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tv   NEWSHOUR  Al Jazeera  January 21, 2021 12:00am-1:00am +03

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there is no channel that covers world news like we do we revisit places the state. really invests in that and that's a privilege as a journalist. al-jazeera . hello i'm barbara starr and this is the al-jazeera news hour live from london coming up. probably go congratulations mr president. joe biden is sworn in as the 46 president of the united states and begins with a call for unity we must in this civil war. preach really gives blue. camel harris makes
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history giving the u.s. its 1st black and 1st female vice president. while unprecedented security and the coronavirus leave the streets of washington largely empty and the trump left the white house early and flew to florida becoming the 1st u.s. president to snub his predecessors inauguration in 152 years. joe biden has made an impassioned call for unity after being sworn in as america's $46.00 president in a heavily protected but peaceful inauguration ceremony biden urged americans to quote end of this uncivil war defend the truth and defeat the lies just 2 weeks after from supporters protesting his election victory stormed the capitol building another historic moment was the swearing in of vice president camelot harris the
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1st female black and asian american to serve a heartbeat away from the presidency outgoing president donald trump meanwhile snubbed the ceremony leaving the white house earlier in the day and flying to florida well let's take you live a now to some pictures now that we should be seeing all of a camera harris there or walking on the streets of washington d.c. don just a few minutes ago we saw president biden and his wife dr jill biden walk down pennsylvania avenue to the white house we're seeing camera harris there walking down the streets as well a very different parade obviously than it would have been had in all been for both the pandemic and security issues but to the history making vice president there camelot harris still waving to some of the people that have shown up well let's go
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to patrick will hayden now who has the story of the day so far. they climbed the steps were just 2 weeks ago rioters stormed the capitol walked the halls where they spread fear ladies and gentlemen the president elect of the united states joseph robinette biden jr and dr jill biden and took the oath of office where they try to overturn democracy the riot now forgotten in this u.s. presidential inauguration like no other 2 weeks ago when an angry violent mob stage an insurrection and desecrated this temple of our democracy it awakened us to our responsibilities as americans protected by tens of thousands of soldiers and police a pandemic raging the thousands of usual spectators replaced by flakes the dignitaries spaced out history was made the 1st african-american of south asian descent and the
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1st woman to become vice president. take to that and then just before noon joe biden became the new president of the united states so help me god congratulations mr president. the chaos of what happened here remember just days after rioters mom thought they could use violence to silence the will of the people to stop the work of our democracy to drive a strong this sacred ground it did not happen and it will never happen not today not tomorrow not ever mixing hope with the dark reality of this moment he pledged to be honest with the american people and he warned of tough times ahead we face an attack on a democracy and on truth a regime virus growing inequity the sting of systemic racism
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a climate in crisis america's role in the world any one of these were enough to challenge us in profound ways but the fact is we faced them all at once. presenting. one of the greatest responsibilities. now we're going to be terser we're going to step up this was a rebuke of the last 4 years of president donald trump not mentioned by name trump was also not in the audience peppered with past presidents only the 4th president to refuse to attend but the very 1st to refuse to concede he left washington with only a small group to see him leave impeached twice facing a trial in the senate for the right he inspired he's reportedly talking about creating his own political party to mount a political comeback so just. a goodbye we love you we will be back in some form a true sign of how much has changed the biggest celebrities who shun trump's
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inaugural. return to washington. was i. to celebrate a new president bush. and what he promises will be a day in the. coming how does your washington. let's take you live now to the streets of washington d.c. we can see camera harris. walking. where normally that would be thousands of people lining the street for the inaugural parade that's not the case today for obvious reasons due to security and the pandemic she is there on pennsylvania avenue heading for the white house carol harris there now lovely purple coat apparently purple worn as a sign of unity because it's
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a mix between red and blue the color is used to symbolize the 2 parties so that's kind of walking down pennsylvania avenue now in the last 15 minutes joe biden did the same when i arrived. his new home the white house would straight to war for the 46th u.s. president he's already sent an immigration bill to congress which would open up a pass to citizenship for millions of immigrants living in the u.s. some lawfully he's also set to sign a raft of executive orders rolling back on some of former president donald trump's key policies one of biden's 1st actions will be to impose a mask mandate on federal properties he will also install a coronavirus response coordinator to oversee vaccine distribution and medical supplies across the states biden will undo some of trump's harshest immigration policies including reversing a travel ban on some muslim majority nations the construction of
