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but changing society is a challenge and so is life behind the bad for india as. in terms of our partnership with saudi arabia as a recalibration it's not a rush the biden administration defends its decision not to sanction the saudi crown prince for the killing of journalist from out of sochi. this is al jazeera live from doha also coming up cutting aid is a death sentence words of despair at the u.n. as a donor conference on yemen falls far short of funds needed to help millions caught
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between war and starvation. thousands to announce in support of armenians in battle prime minister on the pressure to resign for his handling of the conflict came to us by shell. security forces in chad are accused of killing an opposition leader's mother and son rig $1000.00 protests a month before the presidential election. so the by administration has sidestepped any direct action against saudi crown prince mohammed bin salmond despite an intelligence report on friday revealed his involvement in the murder of jews journalist jamal khashoggi al-jazeera state department correspondent was in jordan and this report. 3 days after the bike ministration declassified an intelligence report on the murder of journalist jamal 2 officials say they're taking a hard line regarding the mastermind named in the report saudi arabia's crown
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prince and de facto ruler mohammed bin solomon we have also conveyed very clearly and candidly through diplomatic channels that this absolutely can never happen again that our relationship will be different from what it has been in the past and that we are going to be of course hold the option of holding saudi arabia to to their commitment to to take reforms in place and make progress moving forward but critics aren't buying it they say the u.s. should have imposed the same punishment on the crown prince that it has imposed on $76.00 saudi individuals whom the u.s. believes have sought to threaten dissidents overseas including those implicated in these murder at the state department spokesperson argued the u.s. considers king solomon not his son to be the country's ruler and that officials are trying to preserve a critical relationship in the middle east it's important to u.s.
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interests and it requires continued progress in reforms to ensure that this important partnership rests on strong fundamentals and continues to advance our shared objectives in the middle east we seek to accomplish a great deal with the saudis to end the war in yemen and ease yemen's humanitarian crisis. ending that civil war is one of president joe biden's top foreign policy priorities he's already taken a harder line with riyadh by cutting all future off fence of weapon sales the saudis have long been accused of using u.s. provided bombs to kill again many civilians on monday washington announced at an aid conference for yemen that it would give a. other $170000000.00 in humanitarian relief still not enough said aid workers to help the people suffering from 4 years of who are they need to lift the blockade on
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the blockade is preventing food medicine and essential goods including fuel from getting into yemen that you under a solution needs to be changed so it's inclusive fair and just by the administration specifically needs to stop linking the iran negotiation with peace negotiations in the. meantime another human rights question has been left unanswered whether in light of the national intelligence community's report the u.s. will ever give crown prince mohammed bin solomon and his family a waiver to visit the u.s. congress passed a law banning all foreign officials in their relatives from the u.s. if they were involved in cases of major corruption or a gross violation of human rights which many would argue includes. murder rosalind jordan al jazeera. james warren is a political analyst and executive editor of news god and he says that biden's problem says as a presidential candidate attending to the most complicated and the full. as
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a candidate he had boxed himself in and he was unrelenting and very tough minded at least rhetorically by the saudis and the need to essentially bring them to him bring the crown prince to open those sooner as is often the case with american presidents they get into the oval office having won and life becomes way more complicated so the other day they use the word we calibrate the relationship not rupture the relationship and it reminds one of how candidate donald trump 4 and a half years ago said he was going to get the u.s. out of all middle east wars it never happened but you know for sure candidate joe biden was very said he thought the crown prince was directly responsible for the murder and now it happens they sort of try to have it both ways because they know how significant saudi arabia's and the crown prince undoubtedly is is
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a little chagrined that we've been so at least rhetorically harshly call for abandoning that particular. military group that covert group but so lots of the saudis say ok we've done away with it they'll just replace it with something else i think ultimately the real problem is that you've got a young crown prince who's probably going to be the king he's going to outlive anybody in the biden ministration and the administration that comes after biden and the administration that probably comes after that that ultimately is his leverage in this long term negotiation of sorts saudi arabia's civil defense says that 5 people have been injured as a result of a goofy missile attack on its territory projectile fod from yemen hit a town in the border region just on monday rocket fire has increased over the last 3 weeks as fighting intensifies in yemen's merits. united nations record general says he's disappointed by the outcome of the global donor conference for yemen and
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turning to terrorist says the events raise roughly $1700000000.00 u.s. dollars that's less than half of the 3850000000 the u.n. was asking for our diplomatic editor james bays reports from u.n. headquarters in new york for weeks the u.n. has been warning that yemen's dire humanitarian situation is on the verge of becoming the worst crime in anywhere on earth in decades today famine is bearing down on yemen the race is on if we want to prevent hanging and starvation from faking millions of lives to avert humanitarian disaster the secretary general convened a pledging conference to raise almost $4000000000.00 but while big donors did give money in most cases they actually reduced their contributions from a year earlier in the past the countries fighting as part of the coalition in yemen
