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tv   NEWSHOUR  Al Jazeera  January 20, 2021 4:00pm-5:01pm +03

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or so and we are expecting mr trump to make his way down the red carpet get on board marine one of course that's the cool signal that goes with the president not with the actual helicopter it takes him to air force one and the choreography of this was something of a headache i'm all for the people that organize this kind of thing because mr trump signaled a few weeks ago now look i do not want to go to the inauguration so you've got to get me out as you get joe biden in. yeah effectively we have to i can use this word spectacles happening today instead of it being the one seamless event we have a president trumps departure 1st of all. fortunately happening well ahead of the inauguration itself so at least they will be 2 separate events in doing so. a little little bit of trivia for you in our view it's general trump becomes the 1st president since andrew johnson back in 869 not to attend the inauguration of
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his successor in that case it was ulysses s. grant so he will be missing today former presidents will be here at the inauguration of the former presidents in fact that once joe biden is inaugurated he will go along 'd with president obama. w. bush and clinton to the lincoln cemetery to lay a wreath at the tomb of the unknown soldier i think that is a very symbolic moment to show we are the former presidents who are here we are united states and this day is more. than just about the presidency it is about the country and i think that's a highly symbolic moment that will see later on today with the other former presidents and usually by this point in the day you've got the incoming president and the 1st lady being received over the coming couple of hours at the white house they have tea they have coffee it's all smiles there's a photo op and there is regularly genuine warmth between the outgoing president and
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the incoming president i mean you mentioned w. bush the george w. bush and michelle obama they are pretty much b.s. if they genuinely do get on and we saw that at the inauguration of mr trump 4 years ago. when you. hear such a different thing and in fact when we using this word transition i think it's almost a little bit of a misnomer today if you think of a transition as being a transfer like a relay race where you physically passed the baton there is no physical parsing today the closest that president trump and president elect biden will be today is the fact that president trump woke up in the white house this morning and president elect biden woke up in the last house which is just adjacent to the white house that is the closest they will be there is no transfer and a lot is being made of that he had the fact that that warmth that. formality is not present today has not been present at all and i think it's quite
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a few people who are well said about the fact that that is how it's transpired but maybe not surprised in the end given what we know of the presidency of donald trump over the past 4 years so no transfer it will all be very very separate you could argue though joe biden and his wife dr jill biden don't exactly needed to or the white house they already know pretty well. kemal for the moment many thanks will stay with those pictures of marine one we can assume i guess safely that mr trump is inside that building this saying his final goodbyes to stuff members house staff members will talk to alan fischer. who's on the balcony there with the white house behind him allan let's just talk about the nitty gritty of the past 12 hours or so we've heard we know more about the biden executive orders but can we talk 1st about the donald trump pardons steve bannon why did he decide to do that because we think people were saying to him look that might be
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a little bit dangerous for you mr president because you've got to come back to go on trial. the understanding is that he went back and forth over whether or not department steve bannon in fact really slowed down the whole issuing of the lest we are told that the list was really by late on tuesday pretty much finalized but they couldn't get at this asian from donald trump over whether steve benen would be on the list or not he was added to he was taken off and then he was added to it in the end no steve bannon has been charged with essentially conspiracy to defraud getting people to contribute to building the border wall 'd and spending the money on things that he wanted to spend the money on on himself essentially but he still hadn't gone to court but the interesting thing is with steve bannon i receiving a pardon that's a fair number of people who were involved either in the 2016 campaign or were in
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the trump orbit that have also received pardons you can talk about coleman afford his former campaign manager you can talk about michael flynn his former national security advisor and there are quite a few more eliot who was one of his big fundraising friends a number of others who got pardons from donald trump what is interesting from the list that was made public and that could be important is that there was no mention there of donald trump or any members of his family so there had been talk that don't. trump my issue a blanket pardon to his family to himself and walk out of the door of the white house that didn't happen as far as the list that is being made public know there is such a thing called a pocket pardon and that is where the president is under no obligation to make public the people that he's pardoned only when they face charges will that become
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clear so there is the slight possibility the donald trump has issued those pardons to himself and to his family but it could cause real constitutional issues he will of course leave the white house he will head to joint base andrews which is just outside washington d.c. very short helicopter right something that he's done several times and there will be a short ceremony there will be a $21.00 gun salute he will have the chance to inspect the troops in a final military parade you remember that controversially don't trump wanted to have a parade right down pennsylvania avenue on the 4th of july but that was blocked by the authorities 'd in washington d.c. who said essentially who's going to pay for the roads after you dig them up with your big military trucks so it all kind of fell apart but of course he then did have a set of money on the national mall which involved the fly past he wanted to fly past that andrews apparently that's not going to happen but he will walk 'd up through a red carpet past a series of troops he may well make final remarks we're told there is the
