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tv   [untitled]    September 1, 2021 5:00am-5:31am AST

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politics and society and that's the bottom line. me play an important role, protecting human. ah, ah, ah . you as president joe biden has defended the withdrawal from montgomery calling the evacuation on extraordinary success. let me be clear. maybe august, the 31st is not due to an arbitrary deadline. it was designed to save american lives. ah,
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hello, i'm not inside. this is out there. live from doha. coming up with us forces gone, the taliban has swept in to take over the stones main airport and claim all that was left behind. huge keys outside banks and couple as afghans desperately tried to withdraw their money. and all the nice health concerns on the cuff, you just stop crime, hundreds of thousands in the us have no drinking water power off the hurricane. ah, i was not going to extend this forever war. the words of us president joe biden, defending his withdrawal of troops from afghanistan on his face criticism over the chaos of the past few weeks. i've got his dawn rapidly fell under the control. the taliban biden says the evacuation has been an extraordinary success,
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and he blamed afghan forces the collapsing far more quickly than expected. and fisher reports from the white house, my fellow americans. the war in afghanistan is now over. joe biden brought an end to america's involvement and it's longest war 20 years, which still lives cost money and damage to medic. his image in the world war to remove the taliban, which again sits in power in kill bill. we're left with a simple decision either follow through the commit made by the last administration and leave afghanistan or say we weren't levy and commit another tens of thousands more troops. going back to war. that was the choice, the real choice between libby or escalating, he promised all americans who wanted to leave would be evacuated before the u. s.
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military where they went somewhere between one and 200 are still they are stranded but bite and insists not forgotten. and for those remaining americans, there is no deadline. we remain committed to get them out if they want to come out . but the president pace is going criticism from political opponents. and even though is on his own site, the say he fail his leadership feel, america feel the lives have got to stop the accountability needs to be there. but most importantly, americans need to be able to be brought home. this cannot be our history. this cannot be where this ends. we will not allow a. 6 whitening says he did the best job possible after the previous administration, never mentioning, come by name, saying to deal to pill, trips out without political assurances. and to the new threat, the group behind last week suicide attack at the international airport. there was this warning to ices k. we are not done with you yet. the air left
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organized and carried out in such a short space of time was undoubtedly a military, diplomatic, and humanity. and success with americans left behind it for very little america had questions to ask about his involvement in afghanistan. questions that are obvious and difficult. you'll buys and has been politically damaged by what has happened over the last few weeks. he didn't start the war, but what happened at the end? well, hang over the remainder of his time and i'll fisher, i'll just see it up at the white house spring. and gabriel alexander, who lives in washington dc. gabriel biden. not only talking about his don, but also talking about the big picture of wanting to change us foreign policy. tell us more about what he had to say on that. yeah, that's right. he wants to use this pull out from afghanistan to really rearrange, if you will, u. s. foreign policy in many different ways. first of all,
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he mentioned in his speech, both china and russia. he said both of those countries were bigger. threats in many ways to the united states in afghanistan is, but that afghanistan was taking up too much of the u. s. is priorities if you will, with so many troops there for so long. he also mentioned cyber attacks as well. need the u. s. needs to focus on that more and will be able to do that now. now that the us doesn't have so many troops in afghanistan, it's so much attention and resources on that country said that that they're both beijing and moscow would like nothing more than for the us to remain in afghanistan and be bog down there for another 2 decades. beyond that though, biden pointed to 2 fundamental mentors, if you will, in his foreign policy. now he said that moving forward, any us diplomatic or particularly military missions,
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should be guided by the missions to the us should only get involved with what they have clear and achievable goals. he said that when the us 1st got into afghanistan, us had that to go after a, some of the latin and to dismantle ok to. but after they achieve those goals, biden feels the united states got totally off track and stuck in afghanistan to the detriment of the u. s. he thinks and 2nd, that any other mission moving forward needs to focus on the fundamental or national security of the interest of the united states and nothing else. and he felt that that was not the case in afghanistan for many years. now. these are mentors that many presidents, including 3 before president biden had to deal with with afghan stan and had it been echoed by other presidents. but you got a sense that joe biden really believes this and wants to follow through on this and did so. he feels with the pull out of us troops from afghanistan. and finally,
