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that's 2050 a terrible natural disaster and the story that needed to be told from the heart of the affected area to be there to tell the people story was very important of the toy. the. articles of impeachment against donald trump or drafted by a group of democrats accusing the u.s. president of inciting insurrection. to the country embarrassed us around the world. i know i maryam namazie you're watching al-jazeera live from london also coming up on the program coronavirus cases overwhelm london's hospital beds the mayor declares a major incident. career his former comfort women have
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a major win in court but are unlikely to see their compensation. i'm a listener and picked him one of colombia's coffee regions where to cope with 1000 pandemic and a lack of coffee pickers district in the country's harvest. articles of impeachment against u.s. president donald trump have been drafted by a group of democratic lawmakers the papers which have not yet been signed off by the party's leadership alleged trumping gaged and high crimes and misdemeanors by inciting insurrection alice of course rates to the violent storming of capitol hill on wednesday by a group of by a pro trump mob let's go straight to guy who's in washington for us now 1st of all what do you know about the impeachment papers. well these papers have not been
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released publicly but they have been leaked here to journalists in washington d.c. and several media organizations have received this to support to point out that this is just a draft and that nancy pelosi the speaker of the house has not yet indorsed all of this language yet so just consider this as a 1st draft for now but this is what the language says as you mentioned it accuses donald trump of high crimes and misdemeanors for inciting an insurrection and then in the draft draft impeachment documents it says a trump willfully made statements that encourage the imminent a lawless action at the capitol and that trump has demonstrated he will remain at threat if allowed to stay in office now the white house has issued a statement responding to this saying calling these draft pietschmann documents in
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their words politically motivated and that it will only and their words divide the country even further now it's expected that this impeachment proceedings will begin or at least the draft will be. addressed in the house of representatives as early as monday of next week and that's when nancy pelosi by then will presumably release the final language again this just a draft that is being leaked to journalists here in washington also say that on another note there is some new polling out from reuters and ipsos of major polling agency that says 57 percent of people polled in the last 48 hours since the rioting at the capitol 57 percent say donald trump should immediately be removed from office keyword immediately also 68 percent of those polled said they are disappointed and disapprove. donald trump's response to the
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rioting and on the last point here in terms of donald trump's voters 7 out of 10 of the people that say they voted for him also say they disapprove of the rioting that they saw at the capitol that took place on wednesday of course u.s. house speaker nancy pelosi saying that lawmakers have several options so far for impeaching president trump though not a great deal of time in which to launch these proceedings. that's right you only has 12 more days in office donald trump and there's it's going to be quite frankly pretty hard in 12 days to get impeachment proceedings going forward in 12 days it would take 2 thirds vote from the house of representatives and from the senate it seems unlikely but certainly not impossible given the climate there we're in washington right now but it's important to point out though that what
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could happen keyword could is nancy pelosi the democrats could start impeachment proceedings against donald trump but then extend them past january 20th when he's already out of office there's nothing preventing them from doing that now you ask what would be the significance of that there's huge significance of that if they were to impeach him after he leaves office that would mean he's the 1st president in u.s. history that would have been impeached twice now what's the significance of that you ask the city because of that is he quit would then be barred from ever running for fit for federal office ever again in his life and as we all know he has hinted to the fact that he has not ruled out in theory running again for the president in 2024 so there are certainly lots of ramifications to potential impeachment proceedings in the next 12 days but also if he were if they extend past january
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20th when he's out of office thank you very much for the latest from washington gabriel is on the thanks gabriel and earlier on we were hearing from president elect joe biden speaking in wilmington delaware he said that it was ultimately up to congress to decide whether or not president trump should be impeached she wouldn't be drawn on that point but 5 people were killed in wednesday's violence not include separately selfish it took more than 24 hours before trump actually condemned the violence president has promised a smooth transition of power but has also said he will not attend president elect joe biden's inauguration apart from richard nixon who resigned his office will be the 1st president since andrew johnson in 869 cerf used to attend the swearing in of his successor. so speaking earlier on biden said that trump wasn't fit for office. as clearly demonstrated the exceeded even my worst notions about he's been embarrassing to the country embarrassed us around the world not worthy
