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trapped in a system with little hope of escape deep limp our investigation. on the. warnings that there could be more violence ahead of the biden harrisson all curation as democrats push to impeach president trump. hello i'm adrian for the get this is al jazeera live from joe also coming up convict tunde coverage is national politicians salvage a pot of his own course for a landslide victory of the presidential election months something he was freed from prison by the supporters. ramping up the vaccination drive of a 2000000 britons get the job as the u.k. records another 50000 are on a virus infections in
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a day. and into the sea and rescuers locate the black boxes of the plane that crashed with 62 people on board as they retrieve more human remains. we begin then in the united states where senate democratic leader chuck schumer is warning that the threat of violence extremism remains high after the storming of congress by supporters of president trump he's told the head of the f.b.i. to relentlessly pursue those responsible to avoid any unrest ahead of joe biden's inauguration in 10 days it comes as the democrats continue to draft new articles of impeachment against trump of zeroes political hay report style from washington. this video obtained by the washington post shows just how few police officers there were to keep rioters some armed with restraints and weapons from getting to members
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of congress from the us a member say when they were trying to get out the last available exit there were only 3 officers holding the line trying to give them enough time to escape when they stepped aside as a window was broken a writer was shot by the representatives and their staff escaped this video was captured by a reporter for the huffington post rioters looking for the senate he says if they had turned right they would have entered the chambers with senators inside this lone capitol police officer directed them away from it and up the stairs instead but not everyone was this confused one congressman says there is evidence son had planned their attack there is a ma. this is an awesome guy but never going to do all of this by the office. to the office. and where i usually a my sat. was in my office. had all the furniture and stuff at the
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door and there were people trying to get we're going to the capitol and the president directed these followers to march on the capitol he told them the election was stolen and now democrats say he should pay for inciting insurrection they're moving to impeach him within days our main priority is to ensure the removal of dollars of president that every minute and every hour of that office represents clear and present danger not just to the united states congress but frankly country but not all republicans are onboard some using the same reason in that they did after the president was impeached the 1st time i my personal view is that the president touched the hot stove on wednesday and as unlikely to touch it again many say an impeachment will only divide the. further but some argue it's necessary for the long term health of the country until the united states starts taking steps to hold those who both grew to subpoenaed physically actions but also
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incited the actions in and aided and you will see accountability for all of that and a renewed commitment among republicans to. use i'm afraid we should expect that this is only the beginning of the rise of on prism and perhaps even. it's unclear if legally the senate can hold an impeachment trial for a president who has already left office the courts will likely have to decide that but it does seem likely that in the coming days the house of representatives will make sure that donald trump is the only u.s. president to have been impeached twice pedicle him el jazeera at the capital life out of washington officers mike hanna is there for us mike what's the latest on the investigation into the capital riots and what are we to make of chuck schumer's revokes that the threat of violent extremism groups remains high.
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well senator schumer is not the only one expressing that particular fear the mayor of d.c. meriel pouncer as actually approached the acting secretary of homeland security and asked him to cancel all permits that have been issued for demonstrations over the last 10 days he says that there is a very real threat of further violence and there must be a great degree of planning than there was on wednesday with the period to be very little planning at all in terms of dealing with these threats of violence now also we heard from a congressman jason crowe who says in a conversation with the acting secretary of defense he's been informed that at least 25 cases of domestic terrorism are being investigated with regard to wednesday's events now the secretary of defense would be involved because he would have been responsible for the deployment of the national guard during that ongoing siege of the capital so certainly there are great fears about the possibility of
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further violence and discussions ongoing between various departments of the federal government to avoid a repetition of what happened on wednesday what's the latest on plans to impeach the president mike. well those appear to be going ahead now democrat members of congress held a lengthy phone conversation saturday in which they were briefed by nancy pelosi the speaker of the house and it does appear from various reports emerging from those discussions that the democrats are going to go ahead with writing articles of impeachment and voting on them as soon as 3 days by wednesday this week however there is an issue here and that is that the senate is not due to convene until the day before joe biden's inauguration so they would not be time for a senate trial but now the speculation is the possibility that the house could vote
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to impeach and then the articles of impeachment be kept away from the senate for at least $100.00 days the 1st 100 days of the biden ministration and then submitted to the senate for trial so there are various options on the table but it does appear very likely that impeachment is going to go ahead in the next few days some senators and congress people are actually arguing though that president trump instead should emulate richard nixon and resign before being impeached and facing a trial by the senate i think the best way for our country chuck is for the president to resign and go away as soon as possible. i knowledge that may not be likely but i think that would be best does not look as though there is the will or the consensus to exercise the 25th amendment option and i don't think there's time to do an impeachment there's 10 days left before the president leaves
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anyway i think the best thing would be a resignation. well the senate has to he's opinion that president trump should resign others have called for his resignation and the democrats intent on going forward with impeachment one single very important point if a president trump is found guilty in a senate trial he could be forbidden from ever holding a federal office again al-jazeera smike hanna reporting live from washington mike many thanks indeed to want kansas republican political strategist and former white house aide to george w. bush he joins us now via skype from some adelphia good to have you with us again joe where do you stand on whether or not president trump should be impeached. well i think that the letter of the law should. be allowed to play out we have a peter for reason in the united states and clearly. what happened today was not acceptable to every american we don't believe in mob ballance we are
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a nation of laws and so seeing that mob approach capitol hill and then over to capitol building by force and really discreet building was was not acceptable to americans watching that and so there is an appetite right now in the senate and also in the house more importantly in the house and certainly stronger now than it is in the senate but that there's an appetite in the house solely to impeach the president in the next 3 days and it's not unlikely that the senate will take it up maybe 100 days into the by the administration and they could still vote to convict the president which means that you'd be banned from ever running were public office again so in any case. impeachment is on the table and it's likely to happen in the house this coming week what about the calls for the resignation or censure of sizes cruz unholy when he's tunnel that.
