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pfizer's shaheen and adam brotherhood low pay people tend to be migrant labor disproportionately women in care whether he comes down to prejudice. unscripted on al-jazeera. we will buy more 113 office haven't moved to 200 shots you can see our u.s. president joe biden outlined his priorities as criticism ounds over a crisis at the southern border and a warning of an american response if north korea further escalate tensions but biden signals a path to diplomacy is still possible. i'm
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fully back to watching al-jazeera live from doha also ahead china sanctions people and organizations in the u.k. days after britain's action against beijing over the treatment of we go muslims. i'm scott heiler on the tide myanmar border high authority are saying they are preparing for the possibility of a flow of refugees while on the other side an american army saying they are sheltering hundreds will fled the violence and conspiracy theories and mistrust her mexico's vaccine bowl out task over 1000 deaths hits 200 pounds. 65 days into the job u.s. president joe biden has finally held his 1st news conference in it he outlined his administration's multiple domestic and foreign policy priorities and his plans to topple them but a growing refugee and migrant crises said the us mexico border took center stage as
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a white house correspondent kimberly hockett reports. he started with good news for americans and a new vaccination goal after already meeting his initial target of administering 100000000 vaccines in record time we met last week by day 5842 days ahead of schedule not a dam set is 2nd goal and that is we will by my 100 day in office have administered 200000000 shots of people's arms but joe biden solution to the problem of migrants attempting to enter the united states from mexico is less clear he denied the surge was due to his policies it happens every single solitary year there is a significant increase the number of people coming to the border in the winter months biden reminded reporters the united states mexico border remains closed and there
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has been no significant change in immigration policy although it's under review he said now is not the time to come and despite promising transparency biden declined to reveal when reporters could too are overcrowded facilities housing thousands of unaccompanied minors images released earlier this week showed children asleep on floors in crowded conditions asked whether this was acceptable biden responded angrily that's a serious question right and to accept them coming. on foreign policy biden also promised to respond to north korea if it chooses to ask to late but that the path to diplomacy remains open he also reiterated a may 1st deadline for withdrawing remaining u.s. troops from afghanistan is unlikely it is not my intention to stay there for a long time but the question is how and i want circumstances do we beat that
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agreement that was made by president trump to leave under a deal that looks like it's not being able to be worked out by outlined his policies in detail dispelling domestic criticism that he was too old and unfit for the job president biden told reporters he is committed to helping americans recover physically and economically from the covert by team penn demick that's why he says he'll be in pittsburgh next week to unveil his plan to rebuild america's infrastructure and bring back jobs can really help get al-jazeera the white house and more now on biden's separation on north korea his comments follow pyongyang's firing firing rather his 1st ballistic missiles in a year on thursday that north korea says it knowledge and new type of weapons which struck a target 600 kilometers off its east coast were consoling with our allies and partners
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and. there will be responses if they choose to escalate. we will respond accordingly but i'm also prepared. for some form of diplomacy. but it has to be conditioned upon the end result of denuclearization so. that's we're doing right now because all of their allies. parody i spoke to douglas banda who's a senior fellow at the cato institute and he thinks since trump's approach to north korea failed biden needs to try something new so the challenge for president trump i believe was that he wanted everything from north korea before the u.s. apparently was prepared to make any concessions such as sanctions relief and
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that is simply a dead end north korea is not going to give up all of its leverage in the hopes that it will be treated well by the united states so you know really president biden has to come up with proposals for smaller deals of oil for example capping a program closing a facility and then some limited sanctions relief along verify and then i think you could see them move towards a larger. path of negotiation but it will never be easy with the north koreans north korea is a problem but frankly it's not a direct threat to the united states that is kim jong il is not going to attack america he wants nuclear weapons as a deterrent to the u.s. i think china without question is the number one foreign policy priority the hope that china will deliver north korea has never been a good one they don't in fact have that kind of influence and today the
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relationship is very bad so why would i want to give a present to the united states so this is the president's going to have to work on these 2 issues separately i think. as we mentioned joe biden was also ground on the issue of immigration and his response was a growing number of arrivals at america's saddam border on the mexican side hundreds of people are waiting at makeshift camps hoping for a better life. for some to juana on the us mexico border. it's mid-morning on the us mexico border and a slow trickle of migrants are being sent back to mexico by u.s. border patrol. that's this you know i came here out in this estie and because of violence the violence is everywhere and now i'm thinking i'm going to try and cross again or maybe heading back that's what i'm thinking now. as some return others arrive for their chance to cross. a few miles west at another port of
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entry a makeshift migrant camp has been growing in numbers in the north and they rely almost entirely on handouts from charity groups for food and other necessities there are at least a 1000 people staying in these tents just a stone's throw from the us mexico border some have been here for more than a month and many say they're growing desperate. game with a 117 years old and arrived in mexico from honduras last year he was sent back to mexico by u.s. border patrol a few days ago but says he plans to cross again before the end of the week. my intention is not to try again they say it is a convention center in san diego where underage migrants can stay so a plan to try to cross again on saturday. many at this camp say they're waiting though they don't seem to know what for the message from u.s. officials has been clear the border is closed and nobody will be allowed to cross.
