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reveals the inner workings of an organization telling the name to many as the blood alliance inside this in a low a cartel part 2 of a 2 part investigation people in power on al jazeera understand the differences and similarities of cultures across the world so no matter where you call home we'll bring you the news and current affairs that matter to you. at least 32 people are dead after 2 trains crash in southern egypt with many passengers left trapped in the wreckage. hello i'm maryam namazie and london you're watching al-jazeera also coming up in the program if the o.p.'s prime minister says eritrean troops will withdraw from
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the region after months of denying they were there also. it's hard to not feel like this is a type of invasion one that's being enabled by our own government. republicans and democrats travel to texas to visit border facilities and highlight the surge in people crossing the border. and protests in rio against new code restrictions despite most hospitals being full and argentina banning flights from brazil. hello welcome to the program our top story this hour a train collision in egypt has killed at least 32 people and injured at least 165 more the country's railway authority says someone triggered the emergency brakes on one of the trains and the other crashed into it from behind the president is
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promising to punish those responsible or bad manly as our report. of the tangled wreckage from these train carriages reveals the sheer force of the crash that killed dozens of people c.c.t.v. footage shows the moment of impact in so hard province south of cairo egypt's railway authority says the 1st train stopped when someone triggers its emergency brakes another crashed into it from behind causing tree carriages to flip over. parts landed in the nearby fields bystanders rushed to help survivors well dozens of ambulances scrambled to the scene the latest half an hour and we need an official to come see what has happened we can't remove the people from underneath the trains it's a shame look at the children we need a crane but they don't have one people or did we can even save the ones who are alive president abdel fattah el-sisi says those who caused the crash will be
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punished but i don't believe it's the right the right thing to do or and it's not the right way to go i believe there is a serious serious problem and serious issues when it comes to fundamental services given to the egyptian people including of course the way away egypt's road network has been plagued with train disasters. in 2000 to 373 people died when people were trapped on a train as a firing to the carriages in southern cairo. and 2 years ago a train ran into a barrier at high speed a cairo's main railway station killing more than 20 people there are more than 1000 train accidents annually in egypt and that is according to the government's statistical authority. i have a hard time believing that that's. the product of incompetence on the part of well
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level employees what we have is an infrastructure problem we have a government problem this month the world bank approved a loan of $440000000.00 to modernize some of egypt's $5000.00 comes around network but it falls short of the $14000000000.00 the government previously said was needed to overhaul the system. for the victims and their relatives in this latest tragedy any upgrades if they do happen are too late sure about a man out to sea or. well the crash comes as egypt struggles to deal with a transportation disaster of a different kind the latest attempt to refloat the container ship blocking the suez canal has failed with fares it could now be stuck there for several more days or than $200.00 ships are waiting to get through the canal in the world's largest maritime traffic jam there are concerns over the effects on the global economy of course around 12 percent of it while trade normally passes through the canal.
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now ethiopia says eritrea is agreed to withdraw its forces from the northern integrity region where they've been accused of killing raping and torturing civilians it was only this week that the ethiopian prime minister had finally admitted that eritrean forces are indeed in gray after months of denials eritrea and ethiopia force a border wall from 1908 to 2000 although a final peace deal wasn't agreed until 2018 was awarded the nobel peace prize for ending the conflict if europe is current government and eritrea have a common enemy in the 2 grand people's liberation front or the t.p.m. left which was the leading force in ethiopian politics for almost 30 years until i became the prime minister catherine sawyer has more now. one of the clearest indications of the presence of eritrean forces in tikrit i came from the town of b.