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well clearly senator hawley and senator cruz. did not act in the best interests of the american people or the people they serve in missouri and texas. their speeches were felt by many to egg on the crowd that that descended on capitol hill on the capitol building and so right now there are members of the senate that are talking about the possibility of century in them some of the newspapers in their 'd respective states have already called on them to resign their seats in the u.s. senate but we have yet to see what they will do there are no pressure to listen to what the newspaper suggests but the possibility of censure is certainly very serious and it doesn't happen very often and missed the careers of people in the past who have been centered the most notable probably joe mccarthy he was censored by the u.s. senate back in the 1950 s. who was well as way to be a national star and and was just destroyed by the censure that took place in the
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1000 pities so it's possible that they could be censured. certainly a lot in their careers the president elect says that he wants a robust republican party so that's a proper opposition and debates. what happens the g.o.p. post trump does it need a period of reflection and soul searching now. political parties not really built for that little parties are unique animals they they're built to win no different in the u.k. i mean 'd you don't really have much if you want to power and so parties adapt themselves to the interests and needs of the people time to be able to win a majority so they can take control again republicans will try very hard to win back control of the u.s. house of representatives and the united states senate in 2022 and they'll be a very very strong concerted effort by republicans to win the white house back in 4024 but now what that looks like and what the issues will be is anybody's guess
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and how much of the trump base the existing drum base will remain with the party is is anybody's guess clearly in the 2020 cycle president had a significant base of support but that base is likely to wane a little bit given the events of the last week and the emergence of new candidates in the republican party goods talking again so many thanks indeed joe watkins that in philadelphia thanks so much preliminary results and kind of a stance presidential election show the nationalist such a pot off as one almost 80 percent of the vote for part of claimed victory and pledged to bring stability to the central asian country for a political crisis that put him on the pot to power on his child stratford reports from bishkek this is a monument to kyrgyzstan soviet past a reminder of a time before the beginnings of democracy after the breakup of the soviet union 30
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years ago after months of political chaos there a question of what lies ahead in the journey towards good governance and rule of law those people cost that ballots in presidential elections $1.00 man who has dominated kyrgyzstan's politics in recent months is at the forefront of voters' minds. his opponents say he's a threat to kyrgyzstan's political future his supporters say he is the country's only hope. southern to pirate comes from ordinary people and it's very honest he's a working candidate his thoughts and speeches are close to the people this is after he was freed from jail by his supporters before they stormed the parliament building in protests off the palm and elections and all. those elections were a mold of the widespread allegations of vote buying. describes himself as a conservative curious nationalist he says kyrgyzstan's 10 years experience of a parliamentary system has failed he wants to revert back to
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a presidential system which his critics say is a threat to democratic progress and would give him additional power if as expected he becomes president support base comes from kyrgyzstan's a rule population who have suffered decades of economic and political neglect. his critics often keen to point out that these deep sleep politicized country has overthrown of 3 presidents in revolutions in the last 30 years and their opinions often come with a warning. this led to our society is mature enough and highly politicized whoever wins the election it is quite difficult to stop open democratic processes people have woken up they cannot be stopped the point is how politically mature with a leader be and how will he work. some analysts say the democratic evolution of kyrgyzstan will continue but more chaos cannot be ruled out i think this is not the
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end of democracy and i thought as a shrink he said this is more like a that a serious and the very supporters the very people who brought power these people into power are not going to be waiting for that long. to deliver proper governance and with this sort of constitutional reform and this sort of power centralization it's not going to work out the central election commission says that with more than 95 percent of votes counted song georgia power has won the presidential election it also says that in the constitutional referendum there's been a convincing yes to a return to some form of presidential system of governance now to polish supporters will be pleased with both outcomes but his critics will say the journey towards democracy has been delayed again charles trafford al-jazeera bishkek and a parliamentary election has been held in neighboring cassock stop president seemed
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not to kind of spot is projected to have won a landslide victory taking 72 percent of the vote most opposition parties the boy because of this they said the political system is rigged. a weather update backstay r.'s 0 then violence in afghanistan's capital intensifies this town of on a government go see it as prevents resume planned long peace talks and fears that the death toll may rise in the boat disaster in the democratic republic of congo as rescuers continue to search for survivors. but. we've got some very heavy rain moving in across southern parts of the u.s. at the moment this massive cloud making its way through on the northern flank of that system we could well see some snow as well with
