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is found alive and well the terrorists inside the building stadia. a place where political revolutionaries share a platform an ideology with football hooligans. read old death on al-jazeera. revealing eco friendly solutions to combat threats to our planet on al-jazeera. al-jazeera. and i'm not matheson this is the news hour live from doha coming up on the next 60 minutes u.s. president joe biden is expected to sign 10 executive orders on curbing the coronavirus pandemic 24 hours after being sworn in. the u.s.
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says it will now join the world health organization is kovacs project to deploy covert $900.00 vaccines around the world. at least 32 people are killed in twin suicide blasts at a market in the iraqi capital baghdad. the u.n. envoy calls on the security council for a substantial increase in peacekeeping operations in central african republic. and a refugee crisis. i'm gemini with the sports news that doubts remain about the pics that the head of the i.o.c. thomas back to once again insists they ogling at his plant in july. u.s. president joe biden and vice president have begun their 1st full day in office with the inaugural prayer service which is being held. remotely the ceremony took place
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at the washington national cathedral biden harris and their spouses joined him from the white house and after undoing some of the most controversial actions of his predecessor donald trump biden is set to announce another 10 executive orders on thursday that are focused on the coronavirus pandemic and another break with a trumpet ministrations controversial legacy antony 5 she has announced that the u.s. will reengage with the world health organization and he says america will help fight coronavirus at home and abroad i am honored to announce that the united states. will remain a member of the world health 'd organization. yesterday president biden signed the letters retracting the previous administration's announcement she was draw from the organization the united states stands ready to work in partnership
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and solidarity to support the international coal 'd that 19 response ok let's go live to fresh air in washington d.c. there's no doubt that the by the administration has got a lot on its plate but there's no question also that fighting is absolutely central to all of that. a statement of intent coming from the by administration in the next couple of hours when anthony photos will appear in the press briefing room he won't be accompanied by the president this time joe biden is not interested in being there he wants to concentrate behind the scenes on doing the work that he believes is necessary to help the united states through the covert crisis that's why he'll be signing 10 executive orders aimed at improving the delivery of vaccines across the country you remember once 100000000 vaccines in 100000000 arms in the 1st 100 days how is he going to do that with the process that he's got well he's going to spend money some of that will be covered in the executive orders he's also saying
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that the federal government should do everything they can to mobilize every single resource and if they can't do it through the normal means that he wants them to bring in the defense production act it's an old act but he thinks he can use it to try and get the things that they need such as pass the protection kit for many of those who are involved in delivering the vaccines even syringes he said if they can get there was out in about into the country that would be important is also talking to about spending money to make sure that schools are safe once more to get them reopened as soon as possible the difficulty is got according to bike ministration officials as they have walked 10 and the plan that the trump administration said was in place a partly doesn't exist the top. all the sea operation more speed really hasn't delivered though we know joe biden was critical of it in the last couple of weeks calling it a stunning failure no he thinks it didn't actually exist at all they're talking about getting $50000000.00 vaccinations done by the end of the month 16000000 have
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been done and he said there is no backup plan after the initial wave there's no stockpile of vaccination so he's very keen to push forward with that now we've got 10 days of themes coming from the biden white house but it is as i say a statement of intent that the one is all about corporate d 2 is all about covert and the next economic impact and joe biden has spent today talking to his corporate task force and he will issued the national plan he believes will sign post the way for the country to get out the worst of this crisis on inflation in washington d.c. thanks very much u.s. house speaker nancy pelosi has used her 1st public address since president biden's inauguration to discuss donald trump's impeachment trial she will be drawn on when it's going to begin but she said she doesn't think it's going to detract from biden's calls for unity of him on this let's go to shihab rattansi as capitol hill
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joe biden had been quite keen that this impeachment should not detract from the work he and his administration were trying to do in the 1st 100 days but of course nancy pelosi seems determined to keep attention focused on this. right and the sense we got from her was the house is ready to send the article of impeachment to the senate but the senate still hasn't sorted out all the rules for the full amounts of any trial and we have heard over several days now that some of those issues include who will preside over the the trial of a former president how long will such a trial take could there be arrangements made so that the legislative business of congress and let's face it joe biden has a lot of letters of business on hand from getting his appointments to the cabinet confirmed to the lives of agenda that alan fisher was just talking about can they sort that sort of can i do the list of business in the mornings in the evenings that have the trial in the afternoon once nancy pelosi sends the article of
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impeachment to the senate the trial must begin according to the rules i want to quote the following day or less it's a sunday so pelosi says look we're ready to do this and a trial has to happen because donald trump has to be held accountable he rallied the troops. he urged them on to fight like hell he sent them on their way to the capitol he called upon lawlessness he showed a path to the capitol. and the lawlessness took place and that can be telling you when it is going but we had we had to wait at the pleasure of the senate to be in fashion they've now informed us they're ready to receive a question in other questions that their. trial will proceed but we have
