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tv   NEWSHOUR  Al Jazeera  February 7, 2022 4:00pm-5:00pm AST

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ceremony has been launched the hall precious in individuals pay $5000.00. yes. dollars to name an elephant. the aim this yet is to raise one megabyte on this much of it for conservation initiatives. ah, this is al jazeera ah, at 1300 hours gmc, this is a news off from al jazeera. i'm can all santa maria, the push for diplomacy to avoid any chance of escalation, as russian and ukrainian forces still remain on high alerts. we will also hear from people on ukraine's east and border about wanting to maintain their links with russia and the frosty relations between the neighbors. also in the news, this monday financing, it's miss file program with bitcoin. the u. n says north korea's government has
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stolen tens of millions in digital currency to pay for recent launches. and 60 years of us sanctions, what if anything has changed for the people of cuba? and i'm lia harding with sports as switzerland's, b outfits, winds, the men's downhill at the winter olympics, and beijing and synagogue declares a public holiday as they beat egypt to their 1st ever africa cup of nations. title ah so much focus there has been on the troops in the tanks on the borders, but right now, at least it is all about diplomacy when it comes to ukraine and trying to avoid what the westfield is. is it possible russian invasion that's run you through it later on monday? all i've schoultz than you german chance that will make you as president joe biden . that'll be happening in washington. french president, emanuel micron. he is heading to moscow for one on one discussions with russia's
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vladimir putin himself and the e. u commission president o'sullivan de lion has been hosting the polish at present andre judah, poland. of course, one of several european countries where u. s. troops, reinforcements have been sent to bolster nato's east and flank, as those russian troops are massing at ukraine's borders. so 3 correspondents for you. this out. keep across all the diplomatic fronts. dominic cane is in belin hud . abdul. hamid in ki, had stand by both of you. i'll start with those said jabari in moscow, where the focus is very much on the french president. yes, certainly a manual. my crohn is expected to meet vladimir putin in the coming hours, and the 2 men will have a press conference where they will address questions from the media. of course, everybody wants to know is what can emanuel cron achieve during this visit? is that been seen as a very, very high stake visit, but of course,
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the french president, i cautioned, and not only many people here, but also when he spoke with us presidential biden on the phone on sunday evening saying, do not expect any major breakthroughs. but to that, don't expect russia to take any unilateral measures to deescalate the tensions, but that he's going to try and have this, that dialogue and discussion and conversation with vladimir putin to try and understand the issues that are at the core of this dispute. and to understand of what rushes a thinking when it comes to their. # understanding of the agreements and, and treaties that they have about nato and the technical aspects of those agreements. now, the french president also is going to be discussing and any upcoming meetings in the near future at the russian president vladimir putin had wanted this meeting to take place. the 2 men have been speaking on the phone, at least 3 times over the past week. and that the french president had to cancel
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his own me a trip to marcia to make the trip here to moscow. and of course the be traveling to kiev on tuesday. but there is a sense that emmanuel microns, very much keen to try and maintain the line of dialogue and discussion with latter me a potent saying it's very important to understand that the security concerns that russia has. and of course, many analysts have been speaking to hear it say, although the criminal has has said that, that they also don't expect any major breakthroughs. it is an understood at this moment in history that an emmanuel mc wrong is very much trying to be seen as the, as the mediator, as the peacemaker in all of this crisis. of course, there's french presidential elections coming up in april, so it's all very much connected to why emanuel micron is making this trip. okay, so that's one side of things with dosage of aryan moscow. thank you. off we go to kia now. what a bill, how made, who's making who there well,
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the german foreign minister on elena bab book should have arrived already here and gave or maybe is due to arrive very shortly. we still don't have a confirmation. now she is going to 1st meet with the foreign minister, and then she's gonna have a press conference. and then later on she will meet with the ukrainian president vladimir zalinski. i think the conversation there will be about the ukrainian frustration when he comes to germany. germany haven't, having refuse to send any kind of support when he comes to weapons o military hardware. if you recall a few weeks ago, it actually has also denied british military cargo plays to fly over is aerospace, to deliver some military aid to ukraine. as we've heard frustration from both the president and a foreign minister actually to president a few weeks ago,
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had said that the press conference that he respects the position of germany. but if germany were in the same position of ukraine, then you create germany could count on ukraine as a friends. so i think she will be hearing about that, about ukraine's complaints. i think they will also discuss the north st pipeline. that's a pipeline that links russia directly to germany. it's not yet online, but it is ready to go. and ukraine wants that by applied to be linked to that crisis. actually, ukraine has been saying that that by plan and plan to supply russian gas food up life, but should be completely scrapped because it will make europe dependent on russia as it is certainly many things they will discuss. and then she will go tomorrow, tuesday, june to eastern city of hot here. that's a city that distance about 40 kilometers from the russian border. and over then