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saudi arabia and the united arab emirates gave the most this year their contributions were down to the head of the world food program warned that out of the $385000000000.00 the u.n. wanted there was an absolute bare minimum needed to stop a famine point $9000000000.00 just over 7. $100000000.00 per month to help. but in the end instead of 1900000000 they got 1670000000 the un's emergency relief coordinator read out a statement from the secretary general showing his frustration the best that can be said about today is that it represents a down payment. i thank those who did pledge generously and i ask others to consider again what they can do to help stave off the worst famine in the world to seen in decades. the message from the un to donor countries is pretty
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clear thank you for your money but it's not enough and we're going to come back to you to ask for more otherwise there's going to be a massive famine in yemen. al jazeera of the united nations. well let's hear now from her son who is the legislative manager for middle east policy at friends committee on national legislation and he says the international community needs to push saudi arabia to lift its blockade on yemen. my initial reaction is that you know i have similar feelings as what we just heard disappointment the u.n. is warning of the world's worst famine that we've seen in decades and the international community was only able to pull together $1700000000.00 out of the $3800000000.00 needed you know many of the actors driving the humanitarian crisis in yemen including saudi arabia the u.a.e. either the u.s. the u.k. france and others you know need to pay their fair share of this donor some it's not
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charity this is a moral obligation to people driving the world's worst humanitarian crisis on the planet through their military support and weapons sales to the coalition i just add that saudi arabia and the u.a.e. either had you know hundreds of billions of dollars to spend on weapons and airstrikes but not enough to support the humanitarian relief this this could mean massive cuts to programming to address malnutrition hunger calderon tangay fever kogut 19 and other diseases there are 16000000 people living in you know on the brink of famine right now you know 80 percent of the country relies on some form of food assistance for survival so it could mean that we're perpetuating and increasingly making worse the world's worst humanitarian crisis it's of urgent concern that we restore this critical humanitarian funding it's important to note that aid along can support a population of 30000000 people and that the saudi blockade that choked off the
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economy is also a major contributor to the humanitarian crisis and the international community needs to put pressure on that as well. the u.s. state department is threatening possible sanctions against me and most military if it continues to crack down on protesters this comes a day after you saw its most violent days since a military coup last month purity forces have been increasing their crackdown on protesters across major cities at least 18 demonstrators were killed on sunday the u.s. state department spokesman says the escalation in tactics is reprehensible and has described the violence as a part. of the united states is providing ukraine with 125000000 dollars in military aid to help it combat what the pentagon is calling russian aggression the package will include training and equipment helping ukraine's forces to secure the border and improve their ability to perform operations to nato standards
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the us president has held virtual talks with his mexican counterpart stressing the need to cooperate on a range of issues and those men will lopez obrador told the joe biden that but his nation's a safer and stronger together they spoke about immigration vaccine supply and trade cooperation among a number of other concerns and more apolo is in mexico city and has more on mexico's request to the u.s. for vaccines. the virtual bilateral meeting between president joe biden and mexican president of the. concluded on monday with both world leaders seeming fairly pleased with the conversation they they had there was quite a bit of anticipation ahead of this meeting because of that announcement that was confirmed by president lopez over there during an early morning press conference here in mexico where he said that he had asked if the united states would be willing to share in their stockpile of the covert 900 vaccine in the country of course know that the answer would eventually be no we heard from the white house
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press secretary john psaki who said even before the bilateral meeting that the number one priority the top focus of the bided ministration is to make sure that all u.s. americans are guaranteed access to the vaccine once that is accomplished then the quote unquote next steps can be can can be can be discussed now it shouldn't come as any surprise that mexico's president would sort of take this position he's actually become one of the loudest voices among world leaders when it comes to the issue in the question of equitable access among developing nations to cope with 1000 vaccines and not only because mexico's own covert 19 vaccination program has largely stalled because of this shortage internationally of covert 1000 vaccines but because there's many countries several countries here in latin america that have yet to begin their own inoculation programs for that very same reason so there are now deserved from the palace to the prospects of a jail term will have the latest chapter nicolas sarkozy's fall from. the new