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we are ready. i don't other issue is we're getting we're getting reports increasingly of some really serious disagreements between mitch mcconnell and chuck schumer the republican senate republican and democrat leadership in the senate about some fundamental questions about how the senate will will conduct its business going forward so that could delay things as well but we're also getting the sense that there is increasing and increasing desire amongst both democrats and republicans to get this over as quickly as possible nancy pelosi making the argument that unlike the 1st impeachment trial of donald trump which involves ukraine and telephone calls allegedly coercing the ukrainian government to. to try and get dirt on the trumps opponents there isn't that need for evidence and witnesses in this case because the members of congress themselves are witnesses to what happened on january the 6th and we are getting reports that perhaps a deal might be in the works to have a 3 day trial so that's interesting so there is that desire to have the trial to
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get it done as quickly as possible but still a lot of wrangling about the details she had thanks very much she has a chance in a capitol hill. well after his inauguration joe biden signed a series of executive orders striking at the heart of his predecessor's policy legacy and one of biden's 1st executive orders called off a national emergency be used to justify funding of the wall along the u.s. border with mexico trump a diverted $10000000000.00 from the defense department budget to get started on the project even though he'd see he said he'd get mexico to foot the bill it's estimated only 730 kilometers of the wall was built under trump's watch the borders over 3000 kilometers long according to the washington post the construction of the walls being one of the costliest federal infrastructure projects in u.s. history i'm going to speak to john home and he's live for us in mexico city john what's the reaction in mexico to biden statement.
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well president lopez obrador holds a morning press conference every morning in mexico and he used a small part of that react to react to joe biden stopping the funding to build the wall and he said he celebrated that commitment he then also went on to show a graphic to show that president trump wasn't the only american president to have contributed to border security with mexico to put up a fence he said that this dated all the way back to bill clinton correctly although he actually called bill clinton george clinton the famed leader of funkadelic but apart from that era that was his sort of statement on this but he spent only a small amount of time speaking about the will most of the time he spent talking about the free trade agreement between mexico the united states and canada and specifically about mexico's energy sector and about its oil sector and saying that that would be protected that it won't wouldn't be touched under this agreement and the nothing would change and that's been really the big line from president lopez
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obrador since joe biden won the elections a lot of talk about national sovereignty and about countries not interfering with the way that other countries run he's obviously got that on them on his mind i think he had quite a close relationship despite appearances with president donald trump probably based on that if it wasn't about immigration the president trump wasn't that interested in mexico and there's a sense that president lopez obrador might have appreciated that there might be a sense here that president joe biden might get more involved with the country with that relationship and he seems to be saying even actually in the letter in which he congratulated president joe biden on winning the elections mexico was one of the last countries in latin america to do so he mentioned national solvent tree and he was said he was certain that the united states was going to respect mexico's national sovereignty so i think the overall message here is great on the will we.
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about president joe biden's moves on immigration he says he wants a path to citizenship for undocumented migrants in the united states more than $10000000.00 of them and president lopez obrador has said we're on the same page basically as far as that goes but a bit of a hands off in terms of the commitment the relationship with mexico and how much the united states is going to get involved with mexico to the point where he said that it's not urgent for him to have a call with joe biden because they already spoke in december and they seem to be more or less on the same page or president so that's the the sense that's coming from mexico's president of the moment john thanks very much indeed john homan live for us and mexico city and lewis is a policy analyst at the migration policy institute he's joining us now from sacramento in california good to have you with us sir so the money is no longer going to be spent what do you think should happen next. well as you mention large part of the money that was set for the wall was coming from the department of
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defense and where the buying campaign has said in the past was that he's going to try to shift some of the funding to be used for other measures including investing in central america so i suspect that shortly we will begin to see more proposals about how to make that investment and some of those phones to go to central america including the key countries of what amala under us and some other which is largely who which are largely the number the countries where migrants are coming from i remember talking to an immigration lawyer a month some months ago when this and 5 years ago when this 1st came out she was saying one of the significant issues with this was that people were actually attempting to get into the united states legally but the structure and logistics of trying to do that were so complicated and the service itself was so overwhelmed that in many cases on at least some cases people were being forced to try to enter the u.s. illegally do you think the u.s. has got to start looking at its own immigration systems as well as its policies. of
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course look foreman is only part of the picture and m.p.o. we've for a long time eh suggested that enforcement a wall on the border and control centers mexico border have to be part of the picture but they cannot be the only factor of this solution to a regional problem migration we have to think of legal pathways and as you pointed out there's a lot more that can be done by the current administration to try to open up more ways for migrants for example from central america 20 the country legally if we could for example have more visas salak a for them so they could enter the united states that way we would reduce the incentive for them to find other pathways and of course. related to what's happening in the region with mexico as well working with them to try to find a different solution that could open up other bridge tunis a lot of the migrants are looking for protection when they come to the states and the u.s. thinks should be able to do more and look at its restart its asylum system we should also look at other countries in the region including mexico perhaps canada costa rica and panama to see us other destinations for this migrants one would also
