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tv   NEWSHOUR  Al Jazeera  December 6, 2020 4:00pm-5:01pm +03

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this is al jazeera. this is the news coming up in the next 60 minutes british negotiators are in brussels for last ditch breaks it talks with reports suggest the capitan london is backing a possible new deal. as well it's very tricky new congress but critics say president maduro is trying to seize the last state body controlled by the opposition. they cheated and they regard presidential election but we will still want to. repeat false claims of fraud at his 1st public rallies since
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a presidential election as he campaigns for republicans running for the senate. chairs a space capsule carrying pieces of a distant asteroidal and on a scientists say the samples could explain the origins of life. and i'm. new south african england are forced to abandon their latest cricket contest after more positive covert 19 results. so than last ditch talks a jew to restart between british and european negotiators as the scramble to reach opposed to brics a trade deal intensifies both sides admit they're all still significant differences with just 25 days of the u.k.'s transition period left reports in british media suggests that prime minister johnson's cabinet would back him over
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a new deal breaks it if needed the main sticking points include access to british waters by european union fishing fleets there's also disagreement over a fair competition guarantees and how future. it's will be sold and failure to agree by the end of the month will be in tough new tariffs and come some border checks from next year for the blow to economies already dealing with the fallout from covert 19 well the u.k.'s chief breaks it negotiator that's david frost's has arrived back in brussels hopeful of a resolution we're going to be working very hard to try and get a deal we're going to see what happens in negotiations today and that will we will be looking forward to meeting our european colleagues later on this afternoon thank you very much or others could not they are not in london 90 minutes and last minute scramble as i say but thing is that even if we get a deal it'll be pretty flimsy. it will this is what was traditionally in the aftermath of the 2016 bret's it referendum
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referred to as heartbreaks it there you heard david frost giving little away he and michelle bunny a of course concluded a week of talks in london on friday with a joint statement saying they hadn't managed to get a deal because of the sticking points of fisheries of the level playing field competition rules and of governance. who are due to kate's any future disputes well 'd on saturday as you have on the lyon head of the european commission spoke to boris johnson the prime minister on the phone they've asked the chief negotiators to get back together which is happening in brussels and then we expect a bunny aide to brief e.u. ambassadors on monday morning and on monday evening boris johnson and sort of on the lion again expected to hold another telephone call to see if there's been any progress the british the u.k.'s environment secretary george used as has been on
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television programs here in britain saying that these are the last few days he's also accused the e.u. of bringing in last minute changes particularly on fishing quotas and suggesting that they're out of order and what they're demanding in terms of a long transition period these are all accusations we've heard before and have been rejected by the e.u. but they feed into this narrative of the british government demanding that the e.u. respects the u.k.'s sovereignty something which is never going to be totally under . free trade agreement but also a reminder as you are saying that now a majority of boris johnson's cabinet saying that they'll respect any decision to reject a deal if it's not in the national interest so perhaps commentary. it has seen that as a sign that the government is tending towards rejecting the what is on the table
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at the moment both sides will have to compromise if there is a deal both sides want to avoid or no deal and time is very limited and what are the implications of a no deal if that's what happens well the implications of no deal bret's on january the 1st where if there's no free trade deal between the e.u. and the u.k. are something which worry many british businesses the e.u. accounts for 43 percent of u.k. exports and 52 percent of u.k. imports now the government's own spending watchdog predicts that under no deal scenario just next year national output will beast will be cut by 2 percent in the longer term there will be considerable damage to the u.k. prospects particularly on employment but also in continental europe as well
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no deal means there will be tariffs coming in straightaway that could really see prices go up for a number of goods but even if there is a deal it's going to be such a slim deal that there will still be customs checks there will be extra paperwork which is concerning many here in the u.k. and also in governments there are reports in the sunday newspapers that the government's preparing contingency plans to fly in covered 19 vaccines if there is severe disruption at sea ports and airports in january were not in thanks for that tonight in london well as a last minute talks go on john phillips as a political commentator and he says the u.k. needs repaired to make a number of concessions. the most important thing to remember in the hope. that the u.k. need a deal more than. the u.k.