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that this was right before you feel when prime minister ahmed addressed parliament on tuesday and admitted for the 1st time that troops from the neighboring country had crossed into border areas in the north west of to guy he argued the soldiers crossed into theall because of concerns about attacks by forces of the to guy people's liberation front several rockets were fired into every trap from t.j. when the conflict began last november your national security would those the reason why because of. we also informed. of wrong doing. other things the government strongly denies this allegations and this and said it would take strong measures on any of these soldiers who are found guilty. and prime minister been now says they returned soldiers will leave this is after a meeting he held with the president. in the eritrea and capital asmara the detail
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and timeline of the withdrawal he's high of a still unclear if the eritrean troops withdrawal and that is if they totally withdraw which is a big if they're not that mean that it would be very difficult. to a military to completely crush this rebellion by the socal to great defense forces so it's really not clear what the implications of a military strategy there is from the federal government. they are also looking to pursue some sort of secession hostilities and there are more reports coming out of the region the un refugee agency units are space to refugee camps that were hosting about $20000.00 every trend refugees destroyed by and known people and there were about of most of the refugees is a known been able to contact around 2000 they are also staying in the neighboring towns in big. some have also been pounding the cup with all our dues but when our
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dreams we're able to ridge who. would be saw was a good. use of the show dues. or offices or just holes or also. the forces in tikrit i have been accused of abuses including killings torture rape and destruction of property they feel human rights commission and the united nations refugee agency have agreed to conduct a joint investigation into their leg ations of abuses committed by all sides catherine sawyer are to 0. in france bears overwhelming responsibilities for their wanton genocide but was not complicit in the events of 1904 this is the main finding of a commission set up by the french government it said the state was blind in its support for what it calls a racist regime behind the killings about a $100000.00 mainly ethnic tootsie people were slaughtered over the space of 3 months under the hutu regime france was an active supporter of the government at
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the time in the report's authors say it could have done much more to prevent the genocide now us politicians from both sides of the aisle are in texas visiting immigration centers to highlight a recent surge in migrants in asylum seekers at the border with mexico house democrats are saying they are there to fix the inhumane situation of child separation under the policies of donald trump but a group of senate republicans say the influx is a crisis of joe biden's making he says the surgeon arrivals is the result of a seasonal increase let's go 1st to shopper tennessee who is in macallan texas and a great deal of concern about the conditions there in the facilities but equally as more and more unaccompanied children a crossing the border. yes we're actually in mcallen texas. if they're lucky unaccompanied children and
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families with children under the age of 7 who all being allowed in to the u.s. to pursue their asylum claims. claims. can sometimes and up in facilities like this one run by local catholic charities they get a test in the tent behind me and then a local catholic charity will will help them reunite them with their guardians the members of the family in america 80 percent of undocumented migrants asylum seekers have family in the u.s. who they can be reunited with but there's a backlog because of successive republican democratic administration simply not spending the money on the bureaucracy to humanely process that inevitable by great free flow in the springtime it happens almost every other year certainly instead they're spending billions of dollars both democrats and republicans on on militarizing the border not giving clear pathways for illegal migration often for people in central america but we have the republicans who will be holding a press conference shortly who are have been in the border region now blaming
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everything on biden for trying the border wide open which simply is not true joe biden has kept the most draconian measures from donald trump is only allowing him children and reluctantly families with children under the age of 7 because mexico refuses to take them and in fact that's one of the reasons why we're saying getting more we're getting more evidence we're seeing the spike in unaccompanied children because when families get to the border in mexico they rather than have the entire family stay on the border in dangerous conditions on the border they would rather send their 16 and 17 year old kids over at least they might get some safety in the in the u.s. immigration system as they make their asylum claim meanwhile the democrats in texas and they're blaming everything on donald trump. there's been a lot of discussion and folks some folks would say controversy over the conditions at the border. we need to be clear about something. president biden