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a border war with mexico is expected to be stopped immediately by terminating the national emergency declaration that was used at the fund it and biden will reverse several of trump's decisions to withdrawal from international agreements halting the u.s. departure from crucially the world health organization we are in the middle of a pandemic after all and also rejoining the paris climate accord. on fischer joins us live now from washington d.c. quite a lot in biden's in-tray from day one the mini really signaled that he's not going to waste any time getting to work. while he has the political advantage as well remember that not only is the house democratic the senate as well and he is aware that back in 2012 when barack obama. 2008 when barack obama came into office for the 1st time that he had that advantage
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but many feel that he didn't press that hard enough to be more dramatic more dynamic with what he was requesting of the senate and of the house worried that perhaps he would alienate republicans who already said they were determined to keep him as a one term president so joe biden wants to make sure that what he does in the coming weeks has a long lasting impact no we see that not just with the more than a dozen executive orders he will sign in the next couple of hours which will do things like overtown donald trump's so-called muslim travel ban will stop. there what the border wall will make sure the united states really enters the climate part of the of the paris climate accord but he's also going to take action for himself including action on corporate by making sure that people don't lose their homes through either a vixen or foreclosure he's going to look to make sure that students don't face financial hardship because of all that's going on at the moment and as you see it's intention to present
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a comprehensive immigration bill to congress in the coming days something that would provide a pathway to citizenship for 11000000 undocumented migrants something that might not get a great deal of republican support because they are aware that many in the republican party still support donald trump's view that immigration has to be limited so he set himself an ambitious agenda including getting 100000000 vaccines of covert out into the country in the 1st 100 days and he's aware he'll be judged on those forced $100.00 days and a lot of it will be judged by how he responds to call that it's exactly a year ago today the 20 the. january 2020 that the 1st case of covert was diagnosed in the united states and there are many people who will tell you that don't trump lost the election because he didn't respond quickly enough comprehensively enough to the threat that it posed right across the united states and no 12 months on that problem is joe biden says he's aware of that as he walks into the oval office and
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sits behind the resolute desk as america's 46 president and when i say we've just seen pictures of camelot hirees arriving at the white house and entering along with her husband america's 1st 2nd gentleman. i'm off on the so we've just seen those images and what's interesting alan is that in many countries the 2nd you win an election you have actively get the keys not just of the house where you can live but of the country in the states it takes about 2 and a half months in normal times that would mean you'd have more time for an easy transition a smoother change not so this time it's just as well joe biden knows his way around the white house because that transition hasn't been smooth at all. that's right come on how it's actually entering the old executive office building which is right next door it's that building there if you're looking at the white house if you go over to the right that's the old executive office building and
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that's where there's a suite of offices used by the vice president is a short distance and we know that my parents used to visit the oval office every single day that was because he didn't want to be cut out of the loop of decisions that were being made whereas joe biden says he will consult with come the hardest and everything that he does this is going to be. an interesting transition quite simply because we know that it wasn't as smooth as it would like to be in fact they don't. even criticize donald trump's administration for not making things easy in important places like the pentagon and the office of a budget management or b.m. . so the got some hurdles to overcome but you're right joe biden has a great deal of experience he knows his way around the white house he knows his way around capitol hill and so he can perhaps 4 see some of the bumps in the road but joe biden will be judged very quickly and judged possibly harshly by some what
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is interesting is that he will also have to understand there will still be the specter of donald trump know when 70 year old new yorkers in their seventy's go to florida it tends to be to retire but we got a clear indication from donald trump when he made his final remarks at joint base andrews that he wasn't going away he'd be watching and listening and back in some form so joe biden knew is that there is 74000000 people who voted for donald trump many of those still regard joe biden's election as illegitimate he has to get them on side 1st of all so for all the policy statements he can make for all the executive orders he can sign for all the legislation he can sign it send to congress one of his biggest jobs will be uniting the country it's going to be tough but that's what leadership's all about. because so and alan as you mentioned the
