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tv   NEWSHOUR  Al Jazeera  January 23, 2021 12:00am-1:01am +03

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oh shit the last is an attack on one exposing the secrecy and censorship by chinese authorities. ha ha ha ha ha and a health system struggling to cope al-jazeera investigation its 3 dates that still the world. this is al jazeera. hello i'm maryam namazie you're watching the news hour live from london coming up in the next 60 minutes u.s. president joe biden promises the act decisively and boldly to help those hardest hit by the coronavirus pandemic. the senate will conduct a trial for the impeachment of donald trump. top democrats push ahead with the
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trial of the former president over his involvement in the attack on the capitol building. and persons prime minister says the new variant of the corona virus discovered in the country could prove more deadly than the previous strain. i'm german ash with sports andy murray will miss the australian open tennis next month and other far around madrid coaches in a game that and test positive for corona virus. hello welcome to the news our top story u.s. president joe biden has targeted the economy on his 2nd full day in office signing a series of executive orders at the white house earlier he warned that the u.s. economy was stagnating he said that the government needed to act decisively and boldly to help americans who are seeing their paychecks reduced and are in his
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words barely hanging on folks who were able to still keep your job many have seen their paychecks reduced and they're barely hanging on and wondering what's next sometimes the anxiety about what's going to happen next is more consequential than what actually happened but this is happening today in america. and this cannot be who we are as a country these are not the values of our nation we can not will not let people go hungry we cannot let people be evicted because the nothing they did themselves they cannot watch people lose their jobs and we have to act we have to act now as much as to meet the moral obligation to treat our fellow americans with the degree the respect they deserve this is an economic imperative or growing economic consensus that we must act decisively in boldly to grow the economy for all americans not
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just for tomorrow but in the future let's cross to john anderson who is in washington following all of this as a john tell us more about the contents of these executive orders joe biden's plan for helping those millions of struggling families. well what joe biden is really revealing right now is his priorities so he was inaugurated on wednesday his 1st exam he gave orders focused on the direct impact of the covert 19 pandemic required masks on all federal properties accelerated the vaccination program will now be taking on the economy and there is very little he can do by himself through executive orders but he is doing that he needs his program the $1.00 trillion dollar relief package to go through congress meanwhile what he's done is increased the minimum wage for federal contract workers to $15.00 an hour he said he wants
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that to be a national law but he can't do that by himself so he's just sticking with federal workers not all workers right now and increasing food aid through the department of agriculture for families that need it and again there is very little that he can really do all by himself this amounts to about $100.00 for a family over about 2 months but what he really wants to do is to press sort of that $1.00 trillion dollars package his economic adviser brian d.c. was speaking at a white house press conference earlier and that is his focus and they say old timidly whether it's 1.9 trillion whether the details of that program are exactly as joe biden the president has proposed is not as important as the fact that there be relief for americans who are suffering economically if you walk down the street here in washington or anywhere else you could see about one out of 4 restaurants out of business for
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a good many families as he said one in 7 have food insecurity not enough food to eat so that's what he's trying to reconcile with congress now he's also beginning to assemble his cabinet and he announces he defense secretary how significant is the appointment of lloyd austin at the pentagon. it's a big move he's the 1st african-american to be head of the pentagon and just to put that in perspective 42 percent of the military are black there are $41.00 general officers generals and admirals only 2 of them are black so this sends a message joe biden said he was coming into this administration he was going to create the most diverse cabinet in history and this is a major step toward that now you've also got anthony blinken who is going to be the secretary of state if approved as congress may do today and then you've got avril
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haynes who's already in perth approved as the director of national intelligence so he's assembling the cabinet starting with national security and moving on from there thank you motion 10 john hendren. derek palmer is a political strategist and a former press secretary in the obama administration he joins me by skype from washington it was quite a wide ranging set of remarks we had from joe biden spoke about hunger crisis in 6 in the country spoke about being food insecurity how difficult is it for small businesses and for american families right now tell us about the parts of the population that have been was hit by the pandemic sure 1st mary thank you so much for having me on glad to be with you listen when you look at the end of it in those who've been most just really impacted by it has been black americans and hispanic americans when you think about the unemployment rate which cities in 6.7 percent