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imagine that one of the most significant ways of cutting down and migration is to stop people wanted to leave their original homes in the 1st place one would also imagine that that would require a significant amount of investment and those countries would expect the u.s. to try to stump up a lot of the cash for that that's not really something that the u.s. is going to be keen to do so how do you address that in the original countries. well so by honest ration or at least by complaint suggested they were going to invest $4000000000.00 over the course of 4 years in central america try to address the root cause of migration in the past during the one ministration president vice president biden in that time was a key leader figure who was trying to coordinate this features but you're right the key component here is trying to get political buy in from the countries of origin and them to also investing there in their countries to a larger extent so that they can have a larger more sustained increase the bottom line of this is that investment over
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the short term actually may increase in some ways legal migration to have states in their part of the country but that investment if it's going to be taken seriously as a solution to migration it needs to be sustained over a long time it can't just be from one of ministration to the next and it has to be at large enough levels with the cooperation of this countries it does no good for only one of mr asian like obama administration to invest in central america and then after have a term the ministration pull back on that investment then restart it would bite and it is not going to be conducive to a significant long term solution but it should be part of the considerations and therefore the nations in central america have to cooperate and have to be the same page politically but also with their own resources but he had to get the benefits of your expertise in this out of the migration policy institute thank you very much indeed for your time thank you. well another of joe biden's 1st actions as president was to overturn one of donald trump's 1st major immigration policies what
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came to be known as the muslim travel ban was signed in 2017 it suspended entry into the united states for travelers from majority muslim countries including iran libya somalia syria and yemen it sparked a nationwide and global outrage that saw thousands protest outside airports resistance to the bank continues with several legal challenges but the country's top court upheld it in 2018 so has ease is director of the center for security race and wright said what because law school and she says biden's move is a signal to muslim communities that he takes their grievances seriously. i think it's a very positive development not only for the advocates in the communities that were muslim and not muslim who are pushing to reverse this clearly religiously bigoted travel ban but it shows a coming of age i mean streaming and a political development within muslim american communities that now they are able
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to influence policy at the highest level the fact that by reverse the muslim bever his very 1st day is significant politically because he could have waited a month 6 months but this was a signal to the muslim american communities and their supporters that i take you seriously your grievances seriously and hopefully it's an indication of what's to come in terms of incorporating muslim americans into his administration and into his policy making circles in terms of the practicalities it's like any bureaucratic administrative process especially american immigration it's going to take time for people to be able to come but at least they can come and that allows people to start their lives again and to be able to continue with their plans in the future rather than have everything on hold because their spouses or their family members or students or professionals were not able to come to the united states a complete whether they have planned it to fulfill their their life's goals but more importantly there's
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a lot of work to be done by biden to ensure that this is not simply a token. political move for muslims in america. funnybone ahead on the news hour including left out in the cold days of snow interventional rain leave thousands of syrian refugees without shelter. a petition for freedom uganda's opposition leader waits to hear a court decision challenging his house arrest and sergio grotto is the latest manchester city player to catch cold with 19 gemma's going to have details in the sport. at least 32 people have been killed and more than 100 injured in twin suicide bombings in the iraqi capital it happened in a market in central baghdad it's the most violent incident there in 3 years no one's claimed responsibility for the attack but the government is blaming and brian reports. the market in baghdad's tire on square was packed with people making the
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most of a sunny winter's day. and we were there by the stands one man came to the ground started complaining of my stomach is hurting he pressed the detonator in his hand exploded immediately people were torn to pieces a lot of people died and were injured. the interior ministry says that as more people flocked around the victims the 2nd bomb went off. it's the deadliest attack in central baghdad since january 28th seen it also happened in tire on square similar bombings were commonplace in the capital in the early 2000 after the us led invasion and later as isis influence group across the country but after the government declared eisel defeated in 2017 such attacks became rare we need to bring you. into an enormous bill bring new ideas. and your expression of the many important.
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what were your rights you know are huge event or how i'm. just a few blocks from thailand is tahrir square the same terms more than a year of anti-government protests demanding better security more opportunities and less foreign interference the protesters also want elections which have been postponed to october analysts say several groups could benefit from thursday's bombings we witnessed a continuous and a very prominent rhetoric from a lot of politicians and a lot of militia leaders that continues the war in iraq in one way or another and directly in this movement that the government will only be 2 nations that would remind us who the isis. the blasts come just awake. after the u.s.
