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if the senate will conduct a trial of the impeachment of donald trump. top democrats push ahead with the impeachment trial of donald trump over the riots at the capitol. i'm not matheson this is all it is here live from doha also coming up president joe biden's pick lloyd austin becomes the 1st african american to be confirmed u.s. defense secretary. security concerns in syria's largest refugee camp where at least
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12 people have been killed in recent attacks. we don't respond to threats straight out pushes back after google said it could block its search engine they are in a dispute over payments. house democrats are going to send an article of impeachment to the senate on monday officially launching this 2nd trial against former presidents donald trump trump's accused of inciting a mob to attack the congress building in january the 6 senate majority leader chuck schumer says he expects trump to receive a full and fair trial republicans want to delay impeachment proceedings until february to give trump time to prepare. it makes no sense whatsoever that a president or any official could commit a heinous crime against our country and then be permitted to resign so as to avoid
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accountability and a vote to disbar them from future office makes no sense regardless the per day years of this unusual argument are trying to delay the inevitable the fact is the house will deliver the article of impeachment to the senate the senate will conduct a trial of the impeachment of donald trump it will be a full trial it will be a fair trial but make no mistake there will be a trial and when that trial ends senators will have to decide if they believe donald john donald john trump incited the erection insurrection against the united states senate minority leader mitch mcconnell maintains a delay to the start of the trial will help ensure due process for trump theirs from patient began with an on president life and minimal process over and of this legal cannot be an insufficient senate process that do not former president tried
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to due process or damages the sunnah or the presidency it fell short of republican strongly believe we need a full and fair process for the former president can mount out of town and the senate can properly consider the factual legal and constitutional questions that. for that reason we suggest the house transmitted article next thursday with death apparently going to be next monday. the capitol ok talk us through the timeline of this impeachment process. well rob the only thing we know for sure is that come monday according to chuck schumer the majority leader of the senate these this article will be marched across the capitol rotunda and delivered to the senate that kicks off the seri ceremonial portion of this impeachment trial we
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expect immediately for that article to be read aloud for the senators to be cautioned on pain of imprisonment to guard their silence and for the impeachment managers the prosecutors coming from the house to be introduced before the senators eventually everyone will be sworn in as jurors and the senate will be transformed into a court of impeachment now the current senate rules says that by the next day after this article is transmitted by 1 pm of the following day in the afternoon that is when the senators must begin to consider the article but that timeline may fly out the window if the senate passes special rules and there's reporting that they're in discussions to do that very thing to change the timeline of the trial as used as you said mcconnell now the minority leader the republicans in the senate
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has been pushing for this trial to be delayed until mid february to give former president trump's legal team to mount their defense it's notable that many of those a listers we saw defending trump during his 1st impeachment trial they're no longer going to represent him. and if you also look at the last impeachment trial as a sort of a baseline his opening step the opening arguments in that 1st impeachment of trial began exactly a week after the art. polls were transmitted but democrats are saying that they want a full and fair trial and so the question of whether or not to allow witnesses evidence exactly how long this trial would go on for all of that is still under discussion but rob what's interesting is if you think about it the very jurors sitting and hearing that evidence they also were witnesses because of course they were the ones
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under attack on january 6th when the violent mob came and stormed capitol hill the other interesting thing about this is that one would expect the republicans who want to delay it you would expect the democrats to to want it to be held earlier but there are actually splits on both sides of the house about when the trial should be held. that's right there are some of the more liberal democrats who want this trial to be rammed through as quickly as possible to hold donald trump accountable then there's also the more moderates joe biden president biden included who have signaled that they don't want to sacrifice the biden administration's agenda in the meantime because of course the senators only have a certain amount of time and by the rules of the impeachment trial they will have to be in that trial setting every day 6 days a week until a verdict is reached and certainly biden has signaled he wants his senate the
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senate to consider his nominees for his cabinet it's notable that lloyd austin has just in the last hour. been confirmed as the new u.s. secretary of defense his confirmation near unanimous certainly bipartisan but there are many other cabinet secretaries awaiting their confirmation and certainly biden and many other democrats don't want that to be further delayed cardew thanks very much indeed heidi joe cost we're talking to us from capitol hill want to bring in mike hanna in washington d.c. we're going to talk more about those appointments in a moment by but let's just talk about this impeachment process 1st so he was talking about the biden administration and some democrats as well were very concerned that if any impeachment process was brought in early it was going to detract or destruct from the work that the biden the ministration was doing but now we know it's going to at least the process is going to start next week. yes
