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tv   The Bottom Line  Al Jazeera  March 6, 2021 2:30pm-3:01pm +03

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and a macarthur fellowship for books including parable of the sower with the help of a spacecraft orbiting mars scientists are plotting possible routes for perseverance to reach its goal an ancient river delta that may hold signs of long extinct microbial life forms if found such signs would be evidence that life perhaps even intelligent life exists in abundance beyond earth throughout the vastness of space robert oulds al-jazeera los angeles. this is al-jazeera and these are the headlines unrest is continuing in senegal's capital despite the military being called in to try and get processed some to control banks gas stations on supermarkets have been looted in dhaka 4 people have died in 3 days of demonstrations because he has more from dhaka. there is this
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feeling of injustice there with the rest of the opposition we don't respond sancho this feeling of injustice and it feeling that a lot of young people specifically poor young people feel left out because then i go under markets all of the economy has been booming has been showing how how the country has been growing and yet there are many that feel left out in this economic boom. pope francis has made an appeal for calm and groans among religious groups the catholic leader was speaking as an interfaith meeting in the ancient city of on the 2nd day of his historic visit to iraq earlier he met with iraq's top shia muslim cleric in the shelf is the 1st pope to travel to iraq. we. believe is a strong element that unifies us terrorism and extremism has nothing to do with religion terrorism exploits religion it is up to us to find solutions and is up to
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us to face and deal with those who betray religions security forces have used tear gas and stun grenades to break up another day of and protests in myanmar the u.n. special envoy has urged the security council to take swift action to stop an increasingly violent crackdown pakistan's prime minister in one can has won a vote of confidence in parliament after suffering a surprise setback in senate elections is covering p.t.i. party won the most seats but his finance minister lost 0 to former prime minister and opposition candidates use of. the u.s. as condemns the veto powers proposed by china or hong kong selection of election candidates beijing revealed the legislation on friday at the opening of its largest political meeting the national people's congress well that's your state's stay with us here on al-jazeera the bottom line is up next.
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hi i'm steve clemons and i have a question is former president trump in commanding control of the future of the republican party let's get to the bottom line. every year republicans have a huge get together known as the conservative political action conference c pac as it's known sets the agenda for the most conservative wing of the republican party donald trump attended in 20115 years before running for president ronald reagan spoke at c pac before running to it sort of the republicans got talent show for the next generation of conservative politicians this year was no different you have the
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assorted conservative senators and members of congress former cabinet secretaries and of course donald trump himself who declared war on the republicans who voted to impeach him last month and help the party retake the senate and the white house you can tell what the republican talking points are by looking at sea packs agenda their immigration guns cancel culture and a fairly new addition this year election integrity the question is do republicans really want donald trump to still be involved in the party and does his presence help the party win elections joining me to figure this out is jason miller fresh off a plane after attending the c. pac conference in orlando florida jason was part of selection campaign in 2016 and he's been advising him ever since welcome to our socially distant studio jason you're my 1st guest on on stage of the year so great to be with you let me just ask i want to play a sound bite for you of donald trump talking about perhaps the next election actually as you know they just lost the white house but it's one of those. i don't . know. i may even decide. to beat them for
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a 3rd time ok. so to me jason sometimes i misread things but is that his declaration that he's going to run in 2024 absolutely not now obviously i'm biased working for the president haven't been on both his campaigns i hope that he comes back in 2024 and runs again but no formal decision yet and i still think he's going through the process i would expect to hear a decision on that it any time soon but certainly as we saw from sea pack this weekend there's the strong base of the republican party that's with him this conservative movement around the country and this is really for folks who are watching this is the 1st time in well over a century that we've had an ex-president who can then run again potentially in the future for president who still commands a national following you know it's fascinating to watch this because he did win 55
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percent of the straw poll votes and was he wow that's 55 percent he was way ahead of the of the next contender that was you know the governor of the state where you were governor to santas in florida but at the same time you said wow it's only 55 percent with the president and your team shocked that it was a higher figure out of that straw poll now and i'll give folks a little bit of a background on this so we did some national polling back in january and in battleground states in the united states and when the things we found is among voters 70 percent of trump voters want present trump to run again in 2024 about 66 percent of republicans overall but here's the key the law folks might not realize is that when polls that we saw going into election our number was usually right about 70 percent of trump voters were voting for him because they support him and 30 percent or so were voting for him because they opposed joe biden it's about the inverse on the democratic side where usually between 30 and 40 percent of bides
