gumption. and really so rather than think of your vote, they don't all say maybe right. her, if the, if you do it and or 3 younger coumadin shares the strike is about winning, do recognition for walkers across the health sector who have been neglected. he says salary discrepancies, administrative issues, and the implementation of systems dealing with the public are among their concerns . many sri lankan rely on the free health service because they cannot afford private healthcare. some of them travel long distances to secure specialist treatment and attend regular clinics. rural hospitals like this are usually teeming with people, but have gone quite in the last 3 days. help minister kelly rumble grad limit union leaders on tuesday, but they failed to resolve the issue better than the mean cases off
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their demand some to anyone cases. and i would say if they, i accept that i to us for that. right. but certain things, i think this completely entered and painted than colored with the political aspirations and that the poly strikers have demonstrated outside the hill ministry. some even forcing their way in to urge that demand be met while the government and has trade unions try to negotiate a deal. housings of philanthropy, badly affected by disruptions to the free public service. many want to see the 2 sides working out an agreement. but observing said that seems unlikely. fernandez just 0, colombo. now peru has a new prime minister after a 4th government re shuffle and 6 months from justice minister on the bell. torres
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replaces actor valia. he resigned from a cabinet which lasted just 3 days after denying allegations of abusing his late wife. president federal castillo, 6 month rule, has been marred by a series of setbacks including a failed impeachment attempt. now, landslide western columbia has killed at least 14 people, an injured 35 others. one person is still missing, more than 60 homes, have been evacuated, or burdened, manly reports the military rescue workers and locals spent hours picking through mud and debris, searching for signs of life. in this poor neighbourhood in columbia's does carruthers region heavy rain continued through the night, loosening the soil on the mountain by morning, a large chunk of broke free burying the homes below. i believe it was a very loud bang at 6 30 in the morning. it had swept away over houses in front of
6:39 pm
it, about 6 houses, including the people inside you, but as the arc, as a widow, it felt like the whole world was coming down. my brother was shouting, get out, get out of the river. it's overflowing. and when we got out, the tragedy had already happened. those people were shouting. my brother pulled a lady out who had already died. my father pulled out an elderly lady who was our life long neighbour. families from dozens of homes have been moved away from danger zones. local authority, say the nearby or to river is overflowing, and the soil on the mountain remains unstable. they also fear any more mud slides could block the river and caused major flooding. or maybe from a foreigner and 1st we working on the rescue. secondly, we are mitigating the risk factor in the upper part of the landslide, which of the water flows. and the fact is that generated the disaster, the emergency, the death toll is expected to rise as many have been taken to hospital with
6:40 pm
critical injuries. the problem of not slides is common here during the rainy season and has led to major catastrophes in the past. the biggest in 2017, when 320 people were killed in the southern put a male province. those most fundable are to live in poorly constructed, wouldn't homes built on mountains and valleys and along rivers. in dos gave us, it's those impoverished communities who left not only displaced but dealing with the death of family members, northern, the manly outer sera. now, scientists have made the biggest breakthrough in 24 years. in the process of nuclear fusion. it's a step closer. it was described as the ultimate powerful away from fossil fuels. now that is the energy process that power is the sun and has the potential to provide virtually unlimited supply of clean, efficient energy. european researches,
6:41 pm
the u. k based jet laboratory working to deliver fusion power by 2040. the latest experiments have produced 59 megajoules of energy in 5 seconds. that's more than double. they were able to produce in 1997. it's not a huge amount of energy, but scientists can use the process to help build an even larger reactor, which is already underway in france. well, let's get more on this. we are joined by athena cafeteria. she's research at max planck institute for plasma physics, and she's joining us from the size of the experiments and column near oxford. great to have you with us. and firstly, congratulations on being part of the efforts to breaking the ward records for the amount of energy that can be extracted by squeezing together 2 forms of hydrogen. can you tell us why this is so significant? thank you. thank you very much for having here answering the excitement we have about this great results. so as you already described this as
6:42 pm
a landmark achievement, it shows up for the 1st time we can produce and maintain a high level of fusion using the exact same fuel makes that we will use in future power plants. so in this way, we can study all the relevant processes, we can understand how this high energy output cosmos will work. and by having a very good agreements with what we predicted about those plasma. so what our model say, and what we got in the experiment, we can go ahead to experiments like eater and the future devices with even more confidence. so this is very great news for us. and can you, i, for your time, can you explain to us, you know, what is it about nuclear fusion power that makes it a much less risky option than nuclear power, especially as so many countries now are trying to move away from nuclear power. so this is exactly the thing about fusion power. fusion energy is that it's clean, it's safe,
6:43 pm
it's abundant. this is there is it's safe inherently because there's nothing that can go wrong in principle that would require any, an a measure should be taken for the public. so if one does something wrong in the plasma to shut sound itself and there is absolutely no danger be further, an advantage is that the fuel, what do we need is available. we need to tear him, which we can get from sea water, with chemical processes, which we already have and treat to which a fusion power plant fusion power plant will be able to produced by itself. so as you see, it's a sustainable, it's clean, it's safe, and we have mentioned the date of 2040. how far would you say we are from fusion power plants, you know, which would produce no greenhouse gases, and only very small amounts, i believe, of short lived radioactive waste. exactly, so the reason way to go this way, we are not exactly there yet, but we have a very clear plot how to proceed. so the next step is eater in the experimental
6:44 pm
reactor currently being billed in southern france. and this is a larger scale, much larger scale and experiments we've done here. but the experiments we have succeeded in performing now in the, in this results we're presenting, is that peach us a lot about how will this dogmas will behave and this huge experimental reactor. this device will be able to produce even more fusion power up to $500.00 megawatts and for even longer time. and in parallel, we're thinking about the next step, which is a demonstration fusion power plant, which will show how we will deliver electricity. and after that, of course, it's for society to pick it up and use huge energy, was covered through all the very best with your work. and we thank you very much for your time on this. that is athena comp to joining us live from column oxford. thank you. thank you. now, a software problem is causing more headaches for drivers of tesla electric cars.