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well president biden has been saying during his campaign before he became president that the whole issue of impeachment is something that must be live to congress since the president was impeached in the house a few weeks ago mr biden has been absolutely. constant that it's a matter of will congress congress must decide he's staying away from the issue that being said it is problematic in terms of his plea for unity for the various political forces to try and heal the divide that has been created over the past 4 years in particular but also in terms of getting through his policy agenda obviously the senate is now going to be preoccupied with the impeachment trial one must remember that constitutionally and terms of senate rules the impeachment takes absolute priority over all other matters now biden did approach the then majority leader mitch mcconnell asking him whether he could investigate whether the senate
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could split its time spent part of the time conducting the trial and part of the time debating his policy changes he then also spoke to the now majority speaker chuck schumer about the same issue waiting for a response from the parliamentarian in the senate so he is attempting to keep going with his agenda despite this trial but it is problematic for him no doubt the senate will be focusing entirely on the trial giving a stumbling block to those many changes and even his cabinet appointments and of course talking about his cabinet appointments we've heard 2 or 3 names which are going through the confirmation process in the last few hours tell us about those. well lloyd austin has just been confirmed as the secretary of defense in a massively bipartisan vote in fact it was $93.00 votes in favor of only 2 against a special waiver had to be obtained in congress. it has just been signed that way
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there by president biden because general austin only retired from the armed forces listen 7 years ago now he's a remarkable soldier he's comes from the south was born in mobile alabama grew up in georgia he lived through the whole civil rights movement was 10 years old when the civil rights act was introduced and astoundingly and this is an absolutely amazing figure 41 percent of americans serving in the armed forces are people of color to date only 2 out of 414 star generals and admirals are black now lloyd austin is the 1st black secretary of defense since the department was established back in 1947 this is a massive symbolic gesture of being wielded here by president biden nominating him for this appointment austin as well has served in
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a number of theaters of war including afghanistan and indeed in iraq and ted cation in iraq he was led the armored division during the 2003 invasion and certainly i saw it firsthand how much respect and admiration he got from the soldiers i also saw he's if they mostly tested to men who very reluctant to speak publicly about any metal it's a little military ones but certainly his appointment is going to be welcomed very strongly by members of the military and a very strong gesture by president biden about the racial makeup and the racial nature of the u.s. armed forces maicon in washington d.c. mike thanks very much bruce finds us constitutional lawyer he explains how the impeachment trial is likely to be playing playing out since trump is no longer in office. we have this unique situation where the defendant is not the president
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anymore and it's unclear whether the president will whether chief justice john roberts will be the presiding officer i think his presence certainly offers and justified air of gravity and solemnity to the decision really this impeachment trial is about whether mr trump will run for president again in $22041.00 of the punishments authorized by the constitution for conviction on pietschmann is disqualification from holding future office and that's a momentous decision to be made and ought to be made with the solemnity of gravity but really it's up to the senate now to decide but i'm majority vote you know how swiftly to proceed amidst mcconnell the former majority leader said he wants 21 days it's because mr trump is so desperate and he doesn't have real lawyers to defend him the trial will proceed not waiting 21 days they will decide how many witnesses if at all to call the length of the arguments permitted to both sides the
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length of cross-examination my own view is that it ought to be longer rather than shorter there's no need to rush this and it's wrong to think that the american people should not have their own ability firsthand here witnesses vive people to hear the what i consider the very wicked and frightening storming of the capitol including those who participated who said they were acting on the orders of president trump and still had a knowledge of the games must go on japan's prime minister dismisses talk of counseling the olympics and says they'll be proof the world has overcome coronavirus. the. conditions as you probably know in northern syria turned miserable well full
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cost wise they are improving the sun is up the temperature will slowly rise the consequence of what happened is as this system went through and has gone that if we picked up something of a strong wind dancer iraq rain qatar u.a.e. which brought dust storm with it the breeze is still there saturday and sunday but it is weakening somewhat and you'll notice nothing much has changed in syria or in iraq except the sun is still in the champions slightly higher what's on the ground by the wet muddy weather is still on the ground. significant weather once again in the form of a tropical psycho has come across gone across madagascar and it's on its way to mozambique now it's just been upgraded to a severe tropical storm that's based on the wind strength that wind is probably the bit on the conservative side it could get up to 130 kilometers from about time it makes landfall which will be within about 18 hours somewhere near bear remember
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bear was badly hit by arrieta not that long ago well this is nothing like as strong as either but it is quite a damaging storm as a potential storm surge up the river just south of bear or 4 meters. from. frank assessments you've got colleagues on the ground in the canaries what is the situation there is only one doctor and one nurse or 2200 people informed opinion as to how big this foreign policy to get in the early stages of a by ministration he comes into office with a huge amount of foreign policy experience in-depth analysis of the day's global headlines how will a place like it lead get the vaccine when there's no money at all the rest of rich countries are fighting for it inside story on al-jazeera.
