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tv   101 East The Virus Hunters  Al Jazeera  March 3, 2021 2:30am-3:01am +03

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the government hasn't responded to requests for comment in the past it's blamed the armed group when it's been accused of atrocities none of its soldiers have been held to account everyone is acting. each die in. asia or human rights there is the involved should be. the armed group pledged allegiance to the islamic state 2 years ago it's not clear if it received much foreign support but deep local grievances behind the conflict are clear the people of cabo delgado have been neglected for generations since long before the conflict began investments to extract millions of dollars of nearby offshore natural gas haven't helped local communities adding to discontent and amnesty says rampant rights abuses will only make the situation worse malcolm web al-jazeera.
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what you have 0 of them is a whole rovner wind of our top news stories u.s. president joe biden has made his 1st major move against russia for the poisoning of opposition leader alexina valley the white house is not sanctions against 7 senior russian officials including the heads of russia's f.s.b. security service the prison service and the prosecutor general but russia's vying to hit back against the sanctions that its foreign minister is casting doubt on the valley's poisoning. when all those who treated him thoroughly had all the facts which could help to understand what happened and in parallel instead of honest collaboration and not hiding they start to punish us this doesn't bring any credit to those who take decisions and we will surely respond. now senior health officials in brazil say an urgent nationwide lockdown is needed to slow the spread of corona
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virus more than a 1000 people are dying nationwide every day but present viable scenario is strongly opposing further restrictions we are muslim bastard to the u.n. insists he'll continue in his role despite being fired by the military janitor and that was he was dismissed after urging the u.n. general assembly to use any means necessary to restore democracy. u.s. president joe biden says he's confident hill reach his goal of delivering 100000000 covert vaccine doses in his 1st 100 days in office he's also praised the collaboration between to pharmaceutical rivals the drug company merck will help make johnson and johnson's single shot coronavirus jab after its own attempt to develop a vaccine failed and you can follow those stories on our website at al-jazeera dot com is updated throughout the day i'll be back with more news next on al-jazeera it's what i want east to stay with us. for months ago violence erupted in ivory
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coast after a disputed presidential election now it's time to choose members of parliament on march 6th voters cast their ballots could devote revive the fortunes of the main opposition and how will this affect the region the ivory coast parliamentary election on al-jazeera. coby 9 tain has taken a heavy toll worldwide causing millions of deaths and a global economic recession but more than a year later its origins remain shrouded in mystery. scientists are trying to trace the viruses route from the animal kingdom to humans . sick leave you loose. and also do it in yourself.
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and as the pandemic surges there are urgent calls to change human behavior we have to learn the lessons from this we have to change what we've done the status quo is not an option. follows the right to uncover the roots of the code 90. jane pandemic. and we investigate begins in china a bustling economic hub with a population of 11000000. in december 29th tain a mysterious outbreak was reported in the city. many of the cases will link to a seafood markers which was soon closed by the author arsons. as
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a leader if you're going to. survey shows as an era of armada the bomb was only 3 weeks later the entire city went into lockdown the outbreak was eventual e traced to a new virus known as sod's kovi to a corona virus that causes the disease known as coded 98. the closure of the market is a delicate subject in ruhani this fishmonger won't tell us his name and he's one of the few people willing to talk to those he acknowledged. findings are you something . some people so. there's no way to turn it on a come off. that's
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a lot of other. year on how. c c when she. says this is. your face on the old time thank you what i heard. jane on your one lot tell us that our society i'm our part there are. only a handful of the unused. salafism we are going on. in why you are the pelican is i me by police on down on all of those in the mail. changing ways and i think people will bomb and kill us all as well as. his parents weren't the only regulars at the market to catch the disease the
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chinese study revealed that of the 1st patients hospitalized 2 thirds had been to the markets a busy center selling seafood and animals. always as well as all. in these markets you can find domestic animals as well as dozens of exotic species. captured in the wild raised on farms. to. some man such as snakes can harbor viruses. in leading shang in. southern china a snake opened his doors to us. just to show if you actually know.