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but the hope of many here is for u.s. officials to change their minds and give migrants and refugees a chance to plead to resign and cases to authorities on the other side. well it upolu al jazeera on the us mexico. in other news china has sanctioned a number of british politicians lawyers and organisations over what it calls lies and disinformation about change on the measures affects 9 british nationals including a former conservative party leader who are not barred from entering mainland china and hong kong beijing's measures are in response to sanctions by the u.k. u.s. canada and e.u. over alleged human rights violations against the gores in the region catrina you explains the timing from beijing. i think beijing is trying to send the message that it's not going to sit idly by as other states impose actions that it considers unfair on china so china has to hit back at the u.k. issuing night sanctions on 9 different individuals that is 9 politicians of 7
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politicians and 2 academics as well as 4 different organizations including human rights and shin junk research center now these sanctions involve travel bans for these individuals and their families to the hong kong macao and china mainland china region as well as the freezing of any assets they may own now china is definitely mad about this move and it's also some in the u.k. ambassador here in here in beijing and it follows this concerted effort by the u.k. canada the u.s. and the e.u. imposing sanctions on she government officials that they say are responsible for current tailing human rights against the we are muslim minority now china says that they are militias least spreading lies and therefore these just these actions are justified and china has also deny that there are any human rights abuses taking place in sion john and it says that these forced labor camps that the u.k.
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government says up to 1000000 weak as are forced to work and are actually vocational training centers designed to increase their work opportunities. and hong kong's government test sold 14 countries to stop accepting the british national overseas past it wants them to recognise its hong kong passport instead a diplomatic dispute broke out over the travel document earlier this year after the u.k. introduce a path to some way a pathway to citizenship for hong kong residents wanting to leave. now and maher security forces have been intensifying their crackdown on untitled protesters and people are now starting to escape to neighboring countries thailand is preparing for the possibility of a large number of refugees arriving at its border scott hide the reports from may sots on the time myanmar border mojo was a student leader in the 1988 uprising in me and. for that he spent 12 years in a yangon prison. at
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a mason museum dedicated to myanmar as political prisoners he shows us the brutality of everyday life. torture techniques that myanmar security forces have used for decades in their attempt to squash dissent the judge is accused of continuing these methods today but he thinks the protests happening now on the streets of myanmar are much different than past uprisings so this is going to be the last fight to end the dictatorship in a fight of judgement even though the civilians do not want to become refugees fleeing from the situation might arise in which they might have to become refugees . along this section of the me and more border there's little preventing people from crossing over because of the volatile state in myanmar thai authorities have stepped up patrols but have also intensified contact with those on the other side when it hit and we are monitoring this situation and we have been communicating
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with out maybe us especially and think groups along the border we have been checking information the movie river here serves as the border between thailand and myanmar one of the korean ethnic armies you can see one of the camps right across the river they say in there they were sheltering hundreds of people who fled the increasingly violent crackdown by me and more security forces. we met the head of m a saad refugee committee in a football stadium local officials will use as temporary housing if refugees start coming across the border as many as 1000 would be housed here. he's concerned about resources as the area has been home to me and most refugees for more than 40 years fleeing fighting and economic hardship might get you up without anybody to plan it many new refugees come to thailand there might be a strain on resources for the existing refugees if donor organizations provide funding for the new arrivals will probably lose out the sun sets on friendship
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bridge ending a day in these uncertain times from a sought a community that's for decades served as the main gateway between thailand and both physically and culturally but with the unrest now unfolding in myanmar the differences are becoming more evidence the separation becoming more defined it's got harder al-jazeera mesa and hundreds of people are also escaping from myanmar into the indian state of measle ram they are mostly police officers and soldiers who say they had to leave because they were ordered to open fire on protesters this is a random house arrest story. holding up the 3 finger salute that's become a symbol of resistance in myanmar the soldier looks towards the country he's left behind have chosen not to reveal his identity he says he fled his military camp in myanmar after weeks of being ordered to shoot at protesters. and when a i can no longer tolerate killing my own people innocent people i did not want to
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hurt them anymore the main reason was i did not support the military regime i hate the giunta the former soldier is one of many army and police officers from myanmar who are taking refuge in the northeast an indian border state of misery at least 400 people are thought to have crossed the porous border into the town of champigny in the past 3 weeks they are being looked after by locals. many of them came with no money and some of them with families the needs of these refugees were provided by the church of the socio the n.g.o.s. a student leader helping the new arrivals says most people seeking shelter in me belong to the chin ethnic group and have close ties with the people here a brother would be to the people of myanmar. and these are all starts even before bar might be avoided the vendors and assets. would make a wall between the brotherhood of. the indian government has ordered the 4 northeastern
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states bordering myanmar to immediately identify and deport what it calls illegal migrants the soldier who says he walked for 2 weeks to reach me what i am told is that would be a death sentence for i think they'll shoot me in the head to execute me. mr arms leader agrees chief ministers or i'm talking to has told prime minister narendra modi india can't ignore what he called the humanitarian crisis unfolding in our own backyard given the historical ties between the people of means that are in myanmar it appears some have chosen to resist the central government's orders elizabeth al-jazeera new delhi. still ahead on al-jazeera why it could be much harder for minorities to vote in the u.s. state of georgia and thousands of venezuelans escaped to colombia after fighting between the military and then on to rebel.