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is much more exposed to cracks and is much smaller much less powerful much less rich and so the concessions will have to come from the hay side that's always been the case and a very new something the u.k. government has never really acknowledge or accept and so there have to be a concession and i know playing field allowing the tariffs if you carry on the cuts in on competition or standards and the have to be some kind of concession from the u.k. on fishing access you always see the e.u. will have to make some concessions on the ground as well and the bulk of the concessions will have to come from the u.k. and boris johnson will have to address that up as a part of the picture as you know he starts the outcome of the breaks it talks could impact the u.k. scabbard 19 vaccination program is due to roll out from choose day that cross over to generally joins us live from outside the hospital in north london where vaccinations will be given out so jenna what are we hearing about how this is all
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going to play out. well predictably it's already being described as the largest immunization program in history as we speak hundreds of thousands of doses of the pfizer vaccine are in the country being held in ultra low temperature freezers at secure locations being tested rigorously we're told to ensure that they've survived the transit ok over the water from belgium where they were manufactured then be moved in the next 24 hours or so to 50 hospital hubs that will act as the 1st vaccination sites one of them is guy media the royal free in north london. and they'll begin that roll out on tuesday initially going for the most vulnerable sectors people over the age of 80 and also home staff and workers then spreading the program out possibly quite quickly. the government has told general practitioners in local clinics to be ready and on standby from the 14th of
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december perhaps the start of ministering the vaccine of local level then and then of course expanding more widely than that to the mass population probably only in the new year including things like sports stadiums conference venues and the like but this is the beginning in 2 days as i say at sites like the one behind me the 1st vaccine doses will be handed out take a listen to what a senior executive from the national health service in england had to say this morning. as a doctor this is a really exciting moment n.h.s. around the country vaccination hub such as this one we here at today have been working tirelessly to make sure that we are prepared to commence vaccination on tuesday this feels like the beginning of the end but of course it's a marathon not a sprint and it will take many months for us to vaccinate everybody who needs vaccination. and the beginning of the end as mr palmer said there of an immensely technically and logistically challenging operation is fact the vaccine as we know
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has to be stored in very specific conditions around minus 70 degrees celcius it's got to be thawed before use it can only be moved around 4 times during that process 5 days shelf life all very well in a hospital setting like this much more challenging in non hospital settings and then of course as we've been hearing there's brecht's it to contend with on the 1st of january many many millions hundreds of millions of doses of this and other vaccines expected in the new year worries about hold ups at ports and borders and as nadine pointed out a moment ago military planes according to the ministry of defense being put on standby just in case and they have no right to any thanks very much for that you know how in london. to the united states which has reported a record number of covert 1000 infections for the 3rd day in a row nearly 230000 cases and more than 2 and a half 1000 deaths were recorded during the past 24 hours that is according to johns hopkins university the u.s. has seen a major a surgeon's of the virus over the past month but even more pressure on hospitals.
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and colombia has been trying to restart its economy after months of covert 1000 restrictions the christmas holiday season is seen as a lifeline for small businesses but with cases rising again many fear a 2nd wave of infections and the reports from bogota largest wholesale market. grandstand mall is bustling get to in the morning thanks. to small resellers and regular buyers from all over colombia has sold for the best in cheapest garments of them might be gone or great early rise the biggest gloating wholesale fare in the country taking place this year in the shadow of the 19 to be heavy this family has had a stall here for almost 20 years so the import i got this year is different but even more important because we're all struggling to rescue our businesses from failure to save the sacrifices of so many years i could be the restrictions of hit
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colombia's economy hard especially small businesses that are only now starting to recover the wedding factions rising once again many feared a lucrative christmas season might be cut short if it only causes that but selling these clothes is the only line support for us the only way to pay the bills pay off some debt keep our head above water because we haven't received any help from the government. traditionally demand to go in with take place every december night but this year it has been cut down to 2 per week shopping centers of reduced capacity and increased security measures to avoid becoming a new focus of infections but the biggest worry lies outside the malls. where hundreds of informal vendors occupied the streets with merchandise and thousands of buyers corralled them often without wearing masks or maintaining any distance the mayor's office is threatening to shut down the insider fair unless the coup. houser
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somehow there could but the seller serious say that would be an economic catastrophe. because it's complicated and contradictory the government has the right to impose restrictions they see fit but what about our right to survive i mean i love the way experts say that allowing these events is like playing with fire. b.c. it's a difficult period even if the government has been orienting people day in and day out people are tired at this point i expect that after this holiday season we'll have the same situation we are now seeing in europe or the united states people might still fear the virus but they're done with the restrictions. it's a balancing act between the economic needs of the people and the reality of a pandemic that is far from being able. to listen to them and just. well play the most ahead on the news hour including we follow the plight of your ethiopian refugees who fled fighting into sudan looking for safety. news hamilton's
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replacement that's george russell just misses out on publishing in bahrain it will have details this fall. so venezuelans are choosing a new congress in an election boycotted by the opposition the united states the european union and most latin american countries according to the sham votes they say will enable president nicolas maduro is ruling socialist party to take over the last state body currently controlled by the opposition when he says he will step down if his party does not win the vote but as our latin america editor explains that's highly unlikely. like a great many venezuelans who live in low income areas have got access and employed baker william pitt is says he has much better things to do both in sunday's national assembly elections. like for example preparing sink sheets and wood as
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a stove because he has no cooking gas. it's always promises promises and every day things are worse over government does is blame those who have no power this is one of the world's richest countries but we have nothing because of this terrible administration the problem he says is that voting in the legislative elections won't change a thing yelling in that mainstream opposition is alleging fraud in isn't even competing thus making the outcome a foregone conclusion there's a joke going around in venezuela it says those americans should follow our example we know the winner of our elections long before they even take place critics say it would be funny if it were true. this is the new electoral commission which is stacked in favor of the ruling that israel and socialist party and these have been israel is new and the tronic voting machines they were bought after
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a mysterious fire burned down all the ones that had been audited by an independent body this is the visions are far worse than the ones that work your past. the walls are going to 1017 with the problem that national consistency as a great soul non. technical basis has been. among the candidates for president nick when asked how did his wife celia flotus and his son nicholas jr. apart from declaring the leadership of the largest opposition parties illegal the government controls and censors the media and while voting isn't mandatory at a recent rally party strongman deals that look at they feel said those who don't vote don't need. there won't be food for those who don't vote. government supporters say they're counting the days until they take over the national assembly the only democratic institution that isn't nominally controlled by the opposition.
