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tv   Inside Story  Al Jazeera  February 9, 2022 2:30pm-3:01pm AST

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owner by president matthew saul on the returns in cameroon, with these egypt and the final and national holidays being declared and on the teams achievement. it's the sides. first off, con, title. after losing on 2 previous occasions. ah, this is al jazeera, these are the top stories leaders of germany, france and poland are discussed ways to deescalate tensions in ukraine's border with russia. speaking in berlin, they all agreed. their common goal is to prevent war in europe. latasha butler has more from give, from the point of view of european powers, as long as there is dialogue with russia. there is room for optimism and that's why diplomatic efforts continue in kia the spanish or foreign minister has been meeting his counterpart as those efforts to try and deescalate the crisis of ukraine to
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continue. now, on tuesday evening, the leaders of france, germany and poland, met to in berlin. they said that they were united, they were going to continue their efforts to do everything they could to diffuse tensions with russia. britain's foreign secretary less trust is traveling to moscow to discuss the situation with a russian counterpart. shaw says she'll urge russia to cease its aggression and engage in meaningful talks. scores and karnataka states in southern india have been ordered to close for 3 days because of growing anger. about a ban on muslim girls wearing head scarves opposition is accusing the ruling. b, j. p. which controls the state government of discrimination against muslims. a gentle nominator to head the u. s. military central command says al qaeda and i saw a strengthening once more. lieutenant general michael cooler warns on group, so using humanitarian crises, including a lack of what food and water as
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a recruiting tool. iran has unveiled a new missile with a range of almost 1500 kilometers. that's according to the semi official tasks, nym, news agency. it adds to the countries arsenal of long range missiles. observers of warned, of a regional arms race, the saudi arabia and the u. e. seek to bolster their own capabilities. an aid to the president of democratic republic of congo says there are serious evidence of a national security threat. it follows reports of a field could attempt to the weekend. the president spokesman's appeared on national television warning that efforts to destabilize democratic institutions will not be tolerated. the presidential security advisors reportedly been detained in saturday, accused of undermining state security. and those are the headlines. the news is going to continue here on out is either after inside story, good by ah,
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truck drivers normally keep canada moving are holding the center of his capital at a standstill. they and their supporters opposed, vaccine rules and other coven 19 measures. so is it just one battle in a bigger war? this is inside story. ah hello, welcome to the program. hashem alberta. canada has lost control of bars of its capital, according to auto, as mayor, whose declared
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a state of emergency. hundreds of truck drivers are effectively blockading the area near parliament and protest against coven 19 rose prime minister just than trudeau . how strongly urged the truckers to and their blockade and has promised to provide support to city officials. we have a lot to cover with our guest 1st. this update from priyanka gupta for canada seat of power or to are occupied by truckers and the supporters for more than a week. now, protest is call it a freedom convoy. the police say it's a siege on the capital. in the depths of winter truckers from across canada are off road. adamant that cove in 19 vaccine mandates for cross border drivers must end or at the prime minister should resign. on monday, just intruder accused then of trying to do
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a democracy. it has to stop. the people with auto us don't deserve to be harassed in their own neighborhoods. they deserve to be confronted with the inherit violence of a swastika flying on a street corner or confederate flag or the insults and jeers just because they're wearing a mask. the police are turning on supplies, the fuel on funds to put a brake on the porter. a court has also put injunction on the loud sound of horns disrupting the life we went after the funding. our efforts combined with the cities efforts eliminated to go fund me. $10000000.00 are no longer accessible to the demonstrators. but the battle is far from one. the truckers are showing no signs of leaving. i would guy on the street for my kids,
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my grandkids. here. there's no, like we saw people on the side of the street with their sightings at o'clock at night. 40 below in the weather, standing there with their signs and telling us that were the only hope a bunch of truckers with their hot sticks and flags that come on. how did we get here? hundreds of kilometers away from ottawa at the main crossing between the us and canada. there's heavy traffic as support as poor in from south of the border, prominent republicans, including former president donald trump, tesla founder ilan musk and far right. and t boxing groups have shown best support for the truckers. but in canada, most people are vaccinated, including many of the protest as why it is not because canadians love getting needles. is because canadians trust science, canadians trust each other. but these demonstrations show trust in the government.