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deadline looms for argentina over its massive debts but the government says it will not be run. how i once again we've got severe storms now moving across the deep south of the u.s. you can see this area cloud has some large hail possibly one of 2 tornadoes just tucked in here but also some very heavy rain which could lead to flash flooding over the next 2448 hours that's where the wettest weather will be just moving through louisiana into mississippi alabama easing across into georgia further north as generate dry until we get up towards ontario quebec some snow coming through rice lake and snow just around that western side of canada and some pretty strong way in the system around the west coast of the u.s. that windy weather will continue to also some shabby rain coming in here is to go
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on through wet and states was california and the great state the snow pepping up there across that western side of canada central they supposed to kind of the dry out brought not quad calm down quite nicely we will see west weather coming into the carolinas as we go through wednesday but you notice by wednesday it should be dry in place to say down across the deep south 21 celsius in dallas and warm sunshine coming through here lots of warm sunshine meanwhile across the caribbean and the a cloud in the skies absolutely gorgeous you might see want to see showers just around the east not as one official is to come in east and west inside of the region. but. the population right in coming in here is increasing the money pregnancies some movement on the film crisco from a parent who's been introducing the family turning into a patriarchal culture is a challenging task for fire resistance to come through a man when
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a woman can decide for him one day and how many children she wants he thinks should be in policy but one woman's perseverance is transforming her community women make change on al-jazeera. move. forward. but again you're watching out 0 mind about top stories this hour and the biden administration is defending its decision not to apply sanctions on saudi crown prince mohammed salman for the killing of journalist jamelle soji it reiterated that it is seeking to recalibrate does not rupture the relationship between washington and. the united nations secretary general says he is disappointed by the
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outcome of a global donor conference for yemen roughly $1700000000.00 u.s. dollars was raised that's less than half of the $3850000000.00 the u.n. was asking for. u.s. president has held virtual talks with his mexican counterpart immigration trade in the creative arts and become the agenda and has been well lopez obrador told joe biden that both nations are safer and stronger to get. former french president nicolas sarkozy has been found guilty of corruption he's been sentenced to 3 years in jail although 2 years were suspended if the conviction is upheld on appeal he may serve his sentence under house arrest but as the tash but reports from paris it's made a political comeback unlikely. nicolas sarkozy arrived at caught in paris for the verdict in his trial a judge found the former french president guilty of corruption and influence peddling he was given a 3 year jail sentence with 2 years suspended he left the call to that comment but
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is or is later said that he would appeal so cozy was convicted of trying to influence a magistrate in 2014 to obtain information about another legal case against him during the trial he denied the accusations but the judge said that sarkozy and his 2 kohak used knew exactly what they would doing the judge told the court he took advantage of his status and the relationships he had made since being voted out of office and 2012 sarkozy has sought a political comeback even ran for the presidency again in 27 saying but the guilty verdict in this trial is likely to deal a devastating blow to his ambitions some in france's conservative party had hoped that sarkozy would run in next year's election a lot of his face will within his own party remain hopeful that he could stage a comeback today that is over and that is over particularly because even if party
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faithful will still adore nicolas sarkozy is that the kind of charismatic political leader that commands this kind of control within the country there's no way you can have a president with such a educational case behind him as president sarkozy projected an image of a tough talking conservative with a taste for luxury now he's become the 1st former french president to be handed a jail term and with at least 2 more corruption trial is expected it's clear that sarkozy's legal problems are far from over. al-jazeera powers. i mean his prime minister says he's ready to call a snap election to bring to an end the country's political crisis because in a dress thousands of supporters in the capital one day. protesters who want him to resign stormed the government building on robben frostier walker says.
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street power is how armenia's prime minister forced a corrupt government to resign 3 years ago street power on monday was his way of answering calls for his own resignation he stands accused of failing all media in its war against azerbaijan you have been marked by ravager yes i throw this challenge to the parliamentary opposition let's call for snap elections let's call for snap elections and i beg you to support the school. me. has played his card a democratic solution to a political crisis yes by contrast the opposition hopes the army will play a role so far the president has refused to sign passion yon's order to dismiss our media's top general. thanks to everyone who has read us today i mean. the army's reviving we must stand strong here so that the president and the
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constitutional court do not decide to dismiss the chief of the general staff to trigger elections mr will have to stand down as per the opposition's demand but they want an interim government 1st not an election for the prime minister's supporters that is hypocrisy right of our opposition is calling us to transfer power to then we doubt the lections bypassing the people so they call it illegitimate but they being where legitimate enough to hendon the power to them bypassing the people that's not going to happen. but. well positioned have been saying that nicole pressing the on is are unfit for office finally these are answered his detractors saying it's up to the armenian people then i'll choose who should govern this country. at the ballot box.