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but i forgot that. this is our opportunity to expose congress who for the last 5 years mistreated the venezuelan people and indeed there's no doubt about the winner the only real question is how many people may hear the opposition's call to staying home and abstain and see in human al-jazeera. as the 1st leftist leader to become uruguay's president has died at the age of 80 after battling lung cancer he was in on colleges to lead the country from 2005 to 2010 and again from 2015 to earlier this year because was a popular figure in his time so robust economic growth and reduce poverty levels he was known for a mixture of pro-business economic policies and strong welfare programs. the united nations says new finds he and ethiopia's northern region of 2 grays forcing more civilians to flee to neighboring sudan with 1000000 people have
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already been displaced by the month long conflict will be speaking to our correspondent mohammed well in just a moment but 1st this report from home to eat near the sudanese ethiopian border valinor. father mother children grandchildren great grandchildren relatives neighbors all crowded into one tent they're among the latest ethiopian refugees to cross the border to sudan then send them the militia said they would kill us because we're from t. grey they told us you have 24 hours to leave and they began to loot animals and property according to the u.n. during the last few days the number of refugees arriving into sudan has increased from about 400 a day to more than 800 part of the pleases due to a new round of fighting that has been reported between the ethiopian army and to green rebels in the area of sherry west of the regional capital a killer there's a lot of rest men. they also reckon there's a lot of fear there's
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a lot of. communal conflicts inside to get i and they found it easier or safer to come to sudan i'm standing at one of the main border crossings between each opiates around this is the city 3 dividing the 2 countries and these people you see behind me are all ethiopian refugees fleeing the conflict inside utopia the other side is the top you don't see many people on the outside they tell us they are afraid to talk to the media but at the same time they say they really don't want to go far away from this place because it is the closest to their homes . stories of separation or not being able to reach family members are common here a sudanese red crescent working in coordination with the international committee of the red cross is trying to help the. then among a lot of money others not all of it not only get we started a program called family reunification at the beginning we allow them to call their
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family members for free if that doesn't work we sin short messages via partner agencies in ethiopia so far we've conducted 2500 phone calls and sent 86 messages 70 percent of the phone calls lead to good results it's been 26 days since this if you open woman from the city of ramallah lost contact with her husband and children she is here again to check with this with a nice red crescent office for new information not ready to give up she says she prefers to stay uni at the border hoping loved ones show up here at any moment. but let's speak to mohammed live now from recoup or come in sudan and mohammed as we heard we report things pretty hard for those arriving refugees hoping to get in touch with loved ones. that side to the story that is most widespread here is the story of our separation about people not able to find any bit of information about their loved ones their red crescent is working there
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so there is that and the the. red cross also are working together on this there are vegetating hundreds and hundreds of people are talking about that situation we have seen some of that in the report even here in the camp they are also talking about it and they are talking also about what they have seen back home the story of the atrocities the aggression on the hands of the each open military and also on the hands of the m how to militia there in. the camp itself is growing in numbers because the sudanese authorities and the you and the agencies are trying to move everyone away from the border points of the border camps and also from the head shot inside the flash i got that area near the border because i think they have better facilities here more 6. more stability but many people many each open refugees it is. that decision to move them because the want to be to stay as close
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as possible to where they can get some news from home where they can see some of their relatives showing up suddenly on the border so that tells you a bit about the psychological trauma and this stress in which they are living right now as i said the camp is growing more are being brought here the ngos are doing what they can distributing food and even cash the norwegian. refugees council is just distributing cash to the effect of about $25.00 a month to every individual that's helping people to men to sleep here because they are complaining of the type of food that is being distributed on a daily basis since the day they are arrived here so the cash has given them the ability to go and buy whatever they want particularly for the families who have young babies we have seen. we have seen a lady who was a baby boy was born only 19 days ago she who was who was born to this before she
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had to flee so she took it all along with her husband they took it all along here he needs baby milk he needs everything else like many other families in the same situation here so it's a developing situation and nobody here is expecting to return home any time soon because they say as long as the each open army is in control as long as there is no locally elected grain government in the other cities they don't think there will be safe if they return home or thanks for to mohammed valvo group or companies thank you. now a u.s. government commission report has found that directed microwave radiation is the likely cause of mysterious illnesses among american diplomats in cuba and in china at least 2 dozen diplomats reported dizziness and cold meant to have problems during a period of nearly 2 years from late 2016 at a study from the national academy of sciences did not say who was responsible
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whether u.s. citizens were intentionally targeted saison let's make the claim collins a former cia officer who was deputy national intelligence officer of the transnational threats at the national intelligence council joins us on skype from boston. still sees me some debate as to whether these symptoms did results directly from an attack what's your sense of what happened here well i think the debate if we can call it that is reticence to state something that conclusion it cannot be proven $1.00 and $2.00. it's an ongoing intensely active intelligence and national security issue and so the government won't reach some sort of formal statement unless it has a policy. nor would scientists that's just. wise to do so i don't think there's any doubts that these are attacks and directed