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confirmed it it cost its troop levels in iraq to just $2500.00 the lowest levels in nearly 2 decades but just this week iraq's an extra soldiers to its border with syria and a town north of baghdad where i still still has a presence. security now also stepped up and baghdad to prevent any more attacks brian al jazeera. samir a 14 has been following events in baghdad. we're here at the side of the incident in baghdad central square disses the market where the bombs went off earlier on thursday on the floor we can see burnt pieces of clothing there is also quite a bit of blood that is still spilled which we're not showing you because it may be too graphic and people here are still very much in shock they can't believe that science such incidents could once again return to baghdad which has been relatively stable and peaceful since 2017 since eisel was
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officially defeated now many believe although there is not official claim of responsibility yet is that these attack bears the hallmarks of i saw what appears to have happened is that the 1st suicide bomber fame sickness to attract people to wards him to help him and after the 1st bomb went off and people gathered to help the wounded that's when the 2nd suicide bomber hits now you can see right now that many of the shops here are closed security forces have told people to stay home to disperse in case there would be further attacks but normally this area will be extremely busy it will be bustling with people doing their shopping at this time of the day and many people that i've spoken to they are very fearful that this incident could perhaps mark the return of such suicide bombings to talk about the
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return of instability it's only been a few years since life has really returned to normal in the capital with people once again going about their daily lives about having to worry about explosion we've seen concrete walls that surrounded buildings to protect them from from such blasts come down again revealing really the city and some of its architectural heritage so there there is quite a lot of shock there is quite a lot of fear about what this incident means for the broader stability of the city but of course we have to. wait and see what the investigations will reveal we have to still wait for the official claim of responsibility. at least 100000 people have been forced from their homes after rebel attacks in the central african republic during last month's disputed elections opposition politicians said the vote was rigged and the rebel coalition outside the capital says president fox and his government must go malcolm webb has more from the capital bangui a coalition of armed groups controls about 2 thirds of the central african republic
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territory and in it's the most of the country's gold and diamond mines they're also not far from where we are here in the capital borghi they've been threatening to attack it they did attack it last week they were 4th off by forces aligned with the government that includes the national army un peacekeepers but the most effective prices are russian mercenaries and rwandan troops now the forces aligned with the government complain that it's not a fair fight because the arms involved are they say they adhere to it but they say that their enemy the armed groups do not know they say that means the armed group got much heavier higher caliber weapons and rockets they have to fight against the communications minister we spoke to him a couple of days ago even said he thinks those on groups are getting support and weaponry from other countries in the region and possibly even from some european countries as well. the u.n. envoy to the central african republic is calling for a substantial increase in peacekeeping operations bunkering day and made the people
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at a u.n. security council meeting that follows a wave of violent attacks by rebel groups operating in the country on monday to u.n. peacekeepers were killed after their convoy was ambushed. instructed. really need a strategy to manage the mandate a substantial increase of uniformed troops in the missions of the police and the penal administration must be strengthened we must have greater mobility this is because of the increased ambushes by c.p.c. fighters have led to 7 deaths amongst the blue helmets. cooperation will need to be prolonged for several months and as many people as possible could come from the integrated mission of south sudan. christensen is joining us live from the united nations what is the u.n. security council really worried about kristie. well clearly they're worried about this escalation of violence and whether or not
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the recently reelected president why dari who is internationally recognized as being democratically elected will be able to hold on to power given these increases in violence and we heard from the head of the central african republic peacekeeping mission today he spoke to the security council and gave them as you just heard an update on the situation there saying that operations are at grave risk of a setback because they are just outnumbered and outgunned basically they are asking for more peacekeepers to the region there are about $11000.00 of them as of december the security council prior to the elections authorize some additional 300 wanted troops into helicopters be moved from the south sudan mission to the central african republic today the head of minister asked that that be continued it was a temporary loan of those troops and that equipment he asked that not only that be
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considered continued but that considerably more troops be allocated to the country to keep up the fight there this after peacekeepers recently returned to the town of bint vast sue on the border with the democratic republic of congo and they are attempting to surround the capital of bongi according to u.n. reports here and the concern is that these attacks on supply convoys could hinder supplies of food and medicine not to mention getting to the u.n. support troops there so they now want not only more troops but also more mobility equipment to make them more mid mobility given that already more than 100000 civilians have been displaced about half of them have fled the country completely and as you mentioned 2. peacekeepers were killed just on monday 7 in total have been killed in the last 4 weeks and school kristen salumi bring us up to