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president is now going to sign a variety of as the executive order as many of them will reverse policies from the trunk administration but president turned himself former president trump himself spent his last hours as president doing things that i guess joe by the now can't undo a lot of last minute pardons who did a pardon. well 143 pardons in the alley hours of wednesday morning among those pardons were a number of republican fundraisers of people who had been convicted on minor drugs offenses and steve bannon you might think women and i remember that name he was his campaign manager in 2016 eventually fell out with donald trump and was sacked by donald trump but then went off to do various things but supported don't trump in many of the things that he continued to do in the white house where he set up a fund to raise money to help build the border wall but prosecutors allege that
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some of that money was diverted into his own pocket and so he was charged with conspiracy and facing possible a long term and present but by being pardoned it immediately takes that away and people are suggesting that is because steve bannon me play a part either small or significant in donald trump's future and then on the way down to florida he issued another part and this time for someone he was involved with in the new york real estate market and also the ex-husband of a fox news commentator who is incredibly close to donald trump so suggestion that she may have leaned on him to do a favor for his for her ex-husband and so donald trump we were waiting to see whether or not he would pardon himself and members of his family and that may still have happened it's unlikely but there is a thing called a pocket pardon which essentially gives
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a pardon but doesn't have to be publicized would only be publicized if there were some sort of criminal action and the thing to remember know is that donald trump is ex president donald trump and so as he sits down in florida he is no longer immune from prosecution and we nor that in the southern district of new york they are already investigating his business affairs quite far along in that investigation and there may well be other investigations that were. not aware of and remember here in washington d.c. they're looking to see whether or not he incited the crowd that stormed the capitol 2 weeks ago said donald trump's legal troubles are only just beginning. alan fischer there outside the white house allan saying q. while the streets of washington d.c. remain quiet despite warnings of possible armed protests it was an unusual scene at the national mall which would normally be packed with thousands of the president's
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supporters they were replaced instead by american flags security fears have kept to the capitol barricaded and $25000.00 national guard troops are on the streets some far right groups had vowed to disrupt the proceedings but so far only scattered protests that have just well i do feel castro joins us live now from out on the streets in washington d c i guess if security and police in the national guard found themselves unprepared for the events of january 6th they were definitely not going to let anything similar happen today heidi so talk us through what the mood in washington is right now. well here it is a heavily fortified inauguration that we've seen played out in fact the white house is directly behind me behind the fortified fencing and the people of america and the residents of the of washington really heated warnings not to come here in
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person we saw a few people normally they would be throngs of thousands to greet the incoming president today and eerily silent downtown washington we know there was one public access point into the mall to see the ceremony in person there were long lines and most of the people gave up waiting because the security procedures to sweep everyone who was entering was so. in-depth that hardly anybody got in in time so like the rest of us most people here watched this inauguration on their television screens or on their phones there was very little resistance or demonstrations from trump's supporters to individuals who are here by the white house earlier really did not cause much of a disturbance and now we have president joe biden within the white house settling in with the 1st family on this very quiet day and i mean it's
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quiet but i guess if you've got a phone you can join the virtual parade that's currently taking place to talk us through what exactly that is. that's right and you know this is biden's team really trying to make lemonade out of lemons similar to what we saw with the democratic national committee where everyone at home can tune in or on their phones and watch what's being billed as a parade across america this is a televised event where there are performances from every state all 50 states and the 6 american territories it's being hosted by an actor and. biden is really hoping to amplify the voices of every day americans this is everything everyone from grammy award winning singer is to the local marching band that's giving their performances again a showcase of america and it really does speak to. platform that he campaigned in
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and that he won on to get into the white house which is one of unity he said of course again today that he is a president not just for those who supported him but also for those who voted against him and what better way to jumpstart that by doing the showcase of virtually every single state and territory in the united states. castro with the latest from the. streets of washington d.c. heidi thank you. well i'll just say you're a principal presenter of the maria is live for us in washington d.c. and was i'm kareen our coverage as the inauguration was taking place kamau great to see you you sort of had a front row seat in a sense you were anchoring throughout it when your takeaway points what did you what stood out for you. it was kind of surreal to start with barbara got to say it kind of gotten used to after being here for