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she's going to hear as some people about the humanitarian situation about how they feel, living so close to the russian border and feeling under for on the threat. thank you her a bill a honeyed who is live in a key of today. funny don't came in berlin given what, what has told us there about the german position over ukraine? this could then be a very interesting meeting with joe biden, in washington, someone who was taking the complete opposite approach. interesting is certainly an interesting way of putting it come out. the reality for the german government here is that they want to be seen at the forefront of diplomatic efforts to try to defuse the crisis in ukraine and on the border with russia. but when it push comes to shove, they do not want to provide weapons as we were hearing, to not want to provide weapons to the ukrainians, which might then go on to be used against the russians. that is the crux of the
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problem here. the interesting thing is mr. shots is stressed in interviews prior to going to washington stressed the importance of the relationships that germany is part of ne, so the e u, but also the normandy format. that format that brings together the german government, the french government, ukrainian, and the russian governments, and the importance of the minsk agreement that was signed by those parties as it were several years ago, which hasn't come to fruition, which is why we're here right now. but at its heart, the german government says doesn't want to provide weapons to ukraine. the irony here is that previous german governments have supplied weapons to certain groups. for example, the passion america have received some german military, munitions, and yet in this instance, they won't. so when mister shots meets president biden in the oval office and poses for the cameras, as it were, announces a few questions that might be thrown to them to either of them, he can expect to be asked. why is it that your,
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your country is prepared to arm some groups but not others, particularly in this situation? difficult time for mr. shots therapy, people in this country and elsewhere in the media. who said, where is he? what see up to. this week's the decisive week for him today in the white's asked to morrow he'll be meeting president mack, my here in berlin and other leaders. and then on thursday, he has the baltic states leaders coming here to they have their concerns about the situation in ukraine and the presence of the russian military. so as i say many questions for mister schultz right now, and many visits for him either to be part of or to receive lots of questions about the attitude that his government is taking both publicly and privately visa of ukraine. dominic tane in berlin there. thank you. coming up 10 minutes past this news and he is what's coming up. the spyware scandal deepens, now was ready. police are accused of using hacking tools to spy on public figures.
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as a major test for hong kong, 0 cove strategy is the territory. now places a record number of infections and sport action from a thrilling mens downhill event of the beijing windshield games that will be with leah. that is like ah, now you and report says north korea has stolen tens of millions of dollars of crypto currency to help finance it's nuclear and ballistic missile program. it says pyongyang stole more than $50000000.00 through cyber attacks between 2020 and last year. a separate study indicates as much as $400000000.00 mavin stolen all up. north korea conducted 9 ballistic missile tests tests just last month. from brian with more from sol. this does follow a pattern. we do know that north korea has been accused for years of being involved
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in all sorts of nefarious international criminal activity as a way of getting much needed foreign reserves to basically let it survive. it has been involved, for example, has been accused of being involved in international narcotics in illegal sales. but it does seem to have found a lucrative avenue in cyber crime with another report in 2019, for example, from the un suggesting that north korea had managed to accrue $2000000000.00 worth of digital assets in recent times. with the current economic, dire straits that your career is in, it seems as though it's not going to desist from this cyber crime because of course, it faces international sanctions. the impact of 2 years of basically being cut off from the outside world. by the pandemic, it is very difficult to di, economic straits. there are talk of food shortages in north korea and as we get into 2022, still the same question of how to deal with north korea. especially given this
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flurry of missile launches and say, there is a staff writer for the new yorker who we spoke to earlier. he's conducted extensive research on north korea hacking activities and told us the crypto currency market really is an easy target for digital thieves. it is something to worry about. i do think that some increased transparency on behalf of you know, the crypted currency ecosystem would help or exchanges credit cards, exchanges where people buy and sell or have been they've been hacked. no more than once. there was one south korea, they've been hacked 4 times, you know, the coin stolen from a hot wallet. so that is a tremendous lapse of security. and we don't hear about it because there is, there is of no impulse on behalf of exchanges to publicize, as you know, slightly more ordered and better regulated sector might lead to more transparency.