6:45 pm
27000 vehicles in the united states being recalled to fix a fault with wind shield the frosting last week. 54000 south driving cars for recalls because of the glitch allowing some to pass stop signs. and last month, more checks for ordered for $800000.00 cars, with seat belts full sports is coming up after the break. all the news, al, including the latest from the club wald, cough as the south american champions focused faults, and the final ah
6:46 pm
with whole ah ah,
6:47 pm
now archaeologists of restoring ancient science and gaza many have been abandoned for years because of his railey attacks that as una else's reports, palestinian students are getting fallen help to teach them how to protect their heritage. because this trip is small in area, but it steaming with ancient, tells an artifact that confirm its historical importance. but israel repeated attacks as well as the lack of interest in archaeology here have had a negative impact on tourism in antiquities, in this trip. now after years of delay, foreign restoration missions are returning not just to rehabilitate these sites but also to train dozens of palestinian students in the field of restoration enter ecology. that we got hall developer of hogan for years. we have been developing a program for the preservation and restoration of the site of st. heron in parallel
6:48 pm
with its restorations on we have also developed a series of training courses, the archaeological sites of garza and ink to its historical periods from the cannon night era who at the ultimate period and up to the beginning of the british colonization. the most famous of this error is the partial palace, which dates back to the mon look period. during the british mandate, it was a police station, the monastery of saint hilary, and which dates back to the byzantine time in her care, logical hill, on which mosey explore whispered during the settlement of the sand. another imported f t. logical site, which has been recently rehabilitated, is the best teen church in japan aaliyah. it includes integrated architectural elements and contains colorful mosey explores depicting the nature of life in gaza
6:49 pm
. but according to french archaeologist renette altair, there are many difficulties facing the restoration process. local text complex, the complex context of garza has full access to manufactured tools made and gaza. for example, to call them cut stone palestinians working in the logical field. hope there will be more research into other sites across garza, to show for the dupe of on the discovery of antiquities need support and experts in the field who have a good amount of knowledge and ability to discover, restore and deal with antiquities. to preserve them. the restoration of these are kill logical site space. the way further, happily teams should have dozens of similar sites across the gods. this strip this behind the project hope that this will bring attention to these ancient sights. despite israel sees on the regent garza has a history, the dates back to thousands of years and the evidence is still present. today. you
6:50 pm
may see al jazeera, god's out the or it is time to force with gemma and all the news from the beijing when to game. really, elizabeth, so we start with a developing story out of the games. one of the medal ceremonies has been delayed by what is described as a legal issue is centers around the figure skating team event. that was one by the russian olympic committee on monday. that was when a 15 year old, a committed valley, a landed, the 1st quadruple, jumped by a woman into the pit competition. we've had valley evans, 3 other teammates that did not repair their practice sessions or wednesday the i c say the ceremony will take place as soon as possible. we are doing absolutely everything and everyone is doing actually everything that these the, these, the situation can be resolved as soon as possible because we have athletes and an athletes of one middles involved. i can't give you any more details because i don't actually know it. but we will be doing our level most to,
6:51 pm
to make sure is resolved as quickly as possible. if been another disaster thief escaped, mikaela schiffron, who is questioning whether she should keep competing at the games after crossing out in the giant slalom as defending champion. this is what happened in her favorite discipline, the solemn different again miss one of the early gates and failing to finish it, she sat down on the side of the course of a quite sometime afterwards, the 26 year old had expected to race in the upcoming super g downhill. i'm a combined event artist now she's not so sure. and she was clearly feeling emotional up a little bit. no, not i was pushing out of the start. i had full intentions of just f king as hard as i could. pretty awful.
