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tv   101 East Inside Myanmars Crackdown  Al Jazeera  March 12, 2021 1:30am-2:00am +03

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crimes or for human crime so. to involve them in such an event it is to make politics not route well you are now up to date with the news on our desire you can find much more on our website especially on the situation one man man who many of the stories we address for that is al jazeera dot com they stay with us. the top stories aloud as they're the u.n. human rights investigator says meehan says the country's military has murdered at least 70 people since seizing power and perpetrated offenses that may constitute crimes against humanity the rights expert is calling for multilateral sanctions against military leadership the military has rejected the reform credible reports
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indicate it may have security forces should murdered at least 70 people usually horrible truth that as soon as they issue a report the number of murders is arbitrary detentions are made more become outdated $100.00 is the jailing does sometimes hundreds every day stop the flow of revenue into the illegal who just country is going to happen to want to match and sanctions should be imposed on both sheen you're going to leaders and the major sources of revenue including military owned and controlled enterprises and more oil and gas. the un has held a special session on the rising threat of hunger especially in yemen and ethiopia's t grave region of food supplies are running dangerously low the world food programme is seeking private donations for an extra 6 $100000.00 to provide aid to get in for the next 6 months. it's a horrific situation it really years i went to what would be the best hospital.
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room to room to room with arsenal children literally. the lucky ones that actually get into the hospital what called the doctor and i said how many years you had all year if he said 25 or so what do you do with the worry that you know that curve you don't have room for should we stop them oh so what happens to most of. us president joe biden has signed his $1.00 trillion dollar coated relief bill into law the massive economic aid plan passed the house of representatives on wednesday most americans will now receive a one off direct payment of $1400.00 and brazil has just reported $2233.00 new covert related deaths it's the 2nd day in a row the country's death toll has passed 2000 health officials in brazil are warning that hospitals in the main cities unerring capacity those of the top stories stay with us when i want east is next. door to i'll just see what.
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can you tell me what the government you represent is now illegitimate and we listen we do not sell the fence material to any country to fuel the conflict in yemen we meet with global news makers until about the stories that matter on al-jazeera. when. the rage and chaos sweep through the streets of the manliness biggest city was was . demonstrators are angry at the military overthrow of the country's democratically elected government the was down.
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since february 1st a climate of fear has overtaken. a country i've called home for almost a decade we've seen not just political figures and ministry officials being detained but also activists and right to. make has been detained more people to be arrested. i'm one of the few foreign journalists on the ground reporting on the military coup. the situation is tense so to keep a low profile i'm filming with just my phone and a small camera. the military has taken over state media shut down all private t.v. news channels and restricted internet access. today i'm visiting the
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democratic voice of burma known as devi be an independent broadcaster. this is. you see really. normally the news room is buzzing with people but now only one senior reporter is here to move their broadcast equipment. he tells me the transmission signal has been cut and they've had to shut the office down for safety is it completely closed what's the situation now we have wait and see for a response current government. they did. they just. got out our t.v. china. nerves rise when there's a sudden knock at the dome. luckily it's a friendly face life. turns on a lot is a d.v.d.
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veteran are going to hire felt. we 1st met in 2008 when he ran one of the offices in exile in thailand where i worked as a video producer when it fearing arrest he doesn't want us to stay in the office for too long. we drive around town as you know things i mean i would take him there is now you know at night we are. only face boat or you do you know social media turning. we are planning to go on that i like very sort. of like. crackdown so we are moving some of the border equipment from the office right now and make in terms of arrangement like what we do before. we did not what we used to do in the audience and the military government.
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to migrate to myanmar then my journey and the nazis and they were totally. for 20 years dv b. . it was an outlawed news service providing uncensored reports on the repressive regime not using underground video journalists and studios approved. in 2012 i traveled with some of d.v.d.'s exiled reporters when they returned to the country for the 1st time the news channel could open a report from inside myanmar as the new government tried to show the nation was opening up. now those journalists are risk once again. the risk that we are exposed to the limited who every day that whether. it's just days since the coup and d.v.d. journalists have been filming covertly from fans so that they can stay on the move
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. reporters are trying their best to recruit small acts of rebellion but not libya the odd one a little more notable. but like the political why. we're going to look at all the imagery we have about. today red balloons are being released the color of the ousted civilian government. after about. half carried it out. we had it it's whatever and we came it came into control of the president they do this. they make sure everything and they make only one life in our troop which is that. we are showing what they're what we were to see.