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fantastic work done by no, by nation states, but also by some private sector actors on tracing the assets of crypto assets that have been stolen back to the point of which i cashed out or into currency. and you could just see how sophisticated some of these, you know, money don't bring change or so it's really going to take a huge amount of effort on behalf of the private sector and nation states. they're policing bodies to get a handle on what's happening there. israel's police chief has asked for an independent inquiry after reports that investigate his use, the controversial pegasus spyware, to target citizens coffee shop, and i says, the investigation is needed to restore the public's trust. this is after an israeli newspaper report and police tracked several prominent figures using the hacking software. pegasus has been linked to the legal surveillance of human rights activists, journalists, and politicians all over the world or from harry force it in western. the initial
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response from the police last month had been that there had been occasional use of this kind of technology with court warrants with judges being involved well, according to this report, which is not being referred for an independent inquiry by police so gone. others initial denials, they've been using it for fishing expeditions with an f and with a p h. they just been going out without any active investigation just to see what they can find. and so this is being seen as a real abuse of power and of individual privacy. and the interior minister has called it an earthquake reminiscent, if true, of the sorts of oppressive actions of oppressive regimes in the 20th century. already the form of communications ministry, direct them, or filbert, who turn states witness against nathan, yahoo! he was due to be giving evidence next week. his name had already come up last week and there was a question as to whether he could therefore be giving evidence and whether that
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should be delayed. now there are other figures including one of benjamin netanyahu sons, avener that his phone was allegedly targeted in this way, potentially because they were looking for communications from his mother, benjamin netanyahu wife, sorrow, and any potential impact of her communications on this. and so we have this really mind bending kind of irony here, that benjamin who had been kind of using the n s o software as part of his bid to improve relationships with a lot of regimes, a lot of governments in the region. now there's a potential that the police were using it against netanyahu, released his close associates in their investigation. the police were saying that they would divisions between those using between the investigation into him and, and it's use elsewhere. but that is something that has to be really investigated. and so could this now come to his rescue for 2nd, almost 2 years, but from february, the 21st australia will fully reopen. it supports the starting government,
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close the country off to the rest of the world. as it tried to control the spread of corona virus and vaccinate, as many people as possible, same restaurant has the story. throughout the pandemic, the island continent of australia has earned a reputation for imposing some of the harshest and most sweeping restrictions on travel. strict rules have applied to visitors, permanent residence and citizens alike. almost 2 years after closing the country's borders, prime minister scott morrison announced a national security committee cabinet decision to reopen australia's doors. the condition is you must be double vaccinated to come to australia. that's the rule everyone is expected to abide by it and it's very important that people understand that requirement. if this they can to come to australia. but if you double vaccinated, we look forward to welcome you back to a strike. he also made reference to serbian 10 star novak chalk of which deported and unable to participate in the australian open last month because he was not
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vaccinated against corona virus. but we just want to stress that you will need to provide that proof of vaccination. your visa is one thing that your entry into strive, yes requires you also to be double vaccinated. and i think events earlier in the year should have said a very clear message. i think that every around the world that that is the requirement to enter into astronomy of border restrictions were 1st relaxed in november to welcome international students and skilled micros. the latest move is expected to rehabilitate the country's beleaguered tourism sector. we need international bodies to open, i think, you know, because radia is a globalized country. you know, you put the border to globalize economy you're done is match in a time. it's exciting. so it's like at the end of the period of the kingdom this endings i'm certainly excited when opportunity to we want of genie slaves. country come back is great. almost all the part of the country's opened
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their borders like not a sweety of it. so it was really difficult and you know, so many people went to depression because they had got a lot of plans and does so now i'm really happy that scott morrison has made that announcement da visitors with valid proof of a medical exemption for the vaccines are able to apply for a travel exemption, but we'll still have to abide by strict coven 19 rules that vary from place to place, including a to a quarantine. if traveling to western australia, the country's largest state was in basra. avi alga 0 hong kong strict 0 cove, its strategy faces its biggest challenge. yet as the city deals with reco infections. hong kong has followed china's strategy, the one. but i try to eliminate outbreaks as soon as they emerge. but they've been more than 2000 cases. since january, driven by the contagious armstrong very, have a look here at some of the latest numbers out of hong kong from our weldon data at oxford university. these are daily new confirmed cases. this point i point is
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a 140 cases a day. that is an average over 7 days. you can see it is easily the highest it has ever been. and actually there is an expectation of the next day's numbers to be up on the realm of, of $600.00. it may not sound like a lot, but look how low numbers have been throughout. well, pretty much the last 12 months. now these are the vaccination numbers and so we are looking at 64.3 percent of hong kong being fully vaccinated, but you can see it's really plateaued at this point after a good acceleration through last summer. really vaccination rates have come down at the level in hong kong right now is this is per 100 people believe it or not, any 0.3 percent of hong kong population is getting any sort of vaccine on any given day be at a 1st 2nd or a booster shot rick planet reporting now for us from hong kong. and she says there is a fear that restrictions could actually hurt the cities reputation as a business hub. people here i have been lining up for hours. there are
