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tv   [untitled]    September 26, 2021 3:30pm-4:01pm AST

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depend, demik may have muffled the music, but the 2 by 4 beat of the tango goes on. bringing the heart of what a cyrus, alive again. i 10. what osiris? ah, so this is out there are, these are the top stories and thousands of people are protesting against each unit in presidents in the capital supporters. i said also in the st. jude is a wednesday, he announced he would rule by decree and ignore part to she has more and did what we're seeing here is that rather than support increasing for the president who initially did have widespread a kind of a whites proposed to response when he made his decrees july 25th. it's the opposition that is growing towards him. and it's because what we've seen is his
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actions, which he initially build as anti corruption measures as an attempt to try and rectify the failures of successive governments being turned into consecutive power graphs. in the compiled west bank, a funeral has taken place for one of 5 palestinians killed by ready forces. the bodies of 4 others have been withheld by israel horses. the treat storm several villages in janine and ramallah early in the morning surrounding houses. and they bring fire while israel has released a prominent palestinian politician after 2 years in detention honey, the gera was arrested in 2019. during an overnight raid on her home, she was accused of inciting violence and belonging to a band organization. in july, she was refused permission to attend the funeral of her daughter. john was released at the solemn checkpoint, june sudan. government is warning of huge financial losses after protests brought to oil pipelines in the main seaport, running against a peace deal with rebel groups which they said discriminates against growing fuel
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and food supply problems for the u. k. government to make a u turn on post breaks it. immigration policy will. the $10000.00 temporary work visas will be issued to truck drivers and poultry workers to try and easy severe shortages thirteen's underway in germany to decide who will succeed at chancellor anglo merkel. after 16 years un office, more than 60000000 are headed to the polls with up to 3000000 voting for the 1st time in spain, canary islands. volcanic eruption, la palmer is continuing to destroy property flights of grounded, almost 7000 people to be forced to leave their homes. the government has promised aid to those affected state headlines. manya, coming up right after counting the cost for i lose
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. hello, i'm adrian said again, this is counting the cost on i was just 0. you'll look at the world of business, or you can mix this week, the gas prices are rising and there's no end in sight as winter arrives in the northern hemisphere to europe. gas shortage could cost the world a lot more to keep warm. also this week, the rise of crypto currency and emerging markets despite finding trading in nigeria usage is rising. so a boucher plans to roll out its own e currency and thousands of illegal minors. descended on this andy and mountain parish in ecuador, in search of gold. they left behind a trail of irreversible environmental damage. now the community is fighting against a couple minor backed by the government. ah, there is a little corner of the energy market that gets very little coverage, but after
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a cold winter in europe last year, the continent has failed to fill its gas storage tanks for the next 6 months. now that failure, percent gas prices surging. and there's very little evidence that their supply to be demand this winter. it's not just a problem for europe. the rest of the world could go without as rich countries corner the market in a similar way to the vaccines. this year alone, new york natural gas futures are up 106 percent to a high of $5.00. 20 for 1000000000 british double units. it's highest in more than 7 years. bought the equivalent gas in europe and asian markets costs $25.00 for $1000000.00 british thermal units. storage sites a less than 72 percent for that's the lowest in a decade or knock on effects. a huge cf industries holdings. one of the was biggest fertilize groups has been forced to close to plants in the u. k, sparking fears of a looming shortage of ammonium nitrate that could hip food supplies and