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i'm a thruth, maybe when for some bianca group there for inside story. ah lettering in august they are or joining us from canada and brampton, ontario, man and gupta, editor of ro to day magazine, focusing on canada, south asian trucking community. in our tower, david amber is lawyer and individual rights and freedom of speech advocate in toronto. carry bowman both assist and assistant professor of the department of family and community medicine university of toronto. welcome to the program, men and how should we describe the so called freedom convoy movement? is it cross border truckers who want to see the vaccine mandate lifted or there's more to it?
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well definitely from the visuals. what we are seen in the last few days, there is so many other elements. people want to get rid of restrictions, not only the cross border vaccine mandate, but also some of the restrictions which had been taken obeyed due to this bend amex . so yeah, there are a lot of different angles already go angles as well as people as fighting to get out of this covered for the david. are they a fringe minority as prime minister just introduce describe them, are they a fringe minority? was that the question? as the other, what is try to latter? i mean, it's not just untrue doe, i don't think i've ever heard of prime minister get something so wrong that this protest is involved canadians of all walks of life races, religion, its political views, that the government is overstepping their bounds and large numbers of canadians in so many different cities, including ottawa,
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had been coming out speaking in favor of the freedom convoy carried, you see this movement building momentum in the near future because it seems to be now pushing for over a broader approach when it comes to dealing with the pandemic itself. they're saying that we need to see most of the public health restrictions lifted. and now, you know, there's many canadians throughout the country. they're really, really want to move forward in terms of winding down public health interventions. the problem is that the, this movement has really polarized a lot of people. so it's absolutely in a democratic society, legitimate for people to speak out. but, and again, you know, there are some sort of demonstrations around the country. but the concentrated movement in ottawa was originally at least associated with very strong and radical views that i would argue as alienated
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a lot of canadian. so i think many canadians are trying to figure out who really do want to move forward and really think it's time to rethink all the all of the mandates that we have, whether this represents them. but that situation and i do, i want to be very clear, most canadian, see it as, as something much, much worse kind of an occupation. there is a credible noise. there's diesel pollution, it's had a huge economic impact. the city is feeling paralyzed and a lot of people do not feel it. it really meets of legitimate standard. and it does alienate a lot of people that are actually support of the movement. so it's a bit ambiguous at this point, let me just a brief move on, you know, i town toronto, and on the weekend there was demonstrations here and i went down just to get a feel for nobody. you know, most people were simply saying, we want to move on as a society wasn't, i didn't see it really extreme deals. so it's, it's, it's quite ambiguous and that's, that's the challenge. okay. minute,
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why do you think this is starting to polarize the nation? because when you listen to what the truckers are saying is basically we have had enough of the quote on t as with the delays. some of us are dealing with transportations over a perishable products. and then this to be a solution by the government. we don't see it happening, but on the other side of the political spectrum we have people saying that these people are i jack in democracy in canada here, you know, and there are reasons for that because we look at the data asper latest data available from health canada, more than 82 percent of canadians eligible canadians have been fully vaccinated. so it's already, you know, it's a very vocal minority of it is creating this. so you know, situation definitely within the trucking community. also as we look at the numbers from canadian trucking alliance, which is the umbrella audio of all the provincial trucking associations as but their numbers, more than 90 percent of trucking community itself has also been vaccinated. so when
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i look at the larger numbers, when we look at the flow of our supply chain, a sector, definitely the major, the, you know, the silent majority. i must say they are still working. they are cooperating, and they have been doing so even that, you know, at the bright onset off and, you know, look back at 2 years from now in march 2020. when it started, the trucking community has been at the forefront in delivering goods and making sure our grossey shows are always full and making sure our medical supplies are in there. so they have done a tremendous job. but it's just a minority off truckers, you know, coupled with other affected groups, you know, but you definitely want to, you know, get out of the fatigue. i must say. recent polling gives us an idea of the political difficulties in this crisis. research firm found more than 50 percent of respondents believe the prime minister's response is lacking. other party leaders also fad poorly. and while most canadians oppose the convoy protest,
