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tv   [untitled]    September 12, 2021 3:30pm-4:01pm AST

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is attractive, circumstances pushes forward. let us step into uncertainty and experience the happiness of the moment. let us persevere. the 4th al jazeera comes into national documentary film festival in san diego, and dawn line from the 10th to the 14th of september 2021. a. j b dog. don't be a oh the hello there, i'm the styles you're paying with the headlines here on out of here. and iran is eating some restrictions on the world's nuclear watchdog following talks and terror on the international atomic energy agency will now be allowed to install new memory cards on monitoring equipment at key sites. meanwhile, israel prime minister is edging caution on negotiations with iran. une call it because i'm calling on world power don't fall into the trap. the rainy and
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deception that will lead to additional concession. you must not give up on the back to science. and the most important thing, the most important message that there must be a time limit. him. iranians dragging on, we must set clear deadline that says up until here, the secret documents about the hijackers involved in the 911 attacks on the u. s. have been released for the 1st time by the f b i and the 16 page report off is no evidence that the saudi government was complicit in the plot. the taliban is saying women in afghanistan can continue to study in gender segregation universities. the higher education minister has laid out that new policy just days. often all mail interim government was created. he says they'll also be addressed code. israel is saying it's intercepted rockets fired from gaza towards the city of stair out. and the israeli army says it's hit back with strikes on several mass targets. an exiled good. an opposition politician
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has returned to con cream. a week after the military deposed president african de said, you took a move to france almost a year ago now saying he was threatened by con, day after last year's election. june is he is president, has announced plans to amend the constitution kind of said took control of the government and dismissed the prime minister in july, trinity as powerful labor union and the biggest party in parliament oppose any attempt by the president to suspend the constitution. and crusader against cause has set her sights on the french presidency, paris man, and his algo is the favorite to win the socialist party nomination for next year's election. it all go has divided provisions with have policies to reduce con numbers and make the city greener. a typhoon warning has been issued for the chinese city of shanghai. typhoon chand through is heading there after drenching taiwan. well, those are the headlines. i'll have a news for you here after out there
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a while. the i'll just get out of a report, a time on this, out of his team, obtain the original 2016 script for the action movie, the misfits, and the revised 2019 script, which was amended after the abu dhabi production company, both the rights there are several key differences between the 2, the originals was pure fiction. as typical hollywood action claim stores said in the exotic car to be in. but the revised screenplays had multiple references to politics and real life event. it mentioned cut off more than $25.00 times. the muslim brotherhood group 11 times linking it to quoting capitalism. the,
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the new script also mentioned names of real cassidy people and others with links to cut on as well as the doha based tv station. i'll just see it all in the context of sponsoring ah, before changing the script, the americans would use of key gems emailed the direction many holler. in this message g. a jim said that the m a c production company are colleen run by months we had requested changes to the original screenplay jam us, the director to look at the changes before sending to the going to use the alterations included renaming a fictional character. his new name was odd, dockman. all know amy, i'm on the same name is a well known human rights activist in carter.
