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tv   NEWSHOUR  Al Jazeera  January 13, 2021 9:00pm-10:00pm +03

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the fact is today we are trying to punish the president at least some are for 4 years of what he did not for what happened last week what happened last week was that was the result of an anarchist he came loaded. with your weapons with that i yield back time it's very good john learn from all how we reserve the gentleman from new york is right and speak right now you know one minute it is 800 g.m.t. that it's 1 o'clock in the also in washington d.c. where an unprecedented session is underway right now on capitol hill the u.s. house of representatives has begun debating whether to impeach president donald trump for a 2nd time and they will cost their historic votes in the coming hours democrats accuse trump of encouraging his supporters to attack the capitol building a week ago and they're hoping to charge him with incitement insurrection and we'll hear more from the house shortly but 1st i speak to steve clemons who is host of al-jazeera is the bottom line and the washington editor at large for the hill joins
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us live by skype from washington d.c. and steve this nancy pelosi we heard from her a little bit earlier the speaker of the house of representatives saying that the representatives hold the power of the people of the united states and the president has incited insurrection this armed rebellion he's a clear and present danger to the nation we love and there's been counter arguments from the republican side as well so 2 sides the argument being presented but ultimately the democrats look set to have their way donald trump looks set to be impeached again but when could that trial take place and will he be convicted and really what does it achieve. well i think there are several questions in there one night you're right i think the impeachment will pass the house and we haven't yet received a very clear indication from speaker pelosi as to whether those articles of impeachment will be sent to the senate immediately or whether as it as he did in the last time she waited until you know some period of time before sending those articles of
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impeachment to the senate so we don't know but there is a clamor right now there's an emotional moment right now that believes that this president that they are arguing this president is dangerous by the minute and that all action needs to be taken at this moment to try and stop his behavior so my sense is that that she will send those articles to the senate that's where i think the tilt will be but i'm speculating and then when that happens the senate cannot privilege other items of business over that takes over the united states senate as things stand right now joe biden has asked if they try to do that impeachment and also confirm his appointees that he's call for in his cabinet but there's a lot of questions out there right now when you're bigger question is what will this all mean i think in the long run democrats and some republicans remember liz cheney and other prominent republicans have joined the democrats in this in this
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mission they are absolutely furious that after 2 centuries of no assaults on a legislative branch of the united states government that donald trump inspired people to go do that and you had violence you had 6 people have now died as a result of this and the fury is high you heard the republicans jim jordan and others act as if the president had no connection to that violence so you have 2 very different worldviews battling out right now but the democrats want the republicans and they want donald trump to pay a price for what he did and so while this may be symbolic and while he may not be convicted it nonetheless is a double stain a real stigma on the trunk presidency that he's the only president that was impeached twice. credibility staved more for me a little bit later as we listen in to the ongoing debate in the house of reps and as it's going on for 2 hours it's been happening now for a run about 40 minutes 45 minutes something like that so there's another hour 15 or
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so to go that's a good move the flavor the violent attack on the u.s. capitol was an act of insurrection incited by donald trump is a clear and present danger to the health safety and well being of the american people and that is why this impeachment is necessary on the house floor while i 2nd time with a bi partisan majority violence will not win and so rection will not win sedition will not win tara will not win lawless this will not win mob rule will not win not today not tomorrow not ever democracy will have a time has expired the challenge from new york preserves the challenge from the how it's recognized madam speaker we reserve chairman racist comments from new york many speak right now yield one minute to distinguished gentleman from california mr agri our challenge from california is recognized for one minute.