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inherited a situation where the previous administration had sought to dismantle the infrastructure for processing asylum seekers and settling asylum seekers in the united states we're here today to find solutions. we're here today to go back to washington and offer recommendations for how this process can be improved how the asylum process can be improved and people's human rights can be respected. and now . we have more clarity on the plans from the by the ministration because the president seemed to imply that because they don't have the capacity to process everyone the families will be sent back to mexico. how this all so striking about that press conference with president biden was just the victory of the republican donald trump narrative that bringing in asylum
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seekers is a bad thing indeed to be stopped as quickly as possible yes it's true that they don't have the facilities necessary to handle that but over watching narrative the assumption and some of the questions and the answers were that we're doing our best to send them all back joe biden suggesting that yeah he's trying to lean on mexico to take families and children so that the u.s. doesn't have to deal with them and that is in the end what we've seen successive administrations barack obama donald trump and now potentially joe biden do as as that one of the 1st lines of immigration policy it's too late on central american countries and mexico to do war to enforce immigration in their countries and the u.s. will pour in those of military aid to increase stats sort of surveillance and also leads to human rights abuses obviously so that the u.s. simply doesn't have to handle it there's every indication that that is a pattern that the buy did ministration seem to be beginning to go down although they are saying that they do want to look at the entire asylum system they want to
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have proper pathways to migration for for migrants probably proper facilities for asylum seekers but certainly in previous years of the under the obama administration isn't really what happened the pressure was on was put on such an american mexico to do more to prevent this from being an american american problem and when we talk about common us now becoming an envoy to deal with this going to central america well we'll have to see whether she's actually looking at inequality economic development in central america or whether she's going to repeat the same pattern the same failed pattern we've seen in the past which is pouring money into the security services in central america pouring money into neo liberal economic zones which create sweat shops in central america and then pouring money into the repression of workers who stop complaining about the increase in the quality well you know to prevent them from coming over. coming over the border is going to be a change in that it's very difficult to see also the other key thing is the america has to stop overthrowing democratic governments who want to address inequality who
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that also might actually be threatening the bottom line of american multinationals thank you very much in mcallen texas. you're watching our life from london still ahead on the program anger and arrests as the u.s. state of georgia signed into law a controversial new voting rules. and chinatowns it's a chat attention to britain in retaliation against sanctions on its officials over the abuse of weekends in. places say we've got some slightly warmer weather pushing into the southeast of here as we go on through the next couple of days will start to lose that snow that was seen around and on the other side of the black sea but we have got some blustery shower still rattling in across the northwest of here but spring showers
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here we'll see temperatures around 11 celsius there in london as that wet weather started to move in a cross silent western parts of scotland northern areas of england central part still not too bad although there will be some bits and pieces of shabby rain coming in across germany long spells of brian around the baltic states over towards the eastern side of clocks change for many as we go on into sunday whether we're going to see more that wetter weather coming in across northern parts of england blustery showers rattling through lossie dry though for central parts west the weather there over towards the crane pushing up towards barriers down towards the southeast at long last ankara getting somewhere near double figures find a dry close a good part of the mediterranean we still have that cool breeze dragging in the cross northern parts of egypt $21.00 celsius in chorus it's going to be on the cool side once again as one of around $24.00 degrees falling try for many we have got a few showers there lurking around the canaries.
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this was wrong to teach children away from their parents and herd them into a school against their will there was no mother no father figures they put is a big player and we sort of looked after ourselves i don't remember the children's names but i'll never forget that cars counted as dark secret on al-jazeera. good. word.