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against the americans but i'm not surprised that there's been reticent in stating it explicitly at this point of our knowledge so why why is that reticence. well you don't want it on on like and i don't mean to get into current politics here on like the current american ministration the government's the national security solution will go to tremendous lengths not to make statements that it cannot affirm and validate you only say things that you know for a fact and here we have a conclusion but we don't really or an assessment but don't have proof as to who did it so it would be a wild issue assertion it's just irresponsible to do that and it also would start to narrow or restrict the range of responses that the united states might be able to take because then you have to make a formal policy statement and so on and so until this is resolved as
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a policy and as the facts of the war it would be. normal for the government not something something that it can't. completely buttress why from your point of view as a former cia officer and look at the evidence that that is before a soul who do you think may be responsible for this. well that i mean that like the old movie and. statement in the in my favorite movie casa blanca which is now 75 years old round up the usual suspects and the usual suspects are governments that are hostile to or contending with the united states directly and that's russia china north korea and iran right now and by far the most likely ones are russia 1st and china 2nd. in particular were suspects russia but we don't know so why even kind of microwave
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a type this has this kind of effect a debilitating effects because it surely was effects could be administered that would be other ways of attacking embassy officials. well this is i think one of the reasons for the reticence on the part of the u.s. officials is this we don't really know now it's standard practice and in reality in the intelligence world in the great game behind the scenes. competing or hostile intelligence services and powers countries to do things that simply are harassment i know that for decades the soviets and now the russians will do things simply to harass american diplomats or officials they will slash their tires poison their dogs i know people who have their their pet dogs poisoned and killed and simply to mess with the americans and
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cause trouble for them or to bump their cars and dent them in the things things like this. this is still a level higher and because you could argue it's a cause a spell it's a cause permanent brain damage to an official and is what's how is that different and wounding him or her in combat. so if it is a mystery why they would do this and what they they whoever is doing it are seeking to achieve a fantastic get you know a perspective on this and the facts and i think that many thanks very much indeed glencoe. and time for let's get the weather nothing from. the end of the weekend story in the u.s. sent counselor to rehab 3 points of interest i think you had a winter storm up in the northeast corner you have persistent fog in the northwest and still the santa ana winds giving a fire danger than southern california this is the 1st nor'easter of the season and
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quite a significant one it was started beautifully in connecticut that soon turned into rather a lot of trouble on the roads and several tens of 1000 people of thousands of people lost power of course now this storm is rolling out through eastern kandor the next 24 hours or so this is the forecast for monday in the backwash will be quite a cold with temperature down to low single figures in boston over the top of the snow that's lying on the ground that's the sense that as the cold air tucks in you're going to have snow getting a long way south with commensurate drop in temperature that the pacific seaboard doesn't show that it just shows b.c. getting more snow and probably rain in seattle but if you look at the temperatures further south in the u.s. they died in single thing is once more in line to the forecast for in georgia down to 9 degrees subzero if it warms up by thursday equally new orleans is pretty cool last cool but should be better than this. so i had to be thinking outside the box
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we made some of the design that's creating spaces for a. struggle to find food and shelter all to be by 2 of the strongest storms the year. and we'll have the best of the action from italy is in tonight and the 2nd of the table has come up with pizza and school. and. we've never had a president who has literally for 4 or 5 years repeatedly attacked our democracy. you know loosely related to i don't have a narrative i have a question you're hitting there really where people can't get treated and even further join me richelle carey on up front it's my guess from around the world take a hot seat and we debate the week's top stories in pressing issues here on al-jazeera. 2023 year of lockdowns and social distancing he can't reach across the
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screen and get someone to alleyway explores one of the global pandemics biggest side effects loneliness everyone who lives alone has been forced to be socially isolated for the 1st time ever highlighting its effects on physical and mental health and discovering unique ways of coping control in its being and then to get them at the same to have all have a knock down. rule. kind of get you watching out there are mind about top stories this hour britain's chief gregson negotiated david frost is right in brussels for more negotiations the
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u.k. and you are still at all it's less than a month before the deadline to reach a deal. in venezuela people are choosing a new congress you know election boycotted by the opposition the u.s. you and most latin american countries have a calling the votes a sham that will enable president to do his ruling socialist party to take over the last state party controlled by the position. us government commission report has found that direct microwave radiation is the likely cause of the mysterious illness among american diplomats in cuba and in china at least 2 dozen diplomats reported dizziness and cognitive problems during that period of nearly 2 years from late 2016. what was meant to be a rally to back to senate candidates is turned into an opportunity for all the trump to once again falsely claim that he won last month's us presidential election he's been campaigning in georgia for republicans facing a runoff vote next month will decide which party controls the u.s.