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possibility he will speak for the final time as president at joint base andrews where he's expected to talk about his achievements over the last 4 years he will then board air force one which will fly him to florida and somewhere on the journey back that will no longer be air force one because as you rightly point out peter the coal sign stays with the president not with the plane it will just become a very nice very comfortable 74747 right all the way back from florida to washington d.c. where it will wait for joe biden to make his 1st foreign trip which is always i'm. actor of great interest to washington watchers and intriguingly allen we understand as well that even when he's on air force one the so-called nuclear satchel or nuclear baseball or football goes with him and then on the stroke of midday it is deactivated and on the stroke of midday in washington mr biden's little electronic
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gizmo whatever it is is activated so mr biden president biden has the nuclear launch codes. yeah. i see you've got a grasp of the technical details of all of the peter yes 6 actually what happens in this case there are essentially 2 for want of a better phrase nuclear footballs one travels with donald trump because there is only one president at a time and that will stay with him until joe biden is sworn in and at that point you're right donald trump has no control over the nuclear codes that passes to the president who of course will be joe biden oh you've got to remember that just a few days ago we had a letter from nancy pelosi of the leader of the democrats in the house the speaker of the house the 3rd in line and to the presidency here in the united states sending a letter to the department of defense saying what precautions are there to stop donald trump taking any sort of action including using the nuclear codes because of
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what happened on the 6th of january and how to view the president was so deranged it was soo much of a risk that that was not an authority that he should have but that remains with him all the time what is interesting just watching those pictures from the south lawn of the white house the place where donald trump of course appeared after he was released from hospital having contract to covert where he held his republican national convention and 2020 of very on usual year as we were watching those pictures one person who is not there to see his farewells is much is a vice president mike pence no he lives not the have far away his office is literally just across the fence but he has not turned up there is a huge fracture between the 2 men mike pence who's been a loyal deputy to donald trump felt very upset that essentially when don't trust me
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to speak on the 6th of january he was calling on people to blame the vice president for not. overturning that election result which handed the victory to joe biden he followed his constitutional duty he followed 'd the law as he said but then the mob attacked the capitol hill and we saw people saying that they were looking for mike pence and in some f.b.i. reports a suggestion that some of donald trump supporters even wanted to hang mike pence no mike pence was also invited to the event it andrews air force base he said he couldn't do that because it's his intention to go to the inauguration so logistically it was difficult to handle. and really that's an excuse because it's not as if the president has to negotiate traffic around or the vice president has problems negotiating traffic around washington d.c. but interestingly john kelly who was his. chief of staff he refused an invite to go to andrews air force base saying that he had other issues to attend to
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a john bolton former national security adviser turned down the invite to the event at andrews air force base as did anthony scaramucci no you're probably thinking i remember that name yes he was the communications director at the white house for a fool 11 days before he got fired he was also invited scaramucci response to that well i won't be going and if they're inviting me that shows they're struggling to fill out the audience for this event so it will be interesting to see who actually does turn up at andrews air force base and of course who is here as donald trump exits the white house for the 1st time just one point i was at the white house 4 years ago when we talked about barack obama leaving the white house there of course that was a normal transition of power where donald trump walked across from blair house where joe biden spent the night last night he had tea coffee with the president there was the photo op as you talked about with the president to be and the
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president was with the 1st lady and soon to be force lady they pose for. it tears and then headed to the capitol where donald trump was sworn in as president and of course famously after giving his speech george w. bush remarked to his b.f.s. as you point out michelle obama that was some weird and then used an expletive and i think the fact that george w. bush will be once again in the audience sure is that sometimes there can be a normal transition of power in the united states but today certainly isn't what you would consider normal but then over the last 4 years it hasn't been a normal presidency interesting you talk there about mr pence's decisions that he's been taking just over what he does and how he does it over this crucial 24 hour period there alan nobody so far is talking about another big footprint aspects of
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the incoming presidency because not only will we see president biden in a few hours we will also see vice president kaamelott harris a woman a woman of color representing modern day contemporary america for so many people who voted for the biden harris ticket back in november. and it really does i mean people talk about glass ceilings but suddenly when you see a woman of color in a position of power someone who is the 1st african-american the 1st black vice president one of the top 2 positions and all saw someone of asian descent a woman who is there it becomes normal and if we can see no just at the white house on the south lawn donald trump leaving the white house for the last time as president walking out there are some members of his staff not many there.