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if you want to go to 0 remind of our top stories this hour top democrat chuck schumer has told the u.s. senate to expect an impeachment article against former president donald trump on monday republicans wanted to delay impeachment proceedings until february to give trump time to prepare. the u.s. senate's confirmed lloyd austin as the defense chief he becomes the 1st african-american to be secretary of defense a congressional committees backed and even though he hasn't served the required waiting period since he left the military. the u.n. says it's concerned about the security situation in syria's largest refugee camp after a series of murders at least 12 people have been killed in our whole camp since the start of the year the u.n.
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says the violence could jeopardize the delivery of aid and humanitarian assistance . is the syria response director for save the children she says the attacks that the whole refugee camp have affected some of her organizations education programs. we didn't know an increase in attacks starting actually in august of last year but it has really picked up in 2021 our numbers are that there actually are probably about 17 killings that have already happened whether it's for ideological reasons or personal disputes or criminality or a combination of all of the 3 the effect on humanitarian services is what's really concerning us save the children has been affected by these attacks in terms of our education services to children and one instance a wall of our school was hit by 10 stray bullets and another more recent incident one of our school tents was partly burned down so we're really looking for camp
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authorities and those who have influence on the camp to look at the protection of those 80 percent women and children you know they need a safe place to live and in general all hold is no place for children to grow up we have a lot of challenges keeping children in school getting them the health care they need you know we're doing a lot to try to get children to be able to leave the town whether it's iraqis to go home or syrians or all of the 10000 foreign women and children so in general our whole it is not a place for children to grow up and unfortunately now their services are being affected by this increase in violence funerals are being held in the libyan city of tripoli following the discovery of several mass graves family members of those able to identify 14 bodies laying their loved ones to rest the bodies were discovered in the city of tal hunan push for several years was a stronghold of forces loyal to one of $44.00 huffed on hundreds of civilians were forcibly detained killed or tortured during that time. libya's internationally
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recognized government continues to uncover new mass graves they've opened an exhibit where citizens can try to identify their loved ones the remains and personal belongings that have been found in the mass graves matic traina reports from tripoli. clothes and personal belongings from the remains of people found in mass graves this site has been opened in tripoli to help people identify bodies and possessions belonging to the relatives of loved ones at least 338 people have been reported missing in the town of sort of whom are allegedly killed by the el kenya militia loyal to warlord khalifa haftar during his failed military campaign on libya's capital other mass graves are being uncovered is the heart of me that identified the body of one of her 3 sisters last week today she's recognized 2 more of her sisters also. i came to identify my sisters who were kidnapped by the
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our county admonition my message to those who killed my sister is they are women why did you kill them the youngest had 4 children and she was pregnant now these refrigerated containers are where the bodies of those found in the mass graves and to whom are kept at once their bodies are identified they're then transferred to their loved ones so they may be buried so far approximately 125 bodies have been found they are brought here for autopsies. and their personal belongings are documented and put on display malik is a nurse and has 2 brothers missing he thinks he recognizes one of them by his clothing and the ring he bought how i feel it's it's difficult to explain you know it's have been this body should be my brother or not we cannot confirm and come
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down. and least we have percentage just we have like 80 percent that sand. and. that is the others didn't found their sons and their brothers their sisters they don't deserve this. desire to end this way. there are $31.00 bodies here for family members to attempt to identify including those of 4 women and 2 children get it and have thought of that once we believe the family is identified a person's belongings we make sure only information matches clothing ted rowlands dental records once confirmed a request is made to release the body to the family. although there is pain after identifying her sister's there is also some long needed closure but it will likely take more time for her to know the fate of her 2 brothers malik traina al-jazeera
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tripoli. china say it could take at least another 2 weeks to free gold miners have been shot underground for 12 days the desperate attempt to save the 21 workers has been complicated by a blockage delaying training efforts adrian brown has more from hong kong. the state television is giving prominent coverage to the rescue in a round the clock operation a giant drill is boring through granite to create a tunnel wide enough to bring up the miners trapped more than half a kilometer below it's become a race against time oxygen is limited because the main ventilation shaft is blocked by rubble there's also a risk of flooding an animation captures the drama of what happened. and the challenges that lie ahead rescue teams have already drilled several emergency shafts 6 days ago
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a handwritten note confirmed 12 of the miners were alive don't stop trying to reach us it implored they detach the paper to a wire cable lowered from the surface the miners are receiving medical supplies and food. the food in the quids we've seen to them a rich in nutrients and a more necessary than eating meals it's still difficult for them to take in protein like meat as more time is needed for the digestive systems to recover a telephone connection has also been set up the mine was reportedly under construction when the blast happened but it was only reported 30 hours later the local communist party secretary and mayor it's since been sacked the mine is owned by a private company registered here in hong kong but ultimately controlled by one of china's largest gold producers labor rights activists who can't operate in china say the media coverage of the accident has raised comfortable questions not just