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senate white house correspondent can we help get reports from valdosta in georgia. donald trump was not the declared winner in last month's presidential vote but that didn't stop these georgia voters from attending trump's 1st post-election rally. thousands here believe trump defeated joe biden even as the president's court cases to overturn the election results have overwhelmingly failed and i said joe biden stole the election in one feel like a landslide barwari a slight we see all the fraud we see all of the balance there were piled up there were. brought here in boxes and in trucks at 3 o'clock in the morning and even though he agrees trump was in the southern state to tell them to go to the polls again this time in the upcoming senate elections that will decide whether the u.s. congress is controlled by democrats giving biden the ability to push through
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legislation but there's a new challenge for republicans some supporters say they've lost faith in the vote and may not even show up if you go and change their go in any way they've already got file a vote. probably already are fraudulent in my opinion but. i'm just on the go bowden and if they don't turn this election around or if the governor don't do something to make me change my mind. both republicans and democrats are spending millions trying to win georgia's 2 senate seats but trump insists republicans will keep a grip on the senate warning georgia voters the future of america is at stake you must go vote because its stake in this election is control of the u.s. senate and that really means control of this country the voters of georgia will determine which party runs every committee writes every piece of legislation
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controls every single taxpayer dollars trump also continues to insist he defeated biden on november 3rd he claims the mail in ballots received after election day shouldn't count he cues as democrats of stealing the election and vows he will take his challenges to the supreme court to win a 2nd term they cheated and they regard presidential election but we will still want to we will all right a new poll shows just 25 percent of congressional republicans acknowledge biden's presidential win that's why his supporters are fighting to overturn poll results and to block democrats from winning again in georgia. but democrats are also fighting the day before president trump's visit here for the president barack obama made a virtual campaign appearance and president elect joe biden will also be making a visit to georgia before its january vote can't really help it al jazeera valdosta
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georgia. it's been nearly a month since 2 hurrican slammed into central america many areas are still under water in honduras thousands have been left homeless when but it's making the already critical health emergency from the pandemic even worse than the republic. this is baby joshua he was born just over a week ago at this makeshift shelter under a bridge in san pedro sula. his mother 23 year old. tells us her family lost everything during hurricanes ada and iota 2 powerful back to back storms that flooded the city last month. and i only been here for more than a month now 8 days ago my baby was born inside this tent it was very hot i was expecting to go to the hospital but i had no choice but to give him. ada and i otoh were 2 of the strongest storms of 2020 in one of the most active atlanta hurricane
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seasons in recorded history. the impact of the storms in honduras has been particularly devastating bridges and power lines collapsed roads buried under mudslides and entire towns flooded many are still underwater more than a month since the 1st storm hit. says she hadn't finished clearing the mud from the 1st storm when the downpours from hurricane iota flooded her home for a 2nd time. what that song i think of the people suffered more than my south i thank god because even though i have nothing left inside my home. the full will still standing and that's something. honduras is one of the poorest countries in the americas the destruction left by the storms has exacerbated an already critical situation and complicated efforts to curb the code 98 outbreak here. relief workers say international assistance has become more important than ever and warned that in many ways the crisis is still worsening we need i really serious day we need to
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hear or see and reserve displays. destroyer. and there's not a small number. of them and they are in a soup show or interim shocker in medicine. the honduran government says state shelters or at capacity meaning that thousands are now left to fend for themselves on the streets any hopes they have left now depend on the kindness of others who are willing to lend a hand my new ended up a little al-jazeera. a farm workers in peru have temporarily blocked a major highway to appeal for better working conditions and they're demanding a pay rise of around $7.00 a day but roads for 5 days last week until perris congress repealed decades old agriculture and all the farmers say they won't stop protesting until new salaries are agreed a record numbers of migrants and refugees are arriving on the shores of spain's