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supporters are really behind him and the rest are just anti trump. so the number we saw this week and really tracked with our national polling we had done when you see other nationally known conservative leaders like former secretary of state mike pompei o or senator tom cotton others coming to speak before c pac as well does the president look at them as friends or foes i would say that they're still friends and i think one of the striking things as you take a look at the poll in that head to head now current governor of florida rhonda santas who was some of the president trump indorsed received 20 percent in that poll also important keep in mind 37 percent of all the attendees of the conference were from the state of florida so it's a little bit weighted in in his favor some of the hometown folks but president trump is still the flag bearer for the party both in the current and in the future and i think this is important because again as we talk about this national base the way he's put together this coalition the way he's changed issues on trade middle
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east peace which is very important remaking the courts securing our southern border with mexico on immigration these issues that especially on trade that really been kind of pushed off the last couple decades are now the new benchmark of the republican party the party has changed it's a new dynamic you've just done something i'm going to ask you to do but i like it in a double down for a minute a lot of people are worried about donald trump as the guy as the one we used to sort of flippantly look at you know barack obama when he was running a single one but maybe you know to a lot of people that that sort of seems to be part of the shtick if you will of donald trump that he's the one it's about the man senator cassidy senator sas have said we shouldn't be worshipping a guy we should be about issues what are the issues that define donald trump said genda as he looks at the future of the republican party what matters most as you look forward and says to get away from the guy and get away for what he stands for well great question i think we can start with foreign policy is one in this
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particular as we look at the u.s. . unnecessarily getting involved in foreign wars particularly the us presence in iraq and afghanistan these are supposed to be temporary measures back in the bush administration 2000 between 20012003 obviously it's extended all the way until now but also a lot of conflicts all around the world what we found in 20152016 when president trump 1st ran is that the republican base around the country very much had they were pushing away from the interventionist model of previous presidents and much of what we can and. point out when president trump ran in 2016 it was really an indictment on the failed foreign policy from both parties and he would call it out he would criticize clinton he would criticize bush he would criticize obama in the very interventionist minded approach they were taking so foreign policy is a major one and we even we saw it with the 5 middle east peace deals that george cushion or in president trump helped to put together which is
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a great things to have a hammock or abraham records they used to mock president trump and say bill east peace what are you talking about the fact we've actually moved toward that i think and joe biden has said that this is a piece of trump's foreign policy that will be continuous that he's going to continue to to support that policy and that's very important so in addition to the foreign policy mindset i think immigration and looking out for america's workers making sure that we're not essentially flooding the u.s. workforce with illegal aliens who are coming in to can take away american jobs need to make sure we have a strong secure border with trade i think trade is really the big one if you had asked me at the beginning of 2016 were trade ranked is an issue would have even been in the top 20 but i think in the minds of a lot of voters this is really an extension we saw obviously of the great sucking sound there ross perot talked about 1902 when nafta was being discussed how jobs left for canada and mexico with china's entry into the w t o n f and status for china we saw really the entire midwest the industrial base
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a. the country lose manufacturing jobs all over the place the conservative grassroots and people around the country really want to do more pro u.s. trade policy it was only the leaders in d.c. who are disconnected so you mention a couple things i just wanted double down i know that you're not responsible for donald trump's policy but there are a couple of things that stand out on foreign policy one seem to be a proclivity to you know have a pretty good relationship with vladimir putin and other certain autocrats in the world were allies were sort of beaten up a lot and i understand that the impression that the president has sometimes is that we had cozy relationships where they were taking advantage of american large jess but i'm interested as you look at foreign policy i would largely agree with you on americans being exhausted for forever war cyc in afghanistan and ongoing commitments without understanding what the strategic reasons are but what what was it about affinity that many of us sort of thought we were seeing for kim jong loon
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and lattimer putin but kind of you know kicking justin trudeau around a lot but you know that's a really good question because i think some of this gets confused in the media you know to have this very specific conversation with the president when i 1st worked with him in 2016 and obviously had needed 2020 his approach to russia and putin specifically is that they might not necessarily be our friend but they don't have to be our enemy and there's an important distinction with that we're not saying that we're going to be allies we're going to be cozy and buddy buddy to russia but if this is a country just being very blunt a country that has nuclear weapons a country who we've had almost armed conflict with in the past we don't need to go in stoke that fire and make it worse if we can improve the situation so as we talk russia as we talk north korea maybe try different approach maybe try to make them not our enemy now there are some places where we've seen with north korea they've taken it as the least haven't taken additional steps forward to poke the bear and