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a large minority, 32 percent suppor, those taking part david, you get a says that the government is grappling with how to move forward. on one hand, you have the mayor of toronto saying that of otto us, or we think that the government needs to listen to those people add mediate a solution. the people think that the government has to adopt a stronger, tougher stance when it comes to the with the quizes. about the same time, you get a says that the government is willing to give it some time before moving towards any sort of aggressive approach. well, the government's approach is yet to be seen, but i just wanted to touch back on something. 2 of your previous guesses said, suggesting and, and even embedded in your question, suggesting that this is a small, a minority of canadians that are supporting the truckers ah, the, the main issue about vaccine mandates is not about the support for vaccination. a
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majority of the people who are involved in the trucking movement, and in fact, i would even suggest in all among all the supporters are vaccinated issues, not about being vaccinated or not vaccinated. the issue is about the mandates and the broader consensus of canadians is that there is no longer a need for mandates. more than 50 percent. a close close to 60 percent of the canadian people that was pulled recently. do not want to see any more government measures in terms of coven 19. and so there's a, a wide spread group of canadians, of all stripes, who support the general consensus behind the protests that governments need to take action. and this entire timed circle back to your question. justin trudeau has been in hiding. he's been popping out every now and then to demonize a people who don't see things his way. and it's not working out so well for him. and so we haven't seen much action from the government yet,
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but hopefully we're going to see some action in the days to come. ok. can we do? is that any consent of this is something that could further escalate into a full blown crisis in canada? yeah, i think there is, and what i think our governments plural and when i say plural, i mean the liberal party of canada and the conservatives are, you know, i'm not going to say responsible for this, but they really contributed to this problem enormously early in the pandemic tone in canada. it was, we're all in this together which i don't know if that ever was, but that was the tone. they have used this as political fodder and they battled it out and, you know, with the conservative really, really encouraging, very, very strong reactions. the liberals, absolutely insulting and demonizing what was i think, just some ex, legitimate political action and discourse. and that is so wrong, they created this cleave, they fed it,
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and i see both parties is equally responsible for this. and you know, the common ground mediation, the common ground of democracy, was lost with the many canadians fear, you know, our neighbors or the united states, which have struggles. you know, like many fear, the kind of january 6, you know, riots essentially on the white house. i think that's over it, i don't feel that but, but it's been a fear within canadian society that this could really become a very dangerous populace movement that has no relation to science or reality. and part of that's fair, but we're really stuck on this really in a struggle nationally, men and you have just to care. we're talking about the responsibility for both from both the liberals and conservatives. that is a general sentiment among the liberals that what they are seeing on the ground is a replica of exactly the same conservative narrative that was prevailing under
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trump, about cove and handling of code. and the thing this is spreading across the border and the government is in some sections of the conservative bought people in canada . melina, did there is some thought to that because we have seen this are movement, her spreading over different border crossings just earlier today. we saw that ambassador, which is one of the major, you know, busiest cross border look or bridge connecting canada and usa for shut down for few hours. even now the traffic is moving very slowly. so when you see these kind of protest movements affecting our supply chain, you know, the flow of goods, definitely it impacts everybody. so who, so what is the, you know, igniting of these and demand? they are not opening the door for docs. i think everybody, please equal responsibility david, i mean when you look at the political landscape in canada with the liberal government anyway, given you the impression that they seem to be confident,
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this is not something that is likely to further erode there. but voter and support base as far as the conservative party, which is facing a leadership vote is this something which is linked is, is something which could potentially have a knock on effect on the outcome of the vote on the outcome of the leadership. mm hm. yep. well, i think is one of the problems has been for the last 24 months or 23 months. the conservative party has been sitting in opposition to the liberals, has been, has not been much of an opposition, as it pertains to coven written response. and cobit measures, and so i think one of the things you're going to see, and i think it dovetails quite appropriately with the situation. we're in right now, is that we're 2 years out from the beginning. the pandemic. most of the measures that the government has taken at all levels, right. talk about the measures. a lot of the measures aren't taken by the federal government. but the leadership that comes from the federal government opposition is important as part of the political discourse. and most until only recently,