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canary islands thousands of people have come from north and west africa since e.u. agreements with turkey libya and morocco limited other popular routes to europe a strain authorities are battling to contain bushfires have now burned a half of world heritage listed by and people in the coastal town of fraser on the been told to evacuate immediately the wildfires which of rage for 7 weeks were spot on and legal come. a japanese space capsule carrying samples from an asteroid has been retrieved off for a successful landing in the australian outback the mission began with the launch of higher bust of 2 space craft 2 years ago it created a fabo want to reenter the earth's atmosphere japanese scientists hope to sample could provide clues as to the origin of life on earth or professor trevor island is with the strain in national university's research school of sciences and will be idolizing some of the samples explains what sort of information research has
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happened to cover. the subsurface sample gives us sort of a ground truth for understanding what's been happening on the surface that the real issue of taking an asteroid robins as sampling of a meteorite is that we can actually look at the skin of the asteroid and understand how it's evolved in the solar system what age it is how long it's been exposed to solar wind of the sun when things like that so we have both the sample from inside the planet as small as well as the surface then we we basically are starting material and the supposed material on we can ever do a much better job of figuring out the history of that object the interesting thing about the asteroid that we've gone to it's a seed known as the seat of my best roy going to we think the closest analog to lows asteroids of the carbonaceous konrads quite a rare type of meteorite but those of the meteorites contain a lot of lots of
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a lot of. organic compounds and things like that so these are potentially the seeds of life on earth and so we can relate that this most common type of asteroid to these sort of remedial routes and we have an interesting association that tells us a lot more about what's going on in us solar system or that these rare meteorites are not so rare opportunity because the asteroids will turn out to be very common. let's have more on that story about record numbers of migrants refugees arriving on the shores of spain's canary islands we'll take a closer look at the scale of the problem nearly 20000 refugees migrants have reached the canary islands so far this year that surround 10 times as many as the previous year 8000 people arrived in the past month alone and that's a new record for rivals in the canaries and some have been put in hotels and in tourist apartments that are empty do of course to the pandemic while others are being placed in temporary receptions centers let's go live now to brenda smith
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who's in gran canaria island to tell us more about the scale of the problem nick 300 migrants arrived here just in the last 24 hours in and november there were more than 5000 thought to be an all time record and they're all arriving in these fishing boats from the from the north african coast they get picked up on radar out at sea off them by the spanish coast guard and if they see them they bring them to shore either in those boats or they load them onto those orange cover rescue vessels behind me and then they're processed on this dock side and sent to reception centers but what is called the spanish authorities off guard seems to be the sheer volume of numbers coming in i'm joined by patricia fernandez is a lawyer who works with an ngo that looks after these migrants 1st of all patricia why have the numbers caught people off guard why the sudden increase. again we have
4:43 pm
to understand you know migration people is something that has been happen in. spain in so to europe seen 30 years ago when one brother is close the migrant people will go over or there are there as well as now. one of coming this why are they going this way they are coming this way because you know they don't have another option there is no legal better way to come into europe under sort of all of that so they may. actually close then they are trying to reach europe by other ways and iceland is a place where it's used to to be a reception place for a 1000000 people from moral core promise sahar and also from western africa are the or far as you see a managing those numbers of a managing to deal with it ok you have to understand that you know that it has been
4:44 pm
have been since 30 years ago then they have told us they have human right there standards and then they have the duty to manage it they have this. i mean. there are. in the canary islands there are hugh place a little place in an area for hold those where they can. first. and also there is a specific in our response. framework. they can use to get us for people from the caribbean island to the mainland and they're not going to eat but they're not going to the mainland at the moment either why are they not being sent to the mainland they are not we think that this transfer is not made by the government because they are you know implementing a new political. isolation. from iran is the same.