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a few 100 people here, and the queue isn't moving a particularly fast. i have to say i, but this is one of the 64 testing centers set up around the city where people can come either they've been ordered to because of mandatory testing or because they're concerned that they might be positive. all that they've been. i in close contact, you know, people haven't experienced cove. it a major cities, it like they have in other cities in the world. 614 cases. that's a record yesterday was hovering around $300.00 cases. also a record. but the concern is the number of untraceable cases, they tested sewage in a number of districts, a car across the city. and there was a lot of covey in many of the districts. so the concern is that there are hundreds of chains of silent transmission in the city authorities, calling it an unprecedented challenge for the city and urging people to stay at home. it's expected that there will be time restrictions from to morrow. and
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unfortunately, because people have been gathering for chinese dfs, dividends over the last week, paces are expected to surge, come out. and as you said, vaccination writes just aren't where authorities woke them. if you look at people over 70, it's actually only at around 30 percent. the hope is though, the silver lining perhaps is that people will look at this surge and want to go and get vaccinated. that's what authorities are really hanging. their hopes on and in the philippines that began vaccinating children, aged between $5.11 against cove at 19. it is going ahead despite a legal challenge from 2 parents to stop the whole program. jamila alan dorgan has moved from the capital minerva the 1st day of the vaccination of children, look like a festive affair. here in manila, it's done into newly renovated. manila zu, there are mascot and kansas for children who are afraid of injection. but for the government, the vaccination of kids within the age of $5.00 to $11.00 couldn't come soon enough
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. that's because the recent dates of the department of health showed nearly 70 percent of the cases among the p. d. 2 group last month were from age 0 to $11.00. you look up a whole lot. all fathers, all mothers to convince your relatives and night is all your acquaintances tell them to have your children vaccinated. your children will soon have a normal life. this is the case dreamily important and although covert cases have been flowing down over the past few days, here in manila, the situation is different in many provinces, across the country. so for the parents are bringing their children for vaccination today, they remain hopeful that this would finally be the way for the reopening of food and their return to normal fees for their children again. and japan's prime minister for me because she does says he wants to double the cove booster shot
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program. $2000000.00 doses a day by the end of the month. she has been 5 percent of the japanese populations received the booster shots nationwide. infections driven by all microns about a 100000 for the 1st time on saturday. the chinese tennis star punctuate has denied accusing a former government official of sexual assault. her allegation on social media back in november was taken down half an hour after it was posted. she now says the statement was misunderstood, and disappeared from public view for nearly 3 weeks after making that claim. a monday though, she met the head of the international olympic committee, katrina hughes in beijing that the story is still heavily censored in china despite punctuates denial. that she made those obligations the iris serious as punctual. i had dinner with the head of the organisation on saturday and that she was invited to the headquarters in switzerland and after that attended a number of winter olympics events. now, when pressed about a situation on monday morning at a press conference,
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the iris he said it was simply not their position as a sporting organization to pass judgment or to push for any government investigation. let's hear more of what they had to say. i think we need also to listen to her and we need to read what she's saying. as we've discussed, we've been in contact with him. we remain in contact with her metro in person. we've invited to come to europe and we will meet her again. and i think, i think we can say that we are doing everything we can to make sure that the situation is as it should be, the tennis star and 3 time a lengthy and punctual eye. on november, the 2nd last year, posted on way will about her relationship with a former chinese vice premier jungle. the accusing him of sexual misconduct. now that purse was quickly taken down, as she was then not seen for 2 to 3 weeks. the i o c says that they were in contact with her by phone since november the 21st. now this all comes after the publication
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of a article by the french newspaper, the keep web pung denied, accusing jungle lee of any misconduct. and she also said that she would be willing, at the concern around her well being important to note that during that interview, she was accompanied by the chief of staff of the chinese olympic committee. one con, so far as the international community have not said whether this will dance in any concerns about her well being. certainly the women's tennis association seems to be left out of the loop. they had suspended any tournaments in china going forward, and china's foreign ministry will not be drawn into any questions about his situation. simply saying that sports and politics should not mix. and any reporting about a case with in china remains heavily censored. now at least 10 people have died to madagascar after a st. claire made landfall on saturday. as julie wolf reports tens of thousands of people who are now come to terms with a trail of devastation left in its path cycling. but the rain slammed into
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madagascar eastern coastline with heavy rain and wind speeds of a 165 kilometers per hour. flooding roads and leaving several houses completely submerged. tens of thousands of people have been displaced. alaska, or la moraine vision. wilma thought. it was early morning, nor still sleeping. our landlord came to tell us that water was rising. who got up to moved furniture all while the water continued tries. the house started cracking . some of our furniture was still upstairs and the crack started to get worse on margaret. some far belongings have been destroyed. margaret as she shut the residents, use tree branches to measure the depth of the floods. the damage compounded by the destruction left by another cyclone. 2 weeks earlier, which killed dozens and displaced a 130000 people. we shall not demonte lucia. hi, i don't think the damage is baked. the wind was very strong. and even if people