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to threaten to terrorize the. agent russia i think we've seen that russia is always going to be russia and effectively keep in mind russia has the economy about the size of the state of new york but they still have the big military and so that's always going to be a tricky relationship but i give the president credit for at least trying to take down some of the tensions but unfortunately russia is always going to do what russia does trying to ask a question now about how gravity in one bubble say the republican bubble the c pac bubble you were just down there is so different then some other bubbles in the country you know in the sense that you have so many people that look at january 6th as an incredibly dark moment in american history an assault on the legislative branch of government potentially lives at risk and i know it's contentious out there to sort of say the president was was responsible or others arguing that he was not responsible that this happened despite his leadership but i would love to
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kind of get an understanding of how james 6 what the president didn't talk about in his speech at sea-tac but how that is looked at how should americans on either side be brought back this some similar vision and understanding of that day what it means for our country and what you know i would say what republicans are fighting for where does that fit in the in the narrative why i think we need to go and separate things out with regard to january 6th and make sure that we outright condemn any aspect of mob violence any aspect of threats or intimidation to lawmakers that's never acceptable never in any circumstance in any way shape or form i think we also need to make sure that we're tightening up much in the same way after 911 how we got to the bottom of some of the intelligence failures and the way information was not shared the way be seen from testimony on capitol hill that reports from the f.b.i. did not make their way to capitol police the way that we had national guard that was offered that was not excepted at the capitol in advance these are. things we
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can't allow to happen going forward now with regard to january 6 i think as we split out there is the concern with many americans around the country that there are aspects of fraud irregularity with the vote as well as there were unconstitutional changes violating article 2 of the constitution regarding voting laws i think both of those need to be addressed but the proper place for that will be in state legislatures around the country as we go and push the reforms but again to anything regarding january 6th of the violence or the activity that has to be condemned it can never allowed to happen again and i think the one of the point i'd make anyone who's watched president trump over the last 5 years knows that he speaks out in favor of law and order and against mob violence all the time in fact we spent some 40 or $50000000.00 on t.v. ads this past summer during the campaign deploring the violence of the protests that we saw so if you're someone who committed violence on january 6th you don't
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believe in what donald trump believes and you're someone who has some mental issues and i hope those people are prosecuted the fullest extent let me ask you about the the president also really went after those that that supported his impeachment called out 17 different individuals that he within the republican party and so i've been saying hey you know to certain degree you know the action over this next year is going to be less between donald trump and joe biden and more between donald trump and this dive you know a wing that has diverged from him within the republican party what is that going to look like what's driving that is there any chance of a comb by between these different wings down the road i think it's a little bit less of a wings then you might imagine as the president said in his speech really have a group of beltway insiders and then you have the conservative grassroots around the country in a lot of ways this is like 2016 it's no different when president trump really figured out where the grass roots were and where the activists around the country
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were and realize that those in d.c. were just out of step so as we talk about. the republicans for example who voted for impeachment there are outliers in the republican party in fact recent polling i've seen shows upwards of 80 to 90 percent of republican voters will hold it against a member of congress or senator who votes for impeachment it's very unpopular on the republican side so i think you're not going to so much as see these wings i think you just have a small group in d.c. that their sense of their power is being taken away they're not viewed as the top dogs anymore and republicans around the country are going to be fired up on the and look part of the reason love him or hate him that the president has such a loyal base he'll call it like he sees it and they'll tell you exactly what he's thinking and he did that with those legislators who voted for impeachment during his speech ok i don't know how you see it jason but some of us that look outside see that the republican party has a race problem that said there are a lot of latinos that are supporting president from