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a few days gotten used to the idea that it's very quiet and that there's lots of troops on the street and basically the only other people we've seen around here at least media but then when you actually get up here and you look at that the extraordinary sight back there and how small the ceremony was compared to you tube you know usually it's this massive thing and all the crowds and all the people seated and it's looks so small from here and you kind of have this feeling like. it's almost voyeuristic i'm watching the ceremony from afar and then as it built further up and we could hear lady gaga singing and jennifer lopez and we heard the speeches in the a polls had built up and you got this real sense of the moment and then listening to joe biden's speech as you go through this sing amazing grace as well it was it rose to the occasion we rule thinking it's going to be so different it's going to be so much more quiet it's going to be a normal inauguration and it wasn't a normal oh no we ration but it was unique we had a bit of everything we had a little snow flurry at one stage we had biting cold winds coming through here the
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sun came out interestingly just when joe biden was taking the oath of office you got a little bit of everything today it has been quite extraordinary to be able to witness it from here barbara i bet i mean as you say a unique inauguration one that comes at a crucial time and even though thousands of people couldn't turn out in washington or really and sometimes certainly billions were watching on their screens from around the world and potentially fall. going online as well what online reaction have we seen to the ceremony. so it kind of stopped well pre-ceremony it was all about donald trump his farewell speech and then what was the hashtag i saw find on b y e d o n biden or by gone and that sort of stuff and it was all quite there was sort of a lot of good riddance sort of stuff going on initially and then as the sermon he had stopped and i think it it had a much bigger impact and as people almost counting down to that moment at midday
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local time when they knew that they would be this change of administration and that there would be a change in tone actually also at that moment at midday the official white house accounts that's just president of the united states and that v.p. vice president were transferred to comedy harris and joe biden and company harris tweeted immediately ready to say. so those have all been switched over now still some interesting reactions that people almost puzzled at how normal little balls now. i think it will actually take a little while certainly in the real world but also in the online world to get use to a bit of normality again. and. one thing that will solve the inauguration was how the biden team wanted to show the united states diverse faces and individuals on one standout moment was the young poet laureate a man that gorman i'm sure he was remarkable. was and she just oh my goodness i
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think i think she actually out showing joe biden on his pick today i mean 22 years old the youngest inaugural poet ever i've been reading that she was she was writing this a couple of weeks ago and it just hit a brick wall of the whole thing and was frustrated about the whole poem which is called the hill we climb she was exhausted about it she's trying to come up with this this idea to unite the peep. and that's a lot on anyone let alone a 22 year old young woman and just an extraordinary extraordinary delivery that she gave i think we should have a little sense of it. so let us leave behind a country but of the one we were left with every breath my bronze pounded chest we will raise this wounded world into a wondrous one we will rise from the gold limp hills of the west we will rise in the wind swept north east were our forefathers 1st realized revolution we will rise from the lake when the cities of the middle western states will rise when the sun
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baked south we will rebuild reconciled and recover an every no knock over a nation in every corner called our country our people diverse and beautiful will emerge battered and beautiful one day comes we step out of the shade of flame and unafraid the new dawn blooms as we free it for there was always light if only were brave enough to see it if only were brave enough to be. take a bow a man to go home and it's just and a stunning stunning performance and to cap off this day today i just was actually checking her twitter account 674000 followers she has only a few hours ago i think i checked it was about 30000 and that was a big surge as well she is an overnight sensation and frankly good on it because
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it was. it was fit for the occasion today i think that for me and the camel is we've been saying it's been a very strange time for this inauguration to be in washington d.c. how much did you get the sense that the events of the 6th of january weighed on everyone's minds. oh my goodness at every turn i mean the fact that we landed here we took you from the airports to the hotel and all you saw were national guard troops and as you crossed into washington d.c. national guard troops everywhere and you thought well this is just not right this is just this is just we had quite frankly i've been to washington only once before i was it wasn't anything like that it has weighed on people's minds we were up here 2 days ago just having a look at the site there was smoke rising from behind the capitol building and in the middle of a rehearsal and we all just thought my goodness what is going on it turned out to be a fire underneath an overpass on the freeway behind the building quite far behind the
