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tv   [untitled]    December 22, 2021 12:00pm-12:31pm AST

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ah ah ah, a raft of new measures announced to help battle the army kron sir, and sweeping across the u. s. ah, this is all to 0, like from i headquarters in south i'm getting now guys are also coming up. doesn't still missing in malaysia after severe flooding while much needed supplies. finally reached survivors of typhoon rye in the philippines. bolivia is also hit by
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torrential rain. that's cause massive flooding on rivers to overflow. and uncertain times. we're look at what's behind a dire staff shortage in denmark. hello days before christmas. u. s. president joe biden has warning millions of unvaccinated americans to get the job saying it's not to control, but to save lives. be on the chron variance now accounts for the majority of new infections across the country. while he has rejected the need for locked owns the president, has round top measures to tests and tackle the spread. kimberly, how can begins are covered from washington dc. i'm a crime has gripped the united states. 73 percent of new cases are now attributed to that highly contagious variant. testing sites across the u. s. are packed in
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cleveland. this new dr. up testing site was act capacity just hours after opening. well, cobit has been a tough adversary. we've shown that we're tougher to combat. the alma kron sergio as president joe biden on tuesday announced a half 1000000000 home rapid tests will be distributed to americans starting in january until now u. s. rapid tests have been expensive and hard to find. we're take even more steps to make it easier to get tested and get tested for free. we're biden's also utilizing the defense production act to ramp up test manufacturing for clinical use . he's deploying 1000 troops to support overwhelmed doctors and nurses, and he's tapping into america's national stock pile of ventilators to ensure hospitals are well equipped, still bite and says, the best way to prevent severe disease and death is vaccination. all these people
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who have not been vaccinated, you have an obligation to yourselves, to your family, and quite frankly, now we criticize this to your country. shortly after taking office bite and reversed his predecessors withdrawal from the world health organization to unify the global fight against cove it. on tuesday, the secretary of state blinking announced an additional 580000000 will be sent to the w h. whoa, the set up programs to get the unvaccinated their 1st shot, but it may already be too late. we are going to be far behind what is needed for the on the kron search and asked because of how transmissible this variant is. this may be one of the fastest spreading pathogens in medicine that we've ever seen. so all of these efforts that they announced today are excellent. but my concern is
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that they're not going to be rolled out fast enough. the search is the crime variant is disrupting the struggling us economy. sports leagues are cancelling game . so are some broadway shows, but biden says, it doesn't have to be this way. he pleaded with those skeptical of vaccines and government to reconsider my ministration is put them in place not to control your life, but to save your life. what's not a part of president biden's plan are locked down? seeing in other countries, the white house hopes expanded testing will prevent the need for such restrictions . in the united states. kimberly helped get al jazeera, the white house. israel may become the 1st country to roll out a 4th dose of the co, with 1000 vaccine. a government panel has recommended that people above 60 get the job. prime minister nestali bennett, says that will help fight the spread of army. kron israel reported its 1st death from ami kron on tuesday. portugal has imposed
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a number of new current virus restrictions is on the current cases rise. night clubs and bars have been ordered to close, and people must now work from home. outdoor gatherings are now limited to 10 people in each group on new years eve, a negative current of virus test is also required to enter public places. portugal has one of the world's highest vaccination rates. well, if you're planning a trip to thailand in the next few weeks, beware of new travel restrictions. and 2 rules have been tightened once again, due to the spread of the army kron variance. the government says the measures will be reviewed and early january. but as tony chang reports from bangkok that may be too late for many struggling businesses to survive the beaches, it may look busy. but this is as good as it's going to get less than 2 months after fully opening its borders. thailand is once again shutting down lots for now we will issue no more permission and this is the same for ties up from now we're back
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to the old system of quarantine when entering in an attempt to slow the spread of the micro barian visitors to ton and will once again have to quarantine for a period of $7.00 to $10.00 days, depending on vaccination status. although relatively few cases of the new variant have been detected, only 63 percent of the population are fully vaccinated. but the health benefits may be weighed by a tourist industry that struggling to survive. this nature is just like, almost like a bits intent for the industry. i think it heard them so back we've just been opening for a few months after the course. yeah. for 2 years already on bank cox, famous cow son, road, the few tourist arrivals. those who are already have approval can still enter on the thailand test and go scheme. but with so much uncertainty surrounding international travel, many will choose to stay away. be runs