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hello there we got a big contrast in the weather across the middle east at the moment more wintry weather coming in across northern parts of a bit of cloud and a fair bit of snow temperatures hovering around freezing around 0 celsius there for ankara. meanwhile the touching that he 738 here in doha 38 is 100 in found a cow mixing my but temperatures here but you get the idea 38 celsius 100 fahrenheit warmer across the reagan peninsula plenty of snow there further north and that's now running out of it's was a caucus is could see some snow to into tech man to stand maybe into. somewhat to whether they're pushing up the cross is because stan will parts of afghanistan but
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elsewhere for much of the middle east it is fighting for a as it should be at this time of the if i did try to just around somalia good parts of ethiopia looking fine plenty of sunshine showers popping out once again just around tanzania kenya could catch want to see showers into the hospital but it is lucky because settled in sunny the showers they run up towards the gulf of guinea nothing further north woods as they should do lots of wet weather though coming across angola easing across the northern parts of zimbabwe and northern areas of mozambique. need the minimalists tap this couple and their daughter decided to quit the rat race hoping to catch up with us. let's just throw everything away al-jazeera world expose the simple living movement aimed at reducing passenger consumption
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credit and not sounding like help to people here as a result. a simple life on al-jazeera. rule. you're watching al jazeera live from doha a reminder of our top stories 65 days into the job u.s. president joe biden has held his 1st news conference he talked about economic progress and announce a new goal to have 200000000 doses of coronavirus vaccine given out by the end of april on the 100th day in office biden also defended his handling of equalling arrivals of refugees and migrants at the southern border collie need sees
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no increase he said while most of the people at the border are being sent back children shouldn't be turned away and china has sanctioned a number of british politicians lawyers in organisations over what it calls lies in this information about shin john beijing's measures are in response to sanctions by the u.k. u.s. canada and e.u. over alleged human rights violations against recourse in the region. now the news israel remains in a political deadlock after final results showed no party winning an outright majority in the knesset the parliament election commission says a probe any minute now bloc of parties won $52.00 seats in tuesday's vote it needs to be one to claim victory a coalition of parties against the prime minister won $57.00 seats israel could now face another election which would be its 5th in 2 years a name is in west jerusalem and says prime minister netanyahu may have a plan up his sleeve. there are a couple things that are expected to be happening on election night netanyahu came
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out and said that he would be making overtures to members of the knesset who shared the likud party's ideology that was taken as a signal that now netanyahu is trying to win back formerly crew members who defected to other far right parties look there is a possibility that if they you mean a party joins his coalition that would mean that he has $59.00 seats so then he'd only be looking for 2 former likud members to defect and he could lure them to defect by perhaps offering a minister seat there's also the united arab list it's a conservative newcomer party that can bring 4 seats there's been discussion under way that perhaps. the leader has said he might support netanyahu but again the far right elements of that tonight who blocked strongly oppose any arab
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support now the biden administration is restoring aids full aid program so palestinians in the gaza strip in the occupied west bank as state department says $15000000.00 will be made available for health care facilities an emergency food programs and a pressure because of the pandemic former president trump has suspended a day after the palestinian leadership rejected a so-called middle east peace plan. republicans in the u.s. state of georgia have passed a new law adding restrictions on voting access after last year's election includes limits on early voting and additional voter id requirements for mail in ballots it also gives more power to the state legislature currently dominated by republicans critics say it's an attempt to make it harder for minorities to cast their ballots joe biden won the state last november the 1st democrat to do so in 28 years and the
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mayor of atlantic bottoms i since reacted to the bill she called the measure deeply disappointing defines safe and unnecessary designed to suppress voter turnout in communities of color and other minority groups ross in jordan has more reaction from the democrats. they're saying that doing things such as criminalizing giving people who are waiting long long to vote food or water while they wait in those very long voting lines criminalizing that is they say just beyond the pale but also they say harkens back to the days of jim crow segregation in the united states where african-americans and to a lesser extent people of other ethnic minorities such as latino's and asian americans were denied the same civil liberties as white americans they're saying that this is the sort of thing that requires congress to pass 2 laws one reauthorizing the voting rights act of 1965 as well as passing a no there are