4:45 pm
yeah is this same political tools that they are using in the last for example you see in iceland. in you know a specific a space. you know. for my own people and and this is the problem this is what happening is not a huge number of people this is not a problem of number of people. problem of the political. and i understand you very much for joining us for the moment now spain wants the e.u. to make a system where they could share equitably all these migrants amongst all the e.u. member countries. and the problems with transportation and transportation make that very very difficult at the moment and there's been no and susie to take these migrants on so for the moment they must be managed here on the canary islands or. with their reporting there from their. results of kuwait sponsor election held
4:46 pm
during its worst economic crisis are now voted to replace more than half of the 50 member national assembly in what's being seen as a blow to the government's plans for reforms 31 year representatives jujitsu are due to take up seats for the 1st time but all 33 women who contested they failed to win a seat as the world struggles to curb the rising number of covert 1000 cases the architectural community is already transforming the way we live to avoid future outbreaks sarah clarke has this report now from hong kong. it's the latest luxury hotel to launch in hong kong the harry will open this month it was built before the pandemic i did to death to the social distancing regulation we've been fortunate in some regards to be able to watch what's been going on in hong kong and how the hotel industry and restaurant industry have managed all the social distancing and what the best practices are and whilst we may have wanted to have a big fanfare of an opening that's now going to be rather more located the pandemic
4:47 pm
is transforming the way we live work and interact with social distancing laws in place architects like john pauline who designed the aquatic center for the beijing olympics are adapting to avert future outbreaks in one of the buildings that we're looking at at the moment that we've got a continuous tree in the going through the building with an interconnecting stair and this encourages the staff to walk through the building not touching anything and actually taking the demand of the elevators knockdowns have emptied hong kong streets masks a mandatory temperature checks are in every building classrooms at this school have been redesigned to be more depth to bill still allowing interaction but with more space incorporating social distancing regulations the space will be decided with more flexibility so they could and and they both different kinds of learning situation in the library we desire spaces for different kinds of quality there are
4:48 pm
places for solid team which students can be quiet as they can meditate they can do their own exploration the way we live in hong kong was transformed after the sars epidemic 17 years ago since then the city landscape has been tightly regulated better ventilation has become mandatory and building codes have changed to deliver what the government calls healthy residential building natural ventilation is being increasingly installed instead of a conditioning systems that circulate used public spaces are also being redesigned to incorporate covered 90. regulations is a very developed city so i was say if we want to turn a city upside down it's kind of impossible and it will be very costly we also need to create open space teevan public areas green area how encourage people to stay active the good advice pandemic has been the catalyst for change globally a hands free future living at arm's length is increasingly becoming the new search
4:49 pm
al-jazeera hong kong. still ahead here on al-jazeera this canyon run a smash is the half marathon world record people have forgotten and. 'd held for over 3 years in an egyptian prison cell denied their right to a fair trial no charges have been brought against al jazeera correspondent mr saying his crime journalists. to demand my true thinks and boy solidarity with all detained journalists sign the petition. to say. certainly al-jazeera london broke our fantastic 2 special guests in conversation people think that racism is having to move vitriol towards black people and there's no understanding of what systemic
4:50 pm
racism is unprompted uninterrupted success comes with opposition if you're not upsetting people you're not saying anything if one has meet any allele there is not a family in britain i believe has not been touched by empire studio b. unscripted on al-jazeera. his piece. of african england's latest attempt at playing an international cricket match has been abandoned because of the coronavirus sunday's one day international in paul was called off because of 2 positive covered 19 tests at the hotel where
4:51 pm
the players are staying the positive tests are reported to be hotel staff this is despite the series taking place inside a bio security bubble front as one day international in cape town was also abandoned after an unnamed south african player tested positive cricket writer and broadcaster neil man thought says it's too early to condemn cricket south africa for the compromise of the bio secure bubble for now they are simply trying to salvage what is left of the series against england. the mother. while straight talking positively or trying to be positive about playing the 2nd of games games as shuttle tomorrow night at mutants on wednesday. you have to wonder where the players stand in mind would be. sufficient to give their best to play a cricket match in their current circumstances i mean what is be so difficult is about a guy who's been on the morning all on the day and so far no breach has been
4:52 pm
detected so it's more. disappointment rather than embarrassment but if it is found a proven track and trace to jax it has been a breach of the by a secure environment and it's going to be deeply embarrassing. to name is back on a world title of the mick the son of formula one legend michael king's the f t championship in bahrain the german failed to finish in the points in sunday's final race of the season but that didn't matter as he's nearest rival callum a lot also could not get enough points to overhaul him the 21 year old will make his form to one day be with hawse next season. meanwhile the 30 botanists will start sunday so many want so hear the grand prix from pole position he's jobber slightly easier this week without. a lewis hamilton to contend with hamilton has already won the championship and is isolating after testing positive the covert 19 he's standing george russell was not far off part as though the 22 year old was
4:53 pm
just 300th of a 2nd slower and he will start 2nd on the road ahead of red bulls max stop i'm. obviously incredibly happy to be lerner 2nd in some ways you know it was obviously frustration to lose it by such a small margin about 3 probably one of this weekend. and after p 3 either out of it or session. i just needed to go back to my room lay down just relax and let it come towards me so. yeah happy i'm happy. fringe driver remand version no won't return to racing at the last grand prix in abu dhabi he's recovering from burns to his hands on a broken foot after a horrifying crash last week in bahrain the past driver is out of contract next season but miss avies are reportedly willing to give him a taste when he has recovered from a health and my safety it's better. i don't take the risk to.