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ah, another change was to introduce references to colored. she's mister described as quote, the principal architect of the $911.00 attacks and to say that quote, that he was living under the umbrella of the evil country. though the name of the evil country was not revealed. the e mail goes on to a quote. i hope we golf what i mean on this. the analytic company also requested a boost for one, rolled that of a shake on how to dollars using the same name as a high profile islamic scholar living in cut up. what a great experience i had working in abu dhabi and with mentor, and he's company, if you guys, i love that part of the world and it to it, it was a great experience. beautiful locations, mentors, professionalism,
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and the way he organized everything. how film days were told that it was just all around a good experience. we got a lot of value for for the money that we were spending time on this holland, his team sought to interview key a job, the american producer. they also sent a request to the director rennie. harland. neither replying to the request i ah, in the misfits was released in cinemas in 2021. however odyssey to obtain some legal seniors from an earlier version that was due to be released in 2020 was delayed due
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to the damage settlement. this version, as all the scenes that directly referenced, caught on her, always chose lead actor pierce brosnan, referring directly to kata in the context of sponsoring terrorism. my idea of this is contacting embassy to a congressman tried carson important us ally, us send com. you just r u d air based launches, america just knew that too many questions and answers. the muslim brotherhood is like their parents generates a lot of in this scene which was replaced in the final version. 6 locations in kata depicted as i saw, the training camps the and here the counting and 6 use of our $100.00,
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who shares the same name as the islamic scholar living in cutter is depicted felton acts of violence spurred toyota are due to be done. so already in that was you set up the law, covered golly, courtesy of al jazeera, according to him, suicide bombings are a religious obligation was although the listing was filmed in abu dhabi, the earlier leak scenes showed several references to cut off the me
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distinctive cutter the top number plates can be seen both on passenger cars and police vehicles. the name of cars internal security, has been painted only some vehicles. the cool, like this is landing at the portable attract, the point remains the same. these leaked scenes also refer several times to doha airport and 2 other areas, hospital and shopped in kata might be comfortable. while many people will watch a film for pure entertainment and may not associate fictional places and people with real life. why would a film production company go to such lengths and spend so much money to focus on, cut off? and what if any, is the effect of a hollywood film that suggests that
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a particular country sponsors, terrorism, terrorism has long been a popular theme in hollywood. but most viewers who are american has ever been to these countries don't know anything about the war on terror. and it is through watching tv shows and films about the war on terror that people come to understand what it is. this is how they come to have an image in their minds. so it, it ends up being extremely influential, especially for audiences who don't know much about the topics. at this point, while preparation for filming was well on the way rami zone, the original producer and his new partner monsoon fell out in a row over finance. the
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case went to arbitration before the independent film and television alliance, the trade association for the independent film and tv industry in the us the ban. let me mr. fab dunk when you push beside the ship, give me, you know, some sort of film about if lena for a little while in touch for just now. hubbard bunk shot in my my mom saw and thought, let them know and it's flash at bob min shipped them and says, no, it's the fleet fish. if you learn telethon is f o meant philosophical macula, milan de la fowler cash tuition. i don't and i had only food. i have to follow one
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to minute thought. hick, look you are to law to come in when it was headed. when a sort of fund of muscle, i'm a little mouth at them. we had a phillips mother, had to learn my my be in the me who documents obtained by the odyssey the out of the team may shed light on the source of funding for the film. the money trail shows a payment on the 25th of april, 2019 to film gate and established production company headed by months of darby. ah, this $1000000.00 payment was made by a company called alma mater general,
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trading based in abu dhabi. ology 0 arabic sources maintain that this company has close connections to the us government. and us have money on them and meet us in the fall. persuade only in the full of fabric. mulanda linda far the battle talent. he shut them in the default. my father philip philip comedy action. dorothea the many amongst a little more book. f. m. electrical. my name is csc. the finance. the top number most ad before and at the fillum action for media next in the enough that blog, the mobile phone is one of those you about kind of some banana mother settlement this week. mother of had a death battalion model of why in in matlab. heather,
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in norful of. but netherland philip kept me leaked recordings of phone conversations between the ami shabat and munster on doughty indicate how relations between the 2 producers had deteriorated. me. when i was also a deal funny, she gave me the mentally those of it. she this collection is the kind of to find out what the finance how are you doing today? i have been up there is any kind of