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building of a homeless camp people losing their their their possessions from our perspective here all we thought about was my goodness what's going on and how is this going to affect the inauguration that said i have to say the spirit of the city is incredible the national guard troops of so friendly the secret service people we deal with you have to search all of bags so friendly you see people in the streets calling out to them to be made whole and we love you national guard thank you they bring them pizza there and because in this story the sense of community in a very very strange time has been comforting my guest jennifer picture who was with me for coverage earlier today said she had never felt so safe actually in this city and i have to agree it's been an extraordinary time. and a privilege to be here it's part of it. santa maria with the latest there from washington d.c. come out great talking team. while as we've been mentioning american politics are currently deeply divided democrats versus republicans blue versus red
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but biden's inauguration was a scene of the 2 colors come by which of course makes purple former 1st ladies michelle obama and hillary clinton both chose to wear shades of the unifying bipartisan color as they had the 49. rice president obama harris it's seen as a pledge to unify the country at a time of unprecedented upset and division. speaking of kemah harris there have been scenes of celebration 14000 kilometers from washington d.c. indian says village of the current vice president's family in india the village south of chennai is where harris's maternal grandfather called home her mother was born in india and moved to the us as a student at the age of 19 villagers have hailed the day a proud moment for indian americans. and there's more still to come this
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hour on joe biden's inauguration plus. in other news we'll tell you about how heavy rain compounds the misery for displaced syrians flooding camps in a deliberate province. finding a rugby coach eddie jones isn't self isolation find out why with gemma coming up in sport. we got very wet some windy weather pushing into western parts of europe at the moment so any consolation i can offer is at least it is turning a good deal milder with these systems rolling in from the atlantic we are going to see increasing cloud and rain tumbling from his storm kristoff that's been producing some very heavy rain across northern parts of in more than whiles as that malda weather as we go on through the next couple days it punches right into
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central and even pushing them towards eastern parts so if you have so we see temperatures gradually rise here but it is still if you told it is still on the cold side the recent snow around for western russia pushing towards moscow once again clear skies full of the central areas but there is that wet weather which is going to continue tumbling in across france good parts of spain and portugal we have got 5 risks back in form here then as we go through the next couple of days hopefully thursday looks a little drier across into the wells as christoff heads syquest no way to see towards norway with some snow pushing in across norway central and northern parts of swayne and as we go on into friday that will continue to bring snowy weather in across a good part of scandinavia stays dry there cause much of the u.k. brighton breezy the very brisk wind coming through the showers down towards the southwest and still a few showers to spain and portugal. it's
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the biggest sport. a truly global game. and it doesn't end at the final whistle. in a new series al-jazeera uncovers the passion the rivalries and the politics at play . because beyond the pitch that beautiful game is a way of life. the fans who make football coming soon on al-jazeera. and for me to the point is good because a renowned for their courage on the far. one i want to east points out what it takes to join the elite brigade. on al-jazeera. there is no channel coverage of world news like the scale of this camp is like nothing you've ever seen the cold air coming what we want to know is how do these things affect people we revisit me state even when there are no international
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headlines. al-jazeera really invests in that and that's a privilege as a journalist. welcome back here's a reminder of the top stories on al-jazeera joe biden is now in the white house after being sworn in as the $46.00 the president of the united states and his inauguration speech at the u.s. capitol he called for unity and then due to what he termed an uncivil war dividing politics in his country is vice president camelot harris became the 1st woman the 1st black person and the 1st asian american to hold the 2nd highest office in the u.s. but in a break with tradition the party president donald trump snub for the inauguration
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he flew south to florida arriving before the end of his term vice president mike pence they'd attend the capitol hill event. well the 1st 100 days is a key benchmark for any new u.s. president it goes back to franklin roosevelt it t. took office said the height of the great depression in 1983 and then just 100 days in acted sweeping economic and social programs that changed the both the presidency and the american life biden has the coronavirus pandemic to tackle his administration has promised to vaccinate 100000000 people in his 1st 100 days in office using the defense production act to ramp up distribution and opening vaccine centers is also pledged a 1.9 trillion dollar stimulus package to help the economy recover from the pandemic it includes bigger stimulus checks on additional support for the unemployed and small businesses while another piece of legislation the new
