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tv   [untitled]    September 11, 2021 4:30pm-5:01pm AST

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offered and many health care workers are experiencing p t s d like symptom. jump into this dream and julian global community. if you're on live on youtube right now, you can be part of this conversation as well. this dream. now does era take the worst possible material uranium grind it into dust comparable to flour and make a whole lot and put it into the face with people live? often. so many people ask, this is a silent killer. what does it make you feel like you feel like a murder? we have created an enormous little mental disaster and investigation. south africa, toxic city on al jazeera. oh the ah.
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oh again, i'm the associate hey, and that's remind you about top stories of silence. the moral services are currently being held in the united states to market 20 years from nearly 3000 people died in the 911 attacks in new york. a minute of silence was held at 8 46 am local time. that's when the 1st plane crashed into the world trade centers moved towers from ground 0 and manhattan. president biden will be heading to shanks, fill in pennsylvania commemorations there, began on friday evening for those who died on the 4th claim to be hijacked on $911.00 and crashed when some of the passengers tried to overpower the hijacking. and let's take you to the scene of the pentagon, where the 3rd plain struck at 9 37 am local time. another minute of silence will be held at exactly that time in a moment. a 125 people on the ground were killed as well as the 64 on board the
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aircraft. while my colleague, emily anglin, takes a look back at how it all unfolded on september 11th, 2001. it began as a clear, sunny tuesday morning, along american east coast, just before 8 o'clock on september 11, 2001 american airlines flight 11 takes off from boston, followed by united airlines, 5175, a short while later american airlines flight 77, depart from washington, dulles airport and united airlines flight 93 from newark, new jersey. at 46 am flight 11 crashes into the north tower of the world trade center in new york. people assume it's a terrible accident. more than a 1001st responders head to the same, 17 minutes later flight one at 75 crashes into the south tower. president bush is informed that america is under attack american, a line slide $77.00,
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then crashes into the pentagon. authorities ground all flights across the united states, but one more plane was still in the united $93.00 was headed for washington dc. possibly the white house capital building or other targets. after burning for 56 minutes, the south tower of the world trade center collapses. morning networks has showing these pictures live to millions of americans. the passengers and crew on united 930 the power, the high jackets and the plane crashes into a field in shank fil pennsylvania. at 10, 28 am the north tower of the world trade center also collapses. nearly 3000 people were killed, including citizens from more than 90 countries. rob reynolds takes a look back now at the aftermath of those tragic events. once in
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a whisper in the president's ear set in motion actions that changed the us and the world. 3 days after the attack, president george bush stood a top the rubble of lower manhattan and promised retribution. i know the arrest can alone and of the people who are not all of us. the blame immediately fell on osama bin laden's tie the organization based in afghanistan, which had already carried out several deadly attacks on us targets abroad. less than a month after the attacks, the u. s. began military action in afghanistan been lot in the skate, but was tracked down in pakistan nearly a decade later, the united states has conducted an operation that killed or some of been lawton, the leader of volcano. but even with bin laden dead,
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the war in afghanistan dragged on for another 10 years ending in a tolerable victory. the september 11th attacks were a profound shock with images playing out on t. v. in the aftermath war makers rushed to overhaul national security laws with little or no debate. the events of 911 really frightened people enough and i don't think many people ever read the patriot act and realized really how profoundly it changed what government is able to do in terms of tracking and conducting surveillance on american citizens. for many americans, the closest contact with the new enhanced security state came at the airport. the magnetometers, the metal detector, the x ray machines, you had to start having your g scrutinized and then taking off your shoes,
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the limitations on liquids. and then finally, in 2010, the full body scanner, things that few americans would have contemplated before now were widely accepted. the government initially was intercepting virtually all of the metadata on all of our emails and telephone conversations without any warrants. this was just drag net surveillance, the invasion of iraq in 2003 over through saddam hussein, who was later captured and executed. but it produced no weapons of mass destruction . 200000 rockies, and more than 4000 us troops were killed. the naval base at guantanamo bay, cuba became a prison where so called enemy combatants were held indefinitely. some remain there to this day. a color coded system of threats was introduced, keeping citizens on edge. that was the goal, frightened, the american people you know, inflate the risk factor amelion fold. busy and n p o l,
