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devotion lot, i've seen women incarcerated for years. some say their only crime with a devastating still, but i mean, the story of one woman struggle that ignited miscarriage of justice, a witness documentary on al jazeera. ah, free to go a deal with us. prosecutors allows a chinese tech executive to leave canada where she's been detained for 3 years. ah, hello, i'm diamond jordan. this is al jazeera ly from also coming out. it's an embarrassment . it's been an embarrassment. it's dangerous,
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it's wrong. the u. s. president says he takes responsibility, the mistreatment of patient mike or southern border some of the final rallies ahead of some days german elections of the race to succeed. chancellor, anglo merkel heads for a time to finish. families returned to town, destroyed by fighting in northern mozambique. but while he still not a chinese tech executive who had been detained in canada has been released stop to deal with the us government to resolve fraud charges against her law way. chief financial officer, long when joe faced and new york court hearing via video link from vancouver. she's been under house arrest there since december 2018. at the request of us or thirties, the court was told she's reached a deferred prosecution agreement. a canadian judge later confirmed mung is free to go. the case further strain,
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china's relations with the us and canada. shabby towns to join us live now from washington d. c. she had so vince had been moving pretty quickly over the last few hours. what more do we now know about the details of this deal reached by us, prosecutors? it's a deferred process. a prosecution agreement, grand effectively was lung is agreeing to a full page statement drawn up by prosecutors that she did. ringback indeed misleads a financial situation and everyone else about hallways links to a company in iran. so there we go. us, china, iran, you can see we have the geopolitical ingredients here that you need for, for a story that just is around 2013. there are media reports that hallway has owned a company in iran, a subsidiary in iran, and it was doing various bits of business that the charges that money when hsbc contacted me on. having seen those reports and said, hey, what about this all you do, you have
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a company in iran or we potentially breaking sanctions. he said that in and this is just a policy company. nothing to worry about. what prosecutors say is that she was, she was lying there and that that was connections. and as a result, off of monk mistruths the h h. c. continue to do business with hallway in deals involved around about 4, we're breaking sanctions. so that's a general just, it's awfully complicated actually, but that's the general general just so she is that pleading guilty to baths, that charge of misleading hsbc. having protested her innocence, the wall street journal was reporting that actually she's been losing a certain amount of hope. recently, she hasn't seen a family in almost 3 years, a children her husband because but, but up until this point trying to among, i've just missed is entirely political prosecution. a charge that certainly was bolted when donald trump, at the time in 2018, said you know, will draw the prosecution of trying to does a trade deal with us. how the d j is always, i don't know. this is, this is all about vote. it should be,
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remember that the hallway itself still faces several challenges related to this. and of course, this mission may have an effect on that also on charges of stealing trade secrets and the by didn't ministration continues to discourage allies from using highway equipment. and it's next generation telecoms system saying that there may be back doors were trying to will use provided their evidence at all for this, but they keep saying like, looking at, i mean, even though it's a private business, we all know china. so that's the, that's the argument of the by doing the search now as the trump administrator before has been using no evidence that we do have one precedent for that. because edward snowden showed us that the us routinely puts back doors into telecommunications equipment by an american manufacturers, which is on ships around the world to spell and everyone. alright, does she have a tendency they live for us in washington dc should happen. thank you. let's bring it to robert scott. he joins us via skype from washington, d. c, and relative athena, international economist at the economic policy institute. robert, good job with a sudden how significant is this deal in reached by us? prosecutors and it was pushed the buyer and administration to make this deal. now,
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do you think well, i think the if i, the ministration is made a wise choice here. i think the administration preferred a go along style and politics and punishment focused on individuals. i think any course you particularly concerned about any connections were won, but i do think there's a core issue here which is why way has been shown have deep connections to the chinese military. and there are legitimate security concerns about the use of wild way equipment, bio ministration has made clear they're concerned about that. and they're going to pursue a new approach by and by, we're going alone. the you and the offended most our lives. i think by and we'll work together with other allies in europe and elsewhere to address the security threats related to other chinese companies. i'm not sure if that's an important point to make because what would be the long term impact of this case for hawaii?