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thank you madam speaker on january 3rd we stood here on this floor and swore an oath to defend our constitution against enemies foreign and domestic 3 days later that was put to the test when a violent mob tried to break down those doors to stop us from performing our constitutional duty this mob was not without a leader on that day the president told them to walk to this capitol 16 blocks from where he stood they were radicalized by his lies and conspiracy theories he spent months fueling many of which i've heard on this floor. the last week he needed to say only 2 words to end the violence i concede because that's what leaders do in a democracy because that's what we do in the united states they put politics aside
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and put country 1st and as i look to our colleagues over on the other side i wonder how many of them will demonstrate that leadership in join us in holding president trump accountable for inciting this deadly attack how many will uphold our oath and put our country 1st to defend this constitution from the threat in the white house to do anything less is to turn your back on the oath all together thank you yield back some indians back to john then from new york presents to china to my house recognized medicine we continue to preserve gentleman from our house continues to be said to john and from new york a speculator speaker i now you and 3 minutes to the gentleman from rhode island mrs awaiting. the gentleman from rhode island mr cicely is recognized for 3 minutes madam speaker for more than 100 years since george washington yielded the presidency to john adams the peaceful transfer of power has been a hallmark of our democracy in this country the will of the american people reign supreme over the ambitions of any individual every single president has honored up
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held these principles until now don't try to lost his bid for reelection last november it was a free and fair election and that president trans own election security director called it the most secure election in u.s. history but for 2 months now donald trump has refused to accept the will of the american people over and over again he has told his supporters he didn't really lose the election was stolen from him and from them and as they grow anger and anger over this perceived injustice he told him there was still a way to keep him in power so as congress prepared to meet for the sacred ritual of certifying the results of the presidential election the president made his move he directed his supporters to travel to washington for a rally just stop the steel they did he then once assembled he had one final request march on the u.s. capitol do what it takes to help me hold on to power we will never give up we will never concede he told them you you don't fight like hell he warned you're not going
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to have a country anymore the people on the ellipse that day heard his message loud and clear they answered his call for insurrection as the 3rd ranking republican in this chamber put it he summoned the mob assembled the mob and lit the flame of this attack armed with guns pipe bombs bats shields zip ties and more they set their sights on the u.s. capitol they stormed the citadel of our democracy hundreds of domestic terrorists did what donald trump wanted them to do they seized the capital and tried to end our country's 234 year experiment in democracy as the trump family and white house aides watched gleefully on television they searched the halls of this building for the vice president. who they came to hang for treason they overran the office of the speaker who they came to assassinate they sought above all else to seize control of our government in the name of donald trump let that sink in but terrorists who stormed this building planned to hang the vice president kill the speaker and topple our government they took down the american flag and replaced it
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with a trump flag i ask my colleagues on the other side of the aisle who are not planning to vote for this article is this the kind of country you want to live in what are you going to tell your children and grandchildren i ask what you did in this moment did you stand for the republic or for this president he the words of abraham lincoln the 1st republican president who told our country that a house divided against itself cannot stand this great house in which he serves cannot and will not endure if we do not stand together now the president and the terrorists who stormed these halls last wednesday did not succeed in toppling our republic we must ensure they never do i implore you to join us in supporting this article and i use that term in the back to gentleman from new york preserves this time the gentleman from ohio thank you madam speaker i would yield one minute to the gentleman from new jersey mr van drew the gentleman from new jersey is recognized for one minute. we've been here before. we've done this
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before this is failed before we fractured our nation using the same process before congress must be the glue that starts unifying everyone by the time this process would conclude the man they want out of office will no longer even be the president if we want unity this is not the way america was and is the leading light in the world this proceeding has continued to cloak our nation in darkness nearly half the country supports our current president in this takes their voice away we must be bigger and better than the most base of instincts that have been driving our political discourse it is destroying us let's link arms with one another and begin to heal let's stop this impeachment i yield back gentlemen the
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fact the challenge from ohio reserves the gentleman from new york is recognized maddest big right now you one minute to the distinguished gentleman from colorado mr in the goose the gentleman from colorado is recognized for one minute thank you madam speaker thank you for the chairman president trump's actions encouraging inciting a mob that stormed the united states capitol for the sole purpose of stopping the constitutionally mandated counting of electoral votes cannot go on answered by this body he must be impeached if congress does not act if we shrink from our constitutional responsibilities to defend our republic it will undoubtedly undermine the vision of america as the last best hope of earth as abraham lincoln. so eloquently said so many years ago so to the millions of
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americans watching today i hope you understand that we are proceeding on this path out of love for our country i will honor my oath today i will vote for impeachment and i pray that my colleagues will muster the courage to do the same with that i yield back the gentleman yield back the gentleman from new york research the challenge from the house recognize that we reserve chairman tunnel have reserves challenge from new york mary speak right now you old 2 minutes for this thing the gentleman from south carolina mr cliburn the challenge from south carolina is recognized for 2 minutes thank you madam speaker thank you gentlemen of the union a time madam speaker i rise in support of the article of impeachment last words that we gather to follow the constitution simple instructions to count the electoral votes that have been touted by the states and submitted to us this president refused to accept those results instead he sought to overturn them by