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trying to find a microphone that sort of level set correctly so we can get a sense of what mr trump is saying. one question there he was asked one question do you have any regrets he seemed to ignore the question but he gave a small group of reporters i'm guessing here a thumbs up will stay with these pictures and we will continue with our conversation with alan fischer and alan i mean when marine one lands at the air force base. the process and the mini ceremonial that we will see is there a ahead of departing presidents that went to mr trump and said ok you're leaving you're not going to deal gratian this is what we think you should do or is this
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everything we're about to see is that all done to mr trump he did he say i want to fly by i want air force one. yes that's exactly what happened he said this is what he wanted to see some of the things when possible. but his aides have made as much of what he wanted and put in place for the ceremony at andrews air force base and the farewell as i was saying there are some members of staff who are saying goodbye but i've been in the white house campus over the last week and it is almost empty there people have moved on to new jobs people have left their existing jobs offices have been cleared out boxes have been taken out of the white house with past no memorabilia and all of that has happened and so there are very few trump supporters trump staff left in the white house what happens know that donald trump has left there is an
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army of people who will already started what deep cleaning many is in the white house residence they will start boxing up many of donald trump who in past snow items some of them have already arrived in model and removal truck arrived here yesterday there are things that have to go like the as wardrobe like his room size golf simulator which he himself personally installed at a cost of around $100000.00 all of that has to be piped up and in about 5 overs a lot of personal items for the bidens will be moved and it is quite a brutal transition for those who were in the white house many have been sleeping in the hallways ready to move as soon as the president moved you can see marine one there hasn't even fired up the engines it really is quite an impressive sight this is the 2nd most remarkable journey that donald trump has perhaps ever taken on the region one the 1st being that day in late summer where we were told he can try to
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covert and had to be airlifted to walter reed hospital just a short distance away and how you. what is interesting is he didn't take any questions from the journalists apart from the 1st one which he ignored he of course went to texas just over a week ago his last appearance and public and he did not take questions then. something that's become a standard has become known as chopper talk as the president takes questions from journalists of all the criticisms of donald trump one of them cannot be that he wasn't accessible to the media he perhaps made himself available more often perhaps not in the traditional setting of the white house briefing room but as he was leaving he often stood for 510 minutes and spoke to the media he will do so again we expect at joint air force base andrews where he will make a speech they're playing music their music that we've come to know for the last 56
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years from the very 1st couple of days when we started covering the trump campaign and i remember being in california for his 2nd event this is interesting peter we covered event on the boat we we obviously reported on his event in new york when he announced his presidency we covered to his 2nd event in california on the boat where there were more protesters than trump supporters at the end of it called the news desk and said we should perhaps to report on this a small package to what show is told that we really care about donald trump is probably going to drop in a couple of weeks and here he is taking off no on marine one from the white house the last time as the 45th president of the united states in just over 4 hours he will return to being private citizen donald trump but he will have x. president next to him and he will be forever mentioned in the history books and has
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he leaves he leaves with the 2nd lowest approval rating of any president since they started doing opinion polls 35 percent of people in the now. bridgeport suggested that he was a disapproval of his job the only president to rate to lure the knot was someone who also left by helicopter had an approval rating of just 26 percent and that was richard nixon who left in disgrace some people would suggest that donald trump after the events on january the 6th is doing the exact same thing as marine one runs the washington monument for the last time with donald trump on board as president and makes the short 10 minute helicopter journey to suburban maryland and joined the air force base andrews where he will board air force one for the last time and travel to the white house remember the day after donald trump was inaugurated there was about 100000 people on the streets of washington d.c.