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all of the measures that have been taken were supported roundly by the conservatives. and here we are 2 years in now with measures that were meant to be only temporary or, or very short term that have been in for quite some time with no end in sight. and so i think a lot of the debate between the leadership candidates and the conservative party is to what extent they will lead to push back against that, the liberal approach to doing things. and i think that that's a good thing because for the last 2 years we've not had much of an official opposition. carry a conservatives, hellion brace the grassroots approach to politics. is that an risk for them to be underlined in the near future as that they slide, you know what this could be our chance to move forward and consolidate our base, but ultimately the price could be a more, radicalized conservative party in the future. yeah, i mean,
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anything could happen at this point. i think this has really, really leading to quite a sea change within the nation. and you know, as we have a lot of respect for the united states, but we're also very fearful of the struggles that they're facing. and a lot of people feel that it could become, you know, more of a populous movement. i do think both are government, you know, as i said, have been quite wrong about this. i mean, the greatest threat to us all is canadians is the global academic. we have not left up to our commitments globally at all in relation to this pandemic. and a lot of this is a huge distraction from the greater threat that we are facing. it is affecting that conservative leadership debate. and it's radical, i think people and, you know, one of the benefits of canadian society is, is we tend to coalesce on most issues where we don't really battle it out the way the americans do. so it's really a threat to our, to our political and social fabric and a lot of wise men on do you think the government will ultimately have to take
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a cautious approach in the future? it's a minority government. it does understand that sometimes positions continue to shift because just because of the fact that many people are saying it's about time to move forward. johan, you know, it's a very important question, but i don't think the federal government will make any decision because any unilateral decision from their side is, are going to have the cross border, you know, vaccine mandate because we have the same mandate from the u. s. 8 as well, but having said that, lot of restrictions are almost, you know, getting or what, because many of these are, you know, send me to sections or send me logged on, have been put in by the provincial government and we need to know the root cause behind it because our health care system is not enough to sustain hospitalization, especially the id badge in ontario, news and you shorted off, you know, those kind of infrastructure needs. so really need to talk and tackle and you know, handle those situations only than the restrictions can go away. in reality. yeah,
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david, i guess the backdrop of the portal rise ation that we've been seeing not only in canada, in different parts of the world, particularly in the, in the us, canada and europe were suddenly grappling with this debate about who should, what should prevail, 1st person liberties as the conservatives liked it to, to the tone they like to use most of the time, or should it be science which says that a less organization's, like the world health organization says it's about time to, to the chapter all covered 90. we cannot both continue to use the same that preventive measures what part of the premise of your question and a lot of the perspectives that some of the other guests pad is that there is a lot of polarization going on. in canada, we're close to 90 percent fully vaccinated across the board. in all states and informing all provinces were were doing much better than the united states were
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i was going to say. and we have most canadians who are of a like minded view. most canadians who have participated in the measures who have worn master's, whoever listen to lockdown, shut down, their businesses suffered greatly. so when we talk about polarization, yeah, that's one way of looking at it. but for the most part, canadians are unified. and we're unified in wanting our government to have a short term, temporary emergency power. when the pandemic was new to everybody, when the pandemic had a lot of unknowns to everybody. and when there was a sudden spike in hospitalizations that our healthcare system wasn't ready to deal with. but here we are now 2 years out. and i would suggest that the only polarization is that that's being, that's being fed by some in the media. and some of our politicians, given canadians are much more unified. and the only reason we're seeing the politicians speeding this so called polarization is because they're drunk on power
