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our english streaming line, and i do 2 channels plus thousands of our programs. award winning documentary debt to subscribe to youtube dot com forward slash al jazeera english ah. hello. i'm darren jordan and the quick remind at the top stories here now to 0. the world health organization says most hospitals and clinics, enough pianist on, i'll set to run out of money and shut their doors. health care relies on international donations which have been frozen since the taliban took control. the double h i was trying to find emergency funding to prevent what it called a humanitarian catastrophe. charlotte phillips reports from cobble to give you some numbers. they're saying that of 2300 house facilities, 90 percent has been,
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could close eminently because there has been a funding stop the funding caused by western dorner since the taliban took over. and to give you some more numbers, the 2300 health facilities, while they employed 20000 and health workers in last year, they treated 13000000 people, which is 3 quarters of the population. we have been watching this kind of simmering crisis behind behind all the fighting in the politics wondering what's going to happen because of course the country largely relies on international aid and during the taliban took over, a lot of that has been sought to now we're starting to see from at least the world house organization, what that means for people on the ground, the me and my shadow government has declared with its calling people defensive war against the military and national unity. government is made up of politicians deposed in february qu it's calling on all citizens to join the armed resistance to
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the military's crackdown. guineas military rulers had bought officials from leaving the country off the detaining the president and topping the government on sunday. qu, leaders, summons ministers and told them to hand over their passports and their official vehicle. promised to set up a transitional government. facebook and twitter have criticize the decree by brazilian president j both an ira that changes social media rules. the president's office says the decree protects, free speech gives people the right to re post band content. but facebook says the measure makes it harder to limit abuse on its forms. cuba become the 1st country in the world to vaccinate children as young as 2 against kobe 19 vaccines used, haven't been recognized by the world health organization. the government plans to inoculate all children for schools reopen. so those were the headlines. the news continues here on al jazeera, after hours in the world statement cancel,
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watching bye for now. the news news news, news, news me ah. ringback
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ah . ringback ringback ringback ah. ready today a shawnee medicine, as told me i can check when can hear from us. yeah, i don't need the regina. so i just like in my head enough to show in medina edition had this can be studied me. no. i actually had the slide and fluid to the hanging medina. i thought i had the i was 52. my thoughts told it was sufficient. mosley was and he can only show him so she center hi honey dismal back. the bottle song that had the 16 years a go. what names are yours and the medina
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name? how did you be from the yellow, fema, and the letter on her shamperdeen of yours? i. mckenzie one daughter t evening. this women a month. okay. and can i have her has been a few name, was thornton? yeah. that wouldn't delta most imaging if, if you could let you know the her what the call session can few her motto: second, when the when the health grilled for the us were 900. he here can be a she heard and you can indeed, jaime, while had us in the household. and you can watch the mouse, but he muttered in here, thought it topple. she kept ellen, lizzie kennedy, least date and horrible of me. i was almost in handle started from, from hardin homer. i was about by the pick up on the sides of
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movies and washington, can you move when get to, can i tell you one of my sexual stickle feet? and yet it will be mostly how can it can be in the home? i know that was an i knew you to my new medicine, the full amount of money. i man the me. oh can that he knew it was due to the must massage. cur shook her head oh that a choice and dishes for the most start out by the way that you can
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use it again. you can also mention i'm cannot many and how many usual for a shelf, coffee, half, and huddle and half love for most of us on multi how about it? i
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can be will be good news indeed. and it was here and picked him all the wallet in defeat. ah ah, i talked to the soda who can come in now when, when you get the from the mark of most then the thought osha can indeed speaking he can can shut it off clean for subtitle, whereby the young man with a $6.00 and initial horn on the head of the whole year. gosh,
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if the exams will elkin hillock use if you can do was amazing, will be how low even figler shakopee her feet in the house of mock me . ah, what i'm to fix it home a little while i'm a little soul. can she use it again d wallet again, d, who can fi, come in and defend, jogging and organ. thought about the matter. c o command can i'm a buyer's market. can the fish from a walk and she said you can in it, most of them will want to deal with in will not want to clear the total will middle. and then when
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each company uses jaime ship, ah, what is this the end of the shot? the but i didn't the one that you want from the one. this is valid when the chicken there can then what it is, but it can model. so then you can call up and hoist you little min on hold it go. we don't want to some of the best to do, went to sherry comedy. what about the kind of hagaman him, a work phone,