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saying that it was time for donald trump to go that he was not their president that they disagreed with the election result they wanted him out of the white house it took an election to do it but there is donald trump leaving the air space her own the white house leaving the white house and heading. to life as a private citizen alan for the moment thank you very much let's talk to our diplomatic editor james bays who's on capitol hill we'll carry on monitoring those pictures of marine one as long as they last 8910 minute flight to get it to air force one where the president and the 1st lady will board the 7 for 7 big comfortable 747 and he will technically be a private citizen when he gets to the resort at mar a lago james bay is our diplomatic editor james interesting there talking to allan he was talking about this army of people deconstructing the administration in the white house putting on your diplomatic editor head for
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a 2nd one of the the thumb prints of the early days of the trumpet ministration was they didn't build an empire internationally you know that they went. tourists least slow when it came to getting passengers into different countries envoys into consulates is that work now on going to be think particularly say when it comes to the kind of relationship that this is ministration wants to have with the united nations with nato with even the european union. peter i was standing here 4 years ago when we were waiting for the inauguration of president trump and even in those very early days of the trumpet ministration it was really an expected many of the jobs at that stage in the trumpet ministration had not been filled we really didn't know what to expect and that really from tweet to treat is how the trump presidency played out for 4 years this time it is very very different indeed most of the major jobs are filled the cabinet is all filled most of the positions
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in the white house of filled it's going to be very different and i think many of the u.s. is allies believe it's going to be back to business as usual pretrial they're expecting i think a lot more predictability about what to expect from this administration they've already laid out the biden administration what's going to happen today and what's going to happen in the coming hours we know that he's going to sign over 15 executive orders very very important measures that are going to deal with things that the international community want the u.s. to deal with for example what he's going to rejoin in the coming hours we think about 5 pm eastern time he's going to sign those executive orders that one of them is resigning the peris climate deal that is key as i think the international community would say also is trying to deal with covert 19 there are now more than
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2000000 people dead around the world 400000 in the u.s. so not monger things he's going to do with regard to covert 19 is going to rejoin the part of the. that deals with international health and that's the world health organization ok so he's clearly knocking on doors that have never really been closed to the united states but they've just maybe been pushed to a little bit but he's going to have to deal for example with a different german chancellor because angle or merkel will not be in the chancellery for very much longer and it was interesting you know looking at those colors pictures of his presidency angela merkel i mean nonverbal leakages you could clearly see what she and some other european leaders were thinking about him i remember your reporting i think it was on the nato summit where he literally body checked the prime minister of montenegro out the way and then the tsunami of opinion in america was interesting off the back of that because his supporters
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didn't actually mind him barging to the front of the photo op. no and clearly his supporters supported what you heard laid out for the very 1st time 4 years ago when he spoke at that podium where joe biden will speak in under 4 hours time now and be sworn in and that was that dystopian vision of america but also america 1st on the policies of america 1st and it may well be you look at a wall that wasn't built you looked at lots of the other things the trouble ministrations that they would do and they didn't but certainly they did pursue an america 1st isolationist foreign policy and that clearly is going to be very different with the administration of president biden they're going to work closely with their allies they have some huge challenges to face some of them very urgent you've got to look i think particularly to new clear challenges they've got you've got iran where
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donald trump tried a policy of maximum pressure didn't do anything at all didn't change things greatly . and certainly it meant that having pulled out of the iran nuclear deal that the iranian government decided not to continue to comply with that deal so very true tough challenge now for president biden who says he wants to rejoin the iran nuclear deal on a very tough timeline for that with iran's own presidential election coming in a matter of months then on the korean peninsula another nuclear situation that requires nuclear diplomacy very different approach there by president trump starting off with threatening to destroy north korea i was there in the u.n. general assembly when he said that in september 27th t. to then completely changing meeting the north koreans giving them to presidential visits without the north koreans in any way packing down in any way and even then
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a 3rd trip to the demilitarized zone and president trump becoming the 1st president to walk on north korean soil the story really as far as international attention ends there because nothing has happened since no real further diplomacy that leaves i think very few options for president biden but it's going to have to be near the top of his agenda another one where the time is pressing is afghanistan under that deal the u.s. did with the taliban and a few months time they're supposed to pull all the u.s. troops out of afghanistan is president biden going to do that but of course there are other big relationships he's got to deal with he's got to deal with china how is he going to respond to china the trumpet ministration got tougher and tougher on china clearly he has to find a way forward again the answer the biden administration to give us is they're going to work together with their allies and of course there's also russia the difficult relationship with president putin president trump was not some whatever to confront president putin it's going to be different type of biden but the but 1st big test