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as you say, many western countries, the u. s. u, k, sweden, australia, even they banned who are and cut it off from lucrative markets and technology emanate. yes, they have any back. they've cut off is access to key components to make it difficult for them to compete. i think the buying demonstration is focused on trying to, to sharpen us to technological engine, some of these key sectors and wants to channel some investments to, to catch up as it were with the investments chinese have made in these industries above. but the question, does that robert as to what will this mean then for other chinese companies and investors? i mean, we'll re fi access at the us markets, further restricted. what about currency evaluations? to upset the huge trade deficit. for example, we've china, what's likely to happen there? do you think? i think it's a much larger issue the currency question. because despite thompson imposition in tariffs on china, in 2018 and 19 ducari, a terraced,
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china has continued to see as exports to the rest of the world rise. and despite the fact that train for the us as off it appears the chinese export are coming here from other countries, vietnam, malaysia, even mexico. and so the u. s. overall trade deficit with the world is storing it's up to 15 percent or more this year. going to off a trillion dollars, so we haven't done effectively, we shine. and the way to do that is to lower the value of a dollar against the chinese currency. it's, it's been trying to currencies 100 value for 20 years. and where this is the root of many or trade problems, just just a final quick thought to than roberts. i mean, how do you then see the long term relationship between washington and beijing now playing out as you say, donald trump's tarps against china didn't work. president biden sees china as a huge national security threat. she not only a security threat, but also i think
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a military threat. china is expanding into the shine and see and it's challenging the u. s. number of countries around the world. for example, they developed a big influence in australia, many industries controlling ports and other key sectors. and i think that's one reason and some recent suffering deal with straight from. so it was so important because it was a, it was a counter just on the chinese moves attempted to control of that economy. so i think we're confronting a chinese and a number of fronts and that's appropriate. well, that's got really good to get your thoughts. thank you very much indeed for talking to us. next me now the president joe biden says he takes us on stability for the harsh treatment of haitian migrants on the border with mexico. the president promised that border patrol agents will pay off. they were filmed using horse rains against people trying to cross over from mexico. the footage, including video,
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shot by al jazeera spot outrage early this week. white house correspondent, kimberly how can why the al jazeera the pictures of haitian refugees being rounded up by us agents of the southern border with mexico have made headlines for days. they've prompted several suspension and at least one by didn't have ministration resignation. after days of silence, the u. s. president finally addressed the haitian refugees miss treatment. of course i take responsibility, i'm president, but i was horrible. what just as you saw, to see people treat it like they did courses very right at the moment, people being strapped. it's outrageous. biden have faced heavy criticism for his administration's border response even from within his own democratic party. the images of white men on horses chasing down black people has been compared to images from the slave era. angry berry,
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african americans. i'm pissed. i'm unhappy and i'm not just unhappy with the cowboys who were running down haitians and using their rains to whip them . i'm happy with the administration biden's promised investigations into the southern border incident, but it won't stop the flow of migrants, not just from haiti, but from all over central america and increasingly the world now amassing in huge numbers. a problem that has confounded us officials for years. the fact that this is a situation that has occurred from time to time ever since i can remember 1st and foremost and most fundamentally and foundational lee. we are dealing with a broken immigration system. and we need legislative reform, but biden's problems don't end at the border. this week his promise to black americans to reform policing in america failed on capitol hill. the president also
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had to repair a diplomatic spat with president back crawl. after leaving france out of a new security arrangement with the u. k and australia. take a look at what i'd harry to when i came into office. when i came in office, a state of affairs, part of it is dealing with the panoply of things that landed on my plate and things are about to get even more difficult if a deal can't be reached with congressional republicans to keep the government open . also looming over the white house, the threat of a government shut down. kimberly hell kit al jazeera, the white house with an after the mostly haitian migrants were camping out along the us. mexico board and the texas town of del rio have either left or been removed every equipment was later brought in to clear up the sides, where about 15000 people at earlier converged in deplorable condition, seeking asylum in the u. s. about 2000. we're flying back to haiti on expulsion
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flights, and the rest of them moved to us immigration processing centers. john home has more now from mexico city. that camp in the rio, texas is under the border bridge, is reportedly almost clean, almost created out. now that's what us officials are saying, that's pretty incredible because there were over 14000 people there just a few days ago. so they've obviously cleared that camp incredibly quickly. the all picks that were not great. a tool for president biden's administration, just thousands of people that with shelters that were just sticks. were bits of plastic in many cases and blankets being held up and crossing to and through the river to bring food water there. because there wasn't enough food and water on the us side, not all of those people, but a lot of them, a, be moved to other areas in the united states and being deported then being flown back to haiti. now that's the other question here, isn't it? where are they being sent back to?