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a hair breeding business. she's just surviving that things are going from bad to worse. if they ever delay few hour this net get worse, of course it will. and it's never been the same since before the country shut down . these do have a few customers, but they are all tight. it's high season for the tide tourist industry. many had been banking on a busy holiday season and a fresh start in january. but the promises of the tie government to live with cove at 19 now seem shaky, was the hoops for the future. this is normally the busiest time of year on the cow sun road. these new regulations mean the tourists won't be back until the tide tourist industry. 2022 is unlikely to be a happy new year. tony chang al jazeera banker in scotland at ambrose new year's eve street party has been cancelled for the 2nd year in
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a row. no restrictions will come into effect the day after christmas. the number of people indoors and outdoors will be limited. scotland is also struggling with current virus infections driven by the army chron variance on to other news. and severe weather is having a devastating and in some cases, unprecedented impact on large parts of southeast asia. in malaysia, at least 27 people have died and 70000 displaced. dozens are missing. after days of torrential rain triggered some of the worst floods in years. the military is rescuing people, still trapped in their homes. for us though, he's joining us from kuala lumpur. so how is the rescue effort going and how extensive as the damage lawrence the damage is quite extensive. the latest information we have is that there's flooding in 6 states, still not the worst effect. it is per hung, the central state in peninsula malaysia, in that state alone there around $40000.00 people who have been displaced.
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authority is also saying that the water levels in some of the main rivers in that state are dangerously high and have told people that they need to be ready to leave their homes when told to do so. and then you also have the more and more been in the most popular state of language, the wealthiest states in the country. but it didn't escape the floods in some of these places that were flooded. people on the nouns being given aid and being ferried out from after the, trapped in their homes. and many have started to return home, even though this, the still water in their homes. but they've, the water levels have receded sufficient, extend that they are able to return home and start assessing the damage and many say that they don't even know where to begin counting the losses now. but there's so much stuff that they need to repair and replace a local aid organization. estimates that some families will need up to $2500.00 each to replay some of these items. and that's
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a lot of money for very many malaysians. and the monsoon season is not yet over. it is expected to last through to february, which means as a potential for more rain and floods in the coming months. thank you so much. florence louis reported them call them were so that the situation malaysia over in the philippines, food, water and medical supplies, are now being delivered survivors on typhoon roberts islands in the country. please . 300. 75 people died when typhoon ry pummeled southern and central region. while some are returning home, there are more than 400000 people who are still living in evacuation sensors, stimulant organism, and with the latest on the situation there. we were traveling for the past 5 days and we 1st landed in davos it, it just to give you a sense of how difficult it was for us to get to the 1st devastation, sight of city go province. after that, we made their way to to and from there we were able to embed with the philippine millet. she ended the reconnaissance flight over so we shall go island be now got
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providence and then we others. those dropped off a sort of go city where this situation is really dire. i mean, even for a country often battered by natural disasters, this kind of damage and devastation is unprecedented. we're talking about, at least for private, says, many communities remain cut off. it's been almost a week since by foreign rice truck and the situation on the ground is really difficult. it is distressing to see. for example, in 3 go city. just like in the whole province, just like in the now got the main issue is really food and water would spoken to civilian some of them. those in city go city will have to line up for hours to just just to be able to have potable water, potable water. 1 that they have to pay for that costs more than double already. for example, just like the price of rice and fuel, then we made our way to deny good province. okay. do you know that island that is
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about an hour and a half by boat, where we were the 1st journalist to visit and you know, by the time the arrived it had already been 4 days since stifling rice truck. the situation is dire, nothing was left untouched. children with barely anything to eat, no electricity, no power cut off from the rest of the world. several people were missing after its wrenching rain cause major flooding and east and central bolivia. benny and santa cruz are among the worst hit places. rescue teams are searching flooded areas for survivors. as priyanka group to reports. in bolivia, workers in a raft, with a heavy machine caught in a swirling sea of mud and flood water. the sheer force of the part of our river was too strong. the 2 was swept away, leaving the bulk of metal tossed around like a paper boat until it disappeared. element element after trying to save the heavy
