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tv   [untitled]    December 18, 2021 12:00am-12:30am AST

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ah, ah ah, ah, this is al jazeera ah, hello, i'm sorry, i'm noisy. well, come to the news. our life from london coming up, covered infections and deaths reach alarming levels in the u. s. o. cases continue to serge around europe, threatening christmas celebrations. view and human rights council or does an international investigation into abuses by all sides in ethiopia as year long war. at least 12 people are dead and houses torn apart after typhoon rye continues its
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journey across the central and southern philippines. also, i remember yelling teaser teaser teaser and nothing happened. a former minnesota police officer who killed black motorists, dante wright, breaks down as she takes the stand on devin asked with sport as cove 19 grips, the english premier league manages are divided over whether the season should be halted. liberals, bossier and corporate doesn't see any benefit in stopping the competition. ah, welcome to the news, our top story. it is just over 3 weeks in south africa, reported the discovery and you very into the corona virus. it already had a huge impact on the corner is fueling infections around the world,
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sparking new restrictions, cases and deaths are reaching alarming levels in the united states. on average, more than a $120000.00 infections are reported each day, which is a rise of 40 percent on last month. number of deaths is climbing as well, with almost 1300 fatalities a day. many universities across the country are going back to online teaching. and sports events have been canceled or postponed. the head of the white house covered response team has warned the unvaccinated, they are not just putting their own lives at risk for the and vaccinated. you're looking at a winter of severe illness and death for yourselves. your families in the hospitals you may soon overwhelm our share joins as live now from washington. and so where is the greatest concentration of cases there in the u. s. and tell us also about preparations that are being made. expected surgeon infections
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while the such is already underway and we're seeing that there was the concern about this time last year with delta. you remember it was just around the christmas period that it started to to rear its head. and there was a big problem across the u. s. and the white house has been constantly saying, look, please get vaccinated. what we have is an epidemic of the unvaccinated, and that's exactly the same message that pushing know that oma corners here in the united states. and we knew was here what jelia than the thought. and of course that would a straddle the period of the thanksgiving holiday, big holiday here in the united states. millions of people on the move, big family gatherings, their big sports events. no people again are looking at putting in place restrictions in hospitals, in schools at sporting events as well. people are being taught to keep their gatherings much smaller. because of course, we're just over a week away from christmas. and that means in the next week, people will be traveling again, millions of people, there will be big family gatherings. and the concern is, as this goes on,
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that hospital services across the united states could be overwhelmed by people who, unvaccinated, or haven't yet had the booster. so the message from the white house and also from the medical experts is get vaccinated, get your booster, make sure that you have a level of protection. the problem for the united states is this has become a political issue. there are a lot more democrats vaccinated than republicans, that is for note, and the figures and the studies on their own 40 percent of a republicans have been vaccinated. there is some reluctance on their part. the number of people that are dying, they're more likely to be republicans than democrats. and so, and joe biden comes out and gives a public health message. there are a lot of people on the other side of the aisle tend to ignore that. what is happening though, is that the u. s. death rate is going up. we're about 1300 deaths a day here in the united states. and as a see, the big concern is the hospital systems will be overwhelmed by the number of key
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that could become that could be coming down the pipe. and that is why the experts are desperately trying to make people aware of just how dangerous on record is on the risk on vaccinated people face. all right, thank you very much. allan fisher live 1st in washington. meanwhile, the u. k is reported another record number of cars, the cases for the 3rd day in a row. just over 93000 infections are registered on friday. about $3200.00 of those cases are confined to be the only con variant. total number of cases in the u. k is increased by about 39 percent and just 7 days. but the death rate remains relatively low. researches from imperial college london say the risk of re infection with only crime is more than 5 times of greater than it was with the delta varian. but a 3rd dose of the vaccine could provide about 85 percent protection against severe illness. roy challenge has more on that imperial college study study that's been