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there's a cinema to go. to that should look to thank you. so much for. iowa. by now they go through notion. of a move. forward with. it all. but why do you go. so long but not then i'll. send. you did you go. wild animal farming has grown rapidly in china. it's now
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a similar $1000000000.00 industry. but evolutionary biologists like alexandra huston on say animal overcrowding in phumzile markets can lead to problems. grounded is only one cause of you will see him out of. the. law. presumes that he didn't give it unaccounted no dealers. snakes will quickly ruled out as a potential carrier of the new corona virus but 3 quarters of recent infectious diseases came from animals including i hate rabies vica malaria and sod's. one species is particularly effective in transmission barson. facts. of the wu han institute of viral a-g. . has spent many years identifying viruses in bats. her job has
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earned her the nickname not woman. in early january she identified a black bars that was 96 percent identical to the bar spanned in patients suffering from carded 19 it's the closest match found so far. since the start of the crisis the scientists has said listen publicly coronavirus expert john epstein has worked in the field with in china we found that bats and specifically a certain type of bad the horse that was found to carry multiple coronaviruses that were closely related in the family tree of coronaviruses that were sars like are closely related to sars genetically and that really reinforced and provided strong evidence for the idea that these bats are the natural reservoir of the original source of this group of viruses. to trace the origins of carbon on
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tape we want to explore why bats a reservoir a virus. our investigation takes us to gabble on the west coast of africa. with 85 percent forest cover the country is home to reach biodiversity and the size of important scientific research . for. a gallon of overall just at the international center for medical research in france bill has studied several large bat colonies are broken some interest seal shows we caught a school new god only can will provide all the saudi cookies for $60.00 in original cavity to shape our result that believe me to be rich sable of. donated. i'm not proud i could see
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you do worship in the city of equal you reject that idea off shore the levy lists so why does a power issue a story if we should sleep with a. possum it was in a. it's only that he would he will remind us when you are. going to showers beyond i see. evolve e.v.t. impish it is a new law but only by that it was not the seeing. luthiers. a virus typically has to pass to an intimate before infecting humans. in the case of coded 19 scientists still looking for this into made it hard. to the simple answer to why it's important understand where viruses ultimately come
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from is to prevent outbreaks from happening again and a really good illustration of that is the original sars epidemic the virus was identified in people it was genetically characterized and a nearly identical virus was detected in civets which are weasel like animal that were sold very commonly across china or southern china in live animal markets and continue to be sold and even to this day. it's a possible sivits played the same intermediary role. but attention has focused on another animal. the pangolin. dealers. and we'll. see.
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as. to. the penguin virus is an up to 92 percent match for the new corona virus. less than. however the pangolin virus is with small spikes that allow it twins. human cells more easily than the bad farmers or not don't go to them in sick all the bomb around. the city men to do a lot. of year is the. week keepers altered sickles proportionately so much for their kiss your a screw loose to men post about and also do it in yourself go do partial to come. true. for 20
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years. scientists are convinced that the virus was passed from animals to humans but while the pangolin remains a suspect the intermediary animal or animals remains a mystery. the world health organization is desperate for more answers. paisa ben emerick leads the w. hite show tain tracing the viruses origins of limo was of u.s.c.'s you're clearly should be socially. we look macias your cutie she is i'm. at. the can really see said i knew it a man. defamed by his own when i knew my job mystique keno some like they could be supposed. to rule the populace you're an email you don't lee important to us a problem people if you don't if it's your own little. durable peterson on my
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longest yard there are other. domestic animals have been involved in transmitting viruses before such as the heights one n one swine flu and the deadly heights 5 n one bird flu there's a possibility they could be linked to the new corona virus too but the w. hy job needs more information to find that out. all sick. in input on this is. it the police chief don't reveal it did also mushy. put me on the. don't. you know holder would he be doing even more. the need of all there will be they all need of us a moment when the boss of bosses you please don't recall he doesn't. know you i
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would have seen how you do. the situation remains tense around the mockers on the way up i have a bite. by. one of the few clues made public by china is that among the $595.00 samples taken at the market $33.00 contain sod's. almost all of them from the wildlife trading section. tracing the origins of the pandemic is a to boost subject for beijing which is released little information on the topic. chinese officials have suggested the virus originated elsewhere while the us has previously claimed the virus was manufactured or leaked in a lab accident have you seen anything at this point that gives you a high degree of confidence that there would have instituted for raje was the
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origin of these fires and what gives you a high degree of confidence that this originated from the institute for all i can tell you that i'm not allowed to tell you that. the accusations of manufacturing the virus and largely. the coronavirus expert at the wu han institute of viral a-g. but they don't convene scientists who've worked closely with or like bronco hall about a french infectious disease expert who's. sick of all good to see that he had these and then they. passed the scipio they cleaned the seal could be a hollow caution at the court and if you do see a fuss about it but if you know months except the musky atty there brunker believes there are other raisins driving the claims that the virus was leaked from a lab measure ponce. there's just associate the. book with the. ground. laughing i'm put accurate and i think still may
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sound so bad as seen. the air space shuttle cannot see collishaw city some good of you to say involve tool and also. want an upper 5 percent of the illusion that power. the labyrinth are pretty good on they look loopy song down i'm on the cell and at you. despite the cause of the bars not yet being identified china banned the trade and consumption of wild animals. 'd 'd for the snake farmer back in lng shun this means he can no longer sell his reptiles like hundreds of wild animal farmers he doesn't know what to do. now good to. see. turns out to go i think there are under. the gun in things when they won the most on
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a woman says don't do with our one i do if you were sitting there they were out the window. as the pandemic worsened gabble on also took action banning the sale and consumption of that and penguins. in the capital labor of ill and they can dimba patrols the markets to ensure the message is received it's going to. do something like. talk. more about. terra. park where you will be here where i live you should have a secular bus. as the head of wildlife conservation for gab on a may has a difficult task to preserve the world's most poached animal.