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machinery, they got trapped by flood waters and were swept away. bolivia is in the middle of its rainy season. floods are not uncommon, and so my name is the misery, the dilemma. we have been stuck here since early morning because of rising river water as rivers rise homes, roads, and farm land are destroyed. and several people are missing. rescue workers are trying to reach them. but marine is expected in the coming days with warnings that water levels me rise even further. priyanka kupta, altogether still ahead on al jazeera christmas and occupied east jerusalem church leaders say christian groups are being driven out of the old city by jewish settlers. ah
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hi, welcome to the look at the international forecast on please to say we have got some slight dry weather coming in across the malay peninsula, but quite a rush hour still there across much to southeast asia, calling and seeing 81 millimeters the frame in the past 24 hours, a shower is never really too far away from where to whether they're coming across southern parts of indo china, some vietnam, cambodia. seeing some heavy shows just pushing into the a gulf of thailand. elsewhere there's a usual spread of showers across much of the region and more of the same as you go on through friday. there you go. last you dry there for them lay peninsula law is you try to across a good part of australia. we have still got some showers draped across the far north there into northern territory, around the top, and still some lavish. how's coming into a good part of queensland, northeast and parts of new south wales and it stays that way as we go on through thursday. one or 2 showers also brewing up across the interior, but over the next couple of days, the big story really is going to be about the heat. oh showers will continue i,
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which was use inside of australia getting up 39 celsius in perth on friday. looking at a higher maybe $42.00. by the time we come to sass day and somewhere in the south west of australia, cricket as hot as $46.00 degrees. ah, the african narratives from african perspectives now, but now we are about his big daily why she has a short documentary by african filmmakers from democratic republic of congo. and one that there was never going to be letting an obstacle just standing front of you. you ladies, what made with intimate connection between myself and dwanda, diggers, and merchants, and secondly, africa direct on al jazeera lou
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. the me hello, i got headlines on al jazeera us president joe biden has announced measures to limit a surge of amik wrong cases. they include expanded tests, support for hospitals on more vaccinations, but he's stopped short of calling for another lockdown. at least 27 people have died and 70000 displaced in floods in malaysia, the military hasn't called to help rescue people trapped in their homes. aid is being delivered to survivors on typing, roberts islands in the philippines of the 375 people died when type of right hit, southern and central region. more than 400000 people are living in evacuation centuries. let me, as parliament says,
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holding the presidential vote scheduled for friday will be impossible. it follows the decision by the head of the elections commission to down down administration staff for the whole the ballot has been marred by disputes of a rules and regulations. some of the presidential candidates including worlds, and if i have to have met and been ghazi to discuss the collapsing electoral process, let's bring in mantic tray now he's joining us now from aaa. so what does this all mean then for the election? well during this is a committee that was formed a little over 2 weeks ago by the parliament. what they were, what there were supposed to do was to meet with the high national elections commission to discuss the challenges and, and why and, and, and the reasons why are the elections commission wasn't been, wasn't able to move forward with these elections. they were also meant to just to speak with the supreme judicial council, of sort of like the supreme court of libya and security officials. are they, they,
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they, they filed a report last week to the parliament, to discussing why these elections can happen. and today abdulla abdulla had this lawyerly head of the committee, sent a letter to the speaker saying that it is very clear that elections on friday are impossible. so this is really, this is just another sign and yet not official, but another sign that the elections aren't happening on friday. yeah, i'm alex. so that's the thing. i mean, it's 2 days before that date on friday. so when, when we know whether the election is definitively cancelled, why me though? this is really the problem, right? so you have the high national elections commission, they're responsible for implementing the elections. so on an administrative level and, and, you know, in, in the boots and ever, everything like that in the polling stations are, they're saying that we're, we're not, we're not the person's, we're not, we're not responsible for the,