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done by him hero courage they've, they've stressed that they don't really have the moments particularly good data to go on. so these are figures that could change, and particularly when it comes to the severity of the on the kron very. and that's one of the big questions that we have to have answered. and we asked, i've also quite seen when people guess it's all day going to end up in the hospital . how many of them going to going to end up in the hospital? the worrying these that's coming out of this study from imperial college is there's nothing that they have seen at the moment to suggest that alma crohn is any less severe than the delta variance. although they are caviar caviar, seeing that was saying that you know, they, they need to see more insights. the re infection rates is 5 times higher as he said than, than, than delta. and that's also worrying. but the good news is that the boosters do provide 85 percent protection against getting it severely that slightly less than
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the protection against the delta variance, which was it about said 95 percent, but it's still something welfare in the region. island is announced that bars and restaurants miss close the apn from sunday till january 30th with capacity have indoor and outdoor events. and then also frances amounts that major public parties and fireworks will be banned on new year's eve. as current of virus infections rise, they're a prime minister on cast x as all citizens, even if they are vaccinated, should cells test. before attending any social events, he likened the spread of the only con variance in europe to lightning. adding that it would soon be the dominant strain in france from january countries been reporting an average of $50000.00 new infections each day. and then in denmark, they'll also be new restrictions that to cover the rapid spread of on the crown, which now accounts for a 5th of its reported cases. danish prime minister meant
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a frederickson said public places such as cinemas in theaters will be closed from sunday. mamma john groom is in copenhagen with more on this in that press conference, the prime minister said, in record time, the rules of the game have again been changed. she said that because of the worry that's growing right now over the surge in cobra. 19 cases here in denmark, just today, it was announced that 11194 new coven 19 cases have been registered. that applies to the past 24 hours. and i should add that that is once again, a new pandemic record number of daily cases. every day. this week, there has been a new pandemic record daily number of cases. that's one. cause for worry then you will have the on the cron variant cases. they account now here in denmark,
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for one 5th of the number of cases in the past 24 hours, 2550 new on the kron variant cases have been registered, and there are over 11000 on the kron various cases. overall. here in denmark, now, once the prime minister and the health minister finished speaking the proposals that they made for new restrictions, new cobit 19 related restrictions, went to the epidemic committee here in parliament. they voted on those proposed restrictions and they have now been approved. let me just list a few of those restrictions for you. this means that theater is cinemas, entertainment, parks, museums, art galleries, and other gatherings faces will be closed starting sunday at 8 am local time for a period of at least 4 weeks. also, there will be measures taken to limit the number of people in shops and in restaurants are coming up. this is out from london,
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a flare up in fighting between me and mas, military and ethnic rebels drive more than 2 and a half 1000 villages into thailand. including hundreds of children, kidnapping of 17 foreign missionaries, and 80 spot protests about lack of security, but 2 months on has anything changed. and then later in sport, tiger woods makes a long waited return. following his car crash this year. ah, united states is called on all sides and if you appears brutal year long war to renounce and, and violence against civilians. this is united nations human rights council agree to establish an international commission to investigate alleged abuses in the country. the un says it's receiving credible reports, all sides in ethiopia is conflict to committing severe human rights violations. up
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to 7000 people were detained in the past month. and there are unconfirmed reports of mass killings of ethnic to grinds. the estimates are shorted according to information. our disposal from november 2020 to june 2021. over 2200 survivors reported sexual and gender based violence throughout the c. d. 's across the gray region. one of the one stop said this reported that the victims in over 90 percent of cases were miners and estimated that this is still the sensor has quadrupled since the complete iraq a year ago. it is important to keep in mind that this figures are most probably an underestimation of the true extent of the sexual and gender raised by being perpetrated. what is your dismiss accusations abuses and rejected the resolution
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establishing the investigation? we hold up on council members, so who firm principal and goodness, show cited in those and that he was placed a vision. all right? by the getting this resolution, i will leg my government. we not operate with any kind of do not. maybe it was alex valez, executive director of the wall piece foundation. he joins me by sky from summerville and the state of massachusetts. thank you for joining us on the news. our can there be an investigation without the cooperation of the european government? it would be remarkably difficult for an investigation to obtain personal evidence from the ground. and the government has been extraordinarily effective at preventing journalists, humanitarian work as human rights workers from documenting what has been going on.