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a lot of black americans supporting president trump more and more interesting lee if you look at the numbers carefully but at the same time you can see the proud boys oath keepers others swearing their own allegiance to donald trump's leadership in the party how does that get reconciled is that uncomfortable for the leadership in the party is that something they basically have to say you know these white supremacy part parts of the party don't belong because it does look like you're getting a more multicultural set of republicans in that party people don't want to call it the way i do but that's the way i see it yeah and i think also on this 11 of 2 different things here so want to make sure that any of these groups or the proud boys or the birds or any of these these far right groups that's never acceptable just in the same way that we called out some of the radical left over the summer with some of the more extreme aspects of the b.l.m. movement that's a anyone who's pushing violence never acceptable doesn't matter if it's on the right or the left want to make sure that we condemn that and president trump quite
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frankly even during the debate. he said over and over i condemn the problem as i can condemn any type of hate group he said it after charlottesville now with regard to minority participation republican party president trump actually in 2020 set the modern republican presidential record for highest percentage of the black vote highest percentage of the latino vote highest percentage of asian american vote and i think some of the issues might surprise you one obviously the trade issue we talked about making sure we're looking out for american workers but i'll tell you the stopping the endless wars ending the endless wars was actually the top mover with african-american voters because the african-american community so disproportionately sends their young men and women into the armed forces that a lot of folks in the black community are frustrated upset like why do why do our boys and girls get sent off to war and a lot of for example other communities don't so you'd be surprised and some of those issues the president trump was talking about how that ultimately helped bring
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folks into the fold the key is you got to make sure they stay involved in 2022 that with trump not on the ballot do they stay active with republicans that's going to be the trick yes and i once interviewed former vice president cheney and liz cheney was on the stand as well and i asked him with regards to these wars that we had did he have any regrets at all that he get anything wrong that he would like to have done and he thought he took a long pause and he said no. i guess you hang out with the president trump more than anyone else i know this you ever sit back and say wow i got that wrong that was a mistake you know that whether it was a framing around january 6 when it was around how we dealt with protesters out the white house whether here how we approached policy possibilities of getting a bipartisan arrangement as opposed to one that was just loaded on one side of the political aisle has he ever sit down and say wow i wish i could have done that certainly sat down with him on
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a number of things he said i am you can try different approach but i think also it when the things were think he really prides himself is ok the professional politicians have done things a certain way for decades particular when we talk about the military or some of the foreign involvements professional politicians have gotten wrong on trade for decade after decade let's go and try something different even that the kim jong un conversation present stepped into north korea and everybody's head started exploding like oh my god the president ited states is now in north korea he doesn't have any security with them you know he's in a foreign country what's going on he's willing to try new things and do things a little bit different and i think quite frankly sometimes it works i think north korea help defuse a situation somewhat sometimes it doesn't work as well as we see with a reference russia earlier they're still going to be up to their tricks in their illegalities no matter what anybody tries what does he see is joe biden's biggest weaknesses right now that's a number one that he's not really leading the country he seems to be seems to be an
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extension of the basement back in wilmington delaware where we haven't seen president biden out in some 40 days for a news conference we have a crisis at our southern border joe seems to forget that there was already a vaccine distribution plan in place which by the way we're back here 1st time in the year we've been in the studio and i've got my vaccine yet but hopefully i will it at some point here and but just the fact that china is testing biden as we speak with some of their actions in south. to see what they're doing with the weaker is what they're doing with hong kong they're really seem to be testing biden's fortitude here and it just seems like the more leftist elements within the white house on capitol hill are running the show in d.c. right now and there's a lot jason just was finished the show that come up a lot of discussion about cancel culture and accusations by those that see pac that the democrats and institutions media institutions are very much engaged with canceling people canceling statues canceling history. does not i mean i'm sort of
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asian where this goes from your perspective is that a smart way to frame it you know these discussions about slavery about race and dignity in a society that you know i've always learned particularly you know studying other countries but essentially history's a negotiation it's an ongoing review and part of something that evolves but is it smart to have such an edge to that discussion about race and dignity and society economic inclusion where you on that well i think when we talk about cancer culture and for people watching that's when the the belief that. if somebody does something that might be not politically correct or it might represent one group's values but it might appear disrespectful to another's they immediately need to rush and condemn and say ok this person is now cancelled they don't want them to appear on t.v. or don't buy their products in the war let's push them out of society let's cancel their show i think one of the the by products of this council culture effort is