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for announcing a date or announcing of respondent. thus, the legislative sir, responsibility, lots of parliament's responsibility, they need to come. they need to come together and say that the elections are delayed, or the parliament is going back and say no. do lectures commits, and you're the ones who are responsible if you can't hold the elections, you to come out to the living people and say that, you know, it's, you're unable to hold elections on the, on the schedule date agreed upon date, which was, which is supposed to be on friday, our so what we might see is that come friday, libya will still have no official announcement of the delay. so it'll just be a given that, you know, the post ations will be closed. the elections aren't happening, but nobody wants to take the political responsibility and say, these elections can't move ahead. ok, thank you so much. malik trainer reporting from tripoli in libya. there are reports that sedans prime minister de la hancock is about to stand down. he was reinstated in november after he made a deal with the military. but it's been criticized by protest. her as, as
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a betrayal handbook was kept under house arrest for a month following the military takeover in october. there had been mass pres has since that power grab is really forces have shot dead, a young palestinian man after claims she tried to run over is really soldiers in the occupied west bank. these really military says they shot the man who the vehicle then became engulfed in flames. once he crossed his car into a military g. who is really soldiers were reportedly wounded, was early denying christians are being driven out of occupied eastern disciplines, old city ahead of christmas. christian groups accused jewish settlers of harassment and say, border closers. as a result of kevin 1900 are targeting only them. harry faucet reports in the old city in occupied easters for them. well usually at this time of year, the square here in front of the church of the lease ethical would be thrown with christian pilgrims in the run at christmas. the omicron search and the very strong
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travel restrictions imposed by the way the government have put paid to that in its stead though in the run at christmas, we have a row of red proportions between the church leaders here and the old city and the israeli government last week, those leaders put out a statement in which they talked about what have been happening in recent years. they say pressure on christian communities throughout the holy land in the form of a tax on churches, desecration, a church, property, intimidation of christian communities. the purchase of christian property here in the christian quarter by what they call radical groups. a reference to the sort of secular activity over the name it as such that we've seen in recent years. now they are careful in that statement to pay tribute to the israeli government's commitment to christian life to freedom of worship. nonetheless, there has been a very strong rebuttal coming from the very foreign ministry saying that these claims are baseless and distortion of the reality on the ground. they talk about that commitment to freedom of worship, and they say it's infuriating that these church leaders don't talk about pressure
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on christian communities elsewhere in the middle east. the strength of this response follows what we've seen published in the u. k. media in recent days. an article by the head of the latin patriarch, it here in jerusalem. also by the archbishop of canterbury, the most senior figure in the anglican church in which he talks about a hot cry coming from christians in the holy land. un world food program has announced that we'll have to redo food rations for 8000000 people in yemen due to lack of funding. the cutbacks will set in from january and the un agency is warning a serious consequences of hunger raises. the country has been on the brink of famine since 2016 because of the civil war. the w. f. p says 5000000 people are a step away from starvation. at least 20 commuters have been injured after 2 metro trains collided outside iran's capital to run. state television footage shows one train was derailed after the crash. emergency services say at least 11 people were
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taken to hospital one with serious injuries. an investigation is now underway. one person has been killed at least 70 others are missing after a landslide in a jane mine in the mar. that accident happens in kitchen states close to the border, which china last year, more than $175.00 miners were killed in a mining accident. in that same area opposition supporters in georgia are demanding the release in jails. former president's macau 2nd, really dr. say he was tortured in custody. thousands rallied in front of parliament's and the capital belief threatening and my hunger strike. that is really was arrested in october after returning from exile in ukraine. he was convicted of abusive power attorney, but he says, is politically motivated. the jury england maxwell sex trafficking trial has asked to review, printed testimony of 3 of her accusers,
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the british social. i pleaded not guilty to grooming teenagers for under age sex with her former boyfriend and convicted sex offender, jeffrey epstein. she faces up to 70 years in prison, if found guilty. tens of thousands of people and argentina have mar 20 years since in economic crisis sparked large scale protests and riots ah, known as the great crisis of 2001 years of austerity culminated with a government decision to limit cash withdrawals. that sparked outrage on the streets and the police crackdown left 39 people dead. while critics say 20 years on the situation in argentina is no different. but governments is in the midst of negotiations with the international monetary funds to restructure $44000000000.00 it owes to the global funds. there is a bo reports from one a series of this building housed at disco prior to the cove it