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funny and i was like what it is, but i don't know what i would like to have maybe. okay. but my mom saw a voice message for rummy's urging job is to drop the legal arbitration hearing. so running the misfits, have you been total of the mafricia hitler, but a lot of contract went about a fee and i got data, but it was the other. and i who i am worry by, by monday me can, i shall let me to $1000000.00 to michigan. my daughter had the small dorshek and i
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got out of alec to contrib. i go with hollis. i'm to call michelle. when other, how go from i was looking to watch her film. honda went to the mill, the little the promotion was so on had gone the premiums away at a waiter and i need to sophia ami need the 5 year when am i guess sub week until you still up alley will it will show a really good so wish i can have up. and on monday, with a fair article was on, erica wyoming, out of fish, leesha. fin. hi, a can hardly got mila. why you ship. and i can show you, and of course your uncle, army mother dirty, her killed rock. his one must lucky be you didn't get in sancho use was on was on was on a more of a but yes, he saw us decide miss found a bad job. harlequin. well, i love him. when i'm at abilene high that i'm kind of been with,
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i'm going to the terminal in the us, nor sell a lot in after the 2 producers settled their differences. another dispute was also result. but one much bigger than a movie. in january 2021 at our lola, in saudi arabia, double kate against cut our by 4 neighboring countries, including the u. s. e. was lifted. the nations involved agreed to put aside their differences. this left the misfits with a problem. its narrative that focused on cotton was no longer in line with the political moved, and its release date was postponed again. in abu dhabi, the 2020 version was hastily re edited and most direct references to kata were removed, although some did remain any of this history. contact
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me missing and tried guitars and important us ally us that com you should or page to contact the embassy and talk to a congressman who try to stand is an important us. the main change was the name of the country where the film was said was alters cotter and its fictional isis training camps became as it is done, the prison, doha penal institute became the duleigh penal institute. the scene with the fictional shake, all caught davi was caught as well. any direct references to al jazeera t v i caught was not completely airbrushed from the film. some scene showed counters arriving, encircled,
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says it is done and showed shots of the iconic soup walker. a popular tourist attraction in doha. the city with a horde. them in my in my thought it was, you know, we haven't disco position. not all cut our number of plates were removed and several quarterly flags remained for you. i need to show you something to swear. streamline, important and dangerous. me cause internal security force seen on the security trucks in the films desert chase scenes. the an image of the really slamming scholar. shakes,
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usa phone is seen next to an image of khattab, a mirror with fake newspaper clippings about, cut us alleged tedder funding. okay . here we go from a timer on the so asked a legal specialist about the risks involved in making a film or you names people without necessarily seeking in their consent tunnel. well movies that are based on true life events can give rise to a number of legal and potentially political issues. in theory, a, an entity or a person or a group of people who are identified in a movie based on true events. and may have a potential for legal redress for defamation or infringement of privacy rights.
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against the filmmakers. you want me to go into a middle eastern country, one that you have been explaining for them, godly amount of time, that is filled with terrorists to steal their gold. if at them it's better off though we'll have more, you know, help us. and if it meant for us yet on monday, what we need often without letting me at the actual, camille is eric. if it is funding material in, in a movie state controlled media. for example, you are likely to be straying into the territory of, of propaganda which in some instances can be illegal. there are an international treaties that govern propaganda, extreme propaganda which can be characterized, for example, as war mongering or inciting,
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racial hatred. the many, he will say that hollywood is just entertainment, but we see that it has really significant political impacts in shaping our perceptions. our policies, how we understand different people, and also different cultures. we can think of many movies. so one movie that comes to mind that was particularly damaging, is american sniper that tells the story of chris kyle, who was in the military. and there was a lot of controversy after the film premiered because on twitter, some people said that watching the movie made them want to join the military to kill arabs. certainly not all viewers felt that way, but a certain segment of the population, watch the movie, and they were tweeting this makes me hate arabs 100000 times more than i did before