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this is a country the we were in a little more than a month ago when it just suffered a major earthquake in the south. west of the country did not tell entire communities. it's a country which has no president, right? now, because the president was assassinated back in july, the prime minister was recently implicated by the public prosecutor in the conspiracy to assassinate the president of the country. and there are gangs, especially in the cap to the controlling whole areas. so this is where those people are being sent back to. so i felt break here and i'll just say right when we come back, catalonia the former president is released from jail in italy. but there's still a chance you'll be expedited to spain and court in a perfect storm of briggs and the pandemic britain looks to relax these rules to help. so food and fuel show that it's more than that. the
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hello hope your weekend is going well. here's your weather story for the america as a wind shift in san diego has pushed down your temperatures by about 10 degrees. so high of 20 on saturday, whether it's now starting to sleep into central parts of brazil. so brazil. yeah. what day for you with a height of 31 degrees? we have hurricane sam break here, so let's go for a closer look. see what's going on. i push this forward. now towards sunday, it's going to stay east of the leeward islands, but in the days to come could creep close to guadalupe. so that's something that we will continue to watch elsewhere for a central america, some driving rain for nicaragua in the forecast on saturday. also heavy falls for southern sections of guatemala, where we had seen flash flooding. us gulf states still look in good abundance of sunshine, new orleans at 27 degrees. the weather though, around the great lakes, another run of rain and that flooding range, where the ne, into the canadian landscape provinces,
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and we could have something cooking up in the atlantic. so there's 2 streams of moisture, meeting, western parts of canada looking dry, looking good, vancouver with a hive 20 degrees and for the desert southwest. we've got some mon sooner moisture nevada, new mexico. but albuquerque will stay dry with a height of 29 degrees. that's it. for me, see, see the l g 0 recounts the shocking story of the assassination of counts for cabana dot. a tossed by the security council to mediate between arabs and israelis. his dead would prove one of the darkest days in the quest for peace. in the middle east, ah, killing the count on algebra. ah,
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the me welcome back. okay, from out about top stories head this, our top chinese tech executive who had been detained in canada has been released up to deal with the u. s. government to resolve fraud charges against her mom when joe had been under house arrest since 2018. at the request of us for 30 years, president joe biden says he takes responsibility for the harsh treatment to patient migraine. on the border with mexico veterans pharmacy, the border patrol agents will pay after they were filmed using boss range against people, tried to cross over from mexico and the last of the most the haitian migrants who were coming along the us. mexico border about the left of and removed heavy equipment towards later brought in to clear up the site. 15000 people had gathered
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there to seek asylum in the us. now the leaders of the us, india, australia, and japan of hale, they're solidarity as democratic nations. in a new alliance that seem to counter china, president biden hosted fellow members of the quote group at the white house. they mostly focused on vaccine production, climate change in cybersecurity. it's biden's latest effort to firm up us leadership in asia. after forming a new defense back with australia and the influential assistive, north korea leader says they're ready to consider ending the fate of war with the south, but only if sole scraps, what she called hostile policies commute. john said the idea of ending the war is admirable. the conflict ended in 1953, but an armistice, meaning they're still technically at war. at the u and early this week, south korea's president called for formal end to the war, bundled him, she's going to years ago in this very place, i declared 0 tolerance for war, a mutual security guarantee,
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and co prosperity. as the 3 principals required to resolve issues related to the korean peninsula. last year i proposed the declaration to formerly end the korean war on more than anything and end of war declaration will mark a pivotal point of departure to create a new order of reconciliation and cooperation on the korean peninsula. i once again urged the community of nations to mobilize its strength for the end of war declaration on the korean peninsula and propose that the 3 parties of the 2 careers, n d, u. s. or 4 parties of the 2 careers and the u. s. and china come together and declare that the war on green peninsula is over. germany is election campaign is entering its final stages. parties are battling whenever undecided voters 2 days before the titus race in years. it'll determine who replaces johnson. i'm going to merkel who stepping down to 4 terms in office polish. right, leading christian democrats are slightly behind their center left main challenges. the social democrats will. their leader has been campaigning in the western city of