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date on that security council debate at the u.n. on central african republic christine thank you very much indeed. so i had on al-jazeera indonesia's earthquake victims say help can't come fast enough as heavy rain hampers rescue efforts and europe makes plans to phase out fuel burning cars but cannot retain its technological independence and it's a great day in abu dhabi for former golf world number one lori mcelroy gemma's going to be here with the action in sport. however we're seeing some rather wet sand windy and at times when she weather pushing across northern parts of the middle east recently we've had since snow pushing it just for the balance easing across northern parts of syria iraq pushing
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across iran now making its way towards afghanistan through turkmenistan dry weather coming back in behind to the south that will see temperatures here into struggling over the next couple of days 2021 celsius with that cane blowing through the gulf lifted dust and sand so visibility problems you can expect that until we get into the 2nd half of the weekend south of that generate dry plenty of sunshine coming through that sunshine stretches across the whole of africa we got the showers a rumbling away across the rift valley central parts of africa i mrs showers heavy spells of rain pushing across northern parts of madagascar recently. elouise has brought some flooding into the north of madagascar and it's now gathering strength once again the winds picking up as it pushes through the warm waters of the mozambique channel as we go through friday central parts of mozambique and expect to see some very heavy rainfall coming through that wet weather will slide its way
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further south which as we go on through sas they made into sunday gradually pushing into the far north east of south africa. feels and for me the the polls good because the renowned for their courage on the fire. one o one east finds out what it tikes to join the a libra guy. on al-jazeera. played an important role protecting him an. edge face. when a parent loses their child to a terminal illness. they often feel that they've taken on the weight of the world. but mr huang is determined to find out what caused his daughter's death and brought
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him such heartache. the story of a committed parent turned activist a father's protest parts of the viewfinder asia's series on al-jazeera. you're watching all jazeera reminder of our top stories this hour u.s. president joe biden is set to announce another 10 executive orders on thursday that are focused on the coronavirus pandemic biden and vice president coming out harris began their 1st full day in office for the inaugural prayer service which was held remotely. at least 32 people have been killed and dozens wounded in twin suicide
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attacks in iraq's capital explosions happened in a central baghdad market suicide attacks have become rare in the city the last one happened in 2019. the un security council is meeting to discuss growing unrest in central african republic on monday to u.n. peacekeepers were killed in the south of the country after their convoy was ambushed by coalition on groups. lawyers of ugandan opposition leader bobby why no waiting to hear the outcome of a petition challenging his house arrest after last week's disputed election but we wines being prevented from leaving his home after declaring victory in a vote the opposition says was marred by widespread fraud and violence electoral authority says longtime presidency where the most of any one a 6 time in office with almost 59 percent of the vote but we wanted security just 35 percent even though several of the president's cabinet ministers lost their parliamentary seats including the vice president catherine so i has this update
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from we're getting close to bobby one's home. well the wise lawyers have finally been allowed to go and see him but for us journalists this is the end of the road we have been prevented from going farther he leaves about 500 meters from this barrier and he has said that he's under house arrest he's been confined to his home since friday not been allowed to have visitors journalists have been blocked the u.s. ambassador here natalie brown has also been denied access to him she says he she just wanted to see how he's doing how he's health is but security officials are spoken to have been very careful with that word arrest they have said that he is not under house arrest what they have provided is a cover a a for his protection and 2 because of national security threats and that is the basis that his lawyers went to court today to ask the judge to compel security
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forces to produce him to court if he is not on the house arrest they say that that he's the confinement is not justified it is indefinite and that he's confinement is he's being confined at a place that is not does that add by low it's he's home it's not a prison facility now the prosecution on the other hand says that this case lacks merit because he is not under police custody and the police cannot be compelled to produce him if he is not under their custody the judge say that he's going to make his ruling on monday more than $21000.00 syrian refugees in a labor been hit by days of torrential rain and snow many of lost their shoulders while others are being forced to stay in flooded turns lower burden monthly reports the conditions are worsening the chances of corruption covered 19. the aftermath of 4 days of torrential rain and snow thousands of people displaced by war are trapped