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generally but at the peak of the crisis in terms of unemployment numbers you saw the unemployment rate for hispanics believe it 18.9 percent you saw it 16.7 percent for blacks where it was much lower for white americans and so there has been disparate impact not only economically but in terms of health impact for black and brown communities without a doubt and what you saw today from president biden and what you've seen from his executive orders is that he's prioritizing the public health of americans and recognizing that those the serious between different populations he's announcing broad sweeping measures but regardless of what he does is the economy going to suffer this long term scarring unemployment as it historically high levels restaurants and other businesses are going to have to shut down or as a result of the pandemic some jobs that have been lost will never be recovered. yeah that's very true and you know the reality is you know there's no way that we
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can deal with the economic impact of code it until we deal with the public health crisis that we're currently in so one of the things that we know is that the previous administration did not have a real vaccination plan or program or distribution plan if you will and so what we've seen from president biden. so far in the last you know $23.00 days now is that he's prioritizing the public health components but he's also looking to provide assistance through a plan that he's presented to congress for those small businesses including restaurants what we know is that right now so many small businesses are do not have the infrastructure in place to actually allow their employees to come back safely and we're also seeing that with restaurants as well so what he has talked about on the campaign trail and we just talked about this president is ensuring that they have those things another component of it is really making sure that our daycare providers in schools have the structures that they need so that children come back safely which also really do impact our economy overall is $1.00 trillion dollars
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proposal is going to require congressional approval how difficult will that. it's going to be difficult. even though democrats control both the house and the city and. the both of their margins are extremely small extremely small in the senate however what i do think what we're seeing in this moment in time is that there is a recognition that we are not through this thing yet and that states local governments and small businesses need the resources necessary to actually get through this pandemic to make sure that people are kept whole and so some of the polls that we've seen like the 1400 dollars in additional stimulus plans i think will you know will we will see action upon these related to supplement all nutrition assistance program which costs now so that we can help those that are dealing with food insecurity i think will see an active i think we are seeing through executive order through the moratorium in the education. deferral
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accept or i think are going to be helpful and i think we'll see congress act i think but it very well may be pieces as opposed to one big sweeping bill well thank you for explaining that to us appreciate it derek plummet joining us the democratic strategist former press secretary for the obama administration thank you mirror of course our other top story out of washington the senate trial of donald trump could begin as soon as next week after the chamber's top democrat revealed that the impeachment charges will be received on monday the former president made history becoming the 1st to be impeached twice by the house of representatives is accused of inciting rightists to attack the capitol building on january 6th and charity to chuck schumer will receive a fair trial but the support of at least 17 republicans would be needed in order to convict him it will be a full trial it will be a fair trial but make no mistake. there will be a trial and when that trial ends senators will have to decide if they believe
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donald john donald john trump incited the erection insurrection against the united states well the senate's top republican mitch mcconnell has maintained his position that this process is being rushed there's impeachment began with an on president minimal process over and of the so-called cannot be an insufficient son of process the former president tried to due process or damages the sunnah or the program 3 but for of i did hear castro is at the capital joins us now so the democrats are presenting the articles of impeachment the trial could begin actually quite quickly but the republicans are pushing back. that's right miriam but on mondays when we will see the at least ceremonial start to this
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impeachment trial of former president donald trump that article of impeachment which charges trump with inciting insurrection will be read aloud before all senators will be told to remain theirs remain silent on penalty of imprisonment they will be eventually be sworn in as the jurors in this trial now mitch mcconnell the republican minority leader in the senate he has been pushing for a plan that would delay the beginning of this trial to mid february arguing that trump's legal team needs this time to fully prepare it's notable that those a lister lawyers that defended trump in his 1st impeachment a year ago well they're no longer a part of his team and so there are some catch of work to do on part of the former president it's also interesting that joe biden now u.s. president he has just said that he wants the senate to also remain focused on his
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agenda the crises he says that are facing this country including the confirmations of his cabinet so what life we will take shape is that the 2 senate leaders the minority majority leaders will get together and craft the actual law just a case of this trial in a maze sort of the interests of both parties to have the trial proceed while at the same time considering biden's legislative agenda. and in all the developments there the house intelligence committee just now also requested that filed in the investigation of. be made public what more do we know about this. that's right this was in a letter written by adam schiff the chair of the house intelligence committee addressed to the newly confirmed director of national intelligence avril hames and in it is a request for her to release this report without delay that looks into the