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cologne as how to do how many reports social democratic candidates. all i've sold was say, who did do one of his final bits to convince people to vote for me actually positions. and a lot of people actually, i spoke to him on the square already regard him as the new chancellor of jeremy. now he had quite a wide spread sheet, tackled the issue of minimum wage back of the issue of climate change. glad that speckled the issue of social justice, he said that a lot has to be done for the elderly as when. and then he also talked about the flood those that had been devastated over the summer. that need to be rebuilt now just a few months ago when this election campaign started, i think many here in germany would have discarded him as a pretension chancellor for this country. a lot of people would say that he lacked the coverage that he was trying to emulate angle america
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a bit too much. but he said really manage to get through those full and reach the top position and those opinions both. even though the gap with the c d u to send right candidate, i mean largely it has narrowed over the past few weeks. he is still ahead. now he is positioning himself also as the wise man, the realist, the one who has experience, he is currently the finance minister and the deputy chancellor of the outgoing government. german do likes ability when it comes to the way this, the country goes forward and he is trying to position himself as the man who can provide that catalonia is formerly the catalyst wisdom. all has been released from italian detention. he was taken into custody by police and sardinia on thursday. spain chance please tomorrow, with physician for a 2017 independence referendum,
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which was deemed illegal by the course of adam renier, ports from the sardinian city of society. despite being freed, his court battles aren't over yet. the less than 24 hours after being arrested in sardinia on a spanish expedition warrant, former cadillac present cars pleased amount walks free from an italian high security prison. he left it to his lawyer to explain the ruling, remiss he only, but the next president president preached a month is free without any limitation, and he will not be detained until he will present himself. salary appeals court on october, 4th for another extradition hearing request. despite being free to leave italy, police tomorrow has plans to stay at least a little while now ghetto. the city with strong cattle and ties. i get to main jeopardy and put them on israel. president push demand is a free man. free throughout europe. he came to gara to celebrate katlyn culture,
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and most likely he will stay on his plan, but as ones but the penitentiary were pushing him out with held on fridays one to leave the most secure prisons. in fact, it's where the country keep some of the highest ranking members of the mafia. pushed him out and several separatists allies fled to spain in 2017. after holding an independence referendum that the government in madrid and court deemed illegal, 9 separatists were sentenced to prison, but were later pardoned. earlier this year, the european parliament stripped pushed him out of his immunity as a sitting member. at the time they saw little chance he would be arrested doesn't just ardini and activists came out to support, push them on. they dream of an independent sardinia and hold pleased amount of as an example the sustain all the happy turns out this way. we hope that also the court doesn't grant expedition request later on to the priest. amount
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is hoping for the same. we'll just have to wait at least until october 4th, to find out if italy can plead rules against spain request. adam rainy, i'll do 0 saturday. so demi, now encourage by military victories against arm groups, people are beginning to return to towns in northern mozambique, which are ravaged by years of violence. fighters have been targeting the resource which region, but have been pushed out with help from wanda malcom. web has been visiting some of the captured towns. the people who lived here all fled in fear of beheadings abductions and rape. their towns in northern mozambique had been taken over by an armed crew called out, bab rwandan soldiers supporting mozambique government for to recapture the towns back in recent weeks. it took us to see the places they now control. nearly a 1000000 people have been displaced since the conflict began. 4 years ago. we met
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one at juma ismael, her 4 children, and their neighbors sitting under a tree waiting for help. they say they've been here most days for the last 7 months to talk to didn't. it can be of the we ran away from the attackers, they killed people and burned down our home. so now we're staying here in shacks. sometimes we, sometimes we don't. people hope things will soon get better, but we have been getting away. don't, buddy, please come now. what we want is the government to help us go back home. there's not much left of many people's homes. fighters responsible of fled into the bushes through london forces told us they didn't know how many of them left the secret behind counties registrations. his vigilance and constant engagement to ensure that you said you're not getting anywhere detach the enemy from the population. and