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not worthy to hold that office if we were 6 months out. every sunday to get him out of office kristen salumi in is in wilmington in the state of delaware as she was following that speech by president elect joe biden who refused to be drawn on anything specific regarding prosecutions and diamants for what took place on wednesday but seemed to suggest that beyond those that actually caused the violence you need to look at the role of the president and officials in failing to stop it. yes he was very clear in his criticism of the president saying that he had long thought the president was not fit to hold office but he stopped short of weighing in on the debate of whether or not to impeach him saying that that is for congress to decide he only addressed the issue when push out
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a question this was an event he was speaking at to unveil his final cabinet picks a cabinet that he described as the most diverse in u.s. history. but that is what he says he needs to focus on he says it's up to congress he's going to stay focused on his inauguration and what he has to do he wants to hit the ground running he talked about unveiling his plans for a stimulus package the need for more money to get into the hands of average americans and small business owners he talked about his desire to increase the speed of vaccinations happening in the united states a process that is going much too slowly for many here he hopes to have 100000000 vaccines available in his 1st 100 days so he did acknowledge that he is planning to speak with nancy pelosi this afternoon that he was planning to talk to her but when
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push on what he would advise in terms of impeachment he again deferred and said that would be up for up to congress to decide though he didn't oppose it either thank you very much from wilmington delaware kristen salumi. head of the world health organization is warning that vaccine nationalism hurts us all while in wealthy countries today an excess vaccine doses to the group's kovacs facility to brace us as blaster agreements between drug companies and wealthy governments could lead to higher drug prices and limited supply for low income and marginalised countries there is a clear problem that law and most middle income countries are not receiving the vaccine yet this is a problem we can and we must solve to give them through callbacks i urge countries
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that have contracted more vaccines done they will need and out of controlling the global supply to also don't eat and release them to callbacks immediately which is ready to day to roll up to rollout them out quickly or the u.k. reported more than 1300 coronavirus deaths on thursday breaking the daily death toll record that was set in april person also recorded more than 68000 cases in the past 24 hours london's mayor has declared a major incident for the city as hospitals struggle with the high number of covert 1000 admissions there is jonah how has more now from london. the mayor of london sidique khan in declaring a major incident essentially a major medical emergency across london's hospitals echoing dire warnings from london's n.h.s. leaders that it's hospitals the hospitals in the capital are simply struggling to cope with the infection rate and with record high admissions according to the
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office for national statistics on friday some one in 30 londoners is currently suffering from the corona virus infection with admission rates taking place at over $800.00 people per day that is the equivalent of the entire capacity of some thomas' hospital over there one of the major hospitals here in london every single day with a worst case scenario picture being painted that if things continue as they are by the middle of the month within the next week or so there could be a shortage of critical care beds in the several thousands now also on friday the government has introduced brand new entry requirements at the borders into england soon to be expanded across the u.k. in due course a negative coronavirus test required now taken within 72 hours for all people trying to enter the country you may be surprised to hear that that is only happening now other countries have been doing this for a long time the government here has long argued that the quarantine system is
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a much better way of monitoring entry through the borders but such is the desperation to ensure that the south african variant of the virus more virulent perhaps even than the u.k. variant of the virus that is causing so much devastation here to keep that variant out that no one is arguing the point anymore. going to bring more coronavirus news show creating. imus after butler in mass saber french governments are trying to accelerate their coverage immunization campaign but it's not easy in a country where so many people are suspicious of vaccines. and what lies beneath telling about the invasive weed that's killing off life in a cameroon lake. it's