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well we have to accept this because otherwise they'll be bodies on the sidewalks and on the streets and everywhere else, the abuse of detainees by us soldiers at abu ghraib prison in iraq, appalled many in the us and around the globe. but at the same time, in the u. s. veneration of the military grew, we have sort of fetishizing the military over the last 20 years. we have no idea of the long term impact of having people who have grown up entirely during a war period or people whose entire adult life has been serving in a war zone for presidents and 2 wars later, the u. s. is a far different country from the one that existed 20 years ago, rob renewals al jazeera while, let's now take you to a moment of silence that's being held at the pentagon. to mark the time the hijacked plane,
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that would be american airlines flight 77 struck the u. s. defend headquarters. we are hearing now from a chaplain who is describing the events that morning. and we have been hearing from a number of other people at the pentagon, reading out the names of those who have been lost in the holy man. i now invite you to stand and join me in a moment of silence. i
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i i i i i, i, i watching live pictures from the pentagon where they've just month and moment of
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silence at exactly the moment. the 3rd plane struck at 9 37 am local time, 20 years ago now. 125 people on the ground were killed as well as 64 on board the aircraft. well that's now take you back to new york where we have a fun, a family speaker, and to la cuts him a few days ago, she lost her brother on 911, listening. and with that, i discovered that for acting, it was a new direction for me, a way to express creatively, all that insulting side a way for me to share stories. everything i was doing gave me the feeling that my brother johnny was with me. you got this kid it takes a really long time to figure out who you are and who you were meant to be. and all of us had to find new ways to get there. but if i had given up, oh,
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oh boy, my brother would have been so mad at me. his loss help shape me. well, let's now take you back to the pentagon, where the joint chiefs of staff army, general mark, milly is now addressing the morial service that he would have changed. at 9 37 am. the innocent were cross caught the crossfire of terror. daddy ology of hatred unfolded on his very ground in seconds. scores of lies were lost. 184 men, women and children were slaughtered. the violent, in fact and fury. 59 passengers and crew. a 125 of our pentagon colleagues. and the innocent range in age from 3 to 71 years old.
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those who perished here were among the 2977 killed on that day here in new york and pennsylvania not for what they did, what they believed. and what they represented, not for anything they did, but rather who they were. the people were lost that day and not just name the numbers. remember them today for not only who they were, but what they could have become, they were replaceable to their families. instrumental and their jobs woven into the fabric of their communities full of life and potential lives. cut short pain that can never be properly described in words.
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suffering that will never fully heal. no words that i nor anyone else will ever say that can fill the gaping home. but we the living. we have a solemn duty to honor their memory, their legacy daughter. remember them not just today, but every day. the her, if it acts of terrorism on that day, were meant to disrupt our way of life and destroy the idea that america, that idea is simple. it incredibly powerful. the idea that terrorists hate and fear the idea that all of us men and women, black and white, asian in india, and no matter what the color of our skin, no matter if we are catholic, a protestant,
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muslim or do or if you choose not to believe at all, the idea is that each and every one of us is created free and equal. the idea that will arise or fall based on merit. the idea of a free press, free speech due process of law, the right to vote or piece really assemble and protest for again this cause or that the idea of life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness. all of that is what i fall and believed in. and what they embodied all of the values and principles embedded in our constitution and made real in our daily lives were paid for with the blood of the fallen on this place at $937.00 on september 11th, 2001. those ideas were and still are hated by our enemies,
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the fascist, the nazis, the communist. ida isis, the taliban authoritarian dictators and tyrants. of all kinds. they have those ideas. they hate those values and 911 they tried to destroy us. they tried to divide us, they tried ultimately in vain terrify us. but their murderous intent was never realized. instead of showing fear and division we gathered in new york and that's available right here at the pentagon. and we came together as a nation with acts of heroism, unity and perseverance. many conducted by you in the audience today. while we great news and listening that to the chairman of the joint chiefs of staff, army, general mark meli, loyal service at the pentagon. those desk that certainly caused a shift in the way the us engaged in conflict abroad. let's bring in steve penance
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. he's the host of the bottom line out there is weekly show and also editor at large of the hill. he joins us from washington, d. c. steve, what happened on 911 directly led to the u. s. war in afghanistan and 20th on the u. s. as left and the taliban is back in charge. is this causing some kind of period of reflection? so people out the pentagon about the way they've carried the south i think at the moment of reaction after 911 the decision in october of 2001 to go and ask an a stand. almost everybody across the board saw that as a justified move to go after al qaeda and their host. but i think 20 years later, when that mission changed into so many other different missions from nation building to continue to provide, you know, the resources to prevent africana stand from becoming a sanctuary for terrorism again,