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that said, there's a lot of information in the public realm and on social media, there are issues that can readily be investigated like the massive obstruction or military assistance like an incitement to, to violence and have speech and so on and, and their techniques that have been developed for doing remote investigations using cell phones and so on. and you mentioned restrictions that are currently on age groups and, and rights groups. also communications black outlets been imposed by the government . how does that, how does that complicate investigation? is because i already, the reports that we do have are very slow and gradual and obviously not in real time. the huge complicates the matter of course. if the p o can government were as innocent,
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that is timing to be would have no problem in lifting sense to ship, allowing the media to report freighting, which it's not allowing international journalists and human rights investigators in the very fact that it is not doing that it is implicitly admission, the terrible things are going on and the, the figures and, and the reports that we are getting from the ground. really just the tip of the iceberg. every to grind whom i speak to, for example, every single one has lost a family member to, to violence. and, and the undocumented extent of the abuses is really quite horrifying. so in that case, could the council of experts make recommendations with very limited access? i think the key signal that is being sent by the is 10 richman of the international
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commission of inquiry. this issue is not going to go away. there will be a sustained efforts to, to document what has been going on to identify the perpetrators and to have a call for accountability. so that the not perhaps the, those responsible, the in government in ethiopia, in our track some of the leaders of the to ground forces will be named in change. and there will, over time, the effort to, to call them to account did not before the international criminal court, which would be remarkably difficult to other mechanism. so of accountability and justice. and this really is what the people have up there. i think of the crying out for peace and peace with justice. thank you very much, alex, of all for joining us. the philippines is counting the cost of tyson, right, which is killed at least $12.00 people and left a trail of destruction. winds of close to 200 kilometers and now destroyed
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thousands of homes across the central and southern philippines. forcing hundreds of thousands to seek safety. now heading towards vietnam and china, german and oven has more from the capital manella. more than 24 hours since stifle dry 1st made landfall in the philippines, and many areas remain cut off. government leaders admit they are struggling to get an accurate picture of the typhoons impact in their gross and sir ego provinces. in the town of mary bo hawk, if the whole province rescue operations are still underway. local government workers there say at least 20000 families have already been evacuated from their homes. and many more are in desperate need of rescue. evacuees can't stay in temporary shelters for too long because of coven 19 restrictions. social distance
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sing impact evacuation sites is difficult to implement. many say there are more worried about the long term impact of this devastation. millions of filipinos are already bearing the brunt of the economic recession. they fear the latest typhoon disaster could obliterate whatever livelihood they have left. the government has pre positioned aids and military as 1st responders across the country. but many communities remain cut off that the officials and even age groups are still struggling. how and where to send aid to those who need it. most. typhoon ride, devastated huge parts of the desires and the mindanao regions. these pictures show extensive damage of the international airport in civil power and communication lines are down, and some hospitals are reported to be damaged even for
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a country often yet by natural disasters. this damage is being seen as unprecedented. hello, jamal allen, dog and al jazeera manila, police and japan are investigating a potential austin at back after at least 24 people died in a fire to a psychiatric clinic in the city of osaka. for more a being treated in hospital witnesses, a, a man walked into the reception carrying a flammable liquid which he then deliberately spilled close to a heater, b tory gate, and b has the story. ah fire crew shield from view one of the $28.00 victims of a fire at a psychiatric clinic in osaka. the fire department says all but one had a heart attack. look kind of poorly this little thing. a woman was left behind on the 6th floor and was asking for help. when she got off the ladder, she collapsed probably because she felt faint. but immediately the rescuer took her away. the fire started in an 8 story building which houses medical clinics and english language school and other businesses. many of the victims are thought to
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have been visitors to the san cat trip clinic on the 4th floor where the blaze took hold. one you whom i saw the news and there sank possible. awesome, it's not confirmed, but i am shocked and wondering why someone would do this yet. it wouldn't aliamanu did that. i am glad this didn't happen in the evening. it's a friday and could have been so many more people around it could have been much worse. the injured were taken to nearby hospitals and the government issued its condolences wounded to the golden doodle. saggy was unaware that a fire broke out in a building located in kitty corsica city after 10 am to day. and 20 people were transported to hospital details are occurring the being confirmed, but many have died. and we have received reports of cardiopulmonary forests, but like to express our deepest condolences to the families of those who have passed away, you are it took more than 6 hours to extinguish the blaze. fire height is say people on the other floors were safely evacuated from the building. detectives are
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investigating how the fire started and where the arson is involved. victoria gate and be al jazeera, a flare up and fighting force around 2 and a half 1000 people to flee me and mar and take refuge across the ty border. hundreds of children are among the displaced who sought shelter in the ty town of my thought. fighting between me and mas army and the koran ethnic minority is it escalated in recent days. i groups are working with the authorities in thailand to provide food and shelter for those have been effected. the exodus is the biggest since april when thousands flight to thailand off to as strikes by the military last group returned to me and ma within days. meanwhile, most of indians have traveled to a remote jungle camp near the thai border to train with armed ethnic gorillas fighting back against the military takeover and february young men and women have left that jobs in the city and moved to the secret training camp and near mas, eastern current state. the new recruits had taught how to load rifles and set
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detonators for homemade bombs, as they prepare to battle the army behind the crew. to most of them. in my cam through, over a 100 years, more people are coming to is in the village near camp. there are also youth staying there because they are insecure living in urban areas or they want to join the army training camp. now do they be everyone who's come here with their resentment and revolutionary spirit? so that is why their only focus is on fighting for revolution. 12 canadian and us mission res. returning home from haiti after being freed by their abductors, convoy vehicles termination read to puerto prince airport on thursday, 17 members of the u. s. missionary, who kidnapped by a gang in haiti. 2 months ago. 5 of them were released in recent weeks, the gag known as 400. my was a said, it was seeking a ransom of
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a $1000000.00 for each of the missionaries, gangs of extended that control of territory and haiti. the fascination of president of n. louise in july, harald isaac, as an independent journalist in haiti joined his live now from puerto prince by skype. is there any more information about how the missionaries came to be released? well, i got this morning. there were some international outlet that mentioned that the missionaries like the pay rent them, or there was a rent them paid for them to obtain their release. but no amount has been specified . and very little information actually is available on their health and their whereabouts. the kidnapping sparks protests over the security situation in the country and over the huge numbers of haitians that are also being kidnaps has anything changed in the country.