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inside in a violent and selection but we were not to tear it from doing our constitutional duty today we must constitute just do it once again while the president failed in his attempt to up in our democracy last wednesday its events make clear that if we do not hold him accountable and remove him from power if you to attempt to very well be successful the survival of our democracy depends on defeated candidates except in that of seats as has been the case in every presence of election since 1864. john there are 6 joint session is a vital part of the transfer of power not the contest for power vice president gore understood this except in the certified on the 2000 election
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result in which he was defeated by spread that biden understood this accepted and certified this president's victory in the 216 election this president's refusal to put to its a pit in the peaceful transfer apollo and his role in the excitement of the last week's violence pose an existential threat to a constitutional democracy this threat must be its thing wished immediately this president must be impeached and convicted and he must be prevented from ever attempting to seize pollo again. argue about child manufacture john from new york research the chinaman from the how is recognized thing a mistake or your 2 minutes to the gentleman from colorado mr buck the challenge from colorado us recognize for 2 minutes i thank the gentleman for yielding time
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madam speaker i've heard that president trump radicalised the group that the riders who stormed this capitol and i would say that we need to look no further than ourselves to find out what happened and to look at history americans were frustrated when they learned that the f.b.i. was investigating the trump campaign they were frustrated to learn that the obama administration and the d.n.c. had created this false campaign against the trump administration. they they were frustrated madam speaker when the the inauguration of the president was boycotted by over 40 democrat members of this house they were frustrated to read in the new yorker in the washington post the day after the inauguration let the impeachment begin they were frustrated when members of this house spoke over and over about impeaching the president days into
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his administration and then the socialists in hollywood joined their allies in congress robert de niro said that he wanted to punch the president in the face madonna thought about blowing up the white house cathy give the gryphon held up a likeness of the president beheaded head and nothing was said by my colleagues at that point time in fact one democrat colleague said that trump supporters should be harassed wherever they are in restaurants on the street in supermarkets during this prime the president was under investigation by a special counsel who found no collusion no conspiracy with russia the president's supporters were harassed ashit pide the. head of the f.c.c. was called a dirty sneaky indian his children were harassed in school the press secretary to nelson was sorry the press secretary sarah sanders was kicked out of
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a restaurant for being a trump employee the d.h.s.s. secretary curious to know and harass better home trump donors. were publicly salmond's time has expired and sorry you couldn't hear me that mike my question on the telamon from ohio research is the job. you know. the challenge from the how research the challenge from new york is trying to speak right now you 2 minutes to distinguish gentlemen from maryland if they're asking. the challenge for maryland has recognized for 2 minutes smashing windows and beating police officers over the head with fire extinguishers a bloodthirsty mob attacked the capitol and invaded this congress last wednesday they erected a gallows and repeatedly chanted hang mike pence they stormed speaker pelosi office
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yelling where is nancy they brandished the confederate battle flag in occupied the senate chamber they wounded dozens of people hospitalized and dozens of people killed 5 of our people for 6 hours they shut down the counting of electoral college votes our sacred process under the constitution for peaceful transfer of power in the united states they may have been hunting for pence and palosi to stage their coup but every one of us in this room right now could have died as senator lindsey graham said the mob could have blown the building up they could have killed all and now the far right is calling for returning gauge mitt from january 17th to generate 20 if they're asking the president took part in the conspirators in last week's rampage as they try prayer for a race war again next week and it's a bit much to be hearing that these people would not be trying to destroy our government and kill us if we just weren't so mean to them well despite the
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floor leaders desperate effort to polarize this body in this nation along party lines it is the chair of the republican conference who best articulated what happened in a statement yesterday and i recommend every american read this. this cheney of wyoming elected chair of the republican conference wrote the president some into this mob assembled this mob and lit the flame of this attack everything that followed was his doing none of this would have happened without the president the president could have immediately and forcefully intervened to stop the violence he did not there has never been a greater betrayal by a president united states of his office. requests 10 seconds and then from me are you know the vision of 10 seconds and i dish out 10 seconds to the gentleman from cheney says there's never been a greater betrayal by a president united states of his office and his oath to the constitution read his
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statement let's come together impeach the president for this high crime against the republic we don't have a minute to spare he is a clear and present danger to the people. from new york preserves the challenge from the hallis recognize matter speaker your 2 minutes to the gentleman from florida mr gay the challenge from florists recognized for 2 minutes seems to me that impeachment is an itch that doesn't go away with just one scratch it also seems that president trump may be most likely to be impeached when he is correct before the last presidential impeachment president trump rightly pointed out the improper activities of the biden crime family and subsequently he's been proven right and don't think for a moment madam speaker that we're going to drop that or stop our pursuit for the truth before that we had the russia hoax where you had the president rightly making claims that hillary clinton and the d.n.c.