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for terrorist launching trans national tax. but there are many other missions that the folks had. i think there's reflection that a lot of that seem very similar to the loss of focus in the vietnam war. and i think many people in the national security circuit are asking, how did we repeat this, this issue, what, what is it with our, you know, been lot of himself told cnn before 911, that he planned to attack the united states and try to draw an over reaction because it would be good for their recruitment, and the legitimacy of al qaeda. he said it overtly, we knew that and yet we played exactly the way that we had. so i do think there is reflection. but i also think there is a is a moment where many people in this country don't, don't necessarily have faith in institutions. we also saw, you know, particularly in afghanistan, but also a rock and also in the global war on terror, we saw our nation, our country and government lie to the american public about what was happening,
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how it was going, what some of the results were. and so we've seen a real diminishment in trust in institutions by american citizens. that's been one of the impacts of this. and we're going to have to find our way back, which i think is going to be complicated. but when it comes to forever wars and we come to see what 911 triggered in us as a nation, it did much, much more damage than the horrific things we're seeing today. it really harmed our country deeply and widely and were still, i would say, were still nowhere near recovered from that moment. 20 years ago. i real moment to take stock. as steve clemens said, the host of the bottom line out there is weekly show and editor at large of the hill. always great to have you, steve. well, let's take you back to new york where we are continuing to hear the names of the nearly 3000 victims who passed on 911. it has been 20 years to that day
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and from what services are taking place across the country as well as moment of silence in our lives the change from day to day since then. but the love and memory in well, let's bring you some other news now and australia's most popular states has reported its biggest daily increase in carbon 119 infections, nearly 1600. but still crowds have packed to beaches in sydney. as you can see. some parts of new south wales eas, lockdown restrictions. the city has been under strict stay at home orders for nearly 3 months now. meanwhile, and appeals court in the us state of florida says schools cannot for students and staff to wear masks. it's a victory for the states republican governor who issued an executive order against mosque mandates back in july. this latest ruling allows the state to continue punishing school districts which defy that order. several conservative us governors
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say mandating kind of in 1900 precautions violates personal liberty. or at the same time, republican party leaders are saying they're putting legal action against the biden administration. it's in response to a new mandate for carbon 1900 vaccinations for federal employees, contractors and businesses. president biden has been visiting a school in washington dc, urging parents to get children age 12 and over vaccinated. and los angeles has become the 1st major us school district to make vaccinations mandatory for student i am so disappointed that particularly summer republican governors have been so cavalier with the help of these kids. so cavalier, the health of the communities. this is what we're playing for real here. this isn't a game. and i don't know of any scientists out there in this field,
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but doesn't think it makes us considerable sense to do the 6 things i've suggested or let bring you some sports news about history. this does the a thank you knowing joke of it just through the us open final. it means he's just one went away from achieving the 1st calendar slime in 52 years and supporting roger phaedra and raphael, no doubt to become the 1st man to reach 21 major titles. david stokes has the action. no joke of it. she's on the verge of something special. he's already won the australian open french open and wimbledon this year. and now he's just one match away from completing the set at the us open. getting to the final was tough. those he was up against alexander, vera, of the semi, the man massive the took care were lympics and it was barrett who won the opening set 6 games, the full joke of ich recovered in typical fashion. no winning the next 2 sets to lead the match very refuse to fade. he was going to 16 much
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winning streak in 10 years younger than joke of ich chasing his 1st slam. and he managed to force it into it asserting fits that. but as he's done so many times before, just which came up with a good, a big point, he's dominated the closing stages, 2 in the 6 to securing his 27 straight victory and flam. this year. 3 sets away from doing something that was way back in 69 to there's only one much less exactly. all in all isn't okay, let's do it. i'm going to put my, my school in my body and my head into that one. i'm going to treat the next match like it was like it is the last match of my career in the final he'll be up against
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russia's will. no. but to dental met the dev he dominated his semi final beating felix. those. yeah, i'll be a seem in straight sets. it will be made for that 3rd major final having lost the previous to the joke of which at the australian open and rough and ital that the u . s. opened back in 20. 19. the more you lose something, the more you want to we need to the more you want to gain it and take it. i lost 2 finals. i want to win the 3rd one that status. we have 2 players, only one going to win. you never know what's going to happen, but i'm going to try and more than i did the 1st time. so it'll either be a 1st major title to met with that, or a groundbreaking victory for the joke of which one which would put him ahead of that down and federer out on his own with $21.00 grand slams. david stokes 0 was hinge now turns to the women's final, the last time 2 teenagers competed for the title at the us open was 999. when serena williams defeated martina hingis falls forward, 22 years and canadian layla fernandez, opens m a right to counter will become