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pandemic. but the loved down and argentine has already shaky economy, forced owners who i can meal to adapt me. but i think if i look at what he has now filled the room with machines used to mind group to currencies. he's not only doing it for himself, but also for those who want to invest are busy, but i don't, we are good at elac and there what i, when you, in the beginning it was very complicated and hidden. they sent us an e mail address and we checked to us valid though no phone ups. now everyone wants to do it yet. we rent space and the handling of the machines and we have to separate the phones because of heating energy require to operate. and it's proven a success. neil has expanded establishing mining farms all around when a site is there, located in restaurants, and on rooftops with a growing list of clients. crypto currencies have become a way for people in argentina to protect themselves from endless economic crisis that include inflation evaluation and now capital control. this crypto currency
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farms use enormous amount of electricity and they're profitable here in argentina because energy is relatively cheap if compared to other countries in the region. argentine is trying to recover from the economic effects of lipp endemic. it's also well to close a 40000000000 debt agreement with the international monetary fund to establish the economy. but many fear the medicine could be worse than the disease. well, yeah, come on. really said no, no. there is no agreement with the i m f without adjustments. said this protest is the beginning of a series of moments. we will do to reject which ever agreement our country and our preston science with the i m f. as in zebra, sealant and we're at the for amanda says they're trying to close a deal that won't affect argentina's most vulnerable citizens. he also says an agreement is essential to get the economy out of the read economy. see,
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a deal is necessary to give argentina credibility in international markets in growth. so pet rent up a little gra. i think the political survival instinct, i believe, will make the government close a deal, argentina macroeconomy and all the problems we face cannot resist on other crisis. the agreements with the i m. f is the only tool the government has to establish the economy and generate expectations, which is what the country needs. argentina has had over 20 agreements with the i m f. and people here have gotten used to living in crisis. and that's why they have started to find alternatives like crypto currency mining that they hope would protect them from the fluctuations and instability of the economy at home. that he said, well, i'll just see that when aside is strong, economic growth and denmark is expected. despite a surgeon, coven 19 cases,
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the unemployment rate is low, but job vacancies are to record high staff shortages are having a dire impact, particularly in hotels and restaurants, or from a june reports from copenhagen. as the manager of this business hotel and copenhagen, susanna, lund should not be checking guests in your class, but denmark has more job vacancies than at any time in at least 10 years. so the added responsibility falls upon her at any given hour. susanna can also be found running the front desk, answering phones occasionally, even tidying up to where she says that at the height of the pandemic life, there was even more to do about cleaning rooms, sometimes flushing toilets, that. i mean, it's hundreds of toilets. we need to flush, we needed to clean that their whole public area. that's normally housekeeping. who
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do that? while the labor shortage has made things particularly difficult for denmark's hospitality sector. economists say one thing that helped both hotels and restaurants is the hiring of foreign workers. susanna is swedish and says that makes sense for both employers and employees the earn more money here and then mark the number of draw vacancies may be soaring. but denmark is also experiencing low unemployment rates, economic experts believe those 2 trends showcase how well the danish economy had been emerging from the impacts of coven 19 until alma crohn. the very it of the corona virus is beginning to darken outlooks. those are concerned that we going to locked down again. and on top of that, you also have the issue about increasing prices and therefore you see inflation around copenhagen masks are back along with signs on doors,
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making people question just how festive the season will be. capacity limits and stores and restaurants are being introduced just days before christmas. a time when danes look forward to doing their holiday shopping, and gathering with loved ones. olivia ken rig work, serving food and drinks at this restaurant, which like so many others in copenhagen was already struggling to hire staff. now things are even more tenuous. i think all of their people who work in the hospitality business or of course, of course concerned. it's sad that the christmas again, this year will be affected by by commit a time normally reserved for festivity, now filled once more with uncertainty. mamma, jim, jim and visitor company ah,
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hello again. the headlines on al jazeera u. s. president joe biden has announced measures to le.


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