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and clinging on to it carry. when you look at the of the canadian society, so the majority is vaccinated. but pause continues to suggest that while millennial for millennials, for example, one to see the sang of the, the, the, the mandates lifted, you have something like 40 percent of the people saying that basically this has to come to an end by the end of 2022, or at least 2023. and this makes the question, what should be the most sensible, rational, rational way to move forward in a place like canada. you know, i'm an asset so, so things have to be proportional. and one of the things that's driving this is the, is the, is the fact that, you know, that the pandemic itself is ambiguous, in terms of how we should move forward with oma kron and the new data. like it's not what it used to be. i would agree absolutely,
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that canadians have been when you can compare canadian society to americans, the americans at 3 times the death, right? canadians have been on board and sacrificed a lot. the question now is, is, you know, is the trucker movement, legitimate democratic statement? because it, it feels very radical and dangerous, and frank into a lot of people. and is this a radical representation of it? i actually think we absolutely must move forward. i'm not convinced that a lot of our public health measures are really evidence based at all the travel restrictions and candidate don't make a lot of sense anymore. and you know, canada is quick to adopt these measures, but very, very slow to back out of things that aren't working well. and we need to move forward and that back we have consensus on, but it's true, the polarization is on what to do now. and i think the ambiguity of the pandemic at
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this point, his driving part ok. and we look at nation, i get a living there. now go, we were men. and do you think that by, by summer time, when we get most sense of clarity about about, about any upcoming variant or whether this is just going to be confined to on the chrome, that that's where governments will decide which way to go. yeah, absolutely. it all depends upon any future radiant of concern on what kind of worried or have been damaged detection is, you know, seen in the coming few months of that also depends on the mandate from one has always asian. so your candidate, the looking at all those things i believe. and definitely, since it's of pandemic, canada, you literally cannot make any decisions because of the movie you know, or the flow of boards and people. we need to look at the larger picture. david, we're this polarization that we've been extensively talking about. if the political divide continues than many people would just argue that there's absolutely no way
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the government will work out a consensus. well, i mean the government will never work out a complete consensus. that's the nature of politics and party politics, particularly in canada, which is a federation. and so you've got, you know, a minority government at the federal level and then most of the measures that are being done at various provincial levels with a, for example, in ontario, the largest province an election coming up this year. so you're never going to have a full consensus on what to do, but there should be some are some general values that all canadians share. i mean, to a certain extent, we've all agreed to some degree of exceptional measures being taken in the face of the pandemic. in the early goings, we should all agree it in the, in the liberal value that people's decision about their own bodies should be made by them and them alone and should not be thinking the result of any origin. so i
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mean to certainly green just in judo and doug ford and ontario and la go in quebec . they're going to act based on the polls. and i mean, that's just a natural part of party politics. david, i'm a carry, bowman, and man, and go to i really appreciate your insight. thank you very much indeed and thank you to for watching, you can see the program i got any time by visiting our website, al jazeera dot com for further discussion. go to our facebook page, that's facebook dot com, forward slash ha, i sorry. you can also join the conversation on twitter a 100. it's as ha inside story from the house on the entire team here. into how bye for now. ah
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and britain's beloved curry houses are in crisis. 2 in the dawn is shut down every week . use of rex it financial fraud, and the pad in $1.00 0, $1.00 east investigates on al jazeera egypt, strong man is ruling with an iron fist and the silence from his allies is deafening . for us was perfectly happy to trade off tomorrow for see for security. why are western leaders turning a blind eye when even their own citizens have fallen victim to his repression? executions, torture censorship is not acceptable. and you won't hear such strong words from, let's say berlin or paris, or london man in cairo on al jazeera. we know what's happening in our region,
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we know how to get to play through that others and not a far as i said, i'm going the way that you tell the story is what can make a difference. ah to. ready hello, i'm fully battery boy in doha, with the headlines on al jazeera, high level talks to avoid conflict in ukraine are continuing. the leaders of france, germany and poland have met in berlin early a french president, imagined micron called for calm during a visit to ukraine's capital kiev. oh, dab del hamid reports. it was the 1st visit by a french president in 24 years. emmanuel mccall in cave after holding a 5 hour marathon meeting room with russia's president vladimir putin in.


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