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role that saudi arabia played in that brutal slaying of jamal khashoggi and $28.00 team now of course the cia has concluded with a high degree of confidence that the killing of show she was ordered by crown prince mohammed bin selman and that finding supported by an independent u.n. investigation in 29 t. now despite all of this the trump administration had very cozy relationships with the crown prince with the royal family of saudi arabia and did not release this report now hanes during her committee hearing committed to ultimately making that report public and this is democrats pushing her to take that action as soon as possible certainly now with joe biden in the white house there's a recalculation of the u.s. relationship with saudi arabia those cozy terms of the trump era a thing of the past thank you from capitol hill heidi joe castro. watching the news
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hour live from london still ahead. as the over vaccines leads to fears of a new coronavirus strain could it devastate persons ethnic minorities. also big tax big threat google accused of blackmail and bullying is it challenges new regulations. and then a bit later manchester city's premier league ambitions take it as one of their star players suffers an injury blood. portugal is running out of beds in both public and private hospitals after a record surge in corona virus cases schools were closed on friday for the 1st time since march and they'll remain shut to students for at least 2 weeks $234.00 people died with the virus on friday
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a 5th day of record figures pressure on the health system is also pushing up naan coronavirus deaths to the biggest 80 total since records began. field hospitals are now being opened to ease the strain elsewhere in germany the number of people who died from the virus there has now exceeded 50000 chancellor angela merkel is defending a decision to extend the lockdown until the middle of february she says it would be unwise to ease restrictions given virus mutations have been found in the country it's been in lockdown since november or hear bush's prime minister is saying the very 1st found in the country could be more deadly it was already know that the mutations spread more quickly but boris johnson insisted that vaccines were still effective. we've been informed today that in addition to spreading more quickly it also appears that there is some evidence that the new variant
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the varian that was 1st identified in london in the southeast may be associated with a higher degree of mortality. bachar is in london with more on the mutation. or have known for some time that the new variant according to the medical and scientific of scientific officers that we're both either side of boris johnson is between 30 and 70 percent more transmissible but we're both gentlemen confirmed is that the u.k. strain of the virus is also contributing to a higher mortality rate as well in the example given was for an average man in their sixty's for every 1000 people that get the virus you can expect 10 deaths that's for the 1st variant of the virus but for the new variant figure is higher between 13 and 14 the good news is according to both experts that they this virus does respond to existing vaccines however there are concerns about
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the 2 other strains the south african strain and the brazilian strains that are according to the experts may need more research as to whether or not it does or should respond to existing vaccines that would be a significant cause for concern if for instance given how high the level of infection is given how high the death toll the number of people in hospital is if those strains suddenly have an increased impact on the population going forward but there is of course hope very much in the shape of a vaccine for a 5400000 people have now been vaccinated 2000000 in the past week a significant milestone for the government and the hope is that by september. every adult in the country will have at least one dose of the vaccine but it is something of an uphill struggle particularly given the low uptake from some minority ethnic communities who have cited concern as to whether or not the vaccine
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is compatible with their religious beliefs and also some deep seated distrust about the health service that hasn't always seemed to favor people from minority ethnic backgrounds now very much a drive by the government to try and encourage community leaders to get the right message out as we found. 32. 100 salaam aleikum and very this is where the battle against vaccine disinfo mation is being fought community by community this british muslim t.v. network in east london debates tackling some of the many myths that have taken root around the pandemic whatever the myths whatever the false information out there that is not correct we all need to i mean obviously we are we are british muslims we are part of the society we need to make sure we get out of a box and. in a recent british survey 42 percent of respondents from bangladeshi and pakistani
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communities so that they were all likely or very unlikely to be vaccinated and their figure rises to 72 percent of black and black british people meaning those people who are most at risk of contracting cope with 19 and ending up in hospital or even dying of the virus and now at least likely to be vaccinated. it's a growing concern for the british government that wants to offer a 1st dose to every adult in the country by september if the adult population of the rest of the countries vaccinated the virus will look for a place for it to infect a human for it to infect and if it infects particular communities because they happen to be unvaccinated it will absolutely go through the market and will be hugely damaging while the whole world is searching for a vaccine this is one of many fake news items distorting people's understanding of the virus and the vaccines it claims inhaling steam kills the virus specks it is.