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a grand slam champion. later on saturday, i talk with my dad, my code tells me no where everything's going to be fine. gog go out there, have fun, enjoy every moment of it, enjoy the crowd, especially because they're going to be on your side now. so that's a, that's what i've been doing and this that i've been trying to achieve. and every, every point. and the longer the matches, the more comfortable i feel and the more excited i am to be on court. i think it's great for the sports to have 2 teenagers in the final bustling it out. it's obviously going to be a tough match. they listen great for me, but i'm also in good form. so yeah, i'm excited to get out there. and again, i'm the qualifier. so lucy, it'll be the 1st time they meet at senior level. red economy is the 1st qualified to reach a grand slam. final fernandez has one w t, a title that came this year mexico. and apart from the ranking,
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the big change in their career will be the prize money. the winner of the us open takes time $2500000.00. half that for the runner up. we heard earlier, layla fernandez speaking about her father supports, but he won't be caught side later. and his why extremely superstitious and my daughter's as well. you know, we've like, look, i've been using the same shampoo one game there and i've been using the same genes on the same socks and i'm the rep when we figured out what's working. we don't, we don't mess with it the last time it showed up to up to a final. there was a book and she made it to the final and she lost it. so i was hating myself for a good 2 months afterwards. christiana, now there is picked, has been picked to the starting 11 on his return. 2 months united he is arriving at old trafford ahead of united game against newcastle, which kicked off shortly when i was left to tell you enjoy and you bent us in late
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august to rejoin the english premier club after 12 years. we've already seen a davies who remember in the early kickoff seconds off the coming onto the pitch alternate was school for crystal palace against 10 men, tottenham, and net perfect. so the season went on to get another as palace $13.00. no, it's the 1st victory for manager patrick sierra. he used to play for tubman's rivals off. no. brazil football hero pele remains in intensive care. says he's feeling better every day to surgery, to remove a cima from his coal on the a 2 year old who won 3 well cops as being treated at the albert einstein house on south. paolo don't to say that he is conscious, son engaging, actively in conversation, expecting to move to a regular room on tuesday. new zealand creeks is arrived in pakistan for the team's 1st tool, the in 18 years. the play is landed in islamabad on saturday. they'll play 31 day internationals, role pin d, and 52020 matches in the whole international. chris slowly been returning to
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pakistan, falling the 2009 terrorist attack on the shoreline contain buff use and batting coach till on summer aware was part of that shoreline contain. he was shot in the leg as part of the code of 900 precautions. the crowds will be limited to 25 percent capacity and must all be facts mated. and amanda wholly field and victor bell ford have weight in ahead of their fight in florida. later holyfield who's $58.00 scales weighing 8 and a half kilos more than his rival. is a former usc champion, holyfield hasn't fought since 2011 was a like replacement for oscar delaware. his cosy round flight had to be moved to florida to the california state that plastic commission refused to approve it because of her food. all right, that's just what for now. more late and the stars. yes, thanks so much joe. well, let's take you back to some pictures now from new york. this is one of the memorials at the sight of ground 0. what you were just saying that these 2
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enrollment was features, the largest manmade waterfalls and facts in the u. s. that have been created to commemorate who were lost in creation moments, a place for people to reflect on what happened on 911, but not much more in just a minute. ah, around one percent of electricity globally is consumed by data centers, many of which provide remote storage facilities or what is also known as the cloud . i'm in no way to see how one center is honda thing. the energy of these fuel wants to store our digital information without a heavy comp and footprints. and i'm going to build off the north coast of the u. k, where the global green energy revolution taking on new elements earth rise on al jazeera. ready too often of cornerstone is portrayed through the prism of war.
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but there were many of thanks to the brave individuals who risk their lives to protect it from destruction. an extraordinary film archive standing for decades reviews the forgotten truth of the country's modern history. the forbidden real part one, the birth of, of done is done on a just preventable disease account. 50 percent of all that children are off the seat. any challenges education in the way? let me
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i i me memorizing the worst attacks on the us pauses to remember the victims of the september 11th attacks, nearly 3000 people killed, burying the scars of the us led war and i've kind of stone. we hear from africa cruise lives changed forever following those the time
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