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in this camp and many have nowhere to go they do their best to clear their living spaces mud pushed up to the side the tents offer some protection from the water the rains came in the middle of the night forcing people out of the homes into the bitter winter coat on tuesday one boy was killed after the brick wall built around his tent collapsed on top of him. thousands of families have lost their shelters and more rain has been forecast most every year we're having the situation great constant actual rains flooding the area because the roads are closed even for those who are on the ground agencies who are trying to reach these families with assistance it's hard to get what we know so far is that at least 21900. the north along
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syria's border with turkey a freezing blanket of snow and weeks of rain make the unsteady ground in this refugee camp conditions here are already tough the covered 1000 is adding to the misery. was a cold weather seeps into the tents it comes from the floor we are trapped between 2 things cold weather and winter and at the same time of the coronavirus we are trapped between 2 fires we cannot isolate for corona virus and we cannot protect ourselves from cold weather this heater does not help. families here have no choice but to grieve inside the tent to keep away from the freezing temperatures outside. but living in such close proximity can also make them vulnerable to the virus or low holy book conditions are very hard here especially in winter where can we hide from the cold where can we hide from the coronavirus their infections here and tents are not isolated many people are unprepared for the treacherous conditions
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and some don't even have shoes to wear. or there's a man the al jazeera. everyone is hampering efforts to get aid to survivors of a powerful earthquake in indonesia so the ways in the island thousands in the cities of most any and limoges who are displaced but people in affected villages say help has been concentrated in the city center and those on the outskirts a struggling jessica washington has more from jakarta. on the legion island of soon see these villages the trying to shelter under simple top poland's after their homes were destroyed but $6.00 magnitude earthquake and the sri is worried they running out of essential to survive just fine we need milk and baby food you see the conditions the poor children these are not conditions for children makeshift camps like this one have sprung up around west so the way i see it authorities
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a struggling to get aid to all of them. closer to the city center evacuation centers are better resourced president djoko widow to visited one this week and pledged support for the affected areas. as for the collapsed houses the government will provide help for those that were heavily damaged. but some were not reassured by the president's words rebuilding the city is not the priority for many as they scramble for food and clean water and in the. we are lacking clean water diapers milk and blankets it is so cold here during the night local n.g.o.s and workers from government agencies say the heavy rain and challenging geography of the area makes it difficult to access some communities far from the city center oh. that was the 1st we need more tents for them the weather is so unpredictable sometimes it rains sometimes it's really hot and at night the
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wind is so strong and cold. indonesia's disaster management agency is working with hundreds of military personnel and volunteers to reach these makeshift shelters in remote areas or me. or together with the police and military we are delivering aid to those isolated places with helicopters to the places we haven't reached yet we are using heavy machinery to open access to deliver the aid that takes time but we are trying our best. and covert 19 travel restrictions have only added to complications on the ground with fewer volunteers and payment to help ounce just 2 weeks into 2021 in tunisia is battling multiple natural disasters across the country meteorologists warned the stream weather could last until the end of february and has the potential to rain even more having just the washington al-jazeera reporter. china has expressed concern over twitter's
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decision to lock the a kind of its u.s. embassy the social media giant has blocked the account after i made a post defending its policies towards we go muslims in this in general jim there was a tweeted that we go women were no longer baby machines thanks to government policies to eradicate extremism twitter says this violates his policy on dehumanization china's been accused by rights groups of forcing we go woman to have sterilizations and take birth control china denies the accusations a germ brown has more from hong kong on the controversy surrounding china's tweet fritter has now been blocked the account of the chinese embassy now this is in response to a tweet that the chinese embassy put out a century defending its policies and shouldn't during and saying that we go women will no longer baby making machines and that they had been emancipated well that was clearly a step too far from twitter twitter so they now are blocked that account and of
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course it was just a few weeks ago they blocked the account of president the former president donald trump it is a reminder remains that extremely sensitive issue and it's an issue of course that's going to i think become a potential flashpoint an early flashpoint between china and the united states because mr biden has said that human rights are going to be at the core of his foreign policy with china which means inevitably there is going to be an early clash. and rescuers in china are drilling in new shots into a gold mine hoping to reach workers who've been trapped for 11 days they've been stuck deep below ground since an explosion in the who shun mine in the major gold producing region of sun dong rescuers have been in contact with the 11 workers but the fate of 10 others remains uncertain at least one miners died from his injuries mine managers have been detained for waiting more than 24 hours to report the accident.