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this vaccine is going to change your d.n.a. wild conspiracy theories a deepening public distrust of medical science leading to an angry protest by this man outside a muslim community center offering covert jobs with muslims or south asians it can be this article that seen where there's any i'm going in the vaccine specifically for products which is of interest to the muslim community and then there's other types of myths which are at all. coronaviruses. that work or the vaccine can cause infertility or it can fundamentally change your d.n.a. of course. all of these are false there's no truth and. there's a sense of unease among some black londoners many a keen to be vaccinated but one man told us he thought there might be different vaccines for black and white people. yet because. you don't know what
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else covert hesitancy also extends to ultra orthodox jewish communities again over fears the vaccine contains pork or is this controversial israeli rabbi popular or new cheap suggested over fears that alters people's sexual orientation. good to see theories exploited a lack of trust in the government and the health system that for some ethnic minorities appears to favor white people and the ball affluent the challenge now lies in building trust in vaccines proven to protect us all the bark at al-jazeera london. let's now feet chris smith a consultant for ologist to cambridge university an editor of the naked scientists how concerned are you by the remarks we heard from doris johnson today evidence that this new variant is more fatal and the marrow well it's very early days actually and both chris witty the chief medical officer and also patrick balance
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the chief scientific officer were quite guarded in how they worded this things because they don't have all the facts they don't have all the evidence yet so this is certainly something they'll be watching there's possible directional information that there might be a higher mortality but then it might be a statistical glitch you've got something which we know is fuelling a far faster spread an acceleration of the spread of this pandemic and if it accesses more people more often including more people who are more susceptible to becoming severely on where with the virus surprisingly you're going to see more real people so it might be just down to a numbers game in the statistics on the other hand it might be down to the biology of the virus it's going to take a bit of time as well as ploughing through the numbers doing experiments in the laboratory with viruses in order to try to test some of these theories and come up with a plausible explanation for what we're seeing can you tell us more about that process a very difficult question to answer but how long might it take to get more clarity
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on this. well the numbers take care of themselves in the sense that we can watch them we can collect the data and then we can begin to tie up who got what strain of the virus and what was their outcome these experiments do take time because obviously we don't have time machines we don't have crystal balls and so we can only proceed at the rate at which time ticks and therefore the rate at which the infection spreads but that sort of data are being collected all the time in massive amounts and not just in this country in many countries so we will be learning at a very for faster rate more about that but at the same time behind the scenes there are scientists all over the world who are actually working on the virus they're looking at these variants and what they're doing in a number of reporters for example is to engineer into the into the virus in the laboratory each of the changes which are being picked up in the variants that we're seeing in different countries and then testing those variants to see how they affect the performance the growth the behavior of the virus and also crucially
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whether or not the virus has the capacity to sidestep the protection conferred by the vaccine because that was another major point raised in the press conference from downing street today of these new variants the risk of side stepping the protection from the vaccine does this put us back to square one thankfully for now the evidence we have is that that is not the case but as you say the data isn't yet strong enough what if what if they are. well the data around vaccination is looks pretty robust and the evidence we have based on a number of experimental aves now as well as watching what's happening in society tells us that in fact leave virus hasn't changed sufficiently at this stage in order to sidestep the effects of the vaccine whether or not though people who catch this new variant are in some way becoming more ill that we don't know because what we haven't seen an explanation for yes and i don't think anyone knows the answer is why this new variant is more transmissible patrick vallance today dismissed the
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idea that people who catch the new variant have higher levels of virus in their body he said they don't have as high a viral load but at the same time i suppose he did acknowledge the virus could be growing a bit faster in their cells which means they could shed more virus into the environment and therefore it's more likely it could pass on to another person at the same time the virus might be stickier we know many of the changes in these variants affect the outer coat of the virus and specifically the spikes that stick out from the surface that the virus uses to grab onto and infect our cells if they're made a bit more stable or they're a bit more numerous or a bit stickier then the virus will find it easier to grab hold of a person given the opportunity to get into their cells and infect them so at the moment scientists are doing the experiments needed to try to work out which if any if not all of those possibilities it is that accounts for why this thing is up to 70 percent more transmissible just briefly how does that in this country compared
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to the variants in brazil and south africa. well the brazil and south africa variants are quite different from the variant we have in the u.k. and in fact all of these variants arose completely independently they've arisen in countries where there's been a lot of growth of the virus and where you have a lot of growth of the virus you have a lot of rolling of the genetic dice you're giving the virus many opportunities to change alter its genetic code and evolve an evolved. in a way that optimizes its ability to spread through the population and i spoke earlier this week to one of the people leading koch u.k. the initiative in the u.k. the such the sequencing the genomes of people with the infection in the u.k. and her speculation was that in fact many other countries around the world have probably got variants in their countries but they haven't asked the question so at the moment they don't know they've got them but that's what's fueling this dramatic excel aeration in winter in many countries thank you very much chris smith from cambridge university appreciate it pleasure u.s.