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of that is an important arms control treaty that expires at the beginning of february the new start treaty that i think is like. to be extended i have to work with the russians that i have to work with them here on capitol hill and presumably as well james we will not from the biden ministration one remembers your reporting from north korea in the run up to the singapore summit between donald trump and kim jong un we will not from biden have him saying again and again and again very lovely things about people like kim jong un j a bull scenario and we will not from joe biden see him standing in a presser with vladimir putin siding with lead to me of putin despite what his own intelligence gathering services were telling him mr trump i mean about the allegations to do with collusion and russian interference brackets allegedly close brackets in the last us election. yes i think
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that you won't have any of those things i don't think and certainly the closest allies of the us will say please no we do not want to ever see that again but what we feel uncomfortable in the us is adversaries actually feel more comfortable with the u.s. president so i think that sort of approach is going to be reversed but i think it's also fair to say that it's 75 years since the end of the war of world war 2 and that's when all of the u.s. is close alliance is a been built most importantly the nato alliance and all of that toy until president trump was building trust in those relationships well trust is something that takes a long time to build and is easy to lose so after 4 years of president trump i think people are relieved and i've spoken to diplomats from a number of european and other nations in recent weeks and recent months and they are relieved by the biden victory cloth they're going to be looking over their
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shoulders because they know there's a 4 year election cycle we know the president trump has just moments ago flown over here and probably got a good good good view of what's going on here. capitol hill had a lot of this. shit but he's not necessarily flying out of politics potentially he could run again in 4 years time and if it's not president trump it could be another president with very similar america 1st policies james for the moment many thanks we'll talk to you later i am sure we'll talk to you have returned see our correspondent on the mall in just a moment 1st you're looking at pictures there marine one having touched the side air force one on board the outgoing president of the united states of america donald trump alan fischer making the point that when it was initially flutie as an idea that donald trump was going to stand for the presidency people in america political insiders politics watchers in washington up and down the united states said no he won't do it or he'll drop out you may remember those pictures those
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sound bites from various people in the world of movies acting hollywood saying donald trump president never going to happen well what you're looking at right now the dying minutes of the trump presidency before he and mrs trump maligning the trump border force one making their way to mar a lago we're staying with these pictures just to give you a sense of what's going on but also because we think and i stress think there's a chance that mr trump. may give us a little speech a little bit of his thinking at this time as he draws a veil over his access to the most important job on the planet that of president of the united states has been a controversial 4 years it's been a divisive 4 years it's been a controversial and a divisive presidential election campaign overshadowed all the time of course by
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the reality of the covert 19 pandemic in the united states mr trump himself contracted coronavirus he was hospitalized he was flown on marine one he was hospitalized overnight he made an amazing recovery when he came back you'll remember those pictures of him being taken back to the white house he strode up the colonnade steps on the inside of the white house he took the mask off his face with his right hand he looked out of breath and he looked a bit flushed and there were questions questions that we never. really got an answer to when it came to the drugs he was given when he was inside hospital because he was given a cocktail of drugs and there was a lot of speculation for days and days and days as to how a man a mature man let's call it what it is an old man a man who's in the target area for contracting covert 19 in the worst possible way could make such
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a strong comeback although in real terms the choreography and what they did with coronavirus changed dramatically after mr trump came back from his coat at 19 diagnosis because everyone in the administration started washing their hands they all started using alcohol they all started wearing face masks we've seen it just in the past few days still ongoing we were seeing it there over the shoulder of james bay as a diplomatic editor on capitol hill i don't know if you noticed it it was off behind james we could see the chairs not lined up chair after chair after chair little groups little clusters of 2 chairs to the left 2 chairs to the right just waiting there for mr trump to disembark marine one before he makes his way to mar a lago allen was confirming for us the reporting that we've had in the past for 6 hours or so that on board marine one will be the security service personnel who carry the so-called nuclear satchel it has the nuclear launch codes and then on the
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stroke of midday local time we control mechanism that travels with the security services member will be disabled and at the same precise 2nd. a parallel device that is in the immediate orbit of joe biden when he becomes president because you cannot have 2 u.s. presidents at the same time clearly that will then be activated because that's something that is always within we are told 5060 yards 5060 meters of the u.s. president wherever he is let's stay with these pictures and we'll talk to see how tansey who is on the national mall so she had it should be tens or hundreds of thousands of people instead of which we're seeing hundreds of thousands of flags and also hundreds of lights and each light on each side of the mall
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represents the number of people who have died since cubit 19 hit the united states . yes 191000 flags. representing the $56.00 territories and states of the united states as well as u.s. flags here this is always going to be a less populated inauguration even before the events of january the 6th the storming of the capitol the biden transition team and told people to stay away because of the pandemic off to january 6th though the decision was made to completely shut down the national mall and prevents prevent spectators as you say usually tens of thousands of spectators here not far from from the more we are expecting one protest today in d.c. and interestingly it's from a for a progressive group the work that she heard so i'm going to stop you there my
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friend for a 2nd say give me we just want to get a sense of that 21 gun salute there. honoring the outgoing president from. god. god. book. og thank you thank you very much. thank you very much and we love you and i could tell you that from the bottom of my heart this is been an incredible 4 years 2 we've accomplished so much together i want to thank all of my family and my friends and my staff and so many other people