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monday's rallies also marked an important anniversary 13 years ago the former government used force against protesters 10 people died. and has told armenians that that chapter in the country's history must not be repeated robyn 1st year walk out just yet about. the united arab emirates the 1st ambassador to israel has met with the country's president reagan rivlin in west jerusalem mohamad presented his credentials to the president and said israel welcomed him with open arms in august 2 countries agreed to normalize ties under a u.s. brokered deal of the u.a.e. was the 1st of 4 arab countries 3 new or established ties with israel. phone lines and internets have been caught off in china's capital of which mean it comes after security forces storm the home of opposition leader and presidential candidates young idea they've been accused of killing his mother and son across one
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of nicholas haq as more. defiant and no longer afraid supporters of opposition leader yeah do you know attempt to block a tank from the presidential guard from moving closer to his home village says elite forces killed his elderly mother an 11 year old son in an attempt to arrest him on sunday he spoke to his supporters from his home police officers game without a warrant and fired on my relatives killing my mother and others it shows the nature of president davies regime we need to continue our movement so that we can get a democracy and justice deserve i will not be intimidated. after this declaration deal though a candidate in april's presidential election escaped from his house undetected despite the heavy security presence in 2005 dealer mounted a failed arm rebellion against president idriss deby who has been in power for the last 31 years and is running for a 6th term in office last april published this video where he cues is debbie's
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family of corruption and this appropriation of public money a case was filed against below which prompted this operation. went in and turned it off. and to respect the child. child part and. despite the accusations of rights violation france has been backing debby's government since 1990 and germany is home to a major french military base with charging troops providing support in the fight against armed groups in this a hell we just ability is important but opposition protestors say so is the call for freedom from the increasing voices of dissent nicholas harkey al-jazeera.
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argentinean president alberto fernandez says he will not rush into a new deal with the international monetary fund is concerned that argentina may miss a may deadline with the i.m.f. to agree on how to repair a loan of more than $40000000000.00 is this. i wanted to find a man this went to congress on monday to present his plan on how to help the country recover from the pandemic he spoke about plans to reactivate the economy industrialize canaries and investigate the loans granted to argentina by the i.m.f. creditable normal stream. of input on the body count are trying to put an end to the adventures of indebting a country it is necessary that doing so isn't free and they cannot walk around and teach about how they carry out these debts that's why i have to initiate an investigation into those who took part in the biggest fraudulent administration
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that our memory can recall. the president is hoping to investigate former president . and some of his closest allies in 2800 more my president. i didn't know what the largest lending panel was a real well the international monetary fund over $40000000000.00. are currently in the. what internet economic troubles have been exacerbated by the pandemic and that's why the ration of precedent. setting that we did it with loan that was granted during the previous administration. argentina is struggling with a rise in poverty unemployment and a drop in economic activity the government is also having to do damage control after it emerged that several politicians and their relatives jumped a queue and got vaccinated folk over 1000. this scandal has raised questions about
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the government's credibility and angered many people who took to the streets last saturday in protest. but my data says he voted for freedom and this and hopes he will do what's necessary to help millions of argentinians recover from the ongoing crisis. i voted for him because i believe he can help us the government gave us some money to survive these past months but it's not enough i'm still living on the streets i'm waiting for a pinch and that will help me survive. one of the demands by the i.m.f. is to cut down government spending for man the center left peronist administration faces mid-term elections in october and is unlikely to impose austerity measures that will hurt him politically but economy saying the i.m.f. may prove to be more flexible but in the past it's been the most serious so he can mean it just i.m.f. knows that there is no chance i didn't do not be as the lawn in
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a timely manner this structuring has to happen the thing is it has to be in good terms and with an accord the agreement may happen because of the pandemic and it may be the i.m.f. should be more flexible. to it. is the i.m.f. largest sovereign borrower and that's why ideally is crucial to help the country recover. and to see what a sight is peru is easing coronavirus restrictions but some health experts are warning it's too soon as cases continue to search large crowds could be seen on the streets of lemurs businesses reopened on monday strict measures had been in place for months thousands of new infections are being recorded every day with more than 40000 diagnosed in past week the president francisco sagacity says people need the economy to reopen in order to survive. the head of the world health organization is warning that global coronavirus cases are on the increase again for the 1st time
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in 7 weeks at risk every assess says it's disappointing but not surprising some of it appears to be due to lack of public health measures continued circulation of violence and people letting down their guard vaccines will help to save lives but if countries relies solely on vaccines they are making a mistake basic public health measures remain the foundation of the response. the e.u. is set to unveil plans for a digital vaccine passport later this month you commission president a slave on the land says draft legislation will be ready soon a digital system to confirm a person's vaccination states's could be essential to lifting travel restrictions within the region in the united states deliveries of the johnson and johnson
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vaccine and you to begin on tuesday being loaded up at a distribution center in the state of kentucky it is the 3rd vaccine to be approved in the united states and the only one that requires just a single day. as do in the u.s. city of new orleans has welcomed a new arrival an endangered sumatran iran attack was born of the audubon nature institute and host are observing from a distance and say that mother and baby appeared to be doing well there are fewer than 14000 during a time for the wild and their habitat has declined by 80 percent in the last 20 years largely due to palm oil plantations. so this is a 0 these are the top stories and the buy administration is defending its decision not to apply sanctions on saudi crown prince mohammed bin sultan over the killing of journalist democracy it is reiterated that it seeking to recount.


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