9:43 pm
at least 5 people have died in india after a fire broke out of the world's largest vaccine manufacturer the building was under construction and being erected to boost manufacturing of covert 19 vaccines because of the farm was not immediately clear sediment to choose of india has been contracted to manufacture a 1000000000 doses of the astra zeneca oxford university vaccine the company says production won't be affected and india has donated 1000000 doses of the astra zeneca vaccine to nepal some say the move will help repair strained relations between neighbors health workers and other frontline staff or get the job 1st. some even leaders are suggesting a vaccine passport should be considered the proposal would allow travel within the e.u. for those who've been immunized but it's a divisive issue and not all agree it's the right solution the dutch about her reports from paris the town hall in paris is 15th district
9:44 pm
a new batch of conveyed facts scenes arrives in so i did talk to doses ready for use elderly people are being prioritized for immunization those here are hopeful that life may soon return to normal. i'm just desperate to do things again i feel like i've been stagnating and i couldn't wait to have this vaccine. the goals that everyone is vaccinated as fast as possible so the virus receipts. as the number of people vaccinated against covidien frauds grows so does talk of a vaccine passport to travel this french politician says such a document could also be used to visit restaurants or theaters cities. those who are vaccinated should be able to resume activities vaccination passport would show that a person is no longer in danger themselves and no longer a danger to others. supporters of a vaccine passport say could help revive vital economic sectors like tourism paris
9:45 pm
is usually one of the world's most visited cities but in the past year few people have come to admire its more new ment's who enjoy attractions like this cruise the owner of this boat talk company on the river said says he would welcome a vaccine paul sports if would encourage international travelers to return to the city because without them it will be a challenge to keep the business afloat any solutions that can help us live normally again would be good there are already countries that require vaccinations to enter to a vaccine possible is a good idea if it can help everyone work again the opinion polls suggest that a majority of people in france support a vaccine possible for travel access to certain services but the french government says it's far too early to consider such a measure that it would be defined because not enough people have been immunized and many don't wish to be it would be unfair especially in france where we have you
9:46 pm
know this. very well attached to the equality principle so exactly could be the reaction could be ok or only the 1st people to be vaccinated will have those rights and not a cellphone and we have to queue re have to wait for a while before getting vaccinated so it's unfair e.u. leaders will discuss the idea of a vaccine passport during a meeting thursday the issue divides member states it's clear though that opening up economies and offering some freedoms would be easy for the e.u. still navigate. it's worst ever health emergency it's actually potluck al-jazeera parents. schools and universities in portugal will close for 15 days from friday as the government ramps up at rates to slow the spread of covert 19 parents of school age children will get government support to stay home hospitals have become overwhelmed by record numbers of seriously ill coronavirus patients a more contagious variant of the virus is believed to be responsible for the surge in cases the demand for electric vehicles is booming worldwide the
9:47 pm
governments in europe are making plans to phase out fuel burning cars but there are warnings that the continent's economy risks falling behind if it allows asia to dominate the development and sale of batteries always reports from gothenburg. further faster cheaper and greener demand for electric cars is rising and so are the demands placed on the the swedish chinese pollstar to is one of the latest vehicles trying to tempt drivers away from petrol diesel why is this a cyclic time for the electric cars because it's finally happening because finally not nice anymore but other aspects whole can you still at all think that the combustion engine oriented car is a future proof business pole star is a joint european asian vehicle made by volvo and their chinese owners but the emerging electric industry is about intense intercontinental competition as well as
9:48 pm
collaboration. cars like this are developing extremely rapidly as engineers try to match the speed and range of petrol driven very coals and whoever makes the biggest leap forward now is likely to win the race to dominate the transport industry of the future. in europe without races being run from here the laboratory in uppsala north of stockholm because when it comes to electric cars the advantage is all about the battery like this the lab is the standard bearer for the battery 2030 plus project the constant speed to take back some of asia's dominance in the development and sale of electric batteries the europe wide group is led by chemistry professor christina edstrom we need to snake of finding a new materials and new back to calls to help europe in the hard competition in asia they're good in asia they're doing new exciting packages if we want to have
9:49 pm
industry in europe we need to catch up. there is a lot of catching up to do you factories for the current generation of lithium ion batteries are being built in sweden and germany but europe makes just 3 percent of car batteries globally while asia led by china japan and south korea produces 85 percent to change that europe needs to find a battery that provides great to mileage charges faster and relies less on the damaging effect of mining from mineral such as cobalt the problem with the fact is today that they don't hold enough energy in that container and we want to make it back to something and we need to understand what's going on really the fundamental mistake level that could be the ace up europe sleeve the world's most powerful neutron source a kind of x. ray for atoms is also nearing completion in sweden in time to join the hunt for a new car battery a breakthrough will be needed to stop asia putting the rest of the world in its
9:50 pm
rear view mirror for good polar east al-jazeera gothenburg sweden. still ahead on al-jazeera flying down the mountain to get a new perspective on one of skiis most dangerous corsets that's coming up and with gemma in the sport.