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i'll say that, you know, biden has long said that the u. s. felt that the u. s. should get out of afghanistan completely. in fact, when his vice president dough to brock obama, he advised, then president obama to pull troops out of ghana stand. obama did not take his advice, kept troops there by and always said, if i become president, i will pull out all us troops map, ganna. stan, he became president, he did exactly that. and you could tell from his very defiant speech if you will, that he has no regrets. when he, thanks for that. gabriel alexander there for us in washington d. c. united kingdom says it's in direct talks with the taliban to secure safe passage out of afghanistan for british nationals and african allies who remain there. the talks involving u. k. officials and senior. how about members all taking place in doha versus mission came to an end on saturday, flying more than 15000 people out in the past 2 weeks. or the foreign forces gone
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from afghanistan. the taliban are now looking to the future. hours after the departure of the us taliban leaders spoke of attracting international investment and forming and inclusive government. others surveyed what was left of america's last military installation at cobble airport charlotte ballad. as this report, the roar of j changes and the cries vacuum, we've gone. the united states biggest humanitarian air lift is finished. foreign forces have left and the taliban is surveying territory. it hasn't house in to dicker today without any doubt was the day of f. ganeth dan's independence when we don't see a single foreign soldier and whoever invaded this country without permission. we got rid of them and this was a proud historical moment for us. but the celebration return fell flash cobble international when we drove from the civilian to the military side of the airport.
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we are very sad, believe me, after we saw the situation where hurt. this is where the americans vacated from last night. you can still see their planes, equipment helicopters here. the tele bond was us here. and last night they moved was one of the joy celebration they were shooting in the sky. there were, there were fireworks that were very happy that the americans had left. then they saw what was left behind disable planes and helicopters after the last c, 17 transport plane took off. so layman, aka was the 1st to enter the former us space. on. the 1st thing was they were panicking in a hurry and destroyed everything that was useful. honestly, they didn't leave anything useful, nor did they leave any dignity or pride in themselves. the telephone says it was
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supposed to have relationship and mutual respect with the us and international community as the group seeks foreign investment. but they say this is a bad start. this is a national betrayal. nato said we will help you and continue our assistance. what kind of help is this? the focus now is on resourcing, commercial flight, the taliban, lex, the resources and technical personnel for this sir, cutter and turkey, helping thousands of s can still want to leave cabal. and believe they are eligible for foreign visas. many still fearful the taliban will run a brutal repressive regime reminiscent of the 1900 ninety's. the taliban held a news conference aimed at reassuring people. it wouldn't. that isn't nice to bother really. these just yeah, we should turn a new chapter. we should bury the hatchet, we have no animosity against any particular faction, party or individual one. we transcend above this all. this is
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a close chapter of our history yet, but we are looking forward to the future with one goal in sight. rebuilding our country. but this is a country with a long memory divisions and distrust run deep. the tele bon admits it will take some years for its government to reach its potential. it may take many more for afghans to heal charlotte bellis, osha 0. couple. or as the taliban puts together, it's new governance. one of the most pressing problems is the state of the economy . of kind of sounds long standing financial problems got worse as the taliban advance with cues outside banks in couple from mcbride before the trying to get a grip on an economy that is faltering. get best outside one of cobbles made banks . the taliban ally way in just 10 customers at a time as hundreds more weight that turn not very patiently put a bit of command. abraham probably didn't expect to be controlling frustrated
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crowds when the taliban stool to victory will be a home. yes, of course we understand the problems and that's why we've brought this idea. it's how many customers government employees who say they hadn't been paid for months. and course by the speed of the former governments collapse. everyone is running out of cash. but for like a memo, not because men should have 100 over everything in good order. instead of running away like a did, i have money in a bank like $4000.00, but, but i can't cash my money from buy people's access to banks and to cash remains the real problem. the banks have largely remain closed when they are open. there are strict limits on how much you can withdraw it all pointed to a much bigger fiscal problem of how i found this done is going to pay its way. i've
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got the bonds government, the country central bank reserves have been frozen by the us. while world bank diana funding has stopped just surviving is the immediate concern for many businesses. it takes like 6 months. the hussein family completed the expensive opening of a 2nd coffee shop branch 2 weeks before the taliban takeover. i've a contact with the people who are have restaurants, who have from individual businesses. so they're all down further down the street. taylor, how may raheem, he doesn't know when things will improve when i'm on call for the model because they've been fact lost in people's mind is stuck in the bank. that is no business. if the banks are open, then people come own his rac hanging, increasing number of uncollected jackets and suits they were ordered before the taliban victory by people who no longer have the cash to pay for them. fabric from