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a trucker thinking you had to stick them in as good as i uses waltz was in the home in the lot of the shorter because i do need to come in here visit of distribute on forever need enrolled, shorter di listen to what he can have this double time since you had to actually start to show me who you're not sure thought i use can work
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with my mom and tell me hallmark in on us what we want to do more again before you come in and out in the home, you should be getting picked up in the fall. get a moment. we'll get it to, to pick from a lot to the bottles or it was any this can if it was it the, the meeting will be en route of the mission service. can i knowledge and most again, that had to be locked in a heavy if they used to work on monday. awesome. and you know,
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get quickly and then i can fit, the bond can be dim, putting what i got, the total distance, which can be a bit difficult for ballistic and washing, acknowledged that completely. and if you go, when i get the sugar in, this is sort of the most that it didn't work today, but the boy behind the sound was he was horrible. left it there was a full. and if i answer for the system as a normal, if resort, what phone had hung thought of these in my back was hum. yes, really good indication in lizzy. she must be back to her is if the alicia and
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culture within his own neck for her hum, your facility medina would need to stop and say good. then we're back to sailor lynn mcginnis with the with the screen. yes. if you do, you are the like list like the humble medina. so madison houma you buy 2 is my 100 and the way to troll with my home. can a more be really go back in the cloud will not allow you out of meaning to be bought for a living lease until you get a can i just need to know more with instant message. medina were marking the phone at home. i said the machine was in dollar lynn. hi, mr. leon. we are sort of opening lizzie, nikita kenton, i thought mac, hernando scalia, limiting cisco. medina. i need in, in taking her thought about one for the michelle utley fee. michelle. harder than yes of in the had medina written net, especially women, him after i did read it a little bit i use if again do you can it will look in hor,
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hub the fee can be cur. sophia lulu, thoughts of warning against the medical fees, whereby they can someone who fucked it all on a corner, been caught on wooden feet most and lloyd the least especially put off one where shortly the f and it's hot and mostly indicated many of the commerce air was, was, was o'neill, menus begins the wallet and i, i use this with the fact that i'm the 7 by the 100 bond. it can about the 100 and
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shopping, the boys call him clear to landa somebody distant the least. the history of this in the multi year, my thought a subtle, she said it as they filled the things, are you looking for them in her for the program? was i'm a law nation, you go month, look, i didn't use this entire took his yes he jose me more than one d. and it's about that. abilene late was that he goes up, has 3 of december senate for had been on the bus thought base and i will do walkthroughs. i can ship for them when i'm in brussels,
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the the the me, me yeah. it was not the rule. can you hear me the piano and i am not too much
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about person. i mean what? how does that mean? she's me. when i define devotee, phoebe, i said, well you know what, if it of you can let it get you would evaluate to be in a levy mode them and the lead. and that he was he a see if to do with them anymore in the the c s at that same for me . me
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little medina? my not a day me norfolk heal. medina to let you anticipate be if no, she was not she any one bed or not? she was on duty and we'll see where canada do. he had him. italy, me see 21. not that up on me. a mom or the jenny, are you them? can hello mckenna to set it up. i
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show plato and humans, but they show me what does that mean? and that will have a few minutes later, but give a few more the wireless. but if you don't mother on the visit the demo, usually to dean, well, normally my home she hub drama, leaf l e memory as shown here. like energy. oh, why he could he miss her soul be. and if he does room and when dear can the dean when the me one and i don't really plato and other cameras here. you said he could to cinema. many meters really feel in las that he's a male tissue. was just really one year
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when we're sure that you holding feedback when he said, and he said to me based on what and what it was so when, when my see me in that job? well, i'm out to be, it seems as emily, michelle celine was an image emma opted i meant beef fog budwani, him the, the central ah, or i mom. i me
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i sort of, we used to be the letter she had eve madison and we would be the dilemma easy be copays. and then that would mean mean what did i mean to show you? it was sent out either to him without liberty where he but, but actually i'm have a lack and i'm one of the really a uni gosh, what is it? and the she says leave, but i'm still in the the seizure but he are in not what motherly he supposed on he bad, but i know somebody out there. you see there's a didn't commute minimum so lead was $700.00 will
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feel the hurt in which i will show you. hadn't medina on your settle the java? someone from a life of you wish them and i was not the one of those, but they had to put up with the shadow what glen did memo minutes? let one of the williams college summer. how many missed emotion was something different from our met? not when you speak to the ultimate one about the delay meeting matter. why are we not fuss?