4:54 pm
race in abu dhabi it's. very difficult to decision but it's the best one for for my future chinese club beijing if c.r. through to the asian champions league quarter finals for the 1st time in the club's history beijing beat f.c. tokyo one nil on sunday the brazilian born striker a lan formerly known as alan kohler valeo schooled the sight of goal in the 59th minute it stretches beijing's unbeaten run in the swimming to 7 matches and since the japanese opponents hope. in spain's lower league or barcelona suffered a shock 21 defeat to cut this it was a pair of overalls that did the damage for the newly promoted club jimenez gave them the lead before negredo restored the advantage the win sends to 5th place in the standings or boston or languishing in 7th 12 points behind that let it go
4:55 pm
madrid mourners deficient issue more than it was a huge step backward in our chances to win the league or it is what it is after a very disappointing result we need to accept it and to carry on but obviously to trail a political madrid a very strong side by 12 points is a lot we need to continue fighting. in italy in some a land of moves a 2nd after a 31 win of a ball on your romelu lukaku open the scoring at the san siro and it was quickly to know when ashcraft kimi found that the net keep his goal scoring continued in the 2nd half as he secured victory for his side who are now just 2 points behind league leaders ac milan. and you enter smocks cristiana and all those $750.00 of career goal before kick off against torino teammate leonardo helped you they maintain their own beat the start of the season in the local derby when they came from behind in the 89th minute 2 into one the result moves events as the 3rd.
4:56 pm
to one bursts free kick was the pick of the girls from surrey game a link of which salvage lots here are 7th in the table 6 points off the top. there was top of the table clash in germany on saturday between champions by munich and rb leipzig thomas miller scored twice says brian had to come from behind to in a 33 draw that result meant that by and stay 2 points ahead of leipzig in the table . the half marathon world record has been broken again this time by kenyan runner kibbie was candy a he crossed the line in valencia in a new best time of 57 minutes 32 seconds shaving 29 seconds of the previous record set by countryman jeffrey a couple or a last year in fact one of the top full finishes managed to be 2019 record time. swedish pole vaulter mondo do planter's has become the youngest person to be named world i think of the year the planter's soused just turned $21.00 twice broke the world record in the pole vault this year clearing 6.18 meters back in february we
4:57 pm
finished the season undefeated in 16 events and perhaps with the highest outdoor vault of all time 6.15 meets it's. going into next year and that's that's where i want to be in my best shape i'm going to have. my best performance for the day and try to go in there and you know try to be on top of the podium so yeah i mean pretty much our focus now is is towards the next this this upcoming year and you know it's a major bombing that it can happen this year but you know it's a lot of you know american city and complain a lot of worse things happened other people and finally some action from skiing's freestyle world cup in finland verse says france's appearing in the i phone winning the opening moguls event showing the kind of skills that have seen her already win 3 straight world titles. or be here again in a couple of hours with no small things make pretty yet see in a couple of hours thanks for that that is if this news hour but it's not the whole of our news coming up with me i see that.
4:58 pm
december on al-jazeera it's 10 years since of revolution in tunisia ignited the arab spring al-jazeera looks back at the uprising and asks what really changed across the middle east the stream is where al jazeera has global audience becomes a global community a year after the 1st coronavirus case in china will examine the devastation caused by the virus and the efforts made to eliminate covert 90 people in power is back with more investigative documentaries and in-depth stories climate leaders will gather online to press ahead with a new stage of the paris climate agreement and examine the possible global solutions december on al-jazeera. in 1958 charles de gaulle made a famous speech in algeria hand in hand but take
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a don't hold back the tide of algeria and independence all keep france's colonies in africa and the pacific. in the final episode of the series al-jazeera explores how the long and bitter fight for the french empire still resonates today blood and tears french to colonize ation on al-jazeera. canada a country of promise and opportunity for migrant workers but with little protection from the state or far too many are forced to pay extortionate relocation phase and a saddled with having debts as a $1000.00 to come to canada here 700 knot of money in one brave group of indonesian workers speak out and seek justice for the exploitation migrant dreams a witness to commend trade on al-jazeera.
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and. british negotiators are in brussels for a last ditch breaks the talks as reports suggest the cabinets in london is backing a possible new deal. and i'm glad this is out 0 live from also coming venezuelans vote for a new congress but critics say the president is trying to seize the last 8 body controlled by the opposition. they cheated and they regard presidential election but we will still win yes the trunk repeating false claims of fraud that his.


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