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a shortage of carbon dioxide production could hit the meat to soft drinks industry . what gas is also used a power electricity generation. unsurprisingly, price is a soaring in that market to several energy suppliers have already collapsed in the u. k. governments across europe preparing to hand up money to households the cup of the higher winter energy bills. still consumer groups of warning, but the most vulnerable could be hit with fuel poverty this winter. according to european think tank rugle, a doubling of wholesale electricity prices from about 50 euros per megawatt hour to $100.00. euro's would imply that the u. consumers pay up to 150000000000 euros more for the electricity that's adding to inflation repressions in the euro zone. according to capital economics, since the beginning of the year, the rise of gas and electricity is that it half a percentage point to headline inflation. will some of the blame for the gas
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shortfall in europe has been put on wash up? it's sending less gas via its pipelines through ukraine, but russia could open its new, controversial nord stream to gas pipeline. the pipeline connecting russia to germany has been opposed by the united states, but german regulators have said it could take 4 months to certify the recently completed project. while to discuss all of this, let's bring in simone a talia pietro. a senior fellow at the brutal think tank where he research as you climate an energy policy. he joins us now via skype from rone. somebody good to have you with us. so what's behind this rise in gas prices then how much of this has to do with europe failing to philip? it's gas reserves. thank you. well, in europe today, find a perfect storm as far as nature and got the market concert. what could go wrong over the last month went wrong. on the demand side, we had
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a bad cold winter which pushed the residential eating demand for gas. at the same time, we had an economic recovery, of course, in europe, and therefore the industrial demand for got when hired at the same time, god was also more and more requested for electricity generation. i got about to think on the one hand c o 2 prices in europe when top favoring a cold to gas switch. and at the same time, the output of wind was particularly low due to a very poor. we can all be increased demand in europe at the same time. we have problems on the supply because the european domestic production, decreasing norway has had some problems. and russia is not sending all the molecules. europe would actually need, as i was up to asian started just let us in europe are lower venue in
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these period of the year high of the new winter season and lot of concern for the traders because people now expect a potential gas crunch in the winter should be bad. no, you're also arguing that the way in which the european gas market is structured is, is also a fault here. weinstat. well, over the last years, the european gas market at become more modern, let's say it moved from a traditional structure of oil indexation in gas contract to a spot market. 80 percent of the european got to be traded on the spot market disease. of course, giving great flexibility to the market is a good thing, but in this particular condition,
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if for their adding pressure on the situation, because europe is not the longer the work, asia is demanding a lot of n and g and the economic recovery. these also have been in asia and therefore europe as to pay more and more for the gas it was to get. and the 2nd suppliers, like russia, for example, talk about their willingness of favoring a market. given that the price that there are even higher than in europe. all right, sir, if not stream to were to come online anytime soon with that, help alleviate the problem. that the political point, because all the situation happens at the time, we're not getting to as being billed. and roger is waiting for the certificate ations to start using it. the kremlin said that should not dream to be allowed to operate immediately. the gas prices in europe will go down these
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the paving, the way for reflection about the weather. russia is using the current situation to foster the cave for a quick entry into operation not, not going to. so the question is, russia, you will be in a political manner in order to remember the euro that got important that russia got it important and not them to is important because it seems to be the case. and as a matter of fact, earlier this week, the international energy agency made a statement in which it clearly said the trash can do more to supply europe through the existing operating by brand. which by the way, you're not looking at the capacity many expected to for the ground in october, and therefore it's high moment for russia to show that that reliable supplier to europe. and if we look at prices across the content as above, why other u. kays,