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all who left the clothes and their country behind in search of something better. robert bride al jazeera couple. still ahead on alex's era, i was on the job on about and i knew how people got a bunch of calibrating after the withdrawal of us troops. later, more than 200 left on the slopes of volcanic homes, find the pink iguanas in the galactic inside the ah ah, it's time for the journey to winter sponsored by kettle airways. however, the rain clouds refused to move across the korean peninsula. at the moment you can see the menu fun still straddling northern parts of china, running up towards the korean peninsula that will bring some very heavy rain in
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here as we go through a wedding, stay then, and then it'll punch this way over towards the central and southern parts of japan, so you're seeing some very wet weather. tokyo looking fairly wet as we go on through thursday, pick down polls coming through here. q she was seeing some live shot, but the northern parts of japan, not too bad, should be largely dry support getting up to 27 degrees celsius. so actually i was trying to sing some wet weather more than part a little dry by the state at 30 celsius, therefore basing $32.00 down towards the south for hong kong, but a few showers around the region, the usual scattering showers. meanwhile, because much of south east asia, we've seen flooding recently into sal away sea floods and much slides. just the round sumatra, more heavy downpours as we go through the next couple of days. and she's a very heavy down post to into western parts of india. we have got red water in force at present, where the rain will ease over the next couple of days for my rush. jeff will go to wrap. it will turn very,
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very well in they and that wet weather. filarious low pressure here spinning away into southern pakistan. sponsor cut on airways in 2009 a to just victim of the brutal argent time vidalia regime confronted his interrogator . torture? no, no, no, no, i wasn't trying to, i was interrogating, has justice now been served for the atrocious crimes committed decades earlier i didn't. you were telling like an investigation into the dark history of argentina, or why didn't they told me in the end 3, wind interrogating? a torture on al jazeera. ah, ah, ah,
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you're watching al jazeera minds of our top story is this our us president joe biden has defended his withdrawal of troops from afghanistan and said the evacuation have been a success. he criticized his previous us and deal with a taliban on a timeline. he said he had a few options to change our off of the u. s. departure taliban latest folk of attracting international investment and forming an increase of government. they are disappointed at what's been left behind planes and helicopters for disabled equipment choices while they're in long queues outside banks in couple the countries economic problems have gotten worse. as the taliban advanced, people have been trying to withdraw the maximum limit of $200.00 a day. al jazeera has been granted ret access to the eastern city of july about a summer been job aid has been asked to taliban celebration,
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where the group has promised security before celebrations. have been taking place across san this is one of them in the city of delilah by the commanders of the taliban has been congratulating the people saying that they have ended the system of production. the system which favored the powerful and the system that was against the oppressed. they have been expressing their commitment that they are going to continue to uphold the values which the dotted line have been promising. which means that they are going to provide justice, they're going to provide basic freedom and they're going to provide a system where people are not going to be subjugated to corruption or other ills of the society. again, these are promises that we've heard before. this album came to power and now we're hearing these from this is again in front of an audience. i mean these people are the residence of denial about people who have been injured about for
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a long time. and they have been witnessing the quick takeover by the taliban. and their thoughtful that there is going to be a system which protects him and provide them with much needed social security as well as prospect. the italian military house flow nearly 5000 afghans to italy since the taliban took over. many of the refugees is still on the quarantine while the process for re settlement. adam rainy visited the country's largest camp for afghan evacuation in arizona. at this camp an hour outside of rome, more than a 1000 afghan refugees are starting a new life now far from the country. they called home. many of them like this man felt they had no choice but to flee a la carte. i work with italian and after military i was a target for the taliban. he like others we spoke to, asked us not to show his face, out of fear for loved ones back in afghanistan,
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one of the main us, i am happy to be here, but i am really worried about my family, but i haven't being able to contact them for 7 days, so i don't know how they're doing or where they are. ok. it's a story repeated here among those who worked with italian or other international forces during the war. as that taliban closed in, they rushed to cobble airport. some lost family and mechanic rushed to escape and haven't seen them since. i want one refugee, we met served as a policeman in the former government, he told us he felt particularly at risk of taliban retribution. since august 14th, nearly 5000 african refugees have arrived in italy, the largest number of any european union country. i feel safe here, but i always worry about my future. how can i organize everything? how? how can i continue to my higher education, those running the camp are trying to address such concerns?