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a high pressure here which travel in a clockwise direction around high pressure in the northern hemisphere so the cold adding in all the way down the temperatures do start to recover as we go on into monday 07 all right in texas heavy rain moving through louisiana mississippi alabama pushing over towards georgia over towards the kava line is it will continue to track its way through was clear dry weather coming back in behind us we go on through what shoes day good enough they temperatures do still struggle to get into double figures up to a specific northwest there we go more snow coming in western parts of canada will see some heavy snow fall over the rocky mountain snow there in idaho because some wet weather there just around oregon northern parts of california as we go on into the middle part of this week some wet weather to just around the yucatan peninsula thickening clapp will bring some heavy bursts of rain into were the yucatan just around beliefs and wetter weather across a good part of central america aracely some heavy showers all the way down towards nicaragua and costa rica but for the fine and dry.
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the. al-jazeera world is into the murky world of state sponsored spyware. and the discovery by al jazeera journalists that syrian technology stocks that smartphones. sister company is this the new frontier of espionage. think about the sophistication of exports to break into phone this is as good as it gets. the spy. on just there on. the.
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aisle again this is al jazeera let's roger the made news this hour set it up a critically to chuck schumer as well that the threat of violence extremism remains high ahead of joe biden's inauguration and 10 days he's told the head of the f.b.i. to remember the street pursued those responsible for storming congress what does it say. a 2nd republican senator has called on president trump to resign or to be a pennsylvania says the trump must be held to account for inside but house democrats are expected to reach to sell tickets of impeachment on monday from the memory results and kyrgyzstan's presidential election showed the nationalist savage a part of his war almost 80 percent of the votes he was freed from jail by supporters during protests in october following a disputed part of entry election. as
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the u.k. accelerates its vaccination program the chief medical officer there has issued a dire warning about the capacity of hospitals to treat the rising number of seriously ill covert 19 patients chris where he says that arsenal health service is facing its most dangerous situation yet he says that hospitals could become overwhelmed and emergency patients turned away in 3 weeks time if people ignore the containment measures around 200000 people a day are being vaccinated against the virus well the british government is opening mass vaccination centers across the country to boost capacity health secretary max hancock says the most vulnerable will get the 1st dose by mid february and that all adults will be immunized by the awesome joe the whole reports now from one of the vaccination centers in north london. one of the 2 free shops crutch. every good for nothing totally painless a little injection of hope is how one doctor described vaccines being administered
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to the over eighty's at a north london medical practice. a rare outing for many after months of housebound uncertainty some even now anxious about what lies ahead. in the morning but not i think. the right thing or the wrong thing i don't know but i just want to have myself protected from this deadly virus very very take a deep breath in. that he was got to get a. very well. thank you. amazing. thank you. both for to me. these are the beginnings targeted vaccine rollout at a local level 1st with plans this week to scale up to mass public venues where
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vaccinating those high risk groups as quickly as possible are basically giving a vaccine about one every minute if not more so we're getting through about 600 up to 600 patients a day with the vaccine supply that we've got n.h.s. england has been very reassuring that we're going to continue to get supply and that supply level ramp up we've had you know challenges early on with the confidence that it will come that's now there so i think the supply is ramping up and i've got a good level of confidence it's going to continue to do that sorry have astra zeneca we have pfizer. so these are frozen and we were seasoned thought here and we have to ensure that there is in a few days pharmacist steve givens is volunteering his time to help out taking immense care to reconstitute the vaccine concentrate into doses ready for use so it just expired labor which is 6 hours from when i did the time limits and that was
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our secrets course we have to make sure that we administer the vaccine within that time if we just want to talk about it's quick it's painless and at this local g.p. surgery it's fall asleep efficient and the result well people seem to leave a lot less anxious than when they arrived god bless them all and we spent christmas alone. you know just super careful you see. and i want to keep them alive for a long long time. i'm sorry i'm an emotional person. they've lived in a fog of anxious uncertainty for many months now slowly it's lifting jono whole al-jazeera harringay north london. germany has surpassed $40000.00 coronavirus deaths chancellor angela merkel is warning that the coming weeks will be the hardest phase of the pandemic she says that the numbers have yet to reflect the