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welcome back a look at the main stories now at least 32 people have been killed after 2 trains crashed in egypt more than 100 people were injured in the collision when one train slammed into the back of another. ethiopia saying eritrea has agreed to withdraw its forces from teh gray where they've been accused of killing raping and torturing civilians fighting broke out there in november. and as people continue to arrive to the us mexico border politicians from both sides of the political divide are visiting migration centers in texas to highlight a situation that. a coalition of civil rights groups is suing the usa of georgia or off the republican governor signed into law sweeping new voting restrictions republicans in many other states are pushing similar changes after former president trump lengthy his election loss on voter fraud what would georgia bill was signed behind closed doors with one state representative arrested when she knocked on the
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governor's office park can and was released several hours later under the new law or a voter id numbers are quite fabs and tea voting replacing signature checks will be a limit on the number of drop boxes for early voters in each county making it less convenient and it'll be an offense to hand out food and drink to voters who are waiting in line voting rights activists are saying that it will restrict the influence of black voters. or state representative marking on the door. or go over. and show you the rest. are we saw or. insurrection of the 3rd. the united states. and police officers dodd in america. and i want to know. work big purchase so you have. let's now speak to our house correspondent kimberly
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she joins us now and kimberly president joe biden has just been speaking what is his reaction to this new voting lawyer in the state of georgia and the u.s. president leaving the white house called this latest effort an atrocity in nothing but punitive he also released a statement more detailed with his views about the passage of this law in georgia he called it un-american a lot to deny the people the right to vote he called it a blatant attack on the constitution and also in good conscious he also said these are rigid restrictions that are to deny the right of countless voters and will reduce polls across the state including in black and latino neighborhoods so he is now calling on congress * to pass legislation that has already passed in the house of representatives now it is in the senate that he says would make it easier for people to have the ability to vote but that legislation is controversial and in
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a very divided senate right now it looks unlikely that it would pass so this is something that is being worked on by the white house in the meantime very strong reaction by joe biden to this law in georgia what about voting policies proposed by democrats how much public support is there in the country for that. pardon me for the allergies lot of pollen going on in here. to talk to me about the question again oh yes of course. let it all out it's that time of year isn't it i was just asking you about whether the majority of americans support the laws that have been proposed by democrats voting policies proposed by democrats you know the polls seem to indicate that a majority do but what we're seeing here in terms of the pushback is that this
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argument that what's happening is that democrats are taking advantage of what they say conservatives say is a slim majority particularly in the sentence senate rather to try and create a one party rule but the fact of the matter is is that republicans control a majority of state houses and so they have the ability to pass this legislation at the state level and that's really where you get these impacts so americans are behind the democrats' efforts they don't understand these restrictions and at the same time we should also point out that a majority of ballots in the 2020 alexion were cast in advance of voting day and so a lot of people took advantage of that and want to see that continue kimberly you're a trooper for battling through your allergies thank you very much get some water or something thank you now person is china's latest target is it hits back at
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sanctions imposed on chinese officials by western governments this week over human rights abuses against the week of people in jiang province 9 u.k. citizens politicians and lawyers and an academic have been banned from entering china hong kong and macau or doing business there under simmons reports. lies of the century is the way the chinese embassy in london described the u.k.'s stand on the human rights of week in ging jang the foreign ministry in beijing went further saying actions imposed on china by the u.k. and other western powers had been outrageous than the interest hack who now thanks since on chinese individuals and entities citing so-called human rights issues in changing a based on lies and disinformation it breaches international law and basic norms governing international relations and interferes in china's affairs and undermines bilateral relations among the 9 individuals sanctioned by china is ian duncan smith
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former leader of britain's conservative party he said the chinese action gave him a badge of honor for speaking out in a tweets u.k. prime minister boris johnson supported those who had been sanctioned writing freedom to speak out in opposition to abuse is fundamental and i stand firmly with them johnson's foreign secretary says the criticism of china will be stopped. he will be summoned and we will explain in very clear terms the position data in relation to the m.p.'s and the other figures are spoken out but also that we will not be silence. among the issues is the detention and reported abuse of week has in camps which china says are reeducation centers the rift between china and the west on this issue has a new low some analysts say it's likely to get worse. he will not back down.