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was given asylum ministre leah after a military crackdown on protesters in 1988 now he fears arrest or being forced to leave again. from the day one 1st day i do about my ready you know if i need to move i'm not low there most of my team hours of the say you have to live through that i'm sure that they will be planted for a generalist especially in the greater was that dead and now we are way back we are back door age you know not free at all you know. it was at an early hour special it just astrologist i feel a deep bond with mamoun this southeast asian nation once known as burma was a british colony until $948.00. during the country's infancy my grandparents moved here for a job in the oil industry and my father was just 2 years old. they
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were forced to leave shortly after the 1st came in 1962. 5 decades of harsh military rule followed. along with violent crackdowns diplomatic isolation and economic sanctions. that grab you rescue they got shot you i mean it the army military they attacked it is make you had us get a real feel. when i moved here in 2012 myanmar was undergoing a dramatic transformation. to encourage foreign investment and get sanctions lifted the generals revert the constitution so civilians could run for office. they also released political christmas including some to cheat asia's most famous
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dissident. i witnessed the nobel peace prize winner go from house arrest to powerful civilian leader after her party the national league for democracy or an l d one the 2015 elections. now the party has been torn apart. p. putin is a senior politician in the n.l. t. he's been in hiding since the coup. as our share. the the little. thing on him. so. obviously. under the constitution the military controls one quarter of parliamentary seats in the 3 most powerful ministries. but then says they were never truly willing to under the power
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of how to take away in my opinion what you. hopefully coming soon in nov 2020 i reported on me among going to the polls again all signs at the moment aren't you and i'll do you when i'm not just a win as we expected but a huge majority a landslide victory. city's party won 83 percent of the available seats in the general election beating an army backed opposition. the generals argued the polls were plagued by for old a claim refuted by local and international observers. only it in a machine a happy little but a lot of. the military made their move on february the 1st mere hours
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before the end government was to be sworn in. suchi and dozens of senior government officials were detained in early morning raids as we were argo remember the. oh no no no. in the capital naypyidaw a fitness instructor filming her exercise routine unwittingly captured the unfolding 2 as a convoy of armored vehicles rolled into parliament. with the m l o g s was a watch them at the moment and on sense you cheesy is charged with offenses that could see her jailed for up to 9 years putin also faces 2 charges. and to go let alone watch one of. a money. to go out.
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as you know it's already looked out for the local mall so it's on the issue. after declaring a year long state of emergency. chief minimum lying now has absolute control of the nation and says fresh elections will be held. here today but that. the new regime did not respond to requests for comment but speaking anonymously a key figure in the ruling administration told me the coup was unavoidable. the n l d breaking the law being irresponsible they want to but not the largest political power. what we want to see is variety and diversity in the other. night residents of yangon feel atypical for me it's. loud noises traditionally
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used to drive away eating spinach. that was. 50000. 000000000000000000. despite instant demonstrators. he. was the best chance of going to all these protests 50 all right says it was. the police presence here pretty. subtle was that direction. we need to help him now thinking. why not find him any more we want not
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only that we're going somewhere. heene is 25 he's been joining the protests every day. this is making history i would say yeah obviously our parents are very concerned and it's understandable that the time because they were under like worse military wing you know worse than us but i think the young generation will stand for. the ministry introduces martial law. banning gatherings of more than 5 people it makes no difference. the. right c. fit. for. the whites it. was accounted for. in small towns
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and cities across the authorities start using tin cans to cannons and knives right against. this 19 year old woman was shot in the police crackdown on demonstrations she was the 1st protester to die since. despite the dangers he says he will continue to fight if you want to arrest me force you know why say my hand or ask me that's it i don't care. i'm putting my dreams side because my brain will that i have been in the country and are there you know. it's younger generations dr askew. i am. 22.