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still raining in tropical queensland not as much as it was but the ground is suddens there would be some more flooding around there was top for sent the biggest forecast sherry's the some of the back lot of it on the coast and the last in the fall north and across towards darwin this is seasonal right now is just a bit in house recently blocked of course but it has gone the on shore breeze further south in sydney means that you've got a disappointing couple of days some sunshine but not great you have all 27 is fine but compare it with melbourne's lovely day 30 and adelaide up to 36 which means you now beat person having dropped to about 29 severe cold has been the recent story in mongolia we've come back 1015 degrees now but the cold air coming out across the open waters as meant as you probably know a huge amount of snow falling in honshu some falling in south korea some in north korea and some of these bits of china that push out into the yellow sea that's going to tend to ease i think as the wind drops and temperatures rise
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a little bit but not for japan this case it stays snowy and the cows lead all the way down size towards hong kong across the hong kong of 12 degrees is quite a few degrees below no. god the costs can the world bounce back from the worst economic contraction since world war 2 and the brics nations corn of the vaccine market what kind of recovery can we expect without the world's poorest drive and sets the stage for economic domination counting the cost on al-jazeera what's most important to me is talking to people understanding what they're going through here and i just we believe everyone has a story worth hearing. welcome
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back our top story this hour articles of impeachment against u.s. president donald trump have been drafted by presidents trumping gaged and high crimes and misdemeanors by inciting insurrection house of representatives speaker nancy pelosi is yet to endorse the language of the draft but of course this race is divided storming of capitol hill on wednesday. the head of the world health organization is urging wealthy countries to deny access vaccine doses to the group's kovacs facility. says vaccine nationalism or global efforts to curb the coronavirus pandemic. in the u.k. reported more than 1300 coronavirus deaths on thursday breaking the daily death toll record set in april britain is also recorded more than 68000 cases in the past
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24 hours london's mayor has declared a major incident for the city and hospitals are struggling with the high number of 19 admissions. all scientists are now. saying that 70 percent of the population needs to be inoculated for covert 19 to be eradicated but in europe there are concerns over vaccine hesitancy only 56 percent of people in poland say they would get inoculated the country has a highly organized anti vaccine movement which still the number of parents who refuse any vaccines for their children rise 5 fold between 20072016 then even in sweden where people are considered to have high levels of public trust in the authorities only 64 percent of the population said they would get a vaccine and then in france just 54 percent of people would take an approved coronavirus vaccine the country has a high rate of vaccine hesitancy in general then to
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a defense of individual freedoms. or new french government figures reveal that a quarter of the country's doctors do not intend to be vaccinated against code 19 as actual partners in musée and explains why france has one of the highest rates of vaccine skepticism in the world. in the southern french city of max a graphic design an eco cole has thought long and hard about whether he wants a covert vaccine and he's decided that he doesn't he worries that the global rush for a remedy mean some safety procedures may have been skipped. i understand that people want to move on with their lives but the world is playing a game of chance i'm not against people getting vaccinated but i just don't feel the personal need to do so i mean an age category where my wrists a lower so i'm happy to wait to have more information in the future on possible side effects is what the book many people in france question the safety of covert vaccines researchers say that less than 40 percent of people in france intend to be
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vaccinated against coded it is one of the moas rates in europe but not entirely surprising because france has one of the world's highest rates of vaccine skepticism immunization was in fainted by french scientists louis passed early in the 1900 century his legacy is a source of national pride that has not prevented the growth of anti vaccine sentiment in the country that's been fueled in recent times by social media and the pandemic. of it to get elected again this sociologist says the french suspicion of vaccines is linked to past health scandals and a lack of trust in government. there are 2 incidents that really marked the french in the 1990 s. people suspected the link between the hepatitis b. vaccine and multiple sclerosis it wasn't true but it created mistrust there was a similar case with h one n one in 2009 in both cases people believe the government was colluding with