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a bill called for the people or house bill one that would essentially invalidate the georgia legislation it is worth pointing out that georgia is not the only state where local republicans are trying to restrict voting rights access this is one of 43 out of 50 states trying to tighten the rules for how and when people can vote before local elections and certainly before federal elections argentina has announced it will suspend flights from brazil and mexico to prevent the spread of new strains of coronavirus and measures will come into effect on saturday the government says it's concerned about the rising number of infections in neighboring brazil meanwhile. more than 200000 mexicans have now died of the virus since the pandemic began and the government is facing an uphill battle to roll out vaccines especially in rural areas john heilemann reports i
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sum the goal is a small missive politician so the mix where news and updates about the coronavirus pandemic can be limited. to rumors about the government's covert 19 vaccine program appeared to be everywhere. someone goes home to several indigenous communities and not everyone his speak spanish to an interpreter recover them and also tells us she stays abreast of pandemic news through the radio but she says she has no plans to get the coded 900 vaccine happily and you'll see these happens when people don't know how to find traditional medicine which exist for many illnesses i believe in god he gives me life and he will protect me. record is not the only person in town feeling hesitant so p.p.o. garcia says he also sees no need for the vaccine adding that kobe has not affected his community so put a kidney for me as i say to each his own i tell my family to not get the vaccine if
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god says our time is up then our time is up there's no need to run and hide it's good that the government is worrying about the people but on the other hand we are free to make our own choice. local leaders say that while everyone over 60 years old is eligible only about half of registered to receive the job is you ever see you there i think people should just accept a vaccine this community needs it and why because here there are no doctors and there are no hospitals close to us some girl isn't the only place in mexico where people are refusing the vaccine since the country started its national vaccination program dozens of communities in the south of officially expressed opposition to it but that isn't the biggest obstacle to everyone in mexico getting the job. though the overall rate of corona virus contagion in the country is on the decline experts warn that vaccination if it's a full and sure what's needed to curb the outbreak in britain.
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i think the lesson developing countries must learn mexico latin america africa eastern countries is that we have to produce our own vaccines we can't be relying and waiting on the good will about that system vaccines because that's what's going on. there were several towns in southern mexico like some ago that been largely spared from the worst of the coated 19 outbreak but authorities are still asking residents to ignore conspiracy theories about the vaccine and get the job to continue to keep this region free of the virus john homan. thousands of venezuelans have fled take an ambien border town following clashes between the military and rebels more than 4000 people have crossed the border since last sunday in search of protection and. they skate carrying whatever they could from their battered homes 4000 business where lengths are seeking shelter in colombia's border town out i'll keep following days of clashes in bomb being speak
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when vanished well as military in a colombian armed rebel group many say the venezuelan soldiers were abusive during the attack it was very painful to see how the soldiers aimed a gun at a mother the government is taking away our lives in one house a grandfather died an 8 year old boy died a 9 year old girl and her mom the situation was terrible. among the refugees are indigenous people children seniors in sick people they're being hosted in makeshift camps that are overwhelming the capacity of this small town to help them and more arrive every day. in the last 36 hours another 800 people arrived and have been screened but her capacity to respond to this wave of micro. this humanitarian displacement has already been exceeded. these are the few available pictures of the aftermath of one of the attacks inside business where the venezuelan government says 2 soldiers died in the operation and at least 32 people
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were arrested blaming colombia for its failure to control the armed groups operating at the border. and military forces are hitting drug trafficking organizations that are useful to the colombian government and the north american empire in their continued assault on venezuela the river separates the 2 countries that have cut diplomatic relationships in 2019 the colombian government has repeatedly accused venezuela of harboring in their territory rebel groups such as. the former fired but some experts believe that this fighting show that the relationship between venezuela and at least some of these groups is now breaking down. only yes we don't know it but old and new guerrilla groups operating in venezuela fighting to control cokes and mining gold and cocaine trafficking the fact that they're fighting each other recruiting children and threatening people
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has broken a fragile balance and the venezuelan government's tolerance of their activities would force them to intervene. has increased the number of troops at the border to to taos and locals say clashes continue on the venezuelan side in an escalation that promises to further inflame tensions in an already volatile situation. i listen a little bit and just. to play again i'm fully back to bill with the headlines on 65 days into the job u.s. president joe biden has out this 1st news conference he announced a new goal to have 200000000 americans vaccinated against the coronavirus by the end of his 1st 100 days in office biden also defended his handling of the growing arrivals of refugees and migrants at the us mexico border calling it a seasonal increase he said while most of the people at the border are being sent
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back children shouldn't be turned away. or sending back the vast majority of the families who come.


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