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it's further push people to their it is illogical camps so for example if you're right of center you watch right of center cable t.v. you read right of center websites you follow right of center people in social media same thing on the left if you're on the left you watch your own t.v. your own websites real social media and everyone goes to their camp and it becomes us versus them this is one of my this might be my biggest concern with the by the administration with this whole cancel culture movement it's pushing people further away so for example this is a line in the president's speech that maybe i helped him with this one line but where he said that joe biden is putting identity politics over american identity and there used to be the even going back to i always felt the way with reagan and bush and even into clinton the rah rah we're americans this is a we're all yes people go and they throw punches politically but then we we find certain things are going to agree on obviously the aftermath of 911 we came together is
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a nation. after that those horrific attacks but i think right now everybody is being pushed into these various camps where everything becomes an echo chamber of listening to people like them and not interacting with each other in the more that we push to either cancel groups or to go and say your thoughts are ok but the other guys or gals thoughts are not ok people are going to change the thoughts they're going to get more animated fired up in their own camps and we're going to get worse off jason the 1st time i met president it was clear to me that he watched me on m s n b c this is in 2015 white house correspondents dinner he had become president states and he heard me telling m s n b c host that i don't know anything about american sports i only know about sumo in japan and so that night at the dinner he grabbed me by my lapel and said sumo and then proceeded to walk me through the floor of the white house correspondents' dinner introducing me to various athletic stars the guy who caught the super bowl football and you know other sports stars that were in the room and i took selfies
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with all of this and it was sort of a moment where it was clear to me to see donald trump work the room i think he was the only one aware that those sports figures were on the floor of the white house correspondents' dinner at that time and it and it made me understand that that time he was at least watching him as n.b.c. than this he still keep a white aperture or is he still pretty much just with fox news max others does he flip might he turn on to see this show. he will you be surprised what he flips around and what he watches and one of the things i learned when i 1st went to work for him is our conversations in 2016 were little earlier than they are now we usually talk about $630.00 every day and it was clear that somehow at the same time he had watched fox and i said we see in c.n.n. the 1st half hours all 3 at the same time seemingly and they would quiz me on them at $630.00 to see if i was up on the news as he was the it's a pretty broad range of news i will say a little bit less of the m s n b c just because quite frankly the. the boarding program is kind of gone off the
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deep end of it with with rational thought but he'll flip on c.n.n. from time to time i think it might be think about the a little bit of a little bit hate watching but there are there are some so many others and reporters who he has a great deal of respect for but jason miller adviser to president thank you so much for joining us thank you so what's the bottom line american liberals have been arguing that the events of january 6th relegate donald trump to the dustbin of history but every time they think he's out of the picture he rages back in sort of like mark twain famously said reports of my death have been greatly exaggerated it's way too early to predict whether he will really run again for president in 2024 but his fans around there and he's going to raise a lot of money from those fans and he'll be a nightmare a real thorn in the side to a number of centrist republicans who said no to him as he tries to run candidates against them the democrats have their own civil war going on between different wings of their party but as long as donald trump keeps making headlines and
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delivering ratings with his attacks on other republicans no one's going to pay much attention to the democrats' problems so ironically it looks like donald trump is sort of giving joe biden a big gift and that's the bottom line. when the news breaks would be considered a road block and i suppose when people need to be heard. and the story told to sort of form justice they would be at rights to start over with exclusive interviews and
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in-depth reports we want to get to be the place that you start but not a place for you in it al-jazeera has teams on the ground but climate change is changing all about right to bring you more award winning documentaries and life news. coveted beyond land. taken without hesitation forgotten died for iraq our defines our wild dogs live babies were dying i did it look. it's neglect the babies the dead people in power investigates exposed and questioned that's the use and abuse of power around the globe. on out to c.n.n. . 9 years ago out a 0 was the 1st major network to find evidence of genocide and.
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when the tragedy of the ruling was mostly unknown. hold. it in genocide on al-jazeera. however and for the going to hear a doha the headlines on al-jazeera unrest is continuing and so our goal is capital banks gas stations and supermarkets have been looted in dhaka demonstrations for with police after all positioned counter that's all small song quote appeared in court for the 1st time on friday since his arrest 4 people have died in 3 days of protests al-jazeera as nicholas hawke record style for duck and this is
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a much more than politics whilst the the rest of respond.


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