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were colluding with russians to disorient our democracy how right he turned out to be and then we have the 2020 presidential election where the president correctly pointed out unconstitutional behavior voting irregularities concerns over tabulations dead people voting and now impeachment again when they go low we kick them. eric holder former attorney general under barack obama breaching the capitol was as low as low can be we all denounce it but who is it that they're kicking the president who created soaring highest for our economy rising wages before the pandemic 400 miles of wall to stop the caravans who drew down troops in the middle east and showed empathy for the forgotten men and women of our country it's why so many people love him so much and it's why they're kicking all of us this president has faced unprecedented hatred and resistance from big media big
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tech and big egos from congressional leaders on both sides of the aisle before the rioters tore through that glass speaker pelosi stood at that rostrum and tore through the president's state of the union speech inciting anger resentment division some believe that truly of these true colors are being shown now through this divisive partisan impeachment the speaker of the house. was 40 so you're watching the u.s. house of representatives debating whether or not to teach president donald trump for the 2nd time in his presidency for anything no american president since republic was born in 245 years ago has ever been impeached twice but that will most certainly words change today but that's big now to brenda one up on who's the author of the impeach is the trial of andrew johnson and the dream of a just nation she joins us by skype from new york. that's to see here again 1st up
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how will this episode that we're witnessing right now how will this episode fit into the annals of american history do you think. well it'll it'll be a stand out episode because i don't think that you know no one before has ever seen it endured or heard anything like what happened last week at the capitol where i think with 8000 rioters stormed the building with a chance to hang the vice president and to do it seems as much damage just they possibly could so bad along and that's not even speaking of the impeachment process that's going on right now that alone will stand and since very unusual. really tragic episode in american history no doubt but what do you say to those who say that this is just dousing division with gasoline. you mean the impeachment of
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donald trump indeed a coat on and yeah if you know in a certain sense that there seems to me such a specious argument because there is already so much division and if anything be a horrors of last week's show. you know if i said the tragic side of that depression seems to me that by holding donald trump accountable and by implication are all the people who are involved in that may have and it's a way to potentially begin to heal country were china i'm sure elbows divisions which the next administration has already spoken of trying to do it's not going to be easy but i don't think this fuels or you know doubts its planes on any clear or bastards fuel on he claims because people are already inflamed and this might be
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a way of saying look we have to start and take some responsibility but this occupation of the democrats are using this is a political weapon when it's right and that they are on their. well i don't think so necessarily because miles there is bipartisan group support for impeachment to show in terms of much of the debate that i have heard both on the process and now i'm the impeachment vote itself concerns. in shrek sions or outrages that republicans are accusing democrats of and you know of one teams some kind of political weapon reach but the fact of the matter is something very they're horrible very frightening happened last week and it had suggest with trying to overturn an election and start to certain situation of electors which is
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a constitutionally authorized process so i stand to drag and will last 4 years really is inappropriate but understandable it would been hearing from republicans that united in their efforts not to impeach president trumpet as you have said just now the plenty of republicans to side with the democrats they want to see an impeachment do you think we're witnessing a kind of bloody battle in the g.o.p. in the republican party between the diehard loyalists and and those who want trump gone for good. well i don't think it's it's a bluff and god forbid it's a bloody battle but it is a it is a battle i think probably there are institutionalist who are on that sense but i think that overall whatever happens in terms of the senate because i think the house of impeachment the republican party is going to have to do some.
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analysis and you know reckoning with what it has become and the divisions within it no doubt about. your bloody battle a totally meant figurative b. of course you think it's really you know things are all here do you think it's really free as a public figure. yes sorry do you think it's feasible that donald trump could be tried once he has left office. i think it still is a. you know that's concerning in many ways because some of your speakers and commentators that pointed out you know no one i think certainly no democrat and certainly not the coming biden mistakes too much to stand in the way legislation that's necessary musically to pandemics or the ratification years team so but i think there's also tar and i think it was true with andrew
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chancellor that the senate could me for impeachment but also a journey impeachment and have its legislative operations gone split the day in other words and i think there is precedent for that and i think that you know that will have to be determined by the leadership next chairman with i don't think that will happen mr speaker that each of the next it's an unfortunate situation for joe biden is that this is almost certainly going to dominate the 1st weeks of his presidency. it may it's hard to know is that separate for things are so unpredictable and it seems to me that what's going to dominate once again is the wire and the virus numbers the infection rate is you know going up as we speak of vaccines are being rolled out but slowly it's very concerning to
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everyone and i think you know that you know actually if you want to talk about jettisoning explains i think that really douses requirements because i think everyone is very very anxious understand why. ok brenda want to preach that thanks very much indeed. i'm sure we will speak to again in the coming hasn't this this goes on but thanks very much indeed for the time being i just remind of what we've been watching what we are watching now it is the debate coming to us from capitol hill from the house about the article of impeachment against donald trump earlier we heard from nancy pelosi the speaker of the house of representatives who said that. the representatives hold power of the people of the united states a president incited insurrection she said this armed rebellion is a clear and present danger to the nation we love we need to embrace our duty and for phil we've also heard the other side of the argument from ohio republican jim
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jordan who gave a counterview he said this this whole debate is all about canceling donald trump's presidency it's demonstrating democrat double standards and so the back and forth will continue for 2 hours they've been going for more than an hour now so this debate will come to an end in sort of 45 minutes something like that and then they will vote as to whether to proceed with the impeachment. so it is just gone 830 g.m.t. it is 130 in the afternoon in washington d.c. where an unprecedented session is underway on capitol hill u.s. house of representatives has a say as i say begun debating whether to impeach president donald trump for a 2nd time he would become the 1st president to be impeached once democrats accuse trump of encouraging his supporters to attack the capitol building a week ago they're hoping to charge him with incitement of insurrection house speaker nancy pelosi called trump a clear and present danger to the nation in the last 15 minutes the senate majority leader mitch mcconnell has rejected using emergency pounds to reconvene the senate