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for being here i want to thank. you for your effort your hard work people have no idea how hard this family worked for them they work for you aha. they could have had a much easier life but they just they did a fantastic job i just want to thank all of you everyone i want to thank mark betters who's here someplace right there i want to thank god but it's been it's been something very special we've accomplished a lot our 1st lady has been a woman of great grace and dignity. and so popular with the people so popular with the people in fact honey would you like to say you were was. being the 1st lady was my greatest honor thank you for your love and your support it would be in my thoughts and prayers god bless you all the best and maybe and god bless
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these beautiful. oh how bad what else has to be said right. but what we've done heads through a great year what we've done has been. amazing by any standard we rebuilt the united states military. we created. a new force called space force that it itself would be a major achievement for a regular administration we were not a regular administration. we took care the vets 91 percent approval rating they've never had that before the vets have given us the v.a. the vets have given us that approval rating like has never been before we took care of our vets and beautiful vets they were very badly treated before we came along
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and as you know we get them great service and we pick up the bill and they can go out and they can see a doctor they have to wait long periods of time we got it so that we can sadly get rid of people that don't treat our vets properly we had we didn't have any of those rights before when i came on so our vets are happy our people are happy our military is thrilled we also got tax cuts the largest tax cut in reform in the history of our country by far. i hope they don't raise your taxes. but if they do i told you so. and if you look at the regulations which i consider the regulation cuts to be maybe even more important that's why we have such good and have had such good job numbers the job numbers have been absolutely incredible when we started had we not been hit by the pandemic we would have had. numbers that
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would never have been seen already our numbers are the best ever if you look at what happened until february a year ago our numbers were at a level that nobody had ever seen before and even now we really built it twice we got it nobody blames us for that the whole world got it and then we built it again and now the stock market is actually substantially higher than it was at its higher oil prior to the pandemic so it's really you could say we built it twice and you're going to see. you're going to see incredible numbers start coming in if everything is sort of left alone be careful very complex because if all but you can to see some incredible things happening and remember us when you see these things happening if you would remember us because. i'm looking at. i'm looking at elements of our economy that are said to be a rocket ship up it's
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a rocket ship up we have the greatest country in the world we have the greatest economy in the world and as bad as the pandemic was we were hit so hard just like the entire world was hit so hard places that thought they got away with it didn't get away with it this suffering right now we did something that is. really considered a medical miracle they're calling it a miracle and that was the vaccine we got the vaccine developed in 9 months instead of 9 years or 5 years or 10 years. to earth a long time it was supposed to take a long time many many years to develop a vaccine we have to out we have another one coming almost immediately and. it really is a great achievement so you should start to see really good numbers over the next few months i think you're going to see those numbers really skyrocket downward and
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i can only say this we have worked hard we've left it all as the athletes would say we've left it all in the field we don't have to the we don't have to come and say we'll never say in a month when we're sitting in florida we're not going to be looking at each other and saying you know if we only work a little bit harder you can't work harder and we had a lot of obstacles and we went through the obstacles and we just got 75000000 votes and that's a record in the history of in the history of. sitting presidents. that's an all time record by a lot by many millions in the history of sitting presidents it's been really just an honor and one of the things we're very very proud of is the selection of almost 300 federal judges and 3 great supreme court justices that's a very big number that's a record setting number and so we've done
4:42 pm
a lot and there's still things to do 1st thing we have to do is pay our respects and our love to the incredible people in families who suffered so gravely from the china virus it's a horrible thing that was. but on to the world we all know where it came from but it's a horrible horrible thing so be very careful be very very careful but. we want to pay great love great love to all of the people that have suffered and living families who have suffered so gravely so with that i just want to say you are amazing able this is a great great country it is my greatest honor and privilege to have been your president. was the the other thing was. that it was i thought. that
4:43 pm
it was. right. that. i thought that. i will always fight for you i will be watching i will be listening and i will tell you that the future of this country has never been better i wish the new administration great luck and great success i think they'll have great success they have the foundation to do something really spectacular and again we put it in a position like it's never been before despite the worst plague to hit
4:44 pm
since i guess you'd say 1917 over 100 years ago and despite that. despite that things that we've done have been just incredible and i couldn't have done of done it without you so just. a goodbye we love you we will be back in some form. and again i want to just in leaving i want to thank our vice president mike pence and karen i want to thank congress because we really worked well with congress at least certain elements of congress but we really did we've gotten so much done that nobody thought would be possible but i do want to thank congress and i want to thank all of the great people of washington d.c. all of the people that we worked with to put this miracle together so have
4:45 pm
a good life we will see you soon thank you thank you thank you. and again i think they're playing some of the music by the village people. yes they are. donald trump saying his last farewell that to a group of clearly very loyal supporters at the andrews air force base he was talking about stay safe because of covert neither mr trump nor the 1st lady wearing a face mask nobody in that assembled group i saw wearing a face mask or doing any form of social distancing this is the 1st and 2nd to face masks in the foreground of that camera shot framed by marine one and air force one off in the background will stay with these pictures and we'll bring in alan fischer alan when he was talking there about we'll be back in some form is this the