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bolli national. has. no say. in is on. and it transmitted. to several years now has fought to protect pangolin. however it's easy to find hunters by the roadside over what is that of the. show they did. with its extensive forest coverage protecting. is a daunting task what makes it even harder is
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a rise in international while bob smuggling. the movie. would be an international call and he said this was not true then now the opposite problem with the school. system under. the new touchy cong. don't send them an os x. 30 you're going to next america for. a minute you need no point to procreate don't send in a guy. with the asian penguin population declining africa is now being plundered by traffickers it's on our potential partner. exact the model number of our government don't know for
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a person time to deliver saunas function. how investigation takes us to hong kong most african penguins arrive here before being sent to the rest of china. we want to check if china's new ban on wildlife trying is being respected. wearing a hidden camera or our producer visit some traditional medicine shops. i am on that. comes off. well i will now we'll. go see my mongo who knows. me well kate i know. why in my. early months only i must.
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be among the. many. o. o. o o. o. h. o. r the man asks our producer to call him. when she does he tells her to may seem at a train station. i don't care.
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if. there's any. way all. the bad has clearly failed to stop the buying and selling of endangered animals. is john scanlon has been the director of science he's the international body regulating the tritone wildlife. the penguin all commercial try to supposed to be prohibited yet the last 2 years we soar over 200 tons of scales in illegal trade the highest volume of a sane in illegal trade at that species he we're talking about transnational organized criminal gangs who are poaching in smuggling in an industrial scale we look at it happening with the ivory of the elephant the horn of the rhino the meat in the scales of the penguin the rosewood and many other species it's transnational
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it's organized it's industrial if you look at all wildlife so trees fission wild animals. if you add them all together well bank estimates it's worth up to $200000000000.00 a year the massive scale of wildlife crime it's a huge consequences for people ecosystems and the wildlife itself. we've not yet invented it into the international criminal justice system which we can do by bringing it under the un convention against transnational organized crime as we do for human smuggling and other serious crimes the as humans continue to destroy wildlife habitats the risk of viruses being transmitted from animals increases there are. hundreds of thousands of potential new viruses out there that could be leashed on us and they could be with us so we have to learn the lessons from this
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we have to change what we've done the status quo is not an option. as the. pandemic continues to ride around the world leaving devastation in its wake changing human behavior is vital to avoiding history repeating the crisis in an emergency we make all kinds of promises to change our way of doing things but then as soon as a crisis is over we forget and move on and so we've we've been guilty historically of not making significant changes and so when we get past this crisis and we will get past this crisis people will have direct memory of it direct experience with it and i think and i hope that will make the difference in terms of us finally committing as a global society but also in our countries committing to making the changes necessary to reduce the risk of pandemics like this happening again.
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a diplomatic feud between australia and china is threatening one of the asia pacific smy successful tripods. one on one a space goods course in the middle. on al-jazeera.
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an ancient land and one man's dream to transport hans happily in his from europe and fly them over his beloved country. in a nation reeling from decades of violence. about 500 meters or a from still very strong can an international team of pilots get this man's dream off the ground that means i have about alone on al-jazeera. march on al-jazeera studio b. unscripted brings you to special guests in called besides just exploring ideas and finding common solutions 10 years on from the tsunami that struck japan al-jazeera revisits the people most affected by the disaster. football rebels eric cantona presents a juicy reason about iconic players whose influence has been as great off the page
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as on it's israel's full the lection in 2 years after the unity government's failure to pass the national budget up front smocked lamont hill cuts through the ad lines to challenge conventional wisdom. march on al-jazeera. ready. warnings of a health catastrophe in brazil authorities call for a nationwide lockdown of the same day the country's broke all records its highest coronavirus death toll. so wrong with your she loves their life my headquarters here in doha also coming up this kind of behavior is not acceptable we will not countenance it we will not tolerate it the u.s. and the european union have post.


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