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a student union leader is an organizer of several rallies. there 6 so. these students came of age using the internet and social media. did you. c hear that a little bit more do. not have your own demise he may know that the. day is over i gave him life it would all the life that would be i want to begin on monday and i'll come again another they've all. been i've been. made a good ole boy but wishing i would have been that the younger kid. a new gun law if he don't i don't know. if the internet shines and giving all these students a taste of life and i'm in a tree the muffler shop nothing i'm afraid of without me that you cannot look at me
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you know i mean it i mean it noodles how do you open a pie and i wonder when it's all changed by one of you have been out of walking on . a game of the oil change how do you hide but have you i don't like what. they calling on people to hit them in a tree where it hurts by boycotting businesses aligned with the devil only with a little bit of. such actions could see them detained. or i molecules i am. wishing. you. well with the boy died toward them if it were not it will not hold good dog at. the moment we even know the type if you. student unions have a strong history of leading dissenting. universities a closed thingy has called a meeting to. rally students to join the movement. the power has been cut by the authorities but she's not talking. now about having
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a lot of what they like fired out of well i don't we don't you know i read your book and like i say we need a gun if you want it to be at the minute tell me what i mean what they are then i would be on if you don't want them being met them i wouldn't mind living it i want to put their point on that was you bought that. but had dedication to the cause comes into const thing you know i think i'm really doesn't i didn't mean i don't you know when me. i mean look i mean how many years i beat. it out do you think that you know if you know they do you know and you like you who thought it was. a thing he says everyone is needed in order to succeed. and people from all walks of life on joining the uprising on tastes as months even body building. the. question is also coming from a country wide civil disobedience movement hundreds of thousands of state welcome
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this time doctors teachers and even police officers are using to work under the military to grind me amato home video and watch our i thought you know shout but they've gotten a little me out on tour i know they're young and old man and i know and they will tell you to get are you going to turn on guy. yes oh yes. oh ok. this stopped him from a government hospital doesn't want to be named because he fears reprisals. or where by i wouldn't know i gotta. go you might be all night and i'll go into a lawyer don't go without. a bank i knitted agent although there is well i don't know why giving top to all the fuss to me this. year and
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a lot is the low mileage of the hour i know who are the guys and their model. them phone on them as though it's only ireland i got to see him with on a movie and i'll be off in who are going out there i might evolve vision there might be a pain i could visit with only him. without sonorous he wonders how long demonstrators can keep the fine. in our garden i'm a show on it ok and i will. be cheney i don't know the little nerdy type night but i'm going to need to go beyond that it wasn't all that i think that kind of a soul who died about. now got to know it to be yours and i would. hope our go can i know love can i not have will be yours you know and i got that they've got . many of me i must meet minorities have also joined the protests. coming together in a show of unity. and this is their right it is that it you know you have
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a general strike a meeting of the nationalities today new as to cheat in indigenous qur'an is mobilizing demonstrators from 29 different ethnic groups to protest outside foreign embassies across. that didn't i think of them and they never say responsive on what they have done to that and if people can write in my generation to discriminate they divided. ethnic minorities one more self-determination and the army completely to see don't want that military in our constitution coming in our country. so it is our country is out on parole ruled by the dictatorship that it was the same like the hot. under the general's control they fear an escalation of violence displacement and discrimination in the regions where civil war has continued for 70 s.
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s to news the horrors that conflict brings during the military rule i grew up with a lot of friends who are fleeing from the civil war because their villages were burned down their sisters their daughters where raped and brutally killed by their order to annul the government has done a very good then but still in the peace process that it has. example of persecution is the genocide of britain you muslims in western joy in 2017 under general mina lang's command the military was responsible for mass slaughter burning down villages and gang rape leading to the exodus of 700000 refugees into bangladesh now the same battalions who let those campaigns of working with the peace to suppress the currency was our
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duty and. was the outcome of that hotel mario was not only am i look i was. troops also action force on the streets of yangon was the opening of the flow for was me and these will accrue from the romans it was i was once had it was the proudest they felt that what was that was the greatest this was going to take was some of the was the. i'm going to then cripple our you know god that it is going to see that. i find my
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old d.d.p. clinton. is the biggest i have witness not only the downtown every prada everybody not him are you know or that defied in saying that no the military. i think you know this is the biggest game by the history you know there's the beginner there will be a mole whatever that is opera. they were there where they were at it. but he fears how all of this maimed. and really wired that it would be me as well. i mean i don't know if they're going to give it easy they would do as much as they could i don't want to see it as i don't want a lot of bloodshed. just days later his worst fears are realized just in the last few minutes we've seen the police behind him it's passing protesters.
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that want to know they've been throwing snow comes the imus bit is completely changed and it seems that the crack that we've all been fearing is here at last. over the next few days the security thing since huge move rings killing more than 50 people. thousands of people have been detained charged including many journalists i know. it. just turned on the citizens with elites in its forms. first responders bystanders children no one is safe.
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yangon looks like a. new sanctions the suspension of military ties global condemnation and consume a boycott still nothing to stop the brutality and bloodshed. the military government has not renewed my journey. just like my grandparents over the hof a century ago a coup is full of this country. it's difficult to leave so many friends here's the changes escalate i fear what will happen next in this david and goliath battle. but those i've met on the frontlines of this fight will not be silenced. and i ran for that and it was my. but i'm not here. because i'm fighting for tough guy i did for equality i'm not mad at
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myself i'm fighting for my gender and. i'm not here to die. we have to fight or cast it and. we all fight together. and i would put out more in my take is very much our culture has been very harmful to the economy and the lives of many people challenging traditional attitudes how narrowing the gender gap is helping women in. escape poverty. we're trying to break these barriers so much she smiles by giving women access to resources meet the women leading the way. women make change on al-jazeera.
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the people of myanmar i guess. a call for international action against me and most military security the possible crimes against humanity that cracks down on and she keep protesters. out on a cloud dresses al jazeera life it's and also coming up when joe biden signs his massive covert 930 minutes bill into law ahead of an address to the nation calling for vigilance in the fight against the by.


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