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early this means any trial would not be held until after joe biden begins his term as president remember that will start on january the 20th which is in 7 days time. let's go back to capitol hill and listen in to the ongoing debate no investigations have been completed no hearings have been held what's more the senate has confirmed that no trial will begin intel after president elect biden is sworn in but here is what a vote to impeach would do a vote to impeach would further divide this nation a vote to impeach will further fan the flames of partisan division most americans want neither inaction nor retribution they want durable bipartisan justice that path is still available but is not the path we are on
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today that doesn't mean the president is free from fault the president bears responsibility for wednesday's attack on congress by mob rioters he should have immediately denounced the mob when he saw what was unfolding these facts require immediate action the president trying. except to share of responsibility quell the brewing unrest and ensure president elect biden is able to successfully begin his term and the president's immediate action also deserves congressional action which is why i think a fact finding commission and a censure resolution would be prudent and fortunately that is not where we are today truly this past week was one of the most difficult for congress and our nation of all the days here last wednesday was the worst day i've ever seen in
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congress our country is deeply hurt. so where do we go from here after all the violence and chaos of the last week is it important to remember we were still here to deliver a better future for all americans does not matter if you are liberal moderate or conservative all of us must resist the temptation of further polarization instead we must unite once again as americans i understand for some this call for unity may ring hollow but times like these are when we must remember who we are as americans and what we as a nation stand for and as history shows unity is not an option it's a necessity it is as necessary today as it was at the start of our country i want us all to think back to how john adams
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and the federalists party handed power over to thomas jefferson and his party after the election of 1900 that election and indeed that error was one of the most divisive ever partisans used every dirty trick in the book they demonized each other dismissed reasonable dissent and described their opponents as seditious sound familiar. the election of 1800 could have destroyed our young nation but instead of breaking us it helped us bring us together thereby preserving the world's last best hope of freedom after a hard fought battle over the lek tauriel college in congress adams conceded and a peaceful transfer of power the 1st in american history took place jefferson for his part put aside the division of the air and preached forgiveness
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yes unity in his 1st inaugural address he famously said every difference of opinion is not a difference of principle jefferson and adams did not end every difference of opinion that existed in america nor did they try in a free country as big and diverse as ours that would be impossible what they did was more important they recognized the deeper unity a unity rooted in the famous proposition both men helped to write at a critical moment in history our founders choice chose peace liberty partnership over tension division and partisanship for the sake of our country we must make the exact same choice we have already begun last week despite the
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lingering shock and amid the windows still broken we did what all healthy democracies do we debated and we voted in this country we solve our disputes at the ballot box and not and through debates and votes on the floor of this exact chamber we did our duty then and we must do more the eyes of the nation in the world are upon us we must seize this opportunity and heal and grow stronger as leaders. our place in history depends on whether we call on our better angels and refocus our efforts to work directly for the american people united we can deliver peace strength and prosperity our country's desperately needs divided we will fail what we saw last week was not the american way neither is the continued rhetoric that joe
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biden is not the legitimate president let's be clear joe biden will be sworn in as president united states in one week because he won the election and the presidency in this congress will face immediate challenges the must be addressed i stand ready to assist in that effort with good faith goodwill and an open hand the united states remains exceptional we remain extraordinary in the coming weeks and months we must work together all of us to recharge the light of our shining city on the hill history has shown as the way history has given as a path just as adams and jefferson has shown now is the moment that we should do the exact same in these trying times may god continue to bless america
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unless chart a course that history will pete but not what's happening today you'll back the john back to channel and promote how thank you showbiz or. the gentleman from new york is recognized. that is figure and there you had one minute to sing with gentle lady from colorado miss to get the gentleman from colorado is recognized for one minute thank you madam speaker better speaker just over a year ago i stood right there where you're standing today as we took the solemn step of impeaching the president of the united states for pressuring a foreign leader to take on lawful actions to help him in his reelection and now just one week ago almost to the hour i laid right there on the floor of the gallery above us i heard gunshots in the speaker's lobby i heard the mob pounding on the
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door and what they were trying to do they were all in angry mob incited by the president trying to stop certification of a legitimate election it's clear the president learned nothing in the last year yesterday the president said again he did nothing wrong this man is dangerous he has defied the constitution he's incited sedition and he must be removed we all took a pledge on january 3rd to uphold the constitution we must order that both we must vote yes on this article of impeachment i yield back tired gentlewoman heels back to gentleman from new york preserve such a man from ohio is recognized the mistake of your one minute to the gentle lady from colorado the gentleman from colorado's recognize for one minute glory to god madam speaker i rise today to oppose this a peach man and denounce the recent violence on the capitol just as i oppose the previous impeachment and the violence we've all witnessed all summer long across
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our great country make no mistake here the hypocrisy of the left is on full display quote go to the hill in the face of some congresspeople we've got to fight in congress fight in the courts fight in the streets take him behind the gym and beat . the hell out of him take him go and take trump out tonight sound familiar what about the gentlewoman from new york who defended the looting by saying looters just wanted loaves of bread well the last i checked best buy and tesla's and stores of the like do not produce baked goods were the accountability for the left after encouraging and normalizing violence rather than actually helping american people in this time we start impeachments that further divide our country i call bull crap when i hear the democrats demanding unity sadly they are only unified and hate and fired.