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president this planning centers on immigration reform which could mean a pathway to zip to citizenship for $11000000.00 immigrants who are in the u.s. illegally the biden administration would leave the trump impeachment to the senate giving democrats a chance to hold the former president accountable. john nichols is the national affairs correspondent for the nation a weekly political magazine he joins us via skype from madison wisconsin that quite a name pinball tray that the president has there do you think he's either trying to or you think it will be possible to effectively reverse 4 years of a trump presidency. i think he is going to try very hard to reverse it in fact he's doing so today of this afternoon and into the evening he will sign 17 executive orders these are powerful instruments of the presidency that allow him to
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reverse a lot of what president trump did on immigration issues on coronavirus on economic issues on racial justice issues so he's moving very fast but to to really make that change and frankly to address the fundamental issues facing the country going forward he is going to have to work with congress and that will be difficult we have an impeachment trial in the operating we also have a very closely divided congress the democrats have only a small majority in the house of representatives and it's a $5050.00 tie with the vice president breaking that tie in the senate and so by he's got his work come cut out for him by the same token he may have an easier time of it after january 6th because the events of january 6th were so jarring to the country so traumatic that even some republicans who might in the past have been resistant may now be open to working with by not at least some issues. we mentioned
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when we were speaking a little earlier that actually biden has a said much about his foreign policy or anything that he wants to do on the international stage still think that perhaps the challenges the mess the cli are so overwhelming and so acute right now that he will just focus on domestic issues for the forseeable future. i absolutely think that the domestic challenges are overwhelming we really don't have a grip on the coronavirus pandemic or the economic challenges that extended from it the present president trump was very neglectful in this area and so biden presidency is going to have to do a lot of catch up there by the same token joe biden spent 36 years in the united states senate and 8 years as vice president during that time he was highly engaged with international affairs it's a real passion of his he's established a pretty strong foreign policy team and my sense is that you will see a lot of action in net area especially in places that intersect with the domestic
12:37 am
challenges for instance dr anthony bachan will be traveling to the world health organization's annual meeting i believe tomorrow. and get a real kind of outreach to the global community on health care issues and so i think you'll see foreign policy be a big part of the buy ministrations but what biden talks about what he focuses on when he speaks about it in public is going to be very domestically focused. and speaking of i guess the mess they created. you know you're a journalist that's always a bit awkward when journalists talk between themselves about the media but the media has been such a cool part of the trump iran and arguably of u.s. politics in the past decade or so and you noticed any difference since january 6th is anyone trying to denote cd other side means in the middle or are things as the vi that there is they seem to be elsewhere. there's a little of that it's
12:38 am
a bit that's a very good question because i've written a lot of number of books on media and democracy in the u.s. and so i've paid a lot of attention to these issues and i do think that the events of january 6 shocked the political and media elites in a lot of ways and cries at least some rethinking i don't know how long that will last but i do think there's an openness to. frankly for lack of a better term a gentler conversation you also have the reality that donald trump operated primarily via social media and he's been taken off some of his his primary platforms and so that's altered to it's all to the dynamic a little bit i'm not going to begin to suggest to you that you know it's all going to be you know happiness and pats on the back and good feeling my sense is there's still a lot of tension there and frankly our media system is very challenging but it was fascinating to watch as biden walked on pennsylvania avenue toward the white house
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that he actually broke away and a couple times ran over and said things to journalists in a in a creek friendly way and just an ad sense it's very very different than how it was with donald trump who had a great deal of tension with the journalists that covered i guess he like the ones that always said what he wanted them to say john nichols national affairs correspondent for the nation a weekly political magazine as always john thank you thank you glad to be with you . well ahead of the inauguration the e.u. commission president hailed biden's incoming presidency as a villain or celeb underline said the europe was ready for a new start with america joe biden will be a message a feeling for a deeply divided nation. and it will be a message of hope for a world that is waiting for the u.s. to be back in the circle of like minded states this time honored ceremony on
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the steps of the u.s. capitol will be a demonstration of the resilience of american democracy and the resound in proof that once again after full long years europe has a friend in the white house. the reaction from the e.u. there meanwhile china has announced sanctions on $28.00 former trump officials including the former secretary of state might pump ale the x. officials and their immediate family members will be banned from entering mainland china hong kong or macao any companies associated with them will be restricted from doing business with china beijing says it wants to cooperate with president joe biden's new u.s. administration.