9:51 pm
or. a star of the sport is john. thank you rob the head of the international olympic committee thomas back insists the take it games will go ahead as planned this year
9:52 pm
public support for the games is falling in japan with much of the country in a state of emergency because a coven 191-5000 athletes are expected to travel to take you for the olympics and paralympics which have already been delayed by one year not to mention the media and fans going there as well back says there's no plan b. and he's fully committed to hosting a safe and successful event starting july the 23rd but with just over 6 months to go one virus experts at kobe university believes hosting may be too big a gamble we have. heard. so or why you have to hold. back you know responding. to your. needs looking beyond the olympics organizers of the london marathon optimistic that 50000 runners can take part in october with another 50000 competing virtually last year's
9:53 pm
race was for at least trying as only because of the pandemic. but there's less optimism in melbourne the head of the australian open tennis spanish player doses tested positive for 19 while in quarantine is not yet clear if he's one of the cases already announced by the tournament more than 70 players a current confined to their rooms for 14 days because of positive cases on their flights and one of the tournament umpires has suffered a heart attack while in quarantine these images of brazilian colace not as being wheeled into an ambulance on the way to hospital by is reported to be in a stable condition sergio aquarius at the latest manchester city press a contract with 19 the argentina strike has missed 4 games while south isolating that was off to coming into contact with someone who had the virus and that he faces more time out after testing positive himself he has some symptoms and is following medical orders as growing uncertainty over football's european
9:54 pm
championship the $24.00 nation tour de mint could be moved to a single host city as according to bond minix see. the german says you a for president alexander saffron is weighing whether to stage the delay tournament in one location theories a currently scheduled to take place in 12 cities across the continent and due to kick off on june 11th u.a. for and world governing body fifa have warned clubs against forming a break way competition to rival the european champions league they say that any prayers who take part in a so-called super league would be banned from competing in any fee for events including the world cup ramage and barcelona have supported the idea of forming a super league for elite cups but the governing bodies say promotion and relegation of vital liverpool in the in the premier league in just over an hour's time during a window move them back to be in 3 points of leaders manchester united but the champions haven't won any of the last 4 leek aims and sit 4th in the table. you can
9:55 pm
imagine the day is 24 hours we think about a lot of stuff. most of the things that the public. thinks about beating about as well but not all of them and for sure somebody has to be calm in this kind of situation it's not a catastrophe or whatever oh situation it's not perfect but that's not important because it's just too good to really be. as good as you can be. now christiane i went out i became the top goal scorer and football history on wednesday night well so we thought the portuguese strikers caught his 760 a career ago helping eventis to it to know him even actually in the italian super cup final that puts him ahead of us if it sounds all time record for club and country but not according to the czech football federation you claim that fan actually scored 821 official goals we want to the interest to see what happens with that one now i stand by you to see
9:56 pm
a new world records this is new for counties tonking against chatham town in the 4th tier of english football how to are the wind he scored from his goal kick for a distance of 96.01 metres and it's been confirmed as the longest goal ever scored in a competitive match. former world number one goal for rory macrorie playing his 1st tournament in over 2 months and the rest seems to have done him some good the no an argument and needs the abu dhabi championship off to day one he shot a bogey free 8 on the past $64.00 that's his lowest ever round at the event is one clear of england's terrell hatton a south african cricket so fast if the sea has no concerns about security as his side were best by their 1st test match in pakistan and for 14 years until december 2019 of pakistan's home tests were played in the u.a.e. that was after the 2009 terrorist attack i'm sure uncle's team bus in the whole day for the sea and the rest of the south african team were a score to draw on the airport by armed guards when they arrived in the country
9:57 pm
last week and the batsman's satisfied with the measures that have been taken. it's important for pakistan to blind. listens they blame the body for the last 1314 years so their fans of never see them play it's almost like a generation that's must seeing them play them real action saw think it's the words person b. or c. security needed a bit of an approach where we are not either and it is because players feel very so . austria's having come ounce in house what's considered to be one of the most dangerous scale runs on the world cup circuits even more hazardous when you're navigating it in a wing seats for devil skydivers that dropped say in all the legendary strife course to get a bird's eye view spectacular effect as if the skydivers response of up to 250 kilometers an hour after jumping out of a helicopter above the resort of kids but oh well cup races will compete on skis of
9:58 pm
the infamous course eva the next 3 days that is all your sport for now i'll be back with more a little bit later. democrats very much indeed barbara starr is going to be here in a couple of minutes with more of the day's news i'm rob matheson place very much a day for having been with me go by. kenyan journalists in pursuit of press freedom and justice i have this great situation yes i want to see about that hope you can afford being cool as investigating government corruption and the national health care system some of the
9:59 pm
transactions with the night will be clear last. minute to the next plane to africa and sunsets and publish those things that people don't want to publish many of the dozen that the us care whose truth is it anyway on al-jazeera it's the u.k.'s biggest hospital with eventual capacity for 4000 covert 19 patients built inside a london conference center it took just 9 days to construct with the help of army engineers dramatically expanding the critical care bed count and other similar sites on the way the actual london numbers could be much higher than advertised researches say that huge gaps in testing capacity that the government is now trying to close extrapolate that across the country and the spread of corona virus appears far wider than anyone thought. freezing winds and rugged terrain and at times seem impossible. but for afghan
10:00 pm
traders who brave the will concur and all that it's no choice. combating the impossible. to sell their goods in isolated areas. we follow that daring journeys as they overcome the extremes. risking a rule afghanistan on al-jazeera. the in. the in. the. taking action to combat covert 19 u.s. president joe biden is expect that the sign at least 10 executive orders to curb the coronavirus pandemic. hello i'm barbara starr you're watching al-jazeera live from london also coming up
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. twin suicide blasts at a crowded market in the iraqi capital baghdad killing.


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