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you know, of course, they want to know about the future, the process of inclusion in our country at which now they are going to do in to be included in our society about today. they did the schools for the children, do a job, and all it is of course we can not give an answer to all of these questions. so by doing gauging, explaining that process, that by step this camp run by the italian red cross is the largest processing center for the refugees in italy. more than $1300.00 african evacuees have been sheltered here temporarily, as they wait longer term placement after being screened for cove at 19. many received vaccinations after being processed here. the fact that we are then taken by bus to other shelters and hotels across italy, officials hoped to resettle everyone at this camp by friday. the 1st step in helping these refugees rebuild their lives in a new country. adarine al jazeera,
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have a santa italy. that reports the syrian government and local leaders from the rebel held city of the raw have reached an agreement for 3 days sci fi g to begin on wednesday. government forces have recently ramped up the offensive to take draw, including blocking the supply of food on medicine. and there's been a bait of rebel attacks on army checkpoints in neighboring towns. hurricane ida has left hundreds of thousands, only u. s. gulf coast without drinking water and electricity at louisiana as governor called the destruction catastrophic. the nighttime curfew is in place in new orleans to storm. the crime of the city was left in darkness and their health concerns as the regions welters, in late summer heat, official se could take weeks to fully restore electricity. so for 4 people have died. phil laval has moved from la plus in louisiana. the only in the city
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itself fed okay, in times of the damage from hurricane ida when it comes to the water release. but it's when you get outside of the main city area to places like this is la plus just north of new orleans as a city. that's where you see just the damage that was caused. the winds wrought through here, there is a huge amount of water. it was blown, we are told from a nearby lake and it is completely submerged. this area of the search and rescue operation is going on. they going door to door. there is no way of getting down these roads. i mean, this is an actual road that leads up to the freeway. so what was happening is people having to go buy both volunteers, go buy votes, door to door, to try to reach people. now, there are a number of dangers here. first of all, the fact that you have alligators here, perhaps not one of the obvious pages, but this is louisiana. this is marshall and you've got all of this area where you would typically have alligators living. once i mean you wouldn't tend to see them walking down main street, suburban streets, but once the waters create these rivers,
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that means they've got more space to move around. and we saw at jury katrina more alligators. and we know of at least one case in the last couple of days, whether it's been an attack, a 71 year old man, being attacked by an alligator, his wife trying to save his life. she didn't manage to it. his body has since disappeared. the other issue is disease because this water there is a current, but it is filthy and it is sitting here. lots of people who will have been hit by daybreak, who would have been injured. you do not want to get this water on an open wound because the fact that you could get illness disease from this is a big problem getting to a hospital as an even bigger problem because it's very difficult to move anywhere out. of course is the issue of power because you can say down over here, the power lines, these will really badly have these ones still kind of standing. but there are some elsewhere that we've passed it all completely down. these are in the water and the power is off, but there are always, there's always the possibility that it could come, come on intermittently while they try to get it back up because a 1000000 also residents here and we see on it all without power. that's
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a big issue because it means that people can't keep cool. it is very hot here. they're expecting temperatures and the regions of the late thirties celsius, somewhere around about $100.00 degrees fahrenheit today. that means that people who need to keep cool cause they can't keep their food cool. people have got to keep hold of their food because there's no way of getting supplies. and this is a real issue. we are told that the search and rescue operation could go on for several days. meanwhile, they just survey the damage. we look at this, this motel. you can see the sign it with a ripped away. if you go over that, zoom in to the front of it, the windows completely blown out. people are trying to clean up, but they're also trying to say stay safe and there is still no word or when this will all be over, but it's less likely to last several weeks. thousands of fighters losing the battle against and out of control. 5 being pushed by strong winds to the northern california city. the cow, though fi is threatening south lake tahoe cross to major highways on tuesday. tens