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took care to protect their belongings, there had been a loss of damage to london. done, fulfilled b o. e. the disease had prepare food to distribute those in need with you and evacuation flights on standby children and worried parents sill the floors of this local evacuation center. i think we live on the hill on the edge of a cliff and the wind was strong, but our house is also strong. early in the morning there was a landslide to be safe. the head of the neighborhood told us to go to the evacuation center. that's why we're here. madagascar has recently suffered drought, another country hit by extreme weather as a result of climate change, gillian wolf out a 0 and a look now at more world weather with jeff. here's the latest on tropical cyclone. that's where i 1st the glimpse of the damage done here. we know about a quarter of
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a 1000000 people somehow some way impacted by this. so we trace out where it's going. it's now over open waters. it's going to continue to dip to the south mainland africa is going to duck and dodge this one. so that's good news. when you consider eastern portions of south africa, i have seen some flooding way. we go toward the top end of africa right now. our hard battle wind dies down on tuesday. some showers across the gulf of guinea impacting api john, but a lot of wet weather for turkey. this is intense, rain, intense when for is stumble, western areas, southern areas as well. you are certainly going to fill it. all of this came actually from central europe where we had snow across the alpine region through the balkans and there we see it fly to the south and plague turkey. it stopped northwestern sections of europe. a steady stream of snow into norway winds will be a factor as while, but a mile push of air here. london, a high 13 degrees for you and will land off with the best weather across the continent for europe. plenty of sunshine here,
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we've got temperatures in the twenty's. so bill coming in at $22.00 degrees on tuesday. ok, that's it for me. we'll see you again soon. take care. i will just thank you. thank you. when you see coming up, police in mexico evicting hundreds of migrants from a make shift campuses in tianna plus tree planting drugs. yes, we will look at how new technology could help tackle climate change and sport the celebrations in senegal as the country winds. it's 1st africa cup of nations. title that's coming up on counting the cost of sanctions again in the frame stand off thought, well, they've really bite your energy supplies and the crop if the could fill the gap and the vote trade organization to force china against the west. if beijing willing count on the cost on al jazeera,
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the corona virus has been indiscriminate in selecting its victims. it's devastating effects of plague, every corner of the globe, transcending class creed and color. but in britain, a disproportionately high percentage of the fallen have been black or brown skins. the big picture traces the economic disparities and institutional racism that is seen united kingdom fail, it citizens, britain's true colors. pop 2 on al jazeera move a diverse range of stories from across the globe. from the perspective about networks, journalists on al jazeera. ah ah,
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you're on the news on here at al jazeera, and these are the top stories of flurry of diplomatic activity to ease the crisis on ukraine's border with russia and german chancellor. olive schultz is meeting the u. s. president joe biden in washington. french president is due in moscow, a un reports as north korea used cyber attacks to finance its nuclear and ballistic missile program. the report indicates chung and stole at least $50000000.00 of crypto currency in the past 2 years. and israel's police chief has asked for an independent inquiry of reports that are investigated, use the controversial pegasus spyware to target citizens. how about shopped, isis instigation is needed to restore the public's trust. russian troops and military equipment remain on the bell. russian border with ukraine. these 2 countries have been holding joint military exercises for weeks. horrible hamid went to find out how that has been affecting the lives of people who live
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along ukraine's northern border. i didn't know viet elevate, she border crossing it's business as usual. about a 1000 people transit through here every day. going to and coming from bella luce, on the other side, russian. bella russo holding joint military exercises, but no sign of that here. still the border guards say they are on high alert and prepared. but how live live tv, the food you keep will decay. booked a. d to lum. it depends on the forces which will oppose us. and on the situation we will face. the only thing i can say, i said there are units ready to react. in case of any threat coming from the neighboring country, there's little to show in terms of military build up on the ukrainian side of the crossing. this ditch was dug a while ago. it's now being reinforced with coils of razor wire. this road is more
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than 2000 kilometers long. it starts in odessa on. the black sea goes to cave towards the north of the country, crosses bella rues and ends up in saint petersburg in russia. so should russia decide to send its troops across the border into ukraine, from bela ruth? this would be a perfect way in from here, it's an easy for, i was drive south to the capital. but at the moment it's ukrainian troops who are on the move north you chris, northern border is more than a 1000 kilometer long rewards are you. but nicolai ashika remembers when there were no demarkation. russia, billers and ukraine were all part of the soviet union. he says his life was better than grandma and his wife. now j. suspicious of us and says that no one here will tell us what they really think people here closely linked to russia. valerie
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petrovich tells us people into mary go shopping across the border. that's where he got his boots and he doesn't see their big neighbor as the enemy ringing in your thought. nick, doin? you're big. no, no, no, no, no, nobody will fight everyone here. we'll laugh about it though. we don't care. i watch tv, and it's horrible. our troops are mobilizing, mobilize in russians, don't care why let them come. we will welcome them. they won't do anything to us. we are not afraid, because we are a part of russia. but i'll join me near by you, ah, if they were to invade russians could also come through this and keep crossing. it sits at the junction of ukraine, bella roost to the west and russia to the east. the 3 sisters monument, a symbol of brighter days, between the 3 countries and natalie and his wife are on the way to visit their