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pharmaceutical companies for financial reasons to find truth about vaccine and that's had a lasting impact. the government's image hasn't been helped by the exceptionally slow start to the covert vaccine campaign in the country partly due to minister's reluctance to be seen pushing vaccines many don't want some expose say better informing people about how vaccines work and the possible side effects would help change minds rising infections of clearly created a sense of urgency the government's own doctors and social media influences to help spread their message but it's clear that unraveling decades of mistrust won't be easy the al-jazeera must say coffee farms across colombia suffering the worst shortage of workers in years farms and listen up to half the temporary workers they usually hire because of fears of a cover 19 and a low being prices algis there is yet to reports now from for a dunya. during the normal harvest season this steep mountains of the center isabel
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farm would be alive with coffee pickers. hard at work selecting the best beans of the country's famous wheat arabica but this season hiring the labor has become harder amid falling prices in the cove with 1000 pandemic. i don't know which was when we went from 800 or 1000 workers to 400 and not all at the same time we've been dealing with a reduction for the last couple of years but the pandemic exacerbated it. for centuries columbus coffee business depended on armies of seasonal workers picking the beans by hand. it's physically demanding and last only a few months although workers can make up to $200.00 per day. but with the added risk of the pandemic the majority of workers this year more experienced older men or venezuelan migrants like the genie of a daniel who took
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a chance year after losing her job in the coastal city of qatar hanna. i think it's been hard because i was not used to it but you adapt if you think about the family i have to take care of my mother and daughter in qatar hina obviously i'm worried about getting the virus especially since i'm undocumented and contraceptive care. to lure workers and prevent outbreaks farms of introduced bio security measures like hand-washing stations and expanding dormitories to try to reduce the chances of contact but farmers say they're also facing competition from illegal coca farms that can pay workers more. there's that and the fact that the picking culture is disappearing people don't want to do it anymore but some coffee experts believe the solution to these problems lies far away from these fields and the coffee trading market in switzerland where a few major companies like starbucks and buy most coffee in the world keeping
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prices low tanks through their bargaining power they've been farmers are being paid today 75 percent almost less than they were paid a dear on their day international agreement of 1000 these 3 these are in christmas 300 labor and forced migration and of course if you don't change the school business model of the gods in the street you will not find. a tilt to the international market the need to change the old ways in a deadly pandemic all point to a crisis brewing in colombia's coffee fields leaving farmers and workers at risk i listen to al jazeera freedonia a south korean court has ordered japan to pay compensation to the $12.00 surviving women used as sex slaves during world war 2 courts said the treatment of the so-called comfort women amounted to a crime against humanity the japanese government has described the ruling as
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aggressive bill and unacceptable on the bride reports now from seoul. the culmination of a case that has gone on for 8 years this was a significant ruling by seoul's district court tomorrow. i feel deeply moved it is the very 1st court's ruling in favor of these victims of the japanese. the case was brought on behalf of 12 surviving so-called comfort women or their families young women or girls who were forced to work in wartime brothels by the japanese imperial army during world war 2 the court ruled all had enjoyed unimaginable mental and physical pain and had not been compensated they were each awarded the equivalent of more than $90000.00 u.s. dollars with a good woman who can put anything to the mortal this could have wider consequences japan prides itself on being a civilized country yet it has not addressed this humanitarian issue since this
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defeat in 1985. japan has refused to recognize this case maintaining it goes against the internationally held norm of sovereign immunity that no nation can prosecute another through its courts. we demand that south korea takes the appropriate response to correct this breach of international law as far as japan is concerned this issue is over it says all matters relating to south korea's wartime suffering were settled by an agreement in 1965 when the 2 countries normalized relations and that a further compensation agreement specifically for the comfort women was signed in 2015 that was meant to settle the matter finally and irreversibly tokyo has been angered by other court rulings in favor of south korean victims of war time force labor that led to deteriorating diplomatic relations and the trade dispute