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here and there you have one single gentle lady from california ms waters the gentleman from new york is recognized for one minute thank you very much madam speaker i rise in support of impeaching again the worst president in the history of the united states since his 1st day in office this president has spent 4 years abusing his power lying embracing out there and terry in islam radicalizing his supporters against democracy this corruption pours in the minds of his supporters inciting them to willingly join with white supremacists neo nazis and paramilitary extremists in a siege of the united states capitol building the very seat of american democracy the report that the republican party is now the party and i want you to know that this is a look at pictures of the u.s.
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capitol where the president's set to be impeached for a 2nd time the u.s. house of representatives on wednesday debating whether to impeach the president and it's already held a set of vote rules take the rules and now they go on to the main business of the day and they'll be going on for about an hour and a half say faucet i think they've got about another hot house to get a check in on that and other matters without cost 100 jackassery his following things about right ideas nothing there's another half hour of the debate to go and then they'll be the vote. that's right and the vote will be likely drawn out as we saw this morning nic because of the covert restrictions so give it another couple hours 2 or 3 hours and by the end of the night we expect trump to be the only u.s. president to be impeached twice that's because we know that even as these debates continue there are there is enough support within the house of representatives to
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vote to indeed impeach the president now you're hearing these arguments really fall under one question and that is what is more. dangerous for this country a 2nd impeachment of president trump which republicans argue will be dangerous in inciting more division in the country or is it more dangerous to allow trump to remain in the oval office even if just for mere days before his term officially expires in 7 days' time and we heard the opening of this debate from house speaker nancy pelosi the top democrat in the chamber addressing that very issue saying that trump was a clear and present danger to the nation and that he cannot be allowed to remain the office even a single day longer if they can help it but can they help and that's the big question after trump is impeached today what happens next normally is that the senate of course would host the trial would hold the trial for this president but
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at this point the senate is out of session as you know nic and so the senate majority leader mitch mcconnell a republican used to be a strong ally of president trump and only in recent days has shown some cracking in that alliance he 'd has indicated that he will not be calling the senate back into session until the day right before joe biden's inauguration so now this is all setting up to a confrontation that we have not seen in u.s. history before the impeachment trial of the president after he's left office of a former president that maybe handled with some court challenges ultimately if trump sees his day in court presumably before the senate it will be after he's left office and even then there may be enough republican support in that chamber to convict him which of course would not remove him from office as you would have already left but it could bar him from running for federal office again and we've
9:45 pm
all know that he has presidential future ambitions in the future. those who are the problem for joe biden is not because he's going to assume the president's. in a week's time and then you know what all eyes will be if that's what happens as you describe it if that's what happens then all eyes are going to be on the impeachment of donald trump and you know not on joe biden getting its act together and get his cabinet together and starting his 4 year term. that's right joe biden has not said that he wants to provide an impeachment but i'm sure that his best case scenario would be for an impeachment trial to continue immediately and that that hasn't been ruled out at this point it's just unlikely but in the more likely. chance that the trial does not begin until after biden is sworn in yeah that creates a problem for the president elect because he needs the senate he needs their time literally he needs them to be in session to talk about his agenda to get his cabinet confirmed to get his national security team on the job most importantly all
9:46 pm
of that would have to either wait for the impeachment trial to go to end or there's been talk of some discussions between biden and chuck schumer the incoming senate majority leader says democrats is about to seize control of that chamber there about perhaps doing a half day of impeachment trial a half day of other senate business all of this is new territory for the united states nick so it's hard to offer really reliable predictions but those are the possibilities at this point you know definitively new territory last week at the rose we saw last wednesday in the invasion of capitol hill the. follow up to the is really the the secret service now looking off the inauguration the national guard all national guard will be present at the inauguration we've seen pictures of the national guard around capitol hill today it's
9:47 pm
a very different scene from your normal inauguration as. this is something never seen before in the u.s. capitol i've been reading reports that this much armed military presence hasn't been seen since the civil war and the united states and in fact now some 20000 national guard troops up from the 15000 as previously planned are going to be here by the time of biden's inauguration thousands of soldiers are already here i walked right by them on my way into the capitol complex today i've even read that you know that that's basically there's more military presence here at the u.s. capitol than there are u.s. troops in iraq and afghanistan just put that into perspective and certainly this is the secret service is seizing control of coronating that operation starting today and there is intelligence of the potential for more armed riots from
9:48 pm
leading up to joe biden's inauguration not only here in the u.s. capitol but in all 50 state capitals around the country so there's concern too about just how much security forces can be deployed to than nation the national capital while still protecting every state all 50 state capitols as well all of this again is just completely new territory leading up to a u.s. presidential inauguration and there is a lot of anxiety a lot of tension as as the day proceeds and on the political front of course there's this tension of trump likely to become the only u.s. president to be impeached twice and the way the significance of that or how do things that's a good question of the capitol hill let's go from. there into the house so we can listen in for the ongoing debate. instead i'm back here in washington because the majority could not resist another made for t.v.