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take a look at some of the day's other news now in the united kingdom has reported a record number of covert 1000 deaths for the 2nd day in a row in just 24 hours 1820 people died within 28 days of a positive coronavirus test it means that more than 93000 people have now died in britain 39000 new cases of also being confirmed but more than 4 and a half 1000000 people in the u.k. have now received the 1st dose of a covert vaccine or persons prime minister boris johnson says he expects the high number of daily fatalities to continue for some time. there will be more to come but what we're seeing is the result of the wave of the new variants that we saw i think just just before christmas on i think it was on the
12:42 am
for the 18th of december there abouts that we we saw it coming through and it really has been a very big peak of in of infection it's been very quickly not just in the london in the southeast where it began but i actually all parts of the of the country. well the netherlands will ban all flights from south africa britain and all south american nations from saturday it's part of a string of new measures introduced to limit the spread of the new coronavirus variance the prime minister also proposed an 8 30 pm curfew beginning on friday if imposed they will be the country's 1st nationwide curfew since world war 2 a blunt next to. the most important measure is that we had the intention of introducing a curfew that means a ban for being outside between certain hours it is a severe measure homes nobody wants a curfew nobody's applauding this not to mean a minister that junk or not the coming at nobody and of course we can't and don't
12:43 am
want to take such a drastic a step without approval of parliament if there is sufficient support only then we make a final decision zimbabwe's foreign minister has died after contracting kovac 1000 . was the man who announced the coup that toppled the late president robert mugabe in 2017 the former army general who was in his early sixty's died in hospital zimbabwe is currently recording around 50 coronavirus related deaths a day. the united nations is asking for more attention to be paid to the humanitarian crisis in mozambique it says attacks in the kabul they gather province of now displaced more than a 1000000 people a group linked to i saw is raiding villages in the oil rich area killing and kidnapping women and children 26 years we've done it yeah i have still don't leave
12:44 am
being exposed to such. use of violence i'm sincerely scared looks to live on is that you. have been dangerous psychological impact on men women and children who was distantly fear can be attacked in this edition. heavy rain and snow have the stored large parts of a camp for syrian refugees leaving one child dead 2 days of extreme weather have battered the campaign ad libbed save the children says a boy was killed after a wall collapsed in heavy rain families displaced by syria's war effectively living out in the open with no heating aid workers say wintry conditions are affecting 200 camps in syria's north why am i wash there is no water here in application camp no food no heat where should we stay please for the sake of
12:45 am
mohammed take this rain water. and i was 7 we thought we were about 800 families in the camp our tents of been flooded people went to sleep at other people's houses and some people were stuck and could not leave their tents rescue teams did not come to help us there were no heaters and children a severely cold. where in the boot camp tents had been flooded and children to suffer and there was a lack of assistance the situation is really awful. has been a face night of protests in tunisia over unemployment poverty and police brutality the prime minister says he's aware of people's frustrations and accept 1000 has only made things worse bellus reports. the the thousands of tuna's ians protest each feeling disparate and frustrated this
12:46 am
week the feelings have boiled on to the streets the coronavirus pandemic has crippled the fragile economy leaving a 3rd of young tunas ians unemployed they blame the government for the problems and as you. know there is a feeling of deep disappointment with the pandemic and may god protect us from it poverty unemployment and the situation we are living in as young people. know the protests have morphed to include police brutality and unlawful detention was still the odd thing with it that this man says more than $600.00 protesters have been arrested most in their homes and asks why protest is and demanding their release they say this is a government ordered crackdown. it's there c.n.n. called him to the politicians i say one thing if you have something to say don't say it with the police go out to the people and face the the prime minister
12:47 am
responded in a televised address another one another. i'm well aware that there is anger and frustration in many areas i know that the economic and social situation is a crisis deepened by covert and the measures we have taken to preserve the health of china's ians so your voice is heard and your anger is legitimate and it is my role and the governments to work to realize your demands and to make the dream of tunisia become true. the frustrations have recode across multiple tunisian cities this week from the capital tunis south to specs. and in the west here in kasserine the rights group amnesty international has warned against excessive use of force. use it nice protests evolved into running street battles between demonstrators. comics' the government has deployed the army in civil says east emote out of curfew to quell the clashes. the demonstrations come just days
12:48 am
after the 10 year anniversary of the ouster of former president zine el abidine ben ali a result of pros who says that birth of the arab spring but many too newsy unskilled disenchanted saying the hope of that time has gone on realized after the end of the march but that's what you see in 10 years there's no strategy or prospects for the future or even hope for change on the contrary every year the amount of food decreases to date in 2021 practically all young people are just desperate. and soon they turn to the streets francis just like they did a decade ago. this is iraq. at least 3 people have died in a large explosion in madrid the caused by a gas leak the blast destroyed several floors of a residence in the latina district emergency services have advised the public to
12:49 am
avoid the area the building is located next door to an elderly care home but no one there was hurt. still ahead in this news our english champions at liverpool have fallen behind in the premier league title race this season we're going to hear from their manager in sport.