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of thousands of people have been ordered to leave their homes. authority is worn, extreme via conditions will continue on wednesday with more strong winds for this fire has shown us how challenging involved tile that it can be. every containment line that we've had on that eastern side, it has skipped it. and the reason being that this is a very rapidly driven fire through terrain. and if, and if the weather that's helping to drive it, we've experienced very erratic winds, very high temperatures and very low humidity. and we're in areas that haven't burned in on some records for decades or even a 100 years that he, 2 people have died in peru off the bus, plunged off a cliff is 20 others were injured in the crush. 2 children among the dead is the 3rd such accident in the country. in the space of 4 days. 6 members of an al qaeda linked group and bangladesh had been sentenced to death for the killing of 2 gay rights activists in 2016. the matters were part of a wave of attack. sa, getting
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a fist moderates and foreigners in dhaka to other members of the unsolved as long grief for quitted by special anti terrorism. try the, you know, fence lawyers say they plan to appeal tolerance. parliament is holding a special session to discuss prime minister per you on to not just handling of the cove at $900.00 pandemic. a no confidence debate is expected and with a vote on saturday opposition, politicians say the country was put in a vulnerable position leading to a 3rd wave of virus. the debate isn't expected to appease anti government protested who've been riding since last year. scientists in south africa have detected a new career of ours variant, but they don't yet know how infectious it is, was 1st identified in may and has now been recorded in 7 all the countries across africa. european asia test, currently on the way to see evac sean's will remain effective against it. the exact
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right from this variance. we don't really know. we're not at the stage of, of fully understanding that the reason we were worried about the kind of combination of mutations was that many of the mutations we see and in this c dot one dot 2 are the same mutations we've seen in some of the other beta in self concern, particularly the the beater and the alpha and the gamma. but it's in a different combination. south dawns, new parliamentary speaker has drawn attention to conflict in one of its boarder, regence jemma knew, cumber, told parliament that killings and gotten so out of hand in western equitorial, state bodies on even being buried. and she says, hundreds of homes have been burned down. the conflict is between neighboring communities which support rival sides in the unity government. the lead of
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townsend, he is main opposition party, has appeared in court to face terrorism charges. the case is raising concern about the state of democracy in the country. freeman and boy was arrested along with several other party members last month ahead of a plan meeting to demand constitutional reforms use charged with terrorism financing. and conspiracy. boy and supporters have accused police of torturing him in custody to force him to make a statement in the trial of salvador is preparing to adopt bitcoin as legal, tender from next week. congress has just approved a $150000000.00 fund to help convert the crypto currency to us dollars. it will be run by the state development bank of salvatore will be the 1st company in the world to use bitcoin as an official currency. the plan has been met with skepticism abroad and protest home. now, pink iguanas,
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in the galapagos islands, now critically endangered. scientists say that just 211 less living on the native wolf volcanoes, and expedition to count them didn't find any newborns. pink iguanas are only found on the northwest and slopes of the active volcano, which is on is abella island paper pencil equation. can someone with the importance of the expedition to the full kennel, was 1st to update the population census of the thing you wanna done in this area. second, distribute groups in their area to determine one of the most important factors to research the species. to find nesting areas, newly born iguanas, and locate the distribution of the g one us in the will fall kennel later was. ah, this is al jazeera,
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these you'd help stories. us president joe biden has defended his withdrawal of troops from afghanistan, cooling the evacuation. extraordinary success.


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