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and this latest ruling looks certain to further sour relations but for south korea's comfort women in this case represents a form of justice after more than 75 years problem bride al-jazeera sole. the indian government is holding another round of talks with farmers unions to try to resolve the standoff over controversial new agriculture laws thousands of farmers took part in a tractor procession in new delhi as a show of force before the meeting they've been protesting in the capital since november angry at changes that and guaranteed prices for that point you see the government is refusing to back down saying a free market will actually benefit the farmers elizabeth purana was at one of the process explains what's at stake for farmers there. weren't a small protest and party. where people have forced the closure of a petrol station owned by one of india's biggest companies reliance and that's what i am wary of reliance is perceived interest in the agriculture sector people have
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been coming here to protest every day since the government passed it in agriculture laws and so the temblor pharma say that the law is on leave them at the mercy of large corporations which will dictate prices for their projects and that they will lose minimum prices which have been guaranteed by the government decades and from this in punjab say they'll have the most to lose from these new doors and that's because punjab is known as india's bread basket it produces 30 percent of all the grains in the country these are crops which are assured minimum prices and people here feel that that makes them particularly vulnerable to price drops there are small protests like these taking place all over the state and hundreds of thousands of people from here have also traveled to delhi's borders to protests they have continued throughout the cold one to monsoon in fact tens of farmers have died on daddy's borders but despite the hardships they say they aren't going to stop until
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the government repealed its 3 from. as of saturday the u.a.e. will reopen all of its land sea and entry points with cattle as part of a u.s. backed deal on tuesday gulf arab leaders signed a declaration to end a 3 and a half year dispute between cattle saudi arabia the u.a.e. bahrain and egypt cotter always has started rerouting some of its flights through saudi air space the 1st trip was made on thursday from doha to johannesburg 4 countries impose a blockade on qatar in 2017 accusing us of funding terrorism which doha has always denied. now the largest lake in cameron is being invaded by a plant from 5000 kilometers away lake also is gradually being covered by a fast growing aquatic fun that originated across the atlantic in south america it's now threatening the lakes wildlife preserve and the livelihoods of fisherman victoria gain be explains. many fisherman including richard 1st noticed something
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strange growing in cameron's lake oser 5 years ago since then the aquatic fern known as giant sylvania has covered the lakes so extensively that endemic plant and animal species have all but disappeared fisherman say they've lost about 80 percent of their income because of the scarcity of fish debris a good lot of it is that there be celera since the arrival of this plant i've hardly caught any fish that had a huge impact on my life i wanted to build myself a house but i can't i can't pay for electricity either it's so bad i can't even pay for my children's schooling the dense plant reduces walk to flow and low is light and oxygen levels in the water native to brazil and northern argentina it thrives in slow moving nutrient rich warm fresh water. suit it comes from south america and based on the studies we've conducted we were able
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to establish the hypothesis that the plant arrived either on the wind or by a migrate to rebirth that left the continent and through the plant into the lake. fisherman have tried to remove the plant by hand without much success it regenerates in about 10 days they're appealing for government help but conservationists think they may have an answer a species of beetle that lives on the water feeds on the plant and has been used in other african countries to control its spread. your must plant doubles in area or biomass every 10 days so it's a very rapid proliferation cannot be eradicated by manual removal. war vet a biological control do this once we have the government's permission release the inserts into the light and we hope that after through 3 years we'll overcome this plant around 400 fishermen rely on lake osa for their income for them any help can't come soon enough victoria gave him the al-jazeera. now 2020 was the
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joint hottest year on record alongside 2016 according to the european union's climate monitoring service scientists say unprecedented heat levels in the arctic and siberia were a major factor in the overall rise in temperatures they could stabilize if emissions or rapidly reduced climate change has been behind an increase in droughts hearkens and fire as. just a quick reminder of the headlines for you now articles of impeachment against u.s. president donald trump have been drafted the papers allege that trump engaged in high crimes and misdemeanors by inciting insurrection house of representative speaker nancy pelosi had yet to endorse the language of the draft this of course relates to the violent storming of capitol hill on wednesday it was more than 24 hours before trunk condemned the violence he has.


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