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president joe biden has promised to roll out 100000000 vaccinations in his 1st 100 days in office that's the plan but supply shortages across the country present a steep challenge to meeting that goal as rob reynolds reports from los angeles. president joe biden's national action plan to combat code 19 and get more people vaccinated is welcome news in california where more than 35000 people have died from the virus and that's exactly what we need we need someone to really organize it whether it's on a state level or a federal level to be able to get it to the people who need it in los angeles and across the country there is a critical shortage of vaccine demand far outstrips supply we are still waiting to learn when more doses will arrive there are about 10000000 people in l.a. county with 800000 health care and frontline workers and 1300000 people aged
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65 or older but so far the county has received only 850000 doses of vaccine supplies are distributed by the federal government the former administration failed among other things to act with urgency to ramp up production governors around the country are pleading for more oh we're facing is just not enough is just not enough even if it's delayed it's not close to enough of what we can do and. we're not seeing the type of vaccine hesitancy that the people expected at the moment we're seeing people who want it so desperate like the bided ministration is using emergency powers to speed up the manufacture and distribution of vaccines also as the as the president has said in his plan to do whatever he can to expand that the availability of vaccines whatever that is i mean he said that he's going to just use every possibility including the defense production at mass
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vaccination centers like this one at dodger stadium in los angeles are ready to go if biden's plan succeeds in boosting vaccine production many lives may be saved i have hope now that there is at least someone who cares about making a plan of some kind because there was nothing before and it was sort of left to people to figure out for themselves so i do have some hope and i have some optimism that with someone who carries at the top that that's going to trickle down and hopefully will be able to get this taken care of in a timely manner. los angeles has now surpassed 1400000 coded 1000 infections and more than 14000 people here have died from the virus rob reynolds al-jazeera los angeles from an african nation of men malawi has seen far fewer than 1000 infections than many other countries but there are concerns that migrants
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have causing the disease to spread with tough any restrictions coming into force for me to marry explains. malawi has recorded more than 13000 corona virus infections since the 1st case was identified 9 months ago. while the number may be far lower than many other countries move in harmful cases have been detected this month alone prompting the government to tighten restrictions. on. some customers must. pass. this. washing. and nighttime curfew has been imposed and schools have been closed malawi has recorded more than 300 deaths
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related to cope with 19 with a 3rd of those recorded this month alone they are concerns that already limited health facilities may be overwhelmed and now a new more contagious variant of the virus found in south africa is added to worries that returning migrant workers may contribute to the spread in malawi patients and their way is one of tens of thousands of malawians who work in south africa because of the poor economy at home but she returned to bantay after 1000 restrictions in south africa made it difficult to find work there's a lot of talent is coming back here come in come allow me because all you need to get tested faced before you leave. and you need to have. days for what's for 14 days. the government has spent the equivalent of $80000000.00 to fight the virus some of that money has been used to quarantine
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screen monitor and transport almost $20000.00 malawians returning to the country some of those returning were quarantined in a prison building which was later looted and vandalized when the release of some people was delayed put into as word of a young man that when we arrived they test this and promised to give us results the next morning by 9 o'clock we patiently waited for our results often on the clock and looking at how tired we were and the unexplained delays people with some ringleaders started vandalising this the death of 2 government ministers and 2 senior political figures from covert 1000 led the government to declare a state of emergency for me to malaya al-jazeera fled. a delicate rescue mission to save traps chinese gold mine is it could be another 2 waves before they are lifted to safety. and legendary baseball home run king hank aaron passes away gemma will have those details in the sport as well.
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storm kristoff through the bridge are all z s today and lest the river mersey breaking its banks into its flood plain much of north wales northwest and saw some flooding from the amount of rain that fell the storm itself is producing strong winds in scandinavia that is it if you follow the course of the frontal system is attached to it the next area development down in the west and met the obvious a lot of rain for italy he created the croatian coast was there up at height and the a community culture than it was probably the focus to continuous rain is going to be southwestern france portugal in some parts of spain stopped to keep cold here so there was snow it with a result of rain but the cold is returning to eastern europe look at these current
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temperatures and remember a few days back we were subzero by many degrees when not any more not that it will last innsbruck for example goes back down to subzero once the snow has gone through enough to be on sunday and stays that way if that gets colder by the time we get to monday so the picture on sunday there is increasing me the wintry feel returns with briggs's snow one of the places including in england and in france the western med does improve to some degree but great should i say shows what the rain is going to do it's windy on the coast and it's wet for 2 days. to make a change. change your life or the part of the country challen. the accepted truth if you want to create something you 1st break in then you remove to turn the status quo and fight injustice sound out all modesty to run their.
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lives our goal to settle our differences. witness personal documentaries not alter the deception on al-jazeera. examining the impact of today's headlines didn't matter you're rich or poor what your religion is you are battling this and you're staring at it in the face and you're dealing with the setting the agenda for tomorrow's discussions was it a coup on holding on capitol hill international filmmakers the world class journalists bring programs to inform and inspire you each and in one of us in the responsibility to change all thirsty exploits for the good of bon al-jazeera.