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this would damage the authority of general secretary sitting on but neither can western liberal democracies afford to give ground when it comes to dealing with what is effectively a genocide in india this isn't so much diplomatic spats but a major with andrew symonds. me and military is told protesters they'll be shot in the head if they proceed with plan demonstrations on saturday which is the country's armed forces day is the 1st acknowledgment of a shoot to kill order by the army another 3 people were killed in protests on friday rights groups say they've confirmed the deaths of 320 protesters since the military seize power 2 months ago but the actual number is likely to be higher. russia says it's seeking to strengthen its military ties with me and ma after a meeting between russia's deputy defense minister and the leader russia has me in
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my 2nd largest source of arms behind china its 2 countries forged a number of new arms deals a week before the coup in february. the head of germany's leading public health body is saying the country is now in a 3rd wave of the corona virus and it could be the worst yet more than 21000 new cases recorded on friday a notable rise in a week earlier era concerns the health system will struggle if the numbers keep climbing script though it is if there are clear signals that this wave could become significantly worse than the 1st 2 waves we must prepare for the number of cases rising strongly that more people get seriously ill again the hospitals will get overburdened of us a lot of people will die we're just at the beginning of this development and if we don't bust of the count to steer immediately the consequences will be grave. meanwhile parts of kenya will return to lockdown to fight what the president called
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a devastating coronavirus death rate there the country is experiencing a 3rd wave as well with nearly a quarter of test coming back positive this is up from just 2 percent in january people in the capital nairobi and 4 other counties have been told not to travel to other areas restaurants bars and most schools have been ordered to close and curfews are also being imposed on them protests have erupted in rio de janeiro on the 1st day of a snap 10 day coronavirus lockdown there. demonstrators are against the forced closure of non-essential shops and a ban on visiting beaches much of the country is struggling is infection numbers saw thanks in part to a more infectious variant discovered in the country hospitals in almost every state have few or no beds available earlier this week the country recorded its 300300000 coronavirus death. and then argentina is suspending flights from brazil chile and mexico to prevent the spread of the new
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strain of the virus then now these measures will come into effect on saturday with the government saying it's concerned about the rising number of infections in neighboring brazil which has recorded more than 12000000 cases argentina as reported nearly 2300000 infections so far well there is a bird joins us now from buenos aires and so what do these flight bans suggest about the level of concern there about contagion. well there is a major concern in argentina about what's happening not only in brazil but also in countries like part of why for example where hospitals have collapsed and struggling to attend to those who are suffering from coronavirus also an increase in cases in europe why neighboring you are why among others and that's why president got a phone numbers and his government announced that they're canceling flights from chile or from mexico and from brazil back in december they had announced already
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cancellations of flights coming from the united kingdom because of fears of this new strain of coral now virus well now they're increasing the amount of countries that are banned from flying to argentina aside from canceling flights or also imposing new restrictions on tourists arriving to argentina they're not only going to need a test to get into the flight but another wants once they land and if that test is positive they'll have to isolate in the hotel the government has also just announced that they're going to be increasing the amount of period that passes from one shot of a vaccine to the 2nd one and shortages of vaccines is a major concern not only in argentina but across the region is one exception because of the vaccines but countries like argentina parul white have been struggling in fact there were some 8 presidential summit happen this friday it was scheduled to take place here in cite is but it was passed and moved online mostly
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because of the threat of coronavirus in that suddenly it was press a press and president i got a fair amount in this from brazil to you also not all my you are going need this from para y. and he was the one that stressed the need for cooperation for more cooperation among the members of the americas through trade blocs as i was mentioning before vaccines are crucial implementing a lockdown in many countries in latin america is a major challenge mostly because of the economic situation in the country in argentina and brazil people are struggling to make ends meet. and imposing a lockdown will definitely generate a lot of strain as we saw that it was happening in rio de janeiro every day today and that's why vaccines at this point in latin america are crucial to save lives thank you very much for one is ours to raise above thank you theresa. look at the main stories now at least 32 people have been killed after 2 trains
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crashed in egypt more than 100 people were injured in the collision which happened in the center of the country 360 kilometers south of cairo the rail authorities saying the emergency brakes were triggered on the 1st train bringing it to a sudden halt the 2nd train which is true.


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