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. and now i want to join the military. and it's not necessarily the fault of one movie american sniper, but that kind of impact. and that kind of response is made possible because of a very long history of this repeated image of arab and the forms of terrorist. ah, people who are really impressionable and i think, you know, the middle east in general like, you know, has got a reputation for harboring terrors in america. you know, we've been told that, you know, you know, was then, you know, people from the middle east or potentially terrorists. so i think in that sense, it's really unfair to, to put some of these political statements in a film. there may be a little bit out of context because as an, as someone who's not knowledgeable of what is going on, it will be easy to manipulate me and maybe make me think that, you know,
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someone from a particular region and the belief is a terrorist. you know, i think that's where things can, can get dangerous. tom and michelle requested an interview with my daughter to discuss the story behind the mystics. family come said muscle diversity. my terminal mas home didn't numbers, you must happy. i just want to just, you know, i'm, i have a month old and i'm now my financial jesse around the, the whole village, the misfits and the, and the gentle get on the phone gate who had been normal. makayla caught an uncle while manser initially agreed to be interviewed in the end, he declined to take out his ears calls i'll just 0 english. them contacted months it, although he offering him the opportunity to respond to issues raised in this
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program. mansoor, and i'll call him productions through the lawyers dispute, the premise of the algae 0 film in its entirety. they also question the credibility and motivation of rami job. the story of the misfits seems to be the story of this information campaign that was ultimately overtaken by events. the 2021 agreement, the end of the blockade of carter, also put an end to the planned version of the mysteries. what was finally released was a water done film. one that has had limited box office success to date. in the end, the story of the making of the misfits is just as dramatic. perhaps even more so than the actual film, the. ah,
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the meteorites, small natural rocks from outer space that survive the journey down to us. and have high market value for rock and minimal collectors. all just a world joins the moroccan nomads in their desert such with these gifts from nascar . yeah, i can tell that it's a meter, right? had it is, it is i me to roy, morocco's meteorite hunters on or disease me each and every one of us have got a responsibility to change our person for the better the we or we could do this experiment any of us could increase in just
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a little bit that wouldn't be worth doing. anybody had any idea that it would become a magnet, is incredibly recipe for women to get 50 percent representation in the constituent assembly. hearing kidding. pick up to collect the segregate, to say the reason this is extremely important services they provide the city we need to take america to try to bring people together trying to deal with people and left behind me. ah ah ah, it's another beautiful sunny day,
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a 35000 feet. the weather sponsored by cattle airways, boated world's best airline of 2021. hi there, hope you're doing well. here's her headlines for the americas. we may have some tropical trouble brewing in the gulf of mexico also toward the pacific coast. but if we go in around the gulf of mexico, whatever this is, it's going to throw a lot of rain toward texas and also the southwest of louisiana. houston could pick up more than a 100 millimeters of rain in the days to come. the desert stout southwest still heat alerts in play for the extreme south of california into nevada, pretty average day for ss san francisco at $22.00 degrees. we have rain dance and around towards central in northern parts of the canadian prairies. it will some further toward the south effect in calgary. but then later in the week we get clear conditions, a light wind, so the risk of frost here. it's already that time of the year for their toward the east. then some storms for the dakota is just pushing across lake erie, but otherwise cloud cover for the north east. down toward the top end of south
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america, we're still seeing our persistent rain plate, the coast of columbia, the pacific coast of columbia, and further toward the south. we've got disturbed weather for uruguay, right into the southeast of brazil, affecting porto, a lay gray and weather whiplash. wants to get in for a song, see on going from 39 down to 19 degrees on wednesday. ok, that's all the time for me. i'll see you soon. the weather sponsored by castle airways voted world's best airline of 2021. when freedom of the press is under threat, step outside the mainstream shift, the focus that pandemic has turned out to be a handy little pre tax for the prime minister to clamp down on the press. the listening post on a jazz eda, the latest news as it breaks. the concern is that muscles forces are coming round on the mountain ridges. trying to surround this area in order to isolate to school with detailed coverage, real power, fill live, and my how much sick he takes all the major strategic decision from around the
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world. the water rose so quickly at this new jersey apartment complex. it caught many people off guard. ah, this is al jazeera, ah, hello there, i'm paying this is the news that i live from our headquarters here in hall coming up in the next 60 minutes. iran eases restrictions imposed on international nuclear inspectors following crucial talks and tear on the men for paris side on the french
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presidency. anadarko plans to run for the country's tough job we have from survivors of sexual violence caught in an armed.


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