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welcome back to headlines now u.s. president joe biden is targeting the economy on his 2nd full day in office he's been signing a series of executive orders designed to help those hardest hit by the pandemic meanwhile dollars from could go on trial in the u.s. senate as soon as next week the chambers top democrat says the articles of impeachment against the former president will be delivered on monday and our headline this hour a new variant of the corona virus which is spreading globally could carry a higher risk of death versions prime minister says both vaccines used in the u.k. are still proving effective against. well canada's prime minister will be the 1st foreign leader to receive a telephone call from president joe biden pariset to discuss the u.s. latest decision to halt construction of the contentious cross border keystone x.l. pipeline justin trudeau has said he's disappointed by the move pipeline was
12:38 am
intended to increase critical oil exports for canada all throughout donald trump's presidency questions about his ties to russian lingard allegations of the influence of vladimir putin didn't stop relations between their countries deteriorating the question of nuclear weapons was one area of friction but there is a hope joe biden is a ministration is willing to talk to charlie angelo what could be ahead but. there are many international leaders who will have been glad to see donald trump leave the white house. the vladimir putin is probably not one of them. the 2 men reportedly admired each other and that's done little to improve relations between their countries it's the chemise that sort of creased. the trumpet ministration has introduced 46 new sanctions against russia are legal entities economic representatives 46 this is never happened before and despite the restrictions trump and i worked rather effectively on stabilizing the oil markets.
12:39 am
president joe biden on the other hand is no fan of putin's he's called russia the biggest threat to u.s. security vowing that moscow will pay a price for interfering in u.s. elections and a suspected recent hack on u.s. government agencies this attack constitutes a grave risk to our national security was carefully planned and carefully orchestrated it was carried out by using sophisticated cyber tools. he tracker succeeded in catching the federal government off guard and unprepared russian analysts are now trying to predict what that price will be. i believe that biden will leverage the idea of peaceful limitation peaceful pressure by means of economic sanctions financial influence and pressure on the ruble as well as pressure on international banks biden has plenty of such resources at his service not less and he has military means the kremlin also has disdain for biden dating
12:40 am
back to his vice presidency when he pushed for sanctions against russia in response to the annexation of ukraine of the there are areas of mutual agreement the start arms control treaty is top of the agenda it expires on february 5th and without it nuclear proliferation is possible. months of talks between the kremlin and trumps ministration on extending the treaty failed moscow's now hoping for a quick deal with the new president. biden's administration will submit to congress a proposal to extend the new start treaty from our side chilled noughties we are ready if needed to complete the same work if occasion process. biden's team will demonstrate early on how it intends to work with russia and whether it can find a way to work with russia at all. al-jazeera. rescuers say
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it could take at least another 2 weeks to free 21 gold miners trapped underground in eastern china a desperate attempt to save the workers buried after a blast 12 days ago has been further complicated by a blockage which is delaying drilling efforts for it he say 10 of the men are alive with 11 others unaccounted for adrian brown reports on this now from hong kong. the state television is giving prominent coverage to the rescue in a round the clock operation a giant drill is boring through granite to create a tunnel wide enough to bring up the miners trapped more than half a kilometer below it's become a race against time oxygen is limited because the main ventilation shaft is blocked by rubble there's also a risk of flooding an animation captures the drama of what happened. and the challenges that lie ahead rescue teams have already drilled several
12:42 am
emergency shafts 6 days ago a handwritten note confirmed 12 of the miners were alive don't stop trying to reach us it implored they detach the paper to a wire cable lowered from the surface the miners are receiving medical supplies and food just an attempt to use the food in the quids we've seen to them originate trains and a more necessary than eating meals it's still difficult for them to take in protein like meat as more time is needed for the digestive systems to recover a telephone connection has also been set up the mine was reportedly under construction when the blast happened but it was only reported 30 hours later the local communist party secretary and there has since been sacked the mine is owned by a private company registered here in hong kong but ultimately controlled by one of china's largest gold producers labor rights activists who can't operate in china
12:43 am
say the media coverage of the accident has raised uncomfortable questions not just for the owners but also the authorities. previous accidents of exposed a cold hearted reality says one activist base to the united states sometimes the companies don't even want to rescue the miners it's just too expensive for them but for this case they have to because of all the attention from the media it is almost 2 weeks since this latest accident and while rescuers are still hopeful of getting the men out alive state media is also warning the operation could last another 2 weeks adrian brown al-jazeera hong kong the united nations is voicing concern after a spate of murders in syria's largest refugee camp at least 12 people have been killed in the whole facility since the start of the year the u.n. says the violence could jeopardize aid and humanitarian assistance for the camp and it says the authorities need to safeguard the security of both the residents and