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gas, and electricity prices, the highest, the u. k. situation is but the clarity difficult in these moments for a number of different factors. for 50 percent of the electricity you generated with gas and that, or the system is but the currently at the what happens in the gas prices 2nd aging fleet of nuclear power plant in the u. k. and the theories of plan old, the just you to the need of providing maintenance that was not 14, i'm being pressure on gas demand for electricity generation. 3rd and the interconnect are supplying electricity from france to the u. k. got some fire and therefore was interrupted. so all of these factors added to the fact
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that the wind speeds in the u. k. have been the lowest disease on since the 16th made it way, particularly difficult in the country. so how should governments protect their citizens from higher energy prices can can, how long can they do that for and how is this go to affect poor nations? in particular? first of all, we need to take into consideration one fact these, these, them for any crisis. if you look at the market, and if you look at the future, for example, at the dot got hub, which is the most important in europe, you will see that trade has to be think that after the winter, so in the spring 2022 prices will go down to the normal levels. so here we have an issue with that coming for 56 months. how boy, end of the winter,
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that the question, what the country, what government can and should do is to put the blade mechanism to protect the multiple m a t p. then, and more me, humans, the prices for the price shock. this is what the product sample from been doing, expanding the name of energy vouchers. disease lot, italy now is doing by cutting certain costs in the electricity and got beatles for gas commerce, families and mon, you meant their prices. and these or the other countries are also doing it is important that these point to protect the most vulnerable to protect your mentor prices, but then not to interfere in the market mechanism because the market will keep working properly afterwards. so be the best way to ends of the crises. the long term fix for the situation is different. easy to scale up investments and rolling
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out of renewable energy sources and energy efficiency solutions. summary, it's been great to talk to you on kerry because manufacturing day for being with us . thank you so much. the a community in ecuador has been trying to resist the advance of mining companies. residents from la metro's fed and why does not as a pushing for it to be stopped, but the countries cash strapped government is backing. the firms surveys bow reports. lemme said they went aside as he says, mold perish in the middle of the end, this mountains in a while or yeah, residents, you have been struggling to defend the community for mining and the damages causes for years. the. now there are posing the entry of a subsidy area of the australian company hancock, prospecting. a firm that has 6 mining concessions in the area to extract copper. the police were recently deployed last year. we had to protect your operations,
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the youth, your gas and violence to control a peaceful protest fully. madame us is a parish leader. she says she has lost hope because no one is helping them in the fight to protect the community. there is a village girl other than when a cyrus has lost all. how is there is no government, no law, any hurts. we want peace and i'm sure my ties. we thought the police there was censor, respect us, because there were women, all people, but it was the contrary. the police is not for us for the poor, for carmine, the police is for the rich. the people of lemme said they want to say to say, they know what mining can do to their territory. 4 years ago, they resisted when at least 10000 illegal minors invaded the mountains in search of gold and filled the water with mercury and cyanide, and left a trail of irreversible environmental damage. the crises for the government to declare a state of emergency,
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but now with established companies trying to legally enter the territory again. franklin romito is concerned. but on the 3rd of last month, tanya, of for us, the mountains, the water is everything is our mother is how we can survive. the government is giving all the facilities for the company to come here and destroy the area. nobody asked us whether we want this, the government concession to the company. the question via reported by the controller general of the state environmental group say it was constitution is being violated. and i felt, i mean, when i went into the state is violating the rights of the people to guarantee the work of trans national companies. the state has failed in the past because of the legal mining crisis with him. now they want to bring legal mining, but they are doing it with no previous consultation as the constitution demands precedent because they are more left. so has created an action plan to promote legal mining. and it's hoping to exploit over 2900000 hector's in the country.