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that's exactly what we are doing. they say the armed group is now also cut off from the ways it used to make money, most of the trucks and the other vehicles here in the port of my symbol, the prior. we're torched by the insurgents when they were here. this was a key strategic point for them in the notions just that they could smuggle gems out . heroin was coming in and also weapons. rwandan troops took over the town just a few weeks ago. now, mozambique untruth have a camp here. they're back in control. whoever controls the coastline can profit from the smuggling, which started long before the conflict. it's even greater rich, his lie off shore. about $20000000000.00 of natural gas, french oil jain, toe towel, suspended its contracts here and abandoned its camp earlier this year. when the attacks came to close. those am beacon writes groups suspect the gas money will ultimately pay for the foreign military force. but the rwandan government says it's
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paying the cost. this initiative could get bogged down and into a quagmire. if it is understood by the authorities on their partners, that there's only a military solution. it's unlikely they're going to be able to completely defeat and eradicate this on group that actually has been born out of grassroots issues. people here have been desperately poor for generations. the government provided few services and little security. the arrival of oil companies created a tinder box. now the government and its allies control the towns once again. people waiting to see if anything else is going to change. malcolm web al jazeera cover, delgado mozambique the united nations has revived its death told of the civil war in syria for the 1st time since 2014. i report by the un human rights office says more than 350000 people were killed since the conflict began in 2011. but it admits
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the real figure could be much higher. years of fighting and a lack of independent reporting has made it increasingly difficult to document. with the reuben authorities have committed the late leader of a rebel group that kills tens of thousands of people. at the mile, guzman died early this month in prison, age 86 is shining. pop group went to war with the government in your state, back in 980, a group's name for killing more than half of the 70000 people who died in the complex voters in san marina will decide in a referendum on sunday whether to overturn a ban on abortion, that dates back more than 150 years. the tiny, mostly catholic nation, is one of the last countries in europe, which forbids the procedure referendums, calling for terminations to be made legal in the 1st 12 weeks of pregnancy. and after that, if a woman's life is in danger right now that anyone who performs an abortion risk 6 years in prison and women face 3 years, they will not. and that at the moment has
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a rise to vote in favor of abortion. there are only a few western countries who have not legalized abortion. i think it's embarrassing that some are, you know, still hasn't done it. the british prime minister barak johnson is looking into ways to alleviate an acute shortage of truck drivers in the u. k, which is disrupting food and fuel supplies. it's for some petrol stations to close, and there are long queues outside those that have stayed open. another 900000 truck drivers are needed. the industry is calling for the government to allow short term teases to allow foreign drivers to fill the gap. shortages are being blamed and the panoramic a new regular immigration was hoping to have more from the english coastal town of dover. carry on as normal, was a message from the u. k. government minister, graham's shops on friday morning. but that message doesn't seem to be getting through to the motorists, particularly down here in the south east of england. as you can see at this b p station, there is a large q of traffic trying to get into this for court, where some of the petrol stations have actually run out of patience of some
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motorists. there have been tempers lowering on the 4 course as well. as some motorists try to take a shortcut on jump ahead of those who've waited a lot longer. the issue, the call of all of this seems to be a shortage, not a fuel. that is secure according to the government to the motoring organizations. but a shortage of hgtv heavy goods drivers need to transport that you're here to the petrol station, some 100000 drivers. we are short offer here in the u. k. according to figures from the road haulage association. now, the grants grand shops, the government minister has said he will move heaven and earth to ensure that supplies are replenished here on the for court. but it's not been helped by some tabloid media coverage this morning. one newspaper headline thank running on empty on the message to act normally. clearly not getting through these motorists here.
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and finally, how's this for a regal double is pairing the new queen of british tennis of a radical new pair. up with the duchess of cambridge kates middleton at the national tennis center in london for a friendly, much 18 year old. what economy was shot to fame after winning the us open to become britain 1st female grand slam champion in 44 years feet. and a teenager fans from all of the world, including the duchess. ah . type of christian. the headlines here now just a top chinese tech executive who had been detained in canada has been released, stopped a deal with a u. s. government to resolve fraud charges against her modeling. joe had been under house arrest since 2018 at the request of us all parties should have a chance. he has more from washington d. c. she is pleading guilty to valves that judge of.


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