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daughter and grandchildren in moscow. they don't go as often because of the uncertainty of a looming war. but he, like most people living near the border, don't agree. oh, see why relations between kevin moscow have reached such a low point. hung up the humming edges era along ukraine's northern border. all this tension between russia and ukraine will likely dominate the agenda at a meeting between us president joe biden and the german chancellor. alas, sholtes, he's his visit to washington. as soon as reassurance that nato countries are standing up to russia, but it will also set the tone for future us german relations. as alan fisher not reports in power for 16 years anglo merkel wasn't afraid of confronting american presidents. she stepped down his german chancellor in december. we'll get you replaced by all of sholtes. it meant a fresh start and us german relations. something welcomed by a man who saw
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a job biden's election as a good thing. we are behind. it's happened in the 1st on for a while. we fear that for the previous government under president trump, it made no difference whether our country with a democracy and a friendly ally or not. it is now clear what binds us together. it's clark doesn't have been it when it comes to international affairs. i think they very much come from the same mindset. they both believe in the transatlantic alliance, also and wash up basically the position is very clear, very similar. there should be no change orders in you up. it's not the 1st time that you have met the spoke on the fringes of the g. 20 summit in room in october, when shoals was finance minister and virtually after he became chancellor. they'll meet face to face. now, with a looming international crisis and the notion glances in the we are all concerned about the situation on the ukrainian border with russian tips gathered on the
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ukrainian border. joe biden has promised sanctions for any incursion, but there is a wadi, the russians might retaliate by cutting off gas supplies to europe. and the hardest hit will be germany, the brunt of the blow back costs from economic sanctions, whether it's financial functions, whether it is energy sanctions, whether it is suspended, or $32.00 forever will be borne by the europeans. and by some europeans, not by all europeans, that also has multiple occasions or shelters. the head of the center left social democratic party as a career politician who came late to the talk job. he's been called the german joe biden. the to have a lot in common. she had goals, mutual objectives, but schultz knows it also plays well at home. when there's a german chancellor ready to tell us president, we're to go island fisher. i'll gita washington. a vote by iraq's parliament to elect a new president. his endowment after several key factions, boy caught at the banners. this was after
4:38 pm
a decision from the supreme court to suspend the candidacy of the form of foreign minister hush is the barry. because of corruption allegations, the voting session is likely to be suspended. fewer than 2 thirds of members take part and infiniti of assault judges promised to take necessary steps to protect the judiciary and the sanctity of the court. the day after president i sighed dissolved, the supreme judicial counsel, the country's legal watchdog, to the police have locked the doors of the council building and stopped stuff from entering at least 10 people have been injured by sudanese security forces, a 5 p, a gas to disperse demonstrate is marching towards the presidential palace in to thousands of stage weekly rallies to denounce the military rule since the crew in october, at least $79.00 people have been killed by security forces since ben per democracy groups have refused to negotiate with the army until there is a civilian bed administration. the pockets on armies strongly condemned an attack
4:39 pm
which killed at least 5 of its soldiers that were shot from across the border in afghanistan by pakistani taliban fighters. in december, the armed group withdrew from a sci fi with the pakistani government. that attack was his days after focused on his soldiers fought with separatists in bullock just on products. this was on wednesday, 9 filters and 25 were killed. the pockets on the military says to army posts were targeted in one of the biggest rates in recent years. often come all high to and somebody a vendor deadlier dag than northridge, claiming 5 focused on the soldiers dying attack, taking place in the quarter. i'm area, this is a mountainous area which bordered the mountain range with your dogs to home to the door on board a mountain. this is read a day. you get dollar bon bucket on an element of the la mac stared hor sean. i said to have reorganized and not able to carry out their deck on the border port mission. i'd rather send infiltrators would then carry out or die can side budget
4:40 pm
on. also a measure of concern, the threat grabbed illusion. surgeons also belonging to the balloon liberation army that had been lifted at the dentist organization by the united states, the united kingdom and pockets on i had been actively involved indoors to deadly near simultaneous at dad on 2 major military camps. one in nor scared the other in the punch go. area. one bordering iran, the other bordering of one is done. now this is a triangle, a region where the 3 countries bordered made by luge and surgeons. i said to be active there under day all sort of force of a bomb block in the city of injured to security forces. but the net, the budgets on it, of course, have condemned to have all the gone into the government to ensure that soil is not used. and our tax against buckets on the dollar bon, i've given assurance to the international community that i've run so i will not be
4:41 pm
used against any other country by any other girl. cuba is marking 60 years since the us imposed sanctions on the communist government. there. there was longest running economic embargo as mostly affected everyday citizens. in fact, the un estimates it's costly and more than a $130000000000.00. more from latin america, editor lucy newman, the disintegrating buildings of tobac, once magnificent capital, a reflection of a crumbling economy in which was once regarded as the jewels the caribbean. it's as though the country had been frozen in time back to 1962 to when the united states declared an economic, financial and diplomatic embargo against its kind in communist neighbor. it was at the height of the cold war, 75 year old rolanda ignacio reese was 15 then just 3 years after the triumph of the cuban revolution. 60 years later he lament that the embargo is still in place of