12:44 am
aid workers a court ruling jew on monday will determine whether ugandan opposition leader bobby wine can leave his house soldiers have been surrounding his home for a week but the government denies he's under house arrest wind has filed an arbitrary detention complaint to the un he declared victory in the presidential election before the electoral commission announced long time medio arema 70 as the winner of 70 is now serving a 6 term in office extending his 35 years in power a crackdown on anti monica protesters is underway in thailand government is pursuing more than 50 cases under draconian laws to protect the royal family but campaign is maintained it's time for reform scott heiler reports from bangkok. he's one of the most vocal critics of the thai establishment now protesting the press penguin 2 iraq is facing the consequences in court he's accused of insulting the monarchy under this country's strict majesté laws and he's not the only one dozens
12:45 am
of anti-government demonstrators have been charged under this law in recent months . earlier this week the court handed down the longest prison sentence ever for less majesté 43 years to a woman in her sixty's proposed she made on social media 6 years ago. every time that this law is in force the monarchy loses its legitimacy it's uncivil to sentenced this woman to 43 years it's a political move to threaten the us sorry to disappoint you but we're not afraid and i think i'll support us i'm not afraid i don't want to key is taking is on great putting shame on the selves. the law also known as article 112 was sidelined for about 3 years on orders of king not watch the wrong corner. but it's been brought back since protesters started taking to the streets calling for the prime minister to resign a new constitution and reform within the powerful monarchy some thais agree with the law and say the monarchy needs to be protected. what is sun on sea bar one time
12:46 am
a kid has taken it upon herself to patrol the internet she says this week's 43 year lows majesté sen's was fair and hopes her work will lead to others being sent to prison i think she got what she deserved this is a sensitive time because people don't want to defame the institution just once they do it on line they do it in person like when they shouted and threw objects at the royal motorcade the steep increase in 112 cases is seen by some here as a desperate move by the authorities whose previous tactics failed to stem the movement that's demanding reform and it could backfire by bringing more 'd and more aggressive measures to try to where. it will all be made worse this situation if the political tensions from bad to worse make the situation moema call it it is as if thai authorities are building up
12:47 am
a new region of repression. and the potential for volatility will increase over the next few weeks as recently imposed covert 1000 restrictions are relaxed bringing the protesters back to the streets scholar al-jazeera banker. google has issued to australia with an ultimatum drop plans to make it pay for content or it will block it search engine australia is introducing a wall 1st law to make google and facebook negotiate payments with news outlets for using their content in search results on his feet now are bad and has. google dominates the search engine markets around the globe handling about 90 percent of all internet queries but the tech giant may be about to switch off its services in australia that to the country passes a bill that would force it and facebook to pay for news content they feature that google says this will open it up to too much risk. the principle of honor strictly
12:48 am
linking between websites is fundamental to search and coupled with the unmanageable financial and operational risk if this version of the card were to become law it would give us no real choice but to stop making google search available in australia a notable ally of google is the inventor of the world wide web tim berners lee in a submission to parliament he says he supports the right for content creators to be rewarded for their work but in this way it would undermine the fundamental principles of the ability to think freely on the web social media giant facebook also says it will block uses in australia from posting or sharing links to news if the bill is passed ideally what i'd like to see is platforms like google and facebook paying a fair price for news content and this recognizing that this content is premium content that it gives
12:49 am
a certain manner to search results and social media feeds because news content has facts and accuracy and australia's prime minister how does a message for the tech firms strive you mike's our rules for things you can do in a strike that's done in our power and it's done by our government and that's how things work here in stride and people who want to work with that illustrate here you're very welcome but we don't respond to threats it's not just australia that talk to google the french competition authority has ordered the company to negotiate with french publishers and in the landmark agreement on thursday google is now paying news publications. that could challenge the power and dominance of tech giants governments assailed who gets paid more about the
12:50 am
al-jazeera. i have for you on the program gangs in doubt japan's government denies it's considering cancelling me and i'm pics gemma has always bought right after the break stay with us.