9:49 pm
impeachment american workers are losing their jobs and struggling to feed their families small businesses are being forced to lay off workers and close their doors families are tragically losing loved ones to the coronavirus instead of creating or even saving american jobs are negotiating additional covert relief we're debating an impeachment that's been presented by no inquiry no meaningful debate no due process in one week's time joe biden will be the president the american people need us to rise above the heat of the moment to focus on their needs and deliver real solutions because the majority decided we should debate whether or not to remove a sitting president and just 2 hours i'll be brief i post this article then pietschmann and i yield back a lady yields back the challenge from all her wishes to research the gentleman from new york is recognized when a speaker there you old 30 seconds to the just thing is generally the from georgia is produced the church is recognized for 30 seconds madam speaker i teach
9:50 pm
a civics class where i point out that our democracy is not self-executing it requires people of good faith and ethics to make it work the president has repeatedly challenge georgia's election results but despite 3 recounts and many investigations the results are clear joe biden won georgia the idea that our election was fraudulent is a lie our president used this lie to incite a violent mob to attack the capitol i ask my colleagues to act with ethics and good faith to reject these lies and in this case to support the article of impeachment i yield back to woman's time is expired the gentleman from new york wishes to research the gentleman from ohio as a man of secret one minute to the gentleman from florida mr posey the gentleman from florida has fund it. in our campaigns we may be adversaries but usually after the campaign season is over we have traditionally come together for the good of our nation now more than ever in our lifetimes we were divided nation one of the
9:51 pm
reasons there was this movement which is harassed harangued and otherwise denigrated the president since the 2nd he became the nominee while his stands may be different than yours or mine they are clearly not treasonous that our men and women in blue who suffered a lot more stress than the members of congress they protected have the time they deserve to recuperate and do the same for millions of americans who feel they've been disenfranchised i would cease my colleagues on both sides of a aisle if you truly want our nation to he'll vote no on this resolution it reeks of nothing more than revenge and sets a dangerous precedent may god continue to bless the united states of america. the gentleman who knows that the challenge from the house wishes to research the challenge from new york is frank and that is speaker and there you have 30 seconds the distinguished gentleman from maryland mr brown that on line from maryland has
9:52 pm
freckles has for 30 seconds that you madam speaker we could go americans in this chamber lived through one of our darkest days the commander in chief incited a mob of insurrectionist overturn the results of a free and fair election to tear and intimidation they failed but this violence took its toll people died our countries temple of democracy was vandalizing our image is the world's leading democracy was shaken president trump represents a real threat to our national security our democratic institutions and the people of this country we cannot let donald trump actively orchestrated sedition lead our nation's government for another 7 days we cannot wait until january 20th donald trump must be removed thank you and i yield back the ballot telamon yells back the challenge to new york continues to reset the challenge from the house recognized thank you madam speaker we have one minute to the gentleman from texas to china from texas is recognized for one minute thank you madam speaker and i also want to thank my democratic colleagues for finally joining republicans in condemning mob violence after 6 months of refusing to acknowledge it but i'm really tired of
9:53 pm
sanctimonious sermons on being a sore loser from some of the same democrats who opposed accepting results in elections past democrats have objected to certifying every republican victory of the 21st century in 200-2004 in 2016 democrats objected every time when they objected it was patriotic but when republicans do it we're inciting a mob were liars and were traitors this is the double standard we should expect under total democrat control they've called for under arrest in the streets they've called for harassing cabinet officials they've objected to certifying election results time and time again even the judiciary chairman secured clemency for a domestic terrorist to detonate a bomb right here in this building but we're the extremists i don't think so we've been silenced by big cat. on social media by corporate america now the other side wants to silence us on the house floor this is a sad day in america i urge my by urge my colleagues to have immense time 6 fired shallow men from ohio wishes to research thank you gentleman from new york is for
9:54 pm
recognizing michigan there you 30 seconds to a new member of the house or a new member of the judiciary committee because things are generally from missouri has bush the challenge gentleman from missouri is recognized for 30 seconds madam speaker st louis and i rise in support of the articles of impeachment against donald j. trump if we fail to remove a white supremacist president who incited a white supremacist insurrection it's communities like missouri's 1st district that suffer the most the 117th congress must understand that we have a mandate to legislate in defense of black lives the 1st step in that process is to root out white supremacy starting with impeaching the white supremacist in chief thank you and i yield back and from your wishes to reserve the channel want the challenge from ohio 6 recognition.