4:42 pm
the robber. they should have removed it long time ago. if after all this time the united states has an achieved anything, it's said tend to want. no, it only has our people by the government remains in place. he's not wrong. the world's longest economic embargo has certainly hurt ordinary cubans. limiting access to medicine, cheap us imports technology credit through a u. s. dollar dominated financial system. washington's purpose has always been to modify or force out cuba, one party communist system. but clearly it's failed miserably. your global, a good idea, on the contrary, in cuba is case embargo has become a fundamental component for the survival. the cuban state. as current government a tougher the sanctions, the easier it is to accused the united states of violating sovereignty destabilizing country and organizing rebellion. ah, that is exactly what happened when economic hardships and restrictions on freedom
4:43 pm
of expression exploded into unprecedented mass demonstrations last year. gave ample, referring to 60 years of economic embargo. president miguel diaz canal alluded to sanctions against cubis allies venezuela, in nicaragua, at w. the galena, a moron, this criminal, and a moral policy imposed systematically against us is a massive violation of the human rights of the cuban people and is the same one that is now threatening and attacking other nations of our region. with unilateral coercive measures her sanctions against venezuela and mild once against nicaragua, daniel ortega have in fact, encouraged alliances with china, russia and to run, making them less dependent on the u. s. no more? no, i don't know of any case and latin america we're sanctions of produced the desired results. even partially the same might be said for unilateral sanctions in other parts of the world. but while they may not be effective, they remain washington's preferred means of persuasion. to see
4:44 pm
a newman al jazeera in columbia, hundreds of wild fires are burning in the amazon drought heat. and often attacks by armed groups are thought to be behind the fires. and now the capital has been put on an air pollution alerts. priyanka gupta, asthma toxic, as shocking columbia's capital book gotta a thick cloud of smoke looms over its 8000000 people. carried by troy, winds hundreds of kilometers away from fires, burning in the amazon that i had. okay. was the ceo cornerstone, secretary as a law we have decided together with our secretary of health to decree, a yellow alert for the prevention and care of severe respiratory disease in bogota throughout the public and private hospital system. the air quality is so bad. the government says it's best to stay most the endorse. but for those who can't, it's come at a cost lanier, somebody's up or like want,
4:45 pm
i mean i feel may barely get the yellow alert for pollution haunts me because i work on the street every day and it's harming my lungs more than it should because it has increased more in columbia's amazon record temperatures and deforestation. blamed on formal fog rebels are creating a combust if makes here the defense minister gets a 1st time look at the nation's largest national park, a unesco world heritage site under threat. they love or you this up or do an army big city because the national park was burnt by criminal hands that seek through this practice of the forest to appropriate the landing lot. and the responsibility for the support practice lies with the fog dissidence. yes, a lot the ever since the fark rebels disarmed and gave up control of the territories, they once held destruction of the amazon has been on the rise. groups of rebels who rejected the 2016 p. c. with the government are accused of starting fires to crease,
4:46 pm
cattle, or grill coca to make cocaine. its effects are now being felt in cities across columbia. pagoda, alta here. i former costa rican president has taken an early late in sundays national election. was there money if you get a has 27 percent of the vote in preliminary results trailed by the conservative candidate for bracy alvarado. the election is expected to go to a run off in april culture. we get one of latin america's most stable democracies. but high unemployment and corruption of caused widespread discontents. just before we take a break gun salutes in london, marguerite, 70 anniversary of the session of queen elizabeth. that's right. this is part of a series of events to celebrate and 7 decades low reign. the anniversary fell on a sunday, so the flute was moved to monday under royal tradition,
4:47 pm
gun salutes. and not held on a sunday. interesting was learning. sports coming out, one of the world's biggest, no best skills. but she crashed out in the 1st run at the beginning when to let the games, lia will like much more sense of that in just a moment. a.
4:48 pm
a whole lou. ah sports leah that's for those are the 2 most important words of the news. all right, synagogues president has declared monday a public holiday to celebrate the country's 1st ever africa cup of nations. title.
4:49 pm
it was study of money who are scored the winning penalty in a shoot out to beat 7 time champions. egypt in the final all the more impressive because he'd missed a penalty earlier in normal time, but disappointment for his liverpool teammate egypt. captain mohammed sala, who has still never won the biggest football in prize on the continent. it was 3rd time lucky for synagogue coach al, you see say, who was involved in their 2 previous finals. he lost as a coach in 2019 as a player way back in 2002, she say was applauded as he entered the post match news conference. ah, that's who. thank you very much. the boys never gave up. well, i think that really proves the mental strength of this generation. we're very happy . we dedicate this victory to the senegalese people. because since independence and until now we've been running after this 1st star. now he will always have a star on our shirt. we'll see, say,
4:50 pm
was then interrupted by several of his players who brought the celebrations into the press room. why not? the team was set to a ripe home in synagogue soon. and if what we're about to show you isn't anything to go by the players will be greeted by quite a party. here's our correspondent, as a bank who watched the match with fans in a capital tucker. they watched, they waited and they prayed. then with
4:51 pm
twice before they reached the point lost this time and dan to shoot out. it's the 1st ever africa a couple of nations victorious at last. throughout the day they've been hope and preparations. every pillow, post and tree painted in the country's colors. even hair. i don't mind faces and lips. shrines in the neighborhoods with hes come from, senegal is celebrating their porch and the team is expected back on monday to find an entire nation out on the streets to balkan them home. i said, beg, i'll jazeera, darker britain,
4:52 pm