12:50 am
you're eating. and the hour here is general with the sport thank you manchester united at taking on full of right now and when it was taken back to the top of the english premier
12:51 am
league and it's looking good for only going to social side of the moment they lead to one at looking to overtake rivals manchester city went off to facing aston villa area but not a silver school their 1st on 79 minutes before going to ns penalty they made it to nail city a level on points with leicester but ahead go difference champions live a pitiful points behind city and foles having not won any of their last 4 league games but manager and club isn't a concerned just yet. you can imagine a day is 24 hours we think about a lot of stuff and most of the things that are public. things about beating about as well but not all of them and for sure somebody has to be calm in this kind of situation that's not a catastrophe oh well that will all a situation it's not perfect but that's not important because it's just too to really be. as good as you can be. klopp and his fellow manages will be interested to hear about this rule change with the premier league
12:52 am
a very team to introduce permanent concussion substitutes it means teams will be allowed to take players off the field of play if they suffer a head injury that's caused a suspected concussion and their replacement won't count towards one of the 3 substitutes normally allowed during the game science will be allowed to concussion replacements in a match the new rules to be tried at 1st with the start date still to be confirmed england's rugby coach eddie jones is self isolating off to his assistant tested positive for hiv 19 jones who hasn't got any symptoms is due to name his 6 nations squad on friday if he returns a negative result in the next round of tests to be able to join back up with the defending champions in a week as they prepare for the tournament in february while tennis number one and novak djokovic has defended himself over his so-called list of demands at australian open officials and blame the media for twisting things joke of it says his good intentions of be misconstrued as selfish difficult ungrateful he's
12:53 am
isolating but able to train while $72.00 of his fellow players a currently in hard luck sound for 14 days in the hotel rooms because of positive cases on their flights joke of it suggested they believed to a private residence with tennis courts and have access to practice. let's take you straight to the to. senator to where chuck schumer there where the vice president harris will be swearing in new senators listen senator from vermont will be a scored it to the desk please raise your right hand do solemnly swear that you will support and defend the
12:54 am
constitution of the united states against all enemies foreign and domestic. that you will bear true faith and allegiance to the same. and there you take this obligation freely without any mental reservation or purpose of evasion and that you will well and faithfully discharge the duties of the office upon which you are about to enter so help you god. congressionally. been watching the vice president camel harris swearing in 2
12:55 am
senators 3 in total the 2 senators from georgia are you remember there was an election there not that long ago about 2 weeks where 2 senators were elected to democrats and then also of course camel harris's replacement it's been interesting to note how neither her nor 5 president biden who we understand is in the oval office for the 1st time since being sworn in have wasted any time in getting to work let's go to gabriel is on the who joins us live now from washington d.c. really is impressive i mean as i've said neither the vice president nor the president have wasted any time in getting to grips with their pretty long to do lists. yeah that's absolutely right and while the focus today has been on joe biden and the vice president while harris and them being sworn in there is also now
12:56 am
a lot of work that's going to be done and now is being done in the building you see behind me the congress particularly with the swearing in of the new senators particularly the 2 new democratic senators from the state of georgia that critical senate race that was won by both democrats that is critical because that of course makes the senate $5050.00 republican democrat and essentially now a couple of harris being the tie breaking vote meaning that this is going to mean that joe biden will now have both chambers of congress at his disposal both the house of representatives and the senate and so while the swearing in of the president was certainly were all the attention it was today clearly the swearing in of the senators is going to be key getting forward with with joe biden's agenda. that's it for now thank you that's it for this news hour about how we're going to leave you with a look back at some of the key moments from joe biden signal. there
12:57 am
. are those of robin to why do you do solemnly swear that i will face the way of the office of president of the united states 1st the president of the united states. we've learned again that democracy is precious democracy is fragile. at this hour my friends democracy has prevailed.
12:58 am
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world news. washington. congratulations mr president. joe biden is sworn in as the 46 the president of the united states and begins with a call for unity and so today at this time in this place let's start afresh. hello i'm barbara starr and this is al jazeera live from london also coming.


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