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for the owners but also the authorities. previous accidents of exposed to cold hearted reality says one activist base to the united states sometimes the companies don't even want to rescue the miners it's just too expensive for them but for this case they have to because of all the attention from the media it is almost 2 weeks since this latest accident and while rescuers are still hopeful of getting the man out alive state media is also warning the operation could last another 2 weeks adrian brown al-jazeera hong kong. people smuggling gangs been sentenced to between 13 and 27 years in prison over the deaths of 39 vietnamese migrants the judge says the group died excruciating the slow deaths suffocating in a lorry or route from belgium to britain the victims that each paid up to $18000.00 to be taken to the u.k. in october $29000.00 russian authorities have been arresting several supporters of
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kremlin critic alexina volley in comes ahead of nationwide anti-government protests that are shadowed to take place on saturday in defiance of a public gathering ban the ban he was arrested in moscow on sunday after arriving home from germany where he was being treated for nerve agent poisoning the opposition politician and some world leaders accuse russia's president of sanctioning the attack. google has threatened to make its search engine unavailable in a strained over plans by the government to make tech giants pay for news content but prime minister scott morrison has told the company we don't respond to threats or a burden man that reports. google dominate the 13 g. markets around the globe handling about 90 percent of all internet queries but the tech giant may be about to switch off its services in australia that to the country part of the bill that would force it and facebook to pay for news content a feature that google says this will open it up to too much risk. the principle of
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honor strict and linking between websites is fundamental to search and coupled with the unmanageable financial and operational risk if this version of the card were to become law it would give us no real choice but to stop making google search available in australia. ally of google easy and then to the world wide web tim berners lee in the submission to parliament he says he supports the right for content creators to be rewarded for their work but in this way it would undermine the fundamental principles of the ability to think freely on the web. media giant facebook also says it will block uses in australia from posting or sharing links to news if the bill is passed ideally what i'd like to see is platforms like google and facebook paying a fair price for news content and this recognizing that this content is premium
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content that it gives a certain man. search results and social media feeds because news content has facts and accuracy and australia's prime minister how does a message for the tech firms. strive you mike's our rules for things you can do in a strike that's done in our power and it's done by our government and that's how things work here in australia and people who want to work with that you know struggle you're very welcome but we don't respond to threats. it's not just australia that's targeted google the french competition authority has ordered the company to negotiate with french publishers and in the landmark agreement on thursday google is now paying news publications that could challenge the power and dominance of tech giants and give governments assailed who gets paid
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more about a man the al-jazeera. in germany in the number of people who died from coronaviruses exceeded 50000 chancellor angela merkel is defending a decision to extend the lockdown until mid february she says it would be unwise to ease restrictions because virus mutations have been found in germany the country's been in lockdown since november. the international olympic committee is joining the japanese government in rejecting reports the tokyo games are going to be canceled pretoria reports the olympic games jewel to be held last year but were delayed because of the coronavirus pandemic now a rise in infections has forced the government to impose a state of emergency in tokyo and other parts of the country and that's raise questions about whether the summer games will be held in 6 months as planned newspaper reports that you pans government has privately concluded the games will have to be reshaped jeweled have been denied by the prime minister. regarding the
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tokyo games it will be a symbol of humanity overcoming the novel coronavirus and the chance to showcase japan's reconstruction from the devastating northeastern earthquake and tsunami to the world we will be well prepared on the measures for the infection. japan has spent $25000000000.00 preparing for the take here lympics they still which is public money but a recent poll shows 80 percent of japanese people don't want the games to go ahead this summer but you still in your home even if japan was able to could the coronavirus i don't think we can welcome athletes considering the current situation it should be canceled the money we spend on the game should be used for antivirus measures and stated my. 80 percent i want the olympics to get a hat but the other 20 percent i wonder what would happen to japan if it was canceled when i read it going through a lot. analytics has been cancelled only 5 times before in war time
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a final decision on whether to hold the games this year will note is expected in early spring i think the day to watch is march 25th that's when the target really begins for northern japan 4 months 10000 runners crossing the country arriving to enjoy our 23rd in tokyo it would seem absurd to start the torch relay and then have to have no olympics the international olympic committee make 75 percent of its income from selling broadcast rights of the olympics if is cancelled it could lose an estimated $2.00 to $3000000000.00 of revenue victoria gate and be al-jazeera. this is all to syria these are the top stories top democrat chuck schumer has told the u.s. senate to expect an impeachment article on monday against former president donald trump republicans wanted to delay impeachment proceedings until february.


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