and ireland football associations have scrap plans to bid for the 2030 world cup, and we'll instead try to get the euros in 2028. it follows a feasibility study that showed hosting a euro's offers a similar return on investment as it carries a far lower delivery cost. the u. k. government supports the decision, but remains passionate. they say about hosting the world cup when the time is right, italy is also reported to be lining up for a bid for the euros in 2028 or 2032 former arsenal and barcelona player mark over mars has quit. as i x director of football after sending inappropriate messages to female colleagues, the 48 year old had been in the role for 10 years and says he's ashamed of his behavior. the the flagship event of the winter olympics, the men's downhill. skiing was won by swiss racer. be up for its been delayed by
4:53 pm
a day because of high wind, but when it finally got underway, the man made course known as the rock did not disappoint. no one had raced on it before and it was voice who came out on top. finally getting a gold metal to go with the silver and bronze that he won in south korea. 4 years ago, 41 year old frenchman johan claire, he finished with silver missing out by just a 10th of a 2nd, and replaces bodie miller as the oldest olympic medalist and alpine seen, austria as mathias meyer who was aiming for 3 straight olympic titles. had to settle for bronze. earlier we spoke to 5 time olympics gear, graham bell, who had this to say about the race floyd's is a barrel of a man. he's not particularly told, but he makes up for it big by being very wide. he's not what you class is being naturally, you know, less it. but he is, he's just these a bit like a rugby forward. you know, he's incredibly strong because he has to hold up that weight. but because he's not
4:54 pm
tall, he needs to have the, the boat in order to be able to have that in the mentioned to carry a mass along the flats. what ford does, sir? well is that even though he's so big and powerful, he has a very light touch on it that light touch. that table enables him to kind of to see a type align than most other races. and yeah, and yeah, aerodynamically is just little is a little cannibal. it was not a great day for american superstar mikaela schiffron. she crashed out of the women's giant slalom on her 1st run in china, but still has more chances to win gold. schiffron hoping to enter all 5 individual events. candidates, max parent, one gold and snowboard slope style event. 3 years after he was diagnosed with cancer pair was told he had hodgkin's lymphoma in late 2018, but in 2019 announce that he was cancer free after 12 rounds of chemotherapy. now
4:55 pm
he's also a one to champion the netherlands. irene was became the most successful olympic speed skater in history by retaining her 1500 meter title. she's the 1st person to win individual gold medals at 5 different games. the 35 year old retires next month . the canadian women's ice hockey team refused to take to the ice for nearly an hour against the russian olympic committee, insisting that they get their opponents. colbert 19 test results before they played 6 russians had tested positive last week and were placed an isolation when they did eventually come out. both teams were wearing math under their helmet. russia took them off after the 3rd period, but canada kept them on and it didn't affect their performance, canada winning easily, fix goals to one. well, that's all your sport for now. i hate you back over to come all the a. thank you so much. finally, in australian biotech company,
4:56 pm
which was it wants to plot 100000000 trees around the world by 2024. and it's going to use drones to do a shoot feeds into the soil catalog with other young has more. these drones are designed to revolutionize the fight against global warming. they're called seed dropping drones, and they can plants at the 40000 trees a day. they fly above remote and rugged fields that are often difficult to reach firing, fi, pause on to the ground and leaving the rest to nature. so whilst we are planting different types of vegetation, that could be trees that could be shrimps, that could be grasses. what we're doing is rebuilding the ecosystem that can support healthy soil, micro communities, wildlife. the drone was designed by an australian biotech company. the team is hoping to plan 100000000 trees in 2 years. eventually that will provide amazing system services to humans and animals and the whole globe. so that includes
4:57 pm
pollination, clean, water, clean, and cabin sequestration. here seats are isolated and matched with a perfect blend. each pod is created to thrive in the environment. it's expected to grow and while the drone relies on artificial intelligence, the often tedious work that leads to that innovation sorts here is not a solution to global warming. the solution is not to emit the c o 2, but it does help the global warming problem by removing c o 2 net misfire and usually creating a cooling impact over the regions where you've grown. the forests. air seed has already planted more than 50000 trees in australia in south africa. next year is planning to extend its reach to other parts of africa, southeast asia, north america in europe, katya lope is a young how vizier back with you in just a couple of minutes time and not
4:58 pm
a full bulletin of news here on campus. ah, m o jim in the city in vietnam once so i gone home the old capital of south vietnam at its heart. islam soon square were journalists, diplomats, military staff and spies, rub shoulders in its famous hotels. during the vietnam war. i was assigned to vietnam by the associated press and i arrived june 1962. the caravel hotel burst under the headlines in november, 1963 when those of number to recruit a task which led to the assassination of president his brother. and of are 24 hour period. the center of shy gone was a war zone. the press retreated in effect of the caravel
4:59 pm
hotel. and many of the story is mentioned what we were saying was from the caravel . the charco region of paraguay, one of south america's toughest. we followed 2 men who seemed to thrive on it's challenging. a veteran truck drivers, answers every called whatever the web to provide for his growing family. and the cowboy who enjoys his rock and then rely briskin at old paris lot on al jazeera oh, and in 2 different worlds, but creatively and philosophically aligned, al jazeera world explores the surprisingly between the egyptian islamic scholar mohammed abdul and russian novelist,
5:00 pm
leo tolstoy. and the french and dejection surrealists all the way bread and jewish leech really, i think, is an surrealists on al jazeera ah, the push for diplomacy to avoid any chance of escalation, russian and ukrainian forces remain on highland. and we'll also hear from people on ukraine's eastern border, who wants to maintain links for prussia despite the frosty relations between like ah, a low again on come all santa maria here in doha. this is the world news from al jazeera financing. it's miss all program with bitcoin. the u. n says north korea's gover.


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