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while others mining chambers says dialogue is the only way out of the crisis. yoko can look, see, there is no industrial in the world that is born without those 1st pains. i believe the future of the countries in mining, i believe we have to care for the environment, would be also need minerals. the best way to stop the legal mining is to promote legal and responsible mining. but let me say they went aside, is people are afraid, they believe their territory will be destroyed and their interests will be ignored . once again, that is, i will, i'll defeat the fast moving world of crypto currency. it may surprise you to learn that the fastest take camp is in emerging economies, and we're not talking about speculation here, but for everyday transactions and savings. these are the top 20 adopters of crypto currency according to chain analysis. it's an interesting study because it strips out trading and speculation and as you can see, the nom tops the ranking with india and pakistan. rounding out the top 3 rough
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galveston is popping up the table 7th on that list. is that his whale up? that's because the local currency has been made effectively worthless by hyper inflation. now the government has come up with a plan to try to fix it. his latin america as a lucille human just like you can't judge a book by its cover, you can't calculate the value of in israel as currency by the number of zeros that are added or subtracted as of october. first, this 100 boulevard of note will be the highest denomination equivalent to today's 100000000 boulevard. note, that means 6 zeros will be removed from a currency that has been sold to valued by hyperinflation. that it's become practically worthless. comments. i thought this is only for the bus for the ball of us. now i run a useful for public transport or nothing else. everything else is paid with us dollars. when his, when his currency costs much more to make than what it's worth,
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inflation in the 1st 4 months of this year was nearly 300 percent. and last year it was 3000 percent. that's why the country's de facto currency has become the us dollar. but millions of venezuelans don't have access to it by slashing sick zeros off its currency. the government hopes to reinstate the widespread use of its own coin, penis will bring back home and it has certain advantages. but these advantages don't generate benefits from a strictly economic point. of view, that would require a series of measures to control inflation to avoid more recon versions of the currency. the socialist government slashed 3 zeros from its currency in 2008 and 5 zero's 2018. so did he look, he is not optimistic that 6 will do the trick. when i look at it, this is going to become what it's already become. as all the currents is here, because they have all become worth the saw, it is way, le,
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has been experiencing its worst economic crisis in history, reducing bills to single double or triple digit denominations, rather than millions will certainly make prices easier to calculate. but unfortunately, it won't make the embattled believer more valuable. she and human al jazeera, well venezuela central bank says that it plans to print video bills, so it will go to circulation on october. first one, encouraging dentist wait is to use a digital version of the currency to simplify daily transactions. the currency will be branded the ball yvonne digital. now the 1st to integrate bitcoin as legal 10 was el salvador. the plan has been criticized by the international monetary funds because the fullest how crypto currency could further undermine the countries stability. but enthusiasts argue that many people prefer to use crypto just on the low transaction costs of sending money overseas like remittances. it's highly unlikely that other countries will follow el salvador, lead crypto currencies,
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not the same as regular currencies, but some countries are making the transition to e currencies. the bahamas was the 1st to introduce its own. sam, the dollar and china is trying its own a currency. beijing, along with many other countries, is cramping down on bitcoin trading. the fear is that they would lose control of a monetary policy. if crypto currencies are adopted, widely, many advanced economies a trying to accommodate bitcoin and thousands of other tokens rather than banning them despite a band in february and crypto currency trading in nigeria transactions across peer to peer platforms have sought from $33000000.00 to $44000000.00 in august to counter that, my jury essential bank is decided to launch its own digital currency the in ira later this year. well, let's get some more analysis on my cheerios decision to launch its own
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e currency. joining us from lagos is about me, michael, chief executive of the asset and equity group. good to have with us on counting the cost of a me. why has that been such a strong stake? take up of crypt, currencies in emerging markets in particular compared to established markets. nyja is leading in terms of adoption. well, so, but then the adding that the regulators average i didn't quit. so generally the control ok, regulatory wants to regulate. but then crypto does not really have so much ways around regulation. so you know, it's more of a cut on dog kind of situation. so it's put on old right now. not like the entirely out of the market or not. that is, it's entirely not in use at all in i junior, but people still won't find out we are using to to but then officially it puts on old around. so nigeria plans to launch its own e currency. how,
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how do they differ from electronic payments that we're currently making is going to be deny, rob mean said by the central bank of nigeria directly. so the major difference between the 2 d, on the electronic demand system that we already are going to country, is that the one that follows the route will be managed directly by the center of the center will be in charge of reducing mean chain and distribution of ira, i think, guess, situation where most payment systems are managed, controlled on more or less money thought by license payment system switches operate those within the niger economy. and do you think the people of nigeria will actually embrace enough as their means of savings and transactions? oh, they just got to continue to use the centralized script of currencies. why do people
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love decentralized currency in the 1st day? so people are shown i've demonstrated to be much more interested in anonymity. in less disclosure, not, i've been to go through too much verification or too much restrict shows as to when payment is about is to be initiated. so i see a little bit of some level of a locked in. i mean use our adoption. but then it's the government when the government into law, the law. and you know, i listen to one of the died the payment odyssey be in send out a conference saying it's will be my duty for anyone to accept the you know, because the app is just as much as your normal traditional and i knew there was to be some level of resistance because people don't want to disclose so much.