6:52 pm
yeah. but it will, yeah, i won't feel awful forever. that's for sure. pretty, pretty low right now. earlier we spoke to for time, winter olympic ski shami will got. she told us schiffron needs support, not criticism. i think it's very challenging when you're not used to a new experience and we saw her d n f in the giant song she tried to reset. we've only seen that once in the last 4 years and for her to have back to back d n. s. you got to go back over a decade for her to be able to handle those emotions. i think she struggling with the snow with the pressure. what we need to do now is we need to support her. there's a lot of chat on the internet about her book lane choking it. these are not the right words to address an athlete who is mentally, you know,
6:53 pm
challenging them. so i'm struggling, and i vocally, you can see in her post rates interviews that she's now debating about whether she's going to go on and compete in other events. this lympics, she's a huge talent, and someone we want to see on that stylist and just i just think she can come back from this. she could be fast in the speed of it, but she's got to believe and want to do it. and right now her self confidence is an old time low. she's saying that she doesn't want to take a sport away from another teammate who potentially could be better and make more than 5 gates. so, if there is a demon in her head right now about this ellen pix, and completing the course, and she needs to, she needs to go over that she needs to have the confidence that i mean, the rest of the world. we see her potential, we know that she can do it, but right now she's questioning herself the 1st us code. mel at the games was one by lindsey jacob ellis in the women's snowboard cross 16 years after she famously 3 victory away at the cheering games back in 2000. and 6,
6:54 pm
she'd been within meters of taking the gold medal. but try to show you both with a trick and feller is like getting overtaken on the line. but after missing out in the next 3 olympics, she's finally got that metal. at the age of 36. us on track for more metals in the half pipe defending champion. sure why it's competing. and his 5th and final lympics a covered the full in his 1st run to reach the fun in full face and defending women's champion. you can also reach the final cruising 3 with her 1st run. adding has helped watson qualify. noise of freestyle skia, buck read one, the men's big event. having already done enough to claim gold with 5 and a half rotations in the 1st run. he went on to complete his final jump while holding the norwegian flag gemini, and on top of the battle tally with 5 gold norway and sweden have taken for gold medals each. the netherlands and have china round out. the top 5, west hampshire cut zima has had his pet caps taken away by animal charity, the iris pca. after he was filled to kicking and slapping one of them,
6:55 pm
police of all fell lawrence inquiries into the video which emerged on social media . the premier lee club has find the defender around $340000.00. the money will be donated to animal welfare charities. this comes off to west time. it was widely criticized to playing zoom in that game to get what fit on tuesday. after the match manager, david voice defended his decision to pick him. i understand a lot of people will not be just exception an apology. understand got. but to me he said very honestly and di, as i said before, i had to do my job then and not job tonight was was pick the best team i possibly could prevail. palmera have booked a spot in the final of the club wild cup in the way they beat egyptian side athletes. you mail it to raphael vega and do do scoring the goals despite the semi final notices of 1st game with the torment of south american champions. they
6:56 pm
qualified also massively the lawful while the african champions. i lastly had to win a playoff to qualify a barrel will face chelsea or saudi arabian side out hill out in the final the pin champions take on the asian champions. liquid is in the other semi which kicks off in just either half an hour. chelsea's preparations has been hampered though head coach thomas siegel is not in the u. e. having tested positive for cobra, 19 the club, a hope for the german can join up with them for the final place left on saturday. the continuity in kentucky, thomas have a lot of a lot of meetings together. the use video calling all the time the recorded in the training and dissenting, the training and composition we try to make is that he is here with us. we after that, we have to technology now that we can communicate straight away. so hopefully we try to, to fill the gap even if it's impossible to, to fill it. but everybody,
6:57 pm
we will need to step up 2009 at u. s. open tennis champion, one latin goal portrait was on the verge of retirement. the argentine was beaten on tuesday by federico del bonus, the argentine opened. and when it's iris, that was the 33 year old 1st match since 2019 is due to injuries. and he says he has decided whether or not to play next week's reopen and some formula one days and lambda norris, the signed a 4 year contract extension with the mclaren team. the 22 year old is about 10 days, 4th of full season, an f one and the still keeps them up. mclaren until 2025. he finished fixed in the drivers championship last year. mclaren last drivers. title was won by louis hamilton 14 years ago and its last construct, his title was way back in 1990 8 am that is all your sport for now. i'll have more later. thank you very much jemma and
6:58 pm
that does it for this news hour, but we will be back in just a few minutes with more of the days news do, steve ah and with
6:59 pm
the chuckle, region of paraguay, one of south america's toughest, we follow to men who seemed to thrive on his challenges. a veteran truck drivers answers every called whatever the web to provide for his growing family. and the cowboy who enjoys his rough and only life risk in an old paragraph on al jazeera dictatorships to democracies as to visit to corporations. control of the message is crucial. oil companies have become very good at recognizing ways to phrase what they want you to hear. we care about the environment you do to you should buy our oil cleared for public opinion or profit. once you make people afraid, you can use that to justify stripping away basic civil liberties. the listening
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post examines the vested interest behind the content you consume on al jazeera. there are some of the media stories, a critical look at the global news media spread also on al jazeera government, shutoff access to social media. ah, ukraine says it won't accept any ultimatums to diffuse the tension with russia as persons foreign secretary prepared for talks with the kremlin. ah, norman is the parent them? and this is al jazeera and live from doha. also coming up in schools close in india's karnataka, stay.


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