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full impact of gatherings held over the holiday season germany has recorded more than 1900000 infections a search and rescue team in today's has found human remains and twisted wreckage in the java sea it comes the day after a passenger jet with 62 people on board plunged into the sea shortly after takeoff from a jakarta force the aircraft's flight recorder has been located zeros jessica washington reports now from jakarta. in these waters just off the coast of the indonesian capital a search operation by sea and air continues in the java sea rescuers found body parts clothing and scraps of metal. i received the handover of evidence and debris from the military and we will need to analyze further. it's a devastating outcome for the relatives of those on board flight s j 182 to pontianak. authorities have asked them to help identify the victims. this is
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a huge effort here in indonesia involving the coordination of the military maybe the national believe and experienced divers who have been with periodic leave with what they have found. the job and. the flight was delayed by half an hour due to heavy rain and the plane lost contact just 4 minutes after taking off in indonesia sukarno had to an airport. sonar equipment detected a signal near the search area authorities say they're confident the signal is from the aircraft's black box. from monitoring the results it is strongly suspected that according to the coordinates of the last contact the signal from the aircraft has been found but. across indonesia people have been shaken by the incident in jakarta relatives of those on board being helped at this crisis
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center. risky could know one had 5 family members on the flight. i saw the name of my family on the list i couldn't even speak i flew to jakarta yesterday from padang i have no strength i am speechless. aviation and service in indonesia. has a good track record on safety the boeing 737500 plane was at least 26 years old but some experts say its history of maintenance is more important and their track record before it descriptively these. incidents accidents is almost nil many indonesians have been separated from their families since the start of the pandemic and these people in pontianak have been eagerly awaiting the arrival of their relatives on the flights already having been in a car i was joking in saying that when she arrives we can eat saute together she
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replied that we would eat tofu my favorite meal also but instead of a family reunion they now face a painful tragedy just to washington jakarta. a bombing in afghanistan's capital has killed 3 people including the spokesman for the country's public protection force zia what on previously worked with several afghan media networks attacks on journalists politicians and rights activists have increased despite peace talks between the government and the taliban no group has yet claimed responsibility. and i mean we were not allowed to get closer to the site that the vehicle was burning fire fighters extinguished the fire i don't know how many people killed but it was a powerful explosion at least 6 rangers have been killed in an ambush in a national park in the eastern democratic republic of congo it happened in the verandah national park ian esko world heritage site famous for its mountain gorillas armed groups have been fighting over its mineral deposits for more than
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a decade. recovery crews continue to work at the site of a sunken ship in the democratic republic of congo hundreds of bodies are believed to be trapped under the wooden vessel which capsized on friday while crossing the congo river investigators say that they're considering filing criminal charges are serious cutty lopez hayam reports. the sinking boat is part of a potential criminal investigation with dozens of bodies believed to be trapped underneath passengers were heading to the regional capital on this wooden boat when it capsized. and the surface they can get in the boat had 3 separate levels all of them were full of people and their belongings there were hundreds of passengers including kids older men and women it was swallowed by the water i myself lost 5 members of my family. these people had relatives on board and now they're using fishing nets to recover bodies. survivors say the boat was carrying too many
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people and too much cargo including bags of cement. crossing lakes and rivers after nightfall is illegal in the d.r. sea at least reporting agents are under arrest for allowing the boat to leave and the owner and members of the crew are under investigation so. i'm horrified and heartbroken this tragedy is the result of fraudulent behavior on friday evening a boat owner in his crew undertook to travel at night despite a ban on nighttime crossings unfortunately they defied it and that resulted in the events we all deploy. on lookers do what they can to help but finding out how many people were on board those difficult one of them are so much to do that but that the business people here are always hiding the data and authorities don't share honest information because they're the ones in charge of registering all the passengers before each trip and river. travel. by boat is commonly used in the d.r.
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sea waterways link areas that are unconnected by roads and with limited regulation that makes disasters like these more likely katia lopez of the young al jazeera. bahrain says that it will reopen its airspace with casa on monday that comes off the gulf arab leaders signed a declaration to end a 3 and a half year dispute between saudi arabia the u.a.e. bihari and egypt the 4 countries imposed a blockade on castle 2017 accusing it of funding terrorism which doha as a was denied. it is good to have you with us hello adrian figure here in doha the headlines on al-jazeera senate democratic leader chuck schumer has warned that the threat of violence extremism remains high ahead of joe biden's.


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