4:46 pm
speculation to do with the so-called patriot posse that he's considering setting. reporting in the wall street journal just in the last few hours suggesting that donald trump wants to create this new party to break away from the republican party to exercise more influence over selection of candidates for the house and for the senate desa setting up a 3rd party is incredibly difficult in the united states but given the depth of support from donald trump and talked about 75000000 votes it's actually closer to 74 he started to run that up quite significantly over the last few weeks 74000000 votes he believes that he could do something that would create a party in his image that would push his values such as they are he's never really had a deep political ideology but i can tell you it just takes a few people in the last couple of hours who are democrats they say they would be delighted if donald trump set up
4:47 pm
a party yea because the believe that it would split the vote on the right and through the center and they would essentially be the beneficiaries of that you're talking about the music that's playing don't trump at all his events decides which music is played and that is why he picks songs like y.m.c.a. which seems very in congress for a man who's no 72 years old what is also interesting is he was saying that there is a basis there for success and he said that he hopes that by administration goes on to great success because they have this phone deshaun essentially donald trump saying flagging out that for the next 4 years he's going to say every time there's an excess in the government that's going to him and he could use that to propel him towards i move for the presidency in 4 years essentially hasn't dismissed that whole idea what was interesting is that he mentioned the people who die from coal what he's done not betty they really speaking to a few experts
4:48 pm
a few people who run polls suggest that if donald trump had one year ago. will almost exactly one year ago taken the covert crisis much more seriously i do not said it will simply disappear it will go away when the weather warms up he might well have won a 2nd term we might well be looking at the 2nd inauguration of donald trump it really was significant and just one final thing when he talks about it couldn't be donald trump without fact checking him couldn't he talks about how he brought in the biggest tax cuts ever in history he didn't ronald reagan brought in more significant more substantial tax cuts. but that was simply a campaign speech shortened with a thank you at the end as he noted boards air force one he of course wants to change the livery of the air force one he believes that that color wasn't quite.
4:49 pm
bold enough and so he changed a design which had been made by jackie kennedy way back in the 1960 s. to a different color but there is some talk that it may well be changed again once joe biden and jill biden move in to the white house so that he is leaving. there force one and heading off to florida he of course has made many significant foreign trips we should use base can talk about them because he's been on many of them but you immediately think of the very 1st trip to the middle east which was unusual break in portugal normally the u.s. president and the 1st foreign trip tends to go to mexico this time don't trump went to the middle east and then the of course there were the 2 summits with kim jong un which i don't know trump said would lead to the denuclearization of north korea and fight relations know no better than they were when donald trump came in and of course he went to many many international summits flew up to new york to address
4:50 pm
the general assembly james bays was there when world leaders actually laughed at donald trump a man who says that america is a. respected because of the last 4 years and so his family boarded the plane as well jared jennifer and kara getting on board they have been part of the administration haven't seen biden anywhere and there is some talk that is keen to continue her political career perhaps even challenging marco rubio for the republican nomination for a senate seat in florida and gone jr also keen to extend his political career and political influence that might well be peter as you see in this patriot party which is speculation that don't trump may form that in the aftermath of his 4 years in the white house alan for the moment many things will come back to you in a couple of minutes i'm sure mr biden is leaving blair house that's the
4:51 pm
of a half of the spectacle today kamala's making the point correctly accurately at the top of the saying we've got to spectacles today we've got the end of the trumpet ministration which we've just seen with mr trump on marine one having now boarded air force one with the 1st lady still the 1st lady until the president mr trump stops being president. when he gets off the plane in florida and what you're looking at now is spectacle number 2 of this highly significant day the incoming biden administration making its way from. in the church towards the inauguration ceremony what we're about 3 hours and 9 minutes away from butts in all curation ceremony will talk to kemal santa maria my al-jazeera colleague again so i can hear the fact checkers going through that
4:52 pm
classic donald trump all rhetorical bungee jumping speech there in front of force one you know kind of talking in the way that he has always talked when he when he feels in his natural environment when he's talking to a crowd that he knows already likes him an awful lot. yeah so we heard the greatest hits didn't we china virus we've achieved more than any other administration we've looked after our veterans it was exactly what we've heard for 4 years as alan pointed out. there were a few little lines i picked up along the way which i know he downplayed just fascinated by that the semantics if not the actual fact checking we were not a regular administration donald trump said and i think that is something everyone on all sides of the political divide can very much agree on donald trump was referring to it in the sense that they had i think it was what he referred to the establishment of a space force saying that well we want
4:53 pm
a regular administration i certainly want he talked about paying respects and love to those who lost their lives to the china virus we heard that of course and i did if you notice peter just every now and then he would mention he would just sort of say as an aside be careful be very careful i thought that was interesting i guess he's saying well you guys have voted for joe biden now so you know you don't know what he's going to do be careful what you self and his last line there have a good life we will see you soon just the most peculiar juxtaposition of words. but then i guess that's what we're used to and what we have seen the pictures already since we've started this particular part of our continuing coverage of the inauguration of nancy pelosi making her way towards the inauguration and i'd like to kind of mesh that with what mr trump said yes we will see him again for nancy pelosi gets what nancy pelosi has wanted for a long time which is donald trump impeached on trial in the senate.