12:51 am
gemma's handouts for thank you mariam the international olympic committee has joined the japanese government in rejecting reports the take your games are going to be cancelled the times newspaper claims that japanese misses have privately concluded the games wanted to be called off because of the pandemic but japan's
12:52 am
prime minister says that determined to hold the games as planned on july the 23rd and the head of japan's olympic committee has also made his fees clear. you know. i thought it was preposterous i wondered who's going to take responsibility for this i've learned my lesson you shouldn't believe an article just because it's from the times for. the international olympic committee president thomas back was also dismissed claims that the games are going to happen everybody is really determined to make these olympic games in 6 months from now the light at the end of the tunnel in which at this moment do we are all still in but all the prospects. are good we are working hard and so these games are the 1st priority will
12:53 am
be about to make them safe and secure for all participants. former tennis world number one andy murray will miss next month's australian i can he's not able to compete off to failing to find a workable quarantine after you recovered from krajina virus is out of self isolation and no longer has any symptoms but finding a way for him to travel to australia and then going to quarantine before the tournament starts on february the 8th proved too difficult murray says he's devastated devastated not to be playing defending champion novak djokovic is in australia they were ahead of the grand slam he's been kept and to take one in quarantine he watched from the balcony of his hotel in adelaide some fams dom's for him but life and it looks like he appreciated that if it is round. it and has tested positive for corona virus his assistant says the frenchman is in good spirits but sad that he has to take some time away from the team it comes after a difficult week for saddam who's under increased pressure in his job after rout
12:54 am
were knocked out by a 3rd to a club in the copa del rey on wednesday another coach having a bit of a tough time at the moment is frank lampard his chelsea side have won just 3 of their last 10 matches in all competitions and he didn't sound too pleased to be on 3 questions about his future at the premier league club when there's other managers name successive names that are on that must be difficult. i don't listen to. when it's everywhere it's going to go down it's like if you are if you want to go it's grow fruit maybe social media or something i don't do that come down not stupid comment and i want the pressure to come with managing the top and probably are any do my job so it doesn't doesn't matter to me as being a big boy for manchester city in the title race the star midfielder kevin deployer is out for up to 6 weeks with a hamstring injury he'll miss key games against liverpool tottenham and possibly austin ill is well city a 2nd in the table 2 points behind their great rivals manchester united but they do
12:55 am
have a game in hand. former manchester united player and now into miami cowen a day back of his defended the appointment of phil level as the m.l.s. clubs new head coach back in insists his former manchester united in england teammate got the job on merit not because of their longstanding friendship never left his role as england women's head coach on monday that was several months earlier than he originally planned of course people are always going to turn around and say oh it's because he's your friend it's nothing to do with him being my friend you know i'm a i'm an owner of a club we've only our ownership group don't just ruling our friends we employ the best people baseball hall of famer hank aaron has died at the age of $86.00 aaron's perhaps best known for overtaking babe ruth's career home run run record eventually finishing with $755.00 home as he was only so pastas homerun king in 2007 nicknamed
12:56 am
hammerin hank he spent most of his 23 years as a professional with the atlanta braves now to a big beast for the kansas city chiefs ahead of the a.f.c. championship game with the buffalo bills on sunday that quarterback patrick the holmes has been cleared to play after passing the n.f.l.'s concussion protocols you know i mean you want to be out there but you have that you have to go through the program if you are in the right way i mean you look at it long term as much as you look at each word. what do you want the doctors talking or doctors don't want you know terrorist team we have to believe there are there will be no no when you're in a church and i'll be able to go out there and be myself and be who i am every single week england rugby coach eddie jones says his side's preparations for next month's 6 nations haven't been affected by his absence jones is self isolating off to coming into contact with somebody who had coronavirus. it has a brain destructive no one nowhere to look most of that made easily doing as well
12:57 am
as a 1000000 right. so next year it's all we've just been used on boys we had to catch this conference organized so this week which we've never done entirely boys. in terms of they came well i only missed the 1st day where we we 'd were just going to have matings anyway laurie mcquary has fallen off the pace at golf's abu dhabi championship the form about number one who had the lead after the 1st day was one of a par 314 holes when bad light stopped play he 7 and overall which gave him 5 shots behind it at terrell hatton both players will complete their 2nd round on saturday before going out for the f. that i just bought for our army thanks so much jana thanks for that well that wraps up the news hour but i'll be back with a full bulletin for you in a couple of minutes 2200 g.m.t. to join event around the all the day's top stories including course all the latest
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from washington on the economic relief package from president joe biden is going to . it's the biggest sport. a truly global game. and it doesn't end up the final whistle. in a new series al-jazeera uncovers the passion the rivalries and the politics at play . because beyond the pitch that beautiful game is
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a way of life. the fans who make football coming soon on al-jazeera. when a parent loses their child to a terminal illness. they often feel that they've taken on the weight of the world. but mr huang is determined to find out what caused his daughter's death and brought him such heartache. the story of a committed parent turned activist a father's protest part of the viewfinder asia's series on al-jazeera. talked to o.j. is there are we. in the case were you compensated civilians or we listen to the only music you hear is your own the most beautiful music in the world is silence we meet with global news makers and talk about the stories that matter on the edges their own. teaching you can watch al-jazeera english streaming live on
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