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our apologies that bit of a freeze on the skype that harold isaac joining his staff from the haitian capital, poor sprints. after the us and canadian missionaries were released, of course, many haitians are also suffering from kidnappings. and what is a very fragile and unstable security situation? in the country and i think go back with us now. harold. hello. yeah, sorry. listen, i was just asking you about the protests in the country since the mission. reason cannot. because obviously, many haitians have also been abducted and they've been called serrano has anything changed in the country? has it been any improvement or, or form to this situation? well clearly the situation with the missionaries was a very spectacular kidnapping, which was somewhat unusual in the haitian context and,
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and it did san shock waves within the haitian community. however, their release are very welcome in the community. here is unfortunately, one extra issues for haitians that they have to deal with. so their situation per se still remains on certain. why is that? how has the position of the, the criminal gangs changed since the assassination of president show them louise earlier this year and july of they become, are they strengthened? are they more empowered now? well, it's clear that within the last year, the gangs have grown very on brazen and to the point that they took over control of the or the last month where they are richly halted the country to a guy ah, and, and, and prevented,
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nor are more functioning communication, all the industries rely on diesel and fuel and as such, they have no access to it. so this is adding sort of general and security and, and, and certainly situation as and who, but a lot remains to be done and it's a very, very, it's a multi dimensional price. it how can i just throw one more question your way on? i, just as many haitians being can not now compared to a couple of months ago. well, no later than yesterday, there's been attempts of kidnapping and successful kidnapping operated as her report. as of this morning videos were going on line of attack or perpetrated, attack me against your regular citizen. so it is a reality for, for people. and as human rights organizations have reported over the last year,
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100, i think i've been reported which remains a big challenge for the local board. even police board. thank you very much for joining us from the nation capital port at brand the news and life from london. cilla had i ah, but it is in one positive britain. punish the prime minister after a series of scandals and what's being described as a political earthquake, north korea bands, loft, and happiness as it marks the 10th anniversary of the death of a full melita and in sport where i found the doll returns to action following a full month injury life ah
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hello ne cecia, we have a big drop in temperatures come in for europe, more on that in a sec. hello everyone, good to see you. but 1st, so here and now high pressure, the driver of the school bus for northwestern sections of europe. so what does that mean? we go in for a closer look at needs. it's deflecting systems acting as a shield up in around the republic of ireland and the united kingdom. we've got a feed of rain while precipitation into western areas of scandinavia. now on to those temperatures, i don't know if you're ready for the 3 day for paris, just a high 3 degrees on tuesday, but that overnight low minus 5, that's well below average. we still have some high temperatures, though, further toward the south, seville at 21 and i think we'll nudge up over the next few days for the balkans cloud cover, some rain and also a shield of snow is harry eva. could pick up about 2 to 5 centimeters of snow breezy through the not only adriatic, but also the aegean and the easter med. and that's where we're locked into this soggy weather pattern. look at that, went through the boss for a system bull,
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6 degrees and disturbed weather across the levant. next up, we're going toward the top end of african. we got some showers sneaking in across the northern coast of libya. same goes for egypt, but look at this. i think it may impact places like alexandria, but cairo will stay dry with the high of 18 on today. ah, the from the al jazeera london broadcast center to people in thoughtful conversation with no host and no limitations. what is even more and to me that now is system innovation? systems design and system transformation? part one of human rights activist, q, me, nighty, and environmentally. when own electric, i lived as you have the fossil fuel era my entire life, and i'm looking for a graceful transition out of it. studio b unscripted on out his era. the latest news as it breaks. this used to be the historic town center. now it is level with detail
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coverage list trust is robbie and cry is that like minded countries should step up and push back against perceived, aggressive russia and china from around the world. a database is being established to make sure they have the details of the sympathise of the supportive and the fighters, which belong to the group. lou ah, welcome back. made stories now grown of ours infections and death of reaching alarming levels in the united states. on average, more than 120000 infections and almost $1300.00 fatalities,
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it being reported each day. u. k is reported another record number of covey cases as well. now, for the 3rd day in a row, just over 93000 infections registered on friday. more than $3000.00 or confirm to be on the, on the chronic variant and the united nations human rights counselors agree to establish an international commission to investigate alleged abuses in the country . the un says it's receiving credible reports, but all sides and ethiopians conflict are commissioning, severe human rights violations. u. k prime minister boris johnson says he accepts full responsibility following the crushing defeat of his conservative party in a bi election. conservative lost the seat of nor shropshire for the 1st time in almost 2 centuries. it became very.


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