4:54 pm
yet well 1st of all we're on nancy pelosi and some other members you've been talking about. and i'm just having a look at the pictures forgive me i'm on a bit of a delay here but if joe biden at church today nancy pelosi is one of the people attending that church service today along with chuck schumer but also along with kevin mccarthy and with mitch mcconnell as well bipartisan republicans and democrats invited by joe biden to attend that church service this morning in washington and as far as we know they've all gone no one's actually said they wouldn't you know i think that's significant in itself joe biden reaching out from the start and saying i've got my allies nancy pelosi chuck schumer. kevin mccarthy the senate majority leader mitch mcconnell i want you there too we have to stop bringing things to get that now. as to what you think you have to think about the fact that we don't know trance legacy will of course go on and yes what will happen in that building behind me in the senate impeachment trial if it happens it's just we are we are writing it has we go here we're always making it up as we go because
4:55 pm
as with everything for donald trump it has been unprecedented i hate using that word go through and over again but it really had spent and it is about making it up as they go in deciding how do you treat a twice impeached presidents after he has left office. tomorrow will come back to you in the coming hour also i am sure will with mr trump still disputing the results of the election and he does still officially dispute them there hasn't been much of a formal handover of such to. no overlap at all unlike this overlap that you saw 4 years ago mr trump by then president with maloney out from being welcomed graciously into the white house by the then outgoing president barack obama and michelle obama a small exchange of gifts that was the inauguration and hillary clinton bill clinton's wife former u.s. secretary of state quoted in her book that she wrote after she lost her run for the
4:56 pm
presidency to donald trump of course she won the popular vote she didn't win the college vote and that was a thing that people have talked about in the intervening 4 years. but she quoted george w. bush when he was heard to say in amongst the group of people at the trump administration george w. said well that was some crazy bleep right there it was an unpleasant word begins with us i'm sure you can make up the rest as you go along but that was george w. bush who of course when he was u.s. president he had his critics and his detractors as well let's stay with the ceremony that's coming towards us over the next few hours let's talk now to an expert in what's going on there let's talk now to professor emeritus at florida state university elizabeth goldsmith elizabeth goldsmith welcome to al-jazeera. just thank you for having me you're most welcome
4:57 pm
just walk us through what we will see ok the name thing is there when charges don't they will move to a cabin on an unlevel not begin a program and 12 it will culminate and the swearing in of joe biden. and i guess if we filmed it with a zoom lens the moment where mr biden raises his hand holds the bible that would look norway but then if we pulled out and pulled out further it will look completely normal exactly you'll see i was playing a lot of national guard acts when how many people would ordinarily be there well sometimes are asked to cause trouble here and here air when they just ran out
4:58 pm
and aren't just there it's quiet and are there is a tremor to keep people from getting closer so personally it's when american citizens to do what you know on television you know where the chair that you're at . are there others to run to go so it's just intense and. the speech that the incoming president gives is always perceived as an opportunity for them to lay the foundations to kind of build in the brickwork of what they want their presidency to be it is such a unique situation at the moment in the united states 400000 people have lost their lives just in the u.s. to coronavirus the economy is not doing well despite what mr trump just said there are so many other bigger issues if you were writing the speech for mr biden
4:59 pm
what are the boxes that he's got to tick with that speech when he gets beyond the i can be a president for all america. right and what is meant as such is going to be only he comes from a tremendous ground he is our right and our greatest twice as vice president so he's gone through the routine you know white house success well the belly and that's really what i hear expertise. well can i say i think we're getting a lot of experience and a lot of experience there are coming and we're you know the most famous speech was john f. kennedy at 961 and if you want i can read out just some most famous line. years and so my fellow americans as not what your country can do for you know as you introduce your country somewhere are going to be watching you are
5:00 pm
a perfect byner to life there about the future and the orientation of the new administration. professor thank you so much for joining us from tallahassee in florida on the day that the united states that washington begins the process of bidding farewell to president trump is 14 hours g.m.t. 9 am in washington where we're seeing the transition of power between the outgoing president donald trump and the man who will soon be sworn in joe biden you're looking at live pictures of air force one if you're just joining us the president and the 1st lady flew to for space on board marine one we had a small speech from mr trump we had a few words from the 1st lady malani a trump mr trump gave us his take on his time in the white house what the.


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