9:55 pm
madam speaker mr speaker i yield. one minute to the gentleman from texas dr jack the challenge from texas is recognized for one minute thank you madam speaker i rise in opposition to the articles of impeachment let me be clear what happened last wednesday was a stain on our nation and the criminals and the rioters responsible should be prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law it is clear now more than ever that our country needs to come together and congress this congress needs to lead by example and begin the process of healing the deep division that exist among us as americans the articles before us today will not accomplish that in fact the sham articles of impeachment will only serve to further fan the flames of unrest and to appease the radical left appetite for division we should be focusing on restoring communities devastated by lock downs working on america's vaccine rollout 18 a bipartisan investigation into these attacks and ensuring election integrity not impeaching a president who has promised
9:56 pm
a peaceful transition and who has less than 7 days left in office it is time to focus on the unprecedented challenges we face and it's time to focus on unity for these reasons our urge my colleagues to oppose these articles of impeachment and i yield back my time thank you gentlemen yells back is time the challenge from ohio which is serious or the challenge from new york is recognized when a speaker and now you 30 seconds to sing with a gentle lady from new york is clark the gentleman from new york is recognized for 30 seconds madam speaker today i rise to the floor a dress 24 the article of impeachment against donald trump the high crimes and misdemeanors for a 2nd time let us be very clear what took place on january 6th 2021 was an act of domestic terrorism by right wing think of fantic white supremacy is promoted instigated in advance by the man in the white house donald trump reverend dr martin luther king jr once said the ultimate weakness of violence is that it is that the sending spiral the getting the very thing it sets the destroy is that of
9:57 pm
diminishing evil it multiplies this time high so it is paired to channel. then from new york wishes to reserve the gentleman from ohio is recognized thank you mr speaker with 2 minutes to the gentleman from wisconsin mr tiffany the gentleman from wisconsin is recognized for 2 minutes thank you madam speaker my father once said to me just because you can do something doesn't mean you should in the short time i've served in this body one thing is clear this is not a serious place last year we watched as the other side delayed cold but relief for months to inflict maximum pain and sway the outcome of the election the speaker said as much in yet these last 2 days we have seen just how fast they can move when they want to exact political reptar retribution on their opponents my friends on the other side now have complete control of both houses of congress and in a few days they will control the entire executive branch as well madam speaker joe
9:58 pm
biden has talked about unity and healing is that what this is today is accusing wrote the republican lawmakers of sedition in calling for their expulsion the plan for healing is working with silicon valley to digitally disappear those with whom they disagree with the plan for reconciliation i was among the 1st to condemn the riots in madison months ago and i condemn what happened last week but where were the swift accusations of incitement and insurrection from the other side last year is today's political theater a preview of what the american people can expect from single party rule 2 years of double standards punishing those who voted for someone else. madam speaker i hope mr biden is watching today and he will rise to the moment and call off this effort to rub salt in the morn's of millions of americans it is now time for all of us to democrats and republicans alike to turn down the temperature thank you the
9:59 pm
gentleman yields fact the challenge from our how wishes to reserve the gentleman from new york is recognized variously great now you have 30 seconds to distinguish gentlemen from missouri mr cleaver the gentleman from missouri is recognized for 30 seconds while the speaker it would be an arrow to suppose that man and woman can be courageous every day it would be unfair to anticipate that i or any member of this body could be a lie and every day. no one is that but that to be a lie on day after day after day but on this day flying and will require the gentleman yells back this time the german band yells back this time the gentleman from new york preserves the gentleman from ohio who recognized we reserve the german from ohio wishes to reserve the gentleman from new york is recognized as a speaker i know you 30 seconds to distinguish gentleman from tennessee mr cohen
10:00 pm
the gentleman from tennessee is recognized for 30 seconds thank you very much after president trump was not impeached susan collins said he susan collins said he learned a pretty big lesson he was impeached then he brought his it will be wild ride his television show it's $900.00 g.m.t. you without is there a live from london and on capitol hill an unprecedented session continues politicians are debating whether to impeach president donald trump for a 2nd time a vote on that issue is expected soon let's listen in again most fear january 20 because i think he will try to dig out of the talents to die as he's trying right from jail by a gentlemen's time has expired and there will be order and house.


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