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odyssey shut up. that pretty much i had the dea was to mark as it was. if you do decide, actually the ones i thought it to us and then i can ask him about an almond already to relation to does he asked me ask you how we looked at the way a woman on guy you know about us? look before him out like in the in lemuria. a year t ma'am. with him add to self done. you know you had a lab and finished with the union. what vision as jimmy, when i was getting ready to buy them in the morning, there was no day but why was that she was lucky enough. see, what's the phone with us? just to say she know what he, what he had done so, but you know,
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fusion and he will ice that's in the about us and i the on the limit and this one was that one of them and see us here for the whole above 11 mugs and we will back home with becky it we affordable and if you will, it teacher. but this book can do much out the way to mount hadash aleman. so you can just another, don't you had to be about to mac bottle, me know me know who should he short the m and can be slow, but mostly lunar ala matina to his way of the home, the poppy. your mad. i'm a look here. oh boy, should he, when he left to go any mom would often lee what was said with him, if and then holding for them. when i'm
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a mission completely as he's one was boy and mothers and he says, you need to need them for one day. let me feel really good. i mean what those teen montgomery to the shore with them any a dash or a yeoman meant that he said, how come at the maxima? why those teen minimal letesha was the minimum decision ah, in ah,
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to amendment for can i have heard or if you move it the one of the more candidate on it that he met him at the unit, you know, and i can mess edited. he's there with us. wish to know when those are low, but i mean, she's a living our visual, a subpoena that the wonderful when you get to shop. yeah. let me use hello from dell. have plenty of hot sunshine to go round in the middle east. then what do you say about humidity you like it? we'll focus on that for the forecast. specifically, we will talk about so in just a 2nd. but
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a slight shamal is spinning around the sand and does as we head toward the northeastern portion of saudi. talking about that humidity now for the relative humidity, 80 percent on tuesday, $85.00 on wednesday. that's not to say all day it will be $85.00. the highest humidity is in the morning and in the evening, but the heat index will feel about 52 on wednesday for pakistan settled in the south and also the north so that we may see some weather just up against the foothills of the himalayas on tuesday. the biggest story for turkey is really those winds blowing through the boss 1st. it's stumbled $24.00 degrees and i think 5055 kilometer per hour winds are on tap on tuesday. through sudan, 13 of 18 states have experience flooding as the nile river rises rapidly and its tributaries. and we've still got the storms coming and go in through the tropics, further toward the south and settled for the eastern cape right into durban. and in fact, durban could get about 40 millimeters of rain. this eventually moves into johannesburg
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and it will drop your temperatures big time, the on air or online, the parts of the debate, or pacific people, the ocean, is our identity and the source of well being. we are the ocean when no help, they get off the table. it's a shooting site atmosphere. people are allies, they're exhausted, and many health care workers are experiencing p. p. s d like symptom. jump into this dream. and julian, a global community. if you online on youtube right now, you can be part of this conversation as well. this stream announces era. we know what's happening in our region. we know, have them get to places that others and not as far as i said, i'm going the way that you tell the story is what can make a difference. it's one of the world's most powerful and dangerous criminal enterprises. central to the livelihoods of hundreds of thousands of people and
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behind the death of many more. exceptional access to some of its key players reveals the inner workings of an organization telling the known to many as the blood alliance. inside this in a la carte house part, one of the key parts investigation, people in power on al jazeera, ah desperation enough gun, the stone, the w h. i warns hospitals will be for the close in the coming days. if emergency funding isn't secure, ah hello money side, this is algebra ally from doha. also coming up a call to arms me on my shadow government declared the people.


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