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people want some form of lee, but the, when it comes to international transactions, offshore remy dances under rest of the if the country has to be value its currency again, at some point in the future. presumably that would impact the currency to one of the oppose. i didn't market to deny ross, you know, definitely would definitely have some ripple effect on the normal or whatever we choose to use with changes in the future or not is still going to are the same impact bought. what impact, what the use of the currency have on the financial sector of an economy that don't require us? it definitely will bring down the cost with the financial off the stem it look, i mean, of course, because the cost of the money is also a costs and the cost of you know, managing distribution and of course,
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transportation of cars. they're all these are called suited with money, which when you mean it'd all, it's which, where reduce of cause. we were trying to live to reduction in middle cost to use as a customer of bands. and what can i do shows. so generally the cost comes down to go see in printed on, off call, or the benefits you know, the currency my out on the financial system, for instance, now just leading to game economy. see right now that job will be the 1st african, honestly, i mean african country to issue the current. i believe very soon john, i issued the us. so i believe is gonna add the current currency to be easy. point i juwan to trade. we think i, ma'am,
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it's been great to talk to manufacture date for being with us on counting the cost . alright, thank you. and that is our show for this week. if you'd like to comment on anything that you've seen, you can get in touch with. you can treat me. i'm at a finnegan on twitter. please use the hash tag a j c t c or drop us a line counting. the cost of ounces here i don't met is our email address. as always, there's plenty more for you online at al serra dot com slash ctc. that takes you straight to our web page and you'll find and time episodes to catch up. but that's it for this edition of counting the cost. i'm adrian finnegan for the whole team place joining us. but he is on al jazeera. ah it's another beautiful sunny day at 35000 feet. the weather sponsored by cattle airways booted world's best airline of 2021. hi, there are getting going on sunday,
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september 26th. here's the headlines for the americas. we've got sub tropical storm teresa india by and take, let me press play. it does dissipate, but it's still going to link up with this wet weather over new brunswick. there is a weather alert in play. we could see about 50 millimeters of rain toward the northwest of the province for canada as other coast this moisture late in system plaguing british columbia. so vancouver could see upwards of 70 millimeters of rain . also a wind warning here, and those winds could clip up to 60 kilometers per hour. we've got air quality alerts in play for central southern parts of california and what weather for arizona plaguing phoenix with a high of 30 degrees stellar weather across the u. s. called states, we may get a run of rain for miami, with a high of 30 degrees, driving rain across the pacific coast of mexico into guatemala. and we're going to get down with rain into costa rica affecting san jose. here's an update on hurricane sam. it's now a major hurricane. we'll put this forward a few days. it's continuing to steer east of the leeward islands,
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but we'll continue to keep tabs on where it goes through equitorial countries of south america. we've got her storms around the nose and stellar weather. also for santiago with a height of 24 degrees. that's it for now. see soon, the weather, sponsored by cattle airways voted world's best airline of 2021. the health of humanity is at stake. a global pandemic requires a global response. w h o is the guardian of global health delivering life saving tools, supplies, and training to help the world's most vulnerable people, uniting across borders to speed up the development of tests, treatments and the vaccine keeping you up to date with what's happening on the ground. in the ward and in the lab. now, more than ever, the world needs w. h. making a healthy, a world for you everyone. i
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didn't cover all of latin america for most of my career, but no country is a like, and it's my job to shed light on how and why a this is al jazeera. ah, this is a news online from the coming up the next 60 minute. the belgians are on the streets of june is demonstrating for and against the president moves to consolidate power funeral to held him the occupied west bank of the 5 pallets unions to kill. the raids by is ready for demonstrate as it needs to do done block